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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - June 3, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaDevoted to Ute Rathe the arts Ieng agric Lori news politics a. Fco � , of Jutt annul let it be instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the press is the palladium of All your . Payable in and talc volume 2---n0.4., j Abbeville c. Ii., South Carolina saturday morning june 3, 1854. Whole number 56 and love is the theme of that Early dream to wild � warm to new that in All filter years i deem that Early dream were True. 0 Jet Ibert is a dream of maturer year Tva vision of blood and of woman s tears for the theme of that dream is War and we Tollin the fled of danger and death awl Shutin the Battle array Tili we ind that theme in a bodiless breath Wei ice finishes away. Obi there is a dream of hoary ago this Artt Bobof Gold in store. To Franu noted Down on the figured Page ,. Ftp be counted o or and o Ernd we fondly Trust in our glittering dust Refuge from grief and paid till or limbs Are Laid on the lost dark bed where the wealth of the world is vain. Told is it thus Fromann s birth to his grave. In the path which All Are treading f i there nought in that Long career to save a rpm tei Nono and balt Opura icing f of thirs Fra dream to pare so Bright � tha t the being to whom it ii Given Erath bathed in a of of living lights. To and the theme of that dream a heaven. mire Miller went to Gorgo vhf Yonng Man of handsome propety Opportunity of opening which he did in the followi8jpkliliwh i 11 observe that be bad wet 11 111119 Rauer freely on the in win the House and accosted Aro Yon Bow Are you old Thiec for a school n Jim Niroj Fias Huum Kun 4l infidelity and universalism assure you Are antagonistic diametrically opposed to each strange that to i should cherish a belief hat you Are ashamed of you will Yei discover that god Judieth in the Earth and he that Sinneth Shallit no wite Tanos during this talk was very Gravo and Moody. Mozgin was in Hopes that Conecin no was at work. But he was mistaken for directly Tanes jumped up and said. I Don t care a cent whether you give your consent or am a free Man and will not avow you or any one else to direct me How i am to act Butl la he curved if i Don t marry Clara in spite of Morgin replied with bore warmth than lie should Lifite displayed or. Tanes this is my House and there is the from Tho firm manner in which this mandate was delivered. Tuor loft Wir tent Anvil. Of thing audible but he exhibited Surprise and mortification. He went off at a furious gait which indicated anger. On Morgin s return this boarding Lious that night he found a gentleman there who was going to Gorgon ill the next Day. By him to wrote to his daughter giving her a full account of the interview he had with lanes. In the close of the letter to said my daughter i deeply sympathize with you for full Well do i know the pain this blow will cause you. I know you have a sincere regard for the Young Man or you never Wouldhave consented to be his under any circumstances. Mercenary motives cannot influence you i do not blame you. 1 no free to admit that or. Tanes it Woll calculated to please. He i intelligent has a pleasing address and agreeable manners. But you perceive lie Puou mitc himself to you under false colors. You were deceived. He is not worthy of your love. With such habits As to has no woman can be otherwise than miserable with him and with the sensitiveness and laudable ambition which you possess misery is too tame a phrase. Act promptly and with Tanes fell in with some congenial spirits and did not return to & a Otille for several Days. He Felt perfectly Ofle be would possess Clara notwithstanding her father had objected. He was certain that tic glitter of wealth would induce her to disobey her Parent. But when he got Back he found that he was sadly received a note from Clara which she bad sent to his boarding House stating that Bhe him and desired that to licit a proper selection of their Fco Gudates. There is nothing truer than the aphorism evil communication corrupt Good but to will leave Tanes for the present in his recklessness and return to Clara. Poor girl she was indeed distressed at finding the object of her of factions unworthy other. But True to her sex she could not divest herself of regard for him Sli of fact so into 1 any that to required no other in up ills of return Ptohis school on sunday eve Lton the tuesday after Morgin left a poor. Woman came to the House to beg for assistance. I Bhe was a laggard looking Errata so Swari Tkv to at Aein Mirabe very Well Tateno Aln j lotto. 1 Shehad Broad red i Ark running Down of he face that looked like a scar. Iti dirt gotta a e she Irish and r to a Fth to she foot red in Arceniy be und�19. I of Fifee told morgues child that i Isle jul a r Nutt i fret the fatigue of travelling on foot and beg. E for the l a of by t Raonel to of and ukr Luy mar to Ilott considered it a superstition she said nothing about it to anyone. She Felt a Strong antipathy for the Irish woman though she strove again to this feeling. But notwithstanding her aversion she bestowed on her All the kindness Alio was capable of the Day after this woman woe taken into Morgin s family Gorg Oville was All in biologist had arrived. To by continued miscellany. Southern migrations to the North. According to a statistical table recently pub Nanca in is computed that southerners have spent Foft 000,000 the past summer in Northern travel. Commenting upon this fact the n. remarks that the social and moral effect of this annual migration can scarcely be Spring up friendships reformed opinions interchanged and prejudices corrected similar tastes Are cultivated promoted by Litis free and unrestrained Intercourse. Whatever strength there May Bain our political ties and in those relation st to Are founded in business necessities itis very obvious that the highest importance is to be attributed to those social interchanges which make us favourably acquainted with one another. Ignorance is the most efficient ally of malice and Pride. What we want most is a reliable knowledge of All a actions of the country and As this is obtained we shall see the utter Folly of indulging the evil tempers that alwa3 s characterise sectional vanity. The free Intercourse of Domestic life is essential to this the time adds rut a step farther. The irresistible tendency of things is toward centralization Stuie Noite. Saratoga Newport Mahaut Niagara Hudson River and White mountains Are Hor. Fashion Tutt to Faaitu ambition Talent will come to them. Business men for the most part Are intimately Onn Cote a with new York and is so Loo with religious organizations educational utilities and general slut i Lias the White Sulphur and a Hundred other mine a1 Springs the meanest of the possessing More Majestic Sonery a More genial tons of to very kind than Saratoga Alio Lias her own old poin Hampton and fifty other pleas ant resorts on her extended line of sea coast she h&4 Noble Rivers of her own and her own Peerless Blue Ridge and alleghenies but nil these h people to Binally a infer cog huh Hare nothing to recommend but Duon and a crowd. They i1leave beat cd then the simple a tarty and pore Atmo Palieri of Southern social life and for the follow and heartless thing called life at the Springs which a n miserable compound the Sou i than Are Southern men of Northern affairs we have no Uncle Tom circulated in ouf immunity for the express purpose Oft Fang prejudice and hate against and to have no Seward politicians who libera Ely seek to Advance their own fortunes upon the ruins of Northern institutions. Hence it Wouldhave an excellent effect for Northern men to 1 Init Tho South and see for How diff West is the real state of things in the South Ernst acts from that which they Nave supposed exist. But Liis sort of social inter change would not suit either the political sni Rife of stir in Tho no at Linn we co it but Shnur in a i Mew s Nohlia Ruyf and submissive spirit Lii Eli lends soother men to repay All the indignities and wrongs hey have received from Northern hands by intr Mizing Overy Branch of Northern Indus try Wandli pending five millions a year at Northern watering places. The underground Railroad abes the negroes and the overground Railroad carries their Mastery to the same inviting latitudes. The a catch the business Dono await the Call of Trio subscribers. Id tie midst of boots hats bridles Lionso collars and other coarse wares which May be called for during the Day by customers. Country postmasters in most cases being engaged in Somaf mercantile business Many newspapers find their Way into sonic obscure Corner where they Are hid for time from human eyes As completely As if buried in a Mountain Cave. In tie meantime the Man comes for his paper and As it can t be found of course it did t come. To indignant subscriber consequently abuses the rascally editor and perhaps Calls for pen Ink and paper to write a letter of complaint about not sending his paper punctually when if said paper were endowed. With speech it would Ory out hero i 11m. In it Noah l Olin l or under this barrel we Lyvo seen just such things at country Post offices and elsewhere As Well As the country. Tieso remarks have no reference to any particular office and nil where they will apply. �. The ravings of Tho april number of Brownson s review is the against our country Obiah bears of Kalnow of am i a Vuew we a Lilg 11 Vui buy we Villa Ciiab we Ore n mixed protestant infidel and Catholic people. Flie non Catholic element however predominates and owing to our vast extent of cheap lands we Are free from Many of Tho material evils of older in real Well being in the refinements of life in the culture of the soul in Tho higher civilization or in True National or individual virtue and happiness we arc far below the lowest Catholic state. We can boast Only of our literature is not Worth naming our newspapers for the most part Are a Public ? Nair Annie in re re la it or wiling to lint Ltd Flat find cannot be named with those of Austria to have not a respectable Library or University in the country and the Liberty we boast is merely the Liberty of the mob to Goran us Asit pleases. There is perhaps no people Onearth that has Leas of moral and mental Independence or less individual Freedom and arc slaves of committees associations caucuses and a Public opinion formed by i a origin or tub phrase Ori info the cd propion Buncombe speeches said to Hare Boettin follows some years since i member of Congress Hill from the count if Buncombe North Carolina was indulging in i Long and very uninteresting Harangue in the Louse of representatives. Some attempted to Ough him Down others called him to order it it Wab of no use he was determined to Havo Lis Sny let what would occur. At inst the a embers began to leave and there was soon scarcely any persons left except the reporters lit this stage of tha �_���.�., of naw Ava an a or to Alecto Hin that be would soon be entirely destitute of auditors whereupon be very coolly served that it was of no consequence Asho uras speaking for Buncombe not Washington n other Worsaa that " his speech was intended or the perusal of his constituents and hot Atill to in Suenee the action of his fellow members. .4 . A Diacon s quotation ors Captus Axnix us or. Secretary or recently told an anecdote at a dinner part 1m it so au4s met Tori Vilna Lna a Aetna Ilia. A nill/u-4ulllf Aumi Aav a Vum -4 few a Eek since gov Seymour of new York wrote to him the fat since 119 Hud voted for the liquor Law he had receive Dario a inter from gentlemen in various parts of Tho state of Ltd Ducr approving of Hui Conre in the premises among to few we one from honest Deacon who resided in the in Portass that Thomas a Knish charged with the crime Ofa Sui with an intent to murder Alk Vivyl Munda few -31 it was Olja i by Tho st Majel for do Funai messes. Pocon 4s a by bb3 Jhno Sueh offence was to t in penal c1 it .ml914. Is we Teri sketch to late drop i Alai worked by team 4whifbs? j1
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