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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1854, Page 2

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - July 8, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaL he Independent press 18 published every Batty Day morning. O. O. Puckett to. Goo. W. Fant \ editor. Individuals like nations fail in nothing which they boldly attempt in Hon is attained by virtuous purpose an determined Clay. Willing to Praise yet not afraid to Dollar a year in Advance. Abbeville c. H. Saturday july 8, 1854. Executive department. Clarendon july 8, 1864. I am 3irectcnrn to Piny it Liko game. All the patents in Christendom could not prevent brother Jonathan from prying into the secret it is Worth prying into. Whilst ther Foro Euclid inventions cannot give and Power a decided and lasting advantage because such Power can never ret in the exclusive monopoly they would nevertheless greatly expedite the termination All maritime conflicts. Ulicy would make Kilken Kenny cat affairs naval rencontre. Each Fleet would Burn the other up and so end Tho contest. I � local items. There was a Fuller attendance on Sale Day Thau was last month. Tho requirements the office kept us in doors the Antiro Day and we cannot speak from actual observation As to what was said and done. No sales however were made nor anything importance done that to no at few. From various sections the District we heard pretty Good reports the crops from citizens with whom to conversed. Good Rains have fallen in several directions the past few Days and Tho majority Farmers being about through with the working their crops those Rains have come opportunely. A continuance such favourable seasons for a few More weeks will insure doubtless in this District excellent crops Corn. And from us this crop claims decided preference for so Long Asau abundant Supply Corn is made we can have plenty Good fat Stock and be Independent., not wealthy. We arc firm believers ingrain growing. Plant plenty or these first and then devote the unoccupied lands and unemployed labor to the production Cotton. By such a course but Little Cotton were made the Farmer would realize a higher Price for it and have More Stock which is no less a Bource wealth than convenience increasing around him. Besides the tradesmen the country would to enabled to get supplies provisions More easily and cheaply and in return could Furni h their different articles manufacture at lower rates. So the Benefit would be Mutual throughout every department Home pursuits. The such a patriarch 1 Edgefield and railroads. In the last Edgefield and Verliter we find in editorial article on railroads to which our attention in common with other editors in Railroad villages is directed. Tho advertiser say there Are Somo Rabid anti Railroad men in Edge Helto whom his preaching seems to do Nowood and he desires his Brethren to answer afew interrogatories on Tho subject to the end that said incorrigible is May be won Over and some to a knowledge the truth As it is in relation to railroads. Lie desires statistics. These we Are not prepare to give but we will briefly record " ii Uura Uii Rau Roaas and they can Goat their Worth. Perhaps some our Friend about Here could give a an exhibit the actual state affairs. For the Sake our Goodfriend the advertiser we would be pleased to receive such a communication. Oae the tormentors the Adver Luer offers to bet half he is Worth that every one those villages to which railroads have Bee built Are worse off now than before they had anything to do with such Rouls. he is in Earnest to have no doubt he can get taken up at his offer quite readily. We cannot see an evidences a worse state thine ���0 a before. On the contrary we feel sure the reverses True. Have your people says the advertiser so overdone the Mark As to sicken at the very thought a Railroad i so we Bare yet to see the first symptoms the the roads Are not paying ome the stockholders May feel a Little squeamish. We amount our Stock not to affect oar nerves in any Way. Uve your improvements but involved you indent and difficulties to asks again. Rethink not improvements most generally beget some debt but the increased rates at which lots have been Hel. A i -. 3.1yu&zi&l " " out employment in Short do you look Wiback with regret to Tho Daya when you had no Railroad As Tho interrogator anticipates m Tunny will smile at these questions. Tiow can re a Railroad communication with Tho cities and by villages the state diminish our daily Comfort to Are a social to travel to visit and be visited and a Mac mail facilities to Ali hear daily what Tho world is cau to a nil roads detract anything from sociality. Texi Ain Rinauto answers can to made to any i Tho queries to plead total ignorance on Tho w subject. We know no one even Tho most Tii inveterate old fog who looks Back wistfully to the Days no railroads. A few stage cod trac g tors and pro Nional Wagoner May hate the d whistle Tho locomotive but to Tho ears the stage and Wagon horse it is full sub uncut e poetry 1 v rat we have thus briefly answered in a kind or gutting Way the inquiries our neighbor. I sonic one we Hope More competent will regard the thirst our Friend for knowledge and in Aid him in its Pursuit. Our conclusion on the subject railroads is similar to that Tho cd Good old Dame on Tho subject Coffee pots � she had lived forty or fifty yearn without Ono ci1 when on becoming possessed a Bright new tin Ebe exclaimed with Utoft cited amazement can t tee hons anyone can live unt Houi a Coffee pot i. M m al sectarian schools. A the article Amicus suggests a few re 8t Marks on this theme which we Mako now As when once the immediate press no n subject is withdrawn from our notice to rarely think w it again. And we regard no subject As de cd manding a higher consideration Tolian that education. A we publish Amicus cheerfully by cause he a considers it due to his Young Friend to indicate the particular character his address As there re was in the article Viator last week an implied disapprobation some the positions As sum cd by the speaker and by cause though personally unacquainted with him we Are assured that he is one whose standing and talents claim for him a Len Sinif Ina us Nguvu 0further, that his Brief communication is con re Sci cd in no spirit disrespect for Viator or this opinions. For the Hiigli standing the hit tar from personal knowledge we can vouch. Gewirth pleasure we can say that from what w we have heard or. Gary s address it was indeed an honorable Effort we had not the pleasure hearing it delivered. And to the Lafirst general positions As indicated by Amicus a we yield assent. That woman has done much in -.1 1. Thu us our uni acc Uio Jiu i Riby Mic country we presume is a proposition but few a deny. The blending the useful with the or to a Inetal in female education is another Tenet Oto which As a goner us remark we do not de Mur. We Are passionately fond the Orna mental and Beautiful. But it is to the last position namely that a sectarian schools Are not adapted to the Educa _ Tion either sex that we desire to direct our enquiries. We Are aware that the position is = not new and that or. Gait is not alone in its avowal. Or. Tho Hawelu acknowledged Hairfi authority has advanced and Laboured to maintain the same views. But we cannot see the to Force the arguments with which those Opin Are fortified. Even they arc drawn a from Correct premises which we do not admit still their Force is not perceivable to us. Tus eness on our part and not defects in Tho arguments May be the cause this failure. The question As to what is education should to conceive be do Cidad before sectarian by schools Are pronounced incapable educating. 011education is the enlightenment and training withe mind and there Are As Many different de 80 Grees education As tie re Are different orders human intellect. we Ontl Lisi i the Standard education and say none other is no to claim the designation then we May admit pc from that premise that sectarian schools Are incapable educating. But a vast catalogue a schools and colleges that Lay no claim whatever 8u to sectarian character will fall amidst the com co Mon ruins for by establishing one Standard by education you establish one College As that Standard and All below that will Tumble at the w fell swoop distinction. Education cannot therefore be measured by one Standard. There Are degrees and the capability and value All schools must be measured to these various dear Grecs. It might be easy to select from the Nuen serous collects nor Nanfit denominational ranks and another from with a out proceeding upon the one Standard Princi Jeu give to & state school and let Tho location each be Aliko favourable then Leavo them to m the Raco excellence and to fear not the. Sull there can to no cause inherent in Tho Stem to throw Tho sectarian behind Tho other. Those who deny the capability claim or. Tizor Weix As High Autori Tofor their views. But no Thev will intr r � endorse every position to assumes a his la Trio gov. Mannino they will not then o height his authority is lowered. they ill then we ask them How it religious cd cajuns to to imparted by any other class Bools than sectarian ? or. Tirohn will nays a Idless education is worse than no education i his adherents agree with him on this Point so then to ask again How shall a religious location to imparted ? to answer in no Way Itter than by sectarian schools for in no Otho Lycan a do Cidad and specific religion to ended with literary training. A general ror ionis 110 i Cairn Trio Teiml tel Milf and halting Between Tho various doctrines christianity and to infidelity a the College that undertakes to give religious education without giving it a Biclie character will Only succeed in leaving a igbo and gloomy impression its efforts. It is not our position however that a scetu111character is is Sourial to the efficiency i collors in keeping their students upon thelo a specific religion. A majority dents enter Coll go already indoctrinated in cir Peculiar ancestral Faith. Sectarian schools arc performing a glorious Ork. They diffuse a general education and sure the Prosperity All the great religious nominations the country and thus preu Dethe possibility nil eventual Union lurch and state for where All Are so pros Tousand enlighten cd no one can grasp theirs Loverni Ncneal Power and bid others to i altar. Upon this depends we most firmly Jive the perpetuity religious Liberty. Or is the objection that they inculcate Dominc without the reason for those doctrines 7 any Means conclusive. we hold to this Section we must likewise urge it against Panta religious training. For it is As plausible the one ease is in the other. Who will nay in Ranftl incl j 1 mud us Cion Sun nub Iii Cuicio Conrin Nim in the highest degree and Yethro will Etty Flint such teaching cramps the Indor stifles the faculties the subject is interesting to us and to could y much More but forbear. When Leisure and Clintion prompt we May recur to it again. C believe in the efficiency sectarian no less an state schools and while we Are in no Wise Clinch to assail the latter to Are Ever read defend with a zealous hand the claims the Rmer. What to have said is not simply be us or. Baby s sentiments but because o eur acct has been moved by others with lion he May Well esteem it an Honor to be Socia cd. Communications. Written for t1ie Independent l Bess. Or. Gary s address. Mestra. Editors i Avail myself the by your columns to express y unqualified Surprise at the ver partial and a coi Mittal notice by Viator my Friend r. Gary s address delivered at Tho request n ,.f 1 i � 1 Atuwo i Tuv Luau Iii Ruu Iuliu Lufi indie fore the citizens Cokesbury. From the Tenor his remarks it is quite Evi Otthat Viator differs essentially with the Eaker in his opinions with regard to the Sofil political and educational position onion. And this i apprehend to be the True Urce Tho gentleman s criticisms. I there rethink it due to or. Gar that the views Ems elves should come before the respectful tick the Public As the right defines his sit Ion. One would think from the sanguine manner which Viator alludes to Tho efficient re Lotsof age and experience As the probable a receives or. Gary s opinions that the Eaker had lived in an unreal world isolated m the Genius his age and that bis ideas re As impracticable As those Plato in his Sal Republic. But such is not the Case. All our own institutions Are the generalization his opinions. And the principles themselves e perennial As the forms in which they Aro bodied. I Trust therefore that the Indulgenti Blie will excuse the Brief abstract the Ades which i am about to enter into. My obits to show that the opinions Are such As go and experience will not probably erudite or at least that the Lack these qualities not the cause them. The first Tenet Adi Cedis. That woman has alerted an flounce in producing the Prosperity which w characterizes the United states America and is there anything Hasty or novel in this inclusion ? one the Ablest expo unders e features that individualize the polity allude to strenuously the same position. Not am blinded chivalry or misguided gallantry it from a thorough digest the component one Titi our character. In this therefore Ither age or experience to Tuch will probity effect a change. And a to the historical Eta mentioned in support his general re uric that woman has always been a prominent worker in the formation All government by ate truths alld need no extent nation. In e next place there is recommended an Eduora intending alike to the useful and ornamental. � object to thl would be practically to evidence our senses. For old Young experience the beneficial influence this regime in our own society As they do in Ery civilised Community. There is then Noia Start i n g a in thit annunciation which is Tufto the Tott position assumed by thei Toke sat strictly feets a schools a Foti Ted to to Edu it a either in the Jet place Meta use the soul. Tho tit us to Muj Pubes which Calculi Lio in tical poweiiyjy4ibro 4ng Ducat Iwanto the i Fig it Lig on Aad Foth Beni swim non limn in2kii� he taken ground against &�o-1 Rin " f t r � i and now to have passed Over the principal tenets advanced and have yet to find even one that ago und experience could Ripen into greater i will observe that i Liao had Tho very pleasant task perusing careful j by or. Gaiin b address and that i am Happy to say mat it Mure tuna realized the cant line sex pct nations in impartial Friend. Being Char actor izod by an intensity and Energy thought Only equated by the Chaste and Beautiful Man nor expression. And 1 Only Hope that i future efforts May do a Naticc to the reasonable expectations which lie Lins excited. Amicus. News items Eastern news. A despatch received from Vienna dated june the 10th, states that the russians made another on Sii Riofrio 4l. Loti when the russian commander received a he acre v. my a Omen 01 the . Mary Johnston who was a Partick Putrin Tho scenes and struggles the revolution in this state and who fits been chronicled in mrs. Ellet s memoirs the Willna Trionfo women that Day died at the residence her son j. G. Johnston in Chester District on the31st May carolinian. Death or. Salmon dour Community have just been startled by the astounding announcement Tho sudden death Titos Salmond,esq., president the Branch Bank Attis place lie Rode Down from Lancaster courthouse forty Miles to Day in a buggy and it i supposed the heat overcame him. He die about six o clock this evening. Some two hours after getting Hom Camden journal. The Connecticut legislature has passed Resolution annulling the fugitive slave Law within that state and declaring their determination to resist its execution. Bank dividend the commercial Bank olumpia s. A has declared a dividend $1.25per share and the Bank Hamburg s. C.,per share for the six months ending on the1st Proximo. People s Banka a meeting the Boardo directors the people s Bank held yesterday a. L. Mckay was unanimously elected president vice e. P. Stark resigned. Deanii my. Ritchi Ethe venerable Thomas Richie the Ajax the democratic pres died tar a lingering illness on the 3rdii�t. Receipts. The following persons have paid their subscriptions to the 2d volume the Independent Prest. James Drummondo it lilt s. w st3 les esq., Hamburg thoe Jefferson l Yles Stylea Boro g.8 Tustin Calhoun s Mills s. Wilson Abbeville a w decree Andrew Buchan non Wilson s Creek a t Mcconnell due West a ii Megee cokes nov " r l. a uric Bzouni will a w Clarke Cokesbury a ii Allen Abbeville " John c Walker ninety sex or ii g Middleton vat Winston Jesse Lomax it Vul Avant l Pettigru esq., Charleston $2 8. a g Harmon Mapleton a c Claney Cokesbury a w Lawson Abbeville Isaac n Sample Franklin a Sample t Dodson " w b roman Abbeville s. Jas Irwin Harrisburg Roberts Greenwood. " we a Cobb Smi Cliville " maj Jno d Adams " u Larkin Barmor. My Hill James m car wite duo Vost Robertmae Davif maj Wra Clinkscles " i �viv1 Jor his room on Friday night the 23d Jup j was found dead in kissed on the nex in ning having died App rental without a 0t,.fegle. To was a Christian member the methodist Church a kind and affectionate husband an indulgent father and in obliging neighbor. Or. A. Was a native Abbeville and leaves Many relatives and friends both Here and there to mourn their Obs. O head quarters. We lit brigade cavalry 8. O. M. Order no. 2. 3s rhe following Regiro enu cavalry will Parade for Drill and review at the the Tima and places specified below the 2nd regiment cavalry at Longmire not at mount Vermon on thursday 3d a a next the 1st regiment cavalry at Smith store on saturday the 19th August commissioned and non commissioned officers will appear at the places above stated their respective regiments the Day previous in Drill and inspection. By order of8. M. Wilkes. Brig. Genl let brigade cavalry s. Lil John v. Moo Brig. 6, 1884. R 9td per Banner copy. A att Hsioh cavalry to to Ifni n k. Xn.-4j n a. L Usu Tiu w by Thuu Uvia in a Washington troop Ofca Alryon saturday a 29th instant for caption to fill a paean occasioned by the resignation capt Ini. S. Harris. D. J. Jordan j. Mcquerns . Managers. V4 in by order col j. L. Talbert. 1 Martin maj.jnly4, 1854. 9 Itai. The state he Smith plonk Law Abbeville diet biotin the court 6rdiniuy, it the matter the las twill and Tutu Merit Lucy Lomax deceased. 97kerens application Hathia Day be nude Tome by Judea he Garofa and Whu in a the Legal hem he acid Lucy Loraux rearing the purporting to conf Iphade. Urn win us to do prove in man6irrauhf ii therefore notice
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