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The Joliet Daily Republican (Newspaper) - July 1, 1881, Joliet, Illinois OAlWWII ImnTO HDotaltta «f eammm Mnr* TS, tr wi Id DO -------------of    MHitf    n*- ikisftte aion ooMnde eoatpkiBt. M«m« j»«MMMr tkHitehM» people ««.tkiii «MV *1>wma,iiittti,ff<ÍMáF ^ Ml otMlMrOiQiUaK’**» ^ tli¡7^wte «•lli^t Of fixAFllMébi eoMl^ focietod «ithoasná^^deUli^a ~ doIrwUb. ikt^ ,io> I^Mijriiii ow) iwawl f-'llt^TliiiTn- ..... Moodk'jMpl. i^oiio nkMifvole too uefa oMfMlOlli ItedrbottktM-«Milr iM «M0» fliwo o troWdo 4on idiionf iM gtaeaBj m    oi. iwaMi cmaMB <t ethiyiiiliiig'tiist i I'eetbe- Bpo^dii of dMk d%Mtt»i Qipéi. fo-toccff iwioirow, oiv itoll    mo    who ^^*fle|iwn aed i|i94K*M«a aP|lolun'e SiSii    o^£ Mdy and sock fcovaid    h«^ fOfo bora jÜpotaal *Motjfiaoiti*-too|: aaddMnofcr «odd tjr. jSbo «sÉie^ tf^bairof fnij^ iritidMl» liair mten the boodcr Mdj# too. \ ; r*>i. ^im^FBERCH. sUi, lAMEE. nSCHEB »«*r,s3i.,"3yKatt I    at    Mrs.    M, Mff son Í HOIIiRS- KELLY, Dreaaiiokbifft Cottlof ,4 FlUlBf o Spodolti, 'ejKFFER^OV STBBBT (Op atdf^ «r WmI «f Dr. CippWl’* 0«ei - f igu \ f. Bjjm SOWL NDY FACTORY, ■uliEBttY, A»9 ICE CBEAM TO A. "R Z< O R S • • WKwy .i'a»-- ftopowdioid#<^jpg ttwapMlilk Jod-floYtelaNttlKii fBratoEMMr iMnaaa ennrally oottplaÍB that ttmj ddnot eat no wonder. If a man Hnota a Ml it Minid S^UfK 2lo e!5}ÍTií^^^ bdáf btiófwiiaaiiM ñi^atu^eof anap. ^te«Kiilarity'of OMf^ ia canae. oT loaa of umtíta. ñe atOwacii ilariiy, ani ÍUm lo biweito toa! tlae {P^r tÍMi«;;jltia '^la    . . cMÚNia boar tn a well-regobted bo^ the dsaiie for foodlaezperieiifled d»h)r daj at ezacÜT Ibe aame hoor. WeainÉt^how bad4eiúpered nuuiy peo|iIe get ezaetlTdM fliead^ tt tbelr dhuier iawly five BtkTiil» laOe. ft M all nrj weS teaay fbat thej arOatn^ pid and ahoóld not be pat o«t about trifles, bat it moat be retuembwed that it ia no trifle to them, and that even a sUgbt delay jnaj give rise to a cooriderable amount of bodily diaoMnfort Hie stomach has been aocastomed to receive supplies at ceiteto regalar intervals, and if it foils to reoeive them, it obiecta mi«eit emphatically; Nbth- Whsa^biÑiton Mow, wafted tor a pai psfiM'th tm ihaas    'MOfo dtwiL tohwii«M,«|cpdoloidirito^ Uk¥wUehyMf PattobiaO < ..-..W — - J-. 2^ i SmTertanlg’ fSSSi^ ,WnsKBm QJCQW OTon in mostmifoeaUriiig. BotdonHtb^^I a luemcgi wbeie the fonn«i^ tbemeebat^tbe^e» man to other add    of tlmWeaIli^aiatoÍMd,att Ohatoboy a5n»«Pif Wm,    tba^ftiF    b«    > been d|pto^ MmÜlfotoad, alto fail. itored, aiid next day people woaM eoma down to you-llore and ptortol** lb®, a»* keep éomiaK id ineteaaidg im^Bn,ind yenmiibd two,,move fotoodde lifntitix fliiFi bni of couae itmonld be ...«md bring gan% predta.—iff» ifoerf UaUWASMK matétan. tnLncKRos* «aOemhy Ti^pfcMitMmpdy flhd •a^wir* * --TBSSAt* eoMjtáBbs JefTetoOli 8t omwMtt* 4 a ^ a. SmjM. 2*»1*tor<*eikiB «pMid gttM* AsiasAíí'oaiSíssss iotMM teOtMr ^ ssLsaeiK ..... THOU&S aBBIAM. LICENSED AUCnONEEa^ Xrxhh drnm fo aoonMi saiftinr ▼f laTpaitaftheetiyveoMtjr.MalMOr BMsmiselts aaO InenhelO ■ OUe^siMaL n el We. ■'« mavuawtr MáJtBUB WdBK! ¥n>liiiis MANTELS «eeumasimotwda JVS0MMriiair imw aniMHIb’TBiK- PHONft««C«d Ml to mba <ii#r or «»    aMn-iae. W.ja,m5TBP i*wayr The o««(aite,wff •ti« taut «• our r««4ete. ■t of toiflUm 1 •wdwime. Meat., ts ie mesid. bel Iw Mb a>r It tbc «ilrntoHi of tfo Myvi “la tea f«u of u;e WM taa>ta with eY otebl btrvAec of the inn|P toMowrO »ye >rv*e» vmhiIi. 4 mn« b«c«a lo hw* my smwH*» sad O- .h. 1 wm »o wrk| •f j|{« dMi Ibal: 1 ri«alO ie« leaM my birOi III tSr «Itanavr at 1077 t was admltlrO to tbb l'.i<j HurpiteL tfcoila tb<‘r« tb« Oiictar whO I tmd »iw.e ID my Inft luiui M bl| m • kaU OuliKi. 1 expeaOMl over a bonOrvd duilaia IB ductor» sad oied.ciDee I was to far kol* at iHi« t>ow a reaorl «cot armiDd that I «aá dmd 1 .avc rp hnpe, bat a trieed told nc m Dr. Waa. BallV baimua tor Um Lnna» I treetfi BBOWN iS of Inte is mora likely toqwU the.a]^[ietite than difaridiqt betwecsi meflls. Ton bear a man emnploliiing that he cannot eat Ma dinner, and yon find on inquiry that aboot an boar bi^i« he bad three or four doKn oysters and aome bread and batter andapuri af atonb'^eitto pall hbn to-getoeÉ?’ It may beti^^t ^t this is an exaggerriieB,|mtHi8not We have seen it, and we wmh we bad not, for nothing can li;e more egntemptiUe than a inan who ■mkea ad^ of his stomach. Wesboold eat to live,and not live toeat Fu people think that it would be • great    ^ BO withont food from 8:30 a. m. to 1 p. m. They ntake a gpod bgpokfost directly * and then at 11 a. ni. they go In for and riieese and beer. Somebody once said that “londi i» a reflection on your hrejdc-foi. uid insolt to yonr diniier^ and it ia a pity that more people dolol Mar ’thfo to mind- Yoo cm Mver expect to have a Iwabed at my b<U. lainkiar my e«M «»• iocorable, twt I |.d a Niitte tu aauia y theaii wbrB toiuyanrpriM snd i^ratiioaltiin, Icum' imncva iw fcrl iicnwr. Mr eec* di^, iNauDtu rrvivp. ai d to-dxj I frcl In bciUr afiinta tfwa i a»v« liic |Ha< lercc-w^ra. I writn this heatei yon wiu publLli if,be that every Mte alflietrd wUh fasaaaid * «ill be tndaced ui take Dr HaltV ' ;f (or ia« LWi», sad be m«i V jirrd . «iMímian->h »«o b |raadü«r idiiea-t venah t IrMpU Iiwriiu. thM esa be eared. 1 iavef '«o bqul«-a and c«a faiditwly »ay ifcm it ims düeV mi>rc good tbaa mil the vtbcr 4rdklti«a- f ^ave iaken ature SHNnckm^^ Wy.veaab bMd .mo»wrntli«iypiaati'' tired Ml I rlmp be able iw gu lu aorki* «üM bVWlldi HtíH ANI» MEUICINK ftDuBBOWW. 1. BBOTKd 4t JeilfnwaMwml-JoHet A. :AEr«3 fy-.; ;t f«ncY isnsb    * AHD SBKiOUyBB BBtCBfo • . Wlf|Ohi*T«0Al- dOMUH. ttrrtíflti dirt RAZORS What is to be dons fw loss of appr te? we have mentlonra m oansea of this oom* ploiaL Be regalar in you latdta; get up eai^t d*    Irini*    toghti take of outdoor exercise; have you bowels well opened eveiy aiomiDg; do not drink much tea; bo %uit4hfiva you ara not inch, and not trida Jug nun smoking too much, duw yon ought tp.totl|away cf.itimalant It is a great thing If yoh ton dine in cheer-floL pleasant society—the example of eat-to be almpt omWous. It is hM to answer fm in the way of exciting a distasto for food. The pntoioo of tafctog totltora before meals With the view of increasing the ap a bad habit, tilt nmgeumts of the stomach an occasional gin Mid bitters or abaay and W*t«s may ,ve Its advantages. Probably the ployed wtto toe ¿ .ai-i-ALTM A>» UAl'PIKK-n. itfriyaa atranva tbd| anyrne wiil raffrr D«» iM OMOy d< ranaaincota bruiucU on by aa iiDpurc coBditiou of iba olevd, when 8cu rill'» Btocd and Liver 9yru|i «ill re»ti>re per Irct kralth loaba j<by^ calruarmós^HoD-ta tflirií * ilrttollkWiiii,    it»**;!! fake. ariT ba» |>h>vrD ilselfl«>t)« tb' bliMid purfler «ver di«cerered, tffeeinally Cl'tnt di-roinla. 8ypbilitic diaordi-r», Weak-B»M ««r ibc Kdiiey», all Ntrvmi* di»ord«-rs mmé drMiity. b correcta iiidh«*ilon. It axaalllc old feel )ouDr, and the y«uog f«;cl ani «ill Ibvariafdy nrlyc oat of tba ayi Hiprclally ebra tba eompiaint <a oTsnrx hauatiVe iiatura. bavina a IcMdcucy tu leraro rbe pamM.vfgto of ibk blale aril nervout afltrm.    *    (ij I8!IILir.lBUEI 'ir-r" •? MAs^inrJi^WiER. asaltoto :■    „    : Stddtesc Collirta . fMpi Fly Ac.* Ac. BEPAIRIIÍG PUOHPTLY TO ORDEt. ^ All Work Wwirantwd. We^tJefleraoB atraet, tnd.door aa»t af oM poaP - JaUa£.HL New HARNESS SHUP In ItaJton, ürpanMMto or VarmoBt /XMÜiyoe MARBLE SLABS «rawdaa.for Shelm mA Clock BriciGrti I «UléD«all|Deaaiii1ha 1UJI018 CTATS PUilTEEnACln araaadPmdst Card for Pitcaa.«M. ' Wa ara panuur op oood kantds to Wf . ^ ‘ Iiow Erica, MM MW Itoll ■■ »>»» Ito* WXR. f áM«krtttoi.ic*rtóto. DM    JQMWt    OL> BIJMYSAX- Wmt. ANOHOR LINE. OntWD «TBSn iuyiL laSANSM ' iailwMfciyU aadfrom ^®ESi^^u5bow. muw 4WD L iu. ti<m» aad appoinUBenta. raaaengata facwatdail at lownri rauw ta at tan uur aaapart or ratlroMt ■lath» ID uékrBittam^IfMto^ñB»yjrraB«», AHD LQWDOMDIBBT. ltriy.IUir«»air.h«DdMi,jDaDaMrj . fo r. w. wooDKinv-M fiiCflAEl) FHILLIPS. No. 13 ExchaiHje Street, E«tl«aal Hotel Bleefc. Haraesa,«<-4^^ltorm Whips, fM>1W Binhei^ Hl^l|to,HÍiÓp8,iea . Bepairing líell Roae at Low Prieea. »Mf7d«tf iw« tlCKgk RAlIAUAtk T0WK 8GXIEDÜLE Chieafw, AltM and St. Lowl*. Oa and altar fnm 19, lau and natU ftmam naitee,tiatai«IH jMaa dottat aa 0. A A. A    ai Mfotra: r. ja&Mtaux. rmp. -'liir' *-! W 'pwonmM m Eder't Joliet Bmnrf. LACKRUetL ^^StSSSIS^ FUsalumb A Wtoelflm. Pcbixkterto. Va • WMtk mHflMM RHiM. toriaaeto    itaar%nM af hWMawaaA stásaa? ^ «BMa Ik* Wa SMriA f*MNtoammariljj.ri^ aftStoik PBWSIOWS ÍSSS&& £tS25^ iHlh ^ we eae’» •Sta mAm a ____________ toMMtoaad M amaai Mp bMtoa oaaAaSar M«ryto>ia4 OaN to an MAM SmaBeiwt! "jS& toSLsrf frCbpaa 10^ pm Mril Daavmr Isis’* twapm UMSpm :x. aeuam TMam . Aceom. aslO pm na Ligluriag Bxoraaa tmlaa jgu folly All btkaradrily«lBdb^. A 6A0W,TlafealAgk CWeilBil,    Bsi    Padfle. tnanawfll «i rincat Hmiu. paraat bred PlymoaBi Bock». <>Ba dollar per acMug. AddRM A 0. GILUEIT, N.w Lasox. III. apMdApyaift OR HHW rONrS op TTPK Jii.t rccdvad at A*l the Bxruxuoul Omoi. Beet Job Print- One ease of suiuUoke In New York yesterday. Qitto ycHir druseta fur Krt. Frerinab'a N‘ « WrtluNal Dye*. fWr t,riebtnr»4 and du-m'tth'v III ci.loi, Bte uiKqu.Vd Color fr<.ni diu a putmca. Urariipu# ia Sufiiahetia Urnu.ii. Pri'e. 15 eent», - The taifori in Ottawa are oariMlrike jsi •9B» A<'ine, f the b« at pijr^^fliea «av th- y de. i4.|<i wl-uih upoa 6r- Tiark’fe Maiürtie O niipeut in Kjto'fSi Livef, Bl v.I tud Lurg üireaMa,. Arydfor can applv-lt. ThdCunriluntoetoity ariiw pnt to to$T at Berlin on the áth of August. JUT GOOD IRON F ST FOR 4 fAlTftl d LOW SALS. Mewtotoilhif jStoWle Iipi cmwtantlyoe haad. %«8CBIPTI0NS to «acanitoiy aod lateinmtfr praparec ^pmaaul «mporriaimi ol Bk. Wwndi. V^ña^AiHrH S® I ^ ^ fo medfcinaa aoi byUaL j-gSsJE *«e;p«j55 and its eflteaty ia g'satly «JMcad bylhe additi<m ri three or foor drops M tu»-tue of nnx tftoica. Nax.vmnlcaistiie of the pkapweri bitten we know, aid given in fitoi wathr. Other ttnctniea and intosloos ampteyed foraaimilu purpose in^ tahkapooiiMdoato, While the ^ of tipctures is a teaapooi^l to The ttoetore^pf nux vwidca, itwfll be xemem- dropi^b dtttocnt    o#    tofi are uariM; btl fto, taü» ta. Vai y ^^iruadf» Lave dilcarrcd t’’*- nd iWSfo’U* Hu«e. Buffo n .tofodiujm»lhr»,u3Mto» d JfQtt. AGENTH , foLrf * A CO.. A«*S, LtíCCxo Í ■    ^ „„Jespo(mftil8 ofcompomad dowctkm of lOofolrill succeed bettor than anyttong uaeftiL We need bard^ aay that for^ timas who are awsmic orsofe^ from what is nsurily irwi is the remedy.'- nlgpt Biuai ITeBfbrr ■ W> e« \«>ii a.t voiii’1111*11) _ ©d d.y, ■■««»> i*^ «'f j a# T|fot imp»f«fm-«ri|r«»rr«. 4ufd. ym am f* •■#»« u nfo?r foil, r iK«r Dr. Ifo m»»* Mlrforie O’), »b Mr (ailioc KMitdy Id all »u>h «a».a. — ' "to a private trial of speed to-day, on fh«n}ik) to^ Ctomntnw Driving Park aaso^tidi', Ifaod S. trotted one mite n2:16. 1 sg '4? 1^:. Yftu, M • h . wr|i« sr ''A tiiuf aeitUa ua tor arfo aao b».*!!-, atdlMfj fouub e, livti «ad rht ttai«‘ cabiMri d: I wllrrcd t« r IWy, au»fofo|ito««. Auw *»lNtdt «hud'A ibumah '•« .Yt wstdhalf afli>y'm*Bt b.>tUe audlcai.i 1» t aliFuMl III tti) llfo.” A foU foot toto of    Ibupd near .pouatu, lUinote, fully six hundred feet briow the saifaee. IJf«'a a eéttMMdrv» W'fon )iHli. luttaly ttird. Btiidock ITood The C., B. A Q. lUttroad 0««np%uy. ' r It I offlcere* havetWed arlicUiS of in« o pu- ratioH with'the Cin ultfltrrk of Koiulii 1 County for toe new ropd Irom Joltel west. It is srid to be a sure tíuñg, unteis movement te got up to mawly acaro 1 KQwaokee and ^ Pari folks. B I* r» »re in tb B-rlvea a lamrdy f«»r «II I Hr «rvl « ariatHf Inun iaiuniHMt*. «.I l«c bl, u‘, wi-r. I, n. v«r fall* |u mi-k ‘ *hc fS'Irnt V d tbJ Lsppi. I’ ic».**UJ, IÜ C«DU. the the «««nk ww'd ba ««fofof**»».« wfili    r At ibe rbtmiD of Ec'c ir e OI •p*>t-U ^ .y Bal waaBVa,th«.b«al¿mld« kmwa foifo wadi. And wa lafofol Umi par*i«a shall kmw It B cotw cMxha. erida, aaO^ aod cmaHb, lwmchlilaa«d<winpl»fo»«»ral*b!aJ: HiMMoac amlmoto, ihmMriMammi^ iwarid/mi afoiad. Tia the tost 00 laths E. FISCHER. Sash. doors. MoaldinimasdWhSB. ittW. •aon sas*. L'raJoilet, 4:10 am l.1Bpm 4^:: Arr. Cblciga. •no am SMI pm rn mclitBxpnwa, •of>« L'vaCUcaio. 9A)pm ”    MSB    pm ^toijy^Bxpias», 10:» am 5» 3S£«SS'i •niaeüÑatoalnfinmp. nito^E. ni SSSi MiTiSi^r L. ■« HOiNUIOi, CIriCAEO PnrtoiMiac Aceat. OmoK-AtfoP.WoM towa. sppidto Oaws Bawm 0. KMkm aa .*mafc BdEoM Clewr Biota. 91 Jaiaraaaatwat Aho,atttn8t WafoilBa UatcL ^spassi&'itrss^iasissi and ■Matag.foM aaamfog. Lsava ardasa for Pwmma A|t.drifo. Afoaudat LaalsOuatakTi! Farmers cf Jodkm msLV^jssi^ssi^ llUndt; llteCBNT HiehigaB CmtnL JOUSV DIViaK>X._ dofo ■ffo’TOPrtevqSLsr"' MalL lo;go«mnKril.    S:lSpm Madctai VKKY itAOr YRICflk ho. Ik £xcl»iiC9 Street, ; ■ KT. IBatfo t *    ^ 6- T^< Lf AA«W A GOOD LIFE IKSORAf^Gi CO. l4i TOWOEK. UNIONJUITIIAL ovvAiira [t lotfnaa a Foliejr «bleb!» a^dadaltajm ?'í¡L^*SÜ3.’’¿ÍS.rTO tract cverybudr Hvnvaa h. Tba'wiadM aad atabi> atasdy Wtonsf K^aik, liyotiba aumammeet U abowa rmm&T Am rt •    AM }«S :’5*U«I!    ■ 1AM • r- - aWMii Amata of expariaafo, «ba hsas ben » m< amiiniara «ill to aifoadUigijj^y|b^gto indaeamebto foaiiWr tha pary. Apply to A. e. reirLEll,IMipf. Wfoccamltopt., 133 La Sails StiecL CH.CAOO. ILL l.CAOO. ILL 6KBT8%ANTXDfortbctoatiiiidflmimia«l lax pictorial Bopka *»d PIWm, Ihfom rvtocrd ■api^crBt. Watioi.aiP bUtbfoaCo.^Cbk«g«>,Iil WBAPPIbO PAPKBi«YrBiC«tto> At tbe Bipdxi icad Uflfo. i®aKW!53Si« Á‘ E K VK L0PE8.-A Ihie MM«iaicnl Jnai rMctvcd ■ttka JtkPUBI.ICAb OI-nCB. gMhWMorriiDiM. Baav »*t. laproraA* ^^Tfo-^aigiit(*««obt.)    ___ Office Oeelia, Bank Countera, Etc. IwpmWfod fadtaa’Daafo. XrtWfo Saaaahrid .PtlWm m Ipam»! PeWgna. SB «CfeamaAaMad Inmhwiimd «Alfoc .toatof, As» • Ifjr *»* AiBdaya«9tt«pWU. «a fulfowa: trata» «tU rea dato. OOOI» »OPTtt> ,    _ atPi 'auriaj^:00 p. m. Wa. s.^1b¿kvaa MM ati:» a.m.í Km^ai MifSa. jm (IBashk atL» p. fo.; anisa at Pamm bo. 6.—Leaves Jolirt at 8;|pA4..XB.; anb^ ai StreaW»mlíl5|C?hX No. T.'—1 Leavm 3oiHt at 9:14 p. m.; luaatorattriftp.aa. «ODW B<wni. Na. 2 MalL-Lcavca PooriaS» a.m.: 8tia|M • aiB7;« l:# Ik «-t Atolet |»p. fo.; foriv« OdeagD P-. *^No. 4 iLfoyea PalMat tAS 4 fo.« m 4d»p-.,m.; arrivB»riíol|Btatt:i^ . Nm •^LtaawadtraaMtlHI p. m^; airi ■ntvBdoUat ’ N4¿í^taavBtairBBWrTfoip.m.; anlvaJriml, Twírwinii»» «Mua uri Waat. XasMia. and all vaetasa S^wM^afo. afoomamdafodhytblaUfo. ib" Nbmvm^ THÓAD Aahtt. JaltewlB-    ea «.Axa. ^Hinina.T.' VKM MMWT. «iUpyiAVi tobt lagHooiw. n< n! jta( Anmiñont ÑoOce. ■t Iba Qtr _ - ____ foy iif Joaa, IM (haiac M ^<th Jt’-a\.faritopBrp»aofiBriewlB« B»d ouwi Ing Le am* aamaat irf prrvoBal ptopci^ and ta AV ba-»oM eoi aiforifig ibamBri*»» Bxrtfevrd &ial'ramefamBB:.«w«to«h» tu e«Kila<Bikat woparty ataambar la aaam^ aaadt or de ¡¡a'-A'WíSaeatt^ líJ^Ja. im. -. e#rt»yy,^. Health fe Wealth. £2r.<«SS, «w-wta^uiww, I» «hkh •5stoiaemy,foeaii r(H4Aca.eB8aad «tu «ara n Oaa UmA box ooatafoa aoa / maotk'S WirtmfoA va* A^ 4Jtoa. «v _ bom lar lv« doBacm acat to mail ptapaU «m racalpttofrifo. WatowMtoM taMtoaika •ar aseas —    -    - a«»gee, ^Mmufonif thetwatmiatdaaan» aawL tomraafo la Haait adh wñmi ttot______ ta ariscad AreetlMi «4 Aliaiia A Lmaoraa, Na. fo Xnhsags straet, aria a«aat for m mwmwm w^a 3BC1ng, gne A BisHor aaauam lUMBBI, ' Ofobmidriam aMOfotMMMala. jocor.nia A’SL mfi4A«tv PRINTIRG. TOÜ MM» A Mi wr nORlM ImiltolaMatilfotofop WaBfoáaftMk siria AimniiTic BifAttvo ma. !• oouiM w tmoarm ntoA ÉADB Bz- o praaaly fo* lima fUfo pl toa KannnMa Ofoea.    .    >»"    mllt -fo-í- iMÉic N#tei, mMOlTOEif Oak Kill Quany, to MÍéw ft fp'-d ‘*v«la«ri tmwa fourrbiefa ^Nsato etthiBUaatoSfoB ibi'W esBea and lava NatemriütBttbtoi K>|««w{ÜtoÍMMi MXXNUON, MÜMLIMBBIEhi» MbAfo eme SMEi, OR «*» BBiBirr. br KrilMiMieMltoto Mfoiri tos law 11. ML r

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