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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - July 1, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaDivot wows Psimos. By fit. Y a. J doll a per abut Dot " it ithe instilled into the hearts of a Jur children that the 3l�$irty is the palladium of All your rights.". Payable in advanced 1 1. 1 a "t1 a ". " 1 a "tolume2.no. 8. Abbeville c. It., South Caroll Sato Fly morning july 1, 1854. Whole n1jmbe1160. Poetry. Written for the Independent 1-ee88. The old Elm tree s Tho dear old Elm tree s branching Shado where once the climbing gra Povine Hong still pours her Cool touch along the glad a o or which the mock Bird Oraill Senor. Hor awning roads still airs Trio Cliff As though our sport a Neer had fled the Stream still glides along As if our parting Tearlia Neer been shed. But change Ful Days have Como and gone. Sinae 6ft we quaffed your Friendly Shade and on our hearts the Mellow tone of earn pm Lias its image Laid. Of a tree when. Cath your Wido spread 3jpwc1r, / r Rise your kindly Jove for Rue but sigh with pain the Long fled hour my Dearest Joy to visit thee. Foo More the grapevines clasp your arms. That pendent Cath your boughs once Hung no More tic notes the warbled charms the mock Bird mid the boughs one Sung. The vines arc dead the Bird has flown. You lonely Greet the flowing Gale and evry summer s eve your tone breathes out a melancholy talc. J dear fond treet my firm Best Friend who Blest my boyhood s earlier year with thee some lonely Houra i la spend 1 Viiu give Resu gun 10 memory s tears. Jill dream of Joys that onco were ours when rambling o or Tho Blooming Glade we shunned All other deep blown Bowers to gambol in your soothing Shade 1 Cliv Pond. Political. 1 speech of Hon. B. Brooks. J of the Rumbuc lands. \ in Thyl he Iii of run Rwy Tirath Cie m al 1 Point in Zotigh Tho the e a Futta Retaw wrkf5twiaa4 reach t of die proposed rond Fri Gea of Earth gravel Etc not und Timber to to used in its con i i a Tho second the propriety Stltt d expediency of Tho contract. Then its specific terms and condition. Constitutional authority. The Power of Congress to dispose of Tho Public Domain u both conferred and limited in Tho third Beeton of Tho fourth article of the Constitution which reads As follows the Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make All needful rules and regulations respecting Tho territory or other property belonging to Tho United states and nothing Inthis Constitution shall to so construed As to prejudice any claims of the United states or of any particular state. My interpretation of this Section is that Congress has no Power to dispose of the Public land sin any Way that will hot inure to the Benefit of All the state collectively in As equal a ratio a possible and this general Benefit each particular legislative enactment is what i understand to have been meant by Thern Mars of the Constitution As the without Lila limitation of Power and the condition that the disposal by Congress of the common territory property of Tho United states shall not he so construed As to prejudice any claims of Tho United states or of any particular state the local internal improvements the wildest and most extravagant is thrown wide open and almost Resistless temptations offered to a coalition of Large states to enter it to the exhaustion of All Tho pecuniary resources of the government and to Tho oppression of the smaller , whether by Conquest or Purchase would find in the very men who would Procai of be restrained by constitutional scruples Iro jutting their hands into the Federal Treasury Tho Benefit of their respective state?.thja in. a Tua Jiu wit of Congress ver the Public lands is corroborated by the Anguano of a very deed of cession of lands Bylie states to the general government. Virginia eded her Public lands in 1784/ under the con lotion which appears in the following extract i rom lick act of cession that All Tho lands within the territory As eded to the United states and not Reserve der nor appropriated to any of the be foremen toned purposes or disposed of in bounties Tohe officers and soldiers of the american Arney Ona fide disposed of for that purpose and for 10 other use or purpose the same year Massachusetts relinquished Lor lands to be disposed of for the common Cne fit of Tho United eau 1786, Connecticut relinquished her lands o the United states for the common use and Benefit of said states Connecticut inclusive. In 1787, South a Tolina made " a Liberal cesion1a flip ttnifil/1 of it Lima inn or the common Benefit of the Union. 1 in 1790, North Carolina ceded her vacant ands in the following words that All the lands intended to be ceded Byi Tuc of this act to the United states of amer a and not appropriated As before mentioned Hall to considered As a common fund for the ise and Benefit of the United states of Atner a North Carolina inclusive according to their respective and usual proportion in the general Barge and expenditure and Shellbe faithfully in sch Blu of Jor Mac purpose Ana porno Oti fir ibo Georgia ceded hey funds in 1802 for the same mrpo8ea and almost in identical is. Sad that Tho words prejudice any aim Sec. 3, Art 4 of the Konsti Imin have j Salt live reference to Coli tracks relative to their j ands which wore made by some of the older Tsantes before . T cannot think to and it skeins to me,1 if Thip Cdr acct that the restrictions in the of cession for the common t in fit common fund general charge and 1 Inui iture Art Iuliu Usu Biliy. I me con a act in ado by a state relative to its vacant c ands prior to the adoption of Conr Titi tuition web then perfect it required no sup Ort from future legislation and acquired none torn any restriction in a deed of cession. If in the other hand the contract was imperfect i my theste subsequently made a perfect con t riot wih the Tunit estates then the argument Tipon the word claims Zajis to the ground. It is madly sup Posable that a state which Haa been r Rea cd out of territory lying Between Thorud a Tori and Mississippi Mew the us Fhiry it or a luf Ltd guar in / Huv Wavu w4/.w4w 4federal Constitution would whole system of the Constitution harmonious pou bring no two provisions into conflict. Give Jit any other construction and you destroy one part at the expense of Tho a prudent trustee however May exercise a Wise discretion in the Man Gemei fan estate us Well As a proprietor Ana so tar As the application of the Power in tie Bill under consid. Station is concerned it is not int col to in i news in what character to May regard government. It is not need Nesary to by purpose to show that the org urgent in reference to the appreciation of Tho value of the reserved sections is uniformly Fallaci i ii but is one of the appointed trustees of the states f this Union holding property of which the states Are real owners and which iris incur to upon me in part to manage for their Coin nonfood it becomes proper that i should How by statements taken from Tho reports of to commissioners of the land office that a increase of the sales of tie Public lands is of always thus effected and Liat moreover it is lome times a losing speculation. In the year 1836, was sold of the Public lands Twenty Mil ions seventy four thousand eight Hundred ind seventy one acres. Ji.1841 1,103796 .1842 1,120,417 1843 i 1,005,20418441,744,768 ,1845 1,843,527 �1840. 2,263,731 1847 2,521,305 ,1848 1,887,653 1849 j,392,902 1850. 1,405,838,1851 r 2,055,920 \1802 894,779 total for Tolvo Yyearka 1856,Ops the habit of donating alternate sections of i and for rail Fead purposes to contract a i be. .1iev in 1846 vet there was Lew land sold in -1 i in Vitu Vul 0� w Jiquan Luu Luuy Uuttu of incr toe old conservative habit n the sing of i r cir 183&. Lav Hail alternate sections of land 1 Iro Doirin cd it is the Long affy of Ilie Bills that the reserved sections shall be Ilfeld at double Price \vhielflear7th0 Imoree Ilion on the Public mind that with difference f the Odd sections there is an equal number of i actions reserved nil granted and that the mix Uci ii cum m Maui my uu1c. Ii Bing Salost to the Treasury. Such. However i s not always the fact for private entries no normally re peo Tod and when Lioy fall within the line to which ther righi�ifequee8 in i. A Uumo a Aiumu u09, of Lulu w1q a Tjui Sli cof a state it a difficult to conceive Ira prove mint of Ucli territory feh will uoffc3uito the Benefit of that particular state and i May be to Trio exclusion of All Benefit to the remaining states. Such a me might occur if a state was surrounded which has Nev for yet happened approached by Tho geographical position or Calio Nio. Again Tho ter Mories have no pow but Ucb As is i in by Congress. They Aro ii a dependent condition Aud look to Jon Grefor Rov Ogue Protection and for Law. Tins their Only legislature and we should legislator their Ood precisely As a Stato leg Delatur a it Vav Uig Glywa i Tuo of bldg 8uuject to the provisions of their respective Constitution. T v. Entertaining these views i cannot consistently in to my vote for donating lands Whillie Mithra Tho limits of a state but when thl ands asked for lie within territories organized i have no constitutional scruples and tin question then arises As to Tho expediency of making such Grants As toe sought f.xted1excy. Tho isolated position of California lying Ait docs of to Western verge of Tho sort american continent her separation from Lic Ibister states by dreary deserts re Jred mountains and Largo territories inhabited of tint am de natural resources Aud the Tiven eurous a rut minor people leave but utile Doublin the Minde of reflecting men that she must las benign Antly and continually my de. line of railroads tween Tho two great oceans would he Femc to Highway of Tho nations of Tho Earth. Out carrying Trade ilk the Pacific now amounting o about three Hundred thousand tons and employing upwards of a Hundred millions of do Lara would be augmented by the opera ten Otiis Road immeasurably beyond the proportional increase resulting Frodo the Mineral wealth of California and Australia combined ind the whistle of a locomotive heard of their pc of the Pacific would do Moria Oward ripening the ports Ochipa and Japan than Bayun Cusand squadrons. These As scary certain As May to approached by Ordinary Inman reasoning. But there arc of shh consid ratio Sand advantage of a Domestic charac crw hich need no speculation or theory go i commend to the establishment of this Road by ii ans of the o donation of it sin the territory new Mexico which i regard As including Tuch other territory a already Beon Ufi . A the to rapid trans Masai Rof Jiei Iri aus for which item Kliar the govern Mcnol Tiow paying annually ?$l,q0tf,0d0, v r Distant riciid3 into clogs association with Doc Oure Elvo cd thu diff win those a in regions a. To our Ana Poilu cd Byun pouty ind gab . which Ara thei Lisiec. Elements of National strength Anil . Tie prompt transportation of troops and munitions of War will Strong Henjum National dec Neh and Jive Confidence Andio purity to the Wester cottage will Flanly Oither aide of Tho droid and con Titus thet Utju while they present in port from the employ Tuzii to i would . Tie pollution of Tho member of officials, Educ lion. Of the non hoi ojjir6ppa deep Lary to protect our relate prof i try and to legions the greater esty Aridj rapidity intone eying government stores Ned Uris tons by Ivor together with a moving of Tiina find Toto. Of Cut Nai Iliof Dpi a Raj nl11 fat a Nawf Forli of Titi asita5 Ali Fin emf Cable Economy the a imputed in of Tho army by tic of Jeo Tiomi of three wet Miens to Branch of the � the Cott to in a bbl or Fatio in endured by those who Wero appalled and \\&6 a died on Board Theill fated san fran Ciao Thod Luicart sickens and bleeds when contemplating e Tho miseries which the Man Tho t encountered them by order of government t and Tho a Pien who shared Vliem by the coi nimands of affection. And sir if by " robbing Tho exchequer of every Dollar in it Ullus s i could Havo Prevc Tecl their sufferings Bandtl shirt Csor Ved their lives., my Voto should ave proven Tod their salvation terms and i tel Tiosh. & 8 having satisfied cough ass has Trio s constitutional Power to Mako donations of i lands which lie in the territories and that in i Tho Case under consideration it is expedient to make them the remaining considerations have r reference to Tho terms end conditions of the a relinquishment. The Bill provides As follows 8 rant tor tie purpose of nil lug and securing s Trio construction of a Railroad and telogt�pli0 line from Tho Mississippi River at a Point not c North of the 87th parallel of North latitude to Hociy of san Francisco. In Tho Stato of Cali Fornin there shall be Aud hereby is and set apart a Quantity of land equal to the alternate sections to Trio Width of Liften 1 Miles on each Side of such Load from the Terui inns thereof on Tho Mississippi River to Tho 106th Doreo of Lougi tudo West from ire Nedwich and from Thouc Westerly to the Eastern Lino of the strict of California alternate sections ionic Giaui 01 i Wendy Nve Incus on Caen snip of such Road and from thence through the6aid state of California to the Western term in us of such Road not ornate sections to the Width of fifteen Miles on Coli Side thereof such lands to be Fiolic cd from the sections which shall he designated in Tho Public surveys of said Laud when made by oud numbers audio be held and conveyed As herein j now sir my principal obje$ti6ns to the Bill. Are to be found in Tho passage tit which 1 have in i. Ii Vuu Uii Fumu uiv1u urn uni jul i di11u in ii details to which my assent could first objection then is that no reasonable conjecture can con approximate the actual location of the Road. 1 would note ii , and i cannot As an agent Radako any bargain to Loose and indefinite. 1 Bave Suid i take it As most direct practicable route would be punned but bythe terms of the l ill there is Noth Itig to prevent this Road making a civilizing sprawl from tha a Iouli of the Ohio River via the great american desert Down to Pic a in Nance settlement Una from thence Back to that Point in the Rocky mountains where the senior inem Bor from Missouri or. Benton insist that col. Fremont s mule died but not his men and not of again it is very Well understood that the City of san Francisco and the Point where the Ohio empties into the Mississippi River Urc Tobo the Termini of the Road should it Ever rebuilt undo Liis Bill. Now sir it so happen thai a line run from san Francisco to the Mouth of Tho Ohi Jick is the very longest air line which can tie rim from the City of Sun Francis co to the Mississippi River any where from Tho territory of Minnesota to Batons Rouge in the slut of Louisiana. What will just by me As one of the trustees of the Public f interest in granting alternate a cations of land upon this vory Long line estimated to boat least two thousand Miles in length when by giving to the Road a different locution i cuu reduce its length and hasten Tho completion of the c of Fork secure a route which i comparatively so by ice and at an infinitely less Cost of government lands than Are to be transferred and this Bill f i hold that in so great an Enterprise As a connection Between the at lactic and Pacific oceans it is True patriotism to disregard All sectional interests and suppress nil sectional feeling. Sectional jealousies arc the As ind individual jealousies arvo All local adv a ment. Prom tie Serafio a Okaj Lyid to Tho Pacific Good enough will accrue to every state in. The us too to propitiate the favor of co fcb is,.unmanly Ani illiberal to Wrangle Over the Reta Ilvo of Tuluo so great an Wulc la King our Rotillo should be deter mind Rahv to a Nfn Ai Binm Clilan j of feasibility and Cost Roget with our Antoris a to Aidin in completion in a Way and bythe moans proposed. I Liao a Martoi that ii Tny Jilg Nicot there was a material difference in Tuo Powors of con Greenover such parts of Tho Public Domain As Tio within states and in tei i topics and it trikes he that Tho. Power to donate alternate Sci Ftikas of Tho Pullo Anda High 1ie in the territory of new Mexico May to . Country would a Amhi i few 2" a a i ninth Iii of the Extension of the to Liq wifi Ocean distance Faix Hundred Aud Ali o Western verge of Texas if try inc lion Tho remainder of the line lies in the state a California l which Section 1 Jam unwilling that Tho Federal government by jail make towards the construction of n Road r How much of it lies within the territory of new al Chico to Iii Eligil nin unwilling that the government shall Knutei Liberal and Chou Inu Uincent donations 11 have been snub to Nee brately to ask Croftin l utry am inclined to think that Ohio Hundred us d fifty Miles will reach across the Souther of California. i us donations of try incl in a few Mexico will to greedily accent i by 6o�iio one of t i companies Bosforo mention Asp Host probably Bytho Vic Lisburg Cpd m i , or by combination of Eoin Parnoff and thus a Railroad communication be the Atlantic Toto Eastern Bouti ditty of bib of Hunt Ijiri Ewh i u near the Confluence of tel coir do and f latitude i Fin those which arc cogent in the fast that it willbe adding a accessory i to destined to become a continuous line Jolt it is Pryba ble such donations will i Ivo impulse and Energy to tic Indi Idu and a a Taco Ziy tiv Liis Lino which the wants of the country urge to a Picody Citulis Hemut cd in the of a moving Tho Congress from the numerous the donation of lands vhf Iii lie Vithina Job limits of diff another consideration in allocation ref this i Oad and one of great moment is that to avoid the a Fer towards which Tho religious sentiment of Twig entry will nov rhe reconciled and which mfg cd Estinna to he the fruitful source of local Aid political annoyance and trouble. The fur lid fro Aro separated the better for is and for uttam. 1 am thoroughly conv Mem that no line of Intili Puiul i Minim Iii aflo.ifi/. And the i Aoi fic oceans Wall to established in our Tinc other Tymn the Voute indicated. Ii is Trio shortest route freest of in Tutol obstructions the most conv Hight to carry out our National policy and t0.4dd.iu Bur treaty stipulations under omit aty Guad Alofipo Iliili Lefo nud Yutt Luiei Cine Bonfigt most equally Paiik no thv6 states of Tho establishes a cog a Kent and vapid Between Juji fish Ortho original states and the extra Chest a Tiitus of our National Domain and brings the act Fajth of Asia and tliqp1 Neili islands from , very doers. 1 this Commerce will be distributed Ali Rouglin Tho Northern portion of Ala a pow Eastern ten Nesses Sorth Carolina Virginia by Tho Alabama and Tennessee which Dir res from this Lino at it by the Mobile. And Ohio Railroad a Jar crossing Tholine near the en3torn in rear a mississippian which connects the ou1jlofflm�&qwith Trio Northen lakes. Tho , n Iyow whi1vvw .uiv2 Viiu i a i Lea Sand Cili Jef Nat will Cross at Jackson and e treasures Eastern world Udouj que Vestern nip Cut Warp Irinio tale Mississippi River suf in gratitude to Joe. Tri tory Waters will five to to 4tido opotnmcp6 u Refl in flute Ait Tjas Chango for Trio substantial products tit its is Joey re Tarn att lev conveniences delicacies Dej Gan thims Bioh the rat incest do ins a ". Vul Wiio wive " Liia Routon a because of Scott Oral. Be any it it Otic us just Tara Kcf. A "2csi0,?. Which i have no seemed fill theft to he b6ea Uch i wins clop a has pm cd. I Cine Here a outfall but thoho1�lkioof now England. Jfljjpefht3fdedoira Puio word from buy polio pol Lucaw Junry Andis Imort units place another a Job a inor x elevated a 110 Popio miv1v Oracle occur fou by Vevy High authority there that Pate of them Eliol l do a Kod if Lonj Vaa a inc incan Jtb in Erja hould by or of jew my a Santa this ecutimontha4wmlji so Day and its votaries of y bom no. Body Huml
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