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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Sep 16 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - September 16, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina,. " v ",7 " �. It of it v v v or. -v-i4t y . .t--r.nn.-h. I 1 " a by it nor Wnm a Sorn Mem 1 a. A lar ". Devoted to literature the arts science agriculture mews politics &c., Dollar per annul let it to instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the press is the palladium of All your . Payable in Advance volume 2.no.19, Abbeville c. Ii., South Carolina saturday morning september 16, 185-1, whole number 71.% t poet a. To a Drunken by a lady. My husband twas fur Theo i left my own my Happy Hatnot is r thee i left my cottage Bower with thee in Joy to roam. Nil whore arc All the holy vows t the truth tie love the try wac " i. Hydl a void my heart?.nllfecattc&d now All trampled in tins dust ii ored Alico with a love untold and when i stood les id thy Noble form i joked t6.think i was thy chosen Bride. They told n a Ere i was thine own How end my lot would he i thought not of the future then. L Only thought of Clicc. I left by Homo my Happy Homo a sunny hearted tiling r forgetting Tunt my happiness a swallowing Cloud might bring. The sunny Side of life is gone its shadows Only Mino and thorns Are springing in my heart where blossoms twine. I do not Blaine thee Fri my lot t i Only Pray for thee that thou May st from flip tempter Soto Murjoy in us Roe Towt Hion Inay st Bend above my Granvo " sincere broken hearted Oneal Folk Bobc came Strong in a c Noin tit. Vii at once life by came dark to \ no and by my own foil. I ran to the win 1 Avo a i awry i w men turned Over to the Independent churchyard Jund for a sufficient enclosure. As al Browere it reral four Voung citizens time to deliberate tuts Hen Tho Timo for action arrives Stop 1.v the Blue Ridge Road. Let Elioso who have doubts about Elgreat Trade to to introduced among us ithe Blue Ridge Railroad read the follow ii remarks by a witness Over Tho Register Tho influence which this Road who completed is to exert upon ii list Tennesse cannot at this time to appreciated As 1would be esteemed a visionary zealot wl1 1 1 onus in Usu Cruick to count the number tons of Copper Coal Iron Marble Cor wheat flour Bacon live Stock fcc., that i one Day flow through this Channel fro this land of treasures and these Fertile Valies to the Seaboard to be thence distribute by the shipping which will be congregate in Tho Charleston Harbor. Hut the great Benefit will accrue to our sister stat South Carolina not Onty by its wonder contribution to the commercial Prosperito the City of Charleston crowding her provisions upon which lick people diminished one half. A new life Resli Energy a More cheerful spirit an Tetter Hope will to infused into her people then they shall see consummated the Gre Enterprise that Twenty years ago arrested Mel commanded the attention of. The me if whom they boasted and the failure c Rhi Cli then brought the lamented Llwayne brutally murdered by his sen ant boy a clays since at it. Meigs Ala. The citizen f the Vicinity were so enraged at the a air that an immediate meeting was coi Reed and it was unanimously agreed tin lie murderer should be burned alive. was performed before or. Mcdodd was buried. This is Only another adde to the Many crimes which now deface to Southern Calendar. It strike us with fore ii a More summary Insao of punish in murderers worn adopted in Georgia Mitho Southern states generally to Slio Ulliac less Crisino of this kind. To arc i tirely too remiss in enforcing the Law again offenders until it has become a by word Tho South that no Man Enn hang who i Money. We Hope to see and to by Leithe period is approaching when there be an entire revolution in the Public Mil upon Liis matter. Tho times Aro prolific murder and Tho Only effectual remedy Tho enforcement of Tho Law in All its Justi and rigor. Five hangings will do More or Mem murder urn Twenty to Penitentiary system of our Stais a convenient Retreat for Tho murderer Ai thie Atlanta a examiner. Stabbing affair rec regret to Len that a difficulty occurred at Brattonsville this District on sunday last Between Eli Jclark overseer of mrs. Bratton and be Ert Guy which resulted in the stabbing the latter. The wound is a serious 01 or. Clark has Given bail for by Appe Wui at the next court,.yorintiuc_ji�puany al cat belonging to it ii has lately. F 1 Gerrit Smith is. Or. Coolock. In Frederic Douglass paper contains a letter y from Gerrit Smith in which he relates How in he was instrumental in procuring the jul cd wno1�r�. ? in ? to . Lilii Iii is Nof free coloured Man Ami was living at that no time with k. A. Cox lisq., a distinguished lawyer of Washington. 3 a heavy twelve or thirteen Hundred dollars As i imposed upon Hanson and he was to remain in in jail until it was paid. 1 did not wish top pay the Fine. 1 it so deeply was 1 interest red in the poor fellow that 1 determined not r to leave Washington without having Kirsti seen him at Liberty. In behalf of this object i addressed a let after to All the members of our House from it South Carolina and followed it up with personal interviews with them All. A they behaved handsomely. Not one of them interposed an objection to his Liber Littion. Ii a. A. And or. Orr took a deep inl1terest in the ease. The latter went to the ii president s House to plead for Hanson s parc1 ii Ulii. Hanson was portioned. There if credit due to tic president for Liis Pardon hut More credit is duo to the South Carolin delegation. And i must not omit to act knowledge the fact that i. Cd Leek Hiitt self expressed his entire consent to have Hanson pardoned. A striking illustration. A company of individuals United then selves together in i Mutual Hencil Locksmith comes and says Gen the Ines to a j. Association. 44 Well what can you do 3"1 44oli, lean Filion voter horses Iron car Mill in i ii r i a i " Mvi ii. " very Well come in or. r tie Mason applied for admission in the society. R 44 Ami what can Yon do sir 44 of i can build your barns and houses stables and 44 very Well coins in we can t do without f s along comes the Shoemaker and says 441 wish to become a member of your e 44 Well what can you do s "1 can make boots Ami show fur you come in or. must have so in turn apply All the different trades1 and professions till i stay an individual n conies Ami wants to l e a Iii meter. A and what can you do i am a s a Plum seller and what can you do " i can build jails prisons and " and is that All no i can till them i can fill your jails with criminals your Orisons with convicts and your poor houses with paupers. R and what else can you do us i can Briti the Gray hairs of Tho aged v to the grave with sorrow i can break the is heart of Tho wife and la is the prospects of the friends of Talent and fill your Landi with More than Tho plague of uis that All you can do 10 " Good heavens cried Tho ruin seller v is not that enough a � 10 str or ten Wiite no sit Chhiv Vimr a Happy is tie Lias it Little Home and a Little Angel in it of a saturday night id a House 110 matter How Little provided ibid will hold two or so no matter How humbly n furnished provided there is Hope in it let st the wind the curtain in what if they Are Calico or Plain White is without Tassel or any such thing. Let the 0 Rains up the fire. No matter ill if you Havn t a Candle to bless yourself with id for what Beautiful Light glowing Coal makes of shedding a Sunset through the room Justis enough to talk loudly As in the co hurrying world but softly slowly with pauses Between tor the storm 3s. Without and the thoughts within to fill then wheel the sofa around before the fire id no matter if the sofa is a settee in cushioned at that if so be it is just big. Enough for two or say two and a Balf in it. the music of Silver Bells from the time to come Falls on the listening heart then 1 How i mournfully swells the chime of m the Day 1that Are no in rep at a hotel it Short time since a girl in1. Quire of a gentleman at the table if his end was out. A now said he a Bat my a flee Wick the poor girl was considerably confused Castic tone. Bjk Tara v by. Pm a 4/sweetened drink. In a Small Village in the Southern Section of Missouri resides a certain major a keeps a Small Cosey comfortable Little infamous for its sweetened drinks As to cell a Jovial landlord and few of the sur routing Farmers visit the neighbourhood with giving the major a Friendly Call to taste h " the Gay Host with Iolli Phi round person Bright orc and military ideals out the rations spiced with Jok which if they arc not funny Are it Lea laughed at for the major enjoys them � vastly himself that his auditors Aro Force to laugh out of pure Good old couple who resided Abri six Miles from the majors for a Long pc Rio Bint old woman you and that Ere major s conduct to any War rather Una comin a formalities War too Sweet to be mistook an you Ain t Goin Char agin in a silence was the Only answer. Of you to Huffy Are you continue the old Man. Well i guess you can Sta so till you give in and lie jogged in a s in try jealous Inonu. In am Uig at to farm lie called to his negro to lift the of woman off but Sam Trio Nigger stood i zing at Hin in silent astonishment. " lift her off you Sam do you hear an do it carefully or some of her Wrath lilo out. In spite of Trio major s Sweet ii she s mad As " Why do Lor Monssa do ole Oman Amidar replied Sam his eyes standing out his countenance. Jest turn round mass and satisfy you Sale Dat do ole Oman cd gone an Lor and sure enough on a minute examination by the old Man she was found missing the major was charged at onco Wil abduction instant measures were taken i Pursuit and a party despatched to by tithe Road. On proceeding two Miles on to Road to the major s they Wero sudden halted at Tho Small Rivulet by finding to missus with her head lying partly in Tho Litt Stream its Waters laying in her Lap and Philips softly a drop mor major unless it s sweetened i Beautiful sentiment the following i. 4i i c i not ism Luu xxx eau by duo Myu out truly eloquent and embraces the belief every Christian heart go and preach to the blocks and Aton be who believe that love is Clay go Prea to the deadly who deny the immortality the affections i go reason with Trees Hills images of Wood or with your motionless icy souls be who believe because Theis no marrying yonder there shall to no i bracing or because we May not use the go tie word my wife we May not clasp the sanctified forms in our Arras i Tell y Man that immortality would be a Glorio Chat if with our Clay dio All our affect Iori Tell you that annihilation would be Heavin i believed that when my head at Long rests upon its coffin Pillow and my Lissu to silence and repose in death those Lvii f Eye would never look into mine again to holy Caress never bless me 44aw, doct a Dees the cholera aft the High Daw a Daw to asked an sex quasi of a celebrated physician in new Orlean f no replied Tho m. D., " but it s Del on food. And you d better leave Tho City l the to flow sloped. I was Uhi Ujj Durf. w v r. A Rutx Mthm Wash for Corrade of for Tho outside of wooden cottage barns 10 outbuildings fences a where Economy is n important the following Wash is recommend its 1 take a barrel that will hold water. It put in it half a Bushel of fresh Ruick Lime s us i Iii it by Jyh Jiming our 11.douing water z sufficient to cover it 4 or 6 inches deep and a stirring it till slaked. When Nonito slaked dissolve it in watet1 and add 21bs. Sulphate of Zink White Vitric vol which May to had at any of the drug a gifts and which in a few Weeres will cat soothe Whitewash to Harden on the Vood sufficient water to bring it to Tho Consi Stincy of thick Whitewash. This Wash id a of course while and As White is a color which we think should never be used except upon ,. Buildings a Good Deal surrounded by Trees is so As to prevent its Glare we would make it a Fawn or drab color before using it. 1 to make the above Wash a pleasing Cream us color add ifs. Yellow ochre. E for Fawn color Tako 4 lbs. Umber 1 la. Xii Iun ecu and no. to make the Wash Grey or Stone color add if 4lbs. Raw umber and 2lbs. Lampblack. C. The color May be put on with a common u Whitewash Brush and will be found much Indio durable than common Whitewash Asir Tho sulphate of Zinc sets or hardens Trio Whitewash. J 1 seven fools. The envious Man. U who sends away his Mutton because the person next to him is eating Venison. R 2. The jealous spreads his bed with stinging Nettles and then sleeps on it. 3. The proud gets wet than ride in the Carriage of an t 4. The Lilious goes to Law ill the Hopes of mining his opponent and gets j ruined himself.5. The extravagant buys a s Hering and lakes a cab to carry it Home s 6. The angry learns the Obi Cleide because lie is annoyed by the playing of his neighbor s piano. 7. The illuminates 1 and sits in the dark punch. E cleaning Wall taper sas Many of1 our lady readers Mav desire at this season " of House cleaning to renovate Tho paper � upon the Walls of the rooms we copy Frome the Ohio cultivator a method prescribed c for so doing w take about two quarts of wheat bran a enclose it in a bag made of thin open flan Nel or Strainer cloth and with this rub the " paper shaking up the bran occasionally so As to keep the surface fresh. With this apparatus smoke can easily to removed from a Wall paper. Grease spots can to partially removed by rubbing them with Chalk Andl then laying Over Thom several Liick Nesses of � Brown Pipor and press on a Flat Iron. I revivals we Aro glad to hear Oliaf quite an interest Lias been awakened Witlin a few weeks past in Trio congregations at11 Cedar Spring and Long Cane in this Dis � trial some fifteen persons Liao been added to the Church and Many others Arit thought to be inquiring the Way to Zion. Of such an Awakening has not been expert a ended in these old congregations it is said for for Roan a Many years. God Speed the. Luik. No us Vul i Muia i ? ii need More fervency among a i wrestling among Tho people and then Wolf will Havo More converts in our Chur Oheal or due West Telescope a. � 10 almost a homicide Barbor nearly our office while engaged in shaving a Gen Etleman yesterday was seized with a Conru lesion and Tho Muscles of his Arm contracting or almost involuntarily the razor instead of a passing gently Down the Cheek of the customer was rudely drawn across bis Throat in frightful proximity to his carotid and ? jugular to blood was drawn bit Goi " close was Tho Ybave Liat the gentleman s of garments were Cut gathering tip che a Mai Clor of them he Cut . Of a severe rebuke Fletcher Bishop a of Nimes was Tho son of a Chandler. A a proud Duke once endeavoured to mortify the to prelate by Savinar at the Leveo thai he Ettelt a of allow to which he replied Uji Kibird a i am Tho son of a Chandler tis True and if 160 your lordship lad been the same you would to Nave remained a tallow Chandler All th6 Daya us of Jour life in Rose Kab of Mindus imlach Lata to minister at Muir House Dundee was marketable for his absence mind. In his Pfay Erv a Ono Day he said " o lord i bless it riffles at and degrees of ,.from the Region Tho Dunghill to the beggar on the rorie a of of f Rel Riff we men Rococi eating Sims ii to Kwi 4 mean from the beggar on Trio the Whf to Tho k King up Trio Dunn. Or
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