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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jul 15 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - July 15, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina4k -4 a w i o i -1% "3 Pivot up to this arts , nos frs poetics 4c., id immutability of Trio principles we advocate ind Tho work in which we engage. Our Prinzi Pesaro drawn from the Bible and arc bul or i. I a Emu / vict Sivu immunity everywhere a work is but tic reflection of those princ ides a Liili bin bus to revert acc our maker and o seek tic cultivation of hit image in the nin Sof Ilis creatures from whence it has Beer or tally effaced an edifice in ruins is to be a construct cd a Temple covered with the Rubin show Igor acc and vice is to be exhumed Tebrine thrown Down and polluted is to be cons rated a Pearl of inestimable value is to be sought or Iti the Ocean Depths of human in Fiona o be polished n soul of immeasurable capacities for Good or ill is to be renovated and ele ated passions whose Depths no deep sea line f human skill has been Able perfectly to fat Liin Are to be purified and converted from instruments of wretchedness and misery into Ancl Sof peace and happiness characters whose uric and Power Are to Tell on Infinity itself arc u be formed within the in Rcd Walls reared pon this Cotner Stone. A work affecting Allie interests of time and extending into the remotest recesses of toy Ivity is to be accomplish adhere. What though this building should rumble int lust mid this Stone itself should Bei solved into its original elements still the Liri Tual Inetal ends which it is intended told serve will endure parallel with eternity self. It is not then the Brick and mortar and Ravitc which compose the material parts of Lis House that to have met together to Glori it is the Groat unchanging and and moral truths which flick eng Nguc our attention. Empires and dynasties nay Rise and after Cne ration May flourish Prosper and fade away be great and Humble May mingle into common ust systems and creeds new and imposing Lay Entrance and Stu Latify their adherents and in be consigned to the Musty tomes of negate libraries even time itself May by come Oary with age and effete from agitations and it the High moral suggestions made to of blinds this Day will flourish in perennial vigor and Beauty. Errors May obscure and Scalfi Shessman defile and worldliness May perverts us men May Traduce still it will be Saccu that l the Distant future the Oil in merits it prcvnlabit.," shall Liao a verification which tic present times to not justify. The proper reducing of the mind and the Uriah Init with such instruments for the search f that which is Bountiful and True is beyond11 parallel the most godlike work in which Bce Volenteen can Enonce. And this in Mir Leasure we propose to attempt All give to the winds and in Bumble Eliance upon the blessings of heaven and Trio Lori sic Valuo of the end we Lay our bands lawfully to Trio work. In the symbols of our Rici we Bee the most Beautiful Harmony wit lie associations crowding around the operations this Day. 7b build metaphorically Symbol Sally upon the great foundation in labor to which we arc called. To build under the supervision of the great Barcli sect a spiritual and moral edifice embracing Rit Liin its ample proportions the needy and Trio Arlov a it hop onion ri0 j possibility of our order. Here addressed tour outward senses we see the emblems of oar Luty and is suggested the fearfulness of our is possibility. Partial and circumstantial fail Resare not to Discon Fago local prejudices arc it to disarm opposition even must stimulate until this institution shall demonstrate alike to friends and Fos the Wisdom and patriotism of u founders. The most sacred of All books de Pilarca that to do Well and to Borup Rochod it Hevery highest position of frail human Typo to shed the Blessing of a thorough edit cation on the Unthankful and persecuting shall constitute the very highest Type of human Benevolence. The creator of the universe meet with poor returns for the fullness of his love w Rnest Liose who would be like him be Content with indifference for gratitude and. Opposition for a Hearty concurrence in our. Plans Ini renal education. The prayer of David Raj yet meet with a literal fulfilment Witlin them ,.4j in j in Nuudi Nibuo Judi Weir aug enters of 01 cot n or stones polished after the similitude of i suggestive to our minds Okite True dignity and Worth of woman and Alec it the High which site waa intended r y the which gave her being. Stone unites the various Walla of building so a to Complete add perfect the whole the Strongoski Bond of Union the world a witnessed u the is the original Inu Nii . A Wuwei Viv Joper two Ciamon. _ of 3tpthose of tic Zainc flesh and rein Lori r tons in life so endearing so disinterested is to i those of the family f say not that selfishness pc � has made its havoc Here and that the Trail of Ati i the dec Prentis found Over the Dyno the door eerie Onno tar. God intended originally that Tho whole i race of men should constitute one Hei which lie is the head and that the family is an now constituted should be the Host Type of hat hat which he himself Lead established. Of Tot i this household the Mother is the Corner atone tin uniting in her Wisdom purity and loveliness be i All the members of the household to herein assigned the tend Crest and most delicate task do this aide of to Cavan a Mark truly demanding of t angelic traits and involving eternal cons Quen pc pcs. To the daughters is assigned All that re Latch to ornament Rafiu Cmunt delicacy. Sis Turly affection As Well As met Erna love constitute the safely As Well As the glory of the household. Of that they were Angels i this Short and imperfect View must Tot Gunge would fail to describe what the heart Phi ii a Felt As Well As what the eve has seen both Cliffor Good and ill. Fit is to polish and refine that which is coarse Teri and elevate that which is grovelling in the hearts of our daughters and Rev store them to the arni3 of living anxious Parent qualified to discharge All the Peculiar r01duties of her station Flint constitutes the Moess Tive for building this institution. The May its Success to commensurate with its importance acid from these sacred Walls May there Issue such a steady Light of intelligence a Rand piety As shall shed a benign and blessed Foi influence on All the families of this our beloved tre der Linn Bui f la ill. M t i written for the Independent Tress change. Till change is indelibly written upon the title by Page of this world s history. Man with nil Nhis Gaudy pomp and boasted Power passes away like Trio morning Dew or the fleeting int 8umnier Cloud. To enters the world the stage to upon which he is destined to act destitute of everything but existence. A helpless harmless 0 babe he is entrusted to the mercies of his a the rents and if the Brittle thread of life to not on severed be passes through this stage of his exist Coccas unconscious As the Cradle in which cd the is rocked without Ever Stretc Liing Forth a 1 hand to help himself or those around him. A to next comes childhood with its toys and its follies. This is the period of mirth an Joy. this the period of Man s existence in which the Cal trifles of this world Are possessed of All their 1 charms. Now with a in ind Freo from cares pm lie drinks freely of the cup of a mingled , the Roso blooms upon his Cheek and of a Bingle Ever plays upon his coup Cnance. Pain arc and suffering Are buried in sport and Calami tics Are to him unknown lie passes his Timo thin innocent mirth from morn to eve and with pm a mind undisturbed by anxiety enjoys Calm repose during the silent stillness of Niht. But this too is fleeting and Ore to knows it is cd gone forever Gonel and to is ushered into Ion 2 Oik in to be tossed by ambition s surging , lofty aspirations begin to grow in � bis breast and his soul pants for glory. Now or his imagination is vivid and life courses freely no in his veins the future Bej Ond some Point is viewed by him As 0110 continued scene of alas delusive Hope manhood 8 with its Stern realities and heart Ren no cares inputs an end to All his reveries and he begins to eel that he must soon to numbered with the things that worn out with cd Tea and ii. .1 1 s_islas6l_ nib Blu Haku i plettau u11u in univ 11 18 booi1 Avi garlanded with now Whito Locia and the Rose upon his Cheeks is supplanted a in seems tur harbingers of death. it to that Distant land fron Vic no no weary the traveller returns and his name like Hui sell is soon forgotten. Thither history of nations is parallel to that of 0f individuals. They sprig Lupin a 3rv Aud in it the Day Are a troyed to to o lera. The history of the world is but Tho history of the Rise and downfall of nations the establishing of monarchies on the one hand and the uproot at 1 ing of Monarch ici Rand the establishing of re a Public on Tho other Ina civil and Reli Gadut it Point of View this has a fun and May still. Be a 1 said in a qualified sense to be True with regard be to nations. Civilization and barbarism have Ever trodden upon each other s heels j with iia benign inn Pooce Ana super?14uolisjg- Norance with tender a fid a 1 t ornately up panted Cash other. F Ita Licar Hickling Bani and ,. A 1 have each in turn been Tho Era of � 1 cry approach. Babylon a Ali her on mag o attic omit cd Ficca and half Lyl font glistened foremen it Gnu pro a of it us position. Palestine that lan4i acrid � al. Jtfl1is of the Wolf Anil the indigenous inhabitant id the Earth in All his Savago dignity Tho nce Ful Gong of civilization is heard Tho Atlantic to Thor Pacific. The cd boundless Forest bits Boon felled by the eighty of Tho Ventu Riib plan car. Val s have been a vat cd mountains tunic Laid a Tho Green Esth Waves with Tho yellow rest. The Tho i Lias been uprooted by the so bus i Domestic Vine clambered Over s rugged Cliff once tie solitary abode of wild arts. Cities Havo taken the place of Tho Wigint and the Flower Garden with its parterre eked with Flowers of every Hue and trellises Ted with Tho cultivated vines of every land runic the ancient Haun of the red Man. Nonn Uliys. Miscellany. The japanese. Iffy information concerning the habits ens is and institutions of this newly opened Etc is epoch Nelly interesting Neq tie subject Ardingly occupies a Large space of the for correspondence of our lending journals. � glean the following items from the of the new York Herald \stonis1imcnt at the Railroad and Telegraph or cum All other feelings l in , j rail Road worked to dutifully and Only after. American officers got in and went flying my drawn by the email engine would they it infinite was their us Misc at finding tin selves whirled through tit together by a Belt around Tho list they carry a Roll of paper used Gener Jas a pocket Small piece at Mie. They Uso this paper also at feasts to a tip Small pieces of Cal duh making a Joe in regard to it at the 8an& time. This Iasi dared a very High compliment you Mangine at an american dinner they woul uld he difficult Tojo find a people exec lying so Ift that respect. V vj\v1ic ijwc11 enlivened by the ski they would Droit their Worda to ji5 Nee a sensation of migration and Aston Sli in a they asked con Nodi o a Perty if any Moreiss were comings. Perry told them yes but they would Prosje to treats he would Ordor Vos of to go and dtainswth0ra. The Omi of bin Givon to a Andrio doubt Tinow what Isle to cniouiavywna4�in wow , to argot of Jim and Edguin of trip remarkable fact for the ouriou8. A have frequently Lizard of the existence of a Stone in into possess Trio Power of attracting Poison ejected into the system from the bites of Annii us reptiles and insects. To regarded these oof its existence however like that of the " philosopher s a Micro of a were informed recently however by unintelligent and reliable of that county Aud a member of Tiu lust legislature that his Mother in Law Lias neb it Stone in have the Brothers opted a Small Book and of office in Dover Street. The first Book they tinted was i Cuccu s morals Tzib second was in edition of Hho methodist catechism. The first Book they published on their own account was Locke s is Salop the human understand no. Lii us Wuhu Wiki lieu Biry my maintained the highest character for Enterprise and Intel Ritt. In 1820 the third Rothsr Joseph Wesley joined them and six fears later in Jer became a up Ember of their a. From Thi t Timo till now they have carded on the publishing business with a degree f Well greeted Energy we Rich has few to cd Ltd Street about 1820 my have added Ono building after another to heir establishment As the demands of their 1 . Tho amount of Book s the Tho Pacific , taper Dolored population May scr Viaes of a Bishop than Thoy Mye one. And thirdly that at present Toffri 15ibhop3 is by the rapidity with which they Are compelled to pass from one Confer Renco to Anothy. Ali committee also recommend that1 when Tho eid iop shall decided a question flaw the conference Snail have the right to dete Minoh a far he Law thus decided or interpreted is Applier two to Tho Case then Nanny al conference shall have the right to aft al Efforn such a Doc Jon to the College obit tops Whoso Leiai Patyi Jajch cases shall be epw�opa�m$t7shall be Jsn Liori ass Jat captin Trio Caso a winding nor shall run y Sneh to published until it Hall have been the proved by the collage of i shops. Each fris Wopshall report in writing wino episcopal College at a annual meeting to to held by them Rich decisions a How try Tetli last preceding meeting no All Sulci decisions Wren approved a the Fly Bice of Bishops Anil to either recorded in Perm about form or pub listed in Szeli a Man tier As Tho Liis Bupt Bhanu or a when to a Rove 3thprltati rita Toni a a constructions o Bern n a Ono occasion Liilo Riding in a omnibus i formed an a with a passenger from whom1 " a Vuu n univ ii i Tica Luc or Useriu Wanai no thought of Flint rough 613 yellow Annn intr i if n in nil j _ Hajji roam Mot it Fojt Hunt to. Afr the present p6nod, my number of foxhunting establishments kept up id England and Wales amounts to ninety six there May. Be afew More but they arc unimportant ones. To show the increase in 1�30, sixty big lit packs of hounds Fem compounded for 1850, eighty four Achord Iuca to Tho return of assessed or Tai Esq Are Matt tainted. With princely magnificence an a Citso get under �3,500 or�4,000per annul. Verj May by animated at �1,400 a a fir # off. V for i Volt Citlai i �tbrjjjpl8�hea the. Man it attention to it,.? i Muethe nj4 but it s is Lac Avo Tom Wyli old to make
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