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The Organ Of The Temperance Reform (Newspaper) - March 26, 1852, Cincinnati, OhioW a a. \ \ Quot it a pm i 1. A a a a a a a a a. A to a a a a a a \ \ v a a a a Quot a a a a it a a is a Quot a a a v by v wow. 0 7 a to lume1 Cincinnati 0. The Organ or the Temperance Reform Ihbe every Friday at Beben Franklin steam printing House ? a it a by i a a Iju v talks Clark. I terms it single subscriptions $1 so clubs of leu and upwards r a a 1 00 All must be accompanied with the Cash and add Saaed. Postage paid to a a ? a Caleb Clark Bui f ran k us f e i it i no it Che Cia ctn a rat o. Poetical petition. Saua to Westfir str alias co., a l a t of a a Vbk a a Lith 114. I to the honorable the general Assembly of the state of Ohio i it your pm i a ooh a ibo Roth what tout Manor no louvre in thet won on Havo to it Rod by rom a and to Thoro Kiro Bora och you Yon with wart to it two out Oil you a a that you to nor Weald Como. A a not it Ion from women Yon May Thiak onto Momtaj. Bat boar at Bosforo you Doci to if not Over nod by Road our if any Prayor t out of a of Iube at one Yoa Oak Anat it a Ido. A a a a Vav a a a a. V a Thoro Aro Many who to making All to boil Lioio by taking Tho Money i to health and Tho Litow of the lord of Droit Tony of Tho Moa of bit nation. And Bra Akiak to Hoart of thou Wyvet we refer ill to croat Aroa with Boom Tao kor than for a Tare a to malt Ora and Coltora of ram. Man t not Mao wo�?T11 not Amo Boea for Domaoa would a Hamo Tom a. If they from Toruna Haoold Ooma to to Black anon agora Fotieo Man to Holt Doop Dona of vie thou Tornado them to will to for to boil Boalts to drink mid fool Fanny Feilo boy pocket to boil a i a a i a to boil a a -.t. A. Ltd Bat to boil drink a Whan one a wallowed Aro Zetto Taro to to Folio wad with go Ariaga and Era nag for Mora. A Hora Tho Habu of drinking my Tab a a Moo a Toad a think inc find Bard vary hard w got of or. T it la to fat Bora and Broth Ora Yoa hat band and spoil Baa 1 by Tufe Mcnuer a Lod f to to Vorton of Nio to to boil Attar undoing till Boath Poco and Comfort Aro Flod Tui to boil moan Aro a to Aqua Dorado till toil Road of Quot Boa Wao Dorod Elko Domaoa lot Loyao from Boa oath boy has to mod to Dolight in both coat Nylon and Etc bag i a and suing to boil Sita a boart with grief. Big boat Hope have Boon blighted Fai Raat proof cd bought Odd while Homo a a Boon threaded la grief by Tho to Blok a Board follow a by Toto dirty ram. Coltora v Lod on by to Divio to boil Biot. Many grief Tiri Ckon Mother kind companion had Olbort / Baa a ask Andar grief Aad Abrao. Brought about by ram Vonador Yoa by Hoay Loaa heart Ronda a Toto age to moot of tire Mill nod it Jato. Many Widjara Ara Ai Biag Many or Faaa artery Long for Grain which bore Rabenu a till up Many of Odom Ara aching Many heart Are breaking through Miao Noa brought on by to end. Many to Bottando Aro going to to Graor and to Rala. Who to Pott Onad and mor mod by ram bold Ibro agh country and City by that at agora Topsy till bomb a tar Homo a Nadao. To Bovo Atod moral Anat Ion on aah prep or Ocoa Atoa and it it old Rory moan that to could a by to Doop ump of two by to wailing of Tationa by to log att to Toora and to blood of to wide a Aad orphan by to thread and Iba oops a a and by to Doop Wail of do pair boat from Eoo Ouy Aad Oil i to Bao Bald a or Amati Lora pity Quot a Toiran a Rae Ian a that do to Coro to boil to an Ara of eos no and Rala oar a Poaling Quot to Thorn nay Moro Lor Rolof a Law Only can Roach to bomb Law Only can Toach to bomb Low Only Oak dry up oar grief. To do therefore implore Yon with Oer grief abroad before Yon. To Gira a a Law like old Maine for % a boat what a &�b4�4 a your Tabor Ball not Boia vain. And to 11 too that to 1 Yoa to Maino Law of liquor Milt atop ram tolling quicker than any thing Alto to can Nama. And Tho Puoplo at act it will you. Therefore enact it t or Ball a entreat Yoa in vein t a w aka of whom. F a cps to Cho cd it Rera outer to it Root Foru Lott of out of tint i a f a Trio a Bono enly Iraq to win. Mono ave to your Chi log got Sorvo to Lordi love Fita Nii and foot to to Toni Pior Ana War to. Too Oay do what Rood Yoo Cam Uva to Poco with god and meat a member ufos is but o re give away and mrm Turre Oava build your Bou Cito i be mighty Corner us to whom god help to wort u d pin oath for the truth be Athene. Own Jour fault if in to wrung Tut a bridle on your Tourne. By a a a Taoh god and Ting tribute to Bis Treasury Aitogi is prepared for terror s King thu your Hopes on Jotun Cost. Thun 1st a ii your weak to Ponssi. And you shall is Gasvod at last it to girl a Nort Lumpton. Mass., Kors Boon wed a a Boche Lur editor Doty Sod worm Wood. To Paya to Don t ear to Bod Ratibor Tao mus Mooy tub up Phat m Nia tub Tuulo. / st Thomas Hood a a a a a a charming Moriaud remarked my Only fallow Pat Swogar in Tbs Culet a Stron As i Hhd settled toy Salt in the up pop Ite Comer of the coach. A a Mentor of coarse sad Courtesy f , but thought i bad Ceria uly Sci a bettor it did not ran. But Tbs so her was Glou Tny Sod the sir Felt raw. Tit might with a pile dim Auu overhead that teemed to lure lust �11 poker of Ros sting. Quot a die so i Tuliso to added Tho strap err looking up at a sort of f Cuch Gray Cuve Dei that of out hits Gireau a Foley the a Gas. However i so nisted again but was obliged to protest age iut the letting do a of both a a a Dunt in order to admit Wisti was called the a fresh invigorating Bren from the Torry Hills. To atone fur than up Cutti Gnu however. Agreed that the conch waa the Best cat Ira. Is Fri to and attest in the Rood the most Pic Teresine out of Lindon. Complains acc spirt we weft a toting to Lureo two vegetable scr Tut of a color Cou ver Ted by dad to a really Tut. Ibie Green a and to High that it to deluded All prospects Asef Fec Lually a if they Hau been vein Pitnu buds. The stranger nevertheless watched the Mono Moaoui Fence with evident Atuf a a Tion. I a no such Hedges sir oat of Eagland Al believe Al sir i a no sir quits n Starel Testate. They a re Peculiar to the in cloture of our highly c threat de is Llod. You May travel from Calais to con Sta Hoople wit Hoot the Aye reposing of a Simi Tor spectacle. 1 a a so 1 have understood a a a fact sir they Are oui one. At d yonder if anther Rural picture unparalleled 1 May say a Continental Europe a Meadow of Rich fas True enamelled with the indigenous Daisy and a multiplicity of Bette rental a a the oddity of lha phraseology made me look curiously at the speaker. A pastoral poet thought a but no to was too plump and Florid to belong to that fam Ishing Iraq Errity and in his dress at Well at his person had every appearance of a Man Wall to do in the world. He was mar pro Abl a Geol Mann Farmer had admirer of Fine grating land and perhaps delighted in a paddock and gestate Hay Stock of his own. But 1 did him injustice or rather to big Tostan which was far lest Siciu Aives for the n in scene to which he invited my actuation was of a totally different character a vast Bleak Survey looking common too Barren to afford even a picking for any giving Crea a yes except a few crows. The View however elicited a Sot of admiration from my com Pinion. A whet an extensive Prospect 1 genuine in Conui rated nature and studded with roads in i the stranger had now furnished toe a Elus to his character which he afterwards More amusingly unravelled. He waa an Optimist one of Tuuao pleated beings for they Are blessed who think that whatever is a Beautiful at Well As right practical philosophers who make the beat of everything imaginative painters who a raw each object a ton Beau Quot and Deal plentifully in Eon Leur de Road a it in the me autume. The coach a topped and to what Many a person if stated on one Ita right band Corvera would have considered a very had look oat a a Muddy Square space bounded of three Side by Plain Brick slab hug and wooden bares with a Dwarf Wall and a a Ato for a foreground to the picture in fact a Straw Yard but Unten anted by any living Stock Waif an own site plan amongst the brute creation Lor living in a to isl parallelogram had been abandoned. There seemed no Peg Here on which to Haig any Elo Gium but the Eye of the Optimist detected one in a moment a what a Deai Rabie Pond for ducks i Quot he then shifted in position to the opposite window and with equal clarity discovered Quot a capital pump with oceans of excellent Spring water and a commodious handle within reach of the smallest child in i wondered to myself How he would have a scribed the foreign fountains where the spark Ling find gushes from group of Scalp fro into Marble basins and without the trouble of pumping at Ell minute of to the thirst and cleanliness of half the City. And yet i bad seen some of one travellers Para such e super b water work it h Marcely a Glaucia and Errata tiny without a Syl Labia of notice i it is Inch head Lees tour to by Iha Way who throng to the German Baiba and consider the ruse i Vea bubbled become without any mind s Rye at All boy do not see All the things which were so graphically described by t he old Man of the Brunner. For my own part i could not kelp thinking that t mint have it Tome pleasure in my own Progress through life by being difficult Tople sae. A a from these re Fleet ions i was Anden to roused by the Optimist who begged Meto look out of the window at a Prospect which i bought pleasing was far from a Nae Oue either for variety or extent y a there air a there s a Panorama a perfect Circle of enchantment realising the Are Bia Felix of fairy land re the to duty of Kent a a very pretty indeed a a its a Gem air even in our Laud of Oaks and May Chall nge a comparison with ten most luxuriant specimens of what the great Gilpin Calls Forest scenery i a i think it May a by the Bye did Yon Ever Ace scrubland air a st Regex a a a never sir a a then sir you have yet to enjoy a romantic scene of the Sylvan character not to he parsed within the limit of geography. To describe it Weald require one to powr in the regions of poetry hat i to not hesitate to any that if the celebrated Robinson Crusoe were pieced within sight of it he would exclaim inn ire Vapori Onao Pero Eades 1 do not doubt air. A a mrs to a a Derby hire Quot 1iv> i we it bar splendid so f a Tare a ragging so a a a Clovo number 10 Gratis a , for the famous i too to Bant real tied Hie own Peridas Ftp Usnel Quot a in this glowing style in tug warmer and warmer with his own descriptions the Florid gentlemen paid us arms a Serien of highly coloured a cleats of the Stoces be bed Vitus do tech a Retreat that we Ltd Wunder fully have broke a the fait of our Trot parents and to thickly teat i Crew throughout the Cou Ulrica that by a moderate Ciup curation our fortunate Stoud cout stud at least a Thun and pc frat copy hold or Freehold. A pleasant court not to the gloomy pictures which Ere drawn by Tarima responding Aud depressed a pins who can not lion a Tueful a i. Tau Field pasture or arable in the. Haute country 1 jul the meantime such is the Lotee of sympathy the opt i mail had gradually inspired me with something of a Blu spirit and 1 began to look out fur Aud de acc unrivalled for it scenery Aud pet feet Pau dramas. And Little Pieus and might in time have picked out a Loi auntie pump or a picturesque Post. Bean i Deal Tain the coach stopped ids door opened Aud with a hurried Good mor tug the Morid gentleman stepped out of the stage and into the gig which had been waiting for him at the end us a Cross Road Aud in Quather minute Wei driving Down the Lane Between two of those Hedges that Are Only to he seen in England. A Well go Webere thou Wilt Quot thought fas he disappeared behind the Feu co a thou Art cer told tar the happiest Man in the world Quot yes he was gone and a Light and a glory had departed with him. The air again Felt raw the sky seemed duller the Auu More dim and Pale and the Road More heavy the scenery appeared to become Temer Aud lamer and in As More desirable and their sigue were Mere daubs at the first Opportunity i obtained a Glass of Aberry but its taste was vapid everything in Short appeared Flat stole Aud like a Ball in Tea allay whose flattering remora hoist no the Public Funda the High sanguine tone of tha Optimist had raised my sprits considerably above Par but not his operations had ceased and by the anal re action my pied Sank again even below Ita natural level. My Short lived was gone Aad instead of the cheerful Fertile country through which i had been journeying i termed to be trove mine that memorable Long stage bet Seo opposite of Ita Rig Dan Aud berthed a where a fall Wes s it i month afterwards i Wes tempted to go into Eta a to inspect a Small Freehold pro Perry which was advert tired for ule in that county. It a described a Larga an Amad print Ai a delightful Swiss Village the pret Yeti thing id Europe Aad enjoying e boundless Prospect Over a country proverbial for for Timity Aud resembling that traditional land of Promise described metaphorically in holy writ As overflowing with Intok Aud Honey. Mak aug All due allowance however for Inch Prus Esa Toual flourishes this very desirable investment deviated in Ftp features even mors then usual form Ita portrait in prut Pocynt. The Viln turned out to be Little hotter than an ornamented ban end the promised Lead was. Some of the worst land in England and overflowed occasionally by the neighbouring River. An Optimist could hardly have die covered a Tingle Merit of the estate but appointed at the uncultivated nature before me not even Ata died with Recks i heard of his familiar Vetey at my Elbow. Rather Small propety sir hot amply so cured by ten solid Miles of Terra firms Iro the of tha German Ocean. A and if the Tea could Quot i retorted a it teems to me very doubtful whether it Wood care to enter on the premises. A a perhaps not a a matter of Marine taste said the Optimist. A perhaps not air. And yet in my pensive Momenta i Hare fax tried that a place like this with a sombre interest about it would Bee desirable sort of Wilder Mcaa end More in Union with a ii fear erase cast of feeling than tha laughing beauties of a Swiss Villa a or gents a Park the cynosure of fashion and Gatty enlightened by an Infinity of equipage. But excuse me air i perceive that lain wanted else where Quot Aud the Florid gentleman West off at a Trot toward a Little Man in Black who was beckoning to him irom the door of the Swiss Villa 1 a Eye Quot was my Icyle Ottoa a a tamed away from me a if a can find in such a swamp a the a a fancy Wilder Ceay a a Art of Sheu Liousme Solitude for a Ranti ment fit to Cap get is he Moat certainly be tha happiest mania the a to hta Peniva Momenta tha Mere idea of them Nofito d to Sot my Nuble Murales a a quiver. But As of to prove How he would hate cum ported Bini Wolf a the Slough of dra Pood. Dar aug a aunt quent Reable of a Splon Ottoo round Iha cat ate he actually p jumped up to i Middle in e bog a a Acci Cut which Only Drew from the ret Aik that the place afforded a a capital Opportunity fur a spirit re proprietor in a Tatish a Spe did mud bulb like tha ones to neb in Vutuc at the German spa a if that gentleman takes a fancy to the place Quot i remarked to the person who was showing me a found the property he will be a determined i bidder i a a Urei bid Quot exclaimed the Man with an accent of the it most him bid Why be a the Aretino near that s to Tell a sly i thought Yon would have remarked that in hit a Patch fur be imitate in hit talk the advertise inputs of the famous or. Robins lie s called the old a old Why he appears to be in the prime of a Yea air. Buttle a the other old gentle a what the a Yea air a Bucana Yon see be Elway a it to it it of 4ow of torn body v Lite treat a a a a a we a Gib Deli com amalgam Hon of Art Aad eat Uroz a perfect him air a and the very ape if there kites is. We lie it poor lbs Good Jolly laugh tug hued vis eged Tat people we love fat womb a fat boys fat Hab vat. Panes a cat list of subscribers a lit Job fat advert Aen fat eve re thing. Fat net is a big stg of big fid men. Ate Ever tree Kertas fat woman Are not Sharp ton Good fat Boye Are not i Aebie. Mat fat Lebies Are always Good a Fine Fot people Are the kindest Aad therefore the most in Sis prom Tea Boston we Kejr Mhz rotate b of of Feller 8weighoffers Advent. V 1ume with a Brake str a boy Aai Oab. Ems Bewan. I people of Strong nervous temper Meata Are great Lavea to the whims end caprices of their Eod Bebee people of Good mental but of very a a diary pm Outcal acquire menu. Are a the Moat Aub Jeet to Tow to r it Ouy of Miod Over matter. a very Ordinary sort of Pere our that is a ind Vidi Al of Pooai Deeble mind but whose mental Copacia Era untrained Aud partially undeveloped suffers from this up Entihar fact the a u Oti i trekking degree. Nud Ltd but ays the brat physical Eul Horitz one half tha Lite that flesh ishtar to a. E Tuper induced by Tea fancy of of Cir sufferer alone. Hundreds have died by Mere a in pious of cholera yellow Ferer and plague induced by sheer dread Ana fear of Thote terrible maladies. A Cate a recorded the Tiu a fallen condemn cd to death by phlebotomy Hod his Arm Laid Bare to Tea shoulder and Brnst through a 1 Ole in a partition while h was fast Botiuk to the of Posita Side the hidden executioner upon the other tide applied the Leovet to the Arm with a a Tiec the poor culprit heard the Muddy Stream , and soon growing weaker and fainter be Feu Quot into a to coir. And died when the fact was not a drop of blood bad been shed a surgeon having merely snapped bit lancet upon the Arm end cod rinsed to poor a Small Stream of water Over the it fetid into a Basin 1 another Case in pint was that of a Philadelphia a Matear Butcher who to placing his meet upon e Hook slipped and hang himself instead of his Quot beef up it a the barbed Post. His agony was intense he waa quickly taken Down and carried to a physician a office and so great was i pain a imagination Quot that he cried Pitea Asly Apon every motion made by the doctor in eat Ting the Coet and shirt sleet from about the wooded Arm. Ben at list the Arm waa bared not e scratch was there the Hook Point had merely Prasad along the Akia Tad torn the shirt sleeve 1 i i will net multiply the Vanoast fact a taut a proof of the Force exercised by a misdirected i a a boat Ion but will mention one Case to indie As to cause a pretty Broad if not prove otherwise integrating. Soma year ago near Tea town of reeding Berk county Pennsylvania there lived a cosy old Farmer named weigh offers of German accent too. As Hisa Perr will indicate. Old Mao s weigh offer had once served As of the legislature add was therefore no and a he had also Long commanded a Volunteer corps of rat e militia a could hardly in a Apa red inclined to cowardice. Hit ton Peter was nit Only son a a trapping lad of seventeen Aad upon old Petor and Young Peter devolved tha Piui Ripal cares and toils of the old gen Lemaa farm now and then assisted by the old lady Aad her Tobon Sciog is a vary common in that state to tec the women end girls at wok in the Field a and upon extra of eat Iona by Tome hired hand. Well one warm Day in haying t me old Petar and Bottog Pater were a hard at it Quot in the Meadow when the old Man drops his scythe and bowls oath a a Moi mine Jolt Peter a a Quot a what a do mutter Faderl Quot exclaimed the ton of and looking toward his a a a a i a �?o0 mine Lott Peter i Quot again cries the old Man. A cd Nader Quot Sebua Young Petor in Irving no to the old Man. A a Fader what is the matter Quot a to mine got ii Peter Der so narc bite mine Hui i Quot. If anything in particular wet capable of frightening Young Peter it we Snake for he had once nearly i piled himself for life by tramping upon crooked Sticks which clamped hit Sadie and to Borris de the Yonnet or that be liked to have fates thru Oeh Hii Naif. At tha word take Young Peter fell Back nimbly a a wire dancer and bawled in Tarn a a a Here Udee Oaken a Canp mate Trosia peter�?0, mine Goti Quot a los Tuo Gott a echoed Polar Junior a kill him. Fader kid him Quot a no a no i he kill me. Peter come come uni eke Ftp off my try Camj but Pater the younger s Iowa rim overcome his filial love we Rev i fear let tree gab to Bis Lega Aud be s tried like sacred Ioc motive to cell the old Beriy dul Chonen. Who waa in a Distant part of tha Field to give tha father a lift with the make. Old j ack Tea Farmer assistant Cam bundling along a soon a he he Ard the new and passing along the let be Whereon Pater and Bia buy had Bung no their Itney Wool say Quot rests Jake grabbed one Oltha Gay my Uta and hurried to the old Mao Petar who Sigil managed to keep on his pins although he was quaking Sod fun to tug like a a Peu Leaf in a june Gale of wind. 0 mine soft come come Quick Yacob a dog to get Petor Ehl Shank f a Law Yak. Coma Corse Yae Obj he b a me All to place a Here and mine leg i Quot old Jake was not particularly a Unitive to fear Bat few people Young or old Ere deed to alarm when a part Quot reptile is make a Ray. Gathering up the stiff dry stalk of a stall wart Weed old Jake told the hoes to stand steady and he i Aid at least stun the Snake by a wrap or two if he did not kill it atone deed and the old Matt Peter lest loth to have Hie leg broken then be bitten to death by the Viper designated the spot to strike and old Jake let him have it. The first mow broke the Weed Sod knocked old s Wei boiler off hit Peg and into a Hay cock Eal two 01&Quot roared old Peter a you broke mine leg and de Tom shocks # gone a a a Verdi Veret Quot Erie old Jake moving briskly about end scanning very narrowly the Earth he a Ooi upon. A never mind Hiya Yacob help me top ill go Boms. A pot of voor wheat Deo Here it said the eld a roat re Ker. Pm wring up i Bora and try. Lag to get the Par meat upon his lamp the moment old Peter made Thia Effort he grew livid a his face i hour stood on i like a tall Apo tha fright Loi port Naira Quot a or. Partington observe he shivered he Shook i Teeth shattered and i knee knocked a Eta Cato . A o t Yacob carry me Home 1 in dead a vat Lah nodder shocks in your throw Sherif Quot a a a no a a look i m Sweet All end mine Vera won t go on my Beck q o mine Gott Quot ton Oer Ana irixenl1 cited old Jake As lie took tha same conclusion a and with might and main the old Man. Scared into a Moat won do Raul feat of physical activity and strength lugged and carried the Boa some Quarter of half e mile to the Honda. Youg Pater bad shinned it for Home it the earliest stage of the dire proceed Inga and so alarmed the girl that they were to High Stilt Cen when they saw the approach of poor old dad and i basis not. Old Mao Peter was carried in. And began to do a. Natural As life when in come the old lady in a great Bustle and wanted to know what was going on old Peter in the last get of agony and weakness opened Bia eyes end feebly pointed to Bis leg. The old women ripped no the pantaloons and ont Fella Small Thistle top end at the a ame time considerable of e Eera Teh waa made visible a Gail did Shankel Beky Quot says the old woman. 0, Bat in a p thened to death Molly see in Mell All piste us Mitra vheat�?0, dear mine heat not come Over mine Pody Quot a Shaw Haw Haw a roared the old a vat e fool you got Peter toe to on hate Han Haw a a it Quahi Quot Roar old Peter shaking off deaths icy Fetters at one Sorge and jumping Yacob vat a Tam of fool Yon nah be to aay 1 Wash a Nakeau go a bout year Bush Neas gals. Pete Pring the old woman saved Peters life. Lata Lute let Deuce from Liberta. The following letter says the National Intel Iiga Ocer. From president Roberta to Rev. Wil Mam Mclain Secretary of the american col on nation society furnishes the latest intelligence from the Republic of Liberia and will doubtless a interesting to Many of our Reader. A Quot a it Hoo a Mon ova january 96, 1859. Kaa is a �?1 have just returned from an Exreno ogly fati going Campaign of some Twenty five Days in the grand Basse Toba Coom new Ceas and Trade town countries where we have been to chastise the perpetrators of the cruel massacre of a number of our citizens a november last at the new settlement near puh town and who. On the fifteenth of the Tente month made a desperate attack on the township of Baa a Cove now Buchanan the particular of which 1 have already communicated to you a i i i Quot f a a 1 find the barque Morgan Dix Quot Here on the eve of sailing for the United state end at 1 am sure you Dill he anxious to hear from As and learn something of oar Opereta oos 1 hasten to drop you a line or two to aay that the Campaign has been eminently successful though we Tiave bed u contend age Nat the combined Force of the District above mentioned numbering at the lowest estimate not Leas than five thousand effective men. Our Force Eon aisted of five Hundred and fifty americans and about the same number of native troops. During our March we were frequently attacked by Smalt parties of the insurgents which however were readily driven Back and dispersed. Upon the 5th instant a marched upon Grando a barricaded town where be had made every warlike preparation to receive a end which he and hit deluded Follower believed impregnable a it the. In about two mile of the e Moat it Fri Cuit swamp we had to Cross he had const Rue led a substantial breastworks which was defended by a Large Force of about three times oar number. There Grando expected certainly to defeat us but our men Behrs de Well and an action of one Lour end thirty five minutes drove them out. They i treated to Adolf ter Strung position on the line our March sgd As the head of on column cleared tha heavy Forest intervening they opened upon us a heavy fire. They Ware however Azou driven Back and panic stricken fled to the town too Miles Dia taut which they fired immediately and dispersed with in True effect however will be Moat salutary it will convince the aboriginal inhabitant of every part of the Republic of the ability of the government to maintain the majesty of the Lew and it Inch crime wherever committed within its jurisdiction. And the result of this Campaign will not Only convince the natives of the Power of the government to maintain Ita an Hority Bat also certain foreign trader who have openly inculcated a feeling of opposition among some of our neighbouring tribes. Will you believe it sir to kit i have obtained that certain foreign trader has Ina gated the natives to the whole of these outrages he personally solicited certain new Cess chiefs to join Boyer in Fata attack upon is assuring them that if they won id unite heir Force the government could not maintain its jurisdiction in which ease he would be relieved irom the opere Ion. Of the navigation Commerce and Revenue Laws of the Republic and in in Ture would pay them in shape of presents a hat he a now required to pay the govern men i for duties. He also proposed to Supply them with ail the ammunition they might require. With the pc pal of the new pm chiefs he did pot a be Ceena two oui pledged themselves to him. To Boyer he gave every assistance in munition of War end directions As to his plans end preparations and manner of attack. We May yet get our hands upon the gentleman and if so we will teach him better manners. These difficulties have pieced it under Greet pecuniary in Barre Sament. I scarcely know which Way to turn for Relief. The soldiers that composed the expedition Mast be paid. They ate mostly poor men and need every cent for the immediate Nae of their families. Can Yon not do something for of in this time of need i have no further news of importance except the err Ivai of the brazilian charge d affaires who a to be formally presented to Morrow. I Heve written with great haste and with frequent interrupt Ion. P i am dear air Moat reaped fully your obedient servant. J. J. Roncary. Rev. Metra in. Their a a macs it a d Speculator t can to make the pot Boll without bubbles quest ton for by is the Pel / ican like or. Hubb1 because a is celebrated for picking hit Chest. Tretout Lite to Hgt go it a genteel fan Iii were to sign the pledge they would discharge the Hitler Niue not Hare any Porter. Posen define Liberty to be an auge till we gain her and a woman afterwards. Brie Fless on the profession of tha brie Fless says the Law a certainly a profession for with him it is anything hut a procure the tightest knot m t s mar id the Nua trim onial knot once tied never can be untied and the worst that a like the Cordura knot Yon cannot even Cut it. It v the Fortune of charge of the anti a troops is objected to by the financial Ceon omits in. Peace and is War by the enemy. Fact in animal magnetism an Alderman being Meme std was found to be a Elair Voy aut on. Placing a pair of spectacles on the pit of his stomach. If a for guar were told that Many a poor curate struggled and starved upon �-10 a year forgoing the work of a Rector who frequently had �4 000 what would he say to the re a baneful in a Curacy accuracy Yon see a big woman put her hands upon her Hipe and looking very Black iat mete to a person that she is going to give him a a bit of her mind. A the Chance Are she will got Only give it him hut likewise break the peace. What a i that a woman frequently gives her Conn Nanca to and yet never takes kindly the Small pox. Question in Altas Moold sep Nettha world on his a boulders was he Able to Anee the poles on his Chin principle that cannot be recommended too strongly in All matrimonial wars. Titus. At f afterwards Learned to join Boyer Trade town who was Strong in posted on the Southeast Laizik of the new Ceas Rivar to dispute hot our passage. Before we reached the River How. Ever the new Cut chiefs who had maintained their allegiance to the government had compelled Boyer to retire into his District which he did very Relue tan by committing Many depredations a be retired upon the inhabitants of the new Osa Ron try. In the two attack above mentioned we had he a Ern wounded five badly non from Grando s piece a proceeded through the Toby Oconee and new pm countries a about mater Tal interruption now and then a few shots to remind a of what Lay before a. I bad frequent into tewa with the a i Cipel chiefs let the new Cera country Alt of whom Are greatly a Cluied against Gian do and Boyer and a hey ton. Dared every assistance in Thair Power to punish them for Thair base conduct. Being joined of the Moraine of the 15th �net., by the 9 i regiment which bed been operating Arp Srauly in the upper part of the Basse country we commenced our March from to West a town in tha new Osa Ron try upon Boyers principal town. Between two and o clock a the afternoon of the same Day we were attacked in front when within about half a Mijic of the town by a Small party which soon Ted into the town end no sooner had our advanced Gas re cleared the a Roods and sighted tha Barric t in. Then they opened opon of a tremendous fire of musketry Aad big Guna. The fire was promptly returned and for an boor and three quarters the conflict waa desperate. We had to Ron tend against fearful Odds hut the hand of divine Providence was on oar Side and we gloriously triumphed. The Lorn of the enemy was considerable. Boyer had two Brothers killed and himself wounded. We had four filled and Twenty even wounded two since dead the others will doubtless recover. I exceedingly regretted the be Casity of this a Napalon hat it Daonld not by voided. The hey Jakin to to the a Hove is the following receipt tie Tobago a Good Domestic quarrel of Quot get plenty of hot a Atar which you can always have by running into debt loto the a Tor throw your grievance and keep stirring it for several hours will any Small Ingle Tut turns no. When it begins to boil pwt in ail Tea household annoyances you Cau Rake Teget Faer and flavor it with the bitterest truths of a Bich you should always Kep a Stock at Home ready Cut and dried. Lei it stand All night and if Yon Hume Down to break teat very late the next n Orums. You will find that there a been a great Rise in the Mes time in Joor quarrel. The next thing to to Rota Meuce Youhn Down which a beat done by drawing oif rapidly Inte Theop Paito Corners. If Yon went your quarrel to a brew add very Strong and to last the household a bag time Yon a t Heller get your Mother in Law to come Aud live month with self puss Stevon and presence of mind a thief surprised in toe act of robbing e took is asked he k snout and answer a Only taking note. A Chaussure for Mem and . Yankee in the Southern Slat a say that tha proper Shoemaker for a Nigger is a a fact Milf important to who make real joke to called a wag hut a who makes Only heavy attempts at Baing May he called a wag musical arc Apt to complain of the file Tunc that Are i Yed about the streets by grinding organs and y it they May All he a Aid to be the Matte of handle. The natural autumnal Breesia not celebrated for making Good Ramlu Tiona and yet it keep turning Over anew Leaf. Erin airing room both tha Tipper and tha lower parts cd the window should be opened at the heated air which from it Light nest always ascends will pass out of the top arid the Freak Cool or earn in site Bottom. In door gardening a on cold Damp nights to Winter prepay Kot Heda with a wanning. Pm

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