The National Republican And Ohio Political Register in Cincinnati, Ohio
1 Jan 1823

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The National Republican And Ohio Political Register in Cincinnati, Ohio
1 Jan 1823

Read an issue on 1 Jan 1823 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The National Republican And Ohio Political Register.

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The National Republican And Ohio Political Register (Newspaper) - January 1, 1823, Cincinnati, OhioGis ter. Vol. I. Us Cincinnati wednesday january i the Public. N undertaking the laborious and Terible office of conducting a Public toil for the information and instruct of the people the present editor of Pec would do injustice to their own a did they not acknowledge at the me Cement of their labours a great ree of diffidence in their abilities to plish so arduous a task. The req i silents for the editorial department newspaper in a country like ours i the piness is free and the human enlightened Are various and comply and were it not that several literary Xian Tiftic gentlemen had Given ass a they would contribute in Aid of the a to promote their views for the jew a Anent a Wose measures of Domestic political Economy and those Bra oches a Arta and sciences in which our most ant interests Are concerned nope of considerations nor the partiality of would have induced them to Apt so Public a stage exposed As they a Cessa Rily be to the indiscriminate i of the whole Community. There Ever a satisfaction in contributing Stock of human knowledge and in fixating among our fellow citizens Edom of experience the researches to Sophy and the illustrations of esed truths which the most affluent e and highest honours do not afford. A Utility of Nev papers employed in be examination of Public men and in a scission of Public measures when cited on Liberal and enlightened Purifi and embracing important foreign i Zestic intelligence is no where a pensively Felt and Inore universally 1 edged than in the United states. In and facility with which they Drill rough out the different sections of Blic and the rapidity with which the remotest portions of our Ive to the popular sentiment a one and character while they very mod e rate expense sources it valuable instruction and info every class of the Community Liberty of the press in a free protected by equal and impartial Ich guarantees to Public opinion a of Fec quiz w we it 1 0 be ree of intelligence unknown to the hands of la it is it censorial Power Irre Sisti operation and a a terrible Only to As such it will become our duty As a weapon of attack for exe Bitri gues of the artful and arond As a shield of defence for the of the innocent and those whose be placed them among the Wise the office is important and the Ity of no Ordinary character. Be in la Only usual but highly proper in Imen Cerant of an establishment resent professedly intended fur on Benefit that the principles on i founded and will be conducted a clearly and distinctly known to stoc. To is a sort of common Law Elt Ting in the people which cannot it \ without exciting suspicion or without a dereliction of duty. In it Case there is no disposition to Ider any disguise or to withhold a Blic scrutiny those principles of a Denee which at All times and All circumstances will have a com a influence Over the editorial de-5 of this paper. Jung our general and state govern a he most splendid achievements Genius for the improvement and Lof Man in All the Vav Iotus rela which he stands connected with f be National Republican in its Sciples will be strictly Ameri in ending in its views and pm the Range of its inquiries and a the Peculiar interests of the a Tes with the Paramount in the whole Union. As party have ceased to die a Barrass the Public mind the $ Cople in the great and leading the nation Andin All the Mea lament embracing exclusively policy of the Republic entertain sentiment and observe an Une of concert in action. It is a proud congratulation that the a Dot party spirit has at length Llose High and enlightened a patriotism which distinguish these United states and give them a rank in the scale of moral and intellectual Elevation above that of any other. In times of peace and National Prosperity when no restraints Are imposed upon the citizen which do not Conduce in a greater degree to the general happiness when Commerce seeks her natural channels in the undisturbed exercise of All her energies and moves unshackled in her course to private wealth and National affluence when every Branch of human Industry finds Protection in the impartial operation of our Laws it is almost criminal to neglect a frequent recurrence to the fundamental principles of our political institutions and to those maxims of civil and religious Liberty which animated and sustained the patriots of our revolution. It is on those principles the National Republican is established and by those maxims it will be conducted. As we do not wish to excite in the Public mind an Idle or painful curiosity we deem it proper to state that there Are subjects of general and local importance to which we shall devote no inconsiderable attention. The approaching presidential election is daily increasing in Zeal and interest and no doubt will Call Forth a variety of talents and some of the highest efforts of eloquence. This paper is not pledged to support the pretensions of any individual who is or May be ambitious to fill the executive chair of the nation but at a proper time it will contribute whatever talents and influence it May possess to promote the election of that Man whoever he May be whose Wisdom and views As a statesman and whose firmness and integrity As a Patriot will insure to the general government an administration enlightened and efficient capable of embracing and equally protecting the various interests of the Union and worthy the dignified rank we hold in the contemplation of the world. The question of a convention or amending our state Constitution is one in which we feel in common with our fellow citizens the deepest interest. It is a subject of vast importance not Only to the present Genera Tion but to our future reputation and Prosperity As a state. The defects in the present Constitution however no important at its a option and in he Early settlement of the country Are now distinctly seen and severely Felt by All classes of the people and we do not hesitate to declare that we shall unequivocally advocate the measure As essentially necessary and As calculated to produce the most salutary and lasting Benefit to the Community. Other subjects of a general nature and of momentous concern to Ohio though subordinate in their character such As permanent internal improvements to Aid and facilitate the commercial and agricultural interests Domestic manufactures free schools literary and scientific institutions will at All times receive our zealous and Active support. In the discussion of great Public questions and in the examination of measures affecting our local interests the National Republican will assume a decided character and in the examination of the respective merits of candidates for Public office the editors will not shrink from an Independent course and the closest investigation. Private quarrels and odious personalities when disconnected with what May be esteemed the Public welfare will be uniformly rejected while merited satire polished by the refinements of wit and classic taste shall receive due attention. While we anticipate from friends and correspondents that Aid and support both fit mat ten of Public and local concern which the nature of our undertaking requires it is earnestly desired that Brevity May be studied As far As the subjects of discussion will admit and that a proper attention be had to purity of style and correctness of composition. Ohio now takes her rank in the grades of population the fourth state in the Union. In All our Public communications therefore in which our political knowledge May be developed or our skill in the arts manifested it is time we assumed that High standing in the literary character of the nation which our population gives us in the political scale. With these views and sentiments and animated with the Bright Hopes of the rising greatness of our common country the editors of this paper will be solicitous to promote the Public welfare and happiness and ambitious to Merit the patronage and favourable opinion of their fellow citizens. Presidential nomination. At a meeting of the citizens of Cincinnati convened by Public notice at m Farland e hotel on the 7th till for the purpose of designating some suitable person As candidate for the next presidency of the United states Isaac g. Burnet Esq. Mayor of the City was appointed chairman and or. John p. Foote Secretary. On motion Daniel Roe William Burke David Wade William Greene and Elijah Hayward Esq. Were appointed a committee to consider and report at a future meeting upon the subject of the ensuing presidential election and recommend a candidate for the electoral Vole of Ohio a where opon the meeting adjourned. At another meeting of the citizens regularly called and held at the first presbyterian Church on the 24th ult. The committee offered the following report and resolutions a the committee appointed by a meeting of the citizens of Cincinnati on the evening of the 7th ult. To deliberate upon the subject of the approaching presidential election with a View to the nomination of some fit person As a candidate for the next presidency respectfully submit the following report in their deliberations and discussions of the important and interesting subject entrusted to them your committee have had a signal regard to the great general interests of the Union As the Paramount consideration which should guide them in their enquiries and conduct them to their disclaiming As they do the influence of sectional considerations and party views the enquiry with them has been not whether the East or the West the North or the South should give a president to these United states but who is the Mah of the whole nation whose political and moral character embraces the most numerous and strongest recommendations to the free Suffrages of the american people for the highest dignity in their gift. This enquiry has been conducted with a candid reference to the various pretensions1 of the several candidates so far As they were known to your committee on the score of intellectual ability moral and political integrity and the principles of National policy which each might probably adopt in an executive administration of the general the particulars of the discussions into which your committee have been necessarily drawn in relation to the comparative merits of the several candidates they deem it unnecessary to detail in this report. They will therefore Content themselves with offering briefly a few of the leading considerations which have induced their preference and recommendation of de Witt Clinton Over any other candidate for the chief magistracy of our Federal Union. The first consideration to which the attention of your committee has been directed is the Universal Concession in favour of the exalted talents and rare intellectual endowments of the distinguished citizen whose name they have ventured to propose. As a scholar philosopher and statesman his elevated reputation has contributed largely to enhance our National dignity abroad and by its commanding influence Ai Home to achieve projects of National aggrandizement which gives a character to the history not Only of our country but of our age. The history of his political career during the period of his Elevation to the highest official dignity of his native state exhibits a spectacle of improvement in various departments of National policy which at once tests the greatness of his Genius the grandeur of his designs and in the View of your committee Marks him pre Era i gently As the Man who would do the highest honour to the chief magistracy of these states and Confer the most lasting glory on the character of our Republic nor do your committee believe him less distinguished for. Unsullied moral honour and a deviating political integrity than for great and commanding talents and exalted his High official situations have for Many years exposed his pretensions in these inspects to the broadest observation of the Public Eye his course has been steady unyielding and Independent. Though the intemperance of party Zeal has assailed him in its most aggravated forms it seems Only to have imparted additional moral grandeur to his character by proving his ability to surmount Triumph Over it obstacles have been opposed to him Only to show his strength. Ilis political career has passed % ordeal of a most jealous and scrutinizing investigation Only to Render it More conspicuously great in the estimation of an impartial world 1 rom these general considerations of the pre eminent talents of this distinguished citizen your committee have directed their More particular attention to the stipend Nous project of canal navigation which has Given such exalted character to the state of new York and conferred so much celebrity on the name of Clinton on this subject your committee fee justified in the Lull belief that the same enlarged and Liberal principles which projected this vast work and the same persevering Genius which has conducted it almost to its completion under the administration of or. Clinton would signalized the administration of the general government if entrusted to the executive guardian a in of this enlightened Friend of internal improvements. Presenting this interesting topic in an exclusively National aspect As involving the most important National interests and tending to the grandest National results your committee May be permitted to remark that every consideration of National aggrandizement would seem to dictate the policy of internal improvements by roads and canals throughout the states of our confederacy. Independent of their effect to enhance the value of our agricultural products to enlarge the sphere of our Domestic manufactures and to diminish the incidental expenses of our International Trade they involve a principle of remoter operation which vitally affects the perpetuation of our confederated Union. Augmenting As they necessarily must the facilities of communication Between the different sections of our country shortening the distance Between parts at a vast local separation from each other their most important tendency is to amalgamate the interests and assimilate the characters and concentrate the affections of the people. In these latter operations founded As our government essentially is in a general identity of National interests and a similarity of political views internal improvements must contribute greatly to preserve the original integrity of our system and continue on its invaluable blessings to the enjoyment of future times. It is in this Moat important reference to the tendency of such improvements that our Wisest statesmen have Ever regarded this great subject As worthy the highest consideration of our general government. It is in this Point of View that it is constantly augmenting in importance with the growing extent of our territorial limits the rapid increase of our National population in numbers and expanse and the corresponding growth of that diversity of interests Between the different sections of the Union which these causes uncorrected must tend continually to produce. The comparatively limited amount of our National resources together with constitutional doubts emanating from High authority whether Well or ill founded in relation to the Power of the general government to appropriate National funds to purposes of internal improvement have hitherto prevented the adoption of this grand policy to any considerable extent. But in the View of your committee the period has arrived when the first of these impediments no longer exists and the second though its existence in reality admits of reasonable doubt is still so easy of removal by an amendment of our National Constitution that it will hardly be permitted by the enlightened citizens of America to stand much longer in the Way. Adopting As your committee do the sentiments and views Here expressed in relation to the policy of internal improvement and believing that the present condition of our National concerns strongly invites and that the Best interests of our Reat Commonwealth imperiously demand its Early adoption in the administration of the general government your committee cannot but urge it As a consideration in their opinion of the highest consequence in determining the selection of an individual for the next presidency of the United states nor in designating that individual do your committee deem it alone sufficient that he should possess a disposition favourable to this important policy they would have conjoin. be v de with this the Best experience greatest ability and the most ext Ensi influence of personal character in relation to this particular subject which the nation can command. Jill these around sensible to the successful operation of a policy which depends so much on the general Confidence of the nation in the principles on which it May be conducted and racier of the individual on executive direction of it. It would be an on pan Sion in your committee to a reference in general terms to the successes which have attended Trio tic exertions of or. Clinton half of the interests of agriculture Mystic manufactures the a chances Man school education and Hift under his gubernatorial adm Tion these different or National Economy Hare the powerful influence of Bis diary Genius and the fostering encouragement of i impartial policy to Baa Monize and build up in one grand system of Mutual dependencies All the diversified political interests of Tirfe state. In the various departments of Domestic industry., no one has been pro. Moved at the expense of another and no one sacrificed for another a advantage. The principle of reconciliation and Mutual Benefit seems to have pervaded the whole catalogue of Domestic interests. That difficult Rule of discrimination which Marks the degree of Protection and encouragement belonging to each of the great concerns of the political Economy so that All May pie a per seems to have been applied with the precision of truth and the impartiality which belongs to genuine Patri Otis and honesty of design in promo i Ting the general welfare of the state. Nor has the administration of to is great statesman been less distinguished for the advancement of science and the appreciation of Means for general learning. Pre eminent himself i All that is profound in the one and in All that is elegant refined and of enl in the other be has signally appreciated the importance of their general dime sem nation throughout the Commonwealth. To this end literary institutions and scientific associations Hare experienced the salutary influences of his enlarged and Liberal policy. The present free school system of the state of new York owns him for Ite founder and its Patron a system involving a principle of moral operation which a feets the Union that great principle of general intelligence which at once forms the basis and constitutes the noblest ornament of our free institutions. Appreciating As your committee do the importance of the great maritime interests of our country they would not omit a reference to the elevated character always sustained by or. Clinton As their decided Friend and enlightened advocate. The enlarged views he has Ever entertained and promo led in relation to this subject furnish the strongest inducement to believe that in embarking his exalted talents in the splendid Ente Pri Zes of International aggrandizement our foreign commercial relations Wilt not suffer from his neglect. A your committee would indulge the most sanguine expectations that under the administration of such a president the two great interests of foreign and Domestic policy would unite in harmonious Concord and by their Mutual strength and identity of purpose elevate the american Republic to the highest Point of National wealth and glory. In venturing to declare their preference for or. Clinton on the considerations Here detailed your committee contemplate no disparagement of the elevated pretensions of other eminent citizens who have been proposed to the Public for the exalted dignity in question. Whilst that preference is founded on an honest conviction of the comparative superiority of the individual proposed it admits the distinguished Able and patriotic services of other candidates whose names have been Long associated with Many of the most important political events of oar Republic. Your committee recommend the adoption of the following resolutions resolved that we consider agriculture Commerce and manufactures the great and most important interests of the Union that these Inte rests Are not inconsistent with or Adverse to hot mutually dependent upon each other and equally entitled to the Protection and fostering care of government that it is highly proper and essentially necessary the chief magistrate of this Republic should be free from those contracted views and local prejudices which would sacrifice either of these interests for the Benefit of any other that a Witt Clinton governor of the state of new York in our opinion possesses those High attainments As a statesman and those Liberal and used views of National up m a a a / v

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