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The New Bloomfield Pa Times (Newspaper) - October 2, 1877, New Bloomfield, Pennsylvania2two surprises. In name of Journot la historic into France belonging to one of Toee ancient ii Mylles who have maintained even to Trio present Day the Honor of it proud Nunie though the representatives have passed through All manner of Vicissitudes attendant upon revolution and loss of property and we May add life itself since More than one who bore the name died by the Guillotine. It was Nea la close of the reign of Louis xv., Ore january afternoon that a crowd might have been seen gathered upon one Side of the Hue de la Palm Paris. There stood in the midst of the group a woman neatly but simply dressed with an infant in her arms while hard by a couple of officers of Law were forcing a Man away from the spot. A few Busy hands were loading a cart with furniture and other Doine Stio Arti cles. It was not an unusual scene in Farls in those Days. A creditor had this Power Over his debtor when the debt due amounted to a certain sum. Lie could seize upon his debtor s personal property even to the bed he slept upon turn wife and children into the Street and could also Send the father to prison. Such was the explanation of the scene to which we have referred As now occur ring in the Hue de la paix. In vain the wife b tears. An advocate As he was called had been employed to enforce the Law and he stood there As rigid and cold As Marble. Hard by a Good cure was trying to Comfort the wife and interceding but fruitlessly with the agent of Law who acted for the creditor. In the struggle with their Pris Oner the coat of the husband had been torn from his Back and he was now be ing borne away to the prison through the cold january atmosphere in his Hurt sleeves. The bal vexing from exposure to cold could Only press her infant to her breast and sob aloud. At that moment there Rode Down the Rue de la Palm a Young and handsome Man in an open Carriage. As the vehicle came opposite the throng it was stopped by the crowd so that the Driver could Only draw up his horses and wait for it to disperse. The occupant of the vehicle leaned Forward to ascertain the cause of the interruption. His eyes caught those of the Good cure who in stantly came Forward saying " it is a poor unfortunate family Mon slur who Are being driven from their Home by a heartless creditor. They Are worthy and Good people As i Well and cannot pay the debt asked the Young Marquis Journot for that was his name. " the Man cannot " and How much is the debt " " fifty Louls is that All a " a Small sum to you perhaps Monsieur but quite too much for this poor Man to attempt to pay the Marquis was a Young spendthrift r Gay dissipated sprig of nobility scarcely yet of age but he was not with out generous instincts and indeed he was known to have a Good heart. He lived in dissolute period when few Young men of his rank escaped the contamination of vice. Gambling was a daily pastime and the Honor of women was held of Light account. The Young Marquis had taken out his pocket boo k As he remarked " is that Allt 11 it ,1 . I Jii Cio Illy guru h1chl, 1iw Hutu you seem to be the Friend of this unfortunate family. Take this Money pay the creditor and restore them to their but this is a Hundred Louis Monsieur. The debt is Only fifty said the cure. " never mind there will be some extra expenses in getting the family to rights once May heaven bless you Monsieur said the cure solemnly lifting his cowl and looking up to the sky. " such Dis interested Charity must be recorded drive on Antoine said the mar quis to the Coachman As the crowd who readily interpreted the generous act sent up a ringing shout of Rivele Marquiess the priest settled the account and took a receipt upon the spot. The advocate and his officers slipped away and the crowd vied with each other in energetic efforts to replace the poor Man s articles once More within doors. He was a modest trader who had trusted out too much in Small sums to his customers and being unable to collect it All in at the Day and hour when he required it had been thus summarily dealt with by a hard creditor. " and who was that generous Man a asked the it was the Young Marque Journot replied the cure. He shall be remembered in my prayers she said. Amen said the husband As he kissed the baby. " and three fifty Louls Over suggested the cure. Aye what shall we do with them 1" " it is the very sum i need to set me All right in my Small business said the tradesman. " that is just what the Marquis and to the priest handed Over the Money to the Happy Man and departed. La the meantime the Marquis Jour not was being driven towards his hotel which was situated on the Hue Tivoli. Barcley had his Coachman turned out of the Rue de la Palm when he was once More suddenly brought to a stand still by the body of a Man lying across the horses path. " vell Antoine what is the trouble a asked the Marquis a Little petulantly. A Drunken Man beneath the very feet of the horses said the Driver striving to keep the animals off the body of a Man Justin front of them. " egad that won t do said the mar quis with More Energy than one would have supposed him to possess and at the same time jumping out of his vehicle he seized upon the insensible Man and by sheer physical strength dragged him out from under the horses feet. " of Monsieur it is my husband said a pretty Young woman coming out of an Humble abode. The Coachman having handed his reins to a citizen took hold of the in animate body of the Man and together they bore him into the House. " does he get often in this Way a asked the Marquis. ,. " no said the Young wife. " but he has been sadly disappointed to in what Way a " nobody would be godfather to our on the bed Lay a Sweet Little infant clothed in very poor attire to be sure but yet very neat and clean. Is that your baby a " yes said the Young Mother. She too was very pretty and neat. These poor people had no one to befriend them. " How old is the Little fellow v " " Only ten " and of i we want him christened because you know Monsieur if he were to die by any Accident before he was christened Why he would go to Purga " do you think so " " of course added the pretty Little Mother. " and what an awful thought it is i she added clasping her hands in an attitude of unconscious graced earnestness. " bring your baby with me you dear Little woman said the Marquis. Whither Monsieur " to notre to Church " " but we have no one for god "1 will see to " do you mean so Monsieur a " jump right into my Carriage. Here wrap up your baby said the Young Marquis entering fully into the spirit of the affair. " Well have him christened before your husband awakes from his stupid ten minutes later the Little party enter the open doors of notre Dame and the Marquis Journot gave his name to the Humble child. He was not a person to do anything by halves. Mother and child were put into his Carriage and driven Back to the Humble quarters from whence he had taken them. He emptied his purse of some thirty or forty Louls into her hands and bade her Good by e after wishing her much Good Fortune with her baby. The Young Mother seized his hand and pressing her lips to it Bald the baby should be brought up to Revere his name. The Marquis Journot drove to his hotel and in half an hour had forgotten both episodes of that january Day. And now we must ask the Reader to pass Over a period of Twenty years Twenty years of French history crowded with incidents with tragedy written in letters of blood. Twenty years of Check ered parisian life. Louis Xiv. Was dead. The new King Louis ., had appointed the Marquis Journot to an important local civil office. He had married Nis wild Oats were Long ago sown and he had become a worthy and useful member of the government. Political France was at that time in a ferment. Jacobi ism began to rear its head. Human Equality socialism was asserting itself the same spirit which in later years showed itself under the name of the commune. Even nature seemed to lend its hand to the turbulence of the period for just then occur red the awful Hurricane of july 1788,by which All France was devastated and Banditt ravaged the country the pre cursor of the revolution which followed so soon after. Then came the great uprising the destruction of the Bastile the attack upon the Tull Erles and the reign of ter ror. This reversal of the wheel of Fortune found the Marqula Journot stripped of everything. Fortune place All was gone and according to the popular ver dict he Wasa traitor. True he had been a traitor so fur As to defend his King against to attack of the red republicans. He freely risked his own life to protect that of the Royal family and consequently he was denounced seized upon thrown into prison and condemned to death. Journot was a Bravo Man. He did not fear death. Yet still he could not forget that he had a wife and two Lovely children dependent upon his Protection. Indeed he knew not what had become of them what had been their Fate in this terrible confusion and uprising. He was permitted no Intercourse with any one but was kept under strict guard in that famous prison the conc Wegerle upon the Banks of the Seine. It was Midnight. Journot was Awak ened from a deep sleep by a sound which at first he was disposed to think was the fabrication of a dream but at last the sound became so regular and Dis Tinct that he got up from his Straw bed listened intently. It was All darkness in his lonely cell. The sound evidently came from beneath the floor until presently it came nearer and nearer. What could it possibly signify v was some fellow prisoner trying to make his escape v he could Only wait patiently and see. Soon a Large Stone which formed part of the pavement of his cell floor was removed and a Light from a lantern burst full upon hi3 eyes. In another moment the body of a Man came up through the floor and stood in the Ceil. " be silent said the new come r. " who Are you 5" demanded the Marquis. " listen and i will Tell " i am All i am a jailor " then you have the keys of " Why seek Entrance to my cell after that extraordinary fashion if you have a key to the door a " you shall he " or Why have you come at All a " you shall know. Citizen Journot do you remember Twenty years ago when you were Riding through the Rue de la paix of stopping and freeing from the officers a Man who had been turned out of his House for debt the Marquis thought for some moments before he could recall the Circum stances. " i do remember something of the " i am that Man i have never lost sight of you or yours and i have sworn if Ever i had the Chance let it Cost me what it might i would repay that generous act so Noble and so Oisin " what do you propose a " you Are condemned to die " i know " you shall live 1" " but you will sacrifice yourself in freeing " i will take the risk at All " i now see Why you enter my cell after this " exactly. I would have it appear that you effected your own " " now follow " instantly replied the Marquis. In one minute later the jailor and Journot disappeared through the Aper Ture in the floor and after passing through one or two dark passages they emerged at a Gateway guarded by a single sentry. " Journot said the jailor Here is your god Fathe r. You understand All. I can Trust " what does this mean asked the Marquis. " another Surprise said the jailor. " you called him Journot a " i " do you not remember that upon that same january Day when you re leased me from the minions of Law you also befriended an unfortunate Young Mother gave her baby your name in the Church of notre Dame and supplied her with Money to feed it a " i have a dim recollection of some such " this lad is the one to whom you gave your name and now he is ready to befriend you in " strange that we should meet thus and after Twenty years. " you cast your bread upon the Waters and it has returned to you answered the jailor. Then turning to the Young Man the jailor continued " Lead him to a place of safety Journot give me your gun and i will keep this Post until you " come on Monsieur said the Young Man. S " whither do you Lead Mev " you shall soon learn but be sure it is a place of safety since i have sworn it to my " go on then i will follow said the Marquis. The Young Man led the fugitive Down to the liver s Hank where they embarked and were soon on the opposite Side of the Belne. Here after Landing he con ducted him by Back lanes to the rear of a House on the Rue st. Honore where after knocking gently they were admitted by a fair Young girl about the same age As the Young Man who bore the Marquis name. She was so pretty indeed that the fugitive gazed admiringly on her charming features. " citizen Journot said a matronly woman is the Marquis entered a Large and comfortable room " do you not remember me " i do Well it is not strange. But when we last met it was in the Rue de la Palm Twenty years ago. This Young woman was then an infant in my arms and you saved my husband from going to Pris a Lyes he has just recalled the fact said the Marquis. " he is temporarily in charge of the Concie Gerle. But from that hour with Means you furnished he has prospered la Trade and we have been Abund Antly blessed. Pauline my daughter is about to wed this Young Man another of your proteges. And now please to step into the next the Marquis Journot obeyed and instantly found himself in the presence of Bis wife and children. His kind but Humble friends had secreted them in the hour of their great peril and now brought them in safety to each other. Could gratitude have had better expression. That very night the Marquis and his family were conducted in safety outside the Walls of Paris and bought and found in the provinces a place of safety until the reign of terror had ceased and the Demon of discord had drunk his fill of blood. Truly the kindly deed of the Young Marquis Twenty years before had proved to be " bread cast upon the Waters and had furnished him two surprises of an agreeable nature. A Parrot Story. Two sailors who had a Parrot with them went into a magician s show in an upper room in some foreign City. The three constituted the audience. After each feat of the magicians one of the sailors would remark " that s pretty Good wonder what they la do finally one of the sailors asked Permis Sion to smoke which the magicians granted forgetting that in the room be Neath was an immense Quantity of gun powder. The Jack tars and the Parrot continued to enjoy the show one Sailor adding the pleasure of his pipe and the other remarking after each trick " that is pretty Good wonder what they la do a spark from the smoker s pipe chanced to drop through a crack in the floor into the powder and something suddenly occurred. Sailors and magi clans Parrot and All " Rose above party prejudice and were All blown to King Dom come in a million fragments All except the poll Parro t. He landed in a Heap of bruised flesh and Burnt feathers in a potato Patch four Miles away. 1i& was utterly demoralized. It took some moments to collect himself and when he had partially done so he hopped Limpin Gly upon a Fence rail and remarked " that s pretty Good wonder what they la do v Kjan irishman chanced to be present at jumping match and seeming much interested in the contest he was invited to try his skill. He gladly consented and taking off his Long Black coat Laid it across a Fence near by. Three dandies who had just halted to witness the sport thought it was a Good Chance to play him a trick. Accordingly when his Back was turned one of them procured a piece of Chalk and Drew an ass head on the Back of Pat s coat and waited to see the fun when he discovered the trick. He Boon returned for his coat with a smile on his comical face. As his keen eyes glanced at the profile on the Back of his coat one of the dandies laughingly asked How he liked jumping. " of i like jumping Well enough said Pat " but la Neil Tell me which Avye had the Chalk on yer Fuce an left the print a yer jaw on my coat i la Tell yees if he took a Gud c2"if we except the blessings of strength health and the testimony of a Good conscience All the other conveniences and pleasures of life depend upon opinion. Except pain of body and remorse of conscience All our evils Are imaginary. Tosser & Allen Central store Newport 1 Enn a. Now overt lie Public a Hake and elegant a9soutment of dress goods consisting of All shades suitable for ii Teason. Black alpacas and mourning goods a speciality. Bleached and unbleached muslims at va1u0u8 prices. An endless selection of prints we sell and do keep a Good Quality of sugars coffees & syrups and everything under the head of groceries machine Needles and Oil for All makes of machines. To be convinced that our goods Are cheap As the cheapest is to Call and examine Stock. S no trouble to show goods. Don t forget the Central store Newport Perry county a. $10 made by agents in cities and country towns. Only necessary to show samples to make sales and Money for to any one out of employment and disposed to work. Used daily by All business$25 men. Bend stamp for circular wit prices to agents. Address special Agency Dat 1 Kendall building Chicago Jeather a. The subscriber has now on hand at j Low rit Les Good sole leather lip of Superior Quality country calf skin French calf linings Roans a. F. Mortimer new Bloomfield a. Trespass notice. Notice is hereby by persons not to trespass on the grounds of the undersigned situate in Madison and Jackson townships by picking berries fish ing Hunting or otherwise trespassing As they will be dealt with according to Law. Pol. V. Gret j Isaac not, .1. 11 Al map my. Mkt r Muir if. Holomon Izower Mim. Saivii Stam Baloh. Johnson j James a. And Ehson a. B. Okat Akk Miau Yunchan dhow Trostle James Woods,. Smith d. Stambaugh june la 1877. Pm ,w1 , s lib Forth i m Imbur or Amer Iron Wariy Aisha or infection of Lehr vral Nal weakness produ.-Ini-filml9n, ism r Meanor impaired wet lost a Una Sod or in Potency fiery Oil Parms neatly Euradie la Raof la bladder Al Taeya a thru. Catarrh Mies Alt chronic it Agama Wandok females yield to . Or. Olio at had a air Brianc and rare a brother fail. Lub a or adult of urn informed school mat do to Ascurr. Baa thai Atomi partic m tha 0. S. La1hem is Autrino Noma and Board Call or Orlu. Kotry coals Utada of Imu enu. Std fifty Santa for Aunela of Rubur Gwidt and cult of important information by a Paras. Us. Hijji Ftp ill 5 per Dor. Fra. Marriage guide and Ayal of both sexes on ail mama of or lats Maura. Val abm Advt to tha Marstad and contemplating Hanuka. How to be Baa thy Antl truly Friy la la mar owl a Ouid fit Lua Boc my to Gnu. Okay add dream Laaied. A physiological View of marriage Auu Nanook Armit Al on Hal urea Ai Aarnas to the Caum that unfit Lor it tat a Tret of reproduction ati4 the diseases of women. F . A Book Lor private to in Tine ratau gift a tag a pics a Ai Miatch a Mimi main uni in riot private mature army Tom self abuse a ceases orc Moorat disease Wuu Uta of cur. Pareppa Price m a clinical Lect full on the altar Dow set Andt note of the Throat Ait Luiis catarrh., up tuts. Opium habit a pries 10 us. Atut postpaid on race tit of pries of All Thna. Muntain Iii we Pait t. Braun nifty Tor 74 via. Aud tam dam Outt Aiu. Us. Meta tit tit lout to 000 agents a anted to sell our Usu newly patented not Witles Bro Row jewelry. Water of revolvers engravings Hooks a. Stationery per Huud. Special terms Given to agents everywhere. The bes prices Ever Olio red. Mammoth catalogue Ltd samples tree. It. U of Litchett w Bruj m Dey Street n. T

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