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The Organ Of The Temperance Reform (Newspaper) - November 12, 1852, Cincinnati, Ohio11 a v i t from. Ibe the Smiths of and their Advent vib with a robber. The Smiths of Smithville had for a Long time been tory much annoyed by the depredation of Tome unknown individual whore to named idea concerning the right of property led to the freon Cut abstraction of divers moods and chattels from the premises of said Smiths in a furtive and mysterious manner. Bags of wheat and Oats vanished from the Narv pork from the cellar and Corn from crib in one night a sheep that had been slaughtered had coolly trotted away and on. An other occasion several Gallons of Maple molasses evaporated in the night time. Milking stools went off on three legs and one morn ing or. Smith s axe was found to have a but log chains became rattle snakes and crept off Iron wedges made splits in the Smiths property boots walked off and an a Jack Rode off with the Sec Dorse. Vain were the efforts of the elder and younger Smiths to discover the mystery of these disappearances and to entrap the despairing of bringing him to Justice the Smiths found that they could do nothing More than take measures to ensure the safety of their property accordingly they built a new granary with Strong Walls narrow grated windows and a heavy Oak door to which was attached a formidable padlock. The prison like portion of the Baru was built sufficiently Large to allow the Smiths to lock up a great Deal of portable property such As was most Likely to tempt tie cupidity of thieves after the granary was finished a month a passed during which time the depredations of robber or robbers were confined to the Orchards or Hen Roost when late one sunday evening the elder Smith a he was sitting tipped against the Kitchen Wall smoking his pipe preparatory to retiring Bethought him that he had neglected to Ock the granary door before leaving the barn. This was by no Means a singular circumstance considering that the granary was usually locked by a younger Smith who had that night Quot gone a courting. It was a Moonlight evening and or. Smith approaching the barn was considerably Start Tod at seeing the door a Jar. Certain of having shot the door an hour previous or. Smith \ thought of robbers. His suspicions were confirmed when on a nearer approach he plainly heard a noise in the Ham. Too cautious to endanger his life by boldly attacking the robber or. Smith with considerable trepidation resolved to watch his movements Ana discover who he was. Looking through a crack in the East tide of the Bam he saw a dim Ghostlike figure Glide across the floor towards the granary. A Happy thought entered or. Smith s brain. Stealing into the barn he erect along beside the mow when Lap he shot the door turned the hey and. Was Oil As if for life. It was impossible to say what made or. Smith tremble so. It might have been the smothered cry of alarm which issued from the granary wails and rang Paliy a Pom his ears a cry Well calculated to awaken superstitious fear. But or. Smith never owned that he was frightened although on reaching the Kitchen he was White a a ghost or As ghosts Are supposed to be. A a what s the matter a cried mrs. Smith. A live caught the robber in ejaculated or. Smith in a breath. A a where where is he he a locked up in the granary give me my a a Why what Are Yon going to do a a boat help he a a desperate fellow and it will he dangerous to meddle with him alone a it is impossible to describe the excitement of or. And mrs. Smith on that memorable occasion. The latter took it upon herself to Load the old Musket while her husband went for his slippers for his Booti and ram first to Deacon Waffle a House where he expected to find a younger Smith who was courting Naff less daughter. He waa surprised to see the House dark a if the names had retired and blown out the Candle. Lie knocked however furious As the occasion required. After some delay. Deacon came Down in his night clothes stared at Smith in astonishment and demanded i business at that time of night. A caught the thief locked up in the Gra Lary a where s Lacreasy let a a a so caught the thief 1�?� said Deacon Nailes who having it some property As Well As his neighbor was interested in. The intelligence. Nold v a Kirn till in Rhino a a Good. Keep him til i morning. A twon t do a replied Smith in an excited manner a a he a a desperate fellow break out a i must Rouso the neighbors whores my a on increase a a a a Sally is sick to night it increase cont de her Only about half an hour and went a went Home pm a Yea a said the Deacon a half an hour am a the elder Smith clapped his hand to his forehead As if he had been struck with a idea or som weighty substance. A Ign Eione he exclaimed. A a a half exclaimed the Deacon. A i. Believe a Sta Kamerad the elder Smith a a in in i Hava locked up ?1�?� a a in la bet Yon have a cried the Deacon. �?o1 Hoard i say he had got to carry the Boggy cushions into the a granary before to went to Hod a a look bore a Whipe the Elv Smith a i beg you never to mention thief if a should get out a any Caa tonely m the lock. Slowly Ileal Funty the door opened while increase scarcely breathed homebody entered noiselessly touching Young Smiths shoulder As he passed and begun to explore the further end of the Dungeon. Increase dropped in his hands and Knees sad taking advantage of the noise made by the robber crept out. Then to shut the door and lock it was the work of a. somebody was locked up. Listening a moment and hearing no sound increase became fully convinced that he had committed no error hot had caught a real thief and went immediately for assistance shortly after very much ashamed of his mistake the elder Smith sneaked into the Bare and approached the granary. It is necessary to state that the elder Smith had locked up his son with the key that belonged to the Gra Nery and which he had carried away with him and and that increase locked up the thief with a false key which the latter had brought with him and carelessly left in the lock on entering the granary and which the younger Smith carried away. And now the elder Smith made haste to open the door. A a increase a he called putting his head in tide the door. A no sound replied. A Are you asleep come done to go to playing a trick on toe its All a mistake for i. Real i v took you for a Rob a or. Smiths speech was stopped by a violent blow on the month. A or. Smith in an instant was tumbled Down amidst a wilderness of barrels bags rakes and shovel. Or. Smith was considerably stunned by the blow and fall and when or. Smith got non his legs again the door was closed and or. Smith was a prisoner. Meanwhile increase was raising forces to assist in taking the thief out of the granary in safety. Having first told his Story to mrs. Smith who was exceedingly astonished he hastened to alarm Joe Ferris a Stout fellow who lived in the Woods near by and who had complained of losing quite As much property As the Smiths. Mrs. F. Put her head out of the window and wanted to know what increase wanted. The Young Mao asked for Joe. After some hesitation the woman replied that her husband had the headache and could not get up.�. A i a a a a it every important a said increase a a in be caught the thief and locked my up in the a to have you a said mrs. Ferris in a trembling voice. A How fortunate i but As my husband has the headache i think you had better keep the Man till if the younger Smith thought he was was window she was. Pale a death. The Reader May guess the cause of her agitation when i inf orm him that there was no Joe Ferris sick with the headache in the House. But mrs. F. Was a woman of Energy and decision. She caught up a Hammer threw a shawl Over her head and left the House. She was soon at or. Smiths barn with her hand on the granary door. A Joseph a she whispered. No reply. \ a a Joseph it is me Are you Here a she add a let me oat a Aid a voice within. Or. Ferris screamed turned paler than the Moonlight and dropped her Hammer. Or. Smith was scarcely less astonished but recovering himself he said rather coolly considering the Occas Ion a you Are out late to night mra. Ferris allow me to see you Home. Site could not refuse his Arm when she saw that he was conducting her to his House instead of her own she had not the Power to say a word or make the least resistance. The Good lady a feelings on being brought before mrs. Smith can be More easily imagined than described. In her far and conf Tion she confessed some startling truths and with tears in her eyes and on her Knees begged her kind dear triads to be merciful and not to expose her. Mrs. Smith recovered fro her amazement end exclaimed �?o1 never never never a and or. Smith who was not the least excited of the Throe indulged in some equally sensible remarks. Meanwhile or. Joe Ferris who was the men who had. Taken to younger Smiths place in the granary and Giva it up in Tarn to the cider Smith went Home by a circuitous route Wonde ring by what strange Accident he Hap paed to get caught and congratulating himself on is escape. He had. Reached the door when hearing his name called by some one in the Road he turned and a Throe men going by 1a a Joe Ferris is that you a cried the voice of the younger Smith. A come on if you Are ready Rve got Bill Hodges and or. Blake a and 1 Truk Well be a Keogh for one thief hut the move the m Errier so come on. I k new to would go in for the run in spite of your Joe was quite As much in the dark now a 2e&to�os a a a tvs Wra it matter and a company in dyad a maned Ras afraid of c but the conversation by the Way showing my a see to bought exactly Hoar tie lad Lay be laughed heartily at the. Queer meaner in which the thief was caught and boldly volunteered to be the Fin to ear the granary where he was coat sued a the ame time can lock and key it War it feb psf loft a Rae replied Ildur Smith a and w Hen i came to let ton a a i the elder out �?o0, see if All a groaned increase a the got away a a a yes and shut me a and How did you Quot get out a a Why the thief s wife had the kindness to come and break the v so saying the elder Smith held the lantern up to the face of Ferris who turned ghastly White and trembled As if to had been in an ago fit. T. The whole affair was now explained to the astonishment of everybody in general and Joe in particular who was too much astonished to make any resistance while increase and his companions were tying his hands behind him. Ferris and his wife were carom moated with lodgings in or. Smith s House that night and on the following Day a search having been instituted and All sorts of goods found on Joe a premises they were both committed to jail to await their trial. What their sentence was Whan convicted of the crime charged against them i have quite forgotten but it is certain that the Good peo sle of Smithville were troubled no More with lie mysterious disappearance of their goods and chattels and that the Smith remembered with Peculiar satisfaction the manifold mis takes committed on the night of their adventures with the robbers. Nair sketches or who built the f Lewt Etc a boat of f Saltica. was born in. Little Britain Lancaster county Pennsylvania in the year 1765.�? his fat ter emigrated from Ireland when a snug and settled in Pennsylvania e married.-1. A a the subject of this sketch was sent Quot to school at Lancaster where he received the Rudiment of an English education. In Hia childhood All his Leisure hours were passed in mechanics a shops or in painting. At it years of age he went to Philadelphia i where he was occupied in. Painting portraits and landscapes until he was of age. With the Means thus acquired he purchased a Small farm in Washington county where he located his Mother his lather having previously died. Leaving his Mother thus provided with a comfortable Home he embarked for England in the 22d year of his age. He took letter oof introduction to our ill Strous countryman Beniamin West by whom he was most cordially received. Or. West was so Well pleased with his amiable qualities and his Genius that he invited him to Hia abode in is House where he remained an inmate for several Yean. After Laving or. West he made portrait painting his chief employment Fulton raided two rear in Devonshire at which place he made the acquaintance of the renowned Duke of Bridgewater who constructed the lint important canal in great Britain. A a a he Alto formed the acquaintance of lord Stanhope celebrated for his love of the Mechanic arts with whom he Long corresponded non subjects to which both their minds had been directed. ,. So Early As the year 1793, Niton had turned his attention to the subject of steam navigation in May 1794 he obtained from the British government a Patent for a double inclined plane to be used for transportation. He raided eighteen months in Birmingham where he acquired much practical knowledge of the Mechanic arts which was of Groat advantage to him in after life. From this period he devoted a great portion of his time to the subject of civil engineering for which his Talent for drawing gave my great Aid. He is Aid to have been a elegant and accurate craftsman. About this time he published a work upon canals. Throe subjects appear to Hgt e occupied his attention for the last Twenty five years of his eventful life vis steam navigation a canal navigation Aud the use of torpedoes for coat Ana Harbor deface in time of War. It in 1797 Fulton went to Paris where he in invited by our distinguished fellow Conn try Mao tha poet Joel Barlow to take up i abode with him which he accepted and continued to reside there daring his Long stay in France. It ful ton has been censured for Edea Vorpag to introduce a system of sub Marine warfare a a violation of the Laws of War. Mis object a wet flu Coos Aoi subject of jeers and ridicule. Frequently he heard the scoffs _ of visit Era at toe ship Yard who not knowing him often expressed their opinions in a manner not very complimentary to Hia understand bag. Ner eras this surprising when we reflect that the grave american philosophical society. Quot at Philadelphia Only four years previous to Fulton a Success placed upon record their deliberate opinion that no Pratti pm benefits con ii Ever m derived from steam boat navigation. Fulton say that the Day he left new York there were not thirty persons in the City who believed that the boat would Ever move one mile an hour or Ever be of the least Utility. But to return to our narrative. Everything being in readiness the boat moved from the wharf Aud proceeded Atiba rate of about five Miles an hour to the no Small astonishment of the multitude who though they saw All their predictions falsified sent up shows of applause. She reached Albany a distance of one Hundred and fifty Miles m 32 hours although there was a Light Breeze against her both going and returning. H the trip of this boat which was called the Clermont forever put to rat the great question of Staio navigation. Aat the ensuing session of the legislature of new York in 1808, Al Loti in Livingston got the exclusive right to navigate the Waters of that state by steam extended to thirty years. As their business increased rivalries grew up. Invasions of their rights ensued and Law suite followed unnecessary consequence. A. Addition to the boat built at new York false built a Steamboat at Pittsburgh in 1813. This boat plied Between new Orleans and Louisville Kentucky. In 1814, Congress tossed a Law authorising the count auction of a boating Battery after the Model of one for which Fulton had taken out a Patent. Tomaha Ciauri were appointed by the president to superintend her construction. The commissioners appointed Fulton Engineer to Quot carry Inte effect his own Model to this object be devoted his undivided attention. She was launched in october by Tala before her machinery was a All. Completed his immortal spirit was summoned to unit the frail tenement it inhabited and to return to god who gave it. On a Bis Way heme from Trenton where he had been vindicating his invaded rights he was exposed crossing the ice Meh brought on a serious indisposition. Anxious about Bis steam Battery he went out to attend to the concern before his health i hich Quot brought him to a premature grave bit As Otti Writtie Relief of was under discussion in a of it met with teas As fro the state Wrabl e exception s. Be Bill in 146, will show that Ork voted against the by a majority j of represent a that when the that out of 34 jew York Only he Bill. When the heirs. Off Ottoo the House of representatives. The american Aristides venerable Sage of Quincy whose death the nation has since mourned if Rose in his seat and stated to the House that he had thoroughly exar piled the Bill and the proof in support of it and Thecla in was founded hot in Law and Justice Aud that it was a disgrace to the nation that it had not Long before been paid. The co Nartey of the new York delegation in Congress at one time a ionizing Fulton s character and extolling his Public services and afterwards refusing bread to his children Rumilda is of an. Epigram w Ritten year past by a French physician entitled the a doctor with three faces a which is thus translated three terns wears the doctor when first sought. An Angel so and a gods toe cure half wrought rot when the euro Complete he seeks his fee. The Devil then looks teas horrible than be.11 number 43. How Tobe miserable a sit at the Wood pm Rich Man a get angry with your neighbor Aud think you have not a Friend m the world. Shed a tear or two take a walk in the burial ground continually saying to yourself a when shall i he buried Here a is your i per the _ _ note a a a think everybody mans to1 cheat you closely scrutinize every Bill Yon take and doubt its being genuine till you have put the owner to a great Deal of Trouba. Believe every dime passed to you is but a sixpence crossed and express your doubts about getting rid of it if you do take it. A Anever accommodate if Yon can help it. Never visit the sick and afflicted Aad never give a Farthing to the poor. Grind the faces of the poor and the unfortunate. Brood Over your misfortunes your Lack of Talent and believe that at no Distant Day you will come to want. Let the poor House Ever be in your mind with All the horrors of poverty and distress. Then you will be miserable if we May so speak to your Hart is contents sick at heart a Aud at variance with All the world. Would justify it which brought on a relapse Bich brought him to a premature grave. The legislature of new York which was 3a7ur5ls y increase. He declared himself ready my jumped a a a the a nce. At first he was afraid of committing himself however waste put u end to Ware by Dering the a auction of Hunan life so Tein that nations would abandon altogether a Hia inhuman practice and turn their Etien to cultivating the arts of peace. Fulton was amongst the first who pointed out the value and importance of connecting the Groat lakes it thebe a to Antic by mans of canal navigation. In feet at one period this subject appears to Hava been uppermost in his mind. Whilst at Paris Fulton waa desirous that then first Consul should Aid him a of 91 prepared a . Pc then in session unanimously passed Reed la Titus expressive of their High sense of his important Public services and the heavy Losa which the whole nation hut More particularly that state had sustained by his death Aud u a further tribute to his memory resolved to a a badge of mourning for the remainder of the Seaton. A Ltd a few years after is decease the supreme court of the United states decided that the Law of the state of new York granting to ful Lew and Livingston the be Sieo right to navigate the Waters of the state of new York was unconstitutional and of course null and void. A Fulton and Livingston had constructed Noble and expensive boats but a Toon a the Trade was thrown open. They were opposed by hate of Little comparative value so that their Prospect were ruined. We omitted to state that the steam Battery we completed some men hts after Fulton a Ilath and in the opinion of the comm is is on Era would a have answered Ell the purposes which its Groat projector Ever predicted but pea wee concluded before she was finished and there was no Opportunity of testing her merits. Ski wat a hating fortification. Her slam Mee Muery we in the Middle protected by Sida of Timber of nine feet in thic Knas completely Imperf Emu to Canon Bell. Any attempt to Board her by an enemy would have been prevented by scalding water. She made two trip to the. Ocean moving with her whole armament on Board at the rate of 5 Mila per hour. As grat opposition however was made to her at to hit nest Steamboat but what human improvement a Ever Baa devised by Man which a not been opposed. We mat Heredo in Tetra the Justice of say that he never Laid claim to the original invention of steamboats. Bat what he did claim was the improvement which he made upon the invention of others and having Given practical effect to the whole. The important mrea Tion of Oliver Evan evas a John Riten Are Metter of Public notoriety and if they had possessed the Moa they probably might have accomplished the ame object. A a Fulton left e widow and far children one Sou and Throe daughters. His surviving children pre anted a Eiler the following Eio Cui pow kor the Early settlement of the country bordering on the Obi River it was often necessary for the Security of the a a a stations a that acute or Rugero should be sent oat to ascertain whether the Indiasz then exceedingly hostile were Larking about in the different neighbourhoods. Prudence and bravery with a perfect knowledge of India habits were essential requisite in the relation of the Ranger. In there dangerous Enteria is none oftener shared than the late gov. Mcarthur of Chillicothe Aud Samuel s. Davis now living in the Vicinity of Columbus. In one of their excursions on the South Side of the Ohio River Beer the present Tow of Portsmouth having As they supposed ascertained there were be Indian in that Region they concluded on their retard to the station to Hunt for Der for this purpose they went in search of a a stick a end after finding it. Lay within Twenty or thirty Yards of it. They had not been there Long when four indians came to the lick each with a Rifle on he the situation of the rangers was one which required equal prompt tide of decision and action Mcarthur took deliberate aim. It one of the Indira and fired. Two of the others instantly levelled their rifles at my fired and missed. Davis in the meantime was engaged in a hand to contest with the remain ining one. Doe of Mcarthur a foes with that rapidity of thought for which the Indian is said to be celebrated instantly caught up the Rifle of the dad Indian took a More steady aim a red and struck the powder hoi under the Arm of Mcart Attr blowing the powder Horn to piece. In this dilemma nothing remained and calling to Davis who by the time had disengaged himself from his eur egg. Statistics of Misc Dak a the Power of imitating every motion but that of flight. To effect these he a in maturity and health sixty Bones in the had sixty in his thighs and legs sixty two in his arms Aud hands and sixty seven in Hia trunk. He has also four Hundred and thirty Loar Moteles. I heart makes sixty four pulsation in a minute and therefore three Tho and eight Hundred and forty in a hour ninety two thousand one hand red and sixty in a Day. I there Are also Throe Complete circulations of is blood in the Short space of an hour. 1 respect to the comparative Speed of animated beings and of impelled bodies it May be remarked that size and construction seem to have Little influence nor Baa comparative strength though one body giving a qua Tity of motion to another is Sain to lore so much of its own. The sloth is by no mans a Small animal and yet it can travel Only fifty paces in a Day a worm crawls Only five inches in fifty seconds Bat a lady Bird ran Fly Twenty million Tima Ite own length in an hour. An Elk can run a mile and a of seven Montes an Antelope a mile in a minute the wild mule of tartary a a Speed even greater than that an Eagle can Fly eighteen leagues in an Hoto and a Canary Falco u can even reach two Hundred and fifty leagues in the Short space of sixteen hours. A violent wind travels sixty Miles in an hour sound a Leven Hundred and forty two English feet in a , t. To la it at flight and calling to Davis who by Thia time had disengaged himself from his enem they commenced a rapid Retreat Davis i. Is loaded Rifle preventing the too near approach of the inmans who vainly attempted a draw his Ira. They both finally escaped they without further injury.-? a finally escaped Cist s advertiser. Avo Oiada acorns the Boston correspondent of the new York spirit of the times tells the following Story a a a few Days since some of the bloods a residing at Nab ant had rare sport. A number of the friends of the Maine liquor Law with a posse of constables proceeded to Drew a hotel for the purpose of resizing a Quantity of the a enemy that steal away brains a and that wag of a fellow Sam. Loring Chilom of the Tremont getting wind of the intended proceeding and having the far of the Law before i eyes resolved not to break the peace of the comrato Awalt himself nor allow the inmates of the hotel to do so by any Avert tot yet he was still Destrola of giving the party an affectionate reception conae he summoned All the scrub women j . Johw Soi when inn digest circumstances a. Was not the care was offered a rectory if he would enter into orders. But this grat Man sensible m is supposed of the Asperities of his temper declined it saying a of have not the i requisites for the office and 1 cannot in my conscience Shear the flock Wimch i am unable to fee dwell would it have been for the Church of a Kristy had All who have entered her ministry been equally conscientious. But a tie and most useless at this time of Day to talk about in. The. Laudari of the Church. A a phase yer rive rence a said Paddy to the Parson ene Day on Hia tithe col affect is Grot Teu of steam por this purpose he prepared manorial to Tito frat Consul setting Forth the Grot advantages France would derive from it both in Pace and War. His memorial he re Quested Bon Rienate private Secretary of Presho was a Cly Remete of Bona tent to Bourm Rae who wus a Cly Remete or i yarns a Hie private Secretary and Lea under Nara published May Bon about the House Tome fifteen Lusty Irish women and agreed to give them three dollars each if they would allow them selves to he covered from head to foot with soft soap and grease and immediately upon the informers mud pimps entering the Honre each one waste seize her Man and commence embracing him in the mat affectionate manner to which they All. At one a agreed. Sam. Immediately gave each Woma a thick coating of Bacon grease and over1 that covered a thick coat of Mustard and molasses and thus arrayed and be daubed they awaited the arrival of their expected visitor whom upon entering the Rotonda of the hotel were each instantly seized by a Stoat Well greased Irish woman with a hug that nearer resembled that of a full Genwu she Bear than any thing Ela that i can describe. The party Toon began to cry premm and beg for their lives which h were spared them but not Nutil they were Well bed Abed with a heterogeneous mixture not the mat agreeable in smell or appearance and a they snaked out of the Back door looked like i divid Fri resolved never again to attempt seizing liquor until they had become satisfied there were no greased women claim Cioc Emsta to Congress in the Steamboat of the deceased father Eljia net Ween new Orleans and Louisville in Kentucky whilst pursuing a prof Tishie business Quot being the Only Steamboat then upon the Mirei Sippi waa forcibly seized by general Jackson during the War and Troen into the pub lie service for the defence of new Orlan. In the Public Arrice she was run aground and remained aground for several months for which am has ban made. Nor had Niton Ever received any compensation for the ass of his Patent for the floating Bat Torfs to his services a the Comsat Rattien of or. Congress passed n joint Resolution referring the subject to the Secretary of the Nar we ing the heirs a lib the subject. Made a report allowing a rat Dow believe that kicking against custom and spitting in the free of fashion Are futile and foolish May need corrections but Muy need corrections but they must and will have their own Way. I believe that if the Devil be the father of Haro he a a plague Large family to look after and that it is rap idly or rearing. I believe Girla Are like Kittens gently smooth them toe right Way they my and purr mat affectionately but give them the letting tour with a posse of Constable to assist him a Piare yer rive Ronce Judy a list been put to bed a of her tenth child be better take that too a with a holy look of clerical contempt the Parson Ordena Tike robbery Wagon the drive on he had just taken the poor Many a tenth pig tenth babies not being canonical. Poor Paddy 1 no wonder tin rebel lest. A but we forgot a tis the Quot Church of Christ 1�?� and the Church Ena do no wrong. A Rumps of a school teacher who a been engaged a Long time a his profession and witnessed the influence of n newspaper non the minds of a family of children write to the editor of the Bogdons Burg Sentinel a follows a i have found it to he a Universal fact without exception that those scholars of both sexes and of All a Ana who have had Access to Neu Pepero at Home when compared with those who have not Are 1. Letter Rodero excelling in Prou Lunation and emphasis and consequently Road More no Deretta ogly. 2. They Are better spellers and define words with Grater ase and accuracy. 3. They obtain a practical now ago of geography in almost half the time it requires othere a the newspaper has made them familiar with the location of the important Placa nations their governments and doings on the Globe. 4. They Are better Gram Manus for a ring become so familiar with every style in the newspaper from the common place advertisement to the finished and classic oration of the Statescu they More readily comp Obad the meaning of the text and consequently Analyse its castration with accuracy. 5. They write better compositions using better language containing More thoughts More clearly and connect edly expressed. 6. Those Yonng men who Hare for a Rayart been readers of toe newspapers Are always taking the Lead in toe debating society exhibiting a More extensive know ledge upon a Grater variety of subjects a with Grater Finen use of languages. T with greater fun easy Elarnest and correctness to their j a emf is a idioms of Dot stated that two ban have been offered by one of the Walthia citizens to the new Fork common Council for the right to construct a railway through Broadway some English Panto were smiting a Ziegan private Garden at Palermo Sicily and among Toa Little in tidings they capote one unon which was written Quot non. Ape rite a that a cd aah to the prohibition an fas owners incan Tim. On opening toe a Tor forcible Jet Al water Vas squirted fall to. Their freon a very Jast though not very Over retribution. No uni the daughter of Noeh was be married until aha waa five handled and taoist a told Don despair old Gafos my yet. A us in 0 a it

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