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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - November 10, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaMvi tit to Umbra turn the arts sci3hc3, agriculture news politics a. Tekus-.-ob5 Dpi lab per annul let it be in tilled into the Huerta of your children that the Liberty of the Presa is the palladium of All your . Payable in volume 2 no 27. Abbeville c. Ii., South Carolina Friday morning november 10, 1854. Whole number 7&% Vwe thought that life would always seem f As Bright a dream. As soothed our hearts that Day. F she never Sung that song again. Her dream of life was o or yet Oft amidst the weary strife and cea9elss toil of Busy life i hear its tones once More to anti la Foo Lizila mall Entill Strain. As then in other years. I hear Witoff yet i. Feel upon my heart in sadness steal remembered smiles and tears. J Tlell foot air Index uni text pkes9.j another View of Texas. Messes. Editors this country like ill other new countries Lias no doubt been Everra Tedin Soma respects but we assure 1io Ken Luk of i llvfltl1lklj n a lip to limit it is hard to Excel. It is True the facilities for transportation Are not As Good la As in i some other countries but the Day will so � arrive when the Iron horse will traverse hta valleys and then it will Excel any of the Southern states. We would not encourage any to Migrate there with their families before once going and satisfying themselves for it is bad one to dispose of his possessions Yarid As a great Many do sacrifice them to to a country he has never yet seen. To people often emigrate to a country just be of Oane they have read or heard glowing Dei. of its excellence and others n1tgjiiai Aire by it Vang relatives and a in ields there and because those . A a Leaf a they i Nagine they will be satisfied Alsa. Often have we known sad disappoint neat to follow such unwise removals. Uliey fail to realize the imaginary excellencies to Winch they had looked and very probably the next we see of them they come rolling " Buck to the old red Hills poorer but Wiser men. Of tiv a i. I. A Doci Evy in inc gov aus pure i Eusi Eru. An is Good. It is settled by people of intelligence and Enterprise. They Are Liberal to wards Aid jog in the establishment of schools 1 of and wisely look to measure insuring future Prosperity the old texans Are extremely kind and sociable and take infinite the visitor by showing their la . It a will now proceed to describe the a or in Pic Cic Puju pvt Huu us win Couch to Are two and Gray. The al Jandow powdered to be thermos pro. Active Buff Notson Well adapted drought m&3 Gray. Harrison Wood up hire by pm Roa Sabine Augustiou nacogd3� beg Anderson and Cherokee counties have g lands and Good Ater. The Timber i Laam cd Feck and Walnut. To to amply abound in these he Here produces from of in Pep acre few Fiffi Bart died to Twenty live Hun of ssh Skaj of Cotton ii cultivate with we an r., All seasons and trading in the Dew which is of very heavy and is never off the grass before pee ten o clock besides other causes deleterious 8?� to health which to Milit name if space tj1 3 and time would admit. From the country lying Between Trinity and Lii Brazos Rivers is a magnificent one being Ujj mostly Prairie. The lands on the Trinity Are Vevy productive and perfectly Mellow. The Timber is very heavy and produces an uti abundance of Mast. The Pecan grows be plentifully Here and is quite a palatable fruit both to Man and Stock. In some of sea these Prairies there Are boils which Are called a boiling Prairies. These boils when first us formed Are not More than an Inch or two Roa 1in diameter but after a few weeks or Pei 1 months they grow to forty or fifty in circumference the Centre of which will 1. A foot or two higher than the n they have no perceivable depth and Areej exceedingly dangerous. If in unfortunate animal happens to get into one of these Foh oils lie is certain to experience what it is to Era be sucked the suction is so great & that the More he exerts himself to yet out p a i. I the deeper lie goes. Animals acquainted to with them Are instinctive enough to Imu inti them with surprising skill. At l get Down in ton from heir la a Lent if earn to in Cor Home consumption. % w no Blue Ridge or Rabun Gap rail ton Road. Cei to those who have watched the Progress Clu of our Are conversant with this the Railroad enterprises of the ads e coronal of Honor to her. It would pour her Lap in unending and Ever increase Tideo Fame to the state and wealth to citizens. Then is a tide in the affairs of ites As Well As of men which taken at the no. Lead on to Fortune. This tide is now ving past South Carolina. If she takes it tote flood builds the Road the future i ii Rich in All that tends to Prosper tes. If she fails to see what duty Resat her hands and to perform that Duina manner becoming to Ner High Eliari-it will be a heavy blow to the state Meh it will take years to present South Carolina is at the Mer of Georgia tor Access to extensive Reusnow trading to her Fine seaport. Very rally every exertion is and will be used onc.entrate this Trade Ipoh its own cites ild the Rabun Gap Road and this would Uii the Case. Already a Road Lias been Mcnee Between Chattanooga and Cleved and another Short Arm is projected Trabun Gap from the past Tennessee and Orgia Road this would be the nearest Ite from West and Middle Tennessee rth Mississippi Arkansas and North Alima to South Carolina and to it our Cotton would go and we reve our goods free from delay or vexatious urges on the Georgia state Road. It is s aspect of the question which causes our ple to feel a deep personal interest in this Bun Gap Road. Its construction will a up to this Region a new and a better Ite to Charleston and gives also Access to great West by a Good route. When shed for it is now under head Way it will novo Smith Flor Linn nor Hor rom in aaa. It Charleston from a dependent situation will place her in an Independent position Ere she can draw to Here ivnits a Trade l a ascribed by nothing and of incalculable be. It will secure the Southwest to her i give her More than a fair Chance for the eth to West. South Carolina and Charleston have done Ich for the Southern country in building railroads and making the state and Teitje sible. Thus far they have done Well t the state now do the finish touch to the Good work. She Jias Bou no Roselt with Iron ligatures to the Southwest thrive from the sustenance flowing u through them. Let the state now Bine Rolf in jibe manner to the West Anc it Reservoir will pour an exhaust Lesa Strear wealth citizens so that they will a up and bless such a cherishing to she has always been ready to spend be spent in the. Cause of the South is Road a South apr to the , in Bonef Icide Cults and in execution Llie Flie West to the 8outh Atlantic. Ii dents strengthens developed rofl creates e Day of it completion wll to an aus i us Day to be celebrated with ringing Oik bonfires firing of cannons and of Ming to Vatere of he lakes and 0i�fefr with those of Charleston Harbor. Whet it Day arrives if South Carolina does duty to the Road let to chief Price of nor be Here and let bar Widar lift Lii tin h Karely for bib will Tjin Fiove won their o�0y, � Feig the fir to in Aid pig i securing the Iorii Section from th6 Southern More gorgeous than the fancy created Pic Ture that has so Long dazzled their eager gaze. The drunkard s Dirge then Mokard s revel the drunkard s yell the synonym of the yell of the eternally damned will no longer shake the Midnight Broad mouthed oaths blasphemy in Short the i Alecto hell will become obsolete on Earth and murder cease to plenty Andi Contentment will cast their cheering Light into the prison House of despair where now the More than widowed Mother deals her scanty Etore i to helpless babes and weeps to give no More and laurels fresh will Bloom for these Nurs ii fit j8 or poverty. A he benefits arising from this source will continue to exp pm in never ending progression. It is the culture of a fruit that will Bloom and Ripen throughout the cycles of eternity. I we confidently Point to this a Well arrange system of Public instruction As Thebes preventive against drunkenness crime p misery and want. Blessings will As necessarily flow from met As the evils that receive their Nutriment and strength and Spring Wii in mar Nuu Uco i i Nurmi us the Genius of our institutions beckons us Onward in this great Enterprise. The legis lature the natural guardian of these i Moor Taftt interests cannot longer delay without i proving the High Trust committed to them and fa1?e to the sprit of the age in a which they Liv York Tafito Ellary. I lob Law Thomas j whip jew out al gouty of q a it from tbesecfod4 degree by the court of Caroline eos nov a pc ably taken from. Uil. On j i the indignant populace of Denton and in until he a dead a i a Trio Law Tea the Catbe v2k $iv5,�3h the Thrift less Farmer. The Thrift less Farmer provides no shelter for his cattle during the i clemency of the Winter but permits them to stand shivering by the Side of a Fence or live in the Snow As Best suits them. Ten Folk Mio full Lin 4iiu Nuno Piui in guv i Vul Viiu in Viiu Oiin Trio mud and not infrequently in Ali Highway by which a Large portion of it and All Tho manure is wasted. Iio grazes his Meadows in fall and Spring by which they Are gradually exhausted an finally ruined. 11 is fences Aro old and poor just such As to let his neighbors cattle break into ,1 spoil his crops. He neglects to keep the manure from around the Sills of his lie has one by which they Are prematurely rotted and his barn tills or skims Over the surface of his land until it is exhausted but never thinks it Worth while to manure or Clover it. For the first he has no time and for the last he u is not lie has a place for nothing and nothing in its place. He consequently wants a Hoe or a Rake or a Hammer or an Auger but knows not where to find them and thus loses much time. He looters away Stormy Days and i a Linnrll lip lieu utensils improving his mind by Reading list fill books or spends Mui i time in town at the earner of the Street in the " rum holes complaining of hard times and goes Home in tie evening " pretty Well Tore Ite Sims no shed for his firewood consequently his wife is out of humor and his Mials out of season. He plants a few fruit Trees and his cattle forthwith destroys them. Lie " has no Luck in raising one half the Little he raises is destroy div his own or his Neighbour s cattle. His plow Harrow and other implements lie All Winter in the Field where last used and just As he is getting in a hurry the next season his plow Breaks because it was not housed and properly cared for. Somebody s hogs break in and destroy this Garden Beau so pm had not stopped whole in the Fence that he had been intending to Stop for a is often in a great hurry but will Sto and talk As loner As he can find and one to talk with. Lie Baa of course Little Money and when he must raise some to pay his , &c., he raises it at a great sacrifice in some Way or by Selling his scanty crop alien prices Are Low. He is a year behind instead of being a year ahead of his always will when to pays a debt it is at the end fan execution consequent la his credit is at a Low ebb. He buys entirely on credit Anil merchants and All others with whom he deals charge him twice or thrice the profit they charge prompt paymasters fld Are unwilling to sell him goods at any Cost. He has to beg and Promise and Promise and beg to get them on terms. The merchants dread to see his wife come into their stores arid the poor woman feels depressed and degraded. To i. V. _ i to of Ifuku la Cunt but i i in Chimney late of a Winter s morning while his cattle Liro suffering for their morning speed.1 manure Lis in heaps in his stables his horses Are rough and unhurried and his harness Rod under their feet. His Bare and Gates Are broken his buildings unpainted and the boards and shingles falling has no time to replace them the Glass is out of the windows and the holes stopped App with rags and old hat. He is a great Borrower of his Thrifty neighbor s implements but never returns the borrowed article and when it Igent Forit cannot be found. He in in person a Reat Sloven and never attends Public worship or if he does occasionally do so be comes sneaking in when the service is half tout. He neglects bis accounts and when his neighbors Calls to Settle with Liim he has something else to attend to take him All m All he is a poor Farmer a poor husband a poor father a poor neigh porn Hiki a poor Magazine. T. \ v Wop a Nat free the Chicago times har a Tofy of a gentleman from Missouri Kil tit pity liar eng with Horn inlay Iirth. The anti ave Folk linear ingot the slave tendered la lift the hot i tasty 6f a Winter in Canada an mate my to yer truer tie be sired it Semb Tec for tin s Puli Tut he fave pro if 3 the tire. The fire which we briefly our last As having broken out yesterday morning on the premises of or. Seig pow meeting Street quickly caught the Carriage depository of or. , which with a considerable portion a of its contents was rapidly consumed i. Then extended to the adjoining Brick boiler ingot or. Seignous the upper stores Winch were occupied by him As a dwelling and below by or. Win. Mehrtens As a8$ggr. Store which was entirely destroyed. The fire Theu extend Foni nor Elmard to o. To of Stoj Brick build liner front incr on went Ortli tip to owned by s. Mowry esq., the lower Story of which was occupied by or. Liapin a Blacksmith shop and the upper part by several families which was partly consumed a. The Brick building to Tjie West of this Oculi Cudby messes. S. & e. M. Gilbert a Carriage depository was also destroyed with a portion of its contents. The Firo also extended South ardly to Hascoll Street destroying a three Story Brick building be longing to George Thompson esq., Fuch was about to be occupied by messes. So my a country Rorr Irgin. A a Boston and repaired i the a House of a relative lady who Ham Manf to j8 a merchant of that City. Th6, � a glad to see him and invited him to a their House his Home As he declared by retention of remaining in but a Day to or two. The husband of the lady anxious a a. J a i a i la Snow ins Auer sufi 10 a Rei Uve Anu Jana of his wife took the 1liveiy stable in Hanover Strey a athe Marc Nat after the lapse of i Yeti a Days found besides lodging and Poa Raing �m1the gentleman a pretty considerable Bill a a. Run up at the livery stable. Accordingly life went tip tier Manta if tia Liv Oturia and am Kent weak isrwy"f1" ,p3kfgentleman took his horse he Wuhu Fopay the jew Iii f. Very Good said the stable keeper it in & de stand 1 accordingly in it snort time. Tneia Bounmy Gentie Inan went to the 8tl up and or flied he horse to be got ready. The Bill cry cps tie was pwt enter. A 4f a web said the gun Iloine my. Iffy Jav relative vill a pity a very us Abl. Ple Tho to it an order from m?." ssh kit a i will be the we an the of Caflso the horse Tivis put up in,.ahdthe country in Nelom a to Long w welled he i in going a Are you Satori the Mero Hnatik in Hajj the Hill roust be a fid Jtj . Rev & has ". Cd
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