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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Sep 23 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - September 23, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaK Pivot by to lit1raturb, the arts sci1mce, agriculture hews politics &c., a. Dollar Pes an Jenum Lett to instilled into the heart of your children that the Liberty of the press a the palladium of All your . Payable in Advance volume 2.no.20. Abbeville c. H., South Carolina saturday morning september 23, 1854. Whole number 72. Poetry. The slave of the pen. 1 weary of the Penang write not of my own Achord it was my slave and i was hts pay then tin now my lord. I weary of the themes which the Gross multitude pursue who writes for bread must bid al higher dreams his last Adieu. Harness the Antelope Burden his neck until it bleed. Trample his fiery spirit and then Hope his former Speed. Life grows a stagnant Pool Green with the drugs of Trade and toil youth s pare ideals of the Beautiful Are Lucre s spoil. 1 i Wear prof the pen. And write not of my own Accord. It was my slave and i was Happy then. Alas tis now my lord. I to tub Independent a rest How we do things Here. R " Greenville ala., september 15, 1854. J editor of the frets supposing that your columns Are not crowded at this season Orjie year i offer you a column which will illustrate the state of society in our Little Village. The subject of it is a talc oxblood and murder Bat an acquaintance with the enormities of the Case will deliver it of All its otherwise harrowing features. Itis Rcd 1 Itable to human nature that the murder of a human being Seldom fails to excite a feel ingot pity for the victim and horror and indignation against the perpetrator. This Cate however was a signal exception. De spite the horrid concomitants of the tragedy there was not the slightest manifestation of nit or rat crit a pfc n Lini Varnol Faa Linof of 0 1. " gratification openly and freely expressed. There was a buoyant feeling of Relief from a terror that bad Long oppressed the people. Every Man Felt a renewed Assurance of Security to his person and property. The name of the victim was James a bold hand and Subtle Cun Mtnor 1la to twin on urfa i " ded the Laws. was a Napoleon in his Way As ingenious in the Conception of his plans in he was successful in their was familiar with the Law of Evi denes in criminal cases and by some Means or other either excluded it altogether or j rendered it inconclusive. had a Numor i of gang of unders trappers who rendered him the double assistance of executing his plane and being Swift witnesses to swear anything that he wished to have sworn. We 1 i. To in 1 i mail us new Hal my whip of kill Hulk his be sent some of his gang to Decoy them off rh6re by crowd woo gathered and then to com Meuse a fight with them. If his Side j was about to be whipped he pitched in. Jin this Way there was no evidence against him and he rebutted the evidence of the j prosecutor by a Cloud of witnesses of his i own. I decrepit o d men and travellers even i were attacked insulted and cruelly beaten by he without the least provocation. No i on dared to Iai be Jittie Ecru of Iii life. Fitter Fortl Prapa Mehu were sometimes i he aut ttys eroded. attempted to kill. Gra Faro who bed mused my the be pre by we hence of ganging off by striking a t Iii Natii Iii i. Hin. A blot Toki them that if they Throat. that if he a in caper. It is a Good honest free poker fun Iuar my ukr is k do comte Enciu Toita boldness and Trutlin Julnes for these an need rarely ventured upon in such noticed rhe fiercest storm your predecessor in Odi Ora hip Ever encountered was raised by at Lonest i leave the balance to. To old by the extract from the Village paper.1 yours in Kut fac a to Mexas. monday week our Citi tens were thrown into1 a state of excite confusion by a deed Tho bold daring Anc mystery of which will Seldom find a to Mallet about four o clock on the evening othe Day in question James Williams a shot in his own Piazza by some person 01persons unknown. lingered for Abou an hour and the expired. The veil of Rayster which hang Over this transaction impenetrable. There is no Cine or trac lefty which to detect the actor or act Neven the Point from which the shooting was done is not definitely kno Wilfand every Wing 18 ten 10 bar Muse want chives birth u wow a a widely contradictory sap Ponitk a the firing of guns in different Parton the town being w common an of oui Resce the report of the fatal firing above a Laded to Oati aed no remark and Bente the judgement Are to arise. These conflicts from various causes some of which the greatest skill in civil engineering or the Lvuv cd Ouw Ulvi Iii for it is impossible sex or by either to silence the clamor of those who for any reason no matter what believe or insist that. Such a line of railway should be located r through the District in which they reside or by their court House. The time was when1 such considerations controlled Railroad com panics but that Day has passed,4and the Siax in now is Recta lineman optic these reflections have been suggested by j the perusal of lengthy articles to which my attention has been called As appearing in the5 Spartanburg spartan of the 24th and 31st ult. That journal by the errors into � i. I Iii us it 11 its Quieu was prompted me As a r tennessean feeling some solicit to wit i reference to the Enterprise proposed to Boachi eved by the Blue Ridge Railroad company of your state to say a few words in reply to its facts and chief error into which the spartan has fallen arises from the statement of the editor that the Blue Ridge company propose to construct their Road to Knoxville Ashe Only Point in Tennessee and thence to Louisville and Cincinnati a railway connection 1a 10 be provided. This is not the fact.5 while this is one end to be attained by thei construction of the Blu Ridge Road Ano tier equally important is a connection with. Nashville and Memphis and Points beyond which will enable Charleston and sout Carolina to command the products concentrating at these Points without paying trib Ute to the railways of Georgia. At pre Feut freights from Nashville to Charleston. Or any other Point in South Carolina must pass Over the Western and Atlantic Railroad owned exclusively by the state of 7 Georgia and so managed As to Subserve is be Ciati Georgia interests & distance of one i Hundred and forty Miles and so soon As r the Memphis and Charleston Road is completed the same May be said of freights3 from Memphis to Charleston. Thin it Isu that Georgia May notwithstanding the City of Charleston has a Large amount of Stock v in both the Nashville and Chattanooga 3 Load and the Memphis and Charleston Road discriminate at has been the Oom str Niflot no Ulmann and in in Georgia. This difficulty could not be obviated in the slightest degree by adopting " the route proposed by the spartan and at the same time defeating the construction of tie Blue Ridge Road. The Nashville and r Chattanooga and the Memphis and Charle Efton roads May be said to Nave their south9eastern the Nanna at Chattanooga from Chattanooga o Cleveland a Point of Thek East Tennessee and Georgia Are provided and contracts will soon bes invade to construct a railway the distancebe8-i.4 a Jujj Aupiu Cut Rig Locsi from a Tey Juliuo a or any Otter Point which May be deemed beat on the to Tennessee and Georgia Road to such Points May be selected on3 the line of the Blue Ridge Road in Tenne see a railway is proposed to be constructed,8 a charter has by 6n obtained the company organized and the work a a be commenced " so soon As the construction of the bin a Ridge Road is in such a state of forward0 Ness As will justify it. So that from Tanooka to cit co the Point ih&dv1 selected As the a Kent of Junction with the Bine Ridge Road the distance will not Exoe a tit Neataw my a Gnu Ottoo Toskar Koto Ebe dub cafe � Tow Huo Dertl Jas a # # Road to do the business which will to offered to build the Blue Ridge rail Road to that Point in Tennessee were the commercial interests of t v4 wove Wulw to will to willing to meet it in order that they May not any longer be subjected to Tho annoyance that have attended shipments Over a Road the management of which is in the hands of Georgia politicians who to retain their places must so conduct its affairs As to please the Georgia people. This is one View of the importance of the Blue Ridge Road which has not occurred to the editor of the spartan nor did this necessity obis for the select of of the route adopted at the time that those eminent men of former Days of whom to Speaks urged with so much Zeal the connection by railway of Charleston with the Ohio Valley. The spartan has i have no doubt had occasion to quote with approbation the old saw of killing two Birds with one Stone certainly the saying will lose none of its odor of omy when applied to the building of railroads. But the spartan has fallen into another error As to the relative distances from Charleston to Knoxville via the Blue Ridge route and the Spartanburg route. From Charleston to Knoxville via the Blue Ridge route the distance is not As stated in that journal 453 Miles but Only 400 Miles by computing that line of railway which is to constitute the Blue Ridge Road in its entire length thus Charleston to Aiken 120 Miles. Aiken to Anderson 02 " Anderson to Knoxville 188 Miles from Charleston to Knoxville 400 " this being the actual distance it is but three Miles More than the distance stated bythe spartan from Charleston to Knoxville via the Spartanburg route the accuracy of which i can neither admit or gainsay Asit is a route Long since abandoned in Tennessee and hence there hits been no computation of the distances in that direction by the present generation. No charter forthe construction of a Road from Knoxville in the direction of Spartanburg has been cite obtained or asked for in Tennessee notate loan has been granted or contemplate for any such Road 110 private or Public funds Are pledged to such Road. While on Cue Oiler hand a Liberal charter los been granted in Tennessee for the construction of the Road from Knoxville upon the route proposed by the Biro it Ido company an Liberal state county and private Aid has been pledged and will be furnished to that Lino and at the same time a Liberal charter with a state loan sufficient to build the Bridges and Iron and equip the Road together with Largo subscriptions of Stock indicate unerringly the speedy construction of a railway from Knoxville to the Kentucky state line not through the Cumberland Gap however As the spartan has it but through Wheeler Gap which affords As an instrumental Survey has demonstrated ith6 Only passage except one Viz big Creek Gap through the Cumberland mountains with Light grades and without tunnelling and through which or the big Creek Gap five Miles East of it the railway that is to connect Charleston with Cincinnati must the spartan says that Knoxville is too far West to be in the line from Charleston to Cincinnati. Any one at All familiar with the Topography of East Tennessee its r sources int of business should not be avoided it if the place and its business we re of such As not to entitle them to any consideration either now or hereafter when other roads will Haw their terminus there it will be impossible by Means of al the funds which can be commanded by the most Zalopa advocate of Tho Spartanburg route within the next Quarter of a Century to construct a Road direct from spartan Burg to the Cumberland Gap. I know whereof i write. Tis True that the Teir tes see legislature granted a charter for the construction. Of a Road from paint Rock the line dividing the states of North Carolin and Tennessee to the Cumberland also Rue that by reason of theay Steof compensation or log rolling a a state Toan amounting to $1,000,000, dependent upon the grading of the Estip Road was made to the company to be organised under the charter tis True also that the pomp Nyhas been nominally organized with the vie to fan into a flame the Bpark which the spartan and its endear Alfh v or a l v Cheek s Cross roads to Cumberland Gaby the common Highway was but Foi Miles it was impossible to find a line Shi of sixty Miles in length and thib into lathe necessity of tunnelling and bridging such an extent with such grades Ana she curves that the route was promptly i bounced impracticable and no written port waa deemed necessary to be made. On a i t i us Vul i cum. In in it i Nave id a Iet from one of the party engaged in theser Errara al Kliu Huilui us til j Olit As involved in its adherence to a posit i once taken and Well taken would not a Vise that All which has been done by to City of Charleston and your legislate Wishall not Only go for nought but be re mutated As indiscreet and unworthy of the Sta it occurs to a Distant but close observer your people that South Carolinas arc n made of such East tennessean. East Tennessee August 9, 1854. Little children. Of All men in the world to to avoid place him in the front rank who has no to e 1 Ivi Nuzio Viii Sivu Nuu in qua i a Muir sinfulness and repels their caresses. Sulci Inan is More fit for treason Strat Geins Ai spoils than to who hath not Musin his Saffi a persian poet up being asked if he wore a True poet Replie "1 love god i love Little children i Christ set his disciples and t world an example when he took to Litt children and blessed them and no Raj who dislikes children can be a True follow of him. Is there anything More loveable than Young Bright face wreathed i smiles its Clear eyes dealing with love Akita whole appearance an Index of its Puri and ? a great and Good i have been Fcr-2 f children. Or. Watts teemed his infant poems As among t most commendable of his wat a Emington it is said never passed a Little Clr without caressing it Snake genre Thon son Pollok Cowper Campbell end near All the English Poeta were fond of chi or Section in their Button holes. Nil How babies and butterflies do swarm in summer to be sure it is then they armoire on the Wing. Pray Don t try to Koep themon from flying about and alighting hero Andla there when something strikes their fancy by opening and shutting their Wing sas awhile then flitting away again. Be that he have babies Don t go anywhere without a Thein. Better Lacavo your purse behind item will to less missed. The Light of your eyes a will to quenched and your Tongue will miss
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