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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jul 22 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - July 22, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaPm a y pc ii .v-,.,ust tots to Litie Atush this arts Glie Encil a him to Rae news poetics &c., 2. per Nahum ,. "ii6t it is in to into Tho Houtie of your. Children that Tho tiberty6f the gear Ign Paladin of All your . Pav f3t Matvya v0lume2-n0.il. Abbeville c. Ii., Fril it coming Jerly 22, 1854. ? whole number 63. A ii �.-. V.,v. V poetry v the withered Wreath. By ii. J. Sargent. I found it by the Way aide a weeping Elm beneath a wreck on love s capricious tide a faded scout less Wreath. There seemed a depth of meaning in Tomt faded Wreath concealed there was treasure Fop the and a Story unrevealed. � there were tiny buds half opened like Ruby has half seen beneath the tantalising veil of some Coy Village Queen. And there were gorgeous Flowers full blown of every a de and these frail Len Bleb drooped alone has Young Hope withered Toof the More i viewed that withered Wreath i was curious the More to question of the a Vince Flowers its Gad historic lore. Whose was the White and Dainty hand arranged with so much Art this Litany responding to the. Priest within her a Tiara were Joy and Faith to tend tip in thee or mingled doubts and fears say wast thou Woven out of smiles or wast Eton led in tears t f one dying Flower responded. Tylius be the Riddle read the buds Are dreams half realized the Floi oers Are Bright Hopes i Lefelt by the Way Side that weeping Elm beneath a wreck on love b capricious tide a faded scentless Wreath. Fob the Independent Ness a Birds Eye View of Texas. The following letter written by fun in Texas to a Friend in this District will be found interesting to our readers " Rusk co., Texas june 5, 1864. In Texas As elsewhere we have some Good and some poor land some places heal thy and pome not. It is not exactly a second Eden As has by some been represented. No Silver Trees. Or fritter Trees either. The three different and most common soil arc White Sandy Black Sandy and red land. The White Sandy land in very productive generally level enough Fly cultivation Aud some entirely level timbered with Black Jack Lii Kory Post Oak and Pine though where the Pine grows is rather a different , with less Sand. Where the Blackjack grows there arc Poast Oak runners in abundance. These Are very disc Reable to work with. It is a common saying that that is enough to make n preacher swear. If he does not swear it working in Post Oak runners there is no danger in driving oxen or anything of the kind in Short. To would be a very Good Man or he would think very bad things if he did not say them. The Black Sandy Laud is timbered with red Oak Hickory Poast Oak White Oak Walnut and occasionally a Black Jack. It has tie appearance of a second Bottom and produces finely. The red la djs timbered in Tho same Way. It has a very singular appearance being Borea. Roe Cowon Risca on inia Jana n it Falls out la stained badly though it docs not affect the Sale notwithstanding Tho merchant in new Orleans can Tell the difference it carries the stain with it As far As we can hear of it these Are Tho soils of Eastern Texas. On All the Creek there is Fino Bottom land Wlinich bears the resemblance of All Bottom land. In the West they have Prairie and Timber ends to Loff it via her Aan dlr tia Black and stiff or a Black Sandy of which is very Rich. I do not know what to Tell you about lib amount of Zottou or porn raised per acre except the amount stated by people Here which correspond the tales old there Sueh As l,00tf, , $,000 and 2,500, pounds of Ootton per and of porn .15, 20, 26, 30 and 35 Bushel flier of re. V Oats potatoes melons pumpkins be in oot wheat Yon will readily conclude tha we or tit am a a in. The great objection to moving to text namely the want of schools is being remove colleges and schools arc now springing up i every town Village and neighbourhood. Tie is now no necessity for our youth to grow Uin ignorance. Far from it. Education has i folded her glittering Banner and spreads Lin mildly but you know business men Seldom Iok Money with Rit adequate i chi san Ubu no v f i in noticing Ticac interruptions . Barton raid " Young Strosser is desirous of establishing go himself in a Small retail business in washing ton Street and called this morning to secure a Hoid. Loan of two thousand Dours for that ult. N indeed said or. A lev. Evident la or prised at this announce mint " but you do not be think of loaning that sum do you Boi a i do not know replied sir. Barton or. To 1l Strosser is a Young Man of business Talent and of r strict integrity and will be Likely to succeed in tha whatever lie is to " perhaps so said or. Hawley. " but i am push heartily tired of helping these Young aspirants him a of commercial Rafaj. Haw you Ever suffered from such a course Abl inquired or. Barton at the same time casting 1f it roguish Ulanio at or. H. Atli no replied the latter for i never Felt Dir of inclined to make an investment of that i j Licu Here is a Fine Opportunity so. To it May prove better than Stock in Trio Bank. As for nil self i have concluded that i you will 1n Advance him one thousand dollars i will con con o tribute an equal sine n not a single Farthing would i Advance for Borsuch a foolish purpose and if you make an and Tiona Vance of that kind 1 shall consider you very tial i or. Barton observed a silence of several to this menu ail then arose to depart. Gre if you do not feel disposed to share with seas to in this Enterprise i shall Advance the whole Imus sum j so 8nying he left the store. Chai i ten years have passed away since the occur fron Renic of the conversation recorded in Jhc pre rid of ceding chapter and or. Barton Palo and Ngi ther rated is standing at the same desk As when Elmi first introduced to the Reader s attention. As by Page after Pago of his ponderous Ledger was Audi examined his despair try Pam deeper and deep Tenter until at length he exclaimed t " i am ruined utterly ruined i " ton. How so inquired Hiram stressor in teetered the counting room in season to hear or. Par Barton s remark. To to ii the last european Steamer Bro Curlit news co of tic failure of the i Xuac of Pelero Jackson Krait co., London arc indebted to ine in the on t sum of $25,000. News of the failure has be stoc come general and my creditors panic stricken its c arc pressing my paper to be cashed. The this1 bunks refuse me credit and i have not the track Means to meet my liabilities. If i could pass the the crisis perhaps i could rally again but it is find impossible my creditors Are importunate and Froni cannot much longer keep above Trio tide re Ness r plied or. Barton. Ity 1i what is the extent of your liabilities in see quire or. Strosser. Unit seventy five thousand dollars Cpl Ioder. Cart Barton. Would that sum be sufficient to relieve ban 1 you t it Jay tried air you Shull have it Eaid stros9er, of t As he stepped up to the deals and Drew a Cheek othc2 for seventy five thousand dollars. Here take com this and when Jou need More do not heist to fourth Call on me. Remember that it was from Wor you i received Money to establish myself in Nice but the debt was cancelled several years Tolj ago replied or. Barton a a Ray of Hope shot men across his troubled mind. In h True replied Strosser but the debt of scrij1 gratitude i owe you has never been cancelled its it and now that flin Nln pm t a � i of Ruiu Fiuccia a a More e my duty to come to the pose at this Ain Gulnor turn in the tide of Fortune t1. Or. Barton fairly wept for Joy. Dir Ellis paper was taken up As fast is it was sent Dami in and in la a than n month he had paused the won i crisis and stood perfectly Safe and secure his we pinot a save me and vet you by far the und greatest Euf Fefer and Whong liabilities were hon5 twice As heavy army own Haire stood the Shock tire and have come off even better by the or Tho truth is replied or. Barton i cashed Mot r my paper As soon As it was sent the i suppose so said or. Hawley regarding and 0 or. B. With n look of Surpi a but How did adj Olyou obtain funds As Fri nay part i could viev not obtain a Dollar Banks refused its i1 tote my paper and my friends oven desert r0pt de inc a Little investment that i made some ten r0a years ago replied sch Barton smiling " has the Wou a Cuil Kif Jun Muju Waltl investment echoed what cult investment _. M t " do you lot remember How i Catt a car1lishod Young stressor in business some Teri or port twelve years ago " of yes yes replied or. Hawley ,08 a i a in Tao suspicion lighted up his countenance ?."aafe � 5 a. A. # v the Blue Ridge rail place before our readers the Able t or Tho president of the Blue Ridge and company rend at the meeting of by orders held at Clayton Georgia Ott the 27the business of the mooting was conf inthe election of directors and the Locati ill. 1 i Lumi us Yuji Uyun Anu to learn Tjit to re of directors passed a Resolution Leavis he citizens of Clayton Trio selection of Othree lines that have been rim adjacent place. The nearest line to Clayton i for the equipment of the Enow Jino of rail Roa 1 Anderson c. Ii. To the state line if tei dec the lion. W. Ii. Thomas under a Tuiolo him As president acting for to Tenn River rail Road company agreeing t e his company with the cd Nipan in so Tilina and to pm acc the construction of tl1 under the contract made with my sir is Tion on the part of the state in Adi Tion endorsement of the company s Bonds As Hig ranted. The Bill introduced for this Pui passed the Senate but failed Itlie Honstee Hopes and expectations of the Board victors however Terc and Are by no mean opened by this disappointment n3 Thor s causes which contributed to this a Eulilli they Are assured will not exist. Against must not be inferred vote in to liar Branch of the legislature is conclusive the people of South Carolina Are oppose Igig Lutiva lid to this great Enterprise in sortie substantial form than the endorsement c company s Bonds. Thetro re seven acts opposed to trs last session which i sved will not oddos6 Ali Irrwin Man ight that we should enter More Thor Odiehl or work and make Mora for further legislative. And other our surveys and a Audi gift sri too Gene or tir a Liu. A no in or Wii us our. It act every Man therefore contribute to its a. Support by hib Une rasing Aid to the a. Extent of i Means and by his sympathy. N and Liose to whom you have entrusted the la management of this great and magnificent in. I Torrise will before Many years to enabled to congratulate you on its triumphant achieve element As they do now on its auspicious Lien Ltd Gourdin it Piaf Nii. 1 r r it. We w a inv m4u Lviv. I. A 1 Vij to observe the Laws of the United states in a general and especially a act in addition to f the act for the punishment of certain crimes e against the United states and to repeal the0 acts therein named approved april 20th, 1818,h commonly called the Feut Ralitz Law. For in term of nine months from the first of july the penalty of the Bond is f8,000, with two a sureties at $1,600 each. F tiie sureties on the Bond of Gen. Quitman or were Robt Estlin and Gen. Miles on the Bond i of or thrasher Emile Losere and s. R walk Fer esnrs., and tiie Bond of or. Saunders s. F. N Slatter and. D the parties made and sighed protests against the right to exact these bands from. Them and r alleging that they signed under or. S thrasher and Greij. Quitman made separate pro tests and or. Suiders concurred with that of a Gen. Quitman. We give them below the in commissioner declined receiving them officially a. And they were accordingly verified by Nesi nature of witnesses i a wit of Wmk. John a. Thrashes. To i John s. Thrasher,.citizcn of new Orleans in now in duress tinder n Dittimus issued by the�1 Hon. Jno. A Campbell judge of the circuit court of the United states for the Eastern x islet Rich of Louisiana for the purpose of compell fing me against my free will and consent to ens ter into a recognizance to observe the Laws Oft the United stages in general and especially " an n act in addition to tic act for the punishment n of certain Crim fee against the United states and to repeal the acts therein named approved 20th april 1818," being Liaw at out to enter j the recognizance demanded by his Honor the r judge of the circuit court do hereby most5. Solemnly protest that i commit this of f against my Owa free will under the pressures of imprisonment under the order of said judge a which order i hold to have been indeed through it an arb Fary. Illegal. And unconstitutional stretch if in dicing Power in open violation Offe. The rights of the citizen and stipulations of the e Constitution of the United states of America i and i Nunin protest against this act which i am c forced to do in order to obtain my Freedom re serving to myself att my full and Complete Riga to pro Ceca against the parties concerned is together or severally in this Ray illegal deprivation of personal Liberty in such time place a or Minnor As May be granted me by Law and e requisite Justice. "8 presented in now Orleans on the 8rd Day of Juty before j. A. Gurley clerk of th5 Copert in the i presence of the undersigned with eater a witness Tny ung Ujj Fotr. J. S. Bead in presence of Chat Zetlin a a nonet or in. Quitman. J in the in Faneroff the witnesses whose names i Are Hereunto signed Tho a. J . M Fiauu coi no Juura lir but in Ricy cd err previously to signing the Bond required by judge 5ftmpbdi ". It y i regard the order of judge Camp Citrone of of the supremo court of he uni Tod we fish iring 9,88tireland, 901,719 Turkey Ioc Scotland 70,650 Austria 1 964wales, 29,868 Switzerland,13,858germany, 578,225 Norway 12,678france, 54,069 Denmark 1,888portugal, 1,274 Llali \ ? ,$,645belgium, t1,213 spam 8112 Yeti cart of cold wednesday the 13tli ult., the House of wh.,Moody, of Standish Maine was struck by lightning which demolished the Chimney Burnt it Virgo Hole inthe ceiling of the sitting room smashed Tho stove and broke Tho door. It struck a dough ter of or. Moody a six years old on the Back of the neck the Side and leg to the foot leaving Mark half an Inch wide the whole water was at once copiously applied to the apparently Doad girl in two to minutes from the time she was struck revived and is expected to recover. We understand that the native Onur in East Are organizing know nothing societies designed to exclude All future importations of Shanghai from Tho privileges of the barn Yard. The liens especially Are indignant and utterly refuse to appear a any tables whore foreign fowls Are served up,.while tote Biddie complain that the hug Mon Tefs from abroad steal All the b g. Grains of next about the threshing Flora. Feathers will Fly before the affair is settled.chatuat/ Cox Ufir. A Nashville physician declares in a pay Bruij a. Letter that cholera will become sex the of if persons will avoid Spring Well or Ira water so confine themselves to Oist in Riuz Jwj Teji the Nashville Union cautions citizens there against drinking w ate from the Springs which Aire All Limestone. It says that thre6ifbnrths.fihadeaths from cholera Are among of base fio Drin the Spring wat a while those to the by Dunn water Are Safe unless nation aii division 8. Of the Lata mooting in Navy bin Cwiok til ii ext Jbf tick a fixed for Carlton a the allowing Omera elected p. G. W. P., s. L. ,.of st Jouras if.b., m. W. A. And p. G. Chiles Eginton of Kentucky m. A. A. Article sixth of the for subordinate div Siupa has been stricken out and article ten amended. Females Are to be admitted to pm Vaiona As visitors and proforma degrees p3t$i Ted. Death of a .miiuoxahtx.colombia, Penti spy Sayr or. Peter shoe Bergev one of the wealthiest men of the stator died at the residence of his son at Marietta of the 20thult., in Tbs Venty Smend year of his age. Fie has been Long a town Tawater an his property is estimated Iobe Worth Over fire millions. Religious 31kktiyo.the Carol to inn states that a protract of meeting has Beer held at the Washington Street al e. Church for the Purt two been Favrod with the berries Fatie divine from abroad. Waire gratified to team that quite a number ave made a profession of religion arid that k deep intercut seems to per Tiue to Purvu nib al Nwana me tooting a. Suicide on a wed Day last inner York Andrew to Etui � Gerrill committedm8uioidbywing"but he fan with � wife and a Short time it Vio his Only o
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