The Independent Press in Abbeville, South-Carolina
10 Nov 1854

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The Independent Press in Abbeville, South-Carolina
10 Nov 1854

Read an issue on 10 Nov 1854 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Independent Press.

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Independent press in pts Babii of Xvi ibid Maui Var Itobi Jiso. J. Individual lil Nati a fail in nothing Oywer Avci i jul a Btl Bitsi Aisca of i at. " i lung to traite yet not afraid to i Dollar a year in Advance., astir Voltie of " saturday november 10, 1854. I. Acknowledgement. Robert ii. Wardlaw treasurer of Abbeville District Bible society begs leave this late Day to acknowledge As lie should f 4 have done before this a donation of eight f a dollars made by jury no. 2, at the extra t court to this society. C interesting miscellany. There will be found two columns original matter on our advertising Page. Read the communications of the Ordinary commissioner Roberts 1x 1 ii quid Mil i Usu a 10 Lii its. V. I. � ii Pabillan laity re i pairs. Several communications recently us have expressed Trio Hope that the 1press might survive the late disastrous do c Section of a certain Trio of whom the pub 0lie have already heard. These kind expressions of solicitude for our welfare Are most highly appreciated Aud we hereby acknowledge our gratitude to All who feel and a avow so warm an interest in our behalf. A few Davs Noro. A Friona in Linen Wal our Success is Only equated by our appreciation of his kindness handed us five dollars i is indemnity for the loss Usilla Nimitz lately imposed upon replied no inconvenience whatever had " resulted As Only one other gentleman had followed the illustrious example of the great indignant and besides we had no idea of being indemnified at his expense. 8 but it was no urged you must p accept the press is Worth that much this Lam remark was Fiatt Erin Cand. Just to show our not. i " v i re Caro for Money of course the Bill in o Cotton buyer s parlance changed 11 these Are no to stings. If the Reader be r disposed however to regard them As such our apology is when the pocket is made heavier and the heart lighter songs of re 2joicings Natch ill gush Forth. Such friends a1" Are our most varned they u Are for us who can be against us \ of oar Reward. V Juar Uvo Onuis Ana a wait ago we sue a a r deeded the foundei1 of Tho Independent to v � the Dir editorial. We were duly eon to Sci flus that like Jack Downing when he tried he coat of Gen. Jackson we were a assuming a Mantle too capacious for our g. Dimensions that we were taking Tho lever Pfrom hercules1 hand. But notwithstanding the Odds against us we have met a re a Ward at the hands of a generous Public efforts we have nut in Atria Otoin a q the dignity and usefulness of the press at once wholly unlocked for and Gratifying inthe highest degree. Not More than sixty at the highest estimate of those whose names appeared on the list of subscribers at Vale commencement of our connection have erased. Many of these have parted a from us with reluctance promising to re a i Usu Gam Aumi circumstances Snail allow. Bringing other sheaves with them. To balance against this withdrawal we have received an actual accession of one Hundred and eighty five new subscribers. This is a fact forthe evidence of which we Are Rea Yvio produce to record at any Day and to any one. And they have not been drummed up by report to the club system. Torn Haw Onmon. To Ujj Ledger their support so Long As to up 8lp right and denounce wrong. It shall Nev c or be an error of the heart on our part that forfeits the Confidence reposed in us by Sov Many glorious pc friends c should increase continue by the c. Time our first anniversary arrives Ste shall 12234 i. Wjk novo Mitu one acquaintance of. Near live a Fiji red new friends. I a \ w ,-9 j i solicitor of the a Tutu circuit. 1i. Noticed with some Surprise in office of solicitor is one in reference to Vrbich there should be rotation. At any ate we can discover no cause of alarm for he interests of the Commonwealth in an occasional change. The duties we take it ire not so very difficult to discharge As to Equire great experience and the office ought to he Given to promising and rising Oung men of the profession As at once the tit nulls and Reward of professional exertion instead of being appropriated for a life time y some Well established lawyer upon the principle of old or Jones is a candidate for the office. And we judge him quite competent to discharge its duties. Lie is n Young and ener Otic lawyer quite As capable of duties of Tho solicitor s office As the present incumbent and whilst to would not Etrat a single mite from the Well earned and Well worn honors of or. Heed we decidedly object to attempts to Block up the Vayton or. Jones Success. Indemnity Chance for capt. Hollins. Some weeks since Tho following para Raph announcing the determination of the Utch government to reject the claim of cd inca Pap f 1_ a. Ii injuries Ai ged to have been sustained by him from Aid government first appeared in the papers. We have Given to the american governmental the particulars relating to this Natter and have insisted 011 this axiom inline Law of when a foreigner n our territory violates our Laws his crime nay justify his punishment but certainly lot his claim to we have from the first regarded this Jap. Gidson claim As we Are wont to re Ard every thing that smells of Humbug and it was our belief and Hope that it would and As speedily As it had sprung into being or government has abundant to do if it nil employ itself wisely without attempting o Settle All the disputes Between the restless adventurers of this country who leave their Rives and children it May be and go intone world to seek disputes and other Uncle Sain undertakes to just sol similar difficulties for his Prodi a sons we fear matters of far higher twill go sadly neglected. X let us advert briefly to the nature of this flair and Bee if it is not one of those which Promise to become site prevalent if the United suites government manifests a willingness to play the ands that ambitious and avaricious Avenir Casmay Deal out to it. Believing As inmates the whole affair to be a Humbug re confess we have not been very astute Inbe investigation of its history and have onto present a general outline As memory recalls the Story of the principal himself. A Pam w. M. Gibson is we believe Fiat Ives of Anderson District in this state. U any rate Jie resided there for a time Here was married and there buried his life not a great while subsequent to this utter event leaving his children in care of Lis father in Law he set out to try his Luck it adventure. After trying various Fields be at length became proprietor of a Small Shooner styled the flirt and started up a sea faring career. This was we think veral years after he had left his Home in Carolina and we Are not apprised that any me in this or any other state was acquainted with the incidents of the Captain s career or even of his whereabouts save those who might have been in his immediate Fame had not spread then a now. But to proceed. went on until be came within the jurisdiction of the dutch dynasty and subsequently within the Conine Sof a dutch prison of course the dutch contend that the is Uin. Violated heir Laws and of course the contain non Flaata err that Mynheer locked him up and seized his raft without cause. Tje question is there Reone of veracity Between him and the Utch Anthont Fec we Aio inclined to Ink albeit the Captain is one of our that tile statements of the tween Captain Gibson and Tho dutch Asci #. I � Toi Cut bum igers we Luik me Snoie Anair c cannot possibly result in anything More ii than a non suit. The accused pleads justification for his conduct and the accuser can i not prove the contrary. So the govern s ment of the United states must choose be a tween the respective statements of the Par t ties. If it accepts that of the Captain and t the dutch still persist in his dogged Bosti � Nncy a Chance May exist for another Grey t town achievement. T we would not be misunderstood. No f one can insist More strongly on the Protic n Tion by this government of its citizens a s Broad than we do. And at the same time to wis hold that when foreigners front any b country upon our soil tramples upon our p Laws lie should to promptly punished with c out regard to the strength or weakness to e til Tyor Friendship of that Power whose pro i Section he May claim lint we would al e Low other nations the same right to protect i their citizens and to punish ours when they to deserve punishment. Let the truth be t known before to undertake to enforce a v reparation of injuries which May exist Only t in fiction. N we would Iveigh in the strongest terms p against the idea of our government under p Vav Viii Iku Nav us Mich my u ventures without having first satisfied itself a beyond All question of the entire Justice of the ii claim. If it lends its ear to such stories eve t Ery time and its Strong Arm to the will of e every one Koszta affairs Borland com i plaints a Odinek frauds and Gibson to g Mances will be As plentiful As Golden med n als Gallant sea captains or thousands in the s Treasury. V poll Mojo Fluhr Tytla tiie subject of popular education has Long engaged the attention of every class of minds and is Well worthy of a continuance of such attention until t in glorious ends it contemplates shall have been secured. Very few have Ever had the audacity in a Republican latitude to question the propriety of general is a conceded a set tied Point. Upon the virtue of a people is sure y Laid the Corner Stone of a Republican fabric and general education is the Hist Means of polish and strength that can possibly be used in the preparation of that cannot believe that there is cite individual Bliss or National safety in in f Norance there May be a kind of pleasure accompanying a state of brutal in Norance but there is likewise a correspond ing degree of animal pain. Ignorance con attract disease and renders efforts to heal Only aggravate be of pain. No True philanthropist whose heart yearns to Sec the attainment of the highest destiny by his fellow Man a a race of beings can avoid being an advocate of general education. Yet As is often the Case in reference to momentous subjects it has not yet elicited that amount of labor. Win ii us importance demands and its fall development requires. In our own state it is True thousands Are annually expended for the promotion of this great work of popular enlightenment but sad to Tell As yet but Little Mark is left of the Progress made. One Hundred and seventy five thousand dollars it would seem annually appropriate might educate Ami substantially nearly if not quite All of the poor children in a South Carolina but yet few very few com to Parat ively examples can be shown of any o thing approaching a substantial education o from that source. There is nothing More t palpable than that Money will educate. The c children of the wealthy Are Abun Djit a Ron of t. This fact. The Money of the Rich will educate the children of the Rich. Then Why in nit that the Money of the Stato does not do More towards the education of the children a of the poor doubtless our reply will be c anticipated and it be said because the to 8 Ney of the state is not properly applied motive Power however Strong must be applied ratio Day or it will fail to move other to than its own weight. Money the. Motive w Power to the March Otain applied t in the right place and in the proper Way o else it will be naught but waste. O the present system offre schools is certain o by defective and in this the misapplication of the Means consists one of its greatest defects. The remedy we acknowledge n to be difficult of discovery and we w can hardly presume to claim the Honor d of having surmounted that difficulty we therefore have to remedy to propose at to present. But there is another cause which to must be removed before popular Educ Tion a can Advance As fast As it should Advant v. Tit to and it is by far the most formidable Obata Cle to its Progress. We Redan the Vapi of � a disposition on the part of parents torrid their children u has been said b and with considerable truth that where c Are the a Wicheta fam t lined re la r v re toe fourth of that class who might Bra the recipients of the Public Bounty and Tho Reau a that in very few neighbourhoods can Sua of Iii Xai and Ivill of of a Fanniah och i j n Wisp Vivus Wavu i iving salary be made and kept up it state will Only pay at a certain Fate for 1$ trial number of scholars who attend am lie Days they Are present and As this apr by exists on the part of Parent the Public school is almost always a killing business t he teacher. The result is few compete eachers will remain in the Field. If there re to could once arouse the grown u Nasses to a full sense of the weight of r possibility resting upon them in regard t he education of the Young the work woul in half finished already and its Early coir Cletion would be an inevitable consequent Ould to but get one generation of All Clasi s Well taught in the schools of commo English it would need no herculean Effort very year to keep the car moving Onward rom age to age. Having tasted and see lint education was Good the father and my her could not rest until sons and daughter Fere made partakers of the same great inf Mable Blessing. The work then must com Nence at the stump. Means to educate Ali Ioor must not Only be provided but the Ioor must be induced to accept the Benefit it ered them. It is a want of education Lone on the part of parents that causes the disposition to Send their children to schoo or no one need to too proud to accent Ai r education at the hands of Charity Mccaus be May in due time if he receive the git rat fully and improve it As he Shouk Tiro than ten fold repay the state in incr cd service to her interests by having the at Wantage of such gift. Unfold the Illust us Roll of american statesmen and Patr to and see How Many were the recipient f such charities and if such men i Ranklin clan lie Tox Mcc fib an Hammond and hosts of others at Dif Fereti periods of our country s history had no Nee o veil their faces before Learned senator by should any one fear that to will no each a position from which he May Rende o his country full remuneration for that Pil Tineo of learning she gave Hin in the of eld school ? nay let no Euch false Prid keep any one from the Humble Sanctuary c a Dimcneal learning. Some of the Brighte tars that Ever dotted our political firm nent Rose from Tjie log House Academy an of under the training of the " old Fiel All Honor to both woul lint their Humble but powerful inst numer Unity were a thousand times More App Ecie a by our countrymen. It is not our province to dictate to an a anti Loo 1 1i.1uvu Ivor in uiu3c who Nave 111 Ian gement of Public affairs entrusted t Liem. But we May express the Hope Thalie legislature May commence the goo Fork at its approaching session and thai or May never weary until it shall he sail lie system of free schools is As perfect Aslani lan Wisdom can Render it and not a Whit lan endowed with reasoning faculties Iii Outh Carolina can be found who cannot remind write intelligently. Republicanism Wil and in Uch a state of things its 6trongef rights their surest Viu Dieato More hanging. James and Newton Vickers brother and orphans were tried at the late term c lie court for York District and convict f the murder ofom. Dobson of the 27tl f july same Day on which mat of was murdered by the slaves whose exe ution we witnessed. The two Vickers a be Hung on the 29th december. The address of judge o Neall on pro bouncing the terrible sentence of the Law fils truly Elf Ftp incr. Our a noon. 511j or digit Liat portion which alludes to the Cix instances attending the murder of Dob on and which discloses a disposition o cruelty in the Young men that might Wel love a Savage breast. On this showing Clie Case they certainly deserve death an re would not if we could interpose be teen them and their doom. Bui in vie f their orphanage poverty and total wan f education we cannot but feel that other f our own state and four own Day hav heated the pm Nemah As badly As the escape the Vickery could possibly do. We d of know but should guess that the Conr tas scarcely employed three Days in this position of this Case the unfortunate outs had the proper stimulus to Kee tie steam of the la Vera tin that n a .6� ii jury awake. God Bavol a from lawyer and jurors whilst we arc poor his Honor says your deed of boo r3 characterized by Piore Wanton Neman re qty than i tone Willy presented top speak of you both together of of James v?tb0 Slayer yevyoivn4wtoo ,6 affair uni fun lha Monit of � up rvs Vav vim a Kab followed immediately flow tie Collar it be Aik Owhi i with fiend we you l drow across his breast Ono Blade of Yoor knife a broken. Tie deceased retreated a into the store and sat Down bleeding and faint near the door whore you were standing i e like the Tiger having tasted blood Yon in thirsted for wore and again punned to Haj � in Vii Nuu ii a Liuio Yuu us Lull Buim u by you when be fell from More weakness you � placed yourself upon his prostrate body,.and o struck blow upon blow upon him with the it Small the remaining Blade of your knife j. Until at last you drove it into the floor and i you were then dragged by two Young men " from your victim and out of the House. Was Ever More fiendish cruelty exhibited ? o too probable from the testimony this was the result of Long premeditation on you part guilty James. Twice in the two preceding weeks you threatened to Mcpherson to use the very knife on tie person of n 3hard-fiuted. Ujj everybody has hard of close listed and n hard listed men and if everybody has not h seen such characters especially the first s to is either miserably Blind or has . Nn.i�. R. I Viiu a Iuliu Lur Cosu 11s19 Shiju hard fists Are tenfold More abundant than e open hearts and hard Heads writer in j e the carolinian dating at Paris gives a Spe h Clinen of the hard but much the More Ren spectacle Genus. E As i was returning from Church my. Attention was attracted to a Large crowd collected in one of the principle streets,11 and on approaching i found it was to witness a Man break stones with his fist. I it saw him break a piece of Blue Limestone j Rock apparently very hard with two or three blows of his list with Only a think handkerchief wrapped twice around it. Liei placed the Stone to to broken on a Large Rock on the pavement and after handing _ round a plate and collecting Tenor twelve sous he went to work and after a few Sud Den blows Given with great rapidity he13 broke the Stone amid great cheers from thed i Napoleon s Tomb. A correspondent of the carolinian writing from Paris thus Speaks of the Tomb of Napoleon. _ to Day being one on which Napoleon Tomb is allowed to be seen i paid a visit tit at the " hotel des on enter be ing the Gate of the hotel i had Tho pleasure f of seeing about two Hundred of Napoleon s. St old veterans. They Are supported by gov eminent. It is a strange sight such a crowd of old soldiers around of them minus a leg or an Arm. They Aro from seventy to ninety years of age but All retain their martial bearing despite of age they Wear a uniform of Blue with Silver buttons. In this hotel or Hospital there Are altogether three thousand old soldiers. Aft or passing through the hotel i entered the Chapel which 17 a o a 1 a a a. Sun Iii i my univ having an arc e on top the pulpit and altar however Are 0 the most handsomely ornamented that i Ever witnessed. The pulpit i built of White Marble. The candlesticks Are four and half or five feet High with candles seven or t eight feet Long. The High alter is built of j Green Marble some twelve feet High then s there Are four spiral columns of about three 1feet diameter on these is an entablature in surmounted by six Angels eight feet in Hai rat 5 who support a canopy of most Brilliant Gilt a work. It is dazzling to the Eye to look at. S ii .1 a scream it where is your House. Asked a traveller of a Man he met in the a tepid of the " old solemn wilderness of the great West. " Ilutice i Ain t got no House"819 " Well where do you live of " i live in the on the great a government Purchase ent raw Bear and wild s h Turkey and drink out of the Mississippi. J ". How do you get on with your Arith me a tic and catechism asked a father of his 1 0 Little boy the other night. How far have f you got h u i be ciphered through addition subtraction justification Sanctification and adoption answered the Little fellow to the per7feet astonishment of the Parent Ai an to f their clients the Circleville journal says that Jall Buba Ribera pacing 111 Advance will be 1 entitled to a first rate obituary notice in Case f of death. " 1 j h Yoo have no business to have business with other in bile business but mind your of own business and that is enough for any1 business Man. The Market. Abbeville nov. 9the Cotton market8 Range at about 8 Cento per pound.3 or to Muta it o " � Wusi Uusi Rivir or Coa varying Irot 0f to 8f con. � 3mmm 1married,b on monday 6th instant by Rev. J. F. Gift or. A jail Palmer wid Mies c. Lockridge Jall of this District. Happy they the happiest of their time i whom Ken tie stars Nite Andin one Nice their heart their Forone and their being l 1 " r by nil " v 7 1 room. Attr Fitti 1subscriber s cd stand he n1 i intr been enter Ely destroyed $3u6&� pc by fire he by removed to \ hip actor two of Wert Worth the stand Fop try hed l re 0 Cyb mrm Watin Furj k it Wight House. Priam by. Until les sex Irful to 8old by that time i will then Elf to the highest. Bidder Ori a Deflit of Telvi to the with Lote keat from Riat Ink a jail of Security. Nov 9, 1864 notice to creditors. ,.the final settlement of the estate of btnjaminbirk8dale, deceased vill be made 3n the Ordinary s office onto Eady the. 18tb f february next. Persons owing the estate will Poy by that time Atod those to whom the5atate is indebted will present their demands. A. D. Barksdale. November 7, 1854 27 3m v. I a n m to 33be32� from and after the first Day of Januari next All the notes and account of wat Jon & Wal Ijeh May be found in the hande,.jf messes. Marshall & Lee attorneys at Juhr j c. H., for collection take do4 no it Buzio conduct yourselves accordingly. 1 v w. W. Waller % new Market nov. 8, 1854. 27tfblankets blankets 1 5miller & Warren Augusto 1 r Jin store a Large and Superior lot of bm1blankets, from $3 to $30 a , Pleavy negro blankets from 75c. / Ato 60. Each weighing 6$ to 8 pounds,5 o which Uliey invite the attention of House a _. Keepers and 10 278m v estate Sale. By permission of the Ordinary of Abbeville District i will expose to Sale at my res Deuce on Friday the 24th of november inst. Seventeen Likely negroes being the personal estate of Nancy Broolls late of the District aforesaid b. Brooks adm 0, 1864 27 2w Mote Tost. All persons Are hereby warned not to Trade for a certain unto of hand for seventy dollars payable to Freeman tet tards an signed by David Malone with b. W. Sales note has been lost. Job. W. 6, 1854 27 it notice or election. State of South Carolina abbe Villa District. Offick count or general sessions and common pleas. W s i Matthew Mcdonald cleric of the vhf said court in pursuance of the directions of the act of the legislature in such cases Nade and provided do a Rev give Public no in partition in this Case be sold Byr the sheriff of Abbeville District on the in december next or on such other ale in y As will be More advantageous Forth parties in interest on a credit of twelve months the purchaser giving Bond with Soodul a county and a mortgage of the premise i Learned necessary to the Ordinary for the pay. Gent of the Purchase Money Otu to be paid n Cash Wllliam b1ll, 0a. J w novel Nebr 1,1664. V. In accordance with the above order i Wilt a 5ell, on the first monday in december Neft acc Abbeville court House the real estate Amin a. Cason deceased Viz one Hundred ind Twenty five acres. Of land Kiwi or Leai pm situated in Abbeville Diat riot on Waters of y. L6ng Cane adjoining lands of Wilion wad it Cine Joeliza Wideman end others on a credit if twelve,.mo Utoft the purchaser giving Bond Vith Good Security and a of Giae of the remisc8, if deemed Nee Escary to the so or the., payment of the Purdue Lott to Bep Aidin Octuk. 1 Samuel a. Hodges 25l y november 1r 1864. St � a at hoboes depot. R of quits

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