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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - September 30, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaTo a to r Wor re. Err. " re i to ?. A. " a if la Ujj up or up up j r a j a c \4 al a i my Mem Tui my. M or. Poetry. C Tho Printer Gap Odoth. In masons when our funds arc Low a subscribers arc provoking slow tand now supplies keep up the flow of dimes departing rapidly. ,5 but we shall Sec a sadder sight 11when or ush pour in from morn till night n Omma Naing every sixpence Bright v to to forked Over speedily. Our Bonds and duo Bills Are each Soal and signature holders vow they must be paid with threats of Law and to then to despair we re almost Thore al precious Little use in Livin when our last Copper s rudely riven from hands that held it lovingly. A Elliut larger yet these dues shall growt when interest s added on below j length ning our Chin a foot or so while gazing at them hopelessly. Tis so that scarce have we begun 1 Plena Lor Tunc upon it Dun a before there conies some other one demanding Moat ferociously. The Prospect darkens. On be Brave who would our very Bitcon save c waive patrons All your pretexts waive to Aud pay tic Printer cheerfully. N a it would yield us pleasure Sweet,11 a few delinquents now to meet asking of us a Clear receipt for papera taken regularly 1 miscellaneous. Speech of Hon. T. C. Ferrin. Tut following abstract of the remarks of v or. Perrin made at Trio re cent Railroad c. Meeting at Edgefield to copy fro i the al advertiser i every age is characterized by some guiding sentiment. Ours pics emphatically an age of railroads. These great channels of intercommunication Are now regarded As tile hand maids of Trade u and Commerce of civilization and refine r ment and the necessities of All civilized countries demand them. The great idea of practical science is to improve ext he channels of Trade furnished by nature Gnu 10 invent owners mat May rival and 11v even surpass those of nature herself. I giving growth to different commodities in different countries and thereby creating a necessity for Trade and Commerce nature u1herself prompts Man to this exercise of his inventive Powers. Some countries and some states of this Union Are greatly distinguished by the vast p improvements they have Ziade upon the natural channels of intercommunication. Look to new York. See her Beautiful 1" magnificent Broad he i it. 1- till ills a Uriu 13 u1c 11uusoii, Elul us Waters deep and Calm As a Lake capable of a bearing upon Hor bread bosom the finest models of steamship navigation. There too upon her Borders Are the Noble Waters of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario suited to the Best Inland navigation. Yet not Content with these great natural channels of Trade the energetic people of that state have a carved out new and magnificent have constructed a canal 300 Miles in to length from Albany to Buffalo which has Zabeen and is now doing an immense business of the canal freights last year amounted to �o$3,000,000. They have constructed also a 0 Railroad on the Banks of this canal along edits whole length from Albany to Buffalo to and this too is paying handsomely. And a strange As it May seem they have built an is other Railroad running from new York City � the whole state to Dunkirk and but it folo Oil Lake Erie actually rivalling these 10 othe a great channels of Trade. In addition to to this sew York has an immense number w of railroads running in and through every Alpart of the state. 11 cobia enterprising people have made these n of a Ive Railroad improvements at a Cost of Wridt ska than $76,000,000. But has it la been done without profit one could scarce 0ly believe the statement if to could hear athe tremendous results of these railroads in a Nemiro Thoy have made i chief City eth Emporium of these a tufted state. Lucr a vessels and other Craft now Fjar Ense p Commerce to every Scap Oit Toliro on the Globe. He capitalists direct nearly every h Enterprise of magnificence on this whole Dagfin Tucht. Now York has been rising Newl 5r rising rivalling Evon Liverpool and London in their Commerce and will in time prob in ably sur past them. And the people of the ii whole a state have been rendered prosperous cd Contieri an hippy in the highest degree hot us for a moment turn to South car y Oli gift null observe the contrast. Look at a Charleston hot streets almost deserted Glicr hotels almost abandoned her merchants o loom nor to the North for their Fields of of e oration. The tale a briefly told. Charles n ton compared with York Lias do to Uli Tud for the construction of railroads Tofor v limits. Ther Northern state with i genial and delightful climate tin lands of the stale Are co Iii impoverished Ami worn. Unifies Mil washes upon our Hill sides like wrinkles upon the lace in nolo age and decay. Our eople in a half lethargic state View this and picture before their ores with scarcely by Cut Orts worthy of their generous retrieve the fortunes non san Riv 11 i. L if the state. We Are doing nothing nothing to fertilize beautify Ami enrich or native land whilst others by tin in ener-1 it 1 suppose that these works can f ? achieved without great labor and expense c o great Good no magnificent Enterprise c in Ever be effected without extraordinary forts and Large outlay of Means. A nig i idly grasp of the purse and a timid spirit a adventure will utterly destroy the pros t cts of any undertaking requiring Large i cans and Liberal efforts. 1 o not believe c at you can build a Railroad of any Macroni v do without you Uro willing to subscribe i Ely Anil to unc take encouragement from the Noble i Amplus furnished l v citizens of other i at Sand other countries. They have not s sifted to engage in the most stupendous Nicks under the heaviest outlay of Means tiie Hudson River Railroad running upon v e Hanks of to 10 River for 114 Miles Nvard of ten millions of dollars at an a c age Cost per mile of �70,is. Trio Erie i ail Road 3g0 Miles in length Cost upwards thirty three millions of dollars at a Cost a indic of 871,209. In England the Costis been still heavier. The Railroad from Hiver Viool to London Cost 200,833 per Ile the great Western railway Cost s284,000 per mile audit will to founding tin average of the leading rail l ads in England has not been less than 220,383 per mile. Yet in All the roads Jove named in ibis country and in England the stockholders have realized More t inn the Legal rates of interest upon the a a omit of their subscription to say nothing the immense incidental advantages result 0 g from these roads. 1 at. Tho Mollah nil l Lull la 1/.c-1 � icy will compare favourably in Point of ads was then very imperfectly known. C was first made on Short piles but expert t ice soon taught the necessity of laying the 1inhere on Earth. Again it was first built sit Flat Iron this soon was abandoned and be Lanere Iron adopted but soon n 00 per mile. The Georgia Railroad Cost bout $10,000 per Milo. The Macon and Western Railroad al out &12,000 per mile the Groom Illo and Columbia Railroad 101 Liles in length Cost #2,220,000, at a Cost i or mile of $13,414. 1 when others Lyvo Dona so much at so Nouv a Nurul a Man Ift Mirml 1 a Nalila a iroc How can you hesitate to engage freely i your Enterprise with heart and Purso ?. On must be satisfied that the Best Way to rip Rovo your country is to build railroads. " you desire your legion to thrive and you Bildren to Settle around you when they Row up improve your country. Enrich our lands beautify your houses gardens and Fields multiply your comforts and convenience a open up to your children a Fields apolion in which they can become into client Happy and prosperous and they i l of desert the Homes of their fathers to seek certain fortunes in Distant lands. S6o hat has beef done or your neighbouring owns and districts il6ok at now Corv. Jiu rens Abbeville blessed Rith Railroad facilities hic i greatly 1icreased their Prosperity and Are rendering Weir people cheerful contented mid hippy. A hero stands ? shoplift pot it a w f4i a. Railroad she Cati Call her own. Her people arc standing still while All others arc moving ahead. You arc gentlemen behind 1 he in which we live. A Lew years no a of Abbeville in going to Columbia had a ass through your District by stage. Aft i i Iiara any s journey Over rough Road the first night we abide in your Village or new Market to Aiken ought and will ,it. Tills Side of Saluda needs a direct Railroad communication with Charleston. Abbeville. Cd Pflegl my \ Ideis. It. Eric make not 1.--s than c Otto hah Solon. Why Coli Ink l All and other produce destined to Charleston to go the Columbia when it can Ito direct saving a East Miles list if the i Iuo be b it. There will by an 1 a this Road. The it Western produce intended for Harleston and for transhipment to foreign will not suffer the delay and Hazard the Road by Columbia. It is unreasonable that it should when nature Lias afforded i More direct and Safe route Over this be Ion of country from ninety six or Nett Marketto Aiken. Will you permit the to Lue Llido Load Toai then Down goes Charleston the chiefly of your state in the Prospe Rity of which very citizen of the state is deeply interest 1.this is indeed a great enter Riso. A Pfent no favourably every part of South in Polimi uki it is Tho duty and interest of every one o favor it Ami to urge it on to completion y every legitimate Means. It is almost certain that the Road will be built. Indeed Rio dares to say that it will not Beon selected except As to about three Uiles. Tho main injuries to the Road Bylie Large freshet of August were caused begin House and Pine tree striking Tho Pieric Adof the Bridge. This May never occur gain. The Bridge is above High water Nark and not at All Likely to he carried Oil since that freshet much of the whole Road las been re constructed and is now in Exellen repair. The expenses of keeping up he Road about Broadland Saluda Rivers will Lere after be Little More than will be Nicosa Yalong Tho line generally. This Load is again made the subject of ensure on account of its curvatures. All the beginning their stocks were All Low s. Lying often for not More than to or 40 cents i i the Dollar a shrewd men took the advantage of this Reid fiction and made Largo fortunes. They who wish to buy Stock of the Greenville s Columbia Railroad at go cents to the Dol lar had hotter do so at once. In a Short time it will be out of their Power. Unless All reasonable calculations arc battled not Many years will elapse before it will be at Par and probably above Par. The Road has1 passed through its severe ordeal. Its i hnr.-. In a lev Well "77,1".v 1v i null hour is just before Ami it is fair to suppose that our Dawn is near at hand when All will be Bright before us Ami 110 Tongue will be needed to Tell of our remarks have been in ado with no View of lauding the Greenville � Iii us of Vuu. By raising i u,000 of private subscriptions the company otters to build Trio Road for you to take you As stockholders with All the privileges and rights belonging to them Atli exemption from All future assessment and Willi the full Assurance of dividends from the year after your you build a Railroad yourselves where is to Money to come from ? anyhow much better off would you be than the stockholders a the Greenville & Columbia Railroad ? you would Lind that your Stock too for a number of years would not exceed go cents in the Dollar and years might Roll around before your company could declare dividends livery new company has its ordeal to lass. which their seem gloomy and to Muir Dilli cuties hard to surmount. You could not expect Toesca Pethis ordeal. Judge then for yourselves whether or no tit will he to your interest to build your Tondin conjunction with the Greenville 6c Columbi Railroad. At All events build the Road. It will bring you immense benefits. If Iti takes another direction your losses will to great. If Edgefield does not bring a rail Road to her she will Tjo to the Railroad. Rival towns will soon make their appearance and your Village must fall into dec y and ruin. Lief re closing his remarks or. Perrin begged to express his thanks to Tho ladies for the interest they biking in this Noble Enterprise. When generous deeds and Liberal contributions were called for they were i generally the first to respond. They had done so in Tho dark hours of our revolution try history and by their smiles of encour1ngeiueut, had aided materially in carrying out Many of the magnificent enterprises of our country. For his part he was willing to leave Tho contributions to this Road entirely to them being Well assured that Tho Road would be brought to a speedy and Happy or. Perrin sat Down amid the applause of his delighted audience. Every 0110 was convinced by his persuasions. It is confidently hoped by the friends of Tho Enterprise which this meeting was intended to promote that his words were As seed sown in Good ground to bring Forth at a Earl Day thirty forty Ayo a Hundred fold. As Sou ii As or. P. Had taken his seat and a stirring piece had been executed by the spirited Edgefield brass band judge Butler was called out and greeted by his old constituency in a manner that must have been truly Gratifying to him. Lie arose in response and for a half hour fixed Tho Atten lion and aroused the feelings of every list-1 Energy one of those off hand harangues for which he was in his younger Days so justly celebrated. Many gleams of the old fire were still Perec stiblo., Gen. Gonharn was also called for and briefly feelingly and pertinently. Many thanks Are due the members of the brass band a for Tho animating music with which they enlivened the occasion. And much credit Bolon to messes Covar for the admirable style in which Thedin nor was prepared. I great Good feeling prevailed throughout i the Day and although Only to Welty in thousand dollars of additional Stock were Aken j at Tho Tirao the effect produced upon the general Nind was of n kind to keep the Ball � in motion. No Little has been subscribed ? since tic tiny it the meeting and much Intro is ully promised. Altogether Oliero is enough to make Lis look Forward with on Fidenco to the Early building of a Road from some Point on Ali Gro Onvile tic Columbi Railroad to Aiken via a Darfield. An Irish Duel. The following purports to be contributed by a " g or Komu nto the London sporting Magazine and now my third last i to be told. L would i could induce myself to a our but fit were Only As a lesson to Young men especially military men 1 cannot forego the Benefit 1 May perhaps Caus to some whose circumstances May be similar. Would i Hud written this some Ycaro Hue the first was honoured with Onuis a to take place amongst Tho Contin Bubois to Thi Spori t in so Jieu Guicai 11 Nave com lil Trio Eye of oho or other of two Noble follows Brothers in Law Ami brother optic or in the and one of whom fell by i he hand of Trio Oiler Ami it might have a catastrophe which brought misery into the hearths of Many a Happy Home. But 1 proceed. Lieutenants Herbert Ami Welsh Bush refilled in Cork one Welsh Hail pay i i the army the other Herbert in the Navy they were dear nay bosom friends not a any passed that they did not meet Crsp my the Day one with the other. Trio following in f Otic cause of this unhappy Narrel As Well As i can recollect and i i sure Oliero Are some alive now in Cork who will recollect this unfortunate circumstance and can testify to the truth of my narrative. At the time i speak of it was the custom for Young gentlemen to walk in Tho evenings on Tho grand Parade and South mall uncork with Peculiar hats High shirt collars carried to an extravagant size in fact caricatures of the then fashions. Lieutenant Welsh invited his Friend i Lerbert and wife to take Tea on a certain evening an that after Tlisov a. A their wives go out to Sec the " it was stated it Tho , by those knew the cause of the quarrel that lieutenant a. Said " be with us it seven o clock and after that we will go out now mind llcr1bort, we will not wait for you after , seven o clock came and they waited until eight o clock when finding Herbert and his wife did not arrive they too Tea and left about half past eight. At nine lieutenant Herbert and his lady arrived and were informed that lieutenant w. And his lady had taken their Tea and go Nett Vanq l of be said to curl upward from the weapons Mouth Herbert fell on his Back on the Groi Tud a Eoise. Nut a sign of life was visible his was instant death. I Noj. Co Fesa i was not prepared for termination and if we were to judge of the conduct of the lookers on neither a to they a seemed to take posses All present and 1 found myself with about fifty others literally running away from the scene. On getting to their at of the Field i looked Back and what a scene did i witness there was the dead body with Lieut. Welsh Over it on his Knees his i incl inside the Waistcoat of his former i Rivi Ivl striving to time Trio beat of a Pul Seho silenced forever. In vain his second strove to loud him away to still hoped against Hope calling to dear Friend Herbert to answer him and relieve Linin from the Bias Ting thought that he was his murderer. I saw at the time i r. Sharp Riding bythe Road on his Well known Cream coloured nag and knowing the doctor intimately 1 called to him to come into the Field As i believed person was killed in a Duel. Dismounted and came to the dead Man and on his looking at him at once pronounced ii i extinct lie requested Welsh to leave the place to avoid an arrest which he with when the doctor said. " let to Sec where did Lio hit him Ami turning the body round 011 the Sido lie found where Iho Ball had entered Between the fourth and fifth ribs he then Laid the body on his Hack and actually passed his can through Trio Hody from Sido to Side and with Lio utmost Union earn exclaimed Why Here is Daylight enough let in to kill a at the following assizes Lieut. A Cash surrendered to take his trial Thero was 110 Duel was considered fair i was present when to was placed in the Dock Only to he discharged hut Tho Load of fifty years was added to the appearance and gait of As Fine a Young Man As i Ever saw 011 Tho Day of the fatal Duel. Making Amqui Iholts with a Gimblet. By indy Mai Jiro you going Wun mat Gita Blet a t t0 a Flaxen haired Urchin who was Lub Oiring away Vuu a his might at a piece of Board before him " trying to make an augur Hole was the reply without raising his eyes. Precisely the business of at least to turds of Tho Luaiki augur holes with a Gini Blet. Here is a who has just escaped from Tho desk behind the counter. He sports bis Mousta bios bis Imperial carries a Rattan drinks Champaign talks big about Tho profits of banking or shaving notes. To think Sho is really a great Man but every body around him sees " to is Only making augur holes with a or. B. May be put Down As a distinguished Proi Cossor 01 we Giu Guiou ,.jua father left him a farm fre from would t to Content speculation in Corn Aud flour erase in fore him fortunes Rondo in a twinkling so to sold out bought largely dreamt of ino riches of Astor and of More work. Hut at last Tho Bubble burst. The fish would t stay starved prices foil and Nowr. 15. Has found out m that it is difficult to make augur holes with a c. Is a Nico pretty girl and Mig Ocbo very useful too for she has Molj Geuco. But she must be the ton Goe i plays lounges on sofas keeps her Dod Tell noon imagines that she is a Belle disdains labour forgets or tries to that her father is a Mechanic and All for what ? Why Bhe in trying to work herself up into the belief that an augur Hole can be made with a a Little boy Caino this nianfl8toii6 Ginny afternoon As he Aud said Mamma May i go 3acwri the Street with a Jittlov girl that goes to our school she replied no Iny son it Rains 1lie said Why a i must " Well then said his Mother go if you " on his return she asked if Juo Jittlov girl a is a favorite of his. He said of no she treats to very ill worse than any other scholar in " then Why do 3ou wish to go with her v1 he said. " you Havo Tauc Rhc me that to must fpretil.".8. S. Advocate. Ladies who have a disposition to punish their in ban ils should Bear in mind that a Little Sunshine will Rojt an pc Fife Misli Linn n Rovn Lutr tutri1igua .1 r Fri # of Sis. V �. 9u
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