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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - October 13, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina� a to. T " 7 v a my ,. 4% devote to Vutera Tirb the arts Scab Kab agriculture news politics. Dollas per attn Tom Ijo Tito instilled into the hearts of Crar children that the id Berty of the Pren is the palladium of All your rights Junius. Payable in Advance. -.==z=s-.=ss3sssa23. Abbeville c. H., South Carolina Friday Morl Wilfe 0ct0p 13, 1854 whole dumber 75. Y. Poetry. N g 1 Trout in Ood and a than. Brother is life s morning clouded to sunlight be Tod to Shine t is the Earth in darkness shrouded ? r would st Thon it thy lot Ropino a i o Iii it u us Usu lie ainu us i though Vliem the distorted picture of fanaticism had judged it by sovino Una Summaru of Audirac Justice Aud had nursed in her Boom a sen Iii intal sympathy for those who As Fate a would have it a either cared for nor need be edit. 111 Bremer is Only a Tyks of a class very cd numerous in this meddling and uneasy age. Ucic i Joey a Blue Only Over their own cd Iii m Neyr Tho Trees Green nowhere but at to Weir m windows All religions false but their own All other governments instruments of wrong in an4 oppression Aud All other nations uner Happy. Flit is though narrow delusion. 01liaiv, us Yiv ,mv1. Theories would have it Aud these Good people take great offence when they find that al others have ways and ideas and systems of c5 their own from which they draw peace and a Contentment 01 a a musing be Cuneo will be found in 8l, the extract from the foreign Cor i Respondence of the new York express. Speaking.6c- vie no the Byrit says a year Leslyn i Rouru. " Hoeq Stoa Xiy to my univ no vx-1 Teri of Ney 11si&t Peon Sliaut thesty viennese. Of Tho i Notrem Flint overrides them they appear to be utterly unconscious. Who Ever lets � 1? to do a it Whf that Pfromm without holding it to any Aoi aut e we by alone Jim social Domestic Ana hu3ld obliging and gave me so Little Trout lat when i take into consideration the Rity his police regulations give me 11 iry glad to have the trouble to order to uder his prou action. If i leave my up my handkerchief even in a hired cab Dloski. I la leu of ill to trn to Ali Nnoli an next morning and to will return it is me. I can wander All about the Stre Vienna with the utmost safety Oenid Naglit. If i should to lost in the sir s web As these streets Are som tin tiled the policeman a most perfect gent an in his address in the Blandes and so t manner would show me the Way lion o murders no assassinations no tights awls no seduction and robbery of str sri no burglaries Noa Sou no print dutchmen necessary to guard your housed shops. But i dare say it is a very m Able government to live under and yet certainly a most convenient despotism i Mere sojourner and traveller such as11." Nebraska territory. To Coppy the following notice of Tler Mitory from to a Nebraska palladium paper recently commenced at Belzic that portion of Nebraska in which Dian titles have been extinguished and w open for settlement is equal in ext the six new England states and situate a mediately went of the states of to Missouri and the territory of Minn Stiving a front of five Hundred Miles of Missouri River and divided by the great is i ska Lucli Lias its source m Tho Sou 138 of the Rocky mountains and Flowitt discharges its Waters into the Misson 41 Deg. 13 see., x. L. It is a Largo Ai id Stream from half a mile to a mile Deli has a Strong current. Smooth said substantial Banks free from songs ail is and affords at All seasons of the be Zuffi Cincy of water for Light draught steal for a distance of from five Hundred e thousand a tuft according to t item Cut of sex perished navigators on t per Missouri tire Nebraska is now licit better Stream for navigation than t Missouri was Twenty live years ago. Wit Flint time both of these mighty Riv Ive undergone remarkable changes Lii e highly favourable to commercial puff s. Their Waters have concentrated in thrower and deeper channels and t Lange is still progressing and will Conti to increase with the increase of coi Erce until navigation will be easy in id consequently in addition in commercial facilities afforded by tin magnificent Rivers there arc numerous of s of less magnitude suitable forked its. Rafts Titre ,v6f Lher inva a witty in r0ved pet face to Fife of tend in the vast vol f the great West. " the soil is a Rich. Deen. Vegetable to strongly impregnated with the carbons utile and eur ugh of the Carbonate of i if to Brown of Oivind � in Bree to a feet maj Chrid a Ruff Ira Trio fett fek Thuc � Litif Yufor far a the tit Jey there is Notan abundance of Timber therein is sufficient to Supply a Large population my Cedar is found in various parts of the , and will yet become an important arbu Ticle in the future Commerce of Nebraska a i As a whole Tho country might be thought it by limn miming Ali Ian. A Mut univ nil re fed ions to have u. Scarcity but when to Sci in Fleet upon the late improvements in fencing be warming houses and other purposes to which be Timber is applied Aud the facility with which him it can be raised we have re. On to believe be that the settlement of the county vill not use be materially retarded by its or �. � be have a 1 e. Individuals and nations Are alike successful and prosperous in proportion As Theyn. Have High and decisive purposes in theiri11" lives toward the consummation if they resolutely Bend to Weir Steps. Without 1ft Ucli definite goals in View both Aro drifters on the Tido of Circum i10 stance the sport of whatever wind or cur no rent is for the Long Hothir predominant. Wol have met not a few men toiling and Strug gling hard enough but always unsuccessful \ and what they attributed to hard or evil destiny was plainly a want of Chart and Compass to their own lives. They were Truster Sto the chances of who saw no fixed Laws regulating the temporal conditions of Man according to the cons ecu Riveness and Unity of his labor persons eve 1 or ready to try and unit which for the inn is quient scorned most alluring. They never Well considered a path nor pursued a vent Ture resolutely to the end. 1 the proverb of a rolling Stone Gatej is ers no Moss " was no Flythe secret of Ninny a unfortunate Hardful filers in the world. A there is a time in life when every Mana should appoint his course and follow it with earnestness and Faith and if it be honest la ten to one it will prove As profitable As Liono Rable in the end. After a proper adaptation of a Man to his toil or profession Little is pc. Of ii Uio ii 11/ r May curse a Man even More than idleness and to do a Humble work Well is better. � than to fruitlessly attempt the greatest end Temprise. Be Lively times. our streets exhibit a throng Aud Bustle is unusual and unprecedented at this season of cd the year. This pleasant state of tilings is k a Pond doubt the result of the Sal Brity of Ito Columbia which just now Aud indeed he throughout Tho whole summer has been Thein subject of Yreba Pirnot in n Case of yellow fever not even a import Edge few cases remaining from those to brought Here having recovered. Be the South Carolina College and All our la. Seminaries opened inst monday and to Are its gratified to learn with full classes. Alio Iio i Tela Are being Well filled up by visitors from no All parts of the state and from abroad who i e. Find Columbia Ono of to pleasantest resorts Chas Well As a cheerful stopping place while ll8 being detained Here by to existence of Epi demies at Home. The fall term of court is to in session and All this combined with the All Industry and activity of the candidates for All the legis Birture imparts to lir streets As live for by an appearance As they present in wintering Henri nor the session. � by improvements Are going on All around0 us new buildings Are Fig erected and the by stores of main Street Are Early All Hoing a. Modernized with Iron or Granite fronts and expansive windows. Oier merchants Are receiving their fall supplies and everything wean the aspect of Enterprise and Prosper fans try. On each soc Cedonir year to notice within ate pleasure the improvement and enlargement he of our town and these Musto still More a vigorously As the healthful nest of our town in and its Complete exemption from epidemic be become More generally know n. One of the to greatest inducements to the citizens of our to thears. Every Day Sloe t litre Boen if the Rivord i see the Tup Rise in the East and Sei Quin the West. The North Star stand where 1flitdid the five time i Ever saw it these on a stars and Job s coffin keep on the same path of in the risky and never turn out. It Ain t so if with Man s works. zonked clocks and watches. They run Well for a while but they get tit of fix and but the Sun and Moon Aud stars jeep on the same Way All the while. There is a a Power which makes one Man die and an fq1 other get Well that bends the rain and keeps Etc Mything in motion.? � Se2rosoftness in the shape of a enormous j voluntary tribute which has built up to Weir we one Twenty Una of tii9 population would in custody during the half year but is Wall pwn that a great Ujj a majority Are old offenders Wuo Are 5peatedlynrrestedand the number of Offen. A is therefore much less than the number r arrest. , c r the most serious class of crimes was As or a t 11 news ? murder 4 5 arson Luzj robbery in the st degree 23 burglary 115. Forgery i aug counterfeit Money 116 perjury Grarld larceny 582. There was an in cease of 6,897 arrests As compared with e corresponding six months but this incas is attributed not to the greater but to the in teas Jyh Kugi Dee flood activity of the olice. There have c in no greater number of offenders but racer offences Haw been committed with Fiji Unity. K 1 from to table that accompany the report a i timid a Jolt out of the whole number Arit Ediff three months a third More were ales than females nearly three times As any were single As married about occur Thad to Trade and about an equal Arnber could neither read or write. Forty Irea under ten years of aged ,i20, were under 20, about Oue 0ilf of Wejby Between 20 and 40. Vire that k thousand were Over 50. There 9 ire but one thousand natives of to Jeiliany tid Leas than two thousand were natives ofis country whilst 5,117 Are put Down a Ishmen. 1. W 7of qom a Xvi by heart have you a into a gloomy Beart. 11hildrcn of sorrow meet us where Var we in there is no moment that tears Are 3 t shed and Sills uttered. Yet How Many 1those tears those sigh Aro caused by our � ? How Mav a a Ucli � r \fring8 the very soul of a fond Mother u r act and ingratitude of Many husbands by one Little word making a whole Day. Of sad Houre and in and thoughts ? Bow Many wives by an y y recriminations estrange and emitter Jap jog hearts ? How Tihany Brothers Audi Tevs meet but to vex Ami injure each other nuking wet Ted that no Himera heart can y Sal ? a 1 if Flach one worked upon this of Tim Day by to make some is flow , revenge madness site with their Kindred evil _ old forever leave the Earth t or minds us be so occupied in the contemplation. Adding to the pleasures of others. That Ere would be no room for the ugly fiends r discord. Try it be discontented forever d Umblino devotes of Bon a life affix a it Aill Inake that Rule Bich you move As Fakira cts j the Brave boy two Bova were one a by on their Way from school. Aeve Tieff a Ore passing Acorn Falldin which there were 1 me Plum ices full of Fine fruit Fleury id to thorny. A � " lot Lis jump Over a a me plums. The other so the of wbohadw4 j tace " liquor statistics form the Motel Turr Rigin portion of the.,report, and extinguish ill Surprise at the prevailing cringe of new Fork. The report states that there Are i inning to fall into a a Bee i sent danger of drowning and applied of cat u help Liim out thereat rep i a fit id a foolish request,.foil As vet you out shall Mould be deter than beet,-5 Fri. A i a a � Agio uni 111u.-u my out but the fume of tic Beer caused Pitifer to sneeze bid to Var Louse took Refuge fib hol the Iffe alled upon the mouse to Cdr Ridout. You sir did you not Promise Tubat Bould eat you " a replied the mope but Yon no was in liquor at the Tirifie a v. Cornu Bialt you wish to married. A that it of tto sep Oft no vice will keep six children. Until a Oung Man is Leaf lion he is tossed about rom one degree of Uziro filing of w 0 a mud Sumpf us Flis health strength and character Aro com lately busted up and done for. Talk about our Congress water and sea bathing leere5 nothing the a Ord Ever invented for the Calth equal to a virtuous woman. Were Oung men permitted to get married when hey first feel a passion for Muslin and Calico lie half of the hereditary diseases that the Munian family Are afflicted with would be an Lilii lated. Affection to Paresis an amiable Outlin was lamenting in terms of Anneace Trief the death of a Moat affectionate companion endeavoured Toca Moualim by the reflection that he Hadron Toj Ebay of to the deceased tender ass and respect. So i thought replied the. Outh while jew Parent yaidfengit5t n6lrreccollcct with pain and Somis Many Lasit is too lot Troal Envoi but & the tje seipts of tha Hartford aug Raj new Haven ran read for tie a Jat year ,5161 expenditures $4al,i04 52 , $306,449 09. Or Pond the Lent of the Road having declined u a Picot met 1 it for Iii services ear it was voted to procure Bira a it ice a Jef f plate As a testimonials a pud. a Lect al Afeei Fenti Atio Fitch Cretas Yantti a Flitter. of fire per a fast declared Payne fat on the Oloc bets t Tho i a to Prease pie a to wac violin try a wholly a a rfcy3 a -ifcray3p� ii it 4"w# a
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