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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - November 24, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaDb70ted to literature the arts science agriculture hews politics 4ec.,. P Dollar per annul let it to instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the pros is the palladium of All your . I a Rabi 3 l Advance. Volume 2.no.29. Abbeville c. Ii., South Carolina Friday mom be november 24, -1854. 81. A poetry. Life s proudest poetry of youth. i were a Man i the Golden years that lie , like a dream would Span. Tis thought tis in its heart. Ai Evor on its Tongue Cut of the poetry of age is i was Young 1" thus in Tho morn of life surf not would Distant pathways find Tho Sun still face to face to Greet the shadows fall behind but when the morn of life is o or and nature grows Lees kind the lengthening shadows crop before. The sunlight Falls behind Wotli tri no1 .1 Ihui Impi Siuw Usu buy Tho Stream of life flows on that which we prize not when we had. Is doubly prize when gone and Many a sad and solemn truth les written on life s Page Between the poetry of youth and poetry of age miscellany. Carrie Lee s Talisman. Pee try Garrie Lee she Mcl been three year i orphan and during that time by her own exertions had supported her Little brother and sister and although she boasted no higher Birthplace than one of the of America far would it have been from the nicest exquisite to couple Wither the awkard to Aimers and rustic complexion of the country lass. Nor did the graces of her person Excel those of her mind for so the fates willed it Tomt in Uncle of her Mother wealthy and a Bachelor wanting endly something to love and cherish had resolve to make her his pet and insisted on placing her Dorte of the Best educational institutions in the land. Here Shijia seethe of her life improving her t advantages to the full until Fier seventeenth Filc it 1 realized that her rations sorrow Hail heretofore been withheld Urbitt Lier. Trio Den death of Mihov Mother followed almost immediately by thai of her father replied her from a Lite of pleasure to one of exertion it was a rail Lbw for poor Carrie but she became a to. Gunnn under it and acted so heroically As to win Golden opinions trom Uncle Jacob and Provo to him that to had. Not chosen his favorite unwisely. But she had not heard la Ojiri the settlement of her father s affairs he found herself almost penniless Only one " thing remained to her and her heart Clung i. To this for the Sake of its former owner it was a piece of ground the prettiest site 111 the Village and had been her Mother and Wien was know by the name of wild Cherry place what had Given it its name no Ono could toll certainly it was not the v old Elm Trees that were scattered so unsparing Yover it. As Carrie glanced Over the Beautiful Plano and Felt that every tree and Nook of Csc was linked with memories of the dead she resolved that nothing necessity should tempt her to a Jeli wish it and at the same time she refuse those kind offers aunts and uncles to take charge of theh70qns�r children and Noly to depend of Reg of her own exertions. Carrie had a secret Talm Juiyin. That she was thinking of All thisjafc.-.-, Wailer find relying upon its Aid to carryout ier Deterts Inavon. What was it fair read Olyou shall see. V Butto relate things As they . Etc spa pleasant afternoon in Carrie s please Auto Park. H was Circle afternoon and Carrie was al ways sure of a Large number tie Foster child of the Village i was not a Good lady there who did ,1 Iii tin her 11�o 11 air Omir �"-1cm was owing to her private counsel Why had Tom Scaler shown her by run Foj a rit4 Way of darning Anil or tuft Vuk give tiber herbs fran her pwn Choice collect of. Bit Upton advised the Stringe Trident of Tecl Citchen and mrs. that of her parlor i while Misa Tracy life a daily advertised to her.41 the gossiping acis and Carrie dear creature with & iifimtiuailbpl�0%qnly to edo obey in everything v to Sui everybody and Pleisse we Are War Dering. Goodly apr Nebr Grid assembled at tie Edwin Circle she added addressing her Young Comann Lions w i thought i would just Bear in min the number of times in a week that Carrie Lee was set Forth to me As a mod and what do you think ? Why Only on the third Vij Wii Iii in f iy.1but she was relieved from Lier Embarrass t limit by the sudden and flurried Entrance of a miss Tracy. Every one knew when she arrived they might expect tor hear the latest bit of news out but to the numerous Inqui t ies Why she was to late fhe maintained a i steady Reserve until divested of her numer t Ous wrappers and overshoes then seating herself in a very consequential Way she be t gan1 " Well where do you think i be been ? " Cand being answered Only by a profound silence she continued Well you Veall head 1 what s been said about the Church kills them Folk that s just moved from the City into the House across the Road from ours they t Siy twas on account of his wife s health i. 1. .1.- Vav Viii Siuw it a Xvi Luuri Jorv Sill flu get Strong Doin As she s Doi she s Mista Sken that s All i be got to say. Why Only yesterday Jannet told me she believed i s. Churchill did t go into the Kitchen from one week to another and the waste then 1" miss Tracy was nearly overcome. Have you been in inquired several voices. Well said miss Tracy reviving " i be seen their hired Man go to the Post Otiker almost every Day an of letters and papers and what looked to me like Maag a Zines so to Day when i saw him bring Home a bigger bundle than usual i thought j ii d jest run in an satisfy myself once for j v Well Uncle i will Tell you what i.waht2d with it and perhaps my an Fer May Alsiet Kate at rest. Rodey is arty Talisman which you have been so naughty As to Tell of nothing but intent looks of expectation so she went on. When i was at boarding school i learn a the value of Tho lady s Book. There ii was the Only source Llma never failed. Did be want something perfectly unique nor Beautiful for Trio coming season 1 godly fashion plates Are elegant and reliable did to want to get up a Little tableau on Holiday ? Godey s mezzotint and line in ravings furnish Beautiful groups. Did a want to get up a Little fancy Ball Godey costumes were Straightway appealed to 01lid we want to Send Home Little Micknack for Christmas presents 1 go div s in dlr to ble is inexhaustible. And you will not wonder Uncle that i value the Book i tel rou that from that i first got the idea o maintaining us myself and by that Aid Alom have been Able to carry it out. No won Ler you Are surprised Uncle for i dare Saj rou never looked into a number in Yout whole life and there is such a spirit of conk to nation among certain classes with rear to All such publications. Somebody n the first place condemns a Magazine oth Scatch the infection until the whole sys emis denounced and i nobly by those to instead of seeing have Only heard. But to Ell you what it has done for rate. When Vas revolving in my mind How i should live Rodey s work table suddenly occurred to be so knitting netting crocheting it Ever i had Money enough to carry out Liis plan and about a month ago i found 1liad Money enough provided i could Day Pease with the Lahore of Jau architect. This lit. First seemed Impo Rote but Here a in everything else my Talisman did not fail me Godey s Ujj Odel cottages were just Wii at i Jarrie taking Beautiful Little portable desk from the table and showing several papers by taking one of his plans and altering it slightly in several Points i have been Able to get something which just suits me and which an architect could not improve and Jiow with a Little Rissir trance Nom Uncle Jacob which i know i can depend upon before Many months Art gone i shall see one of the prettiest of cot thees on wild Cherry placed i will not attempt to but now supper was announced and life conversation a suspended until that who Over. Their Tajii be Jacob who had not spoken since Carrie began but had been obliged several times to wipe away the tears that would come reign re a that to would Justl walk to the Post a fico or so for a Little ex1 what Ozok Book Noyori use Carrie 4 said mrs. s hand was Laid on her unfailing Godey. Don t you think she said san if ing it s Well Worth the subscription Well i declare said old mrs. Wilson Between laughing and crying while she � ii Ivy uti a never i i by this time the men Ltd come who were each in turn obliged to listen to a re capitulation of Carrie s wonderful Story Andi nothing would Moffic but Carrie Finis i the evening by Reading something from s the Book and letting each Seo for himself. Carrie prod iced the numbers and regale them for the rest of the evening with some of the richest things a Magazine Ever offer to the Public. The Circle was held to acute hour and nil departed resolved to sub1scribe, and Only regretting they had not done a . Carrie 6nid undo Jacob when All had gone did you Ever hear Mother speak of miss Zilphia Harris a Distant relative of Liere of Florio Thoj ight 6he had. Well continued Uncle Jacob Ai have just received a loiter stating that she Lias died leaving to your Mother Tho Fortune of High Sho Lias Tuu Assed Thi of Ourse what More could Carrie desire. Xt3vinqpme, though not very Large was sufficient to support her in ease and Comfort. The cottage was built Rod never does the Circle meet at Carrie s without calling up that eve. I. A i. I � or Iii my Ruiu wic noon Wuhu Buo urst disclose her i. Cokesbury female a to pfc following is the circular address to4fth we alluded in which Ivel Inthis As Well As All educational enter print a prompts to a republication in our columns of All that which a i. Promises to promote the Gupt Ltford in. M our heart constantly found. Toto Public generally and masons specially this circular and 1,0,1mt3. Bretheron of the masonic rate Reily we the members of by our Todge is o.80, located at Cokesbury in Abbeville distric.t, have just completed anffiangefttentj.$?Ith the grand Lodge of the state to of under it tron age n female of a Jim Legate Institute in our Village wet nit nil cd in this matter by a desire to a Lejlic am Ien and honorable order t committal j. W. Stuart the Winter of the heart. Let it never come upon you. Live that Good Angel May protect you from Thi terrible Winter of the heart. Let no chilling in fluent freeze up to foundations of sympathy and happiness its Depths no cold Bur Fien Settle Over it withered Hopes like Snow on Tolfe fad Flowers no Rudo ii ski lowly Rooner the Sof Couch ?tta\v Rich Viand tor Tho coarse food of the poor. Summ friends May forsake you and the a Doit by with. Scarcely a look o word of compassion. You May be foiled to toil warily steadily on Tai earn you May in and Tho base avarice which would Estert tie Hist Farthing till you Wel nigh Tut Niri disgust Frojen your fellow being. A death May sever the do a ties that bin you to Earth and leave in. Fer Trail Stark Ness. Noble Manly of. The sole Hyp of your declining years May be Yon while your spirit Clinch to wild tt�nai4w Vii he i Java Tomb Coli Ftnat . But Nold All Thoro sorrows Ido a come your. Faith in Lilyian excellent ctr be Caw your Confidence a Stonell shebeen betrayed nor believe i Only a Mii Ision and love a Bric fit chant big Wuch glides Awa Froni the same hypocrisy we Hreve severely prayerful of a Oft monday it bartered n pair of gaiters with a Lias been known to turn lip top eyes wit horror at an oath and before Mirly Recovo ero a for. � bargains Between Inai and up in Thia b " Well replied the Paf in in you Fera where you ought to have been re a Davv you might have heard me preach.? i. U win re was that to. Inquired the jockey 7i in Ila state i Naon 1" retorted the old. Figman. A f of i a a sek Bible Dot,.ra miserly old lady kept an inn. One Day a famished Soldier. E tilled on her for something to eat. Soma1 Bones that had Heen pretty Weir picked were . " a al of -"3puiicunhiiuru nun. I iwo ii inning sum8 her a Little Hoy son of to Landlady notion v ing that the Soldier found it very difficult Toj make much of a dinner put sold nonet into his hand in he stepped out of the door Jan when his Mother came i al sed her a h6w much it was Worth to those oct Jefe Bones u a shilling my fear said the old mov to receive the to Poi \ .48 thought of j Feo lied Tho soy Landi gave the Soldier to shilling Ford Gyt a Var. M " re the Lutc goofs non rnnrt1�r to t j j in Ems of Tho 1b% governor. Of intr i Rilei Dlhy the committe pp6iywabfvtc a pjs rte Reiff i arc ?.- town al come in and of our Eit Riens my a f Ted i Ivan est tit uni vat r eyed u the co nritftnb.werho/, Wye do posited Naitil this i Greenv i 11etgiilfpad, f in Sod to Ironsh of or i to nest. We 1 title expo fed a by Iboya _ Guin once to it tend Lis Funti Eort 3 armm body Huml
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