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The Joliet Daily News (Newspaper) - June 8, 1896, Joliet, IllinoisTHE    <«9iLI8lL    WSDMESD4T.    Jü¿T    8.    1898. 8 laon8w#tt«t«i8(Diblgkl. Qarriott. Cool Sb^. For Hght Coats •nd Vests, light Stítts, Hght Underg«?r»eiiCs ahd breezy Outergarmerrts. Prices here in keeping with'the goods— thin and airy. Don’t^ Forge :to oofne in this week the Silver Stat«e of to see Montana. Even if you have seen it at the Worlds Fair you may have forgotten how it looks, ^htottion hee. 8re«dinr «yoiu^ free oí chaige. JOUET ÍLC An £pl does not alwa}^ turn out to your satisfaction, but if a change (rf grocers •is idesired th«e is one store that wiU please you—if it’s irst-dassgoods^ service you want in return for theiowest possible prkes. L F. ilS'A GO Pgf&N TO BEECHES ^OW WORK WADE fiV THE VENTKW tHUai^R. CON- HctFUht Uitkc OmmtttMM Cre8«Bt-ials Of«T Ot« IfMügim tea MebMaka CMMMli-OcUir 1» Tk«lr lUperrt Otvm th* ClteteUbii • Ctattoe to liitea to I^MteWr-AajeanMdlVBill S p. m. vention still awaits tira report of tiia corn* rattteo OB ondentiala, 18t8Bp.    is    again askea to address the eoBTention and he le now prooeedlng to tho {datfona. Be meeta with a gxeikt leo^oo. }»:88p. 1B.^'*1 did no* come here^" asjys Aitgeld "to make a speech bat to help formulate the poitejr of the Demo- GoBTention Bali—1:$7 ^ m.—The oon-Toution has fust adjouloed ntfkil 6 p. at., after hearing a partial rqiort from the committee OB eredeirthds. In that rqihrt ^ Bryan delegatloii Iroa* Nebraska was given the attOs htid by the gold men of that state. The BidilNpia ease is giving the credentials oommiltee considerable tronble and a llerer dgb* io on 4>etweeu the twofaotMha ThffeW % pcssiblllty that a minority report will be bceugbt in on the guestiob of the, Michigan delegation    f. The oommlttee re|ierted against the. g(dd delegatee frem Mkfalgaii and Nw hrasluC The committee's report on the Bryan dél^ptilóDs was deClarel oarrtedamid great oonfnsiou. Russell of Massaohosetta demanding a roRoall on the reporti but withdrawing biamction soon after. Tho Nitiwatiia bannor was hoisted at the speakers’ iliatid airt the Bryan dtiega-tlon after marching about the ball took tbelrseats amid ebeen, tile au^nce standing np. The «diommcsit was on motion of Alt-geld. MAY NONtitiATE TONIQHT. Stiver JHen Will Seat Mlehlsran Contestants or AlKdlsli Twe-nOrds Rale. Chicho, July 8.—(Special to ^he News.}—^entf tiionsand peopde walked into tto Coliseam this morning In the same orderly manner that the crowds at the Wortd’e fair did. Not« single drunk en man eonid be seen In the building, and til the officers seemed to bo - doing tiielr duty tn^vMiTrospecv. Although the proceedings were iw every deli^ed, tbo crowd was thorongbly ipiod natused. The .credentiala-comatttee is the bone of eon teirtion. The seating of the Bryan del^^ion Bocade the moet ppumaooed ou^nrst of the day. Bowover, btiote tbat^ieetii-makiQg was in ecd»to flil ln thotlme. The vener ablooz-Senater Bogwi, of Tesas, was the principal speaker, bat received ecaroe at-teothm be^sebe talked w> long on tbe tariff. Qeneml Blackburn, of Eentooky, received much attention. Ho talked like an old greeobaoker on the money qnos-tion, declaring that the attempt to retire untaxed greenbacks and to destroy opr AmerkaB aystem <ff ihance was a mens Rous wrong. Be hod somttbing worth talking about as the people were there to GROCERS-tea HI. Cldcigo SL COAL OCALERS-gii-sTTi^i St. T^ldpbew aw aig. by tradiai: wKli us lorCiisli. Giye U3 A toaf ao4 seg your-self. Tfy « Roast or Steak of our fancy Native Steer Beef. Alwa|ffi tender. Boiling H.\e«f at.‘.......... Home-Made at.......... 5c-6c i^k Sausage 8c 5000 Stifar^CLWd Picnic Haitfg, warrantnd—^ at — ^..... Boiled tím» alw^ oalusMt KIEPBRl hear about tiie Qoestkm of tbe ddy. When Governor Attgeld’s name was In trodueed to tbe eooventlon the aitiienoe gave him an ovatien. Be begged to bo excused twice bat still the aadlenoe Insisted. and tQT a formal vote of the eon vention he was invited to speak, fie shared the honors with Blackburn in dealing with live^oastions. Tammany is ken pFrtending to represent an organixation that John Kelly made great. Its leadsrs shouted for gold, while the working men at home ware tan^ by Kelly to bdieve that the striking down of sUver was a orlme^ and thc^ stin believe it. Hill, Fellows and 14ower may tontsnue to represent these pe<^e at tbo oonven-tion but the vdtseoi New York City will go to tiio Bnmoraatictilver candidate. Senator Vilas, tbe great ouokoo aud at-tom^ for Wisccmein ralleoads, has been very quiet thus far. The mast intease exoitement prevails over thajtiiournment till 6 o’clock this evening on acoount of the contest over tbe Michigan delegates. The gold men ue playing a waiting game, hoping to wear out tbe silver men, but they ace dogged lot of men, dead in «amest, and will not be defeated. It is possible that candidates may be named tonighrt. TbeaUvermen will either obtain the neoessaiy two-titirds by seatii^ Um contesting Michigan dskgatltm or abrogate the two-thirds role. If it is not necessary to do tbe l^ter lor tbisooneention it will bedone away with bweafter, B. E. B. „A FRIEND AT COURT.” Warden AUen Esoerts Some Joltotera lato tbe CenveutioBL. 1:80 p. m. ^Special to Tbo Mews.}-Tlckets wese stlB bard to obtain >y the silver men this laoraing- But for Warden AUen The News would have been oomplotoiy up a «dSomp. Ysaterday be booalsd us tbreug^ 4hs«ato stit^ the .aid of fsme of Fhe g^bogs who atm adtmre to Wa dstiJag timw JmmnltDous times; aad taiiwibodM the same thtng,and wllb JfesÉH. BpaaniMiis, Welaar and Ometir we went in wk)b etiem RylRg. Old Hick-or/ was in mríf and bpd a batter seat. From the peoatiwmt poeitien 1 am occupying 1 can see that thiggs are going onslowir. Dmringa waltfor tha com-inití;W/tf> credenttiis those ms nothing of Imjportance ezoipt the ^eeobeg music and ffitf csiUs for BUI who wu net m bted. Of tbe epeeohes, tfaat of Govecuor^ Altgeld received tbe greatest ovation. JIM. BULLETINS, MemsoíRemaiid Ramot'yn»m Nw Oen-BaiL MU—A notidp to adlonm is yuted dowii by aenvention. H«)i^ «1 HUgoig etili jb OegMlor AilgcM to mS dCMlnalmi. Aitatia Ovnrmeyer, of Ihyf: "Yerterday iWMfMVMl from umtio party for tbe benettt of Americans. Nearly everything in these western states from the farm -to the aewing machine of the M|fe^tress is under mortgage and all in tf^ Interests df the ]^tglish money t«aér . Belief is expected from the action Of this oonvmtion. The gold standard has lowered the prioo of farm predutia While the farmer has had to pay more for What be had to buy. The gold Demoerats want to pat baiters on AmerioaiM in fa rot at the English money lender. Will they be allowed to do it!’’ The qnestion is answered with load cries of NC^ Ncs from the eonventton. 18:40 p. m.-Altgeld is stiU ittiking earnetiily and in-tin same etrtia He holds tbe attention of the «udletiee perfectly. "The gold Demoerats" says he "claim that they love their esunWy aad still they are doing all they OBB for thoFO English mon^ men and tending to make ^the productos of thia coontiy msee vassals.” 18:68 p. m.-As Altgeld flnishes there -are odea fto TBlmanbutbe did not re epond. The oommtttee to not yet ready to report. 18:66 p. ra-^Gaorge F. TffiUau», of MaasaohusrttB, to vequestiea to address the Convention, fieisayomag man and a good ttisiiher. 1:08 p. m.—Heittye.tlkat thanonveatlon is in DO wise seotional. New EMgland is repreeentoa and has us muofa atetafce as tin west and'SQUth. Ho speaks fm five million apindles now- silent. 8:10 a m.—It is said <m'i^>atentiy good autbcrity tiiat tbe oommitieeon ore dentiais bas decided to«tharow out the gold dtiegation foto Miehigon and Ne breaka. «nd^ glvo tin silver men their places. This wilLtring the "oratto of the Ftatte," W. J. Bryan, of Nebraska, in as a full-fledged mmnber of the eon vcntlon and he will be one of the promi-neat fighters for silver. S:60 a. m.—The resolutions eommittee is at work. The malority report wilt favor tbe tree and nnlimitefd eoinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1. It to stated that a phmk has been decided on de-nonnelng tho Usmaoce of government bonds in times of peace and demanding that toe power to;issue bonk notes sliall bo taken away from national banka. The pfaiDk on the toriflf question will deelaro for a tariff.for revonua.only. The enaci-ment xff a ooastitntioiml auHmdment to permit the levying of an inoonoa tax will also be demanded. Other planks that will probably be rqxirted will be as Í0I lows: Expressing sympathy with tbe Caban bdltgerá&ts in their straggle fc«f freedom. Demanding tbtf reetriction of tbe immigration of pauper labor. Savoring liberti pensions to aid soldiers. Denouncing tlm Padfie Railroad fnnd-ing bill. Opposing the eleotion of any man to tbe presidency for a third term. And denonucing the oxtravaganoe of tbe last Bepublioan oougress. 9:65 a. m.—A big flgltt is expected in tbe convention today. Tho Tribune says that the gold men aro ezpeoted to bolt anu take separate-aotion at tbe eomiug election. It also states that tbe two-thirds rule will likely bo abregatei in tho convention teday. 9 67 & m —Altbeugh tho hour set for opening the convention is but tbreo minutes away, but few dol^ates are in their seats. Nat a New York or Msssaofausetts man has yet arrived. Tbe band is playing and the galleries are fast fllltng up. Tbo weather is flna It is slightiy warmer than it was yesterday but tampered by the usual lake toeexe. Tho oon vention ball is very comfortable. 10 a. m.—Only about one-third of tho delegates have arrived as yet. Tho or obestra is playisig a sacred stisotion oul ouiated to sober the angry foollDgsof the twotaotioua Those who bayo arrivoi wear a forlorn and baggard look. The nowapaper men an til in tboir pj»"— lOdio—Senator WMto of Califontia has been seleolcri by the sikor men for per monent ohatoman of tbe eonveotion. 10:16 a m.—None of the Now York or Massaobusetts delegates ^ve airived yet. There to a Itir eprinkllng in the other sections, 'ibe delegates are straggling in slowly. 10:817 a. m.—Tbe Iowa dtiagation has just arrived boaring the big Bties banner at its head. Great applause grasked it as tbe dekgatos marched down tbe aisle. 10:31 a. m.—Ex-Chairman Harrity has taken h'a seat among tbe Pennayt|anla delegates. 10:88—The Bryan club of Nebraska has jnst entered with a huge bine banner om-blasoned with silver. Its marob Is geeet-od with great ofaeem from the gatheviag. 10:38 A m.—The New York delegation is holding a qbhcus. This aeooonts for their abseucA The other delegatioDs are fairly reprosentod. 10:46 0, m.—Tbe gtilories and speoial seats are now as well filled as yesterday. Tbe de!egatoj still slowly ooming in. 10:49 A in.—Twenty-fonr of Penney 1-vanla’s delegates havedoolined to vote for Bland. 10:61 A m.—Considerable oauousing is •vidantiy going 00 in tbo viohiity of tho Illinois delegation. 10:61 A ra.—Tho convention has been called to order by Cbtir«AD fknifii tho swgeant-at-arms has bsea ^ordatod to clear the aisles. lOdti a. m.—Tbs suboommittee 00 tonn haa agsoed on tbe draft of aamo and its raport is now beiqg read to ihe full delegation just arrived and have taken llfilA m.—A d^egate from Kansas moved that an Informal reoess of five minntes be taken and that Governor Bogg, 6t Ttoaa be invited to address the convention. Oairisd. 11:15 A m.—Governor Hogg 'has taken the platform amid great cheering and has commenood to talk. « 11:88 a m,—All tha ssata allotted to New York are now filled. 11 :S7 a. m.—At a meeting of the Now York de!egation held this morning at 8 o’clock radical speeches were made in favor of bolting. 11:40 a lA—a minority report is being prepared by some of tho ooinmittoe on oredentitieibucesting against unseating the gold del^:.te8 from Michigan aud NebraskA 11 riO A m.—Governor Hogg has been talking now for twenty minutes. He stated that the mission of the Domooraoy was to defend the peopio of the country. "Tbo convention” said he "should work towards results in November. Unra is tbe party of the majmlif and each luentber should lay aside his personal feelings to fight the common enemy, the Republican party. We should have a friendly spirit among the delMities here in tbe oenven-tton and heteafter. I predict success at the polls in November if the Democnitio party works tagetfaer'harmoniously. Tbe peopio will not tolerate the return of tbo. R^ublioan party to power. The Repub-lioan platform is a massof glittering gen eralittes put together to deceive the poo-plA A protective tariff is only in tbo in-tereets of the wealthy and against the farmer and the workingman.’’ 11:60 A m.—Governor Hogg is still ad dressing the convention. He has tticen up tbo currency question and is handling It in a way that delights the silvei men. He charges that a big corruption fund is being raisoil by the Republicans to carry Ohio, IHinois and other states. Ho advocates free eolnago of silver and de nounoesthe Ropoblioan financial platform as in the interests of a foreign nation. He read the financial piank of the Re-publicau party as given in the Minneapolis platform of 1898 in favor of bimetallism and said If that meant anything It meantplaoing gold and silver ou equal termx The speaker’s sarcastio manner wins him frequent applause. He ridicules the idea of an agreement with other nations He oloses by asking that, all sol-es be healed after the convention. Then the .party win march onto certain victory. 11:53 a. in.—Cries for Hill, Altgeld and Blackburn ate made amid confusion, ^oney of Mississippfl moves that Black-burn, of Kentucky, bo requestotl to ad dress the convention. The motion is carried unanimously and anrid groat cheer ing he proceeds to the platform. As Blackburn steps tc tbs trout a big ova tion is given him. ' 11:53 a m.—BlaOkburn says: ‘‘The majority of tho Amerioan peopio aro suffer-lug from wrongs and lhey look to this oonvontion to right these wrongs. Wt are bore to meet tbe reasonable expectations of the peopta. I:iet us take no action that is not tempered with the fullest meoaure of fairness. EPWORTH UAGUE OFFICERS. New One» Cbosea By Grace M. E. Church Last Night. OQUmittee. 10:64 a. in.-The MCgaant-at-arms has fooMi oxdand to allow no one on tbe floor except detagatee. 10:66%. m.—New York aaen om atill tinent Chairman Daniel hae Intaodnoed Bev. Graes, of lowAte jaaka tha flpwiag prayer. Tbe aadlenoe and del«ipitee have Arieea and ore etandlnf dojrim ffim Invo^ eatioA lO.-M A p.—Impreetito pnyer The readiac olerk is making annoanofr-menta fqgardlng mall and ttiegyame. 11a m.~Clm|rman Daatal hm neuBoed that the flset butiAeai heftoB the convention is the repeats of and otile for that en oredentlata. There toJU) iwponae. m.—The oonvetilon to lag tlm repdrta ef oommitaeeA 11 d>6 A m.-The conteet In thelfiohigiui hag bepi roopeaed and the oomaJttae «anta BMM tima Atwood, of guem if the ohairman of tha ooaustotta and he hiw aakad tbf «emuntotaato meet immed-iataijr Is the radv el Mm aommUtM, H'JM A St.—TIP Btaad mamhing eiab has Joffi aMtorei wd Hearaerd to etatatiiig 'n The Epworth loagua of the Grace M. £. church has taken hold h of tbo work with a now vigor, even in tbo hot weather, and are about ready for a good snm-incr’s oampaigu. The newly-oleoted officers are pledged to good honest work, and will be ably, assisted by efficient aud prompt working committees. The devotional meeting df tbe league has been obanged from df83 to 8:30 0» Sunday evening, immediately following tho sermon. An added interest and n larger attendance are tha resnlts. Last Sabbath morning a 6 o’clock prayer ser-yioe was held and quite well attendeil. Tho social dej«rtmont will soon announot something for the soeiability of the church.    ■ Huob interest and effort will be cen-terei in tbe work of the devotional department. Tbe buslnees meeting last evening showed good intention and determination for the work. A cabinet meeting will I3e held on Fi;i-day evening, when plans fer the new term will be outlined. Tbe aewlj-eteoted offl-oers ace: President—C. V. LaFontaine, who takes this posiliou for a short timo only whan othor material may be used. First Vice President—Mrs. Foraker. Second Vice President—Miss Lulu Miller. Third Vice President-Dr. H. H. Bald-win. Fourth Vice Prosidont—Him Grace Do Long. Seoretary—Mias Laura Sohwartz. Treasurer—Miss Hattie Oaipenter. Joint suporintendeota of the Junior JeagiM aro Mrs, George Sbtiar and Mrs. Foraker. “TEN MILES AN HOUR." awtit- |»fl «nr Entry blanks are being sent out for tho Joilet meet in the series of lUluois clr-cnit races July 31 and August 1. The first day’s events pre as follows: One mile handicap, Joliet Cycle club, with four prist», ainateiur. Half-mile open scratah, wtthiour prises, profeisional. One-fonrth mile open,wMi Mweo prises, amateur. Boys 16 and under, one aille; three priecA amateur. Two mile handicap, four priset. <Xoa mile handicap four ftrtsea, pnofoss-lonal. Five mtle bandioap, four pciaoA |6 to Itader at quarters, amatanr. One mile Will eounty ohamplonshlp OBO prize, gold medal valued at fM, aina-tenr. For Augast 1 tbe raoes om m follows: One tulle handicap three p%lxM> amateur. One mile open, thnw prima, and |6 laader at each quarter, profeoslpnal. Onehalf mile bandUafi 0^, three priasA amateur. Thrae mile faaadieap (our priacA pro-(easlonal. One-half mile opoo, four priawi, amateur. One mile handicap, four prixe% amateur, Ona mile handicap four prtosA profeM-iomal. fflvo mile lumdieap Will aoanty, live pilaeA atfaujtoar'. aU iwlMa luoga from 18 to 160. to A GREAT QUARTET. FOUR <v FINE RACES START THE »96 MEET AT INGALLS* PARK. aagaadt TMics the Si40 Tret In Three Ihst Henle-Briffht Ught Wine the 8t4U PaoA Meklng    in    One    Heet- Bemle Leaoh aad Thorndlne the Other WinnerA Seven o’clock bad arrived beforo the last race bad been run at Ingall’s park yesterday afternoon, yet vow few of the three thousand left before nieA It was a day of good racing with exoiting fin-tofaoA The slowest tlmo was 8dM; mada hy tho 8-year-oIdA This is of itself a rather remarkable result for a whole afternoon’s racing, especially when it to considered that there were two 8:40 raoes on the program. On the other hand the fastest time of the day was made in (me of tbe heats in the |1:40 pac», when Golden Prince won in8:l8í4. Tbe close finishes in nearly every race k^t tho large crowd up to enthusiastio exoitement. Joe Patehen was brought cut for ex hlbiti(m and his appearance was tbe signal for hearty applause. Sport, the pacing dog, gave an exhibition, going an eighth of a mile in 88}^ asoondA The d(M has been trained to pace wHbont harness, and moves rapidly and with great freedom. A pace against time by Sport will be a daily feature of the present meoting. G. W. Redfleid, the owner, gives this short sketch of his pet: Sport is a cross between a Gordon Scditer and Newfound land, and was 7 ^.ars old last May. Ho has been five years before tbe publip and has traveled ail oret this oountry attending state fairs ahd ra<m It took over three years of training to teaoh him to pace without harness. The first race was taken by Yon Zandt in three straight faeata. He was driven by J. Doveranx, bis owner. Getting off in the lead in oaoh heat, tho horse was never beaded and won hardly by half a length. The summary; VanZarAt...............   1 Black Setii............................. 2 Zepeto................................. 4 Emma OSatt................   .    a Lady Alford.............................. 6 Olive Wood .............................. 9 Excel  ........................... 7 I,a(ly Allertou......................... 6 Prinra Herat.............   8 Time-3d6tt, 2:161,2;17t|. While sooring for the second heat in tbo second race Bright Light threw a shoe and several minuter’ delay was occasioned. This horse was an crids-on favoritp Golden Prince being second choice at 3 to 1, tbo others ranging from 10 and 30 to 1. Considering tbe n imher of horses in the race, but llttlo trouble was had in itartlng. Golden Prlnoo led, followed olosely by Jim Simmons and Lady Helen. Bright Light secured a poor start but caiue through the bunch rapidly and finished second. The octis then went up to 1 to 6, so strong was her finish. That ;:ood judgment was shown is seen in the fact that tbo next three beato she captured. In tho third heat Golden Prinoe again secured the load but near the half Bright Light overhauls him nod in a doN finish wou out by half a length. Dandy Boy led off in the fourth heat, followod closely by Mra Joe, but before tbe latter had gone a bundrod yard^ one of ^he sulky wheels broke, and she dropped out of the race, jüullross, the driver, suoceedod in stopping the horse and fortunately no oue was injured. In the filth heat Bright Light took tho lead at tho start and maintained it to tbo end. Cuming down tbe stretch she was chollcngod by Golden Prinoe and for a moment it looked us if she was beaten. She responded nobly to Boyce’s urging aud won in one of tbe most exciting finishes jf tho afternoon. Bright Light is thought to bo a ownlBg horse. She is owned by P. R. Budd, of Uinclnnatl, Ohio. The race yesterday was her second race. She won her maiden stakes at Peoria last wook, making a re-.;urd for herself of 8:139á in the sixth heat Uhe is 6 years old. Tbo summary: II7 all the way from one to two lengthA In the Noend heat BaHqy came up rapidly and he and Fl(mie F. had an exciting ttutoh for placA Bailey ■oont half length. Theaummary:-— Thorndlne............... Jlesste W................. aáí.a:». winning by a TICKET MANIPULATOR CAUGHT. Altoa DeteettvM Arrest Him la a Little Mtoioarl Towa. Br.ght iofli üol len Prince. Jim Bimmons. Dandy Boy. His. Jo oe........................ I,ady Helen..................... liarmluo..................... iteuben B....................... Hary........................ Blam Boy................... ... Ked Rose....................... R**o....................... ISaster B.dl.............. •Withdrawn. Time 2:12ty, 2;13t^, 2:14l|t, 2:16,2a4l*. 11 2 1 1 11 1 6 8 22 3 2 2 E3 11 4 3 L6 4 3 11 44 6 7 6 £7 10 12 4 -610 6 10 6 t9 7 6 7 76 9 8 9 .12 12 11 . *8 d (i d 8 9 10 »Marriage LtaeoseA Giovnanl Qiaabetto 88; Lnola Tto«. Ua 88: both ef Ceti City.    ^ Ntobatoa Bomr 88; KaEkarlaa •heok, 10; both ef Jellet. Zvaaah- The tl^ird race was a good one from iirst to last. Bessie Leooh, Don Q ami Buster giving good oxhibltions of speed. In tbo first heat Buster took tbo lead, out quickly gave placo to Don Q and ü«nr» Wllkos who led to tho half. Thou Buster moved up and pawing the others .von by a lengtfi E. S., driven by^Wyc-kofT, had crept up rapidly and sncceedod in getting place. The second heat was started with Buster leading, followed by E. S., Loaob being sixth. Throwing off her near ram-pctitow, she overtook Buster on the back stretch and from there to the finish it was every Inch a horso race, Baxter mming under tbe wire slightly In tbe lead. Buster and Leaoh started tbe third heat ou praetlcally evou torms and ran loM than half a length apart until tbehema strotoh was Kaohed, when Buster seemed to tiro .«nd ^11 book to fourth plaoA Don made a good rash, but too late to win. Bessie Loooh was a nose In front of a splondid start in tbo fourth heat, with lion Q second. This order was malotalnod until tbe finish. Tbo hot paco told on Buster and be dropped back to sixth place. Maud Downing was given a shade the best of tbe start in the fifth and final host, closely followed by Leach, who Quickly took the lead and held it to the finish, hltbough closely pressed ty Don Q, The sununary: The vigilanoe of tbe Ghieago and Alton detectives has bean rewarded by tho capture of Jack Conneil, the Springfield tioket manipulator. Word has been re-oelved that the agent was arrested at Kirkwood, Ma, and to now behind the bars at Springfield. When Counoil left Springfield so suddenly two weeks ago, there was absolutely no clue 08 to his dratiuation. He disappeared as completely as if the earth had opened and swallowed him up. Telegrams wore sent In every direction giving a description of the missing dma but up to lost Friday there appeared bnt little likelihood of bis being overhaoled. In fact, the general pobUo and railroad men did not boIievB that any effort was being made by the C. & A. offici ato to capturo Counoil or to pr(»eeute him for the ti leged crooked work. Hto capture aud arrest are therefore a surprisA Early last week a clue was secured to the efltot that he was seen in St. LouIa and the detective hastened south. It was loarnod there that Counoil bad boarded a Missouri Paclllo train for Kansas City,and the detective followed. By oare-ful inqnlry it was learned that the fugitive left the train at Ktrkw(x>d, a email town in St Louis county and bat a short distaUQo from St. Louía intending to throw any possible puraners off the trail. Tbe detectivQ also loft tho train at Kirkwood ond after a long search found bis man in an obscure lodging bonse and ar rested him. Counoil made no resistance to being taken into custody but apparently resigned himself to his fate. The detective and Counoil went to Uhl cago togetlmr Sunday and had a eoufer-onoo with tho C. & A. officials there. Monday noon the two boarded a Wabosb train for Springfield arriving there that samo evening. The pair left the train at the O. & M. crossing atul stopping into a surrey that was in waiting were driven rapidly to Justice Brlnkerboff’s court Tho justice and state’s attorney oi San gamon county wore in waiting, having been uotilled by wire. Conneil appeared very much downcast and dispirited. He woived examination and the bonds were placed at 13,009. In defanlt, be was p)ao:d in tbe oounty jail. Hto (amiiy oalled to see him thera It is reliably reportad that be bos made a full o(mf(»8ioo of hto operations and will throw himself on tbe meroy of the court and proseoutlon. His arrest will upset the theory gonerally hold that the railroad bad no desire to prosoonte him or tbe oooductors alleged to be In on tbe deal. It is not thought, however, that the oompany wHl prooead agaiast anyone but Counoil, bat developrnents within the next few days will determine this point. Tbe grand jury of Sangamon oounty will meet in a few dayA and an Indiotmont will probably be brought against Counoil What will be done by this body against other parties said to ba implicated. Is all problematical. Tho arrest and inoarcera tion of Council has made a big sensation in Springfielii Groat sympathy to ex prossed for his family. PERSONAL  8 a Bessie Leach. Buster.......................  1    1 DoaQ.......................... Í    7 AB  ..................... a    I 1^1^ Bpwniiic............... Wllkcs..... Moral........... •■■.>0. DoraWUkes  .......<T. IJ i’ 7 6 •WttbitawU. TtMfr-8d6,a I ti Atthodf h (hert mm ooly tbiw atarten In tba'tei rasA there wai otauddarable fllyln -""----- ' dlffloulty in fetting a liart, «vlng to Joe Bailty’s wlUneaa Ht ImU iwietedJr anfl in tlMflnlheMbaQita Bo iBffiyfthrt baeMMnearhqlacfltataMai. SmSS, Alfred J. Staos to visiting friends in Ohkosb, Wto. Dr. Lewis is entertaining Rev. £. F. Hoke of Chicago Hrigbta. Aid. Knox returned last night from his Michigan pleasure trip. J. Barger, of Bonth Chicago street, oanflned to his bed with the grip. Mrs. T. D. Jones, of Joplin,Mo., to visiting her sister Mrs. J. V. Yosburgh. James Ryan, of Chioago, is visiting at the borne of Mrs. B. BarkA Oneida street. Mre. T. W. Rowland, of Sherman street has fully reootered from her recent ill uess. Mrs. S. D Chaney starts noxt week for Chautauqua. Mr. Chaney expects to go later. Miss^ Sadie BurkA of 160 Comstook «troot, is improving ilally from her recent illnesa Miss Eila Warren,, of PeoriA to tho guost of Miss Boitio Johnsan, So nth Broadway. Judgu Otis and wife are watching the "unterrlfied” at tho Coliseum, going up this moruing. Miss    Love    has    gono    to    Pontiac to spend i^uplo of weeks with friends aud relative). Miss Susan Ross left Tuesday morning for Woodstock, Cana(to, to spend a couple of months with relatives. Miss Mary Cannon,of Desplaines street, leaves tomorrow for a month’s visit, in Rook Island and Peoria. Mím Bessie Booth, of Sooth Chioago street, leaves today for a two months visit with relatives In Roobester, N. Y. Kenyon Palmer has gono to Washington, D. C., to attend tbe Christian Endeavor convention. He will aftorwards go to Trenton, N. J. Miss Floraoce JonoA of Tbe Nswa loavOT Saturday evening for a two weeks vaoation In Wallingford, Wank^n and other northern IlUnoto resorts. 1. L. Holt, wife and obildren left this morning for Chioago, in order to saoure medical treatment for their 6-year-old obild, who has been quite siok this sum* nier. Bov. £. Roey, of Braldwood, left laat night at 6:16 for Rockford. III., to attend tbo state Afro-Amertean Protective league oonvent'on which oooveniw In Rockford the 8th and 0tb. Facts ©1 For You If you are attracted by the ads. of others, wa wish you to take coun-» sel of reason before you separate yourself from your money to buy their goods. We never make exagger-*' ated promises. We are selling everything in our Clothing De* partment (except Clay Worsteds and Flannels) for m Among tbe passcngara on tbe Campania ton days henee will bo A. C. Clement who to going ovsr to oompore Eurtywnn txmkery with the Lake Bnparior arttole. Ue has qot mapped out a tour, bat will heed first foX LoadoA with a piobabto side trip to Paris in proapacA Try HUi ft Ca for good tiiosA |l.«B-«hl«iCO ate Brtnra-flLM. Aooonnt of tho Dsosoaml nonvention at Cbtaagty iba Santa rantoviUsillaxonnlM Makata to dd. oago and rsinrn on Jnly i A & 7 andfi altLOA Rstnrnl    ^ B.C. '3m mámmm ONE HALF OFF BEGILÁB FBiCEB Some goods slightly damaged by water, go for less than one-half off. ONE-THIRD OFP ON WORKING SHIRTS HATS AND MANY FURNISHING QOOOS NO EXTRAS - NO ALTERATKMUt EXCEPT AT YOUR EXPENSE TERMS STRICTLY CAStt... W. S, PECK & CO. 0. E. JARVIS, Manager. Cor. Jefferion aad Ottawa Streatsd SGHROfDER -AND- WILSON, . East Side Grocers. Special Sale. 10 pounds Flake Taboca...........Kg 1-ib can Tan fioucen’s Cocoa, p«r IK Kg l-lb can Btiudorf Coeda, pw Ib K» I-lb can Rockwaad Cocoa, per lb IK Baker’s Premium Choootate, per lb.. ISa Lainr’a FremiamOhooohtaa.......... 85» Gcod Vinegar, per gallon..........  Iflg SALXOX. We have received our new spring eaMs Booth’s Celebrstad Salmea. Tbay ara very fine. Special price in quaatitiea. raviT JASS. We are thi people who ean supply yag with tot genuine Maten Fruit Jan afl Írices that cannot fail to ptoase you. ’int Jsrf, per dozen  .......... Quart Jars, per dozen...... }ii-gallon Jars, CdoMn...........K» , per doMn...... fig Seti^^^WaXj^per potind. KS—We have a fall assortaiselef all sizea You will find onr prices r%l4 COFFEES. Good Roast Rio Coflé?, per Ib...... Fuicy Qcddan^o Coffee,^1^ Ih...» |K Mexican Java Coffee, per i ... Arabiaa Mooha Coffee, per ib. IIPTOH CETLOV TEA Tb. to. tb. onwd <buk a tW «.M. CMHudlijit Itmll tut,,.' EEAI. ESTATE. % We offer the Loaú Max iweperty—tffift '"a aere of areaad, 6-room hou»A chickenhowA well, fmoe, etc., -Oft Maple street, east of UmÉ, . rgand home, price #1,600; worth •8,000. This property wiU aszety you moaey. Eailroad Tiekots for Sftlt. Stand tri tanlerll. ímI. .U. KewÉiaMwgf. Sehroeder ft

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