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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jul 29 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - July 29, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaBe. " l=1 Diatom to Mai Hatchl the arts sci1hcs Asril jct lies of Sis pm atm &g., i know you no fortunate Anson but Noni re beyond the Roach of misfortune. For be years a had better live a economically a possible with consistent l of adj. U five 4�ur Jwj varied with in Stu a. I u / " j i j i. Vanson kin Boll was Liko thousands of of lift Virlio Are situated in like circumstances. With a free and open cart lie inarked4out his future Ifo a Field of enjoyment without taking care to make much preparation for the sum lie might be Likely to meet on the then again Liko All others he mistook the character of life s real enjoyment. Lie lost eight of some of the higher and More Noble sources of happiness and dwelt too much in the satisfaction of the physical appetite. True lie a i if i t i. To ii i Vav a Piui Sii Usu Var i in extremes but yet he failed to see that his enjoyments were nearly All ephemeral that lie was laying up Little or nothing for time to come. I a year passed away and the annual fishing excursion came in course along. I Well Linnie said the Young Man to Nior Row the boys go Down the Harbor and i am going with them of course you will have no no returned the wife in her usual pleas ant tone if you can afford i " of there s no trouble about Don t 3-0u remember the conversation we had a year ago on this supine subject asked Linnie. 1 yes i remember then you talked about saving Money but we Ain t any poorer now 1than we should have been if 1 had staid " but Tell me Anson have you Laid up As 1much during the past year As you had expected to 1 Why As for that matter i Havn t Laid up much of anything. The fact is Linnie you have drawn rather harder 011 Nie than 1 sex go to the show Soor and see if she could not Overlie or something of what woe passing within feeling that such a course would at Levst us Paru Onazie. Flinnie stole out from her front door and went towards the shop. She placed her ear tothe Keyhole and listened but she could Only hear an indistinct hum of voices among which was that of her husband. The latter was Evi Tenily supplicating for his tones were Earnest and impassioned. Boon there was a movement of feet towards the door and Linnie hastened Back to the House. Ere Long Bop u from � is 7 " v there is nothing that Yon heed know.",1,u but a wife need know All Thot can off cot Hil Ras mid by. What i it Anion Itu Jafeth inf Brit rav own Bug new and a g not know 7 \. Thusia Nawur a Harnsb. And to Are pushed to cd i d despond for nil is not As dark is Milit be. I am deeply in debt and to Morrow my slip an nil it contains will be advertised by flee Sherif for in debt murmured the wife. � x is. During the last tw6 years i have been purchasing Stock on credit and paying Forit As it Lias been convenient. At first it seemed in easy Way of doing business but it Lias prove fatal for when i received the pay for my goods i forgot or at least did not sufficiently feel that All that Money was not mine i than half of All the Money i receive belonged to the men of whom i had purchased Tock. Two notes fell die Day before yesterday the Man to whom i gave them Hail so them in the Way of business to a we Toca fir i find now they must be Baid. To Morrow in office will he placed at my shop and nearly everything will have to be sold. It is not the loss of my Stock and tools that i care so much about for 1 have health and strength and i can earn More but it is the disgrace of Trio thiner. To think that i should fail like healthy Stout Good How much do you owe asked Linnic in trembling voice. Both notes amounted to four Hundred and a v it you any part of it " Only about fifty dollars that i can collect readily. " and if those two notes were paid you would be Safe. Ycs.". Alien to link god you will not Suffet . And overcome by her feelings she Sank upon her husband s neck undo burst nto a flood of tears. Linnic Linnic cried the Youngman Watlo you mean " wait a moment my the wife brushed the tears from her Check is he spoke and left the room and in a few Homenu returned bearing in iter hand a Small Jook. There was a Bright smile upon her face ind her husband looked upon her with . Here my husband she said stepping Tolis Side and place Iii the Book in his hand attic same time winding Lier Arm about his neck. If j of carry that to Tho Bank they will give fou three Hundred and seventy five dollars three Hundred and seventy five dollars created the astonished Man hardly crediting lie evidence of his own senses. Yes Anson returned the wife sinking in Oher husbands Lap. That is Money that i have been lady Jug up during the last you Luid it up Linnie 2 but where could you Nave gotten ill you gave it to Roe yourself to spend for know i have claimed my share Ofiu Uli Money. Do not blame me Anson but 1 cured t you did not it Tab sufficient Pipor Anecto the aggregate of the Smull sums you Iverc almost daily spending. Once or twice i would have remonstrated but you could note made easily to see it i was but u Young Inland 1 feared to set up a will. Against my Nisbaum so i resorted to this Means of proving by position. Oiny dear husband you cannot mow what Sweet pleasure j. Experience now n finding that my Experiment has Bach the neans of such ii your pleasure 18 equal 10 nun alien you just be Happy indeed exclaimed Anson a he Rcw his fond wife to his bosom. God bless tou Linnic and make ino Ubalo to repay 3011 or Elliis. Now i see to whom you have owed lie Little of to you have sometimes contracted my which i have helped you yet returned Linnie with a smile it was it you i owed them. And yet Bic added Vith a meaning look and in a lower tone of Roice "1 have not drawn to much from the amusement fund As hush Linnic i know i have spent More Han i was new arc of bit my eyes Are open now. And i see it and you do not blame me for what i Lia clone if Blum you exclaimed Anson imprinting a Ivam kiss upon his wife s brot., let my you How fondly you Are Clie shed and How faithfully.3 will be guided by on the am Day Anson kini1jjdje nip 1 off Home who Fuld have bold his stffi4hd hade pleasure of tears Reg lira to spent no More prof key foolishly and a9 be Tuuu i lev Tuuu of the secret of Success and saved Hon Fredra pecuniary disgrace. He was an honoured and respected Man but to owed it All to his wifi s poet Hocott thieves caught on inst Friday no get to sleeping room of our fellow townsman Jacob i of Fps osq., was entered by a bold and adroit thief and Tjie clothes which he had thrown off on retiring toned Wero rifled of Abonit r dollars a Gold Pencil and a pocket knife. Or. Lyons and bis lady were sleeping in the Msj and alight was burning it the time the Owry was committed. The Money consisted of or a of Multi Ali i11vi an tia Lianor of Fialon Staana Vii Vittu Vul u Uil a i Viiu Ullin i l 9 v1icu1iu, pm exchanged in part for goods purchased atthe clothing store or or by net fortunately Jyon re Iccie we Fibuch in ill was of the number st Olin and in this Way on police got n Cine of Tho thieves for it seems there were three in the a co Rapiny. The knife was recognised in the hands of Littleboy at Hunt Wilota to whom it had been by one of the Trio. This gave another clue. Jar j. ,Tho chief of. Of police was informed that two rift to g6con Board the s. C. Sonje dista tace Beloy Olott Tribla he alleging thay had no Money paid their fare for Csc Nln with avoid. Pencil Wynten win to or Armil at Tuiai to in a he,wi�6 of a Stu a and Retow yesterday with two of the Light Flag Tod Guntru in chi Todge what become of to hts to tel Haij of " a i a Geta Glam in Australia. Tho Milledgeville a recorder of it citizen of that place to the editors ated Melbourne Australia March 28, 1854," from Wolff Clithe following extract we copy Moold continues to Arrivo from the diggings in in rec quantities. nuggets Are frequently found but thousands yes Ninny thousands of the miners arc barely making a support about fifteen Hundred americans have left lately for Callao. In fact the larger portion of the Yankee population is much Dissat i tied with Australia and All whom i he conversed Are Orpy hat they Ever left try country for this. Evert those who have such cd led Well Are anxious to leave Beitt disgusted Vith English manners an Laws. I think thyself that the Stara and stripes with Bacon and Corn Brend is far the Union Jack with Mutton and dam Poi " a in Ger portion of the inhabitants would to Down upon the Yankees if they knew How but Jonathan will fight at Home inf Green which has much More the of Spring than Winter. _ of Thero Are but Fow wild animals Here Andt Fey Are perfectly harmless the Kangaroo into largest and they seem to be in great annd nce at least i never fail to see them when i go far into the country. Soup Frialde from their tails is considered a great delicacy. L 1 i captured one myself several months ago five feet Long and still have it lit pc. It Lias of a Hugo. Rusty a Izzard eats rats and mice inflict raw meat of any kind Somotin ies it will allow me Toi ult its Back who h seems tor Lonae it very much As it will Bend up its body like a cat pfc other times it civil to bet Hen 1 was o child. They Ore considered Harmles i it occasionally will commit j o murder for a red shirt u there Are a of 1 Niomy negroes Here from the u. S. And West India islands most of them Havo White win Jip it is not at al uncommon to Sec these Pablo gentlemen at pub of i nor ii Nam i i a in Nysti to 1. -1 att of i a Llu 4 Uio heard a gent Oil Yff Lafr la Fly Deflaco Fruat aii would never other to paid a Gen tic Manof color a the English Call � Nigger. Naked her if she Hod eve in Tejbir compier by in so Sadi a " " emigration Lias almost i Naod with one exception. The g�le4tia1s, in of thet Larch up Arif Down Trio Street off a theist up Brill Milf wooden klioea5 abftliji5mjj and us be tale j and All make o r nothing and if those that conf i crib oat Rutta Lam sure the Nec Niv be Ustiy writ let of. U i Yankee clock altli6tij1t- a pay indie Are. R not half so Obj cd As foil Ina in no Nibur but it 1eae Rye and a Fulk 1 in has combo i a tort what id Otica of tire wifi the tones and oppressions of a finished of creator re to boat a i stay we think Cev t x " " v � -5sj w Njg v " it a s. A i agitation about scottish nationality while nil England is engrossed by the War with Russia an agitation has Byun within her own Borders which though As yet almost ignored by the Public press is destined to produce great and permanent results. To allude to the formation of a National association i Edinburgh or the vindication of Cottilli Bullion of s it Leniu Uio Pui Jivoni Ulii Iuliu inn creation of local Legislatures with Art Imperial parliament in All on a plan similar to Tho stat Assembly and Congress of this Republic. Weli ave no doubt that Euch a change would to Thebes for All concerned. Nor improbable As it now seems is this Radical Reform altogether visionary. Believing As we do that the federative system is the perfection of existing political science we cannot but think that All governments in proportion us they approach their Cellone will Culm unto towards it. Meantime to shall keep an Eye to the scottish movement which has in it if to do not err Tho iced of mighty Chuti Esphia. Ledger. Military Reform. To question seems to be arising As to the propriety of reforming the militia system it South Carolina. From Tho tone of various ice papers and the responses of candidates in carious sections of the state to gather that he prevalent disposition is to abolish it almost to Toto. Tho people of this District have not taken As Yot much interest in the matter but Avo rather think Tivey would lean very read Lylo some plan of amelioration. It docs appear to be a rather useless and cumbrous piece of Polico machinery this eternal mustering offbeats battalions and regiments with Little or no Good results. If something less troublesome und ies awkward could to substituted which would exhibit the strength of our numbers in Case of emergency and at the in lao time me the patrol necessities of our state in would to received we think with very general ought to to however simple a Offee live in its character. The him which. Has been brought about Goei not seem to have Givon any . To Law of 1852, of buy be stated in a very few3��rilsf just trainings of officers and Muster of companies Are u .-j2alj\ certain comma donors arc required to Sarol the name fid residence of nil to until a duty Vij these Aro liable to draft a or Attef out by the governor we Genevo is Tjio Sii Stanco of Virginia s present Mij Tift Ujj a Ietek no tax is required on accountis tiption Troisi duty. It is this last features Sham Jet Ion is Prin in ass mrs to tips by the russian following summary of the Reifert Skof Tho russian Campaign cannot fail to to interesting it is from the Paris payt the Retreat of the russians beyond the Pruth henceforth takes away a great part of the importance from their feats of War of which the Danube is said to have b6en the Omar r " a Jiuu i ii us. L it it in no without interest to Point out he conclusion evident Tuv Vico a iliuts Ince that event every step in Advance of Russia has shown her real weakness in presence of the patriotism of the Turk. Her occupation of lesser Wallachia wag checked before Kalant to afterwards meet with the disgrace of Ali defeats of citrate of Harakal and of the entrails into the do Brudsche Hascoat Lior Ali Ousana of soldiers and has mad her Finda burial Loeo where in 1829, she sought for a Road to constantinople. Now aftera four month s Bridges thrown Over the Danube marches and counter marches reinforcements of troops and of generals al she has obtained is an enormous. Loss the real amount of which will Uever be a known and Tho putting Hort do combat by dim Tys or the enemy sen non of All Tho men she relied for the accomplishment " � her work of , Schilder for Schakoff kit Nesine Orloff and Prince a in Witschi. The s siege of Silistria alone which Haa excited no much admiration and sympathy fir Europe will remain As striking testimony of All that is in m noting Jor Mio Uzor in thus forced fortified place of the fourth rank defended by 12,000 men has defied during the Coonts Liis finest army add his Molt illustrious generals. Each of to Twenty assaults which it had to undergo was the of Casioa of a fresh Triumph and sowed death 43jboped to reduce it. After the affair of the sin which Cost Tho russians 3,400 killed the siege was by the discourage a at and demoralization of tie besiegers before being so by a Imperial order from 8t Petersburg. It is under the impression of this discouragement that the Czar has evidently acted. Lib position was no longer tenable anarchy prevailed among his generals and Hia army was at Iii last Craso. The devastated country could no longer Suppf provisions fever famine and the enemy a guns filled Tho Fields with dead bodies and Tho hospitals with wounded. The turkish canno left the russians neither truck nor Hope. The were attacked night and Day from Nic Polisto rns Sova by sorties or passages of the Wallachia threatened to Rise in Matt and the Allied troops to destroy them Ina Sincic Battle. Tho colossus took alarm an fled before Tho perspective of a such is the Strong lan Page at this Jan Starc v. I Ivi Iuni Ruitu u Kuzwa never u a Pink without " infirmary for negroes. To recently visited and went through al the departments of the inf Jmary for negroes recently established Nihil Tyl y drs. Henry of. And Robt Campbell a new Nimoh Plena with the go Noral plan. Had the details of the heft calculated to secure cleanliness Comfort and convenience which May be esteemed necessary adjuncts incite treatment of diseases and of patients under surgical operations. Cold an Timm re and provided v with the owners of. Alay a torn or country will flnfltbiafri6rafoert oonvanieo5aand id mos Tifrea of if Tho Horater and of acid cats. Or est Wise it pig aur Guicai operations it will rtt Biffi Hai Ai Hack Juinita. To two Eup mfg those Renio Sofrom physicians at a hot cd Shablo of formatting suitable in and to nce. Matte enterprising it Oprie Tofa Flo a tax be a jul. Iru the Ivor of renewed life. Talura be the nine convalescent and Wal Equen a wow Oxford. 8ho remained a uhf so Nairn a wow pro acid of night a a lick Etc. Littered and in a few to
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