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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - June 17, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina per annul a to int tailed i to the heart of to children that thai to Ftp fall ilium of All or hip Wev to. " payablejwalffifc0�e a 6. Abbeville c. H., s0u$ff Caro Kijja .5atda , june 47y wll ole number 58. A for v s7 of Jfe Piv Wiki i. A. To Vrr ii Kir Foa. Jtb press. I _. Earl e s Mobil Nejio i a Hal 8fliolmuster. A � lies Millet said " i a Yery j did him any injury but if Asin self defence. But it " Bridget How it it that you know so much of it hat w going Oahu tie Convent when you Are to Utt services Bridget replied lord Mua the priests try di4r Itaf Ann of la in Avam in nor a. J a go Vuew will it ctr iou1uj 111 ia/1vut Olllie Wool a. , t6their Voic red tir Syia Kiad of moan and tic r pm Echo did not to understood. Foi Popr woman Yon Are Tom for excitement that your wound Roi Putte cad to bleed. You let Jne step Tho . F you Are sch \ danger a Dpi Reg if you Wal follow Niv Bare committe Divizio Shibut no rather Dacra Aeto Justice. Ind it irl Lemma examine your wound or Yogi May Breed hitdeath.". V,v.,r she Becam quiet and i win help Yon to said the re then at Serif a a 1 tri orc than jlrijgefc., a did no Tow the Ever pres Fribo an opiate Ifor her into Glt is of no sey first. Withim hit do ledge gig was immediately acted upon Atid. In to to Dayoc to Allu compleat Quad Lafe Ortii i a attired in Sable it of Csc a in Section lately and Gava Frederio a Tol a w we not a word mud. But there were Many Huj i mid Eye a Viii i Londer aware Trusi 2jfnl Itan Swap a Usa r 2wb11eshse0k8bisb8hh8mebbh?9c2h�obb a \-�j2r5shtfsne3bribttuuim Beir father Vaj Mac kid with the disease. 1 Unity. Were Throwr Ilna panic they did r now what to do for they had Ben taught Ilung hut obedience to their Parent s i Jun to o9\view be could not have proper attend said him a there we no woman at the hoi Here he boarded. They tried to get some o of a daiil Ana is a. 41 of. By due dec Piui uni me Diana was so would ran the risk. Miss Miller then said Well children Ould be wrong for Oay of you to go Baa not forbid me i will go and. Nurse dit the consequences be what they May for Binot Bucit Forhan what Woula my situate Iive Een a dirt the girls were thrown in a quandary thu a. Ieuv. .11ww we Ever should not so Many obstacles presented the Jael risque ene run -. --.-7 Raj Rev Usu of to 1u due of vision that i mibs Miller interrupt cd him by saying " o Var in ind about your House t Nave com attend on my and shall not be Paulsr about accommodations if to is countably to nos Timo they had arrived at Morgin am door " a apr Aceaid walk in a am maj. Hortn a Hiss Miller hesitated and a a would j. Cd Siuai Uusi w Gyro Rupurt i aim Tom lot be better to announce me first say to Hia Cousin Jane has come to rhe fast is for the i n t time at the the Ethliel a 9f the sick Man s room the propriety i act she was about to commit tor the firs in fitted across her mind and Lier ,36 Sid sj#3hk so. It w of know Yoa is Oufa. " of his sense Soto it Alden arid a she hesitate Ronier but want in and going to lib bed e placed her soft Linds upon he brow. Buknow not tha the a Jehu tru his Constan his delirium was near him. Yea ii wanderings Jan e i lie r was h is Only. Them a times he Pul reproach. Tar for. Hit pm p to him / in did Bay to was always Taftt of 8h4 fickle Jade woul d out Toby Yiew this most Alluri rte objecb1jtut a he was about to g Raap them w Oul so them jew or Kira. Vaad again lie won cd is happiest Creff Corr Satty fora Nebo led of him andjav9md Hla Rait Brit Barru got wig Weir Muots Ana then Het Woulfe Hoat to Boyish Preate talk of Cor ate fun want fiuhyjdupgconaae., nowt of the to any but Mia Hirv Podr Gyrli her Sta Atin can be better deaf Ribec tie Only female in Ali use among Atran Gurfy -. And lion to hear h me by thed form wit i. So Mutoli to Nernes to eee Morgam s sympathy re go Strong a. In his deranged Watato and he alluded to then 0h her portion it buried her face in Tlisov to Lvke Ping her Brad on Morgine. Fori so Vad bad � copo09 flood of tears. ? Mosho prayed most Treasy Fin the sufferer and then for Aid and sup Poi m Aviti for . Jujia in at Ted to discharge her duty Fei thally Anc Fea Siyi she thought i heard the voice of my Doares wife a h i to bought her pure spirit had been sent to is i r c Oit me to he mansions of Bliss. Was Thath nothing but imagination 10 miss Miller answered " w Hen you awoke s r you spoke to one whom you addressed of ail i i. A in the moist endearing terms. You a i i scared transported with Delight. But i Jeaure c s you there was no one in but you and Irand it t must Hare been my voice that disturbed be a6no. There is More work of Earth for me acc i be a Lieval am delegated in Ujj. Defend you Yulii poor innocent permutes things the Leavo to twill do item. I a gentle Prei Stew of bis hand was 1. Her Delv response. A it just then in pcs Prat came in to 6eo How in Morin was. Hefti Wolf delimited to find him hat-1 a fat what time o Hoar for Eaid he t d by a thnh Boli iad that time wore pfc a Force v , took u Basin find to some fresh = a btt�6 Mort of face Ian a viands d Prat followed Heidi we Why a am Jia not the patient a u she up pod of a i r by Woolf lab toy a. Cd earnestly i i air Gred. Waits Simow of Ini a. And then i. Trill certain Urtnow Nee Miina i � she Theng Dtta Towel wet his. U 0 face and adm while she a nil engaged in a Tho Blu Joire he Wotila of i. Ieuv i Bosforo x for fden4-arriycd.-,j, Onn Odowd hire m a i Job said 1 of 1 doctor i Art j in of glad to have Coine n y Cousin appears to Ebo Botter but i am not sure. In he. Better 1 6 $ i r. To a i d ii by a Papadam Wilmot replied tie crisis Jet i him he � Thon addressed Morgin and said major How t k 5 Cousin m ii hurl re wed Jinn Anmina Minifi of Afta or firt ,. 3ty i4nn no Unrot 1 Liia opt eared to to Tojio Linn an d so i Continuo dit until Well that is it to Baucia it said the doctor the room did require purifying. And Thuja you of a Missal her Ethid no not that i am a Bat said to doctor you thought of nothing but the major s Oli no Alio replied of nothing el00 Andi hoped that the Disoso might leave him and Cleave to to for his life Ibi Nuch Moro valuable than Inin this was nid in perfect simplicity and looked first at miss Miller an then it the doctor. Tie doctor had his Eye riveted on miss Miller. observed my dear Young lady did you know that Ilia a Trainr Innon Pinno 9 yes Cousin Efi arcs wrote Lime telling unit was and forbidding Liis daughters to conic but As lie did not forbid me i came. And infant if he had forbidden me i belie to i should have Tjui the risk of disobedience for once. When we Lioard that he was so ill some of the girls wished to come also but i told them that it would be wrong and one was enough. But wish to write to them and relieve their can i get a communication tos Oroville spec Prat said that one of his servants and a horde were at her service. She thanked him a divent info Morgin s room. To held out , and she took it and said where will i got writing materials f i wish write to the girls and Tell them that you remt of margin Orcas of nor Nana Ana said you arc o considerate i yes write and say that i a veil. On that table my writing utensils were be if they Are there yet she went to the to Loand said Roh yes hero they she wrote a Hasty note. Morgin told her to a to the girls that they muh not Como Tomlim of he was danger and if Hoy Eairib-,1 nto the infected District Ulicy would be almost Ertain to take the Distaso. And then to. Miller a " my dear Jenny you should not Havo of Jato am about Yon i am so Mush raid you have taken the mias Miller said Ohno i Don t think there any danger. I Bave taken every precaution, where infectious diseases were ria did not Thuc them. Pray Don t be Sai Morgin god e ill by in info. I Butl Pray heaven you May be mib Smillir Eaid i via go and Bend Theorail or unit ha8 kindly offered 6b a Messon sub Mongiu Tyd that my a few Momenta Misa Miller returned. Morgi isaid to her i Vij nto Juto do a Little Fibre of r Mej and then i Wjung von we me to Doe Feming. Get Tyya bib said Morgin and read to the the Fth Sho obeyed a and Fri be psalm Ith a Grout Deal of " speech my Eha Rundi v j or. Bort to a mmi8tcr.plemi Oten Iury of lop Ducas upion the. Cwon of jiiapuresoiitinglurcdcnualsifosuipjprem_doa.4mfwtedthe.1 h allowing Pace fen i a. I have Tho Bono to present herewith to your rec Ellody Iny credential tie minister Honduras near of he theirs Obj Cuci Jap Tome a it Fob Liah a final on Honni i a the Aini Ted Stetta a Oil id be a bar Ronje Bottacin gite deepest Moj by Flaa to the done Soinier a i m engaged of it anoth2� a to attorney Calm word. -Xalfa.Vatt&Sjfaa. Two Imit -3fc ,Ina i a a 8r 14? class Iii Cargon Sib of forty Aix Man Rafors of but six of own to idleness Kuwer my a Wuu w i is the. T Nara a of/01 represent Active from Alnio at i Ery state Flad Ujj Yitoi y into nib Fly among Thorn Are j. Jtj Myers ,and a Tryon of Stith Carolinas Linoir appointments Tako. the 20th veg fifty _ fish Xiy my wont round Light be of Iii and client Hoy desired to pro Sqq dby a Strong head wind. Allah Aufata to it Fiffis Tho -. Point being fruitless hots to mal4lj-fhigj"#.ipo hot informed but Liore d$4fco"\,�eern $6 to any s a id & a Tomt Swani Tho Flo i tent Etc so Thomaz manii. Tli11 Lin ii Iliin in i no i t n lion rub Eola Audi take if Flosi a a by Yew ? sitar j Imp
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