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The Organ Of The Temperance Reform (Newspaper) - June 18, 1852, Cincinnati, OhioBy Ftp a 3-# us a met Epmia it it number i2. Know it. For Twenty year i have the migration of the Jet it first for Jami them. Lor of \ used to Sci Iep Comet As they Drew near e knowledge of what Laid around 5 the Earth produced various mischievous be in greedy and the More i collected j Nomen of an atmospheric kind. Thev made wanted a Ninn a it a a. Healthy folks ill and ill folks Well and were influential in be United come oat like men tie new inn my a and say up liquor shall by sold Down with the liquor traffic. It All from Gaspe to Satui it a fort from a Owen s sound m Erie a fort a unite in heart unite in hand to banish liquor from our land a Down with the liquor traffic. Marfai suasion for has lobe been tried and is by All the Wise decried and other Means we now Nwe st try to free our land frien let us cry a Down with die liquor tray Lee. It. Vav e see its evils every Day. From rum poles stuck in Eaf Cli Ilfe Otway f or fellow mortals to betray Tuett Tempe Range men United Adown wifi Fife liquor Traille. Let All our actions suit the word and the Echo far Anil wide Fie heard a a petitions spread and names procure quo by thousands then Are we Brothers sure to Stop the liquor traffic. R f. A a voc Noi Sov. In la it to i Cale the old Mam. I have sometimes regretted that the discovery of the metallic riches of California id id not occur during my wild excursions in the Woods and Prairies of Texas. 1 was then Little More than a boy and having been one of a party which started Overland from Galveston to new York Only prevented by a wound in toy foot i should certainly have started off to the dig gins via. Santa be in the Rocky mountains As the Case might Bis. Not that i should have gone Gold Hunting it i not my vocation. Not having a very clearly defined notion of the relative value of a Sovereign and a shilling should scarcely have gone poking about like a geologist for the Quartz imbedded Metal nor should i have coveted the position of a Man whose whole Day is spent in groping in the Earth with wondrous nature around and the Blue Iky above to Admire. Besides 1 am afflicted by week sight a hereditary complaint which descends to me from Ray father and like the Bayard Taylor Donkey which mistook a Yankee speculators red hair for swamp Hay should have lived in continual apprehension of mistaking Bright stones for Gold Aud Hill Side Flowers for Rich veins. But i should like much to have started with the first settlers and miners to have shared their travelling adventures their hair breadth escapes and wondrous hut exciting trials and practically to has let them discern at a future period that a a Erie in had been among them taking notes. The first burst of the Golden Rumor reached me in Paris and fell coldly on my ear. I had been five years away from Texas and Over head and ears in the excitement of the european revolutions and for changes almost hourly occurring in that City of wonders which frenchmen fondly indicate to be the capital of the world place the site of which in the ideas of warm patriots seem to have a great Power of locomotion. My interest in every thing american however caused me to watch with interest after a while the phases of the great event which is destined to have such a vast inf Nenee on the Rotare of the whole civilized world for evil if the mad Hunt for Mere Lucre a Hack the Advance of enlightenment the Only thing which enables us rightly to use temporal advantages. For some time however my attention was Only attracted like that of All men who watch the history of their own time it is Only within a very Short time that the affair has taken a More personal and immediate head quarters a Europe have for some time been Park a City for which i have a weakness. During the an urn of last year i received a ticket for a Hall to which no persons wore admitted except in naval uniform. It was Tor charitable purposes and i originally declined going a party of English ladies however Wyom 1 knew wished to attend Aud requested me to escort them. I resolved magnanimously to change my previous Resolution end be present. My first difficulty West uniform. 1 had no inclination to have a suit made for the occasion and i had a decided objection to hiring one from a masquerade shop. A suddenly f recollected that i had a relic of Ray erratic life in texan in the shape of a lieutenant s suit of Blue. It wan old end the worst for Wear but it was genuine and could on a Pinch be burnished up to pase master for a night. Accordingly on the evening in question 1 found myself under the covered Way leading to the Jardyn do Hiver a party of ladies under my Goida aae waiting for n crowd of persons before me to pare Ere 1 Kwh i inca. My a affix May Jav was atone be also had left his female companion Aud was evidently in search of me. A Zimpo Skibiel Quot cried he a a no it cannot a Walter Bruce exclaimed i,.pa i recognized a quondam lie Lepant of the san Berdard to Hoofer. 1 a Well a said he a i expect this a extraordinary and pleasant too. We parted on the deck of the new York Steamer bound from Grves Toa to new Orleans and Here we inert in Paris to All appearance in the identical clothes we wore on that Day Quot 1 passed my Arm through his scarcely Able to speak and we moved along a few Yards in silence. 1 a a what Are Yon doing Here a he said alter a Short pause. A Quill driving 1 suppose. I have been told you have written considerable yarns about Texas since you returned to Europe a a Yea my dear fellow a replied i a i am now and author. That is my business profession or calling and Yon a ooh. I d Why in be been to California since 1 saw von. And in a now on the Lookout for a place in old Europe where to pitch my Home along,.i Mast metro Dice you to my Wile. 1 have often1 talked of you to Bert you recollect that is. Volume of mine which 1 scribbled 6n Board the Jim , and which you corrected and revised for me. She has them but Here she was then hastily introduced to a very Lovely Young a a roman about Twenty years of age whose Peculiar complexion and hair at Onee pro no need her to be a mexican of the mixed race of spaniards and indians. She received me wit the Frank he atrium of her nation and when i alluded to my not being alone she proposed to join it was readily agreed upon and As my adventures in Texas have always i fear to the sorrow of Tome patient friends formed an endless topic of conversation the Union proved interesting and very agreeable the fair haired and Bane eyed eng its Iris who composed the juvenile Section of my companions formed a pleasing contrast to the mexican Beauty and the rest of the evening was spent in company. A a next morning 1 found myself at the breakfast table of Walter Brace who occupied splendid apartments looking out on a lash Ion a Hie Boulevard. A Aroda him bespoke opulence and wealth hit servants his residence his equipage were All in a style of almost Oriental splendor and. I could not refrain from remarking on the wonderful change in his fortunes which had taken place since the Day when we lived in a state of Semi starvation on Board the old guard ship in. The port of Galveston. He smiled and promised to explain the whole affair to my. Even at the risk of appearing in Prius �?ofor/1 said he �?oif�?~1 do narrate my adventure you will not be Able to resist the temptation Quot a after breakfast we Drew on chairs near the fire smoked the pipe of peace which More than any thing else carried me Back to my old life and while mrs. Bruce went out to make some cells frankly did toy sex Comrade in danger and difficulty relate his adventures and history. When Vav alter Bruce left me he we a on his Way to join two vessels of the Texas Republic lying in new Orleans Harbor which had been ordered Down to sisal to assist the Republic of you atan against the Parent state of Mexico. It would require More space than lean Here devote to the subject to narrate All my friends adventures until he found himself one Fine morning transferred from the deck of a Man of War to the counting House of a merchant of Vera Craz a change which however inglorious it May sound was really very advantageous a Brace had originally been educated for the bar As had 1, and Tike myself abandoned quiet Hie to wander in Texas carried away by the deft of her heroic struggle with Mexico. But an american is generally fit for any thing and Walter Bruce soon captivated the Confidence of messes Morris Aud Franklin i. Employers. They had counters in the City of Mexico at Mazatlan and traded with California whence they Drew hides and tallow the very Humble but useful prod cat of that now Gold exporting Al a with credentials with Poneys and accompanied by a Jacob Willis took his place in the stage hound for Mexico City. The journey was interesting and delightful Aud the Young Man began his Progress with feelings of extreme Delight. A lie War of i romantic and impression Abl nature travelling was with him a passion and Over which he had to travel though now Well known to the Reading Public was to him new and full of charms. The splendor of Orizaba Peak the delights of Jalapa the Plains of Serota Popo Canpei the grand and Sublime scenery of the country in general its varied phases of soft and Fertile nature filled with satisfaction and created a source of endless reflection for the future. And then Mexico City Aud Ita wondrous and vast Valley its lakes and a Bills list curious Quot manners and primitive people wire All Ever renewed subjects a of observation. But be stayed not by the Way a lots orders were to proceed with the utmost rapidity. His companion and himself were Well armed for they had to go through the robber Region itself a Fertile Tolarce of excite robot but at last dangers and difficulties were past and they r arrived at a Stan glad to rest Tbs or weary limbs in the Husi table Quot House of or. Fuji by the agent of that part one of the most picturesque on the Pacific and reminded one of the East and of a Spain with its Cream coloured houses its heavy arched entrances and Cool court Yards within its massive cornices and Large balconies windows. Walter Bruce took a few Days to rest and refresh himself after his journey the More readily that the Schooner which was to convey him to san Francisco Bay was not yet quite loaded with its varied freight. Besides it was necessary that Jacob Willis should receive some insight into the nature of the constant transactions which took place Between Mazatlan and the agent in California. At length however All was ready and the Young Man and his old associate went on the Schooner bound for California. The journey presented the usual varieties but nothing worthy of particular notice and at the end of a somewhat wearisome voyage during which the Young Man rather astonished the skipper and Crew by his nautical experience they entered the magnificent Bay of California and anchored a Short distance train the land. This is not the place to enter into any my Nate description of localities. My Friend had Little to do of the coast. The counter managed by the old mexican was of the country and thither he immediately prepared to the distance was not great but it had to be performed on horseback with an Indian Fot a guide while a train of males were to take up the Supply of goods which were to replenish the store. Brace made his preparations with the utmost rapidity. During his Quot Long journey his curiosity had become much excited Aud he was anxious to see the Man about whom or. Morris had told him enough to let him see that he was an original and Sini Cular character. Quot a 1 it was a Fine summer morning m autumn when Walter Bruce and his Little caravan started towards the foot Hills of the Sierra Nevada where was situated the Little settlement of Pablo hitters the name of the mexican Inque Tiou. The weather without being very warm was dry and pleasant and As the Indian guide knew the Road Well the Way presented Little diff the first night the tent was pitched in Region. One Day about three months after the Entrance of Brace into the service of messes. Morris and Franklin the resident partner at Vera Cruz called the Young Man into hit private office. Walter Bruce Presentad himself and was requested to sit Down. A emr. Brute mid the merchant opening a letter which Lay before him �?o1 am in a slight difficulty to get ont of which i require the assistance of one in whom not Only we have Confidence. Hot who is disposed to undertake Tor the House a task of some delicacy and �?o1 am completely at your Eer toe Quot replied the Young our a old but who has always rect in his dealings. He resided much in the United stoles when Young but Tor toe last Young Man. Our counter to California is managed by an mexican about whom we know very utile who has always beast very honest and Eor a q a a in. A Grove of Evergreen Oaks which formed an agreeable shelter. Walter Bruce after supper got into conversation with the Indian who was communicative and Well informed. At length he asked him questions about Pablo. The is Dian looked uneasily around As if he feared to be overheard and then muttered a few words scarcely intelligible. A you know Himin mid Walter with some anxiety. A a Ida pabl0 a not much Good talk about him. A _ a indeed i am very anxious to know him ? a a him Gow Man he know All the secret of the Hill Rich like tan chiefs. A Gold Man a cried Walter still More excited a who gave him that Nameiy a a indians. White Man laugh but Indian know Hills fall of Gold no use to poor Indian but whits Man god and Pablo know All about it a a a has Pablo too and any Gold then a a the no want Gold. He Medicine Many live without work live without a the seems to be a regular California magician a mused Waller but this idea of the indians is absurd. A Man who has discovered Gold would not have remained up Here to quiet. I suppose the eccentric old fellow has frightened the Indian for fear of their proving troublesome. A Doe he live alone a asked he once w addressing the guide. He got plenty Erevan a and one girl Bright Sun and Moon two eyes like stars great cried Walter a this doubtless a the of which he a peaks and which to vers would have delighted a phidias or a rap hat Teeth White As Snow and a Graceful id elegant form which the Young Man thought he had never seen equalled Bhe wore the Pic Tunque costume of a mexican woman of the Middle classes in Strong contrast to the course Whf Wjt and common Hab aliments of the. Man beside her. J Welcome stranger Quot said the Man in a feeble voice. A a what brings you into these Remote parts a Quot. A quota i come from messes. Morris Bud Franklin of Vera Cruz a replied Bruce a and but precede my caravan by a few Hundred Yards. A a enter a said the old Man with considerable animation a Ray of pleasure illuminating his features. A Guadalupe go bid Maria prep re a r. A Ahe Young Girt moved towards the Distant huts and waiter followed Pablo into the outer apartment 6f the was a Large and almost naked room which usually contained the goods that formed the matter of barter with the traders of the District. The two Man sat Down by a huge German stove that served to diffuse warmth through the warehouse and waiter a once handed his letters to the agent. The old Man took them put on his spectacles and read them carefully. Every ugh Aud then he raised his looks from the papers As if to Muse on their contents but in reality to scrutinize wit amp a cautions Eye their bearer. A you Are warmly recommended by messes Morris and Franklin a said he presently speaking pure English. Have you been Long in their employ rout in a a Quot a Ltd three months when i left Vera a three months Short time to learn a Mao a a a / a a messes. Morris and Frank a have thought it agile sufficient to give me their Confidence a observed waiter a Little haughtily. Done to be Hasty Young said Pablo gravely. To i doubt not you Are deserving of their regard but i have Beeh used to the world and have been made perhaps Over suspicious by a from the moment that in any transaction i have the full approval of try employer i sup. Pose that relieves you from All a a certainly certainly a far As their business is concerned but Here comes the caravan Aud break Fasti we can resume Oai convey Tion in the evening.�?�. A when breakfast was Over Pablo retired Toan inner room to study Bis letters and to prepare instructions for Jacob Willis his Rny lessor. He kit Walter to the care of Gaud amp Lope. The Young people were at an age when acquaintances ire rapidly made. The girl had never before been thrown into the society of an educated Man while Walter had rarely been placed in a position since the commencement of hit Advent if Obi career to study so closely a the female character influenced by the excitement of bit journey by the romantic circumstances of his position Walter Bruce was before evening deeply in love while had the y Oung girl questioned her own heart it is probable she might have made a similar discovery. After dinner Pablo expressed a wish to be alone with his daughter and Walter. He was very Pale and excited and when he took them into an inner department soak on n chair under the excess of his emotion. A emr. said he gravely after a Short pause a i am compelled to be abrupt and Brief. My daughter has been hitherto in the dark As to the cause of my sending to Mesara. Morris and Franklin. I am devoured by an internal disease and have not Many Days to a father a cried the girl. A silence child and listen. Remain no Here you cannot and this is Why i begged my employer to Send a trusty person to me. Or Brace 1 have examined pare ally the letters sent me and they satisfy me completely. I begged them to Send me a Young Man if possible free from All ties of affection. There is no time for delicacy of feeling or hesitation. Do Yon think it probable after one Days acquaintance that Job could be Happy with my daughter for Roar wife Quot a sir Quot cried Walter Brace warmly a i have this Day Learned to believe in those Sadden passions which Wenj away in an instant beyond ail the of reason. 1 love your a this it bettor than i expected. And now Young men Elope that door and listen to me. Are you willing to take her portion less and without fortunes a Lam Young in health and Able to work wanted. Come. Man whose eyes flashed with an wire seized the lamp from Orthe table from his breast and bade them Fol went a few Yards Down a passage opened a thick door. He entered ung couple who had by one Stealthy the hand ratified the whole Coney were in a vast natural Eric which they stood was Twenty and As Many wide while across its a Tittle Stream which fell into a Hole he House and joined the Stream be-1 to. T daughter a said the old Kan hold a you Are in a mine. Above and every where is Gold. A if is Hever the country but in no place is v1 More abundant than in this vast Twenty years have i ventured alone Long hours of the night and behold s of shy a Ted towards a pile of Small barrels me Corner of a Cave to ail that Gold a cried Walter Bruce almost breathless. A v/i4a fall Gold. Truly the Lidiane Are right though they never suspected the truth 1 am the a Gold it is Gold and the Fortune of Guadalupe Yonng Man you receive from me the secret Deposit of an old Many a Only child swear to me Here in this place of Battle to be a Good and kind husband and faithful a a a but sir it is not possible your daughter Tyr a nah a precious Deposit 1 shall have to escort Back a Aid Walter Brace who was vainly endeavouring to catch the ayes of the blushing and posted Beauty. A Keaough Walter Bruce Yon see before you the richest heiress a America. Surrounded by her children 1 had Hood myself to in pm Fortune Aad Ita a von. But 1 have waited too Loag and i shall never leave this place. Young Man in Tad Oon utry you tread on Gold As Yea walk. The whole Lead is oae Mem of Rich and wealthy and Beautiful May wish to find her a a. A she know not the value of her but Guadalupe speak. Wilt thou Young Mau for thy husband to be thy Friend add companion wheal am Gones a father talk not thus a said the girl passionately. A i never saw one 1 liked so muck before but i cannot hear you talk of a Walter Bruce you hear she a yours but let us come away Frota this. 1 have much to Tell you yet and much to arrange. That evening the Geld Man told his Story the narrative of his wild adventure in californian of his discovery of the precious Metal of his Long and arduous labors and of their sue pcs soul Quot Ferm i nation. Tie had been ill for More than three months but had kept this a secret from his child. Alarmed at his expected death and of e difficult position of i daughter he had partially hinted of his riches to his employers and had begged them to Send him some one to whom he could without hesitation give his daughter. A j Walter Bruce went to bed that night but hot to sleep he was half mad with excitement and Aud excited but to find his waking vision still real. The next few Days were spent a making preparations for their departure. Old Pablo vanquished by the Earnest prayers of the Yonng couple consented to travel and try the Power of Medicine. A week later the counter was Given up to Jacob Willis and the caravan set out for its return voyage. A few Days later they reached the Schooner and on the third sunday after their departure from the dry diggings Walter Aud Guadalupe were United in marriage by the join 1 efforts of the american Consol and a Mazatlan priest. Old Pablo did not survive their Union ten Days his disease had grown too powerful and he was buried contrary to. His expectations for away from his Long cherished Home. Waltor and his wife made the Best of their Way to Vera Cruz and thence to new Guadalupe grieved bitterly for the death of her kind old folder and her husband Louth it be Essary to travel constantly to occupy her mind. He invested his vast wealth in Good securities and after a Long peregrinations through the United states took ship for Europe. Both himself and his wife took a Strong liking to Paris As most americans and thus it was i met them. They now make it their head quart an being not disposed to travel since the birth of master Pablo Walter Toce which occurred about six1 week Back. My Friend had intended making Public his discovery in California but a Caree by bad he arrived at new York when the Rumor reached his ears that California was a Gold country a fact which none perhaps Ever had better canse to know than the heir of a the Gold Prem att re discharge of a. Can it on a two men horribly the receipt of the news by Telegraph on saturday evening last that general Pierce was the nominee of the democratic party for the presidency his political friends brought ont the Cannon in hour of the result. I a preparing it for the fourth round it discharged prematurely taking off both the arms of James Carnahan above the elbows and one of the arms of Ephraim lash Ikye breast my Tula Ted head bruised and both eyes probably destroyed. Hopes Are entertained off he recovery. The unfortunate men were a ogled in loading Quot at the time the ramrod doing the execution. Others Elose by were stunned and knocked ule Herald. A relict and digging the holes for posts of the staging from which k6s-Sulh was to address the citizen of Buffalo a 12.pound Cannon Ball was dug no from a depth of about 2 fret. It had the unmistakable Marks of British manufacture and was undo not edly fired from Canada during the War of 1812. So say the Buffalo papers. Quot Quot in �"1 1,11quot "�w.-1�-� f a Yoc seem animated by this Fine scene my dear said a lovers a no a said the �?o1 Nevar shall be an us amp Ted till i am your wife Dearest Quot and he gave her such a kiss that Jemima vowed she thought somebody had hit against our Street door with a lie preserver it made such a Noire. Quite As influential in a fitful fashion the sign s of the Zodiac of the changes of the Moon. A tolerable fair a representative of a Comet in a terrestrial and political Way is the Czar of Russia. His movements within or without their proper orbit Are Apt to be examined with telescopic eyes. His probable policy i i any Given event is speculated Popou a graciously a he is the great sensorium of Europe there is no Pang inflicted on the body politic any Weie a the continent that is not recognized acutely at st. Petersburg. In fact several attributes of deity Are commonly ascribed to the emperor along with others of the satanic sort. He is omniscient omnipotent and diabolically his prodigious faculties Are uniformly devoted to evil objects. He treads about among Trenn Ibling sat elites seeking which he May devour. Hts progresses Are momentous affairs they disorder half the wits of Europe with conjectures and afford them no satisfaction for their pains. For the last three months the whole tribe of Roma Dofi has been running of it to most unexpected Quot quarters of the Globe. Oita to wit the Duke of Leuchtenberg overruns Egypt Aud by re a. W e need its rely say1�?~ that Constanti Noel e lays in this Rohte. Two Archduke have Bren scouring Italy pausing at Naples Rome Flor ence and Venice. The emperor in person is at v Vienna and All Austria of the by rear Fatic class does homage to him. The Empress has dropped in upon her Royal Broth to of Prussia making a formal Detour through Germany. At London a Side limb of the family has just got booked for the danish Succes. It Sion aug Ether they have a Good time of it. But How do the others fare the regions on which these scandinavian descents Are made quite As Well As could be expected. His Royal brutality the King of a Naples gives an extra twist to the wheel upon watch the spirit of Nea Iol Taus has been broken. The jesuits procure Urther concessions had a firmer footing. The a Lay of emancipation is put afar off. Extraordinary precautions Are taken against the exor Tion Tii for Neh. And the subversion of Bonbon influence. The friends of the forsworn constr ution and a he secret Well wishes of Marat Are equally put. At of a put and chagrined. The night of despotism is reduced to Arctic Lenig tji and gloom.,.< Rome too feels Trie Polar influences. The Heads of the greek Ami latin churches have never been a prodigal of Mutual courtesies1 before. The Arch Dukes were feted and treated As became the representatives of an emperor. To Mark their visit a a an Era the first and wealthiest of russian nobility brought a magnificent Gem ail the Way from Siberia As a gift to his holiness. There is a growing court j Dence in Russia on the part of the papal court and a corresponding coolness towards Fiance. There Are some who think that a fear of the presidents designs upon the Temporali ties induces the Pope to strength Seq himself by an Alliance with the Czar. Ohm More sanguine suppose Fiat a re Union of the two churches is at last seriously contemplated and Point to the various movements of the equip prof in the Way of endowing Biman Catholic churches and investing roman Catholic Bishops and the like As tolerably reliable tokens of i disposition. Certainly the relations Between Rowe . Peter Burgh were Heyer so cordial a a now nor the obstacles to the Union More with Pio no for the Pope and Nicholas for the protector of the consolidated Church a it might easily renew its youth. J at Florence the approach of the russian has been extremely wintry. The grand Duke they do say has gone mad. The Story was about by Daylight in the streets that his Ducal intellect was overthrown by a trick of designing people around him who got up a bold masquerade and played themselves off. Tor ghostly monitors requiring by every lawful Sanction an abolition of the Leopoldine Laws and the Constitution of i a. However this May be and whether madness or increase of courage in Cou sequence of the Vicinity of the Arch despot Are at the Bottom of the measure All the legislation that Tuscany has had these three score years that was not execrable has been swept away and replaced by an unqualified a Tyrajoy. If the Duke be not mad he 1.1 undeniably feeble the tool of religious fanatics. The recent act leaves Sardinia solitary in its enjoy ment of a constitutional regime. The late exhibitions of rigor in. Austria Are doubtless owing to the same influences. The restorative measures of the prussian King Are unquestionably so. The Progress of the great muscovite seems to carry with it the Progress of his doctrines. His presence excites renovated a Zeal in the holy cause Oft conservatism. The latent Republican stuffs in the air that the Czar is about. He reads it in decrees where not a word of the kind is expressed. He experience it in revoked concessions and abridged Privi 1 Leges it seems to be a part of the Welcome to the Czar to Burn up constitutions and guarantees and obligations As a fitting holocaust. Such is the influence of a shrewd diplomacy and the u 1 or the ancient Cooks carried their Art to the most whimsical perfection. They serve up a whole pig were Able to boiled other. On one Sido roasted on the impression of indefinite resources upon the general mind and so tar has Enrose fled from the positive pole of republicanism and become , t. Times. Sack strange Are Many men and woman too Tor that matter who would handle a watch Worth f25 with the almost care foe fear of de ranging Ita mechanism while they would not hesitate to Lay rough hands upon the feeling of others Worth Twenty five years of happiness. Many a maa there is who would turn to lot the Repi Ifo live who would not scruple to set his foot opon a human heart and crash it Many a lady who would deem it a sin to raffle a la be eap is not Stow to Quot read the More exquisite network of the human heart. It Fri Gold a Curry at the mint and exports. A the amount of Gold receipts at the Philadelphia mint during the month of May was $4,300,000 the exports for the same month was $1,957,000, leaving an excess of receipts of $2/143,000

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