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The Morning Star And Catholic Messenger Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1870, Page 1

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The Morning Star And Catholic Messenger (Newspaper) - January 16, 1870, New Orleans, LouisianaBe. 10 greeter Street Between lamp and Napa y nne streets. A a t. -. Directors of the company Are. " " a Olio Rob. The most Rev. Archbishop j. M. One . very Rev. N. To. Peace Rev. "., vice " c. M. Rev we v. . C is. Or. Based on Aji 6 Iai All common uti e Are to be addressed to the to ranch Olic m messenger do a e h. Terms of subscription. Fua Dollare per n much be Kne e n a Over will be in Advance. Awe Gle 1cope t e Bents no. Advertisements f i erred at Tohe rata e of o 5 per quare the space of eight lines Soli on. The s ius e notices of advertisement s to be of m. D1 Alsop of charged 20 cents net per line each insertion. " i publication office no. 109 Travier Street. How Beautiful he feet of them that bring glad tidings of Good Tiangsi m volume 1, new Orleans sunday morning january 16 .1810. A Puhac Toloui often 0 Xvi rare he Mauiu Hee fee Atbin . A in � pro am morning Star and Catholic me Elioer. New Orleans. Sunday january it. I,7 ,. Wiyati Ever May betide. I1elme o l o re to trus t i n t Heet Inay betide Hou Ghl health should fail. An d r i Ches flee it Houg h it enids the de Are St a t t o m Elbe taken Ort my aide. I know tha t Ackress sorrow de ath .0, in the on Arld w a 4. 1 1 let. T in to u a hearted faiths i tweety to rest. Louei Jec ult u Ith Strel nth shall be As t by d a. In e s d a angers o Erli to help r thou h not been when Sun d 1 for this coming hour i Chi like Lelie Al the v love a and pow er4 support w i la held a gain. A the Oug h i n t h at last t hat Dar k som e g ale let h o or earthly View if let t by v Oice ii e n of afraid i e heard amid the deepening so add a calmly i la journey through. I Hen this poo r h Eart o n thee i St l a i 11a r the in Haeri Heg in t in f e Heads on from l a to Darin duty s Pat h. An d helps at be say thy will o t m Ine be d one. Thus would i Ever Trust i n t Hee my com Forte r a n d Gui de or t in t h Oug h t ears an d sins p Reva in the y pro Mises an never fail w hta Tever May betide. Sister Aloyse s request. F rom t Ile fire ii. Chapter i. How delightful it i s t o s it in d Erth e grand o old to e is of the e co or t Yard o n the i s c Harmi n g Midi Suli Nuler evening the Ligh t b re e be is re d of e it i t h t the f r agr a no e of t h e new mown Hay and the l eaves Steen t o q u in e r w it h j o y ill an w it h suns Ine. The Siul l of s pursue each h other in play w i the Ashport w i old cries a n d i n Thel foliage of the Linden tree that Brown Birdth e Nightingale t i e s h or lbs in l a n t cadences drowned d a t t i Les by the shouts of t he cd i old Ren at t h i r sports an s we r ing h e r in the e s i be n Cess Hom with ust do sub t they u n Der St o of an d a Del nereid. The children h a p y a s t he Birds dance Andt whirl a bout jul s t l in e thu Rose Tes one frequently sees r is i no up in As lbs . Thre no Tasso Tab rhe a and Silen t figures watch Thuc a Conte Alpila Ting life in its of w or and careless n Ess. T his courtyard w he r e t he children play and the be in d s sing belonged firm Nerly t o a in on a Ste by of the e order of s t. Ben o it b u t now to a Cloist e r b i l t out of it s ruins h or e t h e v in t be of an c in n t d a s Al o or is h u n Der t h e so e later of modern Wal l a we i cd a re a l to w de by the e m e mor ies o f t h e p ast. Son l e Young girls o l e is ply ase d with t Hegan Imbolt of the e Chi Cdr e a were walking i n Grout is to and fro und e r t he vault e d Arch e s who c h encircled the e court to l i n g a and la u go ing me or i by b u t w Hen eve r t hey a pro a Che d a nun rec i n in g i n a n easy Chai Riby an in v of u n tary impulse the e y l powered t Hei r v of c is. S h e w As a poor in a l id who h and beens Bro ugh t out to. End Loy the Sweet doors a nut t he pleas ant a r it h of t h e Ere n in g. S he at Pear de to be nearing the end o l i Bethought stil l o Toung. For the palener of her Cheeks the e a c a t Ion of h e r b Elly an d t h e t ran Sparent whiteness of her Handlei la proclaimed the ravages of a l ont and Niculae illness. There l la i s Ino ill or e Siil the e hol r Glassi Iino Lre Oil in the lamp Anid he heart l in e a111 i Olup Ilc i Plchot to St p a w a shaking its p to s Ati Onil. O to Ioil old not h Al p b u t be that St r .11be l retained a Veryl powerful fits Natin rn1 the i ii i Uty la h it h Heri t err i by e illness Hild no t est. 1 a Blet to he re. I i do to Blue e i s so t toll t till i r Fli ii Ili i Selha pm e in Applit he ,. Let r i l it re Wash s t ill Teleg n to see d Ihl e i Wise Shiesl we i cd Wra p Ped h or like a Pune to i e t Osl a he r Viottia As a s and aint ill his Tell Yuhl Orl tar a y s at flirt he Felt a Little better upon Leing Brough Alit to t e t it the e a l Ute e still sul Llred Lall Nec Teher the pure air nor la till dunes of ithe Beautiful Ting had revived Heo f. She i a t Ihl s i Sci Lela i Ashe old per a Psi in those last Othneil which she did not confide even to herself Ald which to one buit depart Iulg Sel Emi t o g a glimpse of those in Karen Clu aut is Sld e thin Khing Oft of her past with out remorse of her future without terror t does Shel Reg r it anything which she has re Motu de tar her god f does one last thread Hole r c Active this celestial Birdy i Ca in Otway. E Lap e ars sisal Ether better Thomp Anions a Way so affectionately attentive do not seem to be surprised. For sister Aloys had always been characterized even in the More Beautiful Day s of her i s of t a by a kind o f m Al a Nicholy. She resembled an As gel of peace but yet an Angel one Young girl who was n to Fig i err the Arches Regar n d her with great interest and Finall leaving the group by what in l s e w As s or rounded approached the nun dropped on her Knees i n the e g r ases b of o re her a and look pen i no her face said earnestly " Well my sister Are you better this even sister a lyse blushed slightly just As Force la h e i n is to the e w e St i no h new it h a a i it Ros co l or it Hen a Glo r Yam e i s p Assed behind it and answered in a voice Sweet and Low thank you Camille i am not Well and i shall never be any better till i come into the presence of our lord. Look does it not Edni inde d As if the Gates of heaven were opening she pointed to the West then filled with the glory and splendor of purple and Gold and flame colors. " yet one cannot go t Here answered Camille in a caressing tone. " 0, yes provided the great god will receive u s. An d something w a rns me that_., s h Al l shortly go to " b o the now be Cam e s Ilen Camille s Adl y re Garding her Coin Pihion. Educated in this con vent Sile had always beaten accustomed to see sister Aloyse there where she was much be loved she would like to have Given her some pleasure but what could she give or what could site say to a person so detached from earthly things and whose aspirations were fixed on Joys eternal i the nun was still thinking praying perhaps and after a Long silence she said " Camille you just Comei i and see me some time before i go away from Here. But now Good night Deari two nuns now Caine Forward to help the Sis ter into the House while Camille who had gathered Somite White roses carried them to Aloyse saying they Are from Iny own Little Garden my Sis ter therefore take thelm i Pray " willingly said Aloyse and i will offer them to the Loly Virgin. And Camille do not forget to Renu Zolber Ime in your prayers to chapter i1. " go my child said the old abbess to Ca Mille go to the infirmary and set sister Aloyse she has something to say to " is she going to die asked Camille with tears in her eyes. She will go to her eternal Home soon but not to Day. Have in fear child but go and listen carefully to what she tells Camille with agitated heart for this poor heart is so quickly stirred at sixteen years ascended the staircase which led to the cells of the nuns. She paused through a Long corridor out of which opened othe Little doors All of which instead of a number or design bore Somne holy image or pious inscription. At the end of this corridor she i und the infirmary a Large room quiet and retired whose windows opened upon the court and Garden below. At this moment it was almost vacant she found oily one bed that of sister Aloyse who As she had no fever a d been left by the inti Marian while she att eluded vespers in the Chapel. Camille noiselessly approached the bed the curtains of which were half drawn so that Aloyse could see out. She was sitting up supported by her Pillos a and her hands were joined before her oni the Cross of her Rosary. She smiled on thet Young girl who Timi Illy emn braced her Andl Thlen Camille Vbry ii restly asked her Why she Haid sent for her to come to her bedside instead of any other of the girls or her friends or companions for she was afraid As one naturally dreads what is unknown. The uni fixed upon her those search ing eyes which seemed to look through and beyond anything present and said with much sweetness sit Down Camille i have something to say to she hesitated but finally said " you have never heard any one of your family speak of Ime " " never answered the child somewhat sur prised. " i have known Omen thing of your family your father she said with Ani Al tilt. " but it was a Long Billle ago a very Idun Tiline Bel file Youil were Horny. I was related to your grand Mot Lher mild Amie Ella v " i saws her. Int i have seen help great portrait said Cati Ille. " yes it la nits in the red dral ing room. I dotes it it " asked sister Aloyse filth a sad slide. " a Well a l Hile Eville Reed cd i Lii Nelto Hir Ollil ily As a lays co i Lilly i a read r for i Wil poor r old i Allotti. Your father did not Lier Al in n i \ ill his Hope i. But he can e there co r n f req u . In , great Lohing Willoth Ali Ulley but Coniti int a i wished to oils d to us mad l a i l Billew to it h Itti sited. I saw the Diol his m Iother i Wai afraid for him 1 Ati raid for n1i3 sell. So i Pritel to the Good Ltd. Lie Dit Niti reject my ail cited and Desio late heart but be the a divine consoler called inc into this Illi Timise and placed Thi Sholy Ais a Barrier bet went the i orid a til it sell. Here i found l p Ace purchased with hit ter Sulila ring hit real for it filled the Depths of Niy heart it was the Price of ii sacrifice. And i was Able to see in the Clear Light which Stream Ltd from the Cross How All Joy is deceit Ful and All pleasure empty Aud false. After two years had passed i Calll to consecrate by self with irrevocable vows to god s service when the friends who now and then came to see me and Public report which in our Day finds its Way even into Thel cloister told me of the Only thing which had still Power to afflict me. For Camille your father but what can i say to you who Bear his name m. Reville angry at my departure and grieving for the loss of the poor creature that i am sought forgetfulness Iun dissipation. Undoubtedly he forgot me i Trust and Hope he did but he also forgot his god your father is not a Christian nay he is an enemy to christianity a since the Day when i first knew that our prayers did not meet in the pathway to heaven How have i wept How have i prayed How have i done penance alas i my tears my blood my vigils my sufferings All have not prevailed and i am pierced to the Depths of my heart with the terrible she was unable to voice died upon her lips while tears Clear and burning rolled Down her Cheeks. Camille kneeling by her bedside wept too for she began to see what this self denying heart had suffered. " my child finally said the sister after a Long silence i shall soon die and there will then be no one to Pray for him since your Mother who ought especially so to do is dead. You love your father Don t you i yes with All my heart Well then Promise me that you will unceasingly Pray for his conversion that you will offer for him your every action and your every pain Promise that there shall always be a suppliant voice to take the place of poor Aloyse a which will soon be hushed in death to cry mercy think of what it is to have a soul and an eternity and that soul your fathers she had seized the hands of the child in Hoth her own and fixed upon her a look in which the last forces of her life were concentrated. " Promise said she. Camille thought a Momient her Young face wore a Grao and Stern expression. Finally raising one Arm toward the Crucifix she said in distinct voice " i sol a Only Promise you my sister i will continue what you have commenced. I will Pray i will labor All Ify Lif for his conver a Ray of Hina Venly Light illumined Sis ter Aloyse s countenance and she Nulk Back upon her pillows murmuring " i canal die two Trhas later she passed away with a peace and serenity worthy of the blameless Ness of hot whole life though in breathing tier last she cried " have mercy was it of herself she thought ? i Apter i ii. Many years have passed away. The grass grows thick and Green upon the bed of Clay where sleeps Aloys. Camille grown into a Fine Young woman keeps House for her father. She has travelled with him she has seen the world its balls and its Routs but she has never forgotten the Promise made to sister Aloyse. This Promise has banished the strength of her limbs and of her youth. She has become Seri Ous All at once. She has Given to her life but one aim and that Sublime and difficult and from that moment when the struggle which had animated the life of Aloyse passed into her own All her actions All her thoughts had been devoted to the redemption of one soul. At first overflowing with the thoughtless and enthusiastic Zeal of youth she would talk to Hium of that religion whose arguments her heart found so natural and which seemed to her so irresistible. 1her father would laugh at her and she would cry she would persist How Ever until he became so angry that she was frightened. Finally she decided to be More Luiet in the future and to leave to god the conduct of her cause. Lint with what vigils with what prayers what sighs what agony of heart and with what fervent desire Lidl she ask god for that precious soul and w hat vows did she make to the precious Mother what Flowers she offered upon her altar what prayers in which she thanked god for the kindness that had Given mortals this All pow Erful Mediatrix her father s guardian Angel what careful conversation did she hold with hint How she Laboured and prayed for that of which he never thought As years pass Camille s piety becomes More rigid self denial joins itself to acts of Earnest Charity in their turn supplemented by Gener Otis Alnis. One would naturally ask Why Ca Ille. Rich and Young charming and admired should Rise of Early in the u to rung Huldt Apted to Many hours i upon her Knees in Church Why Sheli went with the Sisters of Charity to visit the sick Why her attire was so Plain Ulii simple Whyl her room was a Little Orlina Mentell a Why site without any r taxation and finally Why v Ith so invite resting till at of n Viii Ati l site or e hired so Severi. A lit toll s s t i t the Arr Ditan Sot Angl in i is f. Illel ill it s Jeet h i e Roll l re i.1a t let i f t h i ii. 1l 11 by. E a a t t l t hit a n tilt. Althous h the t ots were in t in herself thin it l Shii main it Vedi to Hii. Til Aito piety Mih i Ilei to i h Irondi a t l Eton at. Ii ii or l i. Tit i it l o a a t. It Ollivi a i it in u i. L i ii l he Tui id set Iles ocl i Ris Hilld. The e taste the r " kill Slement t in h s in r. T Art. T h e w Aitt to o in with a p u re Loit a Thel Pihiel in n holy t i is. I Fly Iii la ii i Lyt this ashes of Isle sir anti like Many Lother child rein of i age in Haidl neglect Tell to i e Lieve throw n go fear o be i to co map Ell e d to h e g Tiloi. I in society and Hal literature a Lle com plated lie work of headlong dissipation Ilid neither marriage nor paternity had Rel aimed slim. Is birth Orti Iani indisputable Tal Ligion. The seminaries the Brothers of the Christian doctrine the Sisters Hio Spitaller or teachers the free establishments the Carme Lites who ask nothing Dof a person the Claris sme who ask Only a piece of bread the Little Sisters of the poor who gathered food for their old men the foreign missions the sermons in Lent in the Parish the general indulgences granted by the Pope the cardinals in the sen ate and the capuchins who went barefooted Ere All equally the objects f f Hie Stron g aversion. A e read continually the journal Des debate the Bere Des Deus Mondee and the lib eral journal of his department of that depart ment in which he played a prominent part. Shall we say in excuse for him that his simple to had never been tried by adversity and that lie had found the world so delightful that he had wished to live for Ever in it in youth he had lived in the midst of noisy pleasures. In More advanced life he lived for Comfort for his Hose Cool in summer warm in Winter splendid at All times for his grand dinners his Good wine his Fine horses and elegant Equi pages. He enjoyed exquisitely those excellent thirs which the Public ener ally esteem but in Whipf divine Grace does not much appear. The memories of youth he did not often recall. Lile now scarcely recollected the wh6ie of that pour Cousin whom he had loved so passionately but who had never forgotten him who even in the arms of deat had displayed an angelic Jove. One Day of Nille spoke of sister Aloyse and added " was she not related to us father i ryes yes a romantic affair she threw herself into a Convent she became weary even there lie took several turns through the room with a preoccupied air and finally stopping before the picture of his Mother a withered and haughty figure he said my Mother did not love this poor Aloyse much poor girl w hat a charming voice she had a voice which ought to astonish the Convent a Theu she chants the miserere. She will sing no More she has a pain in her Chest zounds. the Convent what a pity for this pretty Aloyse to reburied alive on the stage she would equal Mali ran and this was All the remember Kuiee of Aloyse was Only that of a Young girl who could sing charmingly and who perhaps might have commanded a situation in a theatre lie loved his daughter but for All that she troubled him and he was Ai uvious that she should marry so that he night be relieved from the care and responsibility. She did not oppose his wishes for she did not feel that god had not appointed her to Lead the life of Anun but she wished her husband to be a Christian and said so to her father. He Only shrugged his shoulders and cried still these absurd ideas the Christian however presented himself and at Twenty two Camille Reville became Madame do Lavel. Chapter in. Camille is now no longer Twenty. Her youth has passed on Swift wings and White is begin Ning to Streak her dark hair but her pleasant face preserves the repose of former Days. She has been blessed with mixed and imperfect happiness such As every one tastes in this world. For in this life the Black squares Are never far Distant from the White ones and in its tangled skein dark threads Are Woven in by the Side of brighter colors. She Hadj ived most happily with her husband. Together they h laughed Over their Little children s Gamble and together wept Over them in sickness. They had brought them up with the labor and care which in our Day especially accompanies All True Christian Edu Ion. Their eldest Daugh ter Amelia had been married about a year and they Ere now very Happy in expectation of her approaching maternity the second daughter was finishing her education in the same Convent of Benedictines where her Mother had been in her Youthful Days their son Andre. Was in a polytechnic school and their youngest Maurice was pursuing his latin studies in his native Village. Through the disappointments and Joy of her life through Days of rain and Days of Sunshine Camille had pursued one thought faithfully the grand aim which she had proposed to her self in Early life her father s conversion. As a Young wife Ashe Rad prayed Ali therlan hand for his heart beat in unison with hers. As a Young Mother she had taught her children to Pray with her. And now having reached the autumn of life she still prayed prayed con stantly but As yet her prayers had receives to answer. The Ohl Man lived with her wild every she surrounded him with care and tenderness. She watched him and brooded Over hit More like a Mother than like a Daigh ter. And it was hard indeed for her that this told Iani of sixty six years would not listen to ia1y serious conversation would Only rail at i oly this and would learn no lesson from Sither lift or death. And she was Ever obliged Ito Tourn his words from their real meaning and til Terl Ruet his Jaeris and Saria Stim so that they would it t1 St Hoek Hiet innocent Little Chillen. At this ome neut we Liun Cam Ille in the drawing Romi with her father Alhi is he Al sleep b e ii Tore a great lire with the Liebat at his Tait. She is sewing on some Linen for the co Intuit Bly hit twice stops to read two Short letters received that Morniing froth two of Hera silent children. After a thou Santa dle tails about boarding Titpon the Eom positions in in Story upon the new piece of tapestry which Luthilde had just begun upon the sermons delivered by a new father Whoso name she did not know she went on to say " i never forget dear Mother to Pray with Yon you Kaow Why it seems to me that the moment is approaching when the gentle god will answer us As if grand papa was going to be astonished that he had been Able to live so Long without thinking of god the second letter was from Andre and would have been unintelligible to any one who did not possess the key to a school boy s language. But at the end there was a passage which Camille kissed often " dear Mamma i love you and i always Pray with you just like a stick of Wood which just now rolled Down with a great noise quickly awoke m. Reville who after rubbing his eyes asked his daughter " where is Maurice a e is skating. Do you wish me to take his place and do anything to amuse you 1no thank you. But Stop you May read instead read this discussion in the Chambers upon the military Camille took the paper Aid read slowly and the old Man s eyes were still closed when the violent ringing of the door Bell woke him of completely and made Madame de Laval Start. What is the matter with you 1asked her i do not know on y t h e sudden ringing frightened he tie jumped up and ran into the Hall and at the same instant her he disband entered from the Street. She move towards him but suddenly stopped froze Vith an inexplicable Lavel s face was of an Ashy paleness he tried to p ask he stammered the words died upon his lips and his wife in on of those Quick transitions which thought makes believed he was going to fall her feet. " what alls you to she cried reaching out her arms towards him. Do not be frightened Camille said he " but Manrice he was unable to finish. " Manrice she echoed. " where is he i Why does he not come Home o great god be is dead he is drowned i m. De Laval had now somewhat recovered himself and he explained he rescued a child who was drowning and was wounded in the head. They Are bringing him Omre. My dear Camille keep up heart tie lives god will restore him to is she staggered and looked at her husband with fixed eyes. " have courage he cried. The servants already called together by the sad news had opened the Gates to the relatives and friends who were coming in every direction and also to those who were bringing Maurice. They bore him on a litter covered with a mat Tress and his head All bloody with eyes wide open rested on a Pillow made of the Coats of the Brave men while behind the litter walked a Man All covered with blood. He was the father of the child whom Maurice had saved at the Price of his own life. The boy was quickly placed upon the bed and the physicians were soon by is Side Fol Lowed by the Parish priest. Camille kneeling beside hint saw As in an evil dream the surgeon dress the wound which Maurice he in tie Temple ande it manner to the other physicians behind ath curtain. She saw the priest go up to Maurice and after talking to him in a Low voice Bend Over him and raise his hands in the Benediction of the dying and immediately after give him the holy oils. As in a dream she heard Ifer husband s voice saying " dear wife the Good god wants him look at our Maurice.tshe then looked at him. Maurice aroused by the words of the Riviest had regained come plete cons Lournese and knew that he was dying. He seenle4.uro than tranquil Happy ared looking around Onvall present said " Good Bye Papet i Only did what you taught a h e then discovered the father of the rescued child who had concealed himself behind m. De Laval. Give my love to your Little boy said he. His eyes then sought for his Mother. She got up and bending Over him took him in her arms. T dear Mamma make me an offering for grand papa s conversion. Say to him he stopped. His Mother saw the Light fade from his eyes and knew that his breath was hushed in death. For a Long time she remained holding him in her arms like that most Des Olate of mothers bathing him with her tears and unable to listen to the comforting words of either husband or father both of whom were overwhelmed w Itti Gri Al. A t tier piety those religious Stu tibents which had always animated her life prevailed and she said aloud " yes my god i accept the sacrifice and i sacrifice Hiim for my father. Save Hill lord save him two Days Latier they Luried poor Maurice the Whol Village attending his funeral. Thle Hant evening the priest who had been with Hin in his last moments presented him self to Madame do Laval and said " you Are Alt listed but your prayers Are heard. Divine Grace has pursued your father and this very morning when the body of your child was yet in the House be called the to him and Nalde his confession lie a null hold out no longer he said to me. Rejoice then lad Ami in the minist of your she did indeed rte ice though she still Welt. " Aloyse said she and my dear Maurice they Are t Hen taken away b itt at what a Riead " a thank no cried the priest. " he separates a family hero Only to reunite them in eternity Reginald Cardinal pole. Concluded from this time until the death of Edward vi., the career of Cardinal pole became comparatively unimportant to the student of his tory except that he was nearly elected Pope in acknowledgement of his ability and attain mount. The accession of Queen Mary in 1553 made the Cardinal a very important personage for no doubt moved by consider tons of his relationship to the Queen anti personal popu Larity with Many in England the Pope at ones appointed flu isgate to England. But his appearance in this capacity too suddenly was by Mary and her advisers considered to be fraught with danger and he was requested to take up his abode at Dilli Ugen till Public opinion could be sounded and Steps taken to makeup Pefito. Harmless. By judicious Steps which hat Doki to disarm opposition especially by publishing i the Pope s acquiescence i the sales of excess a tical property that had taken place he gradually overcame All opposition received a per feet ovation on his Landing As papal Legate and received from Queen and parliament their submission to the holy see. We quote or. Hook s account of this proceeding because ther Catholic Reader will Kaow How to make the necessary allowances for protestant prejudice " a prouder position than than o Iby Reginald pole As an individual of Aoe degrading to the nation Cap scare sly e issglne4. Of ithe Asie Tsuli he moms b in sea t. Flo re i m k n Elt he Queen Fland and her husband the to of thee4 the nation represented by the Par lament wag onit knee admit e be Maui Steiroy foreign pets utter. Theties a As Nodi visuals a the schism were t he suppliants action soliciting for a marked much indeed has this lion to thank the almighty of to t is of d. Once again t Glod give a if his special favor to to realm to nation in the time of the Psi Lylw was the Firat to be called out of the of heathenism so no have the to whom god has Given Grace to schism and if their repentance be Bow w i la the Angels Repole at the a a single sinner and Triumph at the a great and Noble people the Queen returned to their throes. So Nething approaching to the calmness disc asked on this he had Learned in Italy the value of theatre. H e r remained sitting. 1w Secretary to read the balls and Birdiee he was commissioned to not and by w was invested Power of aviary. Probably. Onai s an documents was read but Yven of some length of time Nult have fore the. Legate himself Jike time he could of template 8 i o the nation Reg red by him Triumph of religion. The Kiev n might Bave regarded their Pat ased for the absolution about to e had no direct referees to Ona heat Knees. Then. E q the three est solved a that the Cardin i to no More import it part it th6 Ransa Eti Ess Mary s reign and prevent it a he Toulet done from being the rep in Tot Licis that it is was due Toh i Hisil no Ith be did what be could to restrain Thep of heretics and or. Hook shown s of did not stand alone for that Archy As a body set Tams Lees a of the parliament for the extirpation of this subject he remarks of or. Hok Wal be read with great interest. " 8o dear to our hearts he remarks a is the interests of Commerce that within Eusa memory Fauntleroy was hanged for 1fo is " so vigilant were our fathers in theirs 1ithe rights of property that Mansy Ai Sei fellow creature has been condemn old Tot 4 for sheep stealing so Satre dare the Gami a that men Are killed like Verm Langho Eoanou by made to understand that the rights of Pees to Esteril Over Birds or beasts whish the re Gard As being wild. We must mate Ott Sis same measures to they that the country would cease to be a col Ristle land if men were permitted to exercise their private Inal sment n religions matter air at to the Deci Selon of those Counell which Wye r Llorans or int. The Nas in Estef a Hal Tendon. We Are at the same time to remember that under the cruel code then in Mettao existence great As was the number of those who suffered in the cause of religion it sir is nothing in comparison with the number Bof those consigned without compunction to a death if possible More cruel for Polt Iceal o5 fences. Hundreds were condemned for its " ing sentiments which we should now Fridh patriotic but which were at that tilth re a him Able. For one person executed Inis reign of religion there were a Hundri Ute hered for treason that is for a Conte on on behalf of civil Liberty against an i Lerable despotism. We express disgust d we Are Justille in Doin g so at the Eelin g coarseness of Bon Nier but surely we ought to feel equal disgust Ali a Senton Coas the following. The Quern granted general Pardon to the people " Kent after having caused five sooner of Ted Milost guilty to be executed the sea ter a occurs in a letter from Ronard to Hegli Eror. This is not said to palliate the Law s extreme severity but to account for the the that neither Mary nor pole nor any other member of the privy Council Ever Felt any co Punctious visiting a of conscience for having permitted Taki its course to exe cute Flie store was considered an act of is and in sparing the other guilty persons Leiy Felt entitled to Call he and Rey merciful persons will admit the Lda Otcie of these Pallia Ting and explanatory Eai Esar stances and in my desire to do jus toe to Al l persons i have alluded to them More than of the provocation received too from the reformers the candid deign Lenires a very vat Nable record following in that the Able i exhaustive work of the late librarian to archbishop of Canterbury or. Maitland is by r reformation " tolerant As we Are said a Iive bes0ae is \ the 19th Century we must admit that were done by the set Dies Remsem sixteezq5rdentnry which u Gover meted -3 tolerant if it be the duty Oil be t so protect the weak a nist Leoton be to pm inst a ought to str to la j of. Chapel might if we Appelo oat r pets i admit of a Sutlon by eve Atoe teem Ede the Petit that it was Tim rth meat to interfere when at 8t.am i Eha Elpin was shot it and Wonio Mil ,. Been clerk of the Tomsel tin be 4l a. Reign attempted himself and gtd these. Dle Isasa s a e t i irrow to e

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