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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Oct 20 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - October 20, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaOf. =1.i-Jfc ,. 1 my devoted to literature the arts science agriculture hews politics &c., Dollar per a hum Lett to instilled into the hearts of you children that the Liberty of the press is the palladium of All your . Payable in 2---n0j�. Abbeville c. H., South Carolina Friday morning october 20, 1854. Whole number 76. Poetry. Near to the Oroala. My it it t ii. Phi treatre Oneby of pass to th6 darkness of tic voiceless Tomb i calmly Trust to meet Vliem once again and find Relief from loneliness and pain near to the Cross. When o or my spirit Harp grief rude wind sweeps invoking Saddest murmurs from its deeps i think of one who drained life s cup of woe and find the peace he Ever will bestow near to the Cross. Bumble yet trusting with undaunted heart 1 will press on till called from life to part and count it a Rich Blessing from god s hand. That thus lie Bidd Etli his Eclov d to stand near to the eros3. And when these earthly a ears Are past and gone temptation s Battle fought the Victory won a Rora leaven will gently come this message Down they that have borne the Cross have won a Crown never to miscellany. For the Independent artless True education. True education is that training of the mind which teaches us to do our duty inline. It teaches us to be Meek Humble and useful never puffs up its possessor with. Pride vanity or haughtiness but enables us to act with ability and prudence in an Lif � 1. V Vii if Iii Viii in Jisc Lull. Or in other words it lends to the formation of a pure and moral character. An education that does less than this cannot be considered a True education. It is said that the ancient egyptians inscribed on their libraries remedies for the diseases of the Louland 8o might we write on the doors 1 l i in to bake Corn bread. Making biscuits entirely above their knowledge and As topple dumplings they would be like Gbo Rob a f England was. It was related of Uhrhan he happened to Dine Jit House what ple dumplings constituted a Nart of the viands. Had Nav Row a read was a los to imagine u w to dapple overdid make its Way inside the Cru to some of Sheds girl go to school study Many books Are fond of Fine clothing and All fashionable doing but As to anything useful it is out of the Aneston. I consider tit Ftp a Rollo uneducated and to theae who Are so Unne them fur my Plato the clock pedlar. I had heard of Yankee clock pedlar tipped Lars Aud Bible pedlar especially of him who. Sold polyglot 13jble9_ All in English Tothie Stount of sixteen thousand House of every substantial Farmer had three substantial ornaments wooden clock � tin reflector and 4 polyglot Bible Slowi it that an american Bells his Winro. It whatever Price he please where a Bluenose would fail to make a Sale at nil ? i will inquire of the clock maker the secret of his Success. What a pity it is or. Slick for Sulci was his name what a pity it is said i that you who Aro so successful in teaching these people the value of clocks could not also teach the value of i guess said he they have got Ali string to grow on their horns yet which every four year old has in our country. Reckon hours Aud minutes to be dollars and cents. Ulicy do nothing in these parts but eat drink smoke sleep ride about lounge at taverns make speeches at Temperance meetings and talk about House of Assembly if a Man Don t Hoe his Corn Ami Don t get n crop he says it is All owing tothe Bank and if lie runs into debt and is sued Why lie says the lawyers Are a curse to the country. They Are a most Idle set of folks i Tell but How is it said i that you manage to sell such an immense number of clocks which certainly cannot be called necessary among a people with whom there s Ems to be so great a Scarcity of Money Var. Slick paused As if considering the propriety of answering the question then looking me in the face said in a confidential tone Why i Don t Caro if i do Tell Villi 1 it i Wijt my. la Diat 13 i Miilu Pitnu i siihj1 quit this circuit. It is done by a knowledge of soft Sawder and human nature. But Here is Deacon flints said he i have but one clock left and i guess i will sell it to at the Gate of a most comfortable Locking farm House stood Deacon Flint a respectable old Man who had understood the value of time better than most of his neighbors if one might judge from the appear Sincof every thing about him. After the usual salutation an invitation to alight was accepted by or. Slick who said he wished to take leave of mrs. Flint before he iffy pc unfit i for the clock that having once indulged in inthe use of a superfluity How difficult it is to be give it up. We can do without any article Norof luxury we have never had but when lie once obtained it is not in human Natur to inc surrender it voluntarily. Of fifteen thou Wil Sand sold by myself and partners in this on province twelve thousand were left in this the manner and Only ten clocks were Ever re a turned when we called for in variably bought them. We Trust to soft Eai Sawder to get them into the House and to itt human Natur that they never come out a of Dyo. � ukr National baby show. Pele find in the Cincinnati times of Fri a Day last the following account of the most remarkable fair of Liis go ahead country m held at Springfield Clark county Ohio on Kei thursday of last week. It is a refreshing a change from the dry columns of political convention speeches uni decidedly the greatest feature of the fair ,1 i at was to re Adonai Isay convention Lawaich Betook place yesterday. It attracted people fro adults and babies from All parts of the less flan 12,000 or 15,000 visited res Tho fair to Day excluding babies All of in whom appeared to be excited As to the i splat of innocence and infantile Novelty of the exhibition was itself suf deficient to create a general interest but to a this was added three services Silver plate a prizes. The it Tagere of the Stow ask upon the scene. The tent presented a novel amusing and resting sight. I lie mothers and nurses to seated and the Little Darlings Allty for inspection that is As near read could be. To see so Many babies to note the maternal efforts present them in the Best mood was Atung and to gaze upon their innocent faces1 purest of charms was certainly entering. There sat a Mother her eyes directed Anat Leytin the judges and on a Little Cherchi Lilay in Lier Lap. By her sat Anler holding up proudly a Lovely Little girl Iosco Flaxen curls Ami Sweet Blue eyes would ten the heart of the greatest baby hate Christendom. Next to her a nurse Wasle adoring to quiet a Stout Black eyed Roehe eked one year old who insists Onlin the Jet Black ringlets of another one out its own age. One lady pointed with by to uie i Tuduy us or tier Darling Bov Lile another glowingly refers to the Dofi but Well formed features of her Sweet be. One boasted of having the largest its age another of the smallest and Artest. Some of the babies seemed to 1 their importance on this occasion and spite of the most Earnest entreaties would in mischief and keep up a continue Dise. Others appeared unwilling to " lev their eyes and Lay quietly in theirl Liers arms watching the proceedings ill apparent interest while others insisted hiding their innocent faces in Slieff 1110 r bosom As if they knew their Refuge s there. . 11 tiv Zajm Ilid 1ci1 Ull iji1c 5 a " Tonu to mud scr s grins mudder so Oil coif Darling ittle to Ulk ess its ittle heart it so ill have some tan Tot Tot to Barid Skoss Pipits a i s ittle " Stan up Buzzer s ittle " its sweat so it is mudder knows it " dump it it wants to Taus it can Ting mama now won t it Tiss a " now what a naughty boy see the it Omen Aro " that s a can Tome its hair an it Don t a Sveet Sweety Mother s Sweet 1 an Hundred More just such expressions. Kone Hundred and Twenty seven babies re entered for exhibition. And they came m almost everywhere. Several counties hiding inn Hilton of Ohio were Well repented and then there were babies from Liana Louisiana Pennsylvania and mais setts. We would publish Tho names t for serious protests of the parents who not desire the world to know that their lies the prizes and did not get we apr Riate their feelings and Subito . N Large and Katsef Audryn seemed to Predom Ite. One from fils Koa five months old sighed Twenty seven Ami aft half pounds other four months ouf weighed Twenty ands. A an elderly sir a present with Lior Canon of . I 1s l a a. Awards Hail been made known waited on the Little favorite and through or. Do Graff of Dayton presented her with a Large an costly Statuette of our Saviour Blessing Little children. This act was highly applauded. The following letter from Fanny in was and. Or j. B. in thanking you for the compliment paid in by constituting me one of the committee to award the Premium sat the baby convention i would also express my deep regret Tomt my present engagements will not admit of my leaving new York. Nothing would Delight me More than to visit your Beautiful City which Navo so Long wished to Sec and Trio added temptation you hold out in the shape of babies is almost irresistible. God Fesa their Little Sweet Nesses hut How could i Chorao i who love everything in the Dhaka of believe that they Are All Jio Are left to us of Eden who never Homo Iril Otheir presence without a feeling Nch As devout Catholic must have when he Crosse himself before the image of the Virgin Mary How could i choose ? i should turn from Lack eyes to Blue from Blue Eye Ogrey from Gray to Hazel i should be lad motive thus2 ends our Poir bab show. To it of this year before if in Able to prepare All the Nocoma re the " soiling dry goods. People gone rally think that it is a very easy matter to stand behind a counter and retail dry goods but a week s experience in the business would convince the Cleverest Man that it is much More difficult and laborious than the task of turning a hours per die in. The office of Bales \ Man embodies in its duties necessity for Lii shrewdness of a politician the Peru Hsioh of a Lover the politeness Oka patience of lob and Ibe impudence a pickpocket. There Are salesmen Wiljo Makeita a Point never to lose a customer. Oae of#1. .1 thu
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