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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - October 27, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaA a � � a. Rij =. " v " a " dbv0t39 to Tubb Tubb the arts science agric in to tire news politics dtc., Dollar per annul lot it be instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the press is the palladium of All your . Payable in Advance volume 2.no. 25. Abbeville c. Ii., South Carolina Friday i opining october 27, 1854. Whole number 77. T poetry. T sick and in prison. T by Alice Cabey. J wildly Falls the night around t chains i cannot break have bound to \ spirits us rebuked under Ven t from before Durken heaven a creeds bewilder and the saying l unfelt prayers makes used of praying. S in this bitter anguish lying Only thou Wilt hear crying. Thou whose hands Wash White the erring As the Wool is at the shearing Inot with dulcimer psalter but with tears i seek thy altar. Feet that trod the mount so weary lines that pitying looked on Mary is hands that brought the father s Blessing s Heads of Little children pressing l voice that said behold Mother to i seek thee and none other. A t 1 a i ,.r " i a h out of Zion glorious City. Speak o voice of in Rcv sweetly hide hands of love completely sick in prison lying lonely late can lift up be Only. In hot brow soot lie the aching in sin heart stay the breaking on lips the murmur trembling 1 Funange to praises make inc Vine As the Evangels clothe with the wings of Angels. Al a Power that made the Lew loaves Man a Power that messed the wine at Cyntia is Power that Suid to Lazarus. " Waken " i leave o leave ine not forsaken a Siek Ami hungry Ami in prison save crucified and risen. To miscellany. � every Man his own lawyer. At the last term of the Orange county a new York court the following ease was Neil upon glue i the jury was ii j by the defendant who had concluded to a Pear in his own defence t j the people is. James Aller Lenthis w was a very interesting Case rendered so from the fact that the defendant acted As his own a lawyer on the trial without having the and h Vantage of Heing one of the Legal fraternity. Llis summing up of which we Are Able to give nearly a verbatim report with the exception of the acting was decidedly j Slimy a Prueti Maui Enuine Uichi ii Legal gentlemen present. The deft who is w a Small red haired thin specimen of a Van w Kee was indicted for an assault and Battery a on one . Dodder. The facts As i h Vul cd upon trial Are briefly As follows a the defendant is in the employ of the Mon Gap Valley Forrest Birga 1 Ort Jervis l Lauk w Road company As a toll gatherer and re sides upon the Road some Miles above port a Jervis. Lie and the complainant . Dod , Are near neighbors. To on a sunday in february last , a complainant in the act of beating a his deft s cows along the Highway and As 8, an inducement for him to quit hurled a few to stones at him one of which As the com at Plain ant testified struck him on the Back. The neck. Y the testimony being concluded tie defendant addressed the jury As follows a deep Ftak. To then charged that Oad i v stilted him Bat five six months a fresh n Venedi his recollection and to now Sato Julat v i jilted and battered him. Omli Evo v Barei stome difference Between the two al f dodder Saya be swore to the complaint tbefifj�., Cuddeback. ,1 leave h Toi i you to sey whether he tolls the truth now in t of Ying that x bettered atm. 1 was taken a � a Constable before the Squire and either a Causo the Justice was ashamed of Liat he j bad already done of had t Type to a t tei Ato it i Don t know which it Vyent Down. J twp three weeks after Itiat i a a Rysted j in hard wife having been of Findri , Best As husband to e got red of it by Guiyi Ingv a ii " a v a Ion and even if i should receive $3,000ind steal 1,500 of it that s Between Amine company and its none of dodgers when the company sent up Long this Road to collect tolls this dodder Vns one of the inhabitants i found there Inge Woods and i will say for him that he is i very fair specimen of the rest of the Popi lotion. Lint there in t any of them that .11 i i a lilt Luc Usu tells us Iii is Lank Road. It let out to civilization a class of peo Ledio never before realized the idea that there As such a thing As civilized life and this dodder is one of them. It is a fact that Noli after 1 moved there a Young woman7 years old cum Down out of the inti Intenson the l Lank Road one Day and said lie had never been out before. She fairly clued surprised to see a White Man an Diter asking a few questions went Back intone Woods. This dodder was neighbor and a Good Deal nearer than i wanted him and l Laud t been there Long before i eard he had been lying about to one of be directors and 1 soon found out he anted to get his son who was sworn Here against place. But lie Han t o e yet and if you Don t convict 1 reckon i nun i Vita Soroll. It won t take Long to dispose of dodder of. 2. He testifies that lie saw throw rec stones at his father Ami saw the old tan on his Cross examination he Tys lie was in his own House in the Woods had to look Over a Hill Twenty feet High and also Over three slab in pcs and two Stone alls. Well if he tells the truth All i wish that i had Young dodder s eyes lie i mainly a remarkable boy and can t his "father."1 am willing to admit that i done wrong throw stones at dodder and i apologise All the would and this county particularly to it. The doctors Tell us that their Are to causes for All diseases predisposition Anflic stability i think it a is the latter cause i ii. Us Iii Una i Asitim l outer. I in fuss myself guilty of the assault but a Loci Tilery 1 , sunt if y u find guilty i l Jle Battery i will Appeal from tin decision the court of Iii Jii heaven itself before will submit to it. Now gentlemen you saw . Dodder Anjard Liim swear against . I asked Liim great Many questions and i was sorry t sir Liim answer As lie did. 1 might have ked Liim if he did t kill rat and if i Eide t Stone Erie Keiss because they tres Isamedin his Woods where actually the Rock e so thick that the brakes can t Iii id their a though them but then i knew lie Ould deny it and it would Grieve to Ijuro Linin. Lie admits that he was driving y three cows up the Road and that lie Ruck at one of Vin but says it was with a Nail switch. I have proved that this switch As a pole about ten feet Long and about Iree inches across the butt end and i have so proved tar tit when he struck the cow ii. It is True witness could t swear lat the stick hit her he was so far off Butic the blow Anc Tjie fall together and we guess the Reolf st you gentlemen should a Point at a Man and pull thei Ger see the Nash and hear the , an the same time Sec the Man drop i think 3u would Sny that i shot him although i might not see the Ball strike him. Now the fact is gentlemen that on Sun a i was lying on lounge in inv House Hen Iny wife said to that dodder was lasing cows. I jumped up and pulled it boots and went out of doors and saw odder and the cows coming up the True to says lie was not driving them it flys he and the cows was both going Ong the Road in one direction and this As As near As i could get Linin to the cows the truth but it is proved that the cows Ere going ahead of dim and lie was striking at them with his title ten feet Long acid three inches a butt and i reckon you ii think lie Ling the Epa. 1 Sung out to him atop " a he did t obey Ori just threw a atone in that i recon a Titch want about ten feet Over his Ooi Ivictor so for Lam n Fajr of the a Iron As &. Apr a mfg v � a ,. � . which 1 have just seen in a Book i found Here. Tiv speaker line picked up a Lawi took and read As follows livery Man Lias a right to defend himself from violence now i Don t know whether that is Law not hut i find it in a Law Book a Veteran member of the bar who was sitting near he speaker remarked to Liim that it was Goodlaw Well gentlemen Here is an old Man who looks As if he might know something j Iii lie save tins is h Ikumi Law. Aow it you will turn to Harbour something Page 800, 1you la find that the same doctrine is applied to cattle threat laughter therefore take it i had a Rii lit to d fend cows again t i bidder s ten loot switch. Wily. Yen j Tlemcen nearly All wealth is inv Mcd in j Licin 111roc cows an a you can t wonder Liat i became a Little excited when i saw dodder 1 switching them with his ten foot pole. I am a poor Man and have a Large family eon j Sisti Trof a wife and six children which i j reckon is doing pretty Well for As Small a 1 Man As i am and i could nut al Oid to let 1 dodder kill cows. J now gentlemen i Don t believe you la con vict alter what i have said. Hut if Yon do. And this court fines $250, " i shall repudiate because can t and if i per Yil tor six Mouths Why those doll will have it ill their own Way up Ltd it. L u not wills and Ingall Elliis i am willing to ride myself in your Lian ii to in it 1 it was several minutes despite tin Runald was chosen his successor and acted As Moderator at this meeting. The usual amount of routine business was trans acted and in addition a number of new a and important measures were set on foot. V an excellent Sermon on family instruction a was preached by Llev. David Pressly of Starkville miss., by appointment. A copy s was requested for publication in the 1 Ilc Scot pc. The missionary Sermon was not because of the of the no pointed Rev. T. S. Lee of Kentucky. The v appointment of . Leo was continued for f la it year. A letter was received from a committee t appointed by the general a. 11. P. Synod 6f 1 tie West asking co operation in securing a in revised and improved version of the psalms. It was referred to the standing committee i 611 that subject who made a Favory be i port and the committee was a operate in any measure that will mar t Success. Tile propriety of lengthening the term of study in tin theological Seminary Why i \ w is referred by last Synod to this was again 1laid Over for consideration at the next meet. Ing. A committee was also appointed to x consider tie propriety and practicability of separating the Seminary fron Iwic College and a port lust � Erskine College i liberally provid to for. The a no employed Lusky car Flea 1 ring the endowment wave a of Tutti a i t a new professorship thet ated and . Old. L. Patton of Liotine go was elected to. The Shair bus created. To will be prof Emor Craf Biti Jit Yit school in Africa and to calling still to u i is for tin school in Kentucky it vac solved to enter at Onci upon a foreign Mission in some other Quarter of the world. Ides Africa. The 1 Oartel v. Re director o seek out the men select the Field and Sehe hrs o i on t Otas soon As practicality it is understood that two voting men hav leered their services Aheady and Oiler nay easily he obtained if called fur. I Rovi Liiri favouring the Woik will Pio Hahlo nto Topci Amiott our less in Imereli will in kept info Imei is to lit Progress if the work preparation t lie Mission he t Liec Laii Man if thy Hoard two of the delegates Rev. 1 Ink Mil . 15. M. I Almer appointee i a tin a school i Synod of solid Arolina. To meet our Synod and Eftifei Villi us on the subject of Union were pics it Ami Wiseha Ribeil their duty in a faithful v by a Jet Eagle manner. They Laid he i be our Synod the. A Titi of their l by. Am i i Coli Rinir earnestness in Iii i loss Shle. And if not , then commit loll. Liev will in nil Willi in Litt to Yuo ii twit i aii a to commit heist of. Lor Tik us Clit. I title twin to i Point Dili Yates to to fill tin approaching meeting of thick in 1 of Soili Carolina and to Confer will Isy i Iii of committee Oti the subjects of in i ii communion. Vilar Spring Abbeville 1 District s. \ As appointed us t Lio next place of Nietin loss of the Arctic. Our Northern mails bring us the Partie Lars 1 Unis sail calamity. Tie following ceo Urit i furnished tic now York paper y . George ii. Burns the express Messen i Adams & co., who was on Hoard Amir Lanalely escaped the terrible perils of Tini Saster the scams ii Arctic with 226 , exclusive of children 17o Ciup of valuable cargo and heavy mail is lost if pc More than four Hundred souls win it Liverpool on the 20th ult., full of Hope Gayety and health Many re turnip Froin european tour of pleasure Only thirty to m til ii 1 -111.1 t More than one Hundred can a any Rossili Ivity have Ese ipod a watery wednesday september 21, precise t 12 o clock m., in a dense fog we Cam i Contact with a bark rigged Iron propeller Ith Black Hull Salmon coloured Bottom and coloured poop and boats and Black pipe he was bound , and bad All sail i to with a Strong fair wind. The Speed Ulie Arctic at. The time was about Lii Recei nuts an hour lie Thock to Lis appeared Light but the a tango to the other Vease is frightful. Not a Luce instantly Ord pm tie Quarter boats cleared a War and tin Hief mate Boatswain and three stators went o her Relief before other boats left the Orler was countermanded. The Arctic then described a Circle twice rou Grambe wreck luring which time i of mor Hail two Hundred people Erast ered on Hei Lur Ricano deck. At this juncture it. Was first ascertained hat we had sustained injury and the water Vas pouring in it of mows. When the first Pilicer Canio alongside to report the in pair Rait unable to take him i but jaded n f. W., if tie Hope of .in.ldngland. Oui xxi tiou 011 the previous 12 o clock Vas Latittvio-48 39, 45 27. W \ did Rua about Olieo Hundred Anil ten Natila Roio the t use of Thi observation until tin Noin ont of collision and Jorero Rupponer it e forty nisus ?4ffl an Atu Lior hair Crown overboard 4 it in Spito of All Yter Ion the engines stopped Ana thai talc Tini Riahi d Trio fire. R i a i 11r Vur i our in a acc Wue vei o have a new a prov i cd. Polit Ailiin Rufic . � few Niitani and Ali the i igbo gun Riv i . Dorian to Thig rial a Fow ored. To ria ii Mimi 11. Ii ill i Mim a Aji hmm Iii yele lir Cinexi precipitated themselves headlong i Over the Bah Maiks on to the raft and in a re moment our Little boat was Lull and in i danger of being sunk. In this Cine a Geisey Dorian ordered the Rosie which Heldi u to the Steamer to be it Nti a Riiho Tiyo i minus Ami axes to Patu led from Juji rafts a Side. L lie male \v5u� throughout Piv serve great preset tee of mind Ami Laboured with-1 Leroie Energy tried it " for pm id s Sahei i a explain Elear the raft so trial Ween work. � 1 won t tie. Erl the slip i while there s a Tiin-11 1 Ber Alt be the i1 in. The sea was now Lush with the dead to i lights la less than three simile from Frej i time lie fax be the Stern foam j is went 1� abandon l Fate. Ile a v Mii forbid that i shall eve. R witness such in 1ii ill her scene. e however ii in1 up to Wolf .1 in run la iih1 then with an Oveil add Jshii mat. Without oars Tho Lepins food think. I is avoiding with Dilli culty the t a ii is others a wreck Aivil passing Many dead females to Jai 11tared tor a Iii sit upon the Boccuti. cm.-. Cured a float aug pumpkin # id Cash Agiato Pitiard against immediate starvation la in d Caspar Toile How of our boat to keep to the wind and sea and t Hus. Mir i Tinl of mountala.,j his of ii save and the awful Pun Iun ent Iii Iii till us Iii i lie murderer. A Nimic i execution i Shockie a l ril justification. kilo him " Ejli Elloh to feel that our own Liim Otu Luct in j reference to the slate of crime Ami filiation among our negroes should have "11 entailed upon us the necessity of column a Ting barbarities which a Sot a. V. Here had Vij a oui itch Jim � this exe Ipi a a Moriji Indian Savages Ami the w in -u-1 ii ,1 of new . Lint in might l subject we lie Force a the a omit Hinion in to lilo la in. Of Liis a it in enry lie. In Eliho Mensure at Tlapa Prtini f the Ali item t i thc0lkclv"s t 1 j owners Wolave proper a. � tin ii Gro Vivio eos knitted Liis murder at mount. Meis for la was Zimrut run f ssi y Tom ii of the arsons rapes and murders per net rated he our slaves the sordid Low in i i i. I Money rising Superior to indignation 1 of outrageous villainy and foul murder a Jik ept Many a guilty negro from thu Gallows. The owner preferred to assist his escape in 4i order to save Hia value in dollars Ami cents b to the discharge of Lii duty to the Cormui. I nity by delivering him up to you dig Pun isl Anent. Instances of this kind in cases f Elf weigh est grades of offences of comparatively n rare. But in cac of minor felonies and. Made Manors nothing if we than tor the offences to he Conff wised on. Condition that the owner will is Aillene. 1 Gro out of Tif Community and Selp Thijn if al a Distant so and it is also not Uncom-1 " t Inoa for tiie owner to Prfu the negro clandestinely and sell Lily we order to a Foito Ift and exx Nso. H Oto this whole system is radically wrong and if owners cannot to yield up to thu in. J full duty to the Public from proper Zofiva i they should to compelled to injustice is done his slave. T5 this Weiwu ii at inc Vii by prou the inno in Cetto Ava fran Vii Una Way Mcdine of Yeiji Yunni i i Ptg go to promptings of a of f a in Idiku Riith wife occur to us Ongie. to Ltd fwd a. 1 i a Ioir o. I Voltr in a Moxa n Aovai. Pm Lipini lie should be Oil bis list i Zwic i i l a i sign and a to of Ili two Vonn flies tins nor ,11 disrupt in Iti our i i lat tires but Lia hitherto we think mainly been l.i1 in a h a tor its scripture authority afar i ack a i in Days of Caia Atid Abel. Itt of thu o of aids was fratricide is punishment according to later mosaic Law if enl that f modern timer., Wou 1 Lave n i with Tho curse and to Heriaud upon him. It was perhaps a punish int As salutary and worst than death. it might with our in Groes is it might save of occasionally burning one alive. A to to. . Aciu ii missionary. A Civ was a Day. He was introduced a a Lett from j. Morris vase Esq Orit pending Secretary of t in colonization Huc Idy Hrul risked the Asi Muci of tin Culvr Reniee Ira Puick Long Tii Rife Ven clip liitle tvs Bias Ineo Rii a. Tim in two a iid dollars. Lir for in Shiv tiou Olli Rijk i Afri to. Iii 1 if in to live of toys noting it of i i i it ii to in in Lam Joii 1i in in the a prob As in to Wjk Oriter s i Ojo it nmeciiswtweie"8llii not go. To Liber Jet go by j Hin yer in a a uni Biu cd Ihlen Ere will Tivi Iti a mid ii Lois Jitich a stir Siroi Lucca a motile in Lut Lii ii 1 in Trio of Tvr i4g Din lil Fel Lowny Rii instil e be Iii not Mulertt Nieft Slimas Wilny Vtipil. 15nt, merry on in unfavourable is i a i 1 upon to come to n Lew lavs the to j to the Man s door whom we Wilhelim _ Hwn. Iii Intiso that s Iliff mime and Ett Bix at kilo drown Jere a to got a Boxer i a ii live you said Jown Spuro Actium i whore did it Conn from j 1 � 4 " from Kjof ton was ". Roi Firlit in 1 v be lil Lek a free .9 a top of Liia cob i Touth limit ten i Clits Square Ltd pm. Thomas lar Moj to. I int is for it ? " Iier Reet Ivoa Fox Anu it Tsi Jelm. Only ten willing. -. " % .10 whip us the toy Ling daily Vej Aid v e drove rapidly a wily a " a sjfci3ii Howu carried to l of in to a Jar Smtih Ohrt a Eftig y h$.urr0r Nhul 11i " u. A , to Huj int to f.-, to ii do pop Isido hut souk ror can Tull "11 with la to twin j a. i i Fine ways at i he depot i i Clos Mili ii diff Smiht ral out i shh of of i , Felt fat t to proper Lime pc tips when thew Tuo. Of i go nil Claris upon ill sctt and int a -8hd Reg Kef Jii Eru ively. Without stopping fun n we 28 Ytit Judd in she list no Novi Iii it omit f h Burn i wifi Lviv Tonjann Aig fyn in
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