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The Organ Of The Temperance Reform (Newspaper) - March 5, 1852, Cincinnati, OhioVolume 1 Cincinnati 0. Fri March 1852. Number 7 a published every Friday it the a Quot. Ben Franklin steam printing House v a i k b Clark. A. ? v terms single subscript ions $1 w v clubs of ten and upwards. A 1 00 All a Moscrip tip pm must be a comp amp Nied with the Cash and addressed postage paid to t v Caleb Clark a Ben Franklin printing ii use v. Cd Iez anti o. On Rene Asp Tocan r their belief in witchcraft and the fearful tragedies which were enacted in consequence of entertaining such a belief forget that in this respect they were not singular for a belief in witchcraft5 was Zimmt trails a Uuro in be belief in Versal in Christendom in that Ai the 15th and 16th centuries to Ris which can scarcely Tail to Laurest our read Ere and its truth May be relied upon. A Young Diplomatist of family and Fortune whose hand torn e p son winning i angers and unalterable amiability had insured to him that Popaz of a to Daft amp ton where the music of Musard and die mysteries # High play divided the attention of the Brilliant crowds by whom the vast the Maine Law. V. For a i act Nin. \ a come Allye Ais ads if Tom tranes and listen to try Strain Rit tall y00 How old Aleli a fare Down a the sum of Maine there a one Hast Dow a Portland Man a with great and Noble soul who framed a Law without a flaw to Hants alcohol. Hurrah for the state of Maine the Noble state of Maine it she leads the Van of the Temperance Elan the Noble sum of Marne. To Tbs great Maine Law with its huge Paw has Laid the rum min Low a la their Brandy kegs and dem Johns do Halter shelter go a it make the critters a a bite the dust a it and not the souls of Milij and bids to. Vender of the stuff Vav Ork for some Noble end. Hurrah for the stale of Maine fee. To complicated License Laws we be had so Long in Vogue. A Are nothing More than playthings a por the lawyer and Tberon twist and Tom them at their will Jesuit their wicked plan and leave in whipped of Justice nil the Stourt dress of the land. Hurrah for the state of Maine fee. But this great Law of which i sing has wonder working powder just get it in our run of ipod a the Victory is ours. F the la fryers they can to quibble its language Plain and Clear it will a a Clear the track a of the rum Foy pack if we adopt it Here. Hurrah for the sift of Maine fee. So now Good son or Rechar and Van Hin Tont is to. Gird on Yong a me for the fight and put the Maine Law through and let this Empire daughter a off cry old Uncle Fyrn jul tint to Hack by inter Maine a in this new Temperance plan. Hurrah for the state of Maine a. Astrology magic. And witchcraft was Gene i a Aloyous were thronged. For a time m. De a ral throughout All Europe that period suffered himself to be Engroa ats by the gof detain a be regarded As the epoch of magi f Lesof Thi Ball room and to Many a charming chaos sorcerers exorcist and inquisitors. Coquette and jewelled Matron poured Fortl i offering of homage with the Devotion for which he had been celebrated from his fint entree into the fashionable circles of the French capital two Een Tarie we read of frequent and Moat but at length wearied by excitement and a Gid horrible stake murder. During this time by from exes of he sauntered Ini an an infatuation a Mono mania seemed to have seized Quot the people Many pretended to exercise the Art of witchcraft and had to pay a fearful penalty for their conduct. From the year 1448, the belief in magic began to play a very important part in the affairs of Europe and during upward of it is stated by Del Rio that in three months of the year .1615, five Hundred per sons were executed a Geneva for holding Converse with evil spirit. Upwards of a thousand perished in this Way in the diocese of Como and on an average a Hundred were executed there annually in France the number of executions is scarcely credible. We read of 1200 persons being accused of dealing in forbidden things a. One time and the records of the parliaments of Bordeaux Paris and Rouen axe filled with accounts of such trials. Germany too exhibited an equally lamentable picture of human credulity and. Persecution. At Wartz our in 1627, during two months and a half there were Twenty nine successive Auto a a Tel on which occasions there were 157 persons accused of witchcraft Burnt at the stake 1 it is established that during the two years from 1627 to 1620, nearly 10,000 persons were condemned to death in Germany for Witch apart meet sacred to the worship of Man uni where he amused himself for some moments ii watching the thei lations of the various games which were progressing about him. This state of things could not endure Loag. Paris a As proverb a ally a City of Gamester As. St. Peten Burgh itself and Ever elegant who seeks to maintain his position in High society is quite As familiar Quot with the cards Asid Dice As with we were about to say hit it aviary but As such a comparison would by no Means have sufficed to imply what they intended to Conw we Correct ourselves and substitute a Lien thereof with Hia tailor s Bill. K a thus then m. De a from a Spectator spoil became an. Actor in the buy scene and drawing off his spotless gloves and advancing a chair which stood temptingly beside a Small table Niche in a recess draperies with Pale Blue space of i silk found himself opposed to a stranger by whom he had been invited to essay his skill or to amuse Bis idleness at one of those convenient game of Chance which May he Practised to Tete a Whf a never were two individuals More opposed in manner and appearance than our hero and his antagonist. M. De a a a was Retiz id to a fault and Low voiced As a woman till Bawdy to Yak Fork of. A a of thai Quot Ini v vied by a minute note after the no Mac was informed that in Monner mra Briosi had left the articles to question to which nig answer was required. The recipient opened to note and read a follows a a Moxa ii fit unexpectedly compelled by diplomatic business to leave paria within a few Hoar i hasten to a Cicet the obligation incurred towards yourself teat evening. I do not Send Pecie but Ralby As from your own lips i was to gather the predominant sentiment of your mind. Thus Monsieur anxious to meet your exemplary and praiseworthy principle so until singly pressed upon me during the few hours in which i was honoured by your society i have endeavoured to meet what must 1 am convinced under the circumstances he your Dearest wish., Aud 1�?Taccordingly enclosed to you in the accompanying packet the Means of practising to the wit fest extent your very exemplary epistolary the fortunate Gamester eagerly opened the enormous parcel and Forond therein to his consternation and annoyance twelve thousand postage Stamps of live sous each a Quot Craft and sorcery. It was at the of while the stranger was Florid loud Aud abrupt me Cement of the 18th Century that the a to a degree almost incompatible with Hia Posi epidemic madness know ii a vain Pirrim a tip at a Man of Fash Ink thus the parties were appeared in germany.�?1 Boston Jour oat 4 socially mis matched but under circumstances the cards were matter of More importance than of. A a the. Man and the two antagonists at memo. Manufacture of spider a a Weba j a added to Basinas. % it ? j. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth it in oar hero who bad prudently provided for as44m a a Boer garters a gen Iowa Artisan succeeded in proc rip amp a of this Ait Ora had j hut Focient Quantity of spiders webs to Tumanu t reckoned without his Host Quot for it soon became facture a pair of stockings which were j apparent that he was no match for Hia noisy of pea rented to her majesty who j potent and a he shining Napoleons which he to Wear tie i on some Public occasion. F fan detail placed upon the table soon made their color soft and Way into the Gousset of his exulting antagonist. Firing. Hopes j that the play was perfectly fair he both Felt a were ardently entertained by naturalist of a draw but the Success of the opposite party that age from the Success of the Hose sex. Was up extraordinary that it piqued his vanity pertinent of discovering a Mode of system and when it is i exhausted his purse he still int izing the web-4� propensities of the persevere of Elias Cou Viacom they were of a Light Grey almost As elastic As a spiral t Hiscal Pantous. Somebody in the cask. 7 quite an exciting a ene save a recent number of the Juveland Herald occurred at one of our wharves yesterday. I the hand on one of our at earners were engaged in rolling off a cask when to the consternation and Surprise of the persons engaged in performing that operation a voice wan heard within the cask. A a a Roll it easy these darned nails Hurt id rather pay my passage than stand All Holu g up their hands their visuals expanded to the size of two saucers the two labourer exclaimed a a a a that beat the f the mate coming up at Thi moment and unaware of the cause of the delay commenced cursing them for their , when from within the voice again came Forth a a. A a Yoti re nobody let me out of this a a a what a that a a said the voice Quot i want to get out i won t stand this any longer a a a up end that cask said the mate. A ooh done to you la Hill me a a Aid the voice a a there darned Nail prick me. Look met i Don t in again said the asked up individual a the men were turning it Over. A a Cooper a said the mate a a unread this cask and take out that As the adze sundered the hoops and the head was coming out the voice again broke Forth a a / a a be easy flow t is. Luiere any one about t i done to want to be a angst a quite a crowd had now gathered around the Quot a or tip of when to the utter astonishment of the bystanders a loud guttural laugh broke Forth which made our hair stand on end and the cask was found filled with Bacon. A what does it mean to save one. H to really beats my time a a Aid the mate lit we enjoyed the joke too Well to m blow Quot As we walked off Arm in Arm with the these pugnacious insects after the manner of silk Worms with a View to profit. Various plans were resorted to and every scheme devised to induce totem to labor in concert but 111 of it no purpose they would never commence throwing either Warp or Woof till nearly famished by hunger nor then unless they Are warned of the presence of flies. When numbers were rated together in a place constructed1 upon what were considered philosophical principles instead of improving their time according to the anxious wishes of their contriving captors they fell to devouring each other by the cruellest warfare imaginable As total extermination seemed to be an object of the victors. A madness was induced by Captivity As the Slaughter had no reference to satisfying individual hunger. At last a solitary spider remained in one instance a Ole master of the premises having fought his Way through hundreds As blood thirsty As hims of. Like the last Man he surveyed the multitude of dead and if spiders Ever reason that one must have Felt the utter desolate Ness of it condition. Since then no attempts have been made to compel spiders to Bee me the servants of Man they Are highly useful in which they act 419 Small widget insects but beyond their instinctive business they can never be taught or compelled to spin their try Ete. It. I a that some a add a turn of Fortune must soon enable him to re Leeis it ii. Til Luck. He consequently explained to his Anta Louitt that be had no More Money about Hite but he was ready to continue the struggle on parole a proposition which was immediately accepted and the game was renewed As energetically As Ever with the tame unaccountable result. Prosperity had however tended to overcome the Good Breeding of has brother adversary who became so much elated at the Golden Harvest which he continued to reap from the Pertinacity of oar Bero that his exultation grew Wordy and noisy and attracted a crowd of idlers about the table. Quot and nevertheless Quot he shouted As he possessed himself of stake after Hake which be care Felly scored against hit victim a nevertheless. Monsieur is a perfect master of the game Yat you a a a gentlemen that he cannot stand against my in by the spectators acquiesced and marvelled and still the a ring gee continued. M. De who found it infinitely More easy to support the ill timed hilarity of his companion made no reply to the vain boasting by which his losses were aggravated but he was s gentleman and resolved hot to afford the fortunate Gamester the. Triumph a Vila the a a Simpsons Lay at our wharf last Tris a. Queer lob King biped might have bees sect Wendig his Way towards the boat a tote ing a a Large hair trunk under his Arm. Let us describe him. His upper Story was topped with a a Coon skin Cap Long Unco bed Saudy hair streaking out Frodo beneath it ant falling around like flax Over a b Ake. Ills coat was built As. If for a single breasted Vest with a narrow rim run tug around the neck stiff As a Shingle then altered by inserting sleeves abort fashion. Into die shoulders. A the garment being buttoned tip Chuck in front with Small brass buttons. Between the lower part of the for mentioned coat Aud the Trowse was a Gap of about three inches through which a Dingy shirt puffed out like a life preserver his pants was of Linsey Woolsey the larger part of Iho cloth in the neighbourhood of his hinder Suspender buttons Hie smaller Quantity remaining growing and smaller till it. Reached Saj Esix inches Fontin the red suntan Ned shoes that covered the pedal extremities at a Tentoa. Com Pia stoned Cun Nten Apee Grey Eves. Jornd Tbs a gun a it a walked opt he Piank or the Boal dem cited till trunk 6u n Cotton lat crore Ltd in hand be Hiitt took a general View of things in general. Au4 policing the Engineer getting up steam Waud around to Eood tunicate Vilh hu�., Mem this vis a Onazin fist Ftp Tyr in of of v t a Quot , the eur Gmys a not disposed a i in we his Circle of Are us i Iunce lev trient he Teltoe Ilia Node. Never kicks Emit do the Breech in Quot the Yankee Quick Drew himself Back in imitation of his opposite Long Hor and in a Natal tone eat red out. A a 1 a a Leou darned All fired dab habited Pesky looking Tittle tarsal Black Nigger. Fetch me a seek a a Corn a Hundle of fodder and Rob me own with a brickbats while i men ceased to. Think of Mast Cating while an Apro Amos yell arose which fairly Shook the Cabin during which the Dandy wn4 seen streaking out of the door with a Finger in each ear. We Are credibly informed that Bell lost foot Suspender buttons and was troubled with an open countenance an hour the Dandy waited for the next boat while the Yankee made the trip with a chalked Lial. \ i an Apo Loav Lor tobacco excepting slavery and. Liquor nothing has Ever been so virulently and universally abused As tobacco. From King James the first to sen Acay a nobody has written about it that has not written against it. Dickens , Ware abuses it greedy denounces it and a Seneca Quot would do Alt but from the unfortunate inability to. Do either. Quot \ Calhoun was the avowed apologist of slavery falstaff enters a Piea for a Sherry sack a Tal Ford a old port a and redi the italian poet for \ Tor pc liquor generally but nobody has a word to Sty j hardly conjecture How the for that Weed which Indian legends say a god gone a without three events Dess produced and which history says a hero the inventions and discoveries just bruised first used. Everybody use it but nobody de j the books i hat were new the first Public appear fends it. Charles Lamb tried his hand at a sort auce of the rising scholar sows Man of of poetical apology but the poetry was bad Aud science and of letters bring took old Timet Quot the Leisne was worse. Have Chaser to Ain Hersi and snuffers lost All spirit that no one can open his Mouth for this great tooth cleaner health giver heart softener sociability promoter. And acquaintance maker a a we reckon a id lest Eva. Who bes Ever camia by opened a Box or a bad 4 get of old letters addressed to does self,.and began to read without being chained to the spot a perhaps for hours together., the fascinations of those Early Quot loved ones so hear and dear again surround you Aud the realities of the past teem More identified with your existence than those of the present. The counsel and chiding and 1 the affections Aud encouragements bestowed from parents and Eldery friends Are full of a deep and tender feeling scarcely retired when the reception of All Aud then the Little items of new and the raillery and the urgent inv t Tatton to visit and sometime to be present in scenes of interest remind you. Of youth and love and Beauty which has pwned Abay then Comee too the motion of the dead of those Quot whose memory had almost faded from you ones own charmed Circle being As yet sad disasters come Back with appalling distinct Ness and Preti Leoce rages and spends it Mere matters of feeling appeared of deep moment and Yod almost smile at the perturbation of the Youthful mind now that you have seen the end of All. The then political news with the marriage of the Day and the idea of Tome about the impropriety of those matters Are before you now As matters of la toy and you can orld would have most vividly some whose Early efforts and self denial Are spoken of with satisfaction have led since then a Bright career of usefulness while Many an honoured name then prominent Bat not we disappeared from the list of the living. The pose i 1 Loving Aud the loved Are spattered far and wide. We use tobacco we love it we avow r. Half j and those who thought existence scarce could be the great men in the nation use it. Henry Clay without frequently seeing each other have not a cuffs Joe Marshall Chews Quot John a a Boren met for Yeai. And strangers have taken their a Mokes and John Qai Ticy Adams used to do ail places. Three but quit and died t. A tobacco cure the tooth aches ask any Sra a shrewd reply. 1a in have. / eke is a to leu Toliu tvs y it u g a a a a Tel we a a Toa a a _,i8 ,. S -. _ or mid Hia Earnest conviction that it was Good for i for a ass 8coma Quot Robtison Crusoe when he got sick j origin of the invention of Caras produced chewed it smoked it and drs Fok a Deere Tina of a be a the shrewdest replies he had Ever it in rum and got Well. A ? a of eau Given m evidently. It was Tede by every wit Al will a Coffee House from dry the late or. Gregory at Edinburgh to a do a to a Adwell smoked. Tobacco is a prove Ca a a Capsel of great a Eminence at the scottish tire of no. The a cach 11 suit. And the a Han. Tie Doc two a testimony West to prove scotch Are remarkable Lor their a rot eares and be insanity of a he party whose mental Kfir . capacity a the Poi fat Lihue. On a Croas if of their righteousness. ,mll4 at is tobacco it a promo interrogation the admitted that the person 1 ter of metaphysics Aud morals. The germans question played admirably at whist. Smoke Aud the tier Maui Vedi the world in the a y01 a Atte Fly say doctor said. A extent Aad minute urls of their biblical and the Learned noun so la a that a pop vim having a i classical research their persevering application a Superior Capac Ity for it game mgt difficult tend speculative Philoa to Bare nourish and which Tequ ire to pre eminent de left plug speculation and perseverance. The Gree memory judgment. Tend combination French sniff and smoke both and the French can be at the name Lime deranged in i Are the waders of taste and the Fountain of Fash ? Ion the bestow and most a a no , a said the doctor t skilful surgeon so. Tolia ceo produces refinement a with great address a a but i have read in and elegance profound reasoning and Steadi. Flew of English sailors All Chew and i heir a nor to courage Aud generosity Are pro f so crore c Vav a swaps a saw a we jaw j Quot Quot 7 Verbial. Tobacco causes the fun ill st de Elope a decisive Lii Story that cards were in vested forthe Anni Semont of an insane 1 the cont it Eque Tweep of this. Reply indians endure Yew. Babies not my thirty. Years ago there resided in the town of be. Kor Rara not a pitches for nothing of the wit a a a la a Well a old Hoss i Gure Yerus in never die flak wanting yer breath fur be keep yer Rusty of i Mouth Asru to As an ister a a Quot a Quot Don t pre. It Al to say this Ere ugly Ioji Hub Conser can n i fast. Be ii i a. Of Jeon d seen my Brothel a Wiles Uncle Sheet yer would but f Hick it a y Sec he run again time and Lew beat he run so Gola fired fast that his hair whipped and a 1 i titled so that we Phi he cum eos it at the a Grid of j and Enterprise that none of them have. This 1 Nee. The doctor was. A Strong and decided Presto a race be was clean bail headed fact but a can Only be attributed to the fact that tobacco by Terian. And his lady love a Strong and deed am warn to a Pri Infa two what he did one title grows Here and is used in More shapes Aud de Baptist they were sitting together one even Ife Eia with ghost Quot a. More Gep rally than anywhere else. A a ing taking of their approx Hing nuptial when Here the Engineer opened the safety valve in a. English King wrote a a Coyote roast to to the doctor remarked i Theiu of All the Noble feelings. Fortune with More firmness than Al the t stoics from Zeno to Gato. Tobacco infuses a lofty f�?T�?T6 _ con tempt of death. American Chew smoke Bron. In thu county a certain or. T. Who be Ahil Sii Uff and american a try Ngi Gerial Efi Ocea come very much enamoured of a Bea Trul Young Siou Combine Alt the Good qualities of ail other of who resided in the time town in nations and possess beside an ingenuity course a of time they were engaged to be due mar proximity to Thuc Coon skin which suddenly i he bated ii most cordially o to live perfectly Yunnu spotted at Vienna it would not be sufficient to possess a proud and ancient title and to be Well Fakir of Siva a Wician. The ventriloquist and a separate Aud additional gain mocking laugh Wuich excoriated the nerves of Bis a a a a again my dear Monsieur t Yon May. Writ Home to your 0 the expression was futile enough nor was it until it had been several times repeated that a de began to feel irritated and impatient proud Ana ancient Tina Ana to of Wen by its constant recurrence. He nevertheless known a a thorough going aria Ovrut for j contrived to control i annoy auce and persist Man is an inconsistent animal and Duke red in playing until the party broke up when he and Marquise have been known to Turu Rose s debtor of a thousand crowns in addition out Verajr radicals. The greatest certainty a to the contents of Ais pans to Hia a Mattner would lie in being deaf dumb and Blind by adversary. Or at least in a condition similar to that of a to Morrow Monsieur a be said with studied a certain prussian philosopher who had Courtesy a Ythi Little affair shall be settled and Laboured so hard in study thought and writ-1 j will Ibea Trust to a future Opp Laily for my ten so ranch devoted himself with such 1 a / / a it his creditor laughed loudly ones More let Bero threw a i am dear of two event which Iret of my life doctor4�?� recall you wife and the other a a it is when we shall present on first born for a favorite electioneering tool of in Navy �?~�?~what., Sprinkle do a a chaw Quot will conciliate one of my wrinkled. A the unwashed quicker than aug thug hut a Wink it Ever by a child of mine Besyn Uklid. Of red tobacco is a democratic Matt a a jury Chi d of mine shall be apr Mekled to iou. K Dandy will Sok a cub tailor for a a Tihey shall be hat Cigar Light wealth will spit a the same Box Ove ? i Ith poverty Sud dignity Aud dirt must a Feexe a we or 1 Thi tour by f Bah won t be my babies. So Good sight sir left the room and the doctor left Lowed if Ere i rat ladies a said the Darky f hah Ariit Mcraey wont use it they revile it As mgr at. The intrusion of such a looking Man into he Carro. h Govrin Tew Tetch nothing jest wanted to examine he Critter. W hats them a Quot pout log to the old state rooms. ,. I a for it in ladies Berft i a How Many a a yer got la i a a bout thirty,.ab.&Quot v a a a bars the women Folk 1 �00 do amp Rock. a / a thirty births a year i a spoke a what a Fine Piare Fer a doctor Tew Settle in lots of sickness Tel Onsi so ,&Quot Soliloquy sized he. While he a tuck his head Siutoa stateroom to see Thea comi. Dunn sting say it u a ple Hian practice to use it tobacco is the dread of aristocrat. 11 was the Crocket Aud tobacco it a Leveter of alike if they snuff distinctions. / / no True Patriot and Republican with an average allow auce of brains Ever opposed it Greet Ley says hard things of it but Greele Isa Radi ardor to science that his physical strength my Vatious. A a real Zarrer contracted tucked a 8nj a enthusiast. He opposes slavery and ago Ostafu. The folks up in our Ken try would at j a a go no. And liquor drip King Aud All the Gio live in such a Tite. Zarrer contracted Nabe Rhood a j Rous that our revolutionary for Fath during this Soliloquy opened m bled and All that sort of thing for. The door into the gentlemen Dak pm us he at it. But he is an English a of course condemns any favorite of sen bad the door into the gentlemen cab Dickens laughs at it but he is an English a Usah Gemena de like Obyr a ate t town in and Courie role mini and favorite Here Ull per must go from Here quicker Dau dem Sueca Quot abuse it but be mediately. _ re a a Eca is a twaddle and would1?.-have made a he taunted oat of the door asking As it Wasa a Gure in the a Uncial. Dammed shut in i face if there was a regular j. Doctor settled in that neighbourhood which in Emmlu fave Way under the constant Attr Titra off trued a it parting Bow and a r hero threw Terro Story not receiving response Perrin by is Indef Timble mental Energy and he be i himself into his cab. Consid Bly ruffled by Janet the with his bands crossed behind came so ill and feeble that his life was at the event of the evening. , ohm rations and Inorante much Lothi practical old gentle Aeu who think that Jam Watt was a greater Genius than Shakespeare and that toe Only motive which should move society is the Loco Motif. It waa such a Mea who once said of Milton so Paradise lost Quot that it a a was a very Good Hook hut it did no to prove practical Mea Are a All the Rose Bushes that Ever grew. Uthe convention of Ertah associations in new York have resolved to celebrate st. Patrick s Day la the usual manner of the Bon of Erin. One time thought in danger. At length after a whole course of Medicine and an inconceivable multitude of remedies which Hia watching and intellectual Labory rendered perfectly useless his physicians told him that they could do nothing fur him die he must a unless he gave up study and abstained from thinking. And where shall i go then what shall i do if i must not think a said the patient. A a go 1�?� answered the medical gentlemen a go to a thereupon a passport for Vienna was procured on which was written in a bold Plain hand a a h. A., private pm Timmy Row to handed by is Skye Iriane not to think Quot and when foe arrived at Vienna and the police officers read the inscription the Gate were opened wide and a guard of Honor turned out for his reception. 11 it Boyds a City Post in new York received on saturday for distribution 36,000 Valentina of which 26, 370 were delivered evening on entering i apartment a packet was placed a his hand Aud he found him Elf directed by his chef to leave parts on the following Day with important despatches. This was vexatious enough a it terrain rated All. Hope of the revenge which he had eagerly anticipated Aud he accordingly resolved to devise some other method of diminishing the arrogant satisfaction of his late opponent. A i have occasionally lost larger sums Quot he muttered a he prepared to retire to rest a a hat never before have i experienced each e dislike to pay a debt of Anno. To throw away one s Money an 1 brute of this user Ipjian a intolerable. I will make him experience by moans or another the danger of trifling with the i Seliag of a thus resolved m. De Toon forgot his annoyance a deep end in the morning a seab waa ordered at an unusually Early hour. Some Twenty Minuta subsequently it stopped at the residence of Hia late antagonist to Rhose Eon Curge the Tiger of the Young Diplomatist Deli erode huge packet sealed with three enormous making observations and inquiries much to the amusement of a a raw of Quot passenger Aud one More so than that of a double refined Patent elastic made to order by a tailor Dandy who with Hia Little sickly go toe. Aud bigger Sinklier moustache perfumed , standing shirt dolls a rising like two Side boards to Fence in the face galvanized watch Chain Wasp Waist Little heeled boots and Goose necked Cane with but this it not All. Since the introduction of Toby ceo into the Eastern continent. Popery bar declined science has improved literature a been More generally diffused and we have no doubt but that the whole a Stem of Indue live philosophy owes its origin to this invaluable vegetal e. Until about three Hundred the lady the House. The sequel to this True Story was that the doctor never married. And the lady i a old fat ii Herald. J Scurr Iturra Roa Man a factories of Beo Zule. A Hydro Carbon which a the property of producing an excellent illuminating Gas by being dissolved in moist air. Are going up in and Brooklyn the substance is manufactured from ter or Mineral Coal and while it can be afforded at Hall the Price of the a a burning fluid Quot per gallon it. Will yield Infix nitty More illumination. The use of it would require a Gas Ometer Aud Gas fixtures in each House Bat the cheapness of the consumption will put movable lamps of every kind nearly out of use. Col. Ramsay a pennsylvanian who served in the mexican War a entered into arrangements with the mexican government for the transmission of the a mail add passengers to and from California crossing from Vera Crux to a galah e. Until about three Hundred years ago he world had puzzled itself with the subtleties Quot of the Schoom Fen the chimeras of the alchemists the absurdities of astrologers they had reduced nothing practical invented nothing Anleo. The line of stages u to connect with useful. Sir Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco steamers on both sides and passengers Are sex t ,.,.a then and then Bacon conceived and peeled to go this route to Efti Ifonia from a Puppy a bred on it containing nearly Murach Buhaj a Vestera of Philo Apha and the be ram. A the head of the owner was cutting world we a Manv step fat quite a swell Dom Ning everything for not be Inga he wished it and disgusting every one by a self importance and senseless twaddle. At dinner by Chance the Dandy and Yankee to opposite each other at the table. After Captain Bell had performed the usual ceremony of asking a Blessing the Dandy threw Bim left Bock on Hia. Dignity and tailed out in a Homo my tone to the waiter. A yrs demo a Wakaw bring me the support a of a Young female Hen a fresh Laid Begg and my the bochum of me plate Wath a ape Cha my a of fruit vulgarly called an Inion which we Lofye to is Dionah s delicate philosophy and the Many Steps father in its Progress. Sex mme stat Philloe Ophy is s result of tobacco. It it said that it stoats the growth and injure the health of the in Fortunata individual Addic de to it. We know better. We Heve a Exter Sive development and a Good halt a any Man and we use it habitually and from practice. New York in Twenty five Day a. St an old a Aya that of All the Olema hours he Ever saw that occupied in going Home one dark1 night from the widow ban e after bring told by her daughter Sally that he come again was the Brest to. It wont editor of the new York Tomee who witnessed the lot Teste of the fire Nonni Mustora says a close examination of the experiments made yesterday satisfies us that for practical purposes the a Aai dilator a not of any if Yon age a fire in a close room and apply them they will undoubtedly do the work but no Lees you can so confine the Flama the annihilator is powerless. Let the fire fret fairly through the room and have free vent and it could not he controlled by any apparatus exhibited on monday

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