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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Nov 17 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - November 17, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina" be devoted to Mai Haupri the arts Sciss cog hhw8, politics pm a. Dollar pee annul Lett be instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the press is the palladium of All your . Payable in 2---n0.28. Abbeville c. Ii., South Carolina Friday morning november 17, 1854. Whole number " v. % pm baht. T i my neighbor s Home. Is. My neighbor has n Noble House. Vover the Way while mine is poor and meanly built of Fetics and Clay his Bouse has gardens rare and Fine but mine has neither Flower nor Vine his House is built of Marble White Bohemian Glass lets in the Light there s persian carpet on its floors and Silver knockers on Ite doors and All its Ware so wondrous fair of richest Woods is quaint and rare and Many guests go in and sup from Gold and dainties Sevres cup and mirth and music enter there filling it a with charmed air. Such is my neighbor s Noble House Over the a Myzio oking of mine but Man nov built of Sticks and Clay. Yet though i live across the Way in a mean House of Sticks and Cluny and he is Rich and i out poor with but a Latch string to my door Why should i sorrow or Repine gazing upon his Noble House and gardens rare and Fine. They Cost me Cost him care. And after All they re mine they re mine been Seal borne Content i drink from them Sweet nourishment i Sec them morning noon and night., in every new and changing Light Beautiful Ever but More to me than to him who lives there merrily or seemingly to since he must any dearly in Money and care and pain for what 1 can see both night and Daj free As the Sunshine or tie rain Hia Noble House and his gardens Fine were made for to be Ore mine a 7 i hear his music and see i guests he pay the Piper and Seldom it of Yfim gym from toil and care in his Marble Hong. A Ojile i sleep sweetly and dreaming Roain v Over Liis Marble House so fair,s6b38hisimttud Are plucking to Weir i�3bh$x everywhere & paying no tax of a. Thus i Ani Richer he far than lie Jap bis House and gardens Uro mine re it free and Long As live if they lant will be and it body la curse their Rich owner in me. �7 miso Ellajoy. Fob the pid Puni j from Columbia. to your letter of a recent Date inviting me to occasionally of. Nine a a Lack in tie press. I would raft oct Ofa a. Fify reply and say that i feel myself Flut. Leered by your invitation and will Inos cheerfully accept it but that yourselves and your l�4�n Uay apprised of the character of my contribution and of the Humble source v vhf Noe Thoy Emarite a few words by Way /v4. Of introduction May not be out. Of place. Ill " a cd your correspondent is of and one of tie loves his sympathies Yea. Iii. Very heart and is viol. Are with the people. Nor do s this a a feeling Spring from ills wily or mho Blind partiality of Liia Riper years. A i. Bod he thinks Sanction it find gratitude approves it. Who Are they who Clear our lands commit the precious seed to the Earth and gather the Goldel Harvest Tjo p of Are they who erect our buildings conduct our ,v fld Supply As with the comforts and i0�ve- pie Cea of life ? the people. Finally who pm they who protect our. Coasts fight our. Battles and overage our a i Xii a the gig Peais 3od bless the the peo Lengst these an the appointments called by Courtesy elections of electors of president and vice president of tie United states of governor and lieutenant governor of tie state of commissioners in equity of All magistrate and of All commissioners of roads Bridges and ferried that. To Ken i their air lit. Tju of South Carolina was instituted deriving its Powers from aristocratic and moneyed combinations strengthened by years of submission on the part of the people Hud additional Lustre on ouf Harit Vanyl character. X. 1 it Joy. I Lliott Pic. \v11,1.1 \ i Hris itt u pm cowl Orch Ranvei Wilfrom the disc fax that u vacate tin i Imir in the South Wolina or flip i and Tomt hoj Here now on a no Man Ever idec Columb aground Alforo Ellb Foffi ct5ons off Tell old firt Alini main firmly Clang that Matt Wuo Jam. To or Cortil Niimi by individually calling upon Liim and the College revived the. Toik Hod Many a Hjart by tally in the following a in mar to ugh. He useful Daykin of t Kwh Bee Pai elsewhere a imm fett 4pmhe Ofca. Div pos dui though Goy go Ujj Hottott her interests were ver s nor should she Stop hero she should exempt from taxation the few Gallant spirits that yet remain. What says one exempt the property of the Palmetto from t taxation re you exempt from taxation the property of several societies and inc Orpo ate bodies you squander thousands to the four winds of heaven for which you get no return but laughter and ridicule. In View of these facts do you think it unreasonable to exempt from taxation the property of your poor sinking dying soldiers alas Many very Many of them have but Little of this world s goods either for exemption or taxation. Their heritage is poverty their Stock in Trade if disease and their Home is the grave. Nick Bottom. Columbia nov. 9, 1854. Written in the Independent phe88. Oglethorpe University. A fesses. Editors. If you will permit me to occupy a column in your paper i will Endo Vor to cell the attention of Sotir Ninny readers to the merits and claims of this Noble institution. I am constrained to do it not Only because it is due to the institution inti of. Hut. He Ansel it in in All win Liiva and desire to promote tie principles of n sound and thorough Ion. Oglethorpe University is situated in Baldwi county Georgia about two Miles an a half from Milledgeville in a pleasant and healthy location. It is under the patronage of the synods of Georgia South a Arolina Alabama and Florida and has Long been known As an institution that would compare without disparagement with a Maior it of the colleges in any state Ano especially at South. But there Are few who having neither visited in person or taken special pains to inform themselves concerning it Are aware of the rapid improvement it Lias been making for the last four years in the various facilities that give interest and Worth to a cold be. It would be needless As Well As tedious to Trace its almost yearly Progress in these facilities of usefulness and us consequent1 advancement m the Confidence of the. Learned and the Good who Are acquainted with its merits. In this Brief sketch i will Only allude to in Many advantage and speak of what it now in d what it Promise to be. As to the situation and building of Oglethorpe in Point of 6onvenience,taste and elegance it would be difficult to speak in terms too extravagant Aud 1 am confident that were 1 to attempt a description of it it would be pronounced by fivery one who a stood upon the spot arid gazed upon its indescribable Beaity to be far Short of the reality. I will Only Sav that the College building including the. Beautiful and comfortable dormitories Jou air ther Side present an imposing right of four ii a Ive columns which,.if viewed from a Distant Eminence or Mear Prospect fan not fail to excite the highest admiration in the Rhone i Sui Glidus Jelu Lder the course of study in Unis College has Ever been equally thorough with that of. Any other College it is the Mode Wlinich is adapted in the most eminent 3ollef tick Aen rets ipg disposition combi n eel with the to great apathy the prevails on oily Nortu web Fri re f went inn together was to have been �225. Jut finding Tom thumb More successful than i thought i sent word not to proceed with the Carleton. My manager who never thought As highly of the scheme As it deserved sold the Skeleton for � 50 or 875 seven years afterwards i received from the South an account of a Gigantic Skeleton that had been found. Accompanying it were the certificates of scientific and medical men As to the genuineness. The owner asked $20,000,or $1,000 a month i wrote to him flit al Alli lit if Alt t us a if if t it As represented or would pay his expenses if not i Tould it was my own original Humbug Conio Back Tome again of course i refused it nud never heard of it afterwards. R an modern. It is Idle to measure the United states As a nation or the americans As a people by drawing parallels. The entire history of the world furnishes no parallel either to the Republic or the people so that All inference drawn and prophecies made on the strength of what nations and races have j a a 11 Vonu 111 past we Are a lost illustration applied to us every nation has its peculiarities every age its phase and every people its distinct manifestations. The nation is an image of the people the people Are a reflex of circumstance and condition and the Aegis a Cycle through which nation and people pass. The attempt to justify or condemn by contrasting moderns with ancients generally shows the imbecility of searchers for analogies. The Only analogy that can redrawn Between nations or races is that the one were either kingdoms empires , or reu italics. From their form of government. And the other either Savage barbarous civilized or enlightened. There is just so much similarity and no More Tiey Thia was a kingdom and so is England Greece Toat a Republic and to is the unite states and there the parallel ends. The old kingdoms and republics founded their politics upon their Peculiar positions according to the character and circumstances of their people and the be rdo the ame. But How different May be those positions characters and circumstances i England is not like Spain yet both Are King Oins. Nor in our Amend of to Day like the Kom taking of Intelli a 1 Geneo by the Arabia says the bombardment r. Of Sevastopol has commenced and that it is no Pelieu mat 11 we lan in two or three is not so certain As it will be re Mem bored that the russian troops at Elau resist a Jujj n v4jltrary quite the reverse.". " when you Bear a Man often complaining that his newspaper is horribly stupid and to not edited As it ought to be it s a sign teat one that to is considerably in arrears of t in subscription. Rajsa when you hear a woman Lily against the marriage state As it is it s a sign she never tried if she has married Man whose wife was probably a. R much in fault As himself. Pm to Woonsocket Patriot has the following -. / there arc various kinds of meanness in " the world but there i none Inore contempt Bible ban receiving i new Spape for Veara and then sneaking off without paying Jtor-1twe have Lead some experience of the kind. V the poet master will write that or of sneak has left town and that his Pap a is not called tor. 41 wis always wife such a v Chap Down As an , who would test "his1 grand Mother it grave �. _1 v i vhf of a aka this in a . The new Berrian that a citizens of that District that to Hast Weelti the former we apis with apoplexy on Friday tight so w in on saturday morning. T w later bad been a in feeble health Foi 8otoyars,but of car death. I was Sodden and be Pec of Sah til
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