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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaI f " ask. Of #,.v\v ,. Vij Jfe unfeeling heartless deliberation with which he demanded her name to be stricken from the Church of her preference was enough not Only to provoke Tho reprobation of me but also to arouse Tho indignation of devils. His friends wife implored but All All was utterly unavailing for vengeance inhuman kept the bosom of the Tiger Man take her name off the Book was his ouly response to the entreaties and tears of the minister congregation and More than All his poor wife. The name of William l lives in our memory but to be regarded As one of the worst of men. Devoid of principle pity or shame and stained with the blood of her whom he had sworn at god s altar to protect cherish and love his life has been a slander upon the society of men and his acts a disgrace to the sympathy of friends. The fearful Day of eternal retribution however awaits him and we Are Content that it is so. From the moment that it Wasano uzeed h\7 Tulp minion a it � to. A a bulb Ali Iii i consequence of her husband s demand no 1longer a member of the Church at Kadish 1 a Cloud of mental anguish was seen to Gatior upon Lier once cheerful but now woe smitten countenance. The minister wept 1 and the congregation was bathed in tears. A i Oor Eliza wept too. Iler delicate Frame 1 Shook As the Leaf of autumn is shaken by 9the first breathing of wintry winds. With 1feelings that mock description she arose and c left her favorite seat to be occupied by her no More forever. Her troubled heart throb bed its last Farewell in silent grief to her t much loved Brethren As she Bent her Way t e i Ejiu Pic Puust i Mieir communion 10 i lie fatal spot of self destruction. A few nights of More than Tautlian tor Ture is endured by this miserable and in 1j protected woman and she desperately re n solves to die in prosecution of her Pur s.1 4_ 1 Ftp r 1 inv Kcf one is eau in Stem Buguy up irom cur �. More than weary Pillow and by tie dim Light that flickered upon the Hearth to pass c from the eldest of her children to the Young c est imprinting As she goes a Mother s last 8 kiss upon the unconscious lips of the innocent sleepers. She lingers for a mome t s while she holds in her hand the Little fingers of the quietly sleeping babe. But All is n Over. Her frenzied soul seeks Relief but in � death. She passes out gently closing the. Door behind her and at the still and dreary Chour of Midnight she hastens her Steps to e a Creek her wretched dwelling and t after taking Hertto Kings from her feet and � throwing them upon the Bank of the 6 Ream v she encountered with reckless desperation 0 he enemy to whom she desired to yield her & us an vary i a tic. Xxiv Luu Yucuis Ana h a few struggles and Slie sleeps in death. J unfortunate woman thy blood in unison with the blood of millions slaughtered v before thee Wrieth from the ground for von c glance against the Confederate murderers � avarice and rum 1 when shall its voice be heard f and when of when shall their t hands be stayed f m. F Indian or negro. At ast term of the court for very interesting trial involve i of this problem in regard to Cha Daed As a slave was heard. The following taken from the Patriot is by far the most satisfactory history of the affair that a have seen it some fourteen years ago or. Darby of Neiter District purchased a girl called Lucy who was carried to that neighbourhood by a Man named Thompson said to have -.1 Tvr i-1_ been seen in via sinkgion u. As Laie As 1801, practising Law. The girl had the looks of an Indian but was sold to him at a negro. She ran away repeatedly telling her playmates she was an Indian. Some three or four years ago she waa lodged in jail in Columbia As a runaway and Adver. Toed. Herow norcome for her and was require to Abo bis Bill 4f a a which was of considered altogether satisfactory. were Itomi Difed by the girl s appearance and advised to i Flor not to Cue Ber up As Evio Only an map he Fansto Means for advice and a i an of important Righte to l. Y. Gyrate sister s daughter that this girl is Lut Iun Sio Iii Iron nis party that Gre distress was caused to her parents that Sli was the child of his sister s daughter a that her name was Lutse that he came Columbia with the Hope of seeing Lut Seand that As soon Asho Laid eyes on her a heart was rejoiced to see the face of i was a Captain under Gen. Jackson at Theattle of the horse shoe Bend where h commanded one Hundred and thirty Warr ors and fought with much distinction commissions were read from several Chiel of tribes now in North Carolina stating this a girl named Lutse was stolen from one Cleir Narv Nannt. vr7 1commission was read of the examination cars. Carter the wife of a Inan who Puii hated the girl from Thompson and sold lie o Darby. In this she stated that to Arnink rom her children that the girl said she Wain Dian she called her up and questioned Weibout it when she said no she was no Indian but her Mother was Thi Yas offered As evidence and strange to Saul fitted. But it had the opposite effect a that was intended. As it was Clear tha Imong her playmates the girl told the truth ind to her master or mistress she evidently lad been taught to say otherwise. Evidence Vas brought Forward that she had for four eon years been in Chester in possess ii f Darby working As a negro and so considered although called Darby s Indian.1l he most striking testimony adduced in thase was that by our distinguished Talent Cind scientific townsman or. R. D. Gibbes his is not Only mine but the opinion othere. He understands the Anatomy o or races As Well As i know my multiplier on table. As proof of Iny declaration h Vns put upon the stand and called upon to explain the ethnological distinction of Raes. He was asked to Point out the Chart Ristics of the Indian and negro which redid very minutely and fully and in Nanner to bring conviction to the whole As pm blvd crowd. He exhibited a cast of Arl Dian Skull of nil Alverin Rmel ooi/1 is rom one in the Academy of science i Philadelphia from a Mound in Ohio. Ii explained All its characteristics and the railed up the old chief and interpreter Anth owed the identity with their Heads. Ii Lien compare 1 it and their Heads with thai Lucy and established them All As of Thaine then handled a negro Skull and demonstrate clearly the peculiarities and owed by comparison the marked difference Hii Ween Mem lie explained tie Proi silent differences in the anatomical Structure of different parts of the body and gave a exceedingly interesting account of the dial action in the Bair of the caucasian Iti Diar and negro race. He stated a very curious act As resulting from Microscopical Obser action that in the mulatto Cross the Hail if one or the other Narant was on. Sometimes hairs of both but never a Mon Rel hair that no amalgamated Bair exist that As often the mulatto bad straight air As Kinky. He stated the microscopy revealed that the hair of the White Rac rag when transversely divided Oval thai if the Indian circular and that of the be pro eccentrically elliptical with flattened Gea that the hair of the negro was Noi Lair but Wool and capable of being felted hat the coi Oring matter of True hair was it in internal tube while in the negro it Wai n the epidermis or Scales covering the Shaf f the hair. In corroboration of his statement tha x the whte and Nerro hair were sometime bund in the same head a singular Case a mentioned in my hearing by or. The stated that he once attended a half Breed Indian and negro who had Straig Hindian hair. He was ill and bad bis Ima shaved and blistered. On bis Reco when his hair grew out it was negro Hai crisped and wiry. These Are very curious facts and of Muc importance in toe distinction of races. The counsel of tiie plaintiff proposed Anns isted on or. Gibbes to give the facts a to the hair of grades of Mead but he Saibe had not examined by the Microscope a but the half Breeds. It is to be hoped to full investigation will made of this sol on the a whole to Kev Dedee it Forth or. Gibbes was extremely interesting Anuj eloped some facts i Nerer heard of be orthere has been but one opinion of Prewein Rel Lution n it. A is such. Is there any free state that annual Lyas makes provision for a remnant of the Aboe origines remaining there As ours does ?.South Carolina regularly appropriates Aid bum of Money for the support of tin Catawba in York District where part of the e tribe is still loft. 1 n Twe a a v a flax in the slave Trade. D some Ultra benevolent souls in our country o both North and South Are beginning to advocate the re opening of the slave Trade Notis on the score of gain to America but ofis kindness to the poor benighted Africa e these poor deluded creatures would be so e much benefited if removed from their own land of darkness and cruelty to this land flight and love. I to a pity to let them ref main where they Are another Day so then n ice i inns Anu rails Ana boats of All sorts be of prepared and let the eighty or three hundreds millions of these ignorant and vicious sons f of Ham be transported to our shores where they can make Cotton and Rice hear the r gospel preached and learn to read the Jii ble for if we bring them Over to the states s to enlighten them it will never do to shut r them out from the Light and close the word t of god against them. Let them come then s one and All for if one or a dozen should be transported to enjoy the Blessing of the gospel and the sweets of civilization so should t Tho millions. Let them All come and give i them a free passage too. Where is the use j of acting niggardly in this the greatest benevolent Enterprise of the age but Why confine a work of so much Benevolence to 1 benighted Africa ? Why not bring the Mill ions of India and of China the sons of Japan the cannibals of the Isles the lapland2er and the Turk ? 1 from Greenland s icy mountains from India s Coral strand of from Afrie s sunny fountains of bring All to this Good land. To lev All Nepil Norl if Tun � ing to re open the slave Trade to Africa Thatcher poor Sable sous May enjoy the Light of the gospel Why not Send round our benevolent ships to nil other Jones and bring the benighted of All lauds to slavery and Salva Tion ? if the slave Trade is opened again and any More africans brought to South Carolina it should be purely for the Sake of doing Good i to them and not because they Are needed loj tear up and destroy the soil or for the safety of the Commonwealth. According to the last census there rein Abbeville District 6920 Blacks slaves 5 and free More than Whites. If we attend Well to these in temporal and spiritual the incurs we will do Well. In the whole state of South Carolina there Are 110,381 Blacks slaves Jand free More than Whites 1 no doubt j hundreds of these Are unable to answer the question " who made you they Are liter a ally m without god and without Hope Iti the Here is a wide Field for missionary k Woik and to would do Well to cultivate it. It is already White to the Harvest there is i no use of importing cargoes from Africa and adding to the mass of moral Putre fac i Tion. If any Are imported let them be transported to the free states and Nebraska. There is room for them there and As the free t states Are so fond of negroes let Africa to Bent to them Thoy will have their hands full j for once and a door will be opened for them wide and effectual to do Good to the cokx1edrace. We have As Many slaves in South i Carolina As we can Well attend to in the Way t of religious training and the numbers Are. Multiplying both of the slave Trade Mustbe a opened by Wydh Sain the africans wit the gospel let the she Laife be landed at Kaut Vaflor on/1 inf Ami Allilu Tafiti friends love a glorious time of t round on the underground Railroad and do8ing them All the Good they. Can. 3 however we Are not Dispoto 4oback Outin a Good cause. If the inane Trade must be opened again to Blest the africans Vith t the gospel suppose we would it a not be. Fair to land one ship Load of Penlight \ ened religious slaves on the shores of an Ca and bring Back do a to amount to suppl their Freace of pod my gated isolators ? j those a should. Be sent to Africa would spread or gospel around and those who j would to brought Back in Exchange would m in Jour its denial influence Here and thus the whole coloured race would soon be Tyft dotted and become men and christians capable of self government. A a surely not in easiest in advocating the re opening of the horrid slave Trade , wan Absurdity a Mon f if i drunkenness somnambulist 01 foul Eitnier Ono or Tho other of these cause is to to attributed the fall of Simpson Berr from Tho trestle at Newberry on thursday night last. Simpson Berry was Ono of the prisoner Mol important witnesses in therase Wjk Vizino for the murder of Jesse Scurry. He testified to the fact that Scurry threw two pistols into his buggy before starting to Cross roads Church in Newberry on the Day of the occurrence of one of the difficulties betwee the deceased and the prisoner and his testimony doubtlessly went far to strengthen the jury in Trio conviction that Scurry we contemplating an attack on Gunter. Lie had also been in the employ of Jesse Scurry As an overseer during Tho last year of his life which relation was dissolved by the death of Scurry and Simpson had engaged his services for Tho coming year to another gentleman. So much in relation to to i character and occupation of Simpson Tho night of the eventful thursday Simpson s room mates report that to was perfectly sober when he retired to bed a about 11 o clock at night and strange to say to was found under the trestle in a mangled condition at an Early hour on the iics.1, musing having Tallon a distance of about thirty feet. Now Tho question that puzzles did Simpson Berry get Toto trestle that night and who or what isto blame for his fall ? four or five person lodged in the same room with him but the can give no account of the time or manner of Simpson s exit from that room. Can anybody do it ? we must come to one of three conclusions in Tho premises and first that. Simpson was either drunk and slipped out of the room late at night and As he once along upon the Giddy footing of the trestle stumbled and fell into the vortex below or secondly Tomt to was seized with a fit of somnambulist and was led by his evil spirit or some other spirit to this dangerous precipice or thirdly that some one who was not pleased with sir Epson s testimony in Case having either gagged or by some foul potion deprived him of reason bore him uni tit armis to Tho trestle an pitched him from that lofty Eminence thus reeking their vengeance on him. This last supposition we Learned whilst in Newberry is agreeable to the account which himself gives of his fall. Lie states we learn from Good authority that to was forcibly seized and thrown from the trestle that he recognized Tho Man who 4id the deed and if he should recover disc Osc a name mit thinking that the South should unite in Hosnih a to All parties in Tho Nortor in orig judgement this would be unwise a should show themselves Friendly. And if "4the Southern states mean to Eta in the Union expect to enjoy any measure Tuey must co operate in Mirty political associate of with Utike in the " North who vote with Hurgon Ujj options ind for Jug ring her rights arid Honor k a Greenville Mountain Edig the amerto cultivate thee rth Isth noblest vocation of life. Upon die products of the farm the very existence of to Cicily depends. La the Faba Laiu Days of Eden when the human family was email sour great ancestor Adam like the Lazy and luxurious " poet of the seasons could hands where his pocket re to be open his Mouth and feast his fill upon the Spont igneous fruits of Paradise. It is not go must work or beg or steal of starve and As no occupation is so honest so healthful and so entirely in accordance with the divine Behest As farming to take the Liberty of suggesting to Tho correspond ont s pleadingly to us for a " situation,".thatlie turn Liis attention to Mother Earth whose breast is every ready to yield sustenance Toher children multiplying a thousand Fol the Good seed cast into her bosom. A True lawyer Alexander Hamilton was once applied to As counsel by a Man having the guardianship of several orphans who would on coming of ago Buce oed to a Large of and valuable estate of which there Vas material defect in the title deeds known Onixt to to Weir guardian who wanted to a fettle title vested in himself. Hamilton noted Down the faithless executor s statement Anc then said to him Settle with honorable to the last cant or will Hunt Vou from your skin Lite a advice was strictly followed and Thema who gave it was an ornament the Ufir 1bar and to the age he lived in. A Young planter from Virginia who bad formerly been a student in Philadelphia arrive there last week and put up at James hotel Chestnut Street. On tug Layhe was waited upon by a genteel looting Man who ingratiate himself into his the planters Good graces by inviting him of visit the gird College. In the afternoon the Twain Wentlo the College and after witnessing within and without that benevolent mtg tuition the gentle Young Man swindled. To planter out of aft is Kriim a Young ladies of Ina aggravated by the severity with speculated on their Gay plunges Necilia a is Etc went to their pastor to lean this Pinion. 4$.u do you think said they 4imnrnnrifitv in Tummy. Few i j1 by no Means was the 1 variola Robb me fair Coiner a a Tsmith of Lexington was Tobim ot6t �$150 in East and notes to to at wow a t Bucu. A Gentet at of 15ar
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