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The Kadoka Press (Newspaper) - November 11, 1910, Kadoka, South Dakota> jp *r f Canned Goods Our Fall and Winter Supply Of Canned Vegetables are Now Ar- riving which consists of the following: Tomatoes, Peas, Sauer Kraut Hominy, Kidney Beans, String Beans, Com Let us quote you prices by the dozen or case. We also have a well selected stock of Canned Fruits which we will sell by the dozen, as- sorted, at a price that will interest you J. H. Fryberger Maple Lawn PERCHERONS AT AUCTION! 45 Young Mares, aged 2 to 6 Years 15 Head of Choice Young StaDions TUESDAY, NOV. 22, TO MITCHELL, S. D. 60 - HEAD - 60 A draft of 60 ehokw Pwch«wi»~46 mare* and 15 *tellioni»~ranging in age from °f themJ mareH are bred to Herode 59602 old are °J2OS T^, ffrize winner*. Mare* over three year*irriv* ]kT wi /*s#ome flne matched, both black andJffT: uTTT ! Htock Pavllian at Mitchell, S. D., on Monday, Nov- at 12*00 Tueiwlav^Nfttf ’ 99 ** *n tbe Pav M«n, commencing. , Tuesday, Noy. 22, 1910. Catalogue* on request. Plan to attend this sale. COME DAY BEFORE SALE AND SEE HORSES IN HARNESS. P. W. MOIR, Owner. Colonel f. McGuire, Assisted by Colonel. Mnmhv a. MgJMMg Prew itrt Mr' am anrnA-*iamm -naiwr J*x»T » ¦*•. * am KW M ioiniK * 3.. inaer In H Utnwmm « Wrntr* Z M SI JM a Tor a ****** Weta News Notes. ''Ha-!'*** Hu*-.* via t tatli **•asl*r Ti» mde Aadr»-w* iM * 4 <*rf smldfo ar.!"** for «im> ¦Tir!? X. l*r **nc v> Zarir.u ;b -viMtOMM ftocmsdo* * fonjivva Xs for iu ieav » St. OUaf. la. a**- w«**k. MmMi nun* .1 ?T.*a-? nynr JC-' * Si .urn* left for C7l* a**; »-»r* ««•.• will >k-* for a short i-jox To* a.HjpwrV, a# >/ W.dtard Via;*d a "ar r.a: <%< '••'.a. .-a ter* .arc w»*k. sf? amd Xr». ''./•.tact were T~j*ttr.r» sow ftww latrrfor ta* 5m of she *»*t. &- A. Du*u sod w.ase jam :ier 4»»a from Xondoy for a K* HMUK • '<* X i. fv: same fann tao A rMj X'.nrtay v> tcearf a !r» *«Hn VG ftj . J -V Bartm*. -ar.d.daa* for ‘»rar<* po**d s&rYXfh aer* on da* fr- *AC Tvandav of loot week. .'am** Steyacid* *a* >« foa ft*. rA*' iorwz last wee* on boarae** **n;t*here he sw.tjad sb*. chart** Liar)* <*ia*ro. .Vnard f>*Tfa*- *****Vint* (aua Philip wW* a* !ia* been hoar- •s* weiio T»**rt*7 V> earn hi* TOC* H*«ay* h* ha* rosjngfa fo <ti* v» keep him hw*7 ali rtatir. Home Circle Column E*»Mf 2r«r»,—A CmUmm edieated to the Tired MetWrt u They Urn the Heme Circle at Evettaf Tide. A man tmide a bridgi> and tot la a gT»ae. mar. man port arp a "atsedrai and he it t great man Bat tot who gives a man an idea which -•'v. ¦ M Ufa for good to tto great- wt of *ll •narn The pom of honor to tto poet of doty. Let nothing be undone which ooght to be done. Email proto.*, little risk; large prof* its great risk*. The beet Kind of a to a pick at Old .Vick. Something wrong when a not to afraid of hitr.aeif. Hooevty to better capital than a •harper’* conning. Whose ctedit to *wrpectcd to aot safe to be trusted. A true man never frets about hi# place in this world. Employ no one to do what yon can ea*iiy do yonreelf. Better to die at the poet of duty than So lire elsewhere. err* or wistxni. There to no secret of eocoeea bmt work. The mind of a gory) man to a king- dom to him and he can al way* enjoy if. Many run alter felicity like a man banting for hi* hat, while it to on hi* head. Take pleasure in your work. A task which appear* distasteful at first sight soon becomes pleasure. Endurance is more valuable than cleverness. It Is the patient, steady plodders who gain and keep fortunes. When benignity and gentleness reign within ws are in least danger from without; every person and every oc- curence Is beheld in the moat favor- able light. A graceful behavior toward others is a coaatant source of pleasure; it pleases others because itIndicates re- spect for theirpersonality, and itgives tenfold more pleasure to ourselves. okao rail.runs. The reason we have so many deed failure* la tbat parent* decide for chil- dren what they Khali do, or children themselves, wrought on by tone whim or fancy, decide for themaelve*. Ho we have now In polf>lt« men mak- ing sermons who ought to be in black- smith *hope making plowahare*, and we have in the law tboae who Instead of ruining the oaaee of their client* ought td be pounding ahoe last*, and doctor* who are the wont hindrance* fo their patient*’ oonyaJescenoe, and artf*ta trying to paint landscape* who ought to be whitewashing board fenc- es. While there are other* making brick* who ought to bo remodeling constitution*, or shoving olans* who ought to be transforming literature. There are children who early devel- op natural affinities for certain style* of work. When she father of the as- tronomer Vorbes waa going to London bo asked ki« children what pre*a«t ha khofud brisk eaca »ne at them TV* >O9 who wa» u* Mt aa aecrpacmer -rrtert owe. ira«r use a so-.eoMip* Aad -aer® are '.nilrtren wlob yoa snd a., ir laeatu*irawTak :a taeir «*;** ir >n «s-» or inane* ar uifta. and you. etui they if» ao o* irarooien ir artur* of «sm* tad. tad you Iml nxets tiacoruik MK dMßeair 3ronu*m* wxa rar» auxCKM aud uK-ff***.ami you zaov aJwy ar* :o i* iiasks«*aiarj..-*-Aa*. AaA criMafo ami «trao<p» tcaar-r- --»»* am: a cu. » mr/ m f;U4 sa o* aKtuahu .»_m: .terr-* ar* fonaii >xo*r-.3j*n ar.njt ao* Lac o4ot and met* ami tou eu.* ttey * .. :* formrrs ltd ataerr am u- ?ayc mpc>3c ; ¦ *¦<¦" r 1 or -mJa ar last and Wl4 ay da* l"jviaac 111*7 ar* la >* au*r- sSmue. k’fd* ajra -rsnrrjM. Tv* »*a{fo ir.*v *OC *1044 VIIA trarv tv. sis wv> daiotu ?aa it* -tat. Lo** cS m esiiet* g-aa joTKirT mouM foai . Til* s<g m« in** sac Mrcm vs* is v*arr (m. lclri*c"j 'isEmic xul 10 aay fsi- CU peows**!**. rrvl'« sard*<«c mrk * so £Lsu»*if su;So *cm*r. TVer* alO »**d mere a*r«xc sc *a so to jsw.! Gc4 wvl f» »»*r* sh***; -»;.<4 _* act weuiccu*. Tie SrK pray*r wa* ami* hy sh* mao wv. hod to* Irrc a**d. A hoty -J* a sr* beat amrw*r m iso ssmU so*csy. Peopso are aoc Tarn exerpe when ta*y :ar» am kzvowfodee. Th»re a nothing for which. tie heart > yearns more tnaa sympathy. The man who tarns hie osck cm God turn* hi* sack os his own good. The devil alw»y» keep* the hinge* of tto gate of death wet! greased. There are no free tense* grveo on any of the road* tnat >ad to the pit. * The terpen: can not fly. bet to know* enough to catch birds that can. The more people need friend* the more they appreciate kxadae**. Vcm can not pray for yourself and .leave tee peoote >oc don’t ake owt* 5o man ever really pray* for any. thing that he to not wiitoug to die for. Reiigion to not something yon can | take home and keep for yonr own use. Many men tie their h< rees careful- ly, bat tot tee a ttsvgne* ran loose. The fine mito ow the road to hell look* a* though It ied straight to Heaven. The man who iivf* to pease him- self willdod that he ow a hard mus- ter. Thto life will mean more when we realize that is to the pathway to the next. w fOMCAST FOR NOVEMBER Copyright 1&10 by C. H. Reith. JUST A MINUTE— Mr. Taft, who ralM the nation. f*9rri thin, his proclamation; Whereas. Providence continues Blessing ns from day to day, And the boon of independence Has. we take it, come to stay; And whereas, Indnlgent Nature Lavishes upon ns still Bounty in excess of what the Weather and the bugs can kill; And whereas. The old republic Couldn’t be improved upon, Notwithstanding everybody Oete to ran it off and on; Therefore, I, as delegated Now and for a short time hence President, decree that turkey Shall go up to 2Q cents. That’s about all there is to it. Once the country raised it* own, and the White House proclamation waa not greeted with a groan. Father simply grabbed the hatchet, mother got the water hot, father read the proclama- tion to the turkeys in the lot, all the yonng and female turkey* promptly fainted from the shock, and after due farewell* the gobbler laid bis head upon the block. No one telephoned the butcher, ask- ing what a turkey' cost. No one in hi* deep resentment wished the Pil- grim*had been lost. No one, while the feast prooeeded, knew the tor- ment of the rank figuring upon his nankin what the day had set him back. Everybody waa provided, as the founders pm-supposed. No one can be very thankful, if the truth should be disclosed, paying what we pay for tnrksy, and, for all of Heaven’s gifts, j • » % i v’ ' - r. j >*:at 'Aas Ji* lay «a* founded '.ir da* Arscors aod di* .Wita. Tt*t j*» .at um* *sr.m •_,* Larun ao*T-»ai ( aod tm sr4C-~a- .7 sh* audi Kumsa nt so* y**r r>. » irv-mr.e ThaotasMaer arsuud sum mnosju *arV»r shaa u* ia-»* n a*r- aad » wam eery mp*vcciar TV* a- viao r.iudaiuo a xa cr-xy .3 sc* arrjmliaraT daorjrs*. were an- >".7 stv.'***# so A. They mod* :v *ons*"j* Firor lAai 7 vune Suris- *7» Tr*r*aor jiii mvio 1* mart*: *ecr,cd- scat I*os* dad ooc rrry sc sho :«d where x wao ac«Khi* so T.iL- sue w2*V.*t sa*r» wa* ac > -.--7 v> a* seaxafe. for ar act. Ia TU B. C. -Ju* aeoni hrr«* TV* nonryMj* ¦¦*?- rmd *>.»«_ Bncama and IT ocher foanefai «*/*. aod so* Fcrsa -v. modiosciy a***m*i*d aad xad* X)t- -*Bs.s*r so* efowemii rmti af she year TV* f«*ciT* w-.T ?a.T'Js* acracd ion na s**Ty laadervur acd sho *>t- s*d <scc dax* will ;sa; aad x-- zr.nati apeu so* «isv. 3*H pouts w- ia _?"~dw acd rs*-w wise ’*ar net aad hi:w K* acxasopoarw acri sh*a »vsi» hha ns. its.: wish sraf«r sa* reaulx. Dc*e raesr.o hopiy howl rs* rway . ar :a :: ra: r**»for a -lay willsoil sc* v«cu» wxst so sevak aa«i put sc* ecus try ®» sc* Mat? Om omst srJL Due maos acid* sh* meat -j*w ?**» him ;3oc.s*d x r’icrace *»o*- i*ae* or toe oc. acccrdicj a* is aa-. sora auc. On* y. -f aim* » wuw. it ***js:*. aad -jt .1 Ska* 5o om* -es**x»a snot ia pr.xa*»- W* ouly trmt leat wtmr ho miefto so war. with ail rs* thrillami thend. To* moeoeaS tha; h* want* a w>h «oei*whaz eodoptem. *w for pay. by Jot*: w*don't know wha: so say. Bus whether we do illor well. eiec- coo day i. q» can tell. or whether .os# for s* and fear did any good, willthan acpear. We hav* to jjxigw ate?, as we acay and where the ran- rotates au wr aboet the same thins in the end. and scarcely knows who w a friend. At aay rate, tae new will ffy. and the wad dock spta across the sky with both eye* f-erased on tee grocad. ac<± his tail-p-sce going round and merd. The eager hoc ter will deploy and supplement the lire decoy, and the pennnotocm. while he toota, will terforate his robber bcots. A Utile shooting now and then ia relished by a lot of They like to gallivant about and Ist tb*farcers, run them out. It dews diem good tc> fee*, bv png, that Morgan don’t own everythin*, aod if be came in conse- quence, and also tried to climb the fence, together with bis dog and gua„ be. too, would also get tho ran. November willbe unusual this year- tor the re?son that there willbe no full moon. This ia because there will be a total eclipse of the moon on the oight of the 16th, when it would otherwise be full. This eclipse *y{ be risible in the United States and ia Wall street, and it will send bacon, down a couple of points. The breath of winter will distil upon the outer windowsill, and the chilling calf will hump his back and barrow deeper in the stack. The hired mao. with wintry spurts, will put on both his undershirts, and the plutocrat who sells us coals wIU pry our bodies from our so ala. Thou let us all embrace the chance and be ae merry as we may. tor wheth- er we desist or dance, the fiddler is for all to pay. The gentle autmntime will pass, the countryman wiU killhis hogs, the cotton-tail will weave the grass around tbs ahfuscated dogs, the honking goose will ride the height* with that weired hollering of his. and the w olf willset around o’ nights and tell the moon how thin he is. O woe is us that could enjoy the au- tumnume for aye and aye, ,'nd what with growing soul employ it.witcheryfrom day to day. The nhospboresc m Th'Vo6 8 u y’ the qu *il ®°ft -piping o - the hill, the blackbird, ever Sob- bing by, and the wind sofnighin* where it will. 8 w But hanpiness can never last, a* An- -32 *~ld **>P r®kend, and holdingCleo to him fast, destroyed himself ’ eDd - The summer cometh mmt «eceed the sweet and gentle blandiahmenteof fall. At any rate, upon a day Deciphered in the aimanaca.December, desolate and gray* cLtom ® *° WW*tW thTOn«h * sweet and snowy white. WASHWiv the Z »“”"t less and different # ** entlre, y *>*rm- >»e«uu, wUI be gl»d yoo tried —-•

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