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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jul 8 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - July 8, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaA i � j. A v a.-4 v v v & is. Ii of i .h-l-�e�ote0 to Mybra Tirb the arts science agriculture hews politics &c., a. per annul let it he instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the press is the palladium of All your . Payable in Advance volume2.no. 9. Abbeville c. H., South Carolina saturday morning just 8, 1854. Whole number 61. Poetry. For the Independent i . Lines to ukr who can Best understand them. To last red glow of the Twilight hour Hod gone from the darkened skies As i sat by the Light of a chandelier and marked the witching Eves. The Light winged Breeze had gone to sleep and the Birds had hushed their glee and my pulse did leap with alight free bound As you gave those Flowers to Nie. I be always loved from my childhood s hour to look on the Bright and any and tried to sweep with a cunning hand the Beautiful in my Way. I be hair d the gifts of a favored few which cheer me when i see but the Best of All that 1 Ever Hud arc the Jatoi earn you Yacc to in / i be often looked with a wooing Eyo on the work of a skilful hand and Felt twas Good to award it Praise # in every clime and land jut the Flowers you twined As a Boon for Rue is the gift i Praise to Day i and sooner would part with a sacred right than throw one Flower away. I be touched nil Harp with a Light Gay heart 5 and have Felt the thrill of Joy and tried to sip from the cup of Bliss till my spirits Aye would cloy c but the thirst i have for the Light and Gay is a whim that s dear to me and the Flowers i took from your Sno w3 hand arc the Flowers i la love for thee. I know that you love the Gay of this life As Well As the grave i Ween r. For the soul that bears Sueh a come Ltd fact f must leap at a joyous scene. The world is filled with a thousand charms p and the Best of All Are thine t but the Flowers Jou wreathed As a gift for Nic " Are All that i ask As mine. It. C Armel june 24, 1854. N political. I views of or. Thrasher. A have received n letter svs the Charleston courier from new Orleans from t e pen of or. J. S. Thrasher in the course of which lie gives his views of the Cuba question. Lie state distinctly that he is engaged in an Effort to raise Money for the purposes of the Cuba revolution and he says he knows of no Laws prohibiting Ench a course. ridicules the i Roe Lantion of the president and intimates that there is no such thing As a on expresses the opinion that there will be no War with Spain and he concludes with this language _ the unanimous opinion throughout tiie country is that the Unity Cabinet of the president has certain fixed principles of action that As no two of its members to link alike in an question they take weekly Don t let the Printer make a mistake and print that word Mccaa i turns at a fixed policy. Now there Are eight members including the president., and i pre Hume he is no Lowed Tolmac hib turn so that the War policy stands no Hance of ruling Only during tic week in each eight weeks and a Ndaw arc not quite enough to carry this court Rinto a War. Besides i am told that the Cabinet is afraid of the discussion of its measures in Congress and before the country. Now All know that Gen. Pezuela bae authority to Issue the decree j emancipating the slave in Cuba on the declara Tion of our government of War against Spain 1 and that lie hns openly said he would do it. Or. Clayton in the Senate Lias also said that 1 Calderon de la Barker late Spanish minister at Washington and now minister of foreign jew affairs at Madrid has personally Given him the Raje pfc Eaine Assurance. Thus War wit i Spain would by bring on the decree the decree would bring on emancipation in Uura emancipation in Cuba would bring on discussion in Congress discussion in Congress would bring tile Reader May fill the Blank with any word to chooses on the administration. While now their souls wit i ardor thrill the new recruit a March out to Drill the cockade monstrous Fine appears but then the sword awakes their a Safe. Moreover Cuba is rapidly preparing to set Jap her own Domestic affairs and As she is Young and Lively tied Down with no consideration for a " Friendly Power and fully det mined to continue her efforts the probabilities arc that the betters on her against Uncle Sam s Ideliah Prativa Nair will win their in nov. I no confirmed in the opinion from the conduct of Uncle Sam s riders on the squatter s sover in nth vhf course. And lastly i do not think we shall have War with Spain because the administration is playing four stringed fiddle. Soule and Sel i Madrid Cuoto and negotiation in Washington a. And proclamation and War in the country a Large Are three of the strings. Regarding the fourth string " a decent respect for the Opin ions of Mankind towards the administration in Vinejr of the prospective alliances Between us t requires that i should Mountain a respectful silence. Of j. 8. .4�. A., Heslan defeats. It is now universally acknowledged that the russians have recently suffered a series of de a feat and so be of them to he blunders 6f Thair Cota manding of Beers. A few since you Learned mat the russians had been at a place sidled break oven on the right Bank of the Alula of Way Between Harakal and Slatina and we no have some what occurred there. Tfaye of cog of the River so inane ? re Vot Wen corps irom Tutti cd Wal Laden that the ter goer4 of Rex battalions i fear Bra Drona and Trewe guns was obliged is i a six wooden Bridge. In Nide the night of Tho 28th Skonder beg i of Tver 2"witk aboat4,000 men from Kris glib hit a \ i t. 1 h enc up on tic 28tli, a furious attack was made on their loft flunk. Instead of turning boldly on their enemy the russians fought is they retreated and the consequence Una that their loss was Verj a rent. On reaching Slatina they lost no time in destroying the Alula Bridge behind them. It i supposed Liat Hanif the swell mob in rather a striking Light. Aei nale of very lady like and pleasing manners ailed at the establishment of one of our in town and after a Little con cration requested to know if they shaved gentlemen Sheads. An answer being Given in the affirmative she proceeded to state that she had i brother a Young Man of rather facile mind my that their medical Man had thought it advisable that his head should be shaved that he Vas troubled with strange hallucinations such is that lie was a member of and belonged to a arge drapery establishment. In town giving Lic nun and so on. After n Little More Zonver saponin tic Sninch Strain a he said she would Bringier brother next Day and Tomt the Haij of their Young men along with her to al articular address Lioy would get paid. The Ady and the Young Man with the goods then Eft in a cab and when opposite the hair dres air it dirt Enlil i1/.t. 1.- f lie would go along with Lier she would Niueli Money As Wou lil make the amount of he Bill. The g youth went in and Vas met by the perfumer in the must Bland Nanner who requested him to walk up stairs Vilich he did not doubting but that he was to receive payment of the Bill. No sooner Liow Gerhad the unfortunate Wight entered the Oom than he was pounced upon and despite ill his protestations that he belonged to Suchi iid such an establishment which of course were put Down to his unfortunate state of mind lie speedily denuded of his try Sass. The a 1who had in the meantime been looking Onn Rith coolness now said she was afraid her pres nce would Only cause greater excitement to her a fortunate brother she would leave and return in a Short time. Slio Lepai Nripal nor a. Singly goods and All and Lias not Sinco Bee Leard citizen. O � Nebraska. The Council Bluffs Bugle gives tic following description of the newly organized territory the Bounds of this proposed territory is spacious enough and contains much very Missouri Bounds it on the knit ind the Rocky mountains on the West. Therein quite a number of Good useful streams that traverse its Borders. It is now confidently expected that the Lilia swill be removed this fall to their new limes giving room to Tho Ever pursuing paleface. The climate like our own is Enild and pleasant and like All other Prairie countries there s a rather Over proportion of wind my Evenin the most sultry summer Days a Cooling Breeze fans the Prairies. There is Little snowing Winter it being much of the time pleasant sunny weather through the Winter. The vast herds of Buffalo Elk and Deer that Range this extensive territory would feed the starving millions of Europe on cat Cipr Tallios on All Tho streams Are Rich and Fertile but much of Tho High lands away from n. A j. I Luc s Usu Tuuu ui1u Siul Arazio. There Are minerals of various kinds already discovered among which fire egg drop Chalk magnesia die. There is Timber on nearly All the streams intermingled with the Bluffs and Hills and Villics although a general thing there is a Scarcity through the territory. The a cog Swan Dicks and other feathered game a abundant through this whale Missouri River Region amongst the for brits that abound i Nebraska and in this Regio pro Are grapes Phima cherries Straw berries Black entrants gooseberries Haws crab and Thorn poles and in the Moia pm of Nebraska the Bame berries 3fc�iiw&nri Bottoms i Nebraska arc in Many Pine Broad and Alwan Jutila with Timber alp8tits whole Long thu. Mah c of is Tho a Ooin bomb to of a City to face built onh he River u a a. �.1ft obtaining a decent living from the Small Eul ascription list of Liis paper. After acting As of California by one last mrs. The author Obook on that country. Braun an succeeded i raising a company of emigrants and As tie Leader chartered a Brig and immediately Eagle Svitlik them for the future Eldorado. Two Prit ers in Brannan s employ accompanied Hiluid Are now Rich and influential citizens of . Such a rapid Rise from extreme pov Rev to great nil Lunce As in Brannan s ease ii Laom recorded in the world s history.1veto York pick. Of Clergyman s opinion of the newspaper press. The Rev. Or. Bacon in a Sermon on Sunda svening at the Church of the Messiah Lii la in Plim pronoun cd the newspaper As Secor Only to the Bibo in it representative government As a moral Force. With its Twenty papers issued annually it penetrate very House and a caches every Reader. If with Hia hundreds of hearers Lias Minn ending influence for Good upon his con Regn Tion moulding their morals and Neligh Tilting their understandings How much Groat Mist he the influence and responsibility of the Russ which talks daily to its fifty or a bundred thousand readers 1 it is a Good sign to scr the City folks who we imagined would b it upon snort rations until Moro berries Coult a i y bit of mad we find the Allowin a an Exchange paper. / to to an English journal says that an old Saxo pm been using for fifty it tiv an with Perfec acc use a remedy for the bit oof mad 4�g�ho Agency of Winch he Baa rescued Tawny be or beings arid cattle it Tom the fear Auoe ath c m Thompson s ii Ifo preserver. A to to our renders this valuable in invention and we eon now state tent in wa3 fully tested at the Navy Yard on Friday in the Presne Neof a party of naval officers members of n Congress and others and received Many expressions of approbation. The Union states that an experimenter who had never before seen ine machine threw Muse it with it into eighteen feet water and managed it Many Waynai with perfect Case. got in and out of it Oev Oral times in different ways sometimes raising it with one Liand out of the water and putting 1it Over his head and shoulders and then draw 1ing the ariii3 through sometimes putting in his 1feet first As it Lay on Tho water sitting lying or upon it holding to it to. Ilo also moved it rapidly through Tho water at will and in any f y direction using his hands and feet without pm j. Birr assent and it was evident that a person 1 with Buch a Mae Hinc might hold up several i others in ease of emergency while a Supply of .1 e them on Board vessels of any kind in Many s eases of Lipil if j j in c scores and hundreds of . . Rio � � a thrilling published n few 4 r Days Siree an account of Tho hazardous exploit r of a child which clambered upon a roof in 3 e new York and was providentially Rose cd when death seemed imminent. A precisely Sim e Ilar incident occurred but a Day or two Binic of before our own eyes. An infant of not More s than two years unnoticed by its nurse clan a bored upon the Sill of a window in Lac third Story of the hotel opposite our office and there c stood laughing and crowing All heedless of the peril that threatened it. It was a sight to make r Strong men hold their breath. The slightest 0j Luo tiou a breath of air Tho least fright would Timon . To 1.1 � , ilo precipitated i it upon the pavement below. A crowd Gath s Rcd and stood in speechless agony of suspense 1 s expecting every moment to see the child dashed v1 to pieces. Meanwhile the infant stood boldly 0e erect and laughingly extended its hands As if 0i inviting a Romp with the spectators below. S at last when the sight1 "1 become agonizing a female who had Bucu sowing in the room j1 where the window was caught sight of the lit2tie creature and with commendable coolness is instead of shrieking and thus almost certainly � bringing about the catastrophe quietly stepped to the window and enclosed the child in her j arms. One Long deep breath from Tho crowd i showed the interest ency had Felt and the Relief a Uio a twi Craz � settlement in saturday last the settlers held a convention four Milch West of fort Leavenworth. L. Burnes esq., presided 1j. Ii. It. Cunduff esq., was . It was agreed that an association he formed 1 i to regulate and protect claims upon the follow ing principles. Settlers to Register their claims a in two weeks or. Of Rover was appointed item ister they Are to protect each other in All Reg Fular claims but if not registered in two weeks 1 e the claim to be forfeited. Where the lands arc 1 open to settlement there must be on Trio Delaware land simply to Mark stake i and Register without residence will hold. 1 now j b the time for the missourians to make � claims. The country is swarming with on horseback with cup and skil1let, and Ham flour and Coffee tied on behind f5 and with axe shouldered Ore facing Westward 1 s while gentlemen and ladies Are driving furious 8 by to and fro in carriages printers writing Law yers speak id doctors Gallantine ladies and j1 selecting bites for residences companies with flags waving staking out the Prairies Trees fall of ing tents stretching Cabins going up every 11 thing alive and everybody wide awake. Hurij Rah for Krusos Westward the Star of Empire i takes Ita luminary. I cab Yino Puoplo Havo a " Conten Pimble of car of being seen to carry a bun1die, however Small having the absurd idea that there id a social degradation in Tho act. The Moat Trilling As Well As weighty packages must be sent to them no matter How much to of others. This arises from a 0 Low kind of Pride. There is a Pride that is ?1 higher that arises from consciousness of there e being something in the individual not to Boef � felted by such and weight of a character. This latter Pride was exhibited by the american Sou of Jerome Napoleon Bona parte. While he was in College at Cambridge,1 no was carrying Home a Broom which he had a just purchased when to met a Friend who noticing it with Surprise exclaimed h 44 Whir firl inn inf a own if Anne via i am not ashamed to carry anything which belongs to me was the very sensible reply of to Young different Pride was this from that of a Young lady whom to knew who always gave5 her Mother All Tho bundles to Erfy when .they5 went ont together because she thought it Vul Gar to be seen with one herself. R. M i � come when the bins 8ino.prof. Caldwell of of Dickson College a Short time before his death said to his wife you will not i Ftp crore Lio Down upon your bed and weep when Ali am gone. And when you visit the spot where s i lie do not choose a sad and Mournful time to do not go in the shades of evening or in the f � Limi is 1 v Luik i iiigiiu.11mats arc no lines 10 Tisi Llic ii t grave of one who Hopes and trusts in a risen Ilene Seiner come Aen wife in the Bright r Sunshine and when the Birds Are singing r what a Beautiful illustration these words contain i come in the morning of Sunshine when the notes of Tho harmless Birds Aro heard come j not a the dark shades of evening when the g Mournful notes of frogs and Tho troubled la poor with will fill the graveyard. The former b representing the. Glorious resurrection of the r righteous and the Lemr that of the wielded. Al think of it i Colo hed vorbs�-s0ln. Wednesday last Tho to Connecticut House of representatives by to f s Voe of 1 to flt 78 81 not voting passed tiros1olution to in mid the state Constitution an1 to allow negroes to vote on Tho Samot Rma As. I White men. Also 106 to .80 an amendment to r prohibit any person from voting who cannot rend. Team proposed Omen Irmenta were then ordered Telfe continued t the next Legisla t. Lure and published with pri flaws. T 8 r � the new liquor us in Connecticut a a Nann con t sell let than five Gallons of cider of swing maae 01 of own currents or tel tit a Tion that every Man who k my liquor Juji fend . To county comm Fahey in could not do it and the court then ordered Tim to summon every body in town to n a i � i 1. T 1" Hill inning in birr Cal Irmo Uduc Lucr ullage it. courts declaring Taftt lie would no Laid court where the civil authority could not e respected and enforced. Wiir Don t tou take a paper?.can it a hat you Are too stingy ? or arc you too poor t r arc you too Lazy to read it f or do you read our nei Lihr s paper and get the news with " it Punj ing the Printer for it if to is it honest in you to do so any Man who Don t Subtribe for his country paper need not expect Lis children to know what is going on in Tho world around them Only of they get it second landed from Whoso who patronize the paper. Be have often been astonished at men with families who spend hundreds of dollars for Uherc trip los to am use their children and who Annot afford to pay two or three dollars Force luxuries of a newspaper. To say we have Een astonished at such Ipen and know Soma Uch men yet and our astonishment still coning is but we Hope Ere Long to have the pleas n o 01 entering Mieir names on our Doob Anaf proving to them that " there s nothing like newspaper.". Pakulla times. Monr Kroeger a roman Atli Olie priest in this City was arrested yc3erdayfor assault with attempt to commit a ape on a girl fourteen years old. She testified hat Etc went to confession to him to asked ice into a private room and inquired if she Hadjer sinned with a Man. She said no and in then undertook to make an indecent of Lini Wolti Tai iia /1ither witnesses. Father Kittur another priest in Trio Enmond Hurcil testified that the door we not locked jut open. That he saw the girl and priest talk together that the a Cream Wero made by Mother girl in another testimony shows not so mail an intent o commit rape As the claiming of a right to Nake an indecent personal examination of Tho a Nix As int Cretin o correspondent f the Greenfield Republic relates interesting instance of maternal affection in animals. A few Days sine or. Jool Rice of Conray discovered on a tree supposed to o a Crow s nest but on examination lie found instead of Roo of a fledged cd Feti rulers a litter of Fly Rog squirrels. Mot � Little Alcased Ecith his Booty he thought it a Fine Opportunity to secure an acceptable present Forlis children. Hering descended from the tree to stood at Tho foot Contra planting his prize Rhen Tho old one Mado . Alot Lier s temerity when Hor offspring Are in anger knows 110 limits. Khe jumped upon his at crawled Down to his Hud and Sei Cingone of or Young ones endeavoured to Tako it away or a moment or. R. Resisted her Only for a moment. Sympathy far a Parent s Gony made an Appeal and was successful. A better feelings triumphed and the dam nth ring into her furry folds a Itte one ought a new Home for Ner family. After Short time Tho return and then again until he had taken them All awful beneavkittnt.-fliophil4iphia inquirer Savic we have air end i num d to the ask of a gentle Man now a resident of this City in. William h. Collins who v lost his Wile even children and upwards of we fat Siouan Dollare in the steamship cite of sifb8�yvlie agony of mind tinder Tho of stressing Well to Ima Gihei tor at no 0 was almost threatened with madness. 1 now More composed 4$? a new is stated Jug. . R Opean papaw that a new wonder p at Stockholm in Sweden in Tuoti by of Minger Whoso voice Ismore to Arhat of Jenny Gold Schmidt he a Pake Nho people of her Nativo City ,j�ds6 hem frantic from excitement. It is Hobo in raptures her hearers by he in gang hat the musicians in the orchestra fruentlys6vv a Muu pvt Aav us min a Tchet. Or. Stadden i brother in Law of Sullivan has sold his Plantation anti blares a the Island of Cuba and come to the unite i tats i Twila family residence ast san Mafli the govenor general refused or. Fadden permission to dome to the United " Itati though a member of Hie family waa lying dangerously sick 1 r run no Tai Villiant a the inf Betsey. J because Tho Betsey arc All favourites of i no m of i won t Havo any Sweet Wiki Elim oily dit in pagflai18k on
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