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The Mobile Sunday Register (Newspaper) - March 21, 1915, Mobile, AlabamaWarsaw sure is changed Little City nearest to actual fighting goes about its business As usual. Streets Gay and Happy aeroplane raids Are regarded As sport by fashionable of the City. The Mobile Cash Register Man wins Point of tto a Mohmd pro i Warsaw february 28.�?the City of Warsaw which is nearer to the actual fighting zone than any other City of Ita size in Europe and which has lived for months under the continued menace of German occupation wears the astonishing aspect of a disinterested observer for a hog the fortunes of War have but a casual interest. This is the capital of the country whose Stone almost equally divided Are fighting half on the russian and halt on the Austro German Side. Warsaw is within thirty Miles of that fierce persistent and apparently untiring German offensive against which a Large part of the entire Quot russian army has been massed and is subject to All the ills which follow in the Wake of Battle such As dearth of provisions and fuel congestion arts disease. The Best farms and estates of Poland have been turned into vast burial grounds her people Are homeless and starving and every Day seems to Darken the Prospect of that regeneration of the polish people into an Independent nation which is the dream of every pole whether he is a russian a German or an austrian subject. From the accumulated filth of the trenches from the thousands of shallow Graves where russian. German and polish soldiers have been hastily buried cholera typhus and typhoid Are said to be spreading and in the opinion of military doctors when the softening of the ground and melting of the streams begins in Early Spring disease will a run like fire through Poland. Coal badly needed. Over % Hundred thousand refugees no have thrown then selves upon the mercy of the various committees of polish Relief in Warsaw have brought into the City five known cases of cholera. The Cades have been promptly isolated and All who have been subjected to the contagion have been deported into the country. Warsaw is at present suffering from a dearth of Coal since the Supply from Southern Poland la the Chen Stokovaz Region has been Cut off by the German invasion. One the is entitled to a feeling of amazement at the spirits and the apparently Normal Lite which exist in this City which one reasons ought to be trembling of the verge of catastrophe. The streets Are Gay with laughter and song the cafes Are tilled until late at night and the opera and Ballet Are playing to full houses. It is curious indeed to see these audiences giving Way to the imaginary troubles of the actors on the stage while real trouble awaits them beyond the door of the theater. On the former German Advance upon Warsaw which approached within seven Miles of the City one theater continued its performance without interruption while the booming of the enemy s guns could be distinctly heard Over the voices of the actors. Club Inife undisturbed. Club life goes on As usual. An american correspondent was in the rooms of one of the Best known Warsaw clubs on the occasion of a recent aeroplane raid. Four men were playing auction Bridge. Two bombs were dropped one within two Hundred Yards of the club. Two of the men strop4 carelessly to the window and watched the two German to amp Ubes vol plane recklessly from an Altitude or about 5,000 feet to a distance of approximately 2,000. Drop a bomb apiece and Circle upward and Westward with two russian aeroplanes in close Pursuit. Russian shrapnel was directed at the two German aeroplanes from a Battery on the outskirts of the City but the Speed of the aeroplanes was so great that the Gray bursts of smoke fell harmlessly in the rear. The other two men in the Bridge game were More interested in their hands. These aeroplane raids have indeed become such commonplace occurrences that instead of hurrying indoors As the residents of the City used to do when the appearance of the German Taubes was an alarming nov Elty the streets Are now crowded with mildly Inte rested spectators who if they have no other business on hand make it a Point to be on the streets on Clear afternoons at 2 of clock at which time the German aeroplanes appear weather permitting with unerring regularity. A before we have Tea a a says a timid looking polish woman a a let a plan to go out and see the aeroplane raid. One might almost think that it was a sporting event of the season which it had become fashionable to attend. Meanwhile the wounded Are brought Back from the trenches and a continuous line of soldiers infantry mounted infantry cavalry and Long pro vis Ion trains file through the City to take their place in the firing line. But the Entress activity the countless episodes any one of which would in Ordinary limes provoke anxiety and alarm. Item Only to act As a stimulant upon the overwrought nerves of this remarkable capital. One soon learns i hat the nervous laughter which one hears everywhere in Warsaw is not far from a sob and the apparent unconcern Only the pitiful bravery of a nation that has Learned not to cry when it fax Hurt. Sunday morning March a 1915. Shop in Mobile Mobile merchants bid you wel0 Railroad fares refunded John if. Pattkk80x. The United states court of appeals has set aside the jail sentence and $5,000 Fine imposed on John h. Patterson Dayton. Of millionaire on charges of violating the Sherman anti Trust Law. Patterson writ convicted in the lower court with Wicnty sex of his associates in the National cd ush Register company. The court which set aside the former conviction granted him a new trial. Germans Strong along Borders much russian territory held by enemy Long before War was commenced. Muscovites careless military experts in Berlin sure powerful Heligoland fortress is impregnable. Iowa girls proud of their pedometers fort Dodge Iowa. March 20.�? the girls at fort Dodge Are proud As ail outdoors of what a in their stockings wait a minute they re pedometers. Miss Virginia Heisei and mrs. S. M. Copp started it. Each got a Pedometer for Christmas. Then they formed a Pedometer club. Now there Are a dozen members who w ear Pedo meters on their where pedometers Are worn. The first one to cover 500 Miles by walking tangling or shopping. Is to get a prize. Men friends of the Pedometer club members have to take the word of the latter As to the distance covered. Night a in is Good health service says Washington mar. 20.�?�?oit is fortunate that Esqui Mau toothed do not order their children to come in out of the night air. If they did the children would remain indoors six months at a time a a says the United slates Public health service do an official report of the service says that popular superstitions regarding the peril of draughts and the night air belong a in a specimen Jar of an archaeological museum great Chance to buy merchandise everybody should arrange to come to Mobile for this occasion Railroad fares Are to be refunded schedule of fares refunded by the Mobile merchants so out of town customers can come All to Berlin March 13.�?visiting the other Dav one of the places where russian officers Are kept prisoners 1 had the Opportunity a of a Long conversation with a High russian officer. When 1 asked this highly cultured russian How he explained that the germans had stayed for so Many months in polish territory he smiled and said that the carelessness of russian officials in the past w As the cause. Quot at the beginning of the War a he said a a novye Eremya published a map showing russian sol in the hands of German proprietors. It was 11 be an i nun e use Lilac k ribbon on Cir cling All european Russia from the Shore of the Baltic along the austrian Frontier and even along Turkey to the caucasus. If the German have stayed so Long in Poland instead of concentrating in the West and breaking through to Paris before the Large British rein Force men is arrive it is not merely from strategic reasons but As much because they wanted to Down permanently in a District which they have Long considered a new East Prussia. Sympathies with German. Quot everywhere the germans Are masters and the russians Are their slaves Mere Quot and Russen Magde the people speak nothing but German their habits and customs Are German and their sympathies Are with Berlin. Quot before the War their German military bodies openly paraded everywhere on German National holidays and loudly affirmed their Loya to to the Kaiser while our easy going rus Rian officials did not consider it Worth while to interfere. Quot then the War came and it became too dangerous to glorify the Quot Deutsche h Al our russian papers talked of sweeping the Frontier Clear of those obnoxious guests. Of forcing them to sell the estates of which they had robbed the child de russian peasants and sending them Back to the a Vater land a forever. But everywhere the port Talts of the Kaiser disappeared As if by magic and the russian colors were flying everywhere Over the German settlements. A speak russian. In every Village Bills were posted forbidding the use of the German language and town Riero Wegt through the streets loudly proclaiming that in three Days everybody must speak russian. As however the women understood not a single word of russian and the men spoke it. Badly these announcements were made in German. Quot the Glori tiers a of the waterland had suddenly become russian patriots until the first German troops crossed the Frontier. Since then they have helped the enemy in every the recent bombardment of the Dardanelles has Given Rise to a discussion Here As to the British Fleet perhaps if the worst should happen strengthened by american warships might not be abbe to Force a Way into and destroy the German w military experts however ridicule the idea of such a thing and with a smile they add that happily British shortsightedness in ceding the Island of Heligoland to German has made such a catastrophe impossible. Base impregnable. Heligoland German experts agree makes the chief naval base of Germany absolutely impregnable since German ingenuity has transformed the Island w Ith a its inaccessible Cliffs into a second Gibraltar. In the Center of the Taland stands the most powerful Lighthouse in the world and forts of the strength of which no one has any idea make a successful naval attack utterly impossible. Since the War began the entire civilian population a been ordered out of the Island and every House and tree has been levelled with the ground to give absolute Freedom to the enormous guns. The Beach be of the Island is an enormous fortress bristling with countless. Guns. Twelve Hundred metres from the Island of Heligoland lies a Barren Sand Island which during the last months a been strengthened Writh Cement and upon which immense military sore houses and repairing works for torpedo boats and destroyers have been built. This is and also constitutes a splendid shelter for these minor vessels a Well As for submarines. A Salust these fortifications combined with the Strong forts at Cux Haven and on the right Bank of the Elbe. German engineers say the combined naval forces of the world would have no Chance of Success. Of a Athis week inclusive saturday March 27, the people of this Section will be Given the greatest Opportunity of their lives to Lay in a Supply of All kinds of seasonable merchandise at prices which cannot be surpassed or even duplicated in any town or City in the state. The occasion is to be known As a refund week in Mobile and you can rest assured it will prove to be everything the name can possibly imply. Practically every merchant in the City has made arrangements to take care of the Trade and those in need of anything from a dish pan to a Complete outfit shoes and All should Avail themselves of this Opportunity to Lay in a Supply of merchandise at unprecedented prices. Not univ Are the merchants of ering inducements but in Addi in to this they will refund the Rea to. All out of town customers who buy anything to speak of at All. So it can readily be seen that it will be a great Opportunity for the people of this Section to save Money on anything they May need for some time to come. Reason for the movement Many May wonder Why the merchants of Mobile have United in a movement of this kind but the reason is simple when explained. The idea was first suggested and it might be said promoted by the Mobile Register. A a each and every merchant was requested to make some special inducement in the by of goods and prices for one week and at the same time agree to refund the fares of All out of town Cus Ali Tai port at mor. Alameda. Brew too. Bay St battled Bay i Nett e brew too. Bayou la Bat re Buckatunna Beiley. Beaumont. Rho. Catherine. Camden fare one Way a a a a fare ene warfare one Way fare one Way store one Way far one Way fare one Way. Fare one Way Faro one Way a a a a a. Fare one Way fare one Way fare one Way a Quot fare ene Way Citron Erie. Fare one Way Castleberry fare one Way Tamo ground. Fare on Way a a or a to one Way c a 11 n Etui la .�., fare one Way. Fare one Way cob Vitle fare one Way Careo. Fare one Way. Fare one Way thereto. Fare one Wey Creola far on Way Cha Tang. Fare eat Way $ .78 with $18.00 pure has far both Way $1.60 with $28.00 parch fare of Way j6 with 20.00 Purchase Fere both Weka 2.75 with 36.00 in Achaea 80.00 porch ago far both Way 80.00 pure Halo fare both Way 30.00 Purchase fare both Way 8,00 Purchase fare both Way. 18.00 Purchase far both Way 80.00 pure Halo fare both ways 15.00 Purchase fare both ways 28.00 Purchase fare both Way 20.00 pure Halo Faro both ways 30.00 pure Halo fare both Weye 28.00 Pur Beoo fare both Way 40.00 pure he far both ways 40.00 Purchase fare both Weka 18.00 Purchase rare both Weye 30.00 Purchase fare both ways 26.00 Purchase fare both Way Carney Canoe station Century. Daphne. Dickenson. Detent an a Donovan. Evanston rtt Lavinio Evergree Nesca tewa. Flomaton Fairford far hop Fulton. Fowl Quot River fru Tdel. Foley. Georgiana Greenville grind by Gulfport t # # a a see a a Way fare on Way fare a Way a fare of Way fare one Way far one Way fare one Way fart on Way fare ene Way fare one Way a a a a a a a a a fare ene Way fare one Way 1fare ene Way fare on Way fare one Way re one Way re on Way re one Way one Way ene Way ene Way Fate ony Way fare on Way 2.30 with 22� with 2.04 with .28 with .18 with 2.20 with 88 with 184 with 1.41 with 2.07 with 1 82 with 32� with 4.20 with to with 2.82 with 1.87 with .42 with .48 with .80 with 2.10 with with with 2.20 with .40 with .88 with .86 with ia0 with i up with .25 with a is i 1.00 with 1.14 327 s.00 Purchase fare both Way 0.00 per ease fare both ways 18.00 pure Halo fare both ways 30.00 Purchase far both ways 20.00 Purchase fart both Way 15 00 Purchase fare both ways 80.00 Purchase fare both Way 8.00 Purchase fare both ways 18 00 Parchas fare both Waya 18.00 Purchase fare both Waya 28.00 Purchase fare both Waye 28.00 part Hose fare both ways 8.00 pure Halo fare both ways 30.00 parch Are fare both Way 18.00 parch Are fare both Way 20.00 parch Are fare both Waya 20.00 Purchase fare Bath Waya e Thi of far 1.70 with m with Gnit a one Way Hammac. Fare eoe Way in. Fare one Way season fare one Way in Lugton .������., one Way Ksenia fare one Way Kauffman. Fare one Way Long Beach a a fare one Way a Eno Way. A a a a a a fare one Way up Dale. Fare one Way v, one Wey Little Creek a a a a a fare one Way Laurel. Fare one Way Wal. A Msj much a fare on Way Sib ? a Button. Far on Way Mcintosh a. Faro one Way so a a a a a a a a a Way my Vernon Faro Ono Way Kiri fare Ono Way Merrill fare Ono Way �4lain .�?��?��>�?�>>�?��?��?�.<.�?�. A a a a a. Fere one Way Mccullum fare one Way to run a. Here one Wey Mississippi City fare oae Way Nee Hota fare Ona Way fare Ona Way fare one Way Faro one Way a fare ene Way gtd. Fare one Way a fare one Way fare one Way a. Fare one Way fare Ono Way a a with. 3 27 with <18 00 Purchase Faro both Weka 2.86 with 38.00 Purchase fare both ways 1.28 with 20.00 pure Halo fare both Waya 28.00 Purchas Tare both ways 18.00 Purchase fare both Way m0 Purchase Fate bet Waya 30.00 Purchase fare both Waye 10 00 pure Halo fare both Waya 20.00 pure be set fare both 23.00 Purchase far both 40.00 parch Are fare both 60.00 Purchase bet a my pore base fare both re Hae fare bet 4.60 with 440 with with to with 1.46 with 4.40 with 1.70 with 3.68 with 2.82 with 4.14 with 8.64 with 6.40 with 8 40 with 1.60 with 6.24 with 3.76 with .84 with .80 with 1.60 with 4.20 in a 1.70 Wutti 4.40 with so Ltd with 1.72 with 2.00 with 3.78 with .80 with 4.31� with 1.80 with 2.10 2.28 6.64 Pul Faaoo 13.00 Purchase fare both Purchase fare both with with with with with with with with 55 we a j s 22 he a a my. 11 pure map nil not 26.00 Purchase Tare both is go amps my a so is pure Halo Pun base pure Halo Purchase 00 Purchase 00 Purchase 00 pure aaa fare 00 Purchase fare 00 Purchase Hare 00 Perch Are Fere 60 Purchase fare 00 Purchase Purchase parch Are 00 Purchase pure Bike 6.00 with 2.60 with 3.68 with 1.80 with �0 with 4.40 with 1.10 with 2.70 with Ware 8.66 with Way 7.16 with �06 with 1.80 with 80.00 pure aaa 80.00 pure aaa 50.00 Purchase 10.00 up Reba a 23.00 pure Halo fit 4 Purchase 25.00 Purchase 45.00 Purchase 40.00 Purchase 50.00 Purchase 45.00 Purchase 88.00 Purchase 78.00 Purchase 30.00 Urc haae 60.00 Purchase 45.00 Purchase 16.00 Purchase 18.00 Purchase 25 00 Purchase 50.00 Purchase 40.00 Purcy 25.00 Purchase 5000 Purchase 16.00 Purchase 25.00 Purchase 28.00 Purchase 48.00 Purchase 46.00 Purchase 10.00 pure Lute 60.00 Purchase _____20.00 parch Are with 36.00 Purchase with 35.00 Purchase with �0.00 Purchase Way 60.00 Purchase 40.00 Purchase 48.00 Purchase 30.00 Purchase 10.06 Purchase 80.00 Purchase 20.00 Purchase 35.00 pursue a 45.00 Purchase 16.00 Purchase 5.00 Purchase .00 parch Are 4.33 with 50.00 parch Are 1.30 with 28.00 parch Are 4.16 with 80.00 parch Are with a 6,76 with 8.10 with 1.08 with 50 with a a 1 8 Riih in 2.62 with 1 74 with 2.40 with 3 36 with 3.84 with 6.70 with 2.04 with 8 44 with 16.00 parch Are 60 00 parch Are 45 00 Purchase 20.00 Purchase 10.00 Pun but 20.00 Purchase 50.00 Pun Bare 35.00 Purchase 25.00 Purchase 38.00 Purchase 45 00 Purchase 8.00 parch Are .00 parch Are 85 00 parch Are 46.00 Purchase ways ways Waya _ _ by. _ Tea s Purchase of re both Waye Weka 5,88. With 60 30 Parchay Waya 9.10 with .36.00 Purchase Waye 1.80 with 60.00 parch Are with with new Augusta Nokoma. Oak grave. Orchard. Ocean Springs. Orange Grove pass Abri asian Pascagoula. Pecan. Porker .��?��?�<�?��?��?��?��?���?��?��?��?��?���,.fare Oue Way Perdido fare one Way Pine Barren. In one Way 1.60 .60 8.00 with 4.72 with is Lii Pennsylvania. Pensacola. Pollard. Pine Rui. Quitman. Rabin Ion Junction Bepton. Ltd Caton. Shubuta. Scranton. Stonewall. Sparta .4. Summit. Seaboard. Sara land. Semi me. South Orchard. State line. Suggs Al he. Sunflower. Stapleton. Sti Merdale. St. Elmo. Tom Asville. Theodore. Tollette. Tiger. Vinegar Bend. Venets. Whatley. Wilcox. Wingate. Wilmer. Waynesboro. Winchester. Wagar. Walker Soring yellow Pina. Fare Ona Wey. Fare one Way fare ene Way ,.fare one Way a a a a fare ene Way Ltd a a fare one Way a Way a fare one Way fare on Way fare Ena Way fare on Way fare one Way fare one Way fare a Wey far one Way. Fare on in y fare ene Way. Fare ene Way i. Fare one Way fare out Way fare one Way. Fare on Way fare one Way fare Ona Way. Fare ene Way. Fare Ona Way fare Ona Way Fere one Way fare Ona Way fare on Way. Fare Ona Way fare on Wey fare on Way. Far one Way care one Way fare one Way fare one Way fare ene Way with j1 with to with to with 2.28 with .46 with 4.10 with 165 with with 2-80 with 1j4 with 2.60 with 2.46 with 2.65 with 1.21 with 3.25 with 2jo with 1.16 with 1.66 with .28 with j1 with .80 with 1.60 with 1.66 with 1.28 with 1.04 with Luh with .68 with 2.46 with to with 1 20 with sj0 with 1 20 with .16 with 1.m with 8.18 with 2 25 with .72 with 2.with 2.04 with 1.36 with 170 with 1.60 with 1 00 parch Are .00 Purchase. 00 Purchase a 00 parch Are a 00 Purchase fare ,00 Purchase fare 18.00 Purchase fare 12.00 Purchase fare 20.00 Purchase far both Waya 30.00 parch Are fare hath Waya 7f�o Purchase fare both Waya 35.00 Purchase fare both Waya 25 00 Purchase fare hath ways woo Purchase fare both Way Purchase far both Way 26.00 Purchase fare both ways 80.00 Jour Rhea fare both Way 46 00 por it he pc of re both Waya 80.00 Pur it Nae fare both Waya 20.00 parch Are fare bet Waya 40.00 Purchase fare both Waye 30.00 Purchase or both Waya 20.00 Purchase fare both ways 26.00 parch Are fare hath Waya 8.00 Purchase far both ways 10.00 Purchase fare both Waya 10 00 Purchase fare both Way 26.00 parch Are fare both ways 28.00 parch Are far both ways 20.00 parch Are Fiare both Waya 20.00 Purchase fare both ways 26.00 Purchase fare both Waye 10.00 parch Are Faro both Waya 30.00 parch Are fare both Waya 8.00 parch Are fare both ways 26.00 Purchase fare both Waya 28.00 Purchase fare both ways 70.00 Purchase fare both ways 4.00 Purchase fare both Waye 28.00 Purchase fare both ways 4000 parches fare both Waya 30.00 parch Are fare both Way 14.00 Purchase far both Way 30.00 Parcha fare both ways 30.00 parch Are far both ways 20.00 Purchase fare both Waya 26.00 Purchase fare both ways 28.00 parch Are fare both Way 4.40 with 2.14 with 404 with 2.42 with 1.82 with 120 with 220 with 4.58 with .70 with 6 90 with 4.90 with 6.40 Frith am with 8 98 with 6.39 with 4.92 with 8.22 with 2.42 with 6 80 with 6.60 with 2.30 with 3.30 with ,50 with 1.02 with 1 00 with 1.20 with with 2.60 with 2.w with 3.18 with 1.16 with 4 00 with to with 2.40 with 3.60 with 2.40 with .38 with 3.90 with 6 3� with 4.60 with 1.44 with 4.33 with 4.03 with 2.t0 with 8.40 with 8.00 with 25.00 parch Are 12.00 Porche 46.00 Parchay 45.00 porch 60.00 Parchay 35.00 pure Baa parch Are 6.00 parch Are 60.00 parch Are 86.00 pure aaa 14.00 Purchase 14.00 parch Are 45.00 Purchase 3500 parch Are 50.00 pure bae 85.00 Purchla 30.00 Pur a 20.00 Purchla 36.00 Purchase 50.00 Parchas 14.00 per Rhea 60.00 Parcha 45.00 Parchay 60.00 Parcha 60.00 parch Are 46.00 parch Are 50.00 Parcha 60.00 Parchas 50.00 Purchla 88.00 per Rhea 66.00 Parchaso 50.00 Parchas 35 00 Purchase 46.00 parch Are 10.00 Purchase 20.00 pure Nare 90.00 punches 46.00 Purchase 45 00 parch Are 36.00 parch Are 38.00 Parchas 46.00 Parchas 20.00 Parcha 60.00 Porche 16.00 Purchase 36.00 Parchas 45.00 Purchase parch Are t.001 parch Are 46.00 parch Are 65 00 parch Are 60.00 parch Are 26.00 Parchas 00.00 Purchase 60.00 Parcha 35 00 Purchiss 46 00 p o Reba a 46jo parch Are As a special inducement for out of town Trade to come to Mobile during the big co operation Sale we the following merchants will refund the fares to All persons who come from any of the towns herein listed provided their purchases amount to the sum designated above. Dry goods a Hammil dry goods co. C. J. Gayfer amp co. Reiss mercantile co. Walter Mitchell. Haberdashery Frank Stoll. Clothing Baum clothing co. Or caper amp Burns. Jacobson clothing co. Groceries r. O. Harris grocery co. Drugs Albright amp Wood. Furniture Adam Glass amp co. Inc jewelry Willis amp Percy. Hardware c. S. Partridge Hwe. Co. Shoes and hosiery e. H. Britton. How do you like your new girl a Quot Well she work me a Little harder. Notice persons coming from a distance beyond any of the towns in the above schedule or from any town within a radius of 100 Miles of Mobile which is not included in this list will get their fares refunded in accordance with a towers on thee Days. The plan a special commutation to be had at the Mobile Register office mum in. I. A a a a a a. I i a a a. Met with the approval of practically every leading merchant in Mobile and As a result it will mean the biggest trading Opportunity Ever known in the state of Alabama come to Mobile to shop and then go Back Home and Tell your friends and neighbors of the Many bargains and great advantages offered for trading in Mobile during the big co operative fare refunding Sale. Come and profit and then Tell your friends of. The great savings. How to get your fare Back Jergons coming to Mobile from any of the above places to Trade during the merchants big co operative Sale will get their fare refunded provided their Purchase amount to the earn in the a nodule refund fare rip will but furnished All merchant who have agreed to pay their proportion of the fare to out of town cd Tome during thu tale and in order for Yon to get your fare refunded you should obtain Ono of these slips of the first merchant from who you make a parch Are. The slip will con Tain a it of All the merchant who Are in on the bog cooperative Sale with , apace for each to put Down the amount of your Purchase. This a lip in retained by you and after Ward presented at each a Tore at which you May pay anything during the Day. And,.then before Yon leave Tor Home the slip i to toy taken to the Register office where your fare will be refunded in Cash providing your Purchase during the Day amount to the a an required according to the Nowve schedule. By this method it will be readily Reed that you will not have to buy everything from one store or the full amount required which entities you to your fare Back from any certain merchant but of the contrary you can patronize As try different a torn a you like and if your Purchase amount to the required Aura your fare will be refunded in Cash by presenting the lip at the Momtle Register office. Farmers included was Well As townspeople fire will he refunded to All Persona who Coin from a distance equal to any of the towns in the above schedule whether by Tea in or by rail. This will include Farmers As Well a persons living in towns. The Price of a Railroad ticket to and from any of these place will be refunded to All persons whether Farmers or townspeople who drive to Mobile to Trade our in a this big Sale just a though they came by the Railroad. For instance a persons residing in a Dawes. Of a Farmer who live a Carer that place than any other town from which fares Are to he refunded who drive to Mobile to Trade during the male will get the Price of n Railroad ticket providing i purchases amount to the required Sura. A Mottot equivalent to Railroad fares according to the distance wit be refunded to ail person coming from or near any of thu Inland town hated above the same a if located on the till Road. Come by team or Rad and gel your fare Back or an amount equal to it. Read the schedule carefully and Don t forget to ask the first merchant from whom you make a Purchase for a refund a up so you can keep account of your Perch ares. And not in the showroom of modern but she a bit More intelligent i Philadelphia Public Ledger. Is now a the time do your shop f. Get your Choice of latest styles at so bargain prices great Opportunity Consumers a my As result of co operate plan being worked by Mobile merchants come sometimes real Opp Orti the Way of the consumer and one of these for the people of this Section be during this week of when Mobile merchants will t Fer special bargains Jwj by the plan As formally bounced in the Register every merchant in Mol now offering merchandise buying Public. It has of Cut created More or less Tion among the merchants this is All the better for to have to buy As it will mine bargains. Prices in stances Are much lower than Ever been made anywhere Standard brands of Staple seasonable goods. A 11 besides the abundant St it be offered by the Mere Railroad fares will be Rei of All out of town customers ing the big co operative under the plan shoppers distribute their patronage As Many stores As they desire then coming to the Register fice will be presented with Cash total of their fare their Home to Mobile and re1 the Only condition to the i of the Railroad fare is that aggregate purchases reach a Tain Small total which will course vary for the various m Ber of Miles travelled. Done to Overlook a thl fit the big Sale is an innovation for the City of Mobile and being promoted and arranged the Mobile Register in order advertise Mobile As the trading Post in the state. Dry goods clothing shoes groceries hats tinware Caps drugs jewelry magazines books stationery Wall paper cigars tobacco Candy China Ware stoves harness fruit ranges a i Beds a furniture leather goods Woodenware a hardware it locks watches mjg buggies implements sporting goods 1 Trade in Mobile a v buy in Mobile shop in a amp

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