The Joliet Daily News in Joliet, Illinois
3 Jul 1896

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The Joliet Daily News in Joliet, Illinois
3 Jul 1896

Read an issue on 3 Jul 1896 in Joliet, Illinois and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Joliet Daily News.

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The Joliet Daily News (Newspaper) - July 3, 1896, Joliet, Illinois TWÉNTIKTH m&AR, m TL ^UEX, ILLs FRIDAY, JÜLY 3,189G—EIGHT PAGES. PRICE THBEE C5ESTS.f ITCHING SKIN DISEASES REUE^D BY •: ON^^PPUCATION OF . lBm»T Osa TnATxan—V«# Intte «ilk Oonmu 8«ur, gcMh imHwitoM ot CoTtouu foiMmo)!), »nd mild dOBM of Con* wnm KKSoumr. snalNlot hamor care*. |i»ikrv thv.'    Mb.    BBd    91*    Rutbb ASK Cww. Omcf, 9ol* PtOIMI, BortoA. av-- a«r m Cm lickiAc 8klA Umw the waiU. Trim, | 5M0KE THE M-F O. BY hENE.. CHRISTENS. «07 H- CHICAGO ST. JOUET. ILL Ro Need to Snifer! don’t bei|> jon. or If ■ ■ jon u« ' one is ^SMv ^ Cffikem DÓÓIW. &HHIN JIGK^N, givosjron the nnlniiwacqantutitnoowtth CbinriaeUMts. RHMdIniramKcessfüUy used. Swcliil suw wttkeowenptkiliand rheumatic cases, bat iknwlB dtWiiM trentod. lar 0|Mn svninn bb4 Sondáis. AKorieo-Chiiooe Nodical Aso’n (HfCOnroKATID.) DR CMENQ AH HSN JACKSON. 018 Jcllersoa Street, , .    , «verCatawltSlMs. JOLIET ILL TN **X” Rays BicyQlo Lamp A KMoaeim Lamp deslpHia *letlm«l|n «t « tiOolar down^idt.. LanHW»l|k eomfet.adeiálfle wm-sOaeM tniUle^ an ttat aB pro-daats at emakwiipun' pesa freely aoap. m is w^FcilUaat audabso-loMlstMdy, wltiutaiHitnK tke stnmg-«81 linda *«#t*l*wit jars. RecooMBended ami Soy by Itliet Bkjcli R$osi(or}.| D. F. CHANDLER, Mfr. In Etaiking: SO much depend on the flour that jfou C1ÁH lo Ik without IN A STATE OF WAK Cleveland Has to Call in the Aid of the Miiitia. TUKDLT AT THE HOISTUG WOBAS. Hon-Vnlam Mom A^n Havoie DoOvurd-•d—Stndeat b ÍSct Upon and Kaooked Down—Drawias    Pi*t«d H« Tlmii Hb AMaiZaats aad Ktlla AaoUmr Man— Attempt «0 I^jadt Htak kad b BoU aABajr kgr Bnpoaote. Clbvblanxh Jvly    ^ke at the Bro«|i Hoi:Hing 'Company’s works has reached a pcdnt where the authorities as weli as the strikers are in no mood for trifling. When the non-union men left the works at 5 o’clock yestmday aftonoon ttiue was more rioting. Two hundred and fifty policemen emerged from the gates, guarding fifty-three workmen. An immense crowd had gathered a block away, but the police took a new route and eladod them for the momefit. The strikers set-up a yell and ran, soon overtaking the marching column, hooting and yolUng. A huge moviag van was in the roar, filled with strikers, and with it a small wagon laden with empty beer bottles. The pcdice su^ected-fhat the bottles were intended as missiles and compelled the driver-of the wagon to turn back. Polioe Cha^ «aSh* Neb. At Willson kvenuo and Euclid a railroad train blocked^t^e way aad an effort was made to diivo tiie van through the guard of poHo^ Tim officers dragged to the ground ^ dri^Dr, Fred W. Hearn, a moving contractor, acd tho man on the saatbe^ehim, W. J. Q’K<dI, a paving contmotw. These men resisted and the poUeeoaod their otnlN on them with such eftict that ihdir heads were soon a swollen mass of cu& O'Neil’s ankle was brokmi. The stHkoM In tlwr^vsn Jumped owt aad the police charged the crowd, using their clubs ou all tho heads within reach. Frank Goqpenhocker, a nuwdUnist returning from work and ‘not a striker, was caught In the crowd and severely clubbed <m the head. Heam was arrested and locked up Rtetwra AttaiA a Studeat. The strikers dispersed before the onslaught of the polloe and tho n<m-union men were sent home. Meanwhile a tragedy had taken place at the Brown works. Albert Q. Saunders, a young student at Case Sdiool of Applied Sdonoe, whose fatl^ lives at %1 Prospect street, haá been wwking few the Brown company dudng vaoaUonAcw the practical knowh «ifga it Vtoold gHNbim. Re did not leave with Che nanpuxüan..., Kon upder police but nmúnted his bicycle and songOt to reach home alone. As he tamed up Hamilton street a knot of etrikers saw him and shouted to him to'stop. He did not obey and they began to throw tiiones and bricks at hlin. A brick struck him on the head and knocked him c^his wheel, and he claims that after he vr^down they oontlnnod to stono him. Balbt iUte a Itoe-Gombateim. 'Biting to Ms knees he drew his revolver and fired. The ball missed his assailants, sped across a vaoant lot, and burled itself in the breast of William Rettger, one of the strikers who was walking through an alley with several oompanions. Rettger was sent to a hostal where he died in a few minutes. He was a single man 35 year* old, bearding on Hoedley street aad was a IwotiMr oC Fitchur Rettger, of tim Milwaukee base hall club. Patrolman Gibbons heard the shot fired, and rushing up stiaed young Saunders and hurtled him into the ofBoe of the Biahop-Baboodk Compel^. In a wonderfully short i^aoe wIthleiveMheroMts. ^vamd men r boysw«e tvonnded sHghtly ly Hheaol-dkn. Hm guards formed in üuM of tlM office, and just then company F was seen aUghting from tirem cars a blwdi away. Amid a frengy of cxcitenmit on tke part of the dense crowd a patrol wagon was backed to the door of the ottra and Sann-dNs was jerked into It and aeade to lla on the bottom. The guards formed aronndlt with bay* onets at charge and foroed their way down Hamilton street, pnti of the howling mob surging akmg with Uiem. Tb hti^tcn the exdtuuent Detoiitlvei^mMty, as a warning, stood op In the patrol wagon and shot his revolver into thealr. The wagon and the soMicxs proceeded rapidly until the crowd In front had thinned, wlwn the guard tqpmed ranks and the wagonspcd on to the centralpoHcestation ata run. Saunders, whoae head i« badly cut up nnd his body n massof Moisés, is a pristmer, charged witii tim killing of Rcttgm*. Company F. In command of Major Uebich, marched to the cmter ot tin crowd that remained btiünd. The soldiers were mennced nnd jeered. Major lAebieh halted bis men, drew his revolTor and declared that upon the slightoN attempt at violmce ho would give the command to fire. After that the noise ceased and the crowd scattered, the company returning to quartos. Hie mayor has caused a prodamatiim dodaring the riot act to be In force to bepostod in the neighborhood of the Brown wortcs this mom-Ing.    _ Qaanyawa at Bercn Ara QalctMw Clkvklako, July A—The striking quar-lyuien at Boon have qoicted down somewhat. Wednesday night some ot thon tore up some wateri^pe atqoany Nad oippUng the qnariy. Yesterday vrark-men fried to ngiair It, bat were beset by a ctowd of Polish womoi with dubs aad stones, who compellcd them to seek refnge In a shetL Two special officers went to thtir reseño and oMy^noceeded In d». pertingthe women by drawing their rn-jrolvors and threatening to ■shoot. FUNERAL OF MRS. STOWC. ' WILL TAKE IT ALL, And Let the Gk>M Standard Men Have “the ResL* IHYYTBTSILYEBKESliTGEmAQO teOrga the CeareaNao, U». «ato the Nanay naak mt tk« Ftalton of time a furious crowd whidt padM the streets as far as the eye could 'readh surged against the frimt of the office, de-mandiug that Saunders be given up to it. JUOGK LThXH. TBS INKV1TAB1«B. ftoly Kalativea aad Clam Frlea* Pumat at the Katerehaa. Hartfoku, July A—With all the beauty •f the full Episc(^ ritual the fnmsal ■crvices over tM body of Harriet Beecher Stowt WOTO solemnlxed at her late home yestwday afternoon. In accoidanos with tho oft expressed witiics of Mrs. Stowe ev-erytMng In connection with the funeral was devoid of ostentation, and instead of the customary crepe at the door thcte was i wreath of kMte fiowers <m an ivy background. ’ Only relatives and dose frlen^ ot the disHngdised authoress wwo present Previous to the services the public was allowed to view the retnains, a large number of cohnred people being aumngthem. Burial services will be held this afternoon at Andover. Mass., seminary, and the burial will be on the grounds of Philips' academy, wh«e her hnshqnd and son are buried. New York, JulyA-A dispatch to The World from Havana says; Geooal Bradley T. Johnson, ctuumenring on the news of the death of Harriet Beecher Slowa said: “lam glad of it Although there was some truth In what she wrote there was much that was fnlsa For instance while it is true that there were isdated cases of ill treatment of slaves it is not true that such treatment was general throughout the strath.” ROLT OF SILVER REPUBLICANa Mob Wants a HaagtaC Bm, Bat tho MiUtIa ▼•tom the Idea. Some one brought aropeand theeryto lynch him was raised. A few began to piy at tile windows «1 the office when Pa-trdlman Glbbcras, who was onae a union worMnan,'addróssod tho mob and partly quieted li Two pafrol wagon loads of police aiTlvedand a guard was posted la frontal the bMlding. Long btfore tUs Mayor MoEisson, Ptdioe IHrector Abbott, Lteutenant Colonel Whitney (of the FUth regiment), nnd otiiers were gathered for eonsultation in the cityliaU. Word of the orttioal conditiott of affairs was telephoned to them from the Bishop-Baboook office and a request mode lor militia The mayor responded by ordering the Clevtiand City Guards anff Ofnnpany F to theseeneof thnriot The ffnards arrived Erst, justas the níób kai prepartng for another effort to ei^itare Saonders. As tiw eddlers oaeic down tiie street the mob •hrisM«ndhowlnAaBd thsgtmrdswsra tKMnpelladtoupen n way for themaoives ^ - ifÜter imkes betttv IWKt MfrllMlirtttiiit-M M ssssssssss^sssaamesssasi m Poof -Rlgariii^ there is no need for you to contemplate n wig when you can enjoy the pleasure of sitting again under your own **thateh.** Yon can begin to get yonr Imbv back as bqmi ks you begin to naa »s i|«lr Ylfor, teiAi! I 1.MUS MaWwm. BbxxEAPOUs. Jnly A—Sllvnr Repnblic-aas of the state have issnod a nmaifesto announcing that they can no hmgsr stand hythepar^Miasooantof Itetinglsstan-dard platform. Bimetallism is pointed out Mtho tnndametal principle of Republicanism, and the dirn results fcniwl from a monetalUc financial arsdl-lated upon.    7 Among tho signers ara Reprosentativn C. A. Towne, of Dnluth; ax-Representa-tive John Lind, of Naw Ulni; Connty At-toniey.Frank M. Nya; John Dainsatiti^ of MinnsiqMdis; John B. Sanborn, of St Pmü. A|1 Maso have bam veiypromi-nant in state palitics. Other tignera are FtonkA, Dijkt. H. Moer. D. P. Morgan. D.O. OadL thnrlw'K. Rogsrs, CUnton MarkeU, B. a Mnnger, & R Hovrard, James R Bennct, B. R Hoard, J. R Triggsand H. B Stoeker. Bhy Bhva Bsm toriw Barthqaaka Ottoiiwa, la., July A—Gravo fears an antertained In this city for Dm safeUr of the party of astronomars who want to Japan from California to observe the total ooKptoof She ann    Sl Mis. R R Vogel, of Ottumwa, a tistsr ot ProCiamr Otarles Bwkhallor, of Chabot aaivsrtity atOaklanl. leader at the pariy, Ban mat titiraoantoMthqoaka In JiMpansMyknva done them Injury, as nothi^ |an hew heard frtita the paiW Mnoa ttoti dtiastar. Others are Profrsesor 8ohwbede.Lk* oh- swvatoiy; Dr. Q. R Skmy, of EOMOdk land; Louis tl Manten and n jofrM Jap* nneee noWemen.    ^ and toe Presfrkmial Tk-ket tils* ti* •tound Beaey* ^Kepte What to Iiefl Wbala Baihnw ef toe Nc<ti^«e toe tocWed to One toay IT AltaeM^» XdenOfr-tolee Cenventien NeSce. Cmc.\60, July AL—According to toe tadgmmt of the most prominent and discerning Bomocrats now in I'hicagotha followlBg list comprises all of those men who mré regarded as preshbntial possl-biltties, and the order in which thi^ are placed is the otttor of thm pros^ieet for being naminated as tMngs look now: R P. Bland, of Missouri;    Boies, of Iowa; Claude R Matthews “f Indiami; H««y M Teller, of Colomdo; A- R Stevenson, Illinois; Robert R Pnfri-son, of Peiuisylvaaia; J. R McLeem. of Ohio; James A. QuupbcU. of Ohio; J. <X S. Blackbuni, of Kentucky; Ben HIIimui, af South Carolina; W. J. Stone, ot Missouri; W. J. Bryan, of Nebraska; W. G Whitney, of New York; W. K. KusscU, of Masaarhttsetts; Rcswoll P. Flower, of New York; Arthur P. Gomutu. of Mboy-land; ax-6ovarnor lNmnt»yer, «V Oregon; Stmator White, of Califcrnia. Of these Stevenson, ’miman, W'Mtney and Ras-sell have tilted plainly that they an not candidates at alL Ptegiamaie «rtha Silw-r Nm. -Aflw capturing the tenipurary aadpsr-manent organisation of the rouventton, as togy an now plaaning to d.i, thasQvcr Ibraai have planni^ to sett ki the vrlHoto thing before the cmí'áhition opewt aad wn new figwiito«n haring tho miitototdl fixed up before Saturday. Senator Joaa^ of Arkausas.- who is skitoil for Hsnit^ job as chairuma of the nation..! eonunit-mittn, an.1 who is a largo factor in the councils of tho silver men, puts It tins "Wo erpost to dictote piatfon»-^ namely, a deelantlon for the free ooiaage of silver at the ratio of Id to 1 withont n-gnrd to tho actitra M other nationsi. Then we expect to dietaté the control of tha or-ganiiatitm of the convention. Then we expect to n.vme a president nad a vioa pretident who wiH re|iresent the principles of the pbitfurm. When wo hava ^kma that wo are willing to rotupromlsa anything that is left.” Will Da It .%11 to One gay. Psnaoyar has always been (dacted •saBaaocrat. buthe has rapadiated the Criyasreptvsentod by Cleveland, and is eUncd to ca.ti his lot with the Pi^lists. Chnrks D, Gibson, of St. Louis, who arrived yesterday, ^qirung a now presidential Imom by announcing himself en-thntiastkully for General John M. Scho-fiéU, the retired commander of theanny. Glhaon stated that the genmd's boom would not have any brass band or strong-longed attachment^ but declared his be-fief that toe letlivd oflker would give great strength as well as digiii^ to tho ticket. Govmwr Itotthews -ip not a Hishest of all in Leavenigg Bower.- Lates|t U. S. Gov't RepocL abaoluteev Bowder PURE nFTCEir IHOUBAID 01 TEE KABGH frr toe vkeprosidencT,)ttd win not allow ftBAY 0\ PARAm*' Ms name to be considered for tha second,    I. AlRAXfrto pbce on the ticket. An authoritative j    - ’SLSS’o.ISiO»»    R.un- Indiaim d^cfpitioa now in thecity held a    -    ion    ail    RichlTKMld. mestiag at thtir headquaiters and named committees to prosecute Matthews’s can-jidarr for the presidency. Bnnucrvlect Money, of Mististip^, de-tiuvd that Vice Prctiderat Stevenson tras no more if a presldrotial postibility this year than Pfrtitlent Cleveland. "Ho has Iwen silent on the silver question .at a time when Ira should have spoken. Ho is no more In it than a last year’s bird’s nest.” The only avowed pretidentiai candidaros now here aro Senator Blackburn and John R MrLenn. Thane has been talk of th-presence of Governor Bmcs later on. TBK C.\Mr.tIGX FOB CMILD. Itb rrapaa^ji to (temtact ttWh«« toe Leedera Arrive. The announcement that the easton gold standard leaders, William G Whit-nqy, Saoator Hill and' othow, would arrivo todi^ pat some heart into the gold atand-ard men who are hero, and the argument In toe hotti conidcn waxed a little waraa- Ttam Shows Its Etocts tho Mew Who Esoght tor the Stars aad Bars—CWrwrr Store of tha dederson Davis Neasortad laOd by the 3fosooie Order—Vasgrsssivo aad Pathetic Skectscto-lacidswts of too Closlag Day. Richwoxd^ July A—The corner-stone of the monnnraat to be ctected in Monroe war** to the" memtuy of Jefferson Davis -eras laid yesterday afternoon with cere-«nonies which were inii»essive and patheC-to. Under a bright sun and toy, tkroogh densely packed streets; aad with the ap-of couatlc» toousands to cheer CmcAQO, July A—Foltowiag are the re-toltiof Lsaguehawhall gameB; AtChl-eago-Clnveland 7, Chicago 8; at Brooklyn -PMlad dpklnA MtotoSm 4; at Onoia-‘ SkLonisS, CtotigtmtlT; ntWato--Boston 4» Wahhlitoton A tanLeogno: AtltebdrapolbH-Dto titit|ladln«npola4; at Kansas Oto-Milwaalma M. Kansas aiy A WsstanAasoolatton: All QoinofS; BwHagtanS; at Osiw -PoorJalAOtoarMsgHil; at Dnhaqns -Rockford 1. DntoMiMlfi; at Dm Moíbis -St JossphI DtollalBtoA 9kwm, jBly A-ThoCbnntotoChiMlBBA foBntify Mas 4saa Ooold, dt Now York, 8too an rMAtonto toto yortotday whkk VtoA fihtioito. ■■nwrhnl raaml fesr n ktoiyinln ks^lpgtoany penwsathew «bhib to tmnrtir ‘ thna tolN—i kn ton And, if an interview with Governor Alt-gtid at S{Hingfield is anthontic, the silver men are also arranging to make tira Chicago convention a. phenoOMmon in the matter of quirk work—for they pn^oso to do the whole butiaans in one day. This Is toe formal and uncomprtonisttof challetoN thrown down by the chairman of the eoin-mittee of five which has nndertaken to grapidewith the natiunnl committee and run the convention. The importance of this declaration as affecting the chances of tse vartoas presidential candidates is thoroughly realised by the boom managers, nad especially by those managers who are' still hopeful for toe cause of sound money. The latter have accepted the diallenge and are qnietly mustning thtir strength and preparing to putnpn pretty fight to toe flnfrh. 8o secret are tb^ In their plaas toat tho silver men are already worried. VlM Pme CototoC* "tog Vtow.” The men who now claim to hold the kiyy to the titwition are Seaatora Jmias. of Arkansas; OaaioL of Virginia; Turpio, of IndiaBa, and Gorwnors 8toae,of Missouri, aad Altgtid, of Illinois.' At present Abls committee is having things pretty muto its own way. Of these Altgeld and Stone are sakl by the wiseacres to be Bland men. Senator Jones, of .trkanaaa, has studtoua-ly avoided committing himself on tho presidential qnesUoa, but it is said by well-informed meinbers of the bimetallic committee that he also favors the cause ti the Missourian, and that than is great unanimity of smtiment among the members of this committee of fiva Biaiid and Boies is a ticket that is spoken of with (hvor, but lown frowns on it and sigrs “Boles is a camlidato for the pioti-dencyonly.” NonsB abovt tnb candidatba lUaati Men Claim SSt T«*m and Ato Ttoti They Be Counted. The most confident peiqile in tbneity amtosBlaad boomtos^aoaraotwhomti»- ehunitwUl be “SilvwDMt” sn thofirst tMKllot ThefoUowlag tahlsgivesatrictly Bland flgumof hiavatohyslalM: ........... ;;:;7 • M M WnUAM C WHITWKT. ■«P. The rumor of the witiKlrawal of the gold standard forces from the oopvration If th^ are defeated is still current, but it cannotbe definitely placed. The phmaa arranged is at Isast fwloulated to make things livtiy, even if it has not a greater sffaet—the one the gold standard men de-tirie, of obtaining converta. If these discussions, like the Hill and Clevelaad discustions of latti, are made in public the result can hardly bo foretold, for the ailvor element hero Is now In such pte|Krademnce and is of an excitable character. A confermoe of gold standard Í men is called for 8 o'clock tonight at the ' Auditorium, and it is believed that a fine ofaotionwiU bemaiqwd outht tlmttfme. U wUl he similar to plan adopted by the ! thenf on, the followers of the "lost cnnss’* marched through the city which is dearer to the old Confederate than any other In thelaad. Ttwps a sighi totiirtha enthusiasm of the moto sluggish antnre, as with bands |daying, companies moriag, and colors fiying the porads pvined in review. Two huadrod chiUten. boysaad girls, wearipg whita aad red sa^hét foF lowed tha paitoe who cleared the wa^ aad In) ths proccssloB. Mrs. Davis in the raindn. The chief mnrohal. General Gordoa, In tivilian dress, looked n royal commandnr, as did Governor O'FennlL who roda with hared bend. Mrs. Jeffenoa Dhvis was in an open carriage, aad bowed nad smiled •a the cheers greeted her on every tide. Thespoasors nad maidsoPhocor, chosen for thtir bsan^ from all thn sontiraru states, rode in «atriages following tout of Mrs. Dsvts. The military, under ooqunand of Brigadier Qencral Phillips, tepicaented the pick of sonthwn sokUers. North Qaro-Una wa.s the first slatetoexliibit a tatterod bittie flag, and as It fiettered In thsheeeie It was grosted witii great riwera. nra Tets Are «wwlmt BM. lira veterans nmda ton pntodBs pktnrn oftirapnrade. Nsai«aU arsuM,aBdfor the moat part weak and fetide^ bat snae-moalag thtir romslntog atreogth they marched with pride and pknsniu. A large number of them curried stitosfar support, nnd many were eempcUad to use umbrellas in order to withstand the rays ofthesna. On tira hacks of many ■saich-(« wsre fanllet-tam CMafedecate eenB; old rantesns aati kanpaaeks. Sevaral darkles, trne to thtir old ■hould faring forth fruits meto Isr i anes;” responded Jonca. The cornertonne ex*roiflBs bnragjht thn convention to an end, thongh tiMsu was a ketura fay G^irarai: Urate were about IkJBUBt in line in toa par^e. _ REPUBUCAN BIMETALUC LEAGUE. Itetoeaka OrgseUsUoa Besolv to Teller in His Bolt. Omaha, Jnly A—Tbc Republican BBeW taUic League which was otganixed a jrat ago has adopted a resolatioa wUeh hag bem dgned Iqr all members of toa Vagwe who could he reached to the effect “We. as a lesgira, most heartily toy stand taken by Hon. Hmiiy M. nnd his associates in their patriotin eflMa to prevent this party betrayal of sdR ani alike coauuecd their withdrawal frusa ton St. Lonis conventiun when it esMSd to represent the party of Lincoln, Graaft ani Garfitid. *We are further persuaded that nsB duty is clear; we are called npoa as msn and citisens of the republic to tesM thlt proposed wrong; we, therefore, invito sB Republkan* to jtin with ns in sarashig the united action of all persone on* pse* tie%.whoareinbtiiet aad sympntlg wiM| as to make <HM uidtied effort to toe financiti poUto ti this gn open ths tito p^iatiples of It sxMtad prior to 1873.’* ABBREVIATED TELSWAflR with tiram in the parade, while two uM C «federates who probably had itiierad the monotony of camp Ufs with mnsiein war times, carried thtir fiddleaaad bowa ■totegetUraCo When the procration reaohed the park ton mUltoiy fsnnad n einntafr agnnin KowT«rkI>MMcimtadiiringtlMdajspre*|tlM3minlkttpu«dtt hmm ceding the convention of tgtt!, when ora-1 closure. The gratoi lodge af    «». tmforotold the destruction of the Damo- carted hy tito Kai^ T^^hsl nwrdwd cracry if Cleveinad was renominated. Tfib! to theparic, whora tiw oorwa' 1^ is to have Senator HilL Whitaqy. «Z- laid with Maaanie —nnialii Piajur wasoflned hy Rmr. Dr. Oeatga H. Biw. Attontieaeofthe Maaanie snrrisif the howltoers out on lira Mayor Grant, John R Ftilows, Senator Smith (of New Jsraeyh aK-Govenrar Boa- aeU, and other well-known orators dlscBSfl. _______________ the sifriation with not only the lenders of Í grounds fired n aalato of thi tira gold standard movement from other states, but with the kaders of the aUver movement. WOBD THAT WAMIB A DBTtMlTIOII. Akhania Califtoaia. Artaoaa. •gpntiiGtetitea. ti Ttoamam...... ti Itow. ....... Hafarotoa ^..Bt TWal........ The approach of the as stem gold aid men seems to give credibility «fa tumor toat would othsrwtoi be aetdown asridlculoal It is to the effect that eaaS-saat eonylwdniws Into ths Bstoi camp with offflM of idUatolfJa retomv*n Mtias psopls wunUssQdlfy In soom'waff tha pMakaotoat, whiln dwdariBg for bbnek alllsm It tooted not ha an outspoken for tilver. Bbks* snpptaters ntn hi¿iy latlg. Bant oaar tira rumor, aBttomy It atrana-aaiato. say ilñff wator axpeetaüany h^ánhB^tossaak aBffttettoaiBnsto Wnyal^ IffMeRisof(orihMoeWw ton vmpoas of honinc toa fin TIGHTING TMB ALTGBU» SCHBMB. «•M Mea toaed hy Ura Two-TMrds Bala— Iwtepeedent Mr. Hheeria. Comptroller Eckels, wllo so far is the Mrakesman of tho gtid men, expects that the anti-silver men will master more than one third of tho delates. Tho priuti|na mistiunary work now conducted by thn antl-tilver leaders is to prevent theabro-gatlon of the two-thirds rule. And they are claiming recruits from unexpected sources. Senator Blackburn had privately declared against abrogating the timo-wom two^thlrds precedent, while several Ohio tilvtir delegates and a few southem' men were tatilned totobti against following Governor Altgeld’s slandaid to tiia ptiat of breaking over the two-thirds rule. When the gold moa saaembk in caaotti thisevaning at ton. call of ex-Seoretary Whitney a eonatardiTitant wlllha’qprnng hy the idlrer man. The “irhlte nráilty** will asaambis at the Shcmnaa Honss *Whtrls«iiaa* li Itoyrpreted AisSandtog CtrenmstaMi The orator of ton day was Gemini Stephen a Leo Bn paid a gkwiag trito nta to Jnflfaraon Davis aad In ths OQoraa nf hla nddrres arid: "I cannot hbU h wise who wonld wiUlngiy wound thn patriotism of n«ycitiann of therepubtk. To brand saeh ason as Alhsrt SHhey Johnstons, StooewaU tockson, Robert R Lee, or Jtifersoa Devisas frnltore Is not to stain tiw whiteness of thtir lives, but rnthertotoril ton word far any nssfnl purpose, to smkn of tataitsr n titiowhlch Hampden or Waahli^ton mlffht have homaaswtil had tha fartnnes of a gomagainst tosas.” JtAmrenDnv^ha adiad, stead ton teal affrnm grenla isi ha vraatonpsatMt tolhaaa who kBewhtan Thavstaaanenvaky htid the Bsarnlag to tokn atepa aanamlJ.RRtouwait. ChlsMlWllliBBilL Hai lyn, amis n wtmA In wh^ hs gMB«|kindly of f trestment hs had raestvndly and mM hs titought they ware todotidenpon temporary andpen otteera of tho ooavnntioa. Thn movement to make Senntormil the'riltrnn to the Amarinan isg. Bat, _ teHMponiy chairman motived a dctided! ■^ded, he wasdlssppolatod to find so tow Impetus daring the day, and them b good <    ^    Uniooi    nsad    hy    elvlltoaain reason for believing that thn exneutivn oommilteo of thn national oommlttoa wunld bepkassd to snggnst his mum If toiy toll that it wooM baacenptad hytlto silver men. Msrabsrsof the ouramittee profese'to baMeve that mil will be aaSpln-bin tosllrer peepla haenmn hs bnotrn-gsfiedaaanaimlaiatmtlon man, thongh inaksd with the gsM foraes. ,Odoml Pratirar, nsHoml «onualllon-mna frwn MbsoarL’haa aanonamd hb Itoaationtoatond wllhlto esmmlltoatB ths atohHuBamu of Its right teindi8Bln jhtlMapaMBy. ohninmn of ton «onvaB* wwtostoel toBHBtoS L. P. MriMn and Jatos WslBh. irivdHt have «BsiMi hani|i •RrlriBlB Ptetoay na n aaHVNmlmsato «Uto TtoyaifflfeBftlfc ahaa tteSBBk ItotoastiRflSySri»» hritotJto ■miStSSSSSSiSSlSm daeorntitot tbdr homsa. UentanantGnorgn P. Hall, of Baaoren oounty.Ya.,replbdto Osloaal Bamatreto hy saylag the aontham paopto da nos vraar thair patriotbm on thtir canto hut ifr toalf hsaite; tha ssntii was frnmna any metioato tiw Uaina,aadtf toopreridmk should sail for troops to nppaoan fontiwaontowwtol hntoettsksisllun"to Attiw cnnrention In tiw asandammi tavitaMonwas presmtot frnmtimJMto-dalphb tolpdito atinad toasBaatoanf hton and vny ai WhohtoM toaA to -ridtoa toritotom wwdrtoiiBlfotoi Taiianammpa Urn rnmm Bto.JLllto^ «mmbS^ Tbs btest South American remlnHonfll am in Bolivia. Sevnre earthqnakss are now TiTirrlan dailv at Arequipa, Pnu. , Mato daa^p' has been done to buildings. Writer T. Holey, of Chleagai, tow toSto given kavn to agrin tm thn Pttbtoaito ChicAgOi, Ctacinnati and St. Loeb'aaOws» for damages. Hb child was lii|aiai SBB he settisd the case out of eoort tar IMA A flow of gas estimated at a day has been struck iaOvn Tenn. Wlllbm Osrey and atoam of harasa llflWnbed aad killed In n gnval pll Dytoa, O. Six other wortmm w« jnrrA Aborglarwns shotby Jasab of Chtesga A o wonaded man and aMhl himln cape. A'mysterfcuis haUoon whfcA Winnipeg. Man., canato poopb to tf it was nos Andrea’s abship on tii to too north polo. LIndmyX.tMivnr aad H. A. Dnsto Boston, are under arrest for They are tobacco dsabcsand indares saoh uShsr's notan toqr gaato tos aSoek nad then go Into tesstosnqr. TBtoConnsv.nynnagmnn sf Ito Din, wm bitten hy n dog agonaddlto Wndmtoiy of Wlbon Bntonwsy, of «naght Irisfoot In nfrug to ton yatoe imd eonld noS free himssir htoho^. «f «toktMkai hs ■ri^. to Ullm, X. atonto hr n vnhtob nS aantoBteto ■niirisllytolnwd. WUUam Wacren. aSWlantei toxkaSto cnst hb wifé’s    _ bar fhen aad head tntrifaiy vritit npd than drew ths weapon nsn Ihront dying, almoeHneiantoy. David BIttdaon n tti vUb, IwL.hndhb skaU bg brokan in niuanwny aSDatotolql Obttanry: At Jtohnonvilln naitns Back, 4A AtThnsBlTCtA Ookmal Nswtoa R Bhrnato. AS dnsky, O., Thaaas MelhH, Ift. ivaiyinsn to WlunnjsaBAVBH, JnlyA-At toaL qnsS torito toUowto tha bantidagtol now tontean warship^ Kriam ^ m,ttwaaspsror, lathe concm Mb, arid: '“OurFtofaarbndj te go hs own way. eomtoag nn fisvor, doing no om wrmq^ bnSnss te uphold psnca and ardor te toni Bataka July A-wanterto a prutnsl sn htoaM’ VnMed aiaSas go MtoMIHna totohtopsl toh ths ports to GMaaAiyhiisitoa whito was ssdteid Iff «hff_ Wsybron toagrenari itadllM fagedlatts toada nqfftot tontanwgiatn Tlii 11* I R||MK IIWN^»wWV«

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