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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Sep 9 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - September 9, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaA or is i devoted to Lite Atterb th1 arts scibmc3 Cpl Tori wows politics ac., a. � Dollar per inn to " Ishum into Heifort of Diar children that the life Elty of tha palladium of All your . " Java Yaw that a to Fiffie 2---n0.18. Abbeville c. H., Sot Fth Carolina saturday morning september 9, 1854, ,. Whole numbers a m Ruth Ruix. Fingel who trendiest in the track of time a Nurding the aut Raneo to that unknown clime whence come no whispers to the world below whence not a song we hear of Triumph or of Check or Toun d of Happy footsteps passing to and v fro. Tale u Tho Maybell trembling in the Breeze thou Rakest Youthful Cheeks. The summer seas i Ose their Cali Blue beneath tiv Lryni inn whig fierce storms thou summon eat front Tho deep Mountain breast to be thy pursuivant when thou Art wondering. Thy name is terrible thine icy breath Stern order to Hio War fiend Utt Oreth who stuns the pleasure turf a fearful red or dashes in the Winro it fld spirits braves fair whose itch it a rest no saintly song is said. Yet litre i known thee death with gentle hand Lead some poor wanderer to the heavenly land amid the purple Light of autumn Eves while to Tho Harvest Moon arose a rustic tune from Sun Beirut Lusty reaper binding tip to licit sheaves. And even if in some too cruel mood Thoa Dott neglect the weary multitude to to Dietho fair Bride in her Orange Bloom. To dim her eyes of Light upon the marriage night and Bear her pallid Beauty to the Marble the of Himl who rattles All Day Long Din Vay from these things. I feel it n dust jew do so for i believe them to l e Jusi Tultz of Deal bugs in magic an that tue people who get them up will most assuredly come to some strange and Road Fol lightning struck blown up in fat Brevet in step Inge sleep Houri Ted by angry spirits or in peaked in the head by some frantic table. I Don t see Why men will be hammering their brains and Wear out their bodies to Scaro up such s the tue hut. A t my line no t can Lap any from off it a Safe Dia Taneo and watch their eventual Eta atrophy. But some of the fast move mints of Tho Day i cannot keep out of the Way of everybody seems to be in a dreadful hurry about slow deliberate or Correct movements now and the consequences of this hurry Scurry go ahead it Ive Ness will Force themselves upon to & Psi Idun Jiuu nip summer Iii Ruih Willi it Frient made of Calico the color of which was Black Toi i rent veil by very Largo Gnu vividly red How of its and High us on top where the Bonnet g after a fashion not tie latest was gathered main a Hunch fluttered a Largo fierce looking it red How. Her hair which was Black and tin Glossy streamed in a Long Cork screw ring Milet on cach Side of her face and Tho the Sua with or Doit i oven Uhuad slightly Lingcod her Cheek with Brown Beher glitter my Black eyes red lips and Brill Riant Teeth forbade my complaint against her complexion. Her dress which was of the jy6anic glaring red and Black material As her y0bonnet, was somewhat Short and fully Dis outplayed a Stout serviceable ankle Aud foot a strongly if not handsomely cased in Bright cd Bike stockings nor Aniie apron was made w with Largo Luck nearly to the Waist and Toong strings which reached Tho ground or Waif to litre was a Breece floated a Yard or two behind her she held in one hand a Calico w Satchel As she called it and in the other re a Large yellow Cotton which co she held elegantly by one Corner and swung 8p actively to and fro As she walked. I never forget a fact though i May forget at what of time and place i saw it and it was thus m to this instance for so Complete was the Meta pc i urn to him Iimura Una up Tui that i did not entertain the slightest Surapi of Ciao that the singular and very animated lad before me waste smoking acquaintance or of to t f three Zno Nulta Back. My Friend to things As it should he and i attribute nil to the Railroad Speed with which put 1 e no dashing through life they Don t Iive time to think and of course they can t Elk. Tins Ina Dies in As great a hurry Asho Tould have done any thing else the Slaw Tife finds her prop gone and becomes the t s obliged to do it or be . She throws aside her pipe Indk Erchick and miseries risks up in Durries Peter Hall right away. This is Ajo Story. Were it fiction i could have Ren my heroine refinement As Well As Beau t i could have thrown around her a flowery an dec 1 v in Vivi Iii out it uld not really alter the Case any. She � is in a hum and so is everybody else. To could expatriate for hours on the follies Fiche present generation but no body minds 1,old woman Hoo me so what s the use ? Orth and and crime. Our renders will find in another column Lim Snible and judicious communication on a a Sll hip t it in . J. V. In Ketlie South we desire Only that Justice v Ould be done in. We would not deprive 0 3 North of one Whit of its wed earned station for what it has done in the cause education morality and religion. The Folole world is its debtor and we have fired in the blessings it has been iii3tru Smital in dispensing abroad. But crime lists in the North we fear from the re 0 Ris Winch Racu us daily Ali Rouglin its Jouris that crime is 011 the increase there. E ascribe its prevalence to no Peculiar social custom of the North but the same causes which operate Ai Oungst selves to Lead men to disobey the Law of al. When therefore a murder is Coin voted at the North we do not say that if had not sent its Staves to the South and us deprived itself of this safeguard such off Eucolia not Boon in win there. The in York Tribune is Welcome to a Monon � 7 of such logic or if a castigation must inflicted let it be by its brother abolition 8int, the new York evening Post. If a rathern Man should be detected in the Fol s and too common North and j appropriating to himself with duo credit the fruits of other men s Enlal labors we do not say that it a a gettable to the state of society about him. 8 e leave such logic and Christian Courtesy 8 l. T r i i 1 e Luc us Niue a our ii n in of recrimination is not to our taste. V to would Lido Tho offences of Brethren " Len no demand of truth nod righteousness a dvrs exposure necessary. And when Ripe lied to speak to would do it in the 1irit of Charity and brotherly kindness. " that we of the South have faults grief j is faults sins which we have just occasion chiment before god and evils which it be Oyes us to Correct we deny not nor do s see How on guilt in neglecting to repent our oids Auu i Huichu our Uvea we w finished by seeking to discover Tho same greater faults and evils amongst others. 1 3 our own master we most stand or fall. With others. Let is then not suffer our 1 ought to be fanned nor our efforts to be Vertex Frem the duties we Are called to. Ifil from the evils we Are required to Corot in the useless my prove to 1 to the daring ends attempt to prove that oth a arc As great ii Inners As we. Southern pret Burian. Mothers Audi Nune cannot be too end eff " Youn children. A melancholy instance j of Tho want of proper attention occurred i new York on wednesday last. A Youn Iother who was asleep in her room awoke and found that her child had been it e4 in pail of whelp be had been child had Ore i to the Edge of the bed and fallen into a t a of water in which its a f but Esquhe these country papers or ovum " fiut i paid three dollars for and made much More Linn three Dol Are by it. Now if your neighbors had no uni stained that press and kept it ready Foi four use you would have been without the Catis to advertise your farm. I saw a noice of your daughter s marriage in one those papers. Did that coat anything no but " and your brother s death was published Villi h Long obituary pjs yes but a 1 us ure Umi ii Ulii 01 a car Weiguo oftring s House by fire. You know these hinge were exaggerated till Tho authentic accounts of our newspapers set them right of True True but " and when your Cousin splash was out Force legislature you appeared much gratified at his newspaper defence which Costrini nothing yes yes but these things Are news Forlla 1 1 1uci Wise ii Gulf 10 Utic me tapers 1 no to Squire or bulge not if All Are Ike you. Now i Tell you Squire the Day kill come when some one will write a very Ong Eulogy on your life and the Printer Rill put it in Type with a heavy Black line Verh and with All your riches this will Belone for you As a grave is Given to a wealth liberality and such things Willie spoken of but the Printer s Toan he Pells the words in arranging the types these savings will remark of Yoa 4 poor i Tiiu a Vii us is Wen sponging ror a obituary " Good morning Squire a Southern lady. The Lair Eitress of Tho Yazoo miss whig mrs. Prewett herself i Northern Orlady nobly expresses to Ltd feelings Aud indicates the character of the South duing her travels this summer through the Forth. She writes to her own paper my first Contact with an abolitionist our recon the cars be two a Row Hostar nil Syracuse. At one of the stations two great buoy looking negro men came into Tho ladies car and began looking about for ent. No 0110 made place for Thorn but one who bad left their places walked Back o them and stood guard Over them. The Dolored gentlemen were not at All put out it kept walking up and Down looking Foi cats. My Little boy said no Nigger shouldst by him. Some of the passengers laugh but others looked awfully offended. Air Ito woman that was before me and was most As ugly As aunt Harriet Stowe turned Ercey on the boy and said if Tho gent Lennhoff anal Fin Era of. A. A we tue w Jasaw Jivu i Madam Baid i they arc to doubt s Good As you and better but they Are lot As Good As my child and shall not sit y if Ono could be annihilated by a oof 6 contempt i should not be writing his. When the cars stopped at Tho next Taniou my interesting neighbor got up to Avo but determined not to lose the Opportunity of dropping a word to the to r came up to me and id you will fifth when you come to die t matters not what is the color of the. Face 10 the heart a White Madam i replied .11 a a 4 it in Oil Momer Ita Iuro Inion sea me face w bean Index of the heart she made a great mistake in not giving you a Black Onte?.fust then the cars started and she Luul to run leaving the the ? e the Sattur Stiop ? and burning of this wretched Little place is creating quite a sensation al Home Aud abroad. We feel sorry thai Odi government condescended to notice the contemptible rabble m the Way it did. A Boatswain bad been seat ashore with a nun Ber Onnen with Eato Nita taif and flog i Asp to hmm to. Ovri thu Fri. A desperate fight in . E a correspondent of to motile advertiser writing from Kemper county missis Ippi relates the following the i stopped at or. James Tion on saturday night and found mrs. Hall j the wife of to overseer in great distress about her husband who had gone to der it la. She said that a or. Bias had rented a part of or. Rupert s land from or. Hall and not Long since some of the gentlemen in the neighbourhood suspecting Bias of trading with their negroes set a trap for him3 aim snug in my. Hall seeing that bias3 must leave the place bought the crop that3 was growing on the place to secure the rent for or. Rupert because he As or. A s agent bad rented it to him. Some words passe Between a or. Brown and Hall upon Hall Spurchase of the crop and Hall was accused of being we Essory to Bias Rasca Lity or conniving at it which exasperated Hall and to put a pistol against or. Brown s breast and snapped a Cap whereupon a warrant r was issued to arrest Hall who said that he j would not be taken. I had not been in Tho House Moro than an hour when Hall s horse returned without him but with Tho Saddle and bridle . Hall exclaimed that her husband was. T. Him Achi out a Doy to look for him. Lie returned with mrs. Hall s father who was with Hall and reported that the latter was killed. It appears that the sheriff or. Gully and four men were in Pursuit of him and met him and his father in Law coming from do a mile and half from Dekalb. Hall Eash cd past them Gully then wheeled and Rode up and summoned him to surrender telling him that head men enough to take Liim and did not want to kill him. Hall swore he would note taken and fired his pistol at Gully which had two balls in it one Ball shivered his knife and the other took effect in the right Groin. Gully then Rode up to him again and presented his pistol intending to shoo first hut no v 1p\ tt-1.jvi Villi ii Ivy i ulu11 was ready to fire again and both fired at once. is not sure Bat be abot Hall but. Hall s shot took effect in Gully s left Arm shivering the Elbow and one shot lodged Wuthe Arm. Gully finding bis bridle Arm useless dropped bis pistol and caught the Bridie rein with his right band and then pur1sued and Rode ahead of Hall. Hall two seized Gully and they both fell to the culled on his friends to Bhoot him Asho had nearly been killed. Hall see ing one in the of boo tag rushed at him. It appears Tho Man shot Hall through the left hand and finding himself disabled leaped a Fence about ten feet off at which Tinia the Man i do not collect his name fired his second barrel r shot gun into Hall s Back just below the neck. Hall fell and by the time that he could be examined was dead. Things we decidedly object to. We decidedly object to the first floor lodger coming Home in a state of inebriation and getting into our be with h s Boote on. We decidedly object to a waiter always telling us lie s coming and never doing two decidedly object to ayoung lady Wither hair done up in a newspaper . To decidedly object to an infatuated v dramatist Ren Ducr us the manuscript of Hia five Yve decidedly object to a baby dabbing is Damp Little hand about oar Ute while the Mother stands by and remarks that the Little dear is beginning to w take we decidedly object to a doctor telling us in a Friendly Vay that our family were always noted for weak decidedly object to a person mistaking us for this mortal enemy and giving us. A tremendous blow of the Back under the conviction. Or j. N. � we Asci Ueary ode i 10 a mans it his own jokes and never Loughin Touw. We decidedly object to any one Duro ii ing our Good things and palming them off is his own. A decidedly object to a Home a coat and bawling out inthe passage that his master told him not to a Whu Vui a buoy. I of. And to decidedly object to Sharp children lawyer s letters Damp shirt collars t Amateur performances tight to a and an r umbrella trickling Down our Back. L. Soma of our a worn ago bang speak i of the Bridge of the Illinois Central corns Tiff River at i sail Rales wry Liy Tugg will Twer of. 7r rtt scr Litov i Iii Kilfian ii 4 j of �4 Little pitchers wet great Stefe Mother said Little afrow ". J .t Luhv Neww Jroud marry father ? Yott told aunt Chart Tayou bad All the child what Are you talking about i did notmt4g�v� a Why j8, Mother you Salt Hewa poor and had you to tight of being a to Edwith so Many country cousins a a bal them you never won old Hare lad him Don t you like ? to Phebe and aunt Polly and aunt Judy ? i m Bipire i a Why Agnes you Are crazy i believe when did you Ever hear your Mother talk so ? Teil me yesterday a when i sat in the Bac parlor and you an aunt were in be front one i m safer Jou did Bay. So dear Routhier and i nit in to e. Re j. Unwin Lur you Toi aunt there was a time before i waa born when father drank too to race and then you know you spoke of thepledge,." and said How glad you were that the Temperance Reform saved Hiiro. My dear i was talking of somebody else i think. We were speaking of Uncle Fot Liriand his family.". 4 but they have no Gafiea Mother an you know you told about father s failure in business. Uncle Jethro never failed and you sired too when you moved he this House your Money paid for Ever Thino. A pfc. O the wind Aid not know it and n you have told quite enough my do you stay listening in my Bank per Lor for when i sent you up stairs to study i.-. It has come to a pitiful pass if. Your aunt and i must have All of our privacy retail Din this Way. I suppose you have already told your father All that Yon have heard 1n no Mother i Haven to because thought it would Hurt his feelings. I love my father and i never told him anything to m Kerhim .4 out Luu King in me Are and Astrid Mother if people really love others do they Ever talk against them did t you Tell Menever to speak of any Homo difficulty and if Edward and i say wrong word you toll me Nover to repeat them and i never Agnes said the rebuked Mother. Listeners Are despicable characters. Don t Yott never let me know of your doing the like again you Don t hear right Aidt you make a great desk of mischief in this 11. �.". Influence of climate on the color of Mankind for 1800 years the jewish race las been dispersed into different latitude Sand climates and they have Roost distinct from any Intermix Turewitz tie other races of Mankind. Thero Are some jews still lingering in the Valley of the Jordan having been oppressed by the successive conquerors of Syria for. Low race of people and described by trustworthy travellers As being As Black As any of the ethiopian races. Others of the jewish people participating in european civilization and dwelling in the Northern nations show instances of the Light complexion the Blue eyes and Light hair of the scandinavian fair lilies. We see then How account for the difference in color without having to refer them to original or Yoby typhoid fever yesterday morning at & o clock f John t. Stewart a Printer of but office. Or. Stewart was 48 Jeara of age a native of i lits Duran and tor Many this City Fie was much Asje Medby every pne who Luciew Hini 6jr uprightness of character and for his Many "l,.,- the bsmc&i7jconvention in California we should Jude from the reports in fhe papers of that Reg a were of rather a Stormy character. They met in a Baptist Chiung. And do for their quarrels Thov made Bush a vote with tic Kwa that tie trustees of the build Zajf or red them to leave. At then it session of conv Efthion Tho sum of 40q v?a9 a vied to pay for the damage to a gentle Mayburg went recently to Fiat try for of potatoe8 and 6ord,Hia Fields burned a. Unable to per Rohrli of 7 wanted be went to m l v j
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