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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - December 22, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaFpr33ss$wtmoving, a health despairing miso Ellaitt. / j. Charleston dec. 11, 1854. My nor. Judt re your readers May it it the travel on Thi Roadis More plea wort mid agreeable than that Only any Iother Toad of which Havo any knowl my a a Rin can Jhonny went to the new Coll geto Hupel at a Iambia and like Many j Fri in four la Ibe re seption quite Toof Cool for Comfort with a kit rag nor Wester and an y Imudia it was hardly to be 8up-, fee ate wot fld much enjoy the feat. A i Ull iohvh.vi.b1ii9 to authorize the state to Aid in the construction of the Blue Ridge railroading tp%fl5tborite. The Tho a n nah Hiver Railroad company were of adorably reported on by or Middleto from the committee of ways and Means. Thursday dec. 7. . Marshall from the com Mittee on the military submitted reports. An the petition of the commissioners of Tai Druban House in Charleston praying tia certain beneficiaries be admitted into the Citadel in Charleston on a petition praying Tho exemption of ministers of the Gosp Corora patrol duty by a Bill for that purpose and on the memorial of the Carolina blues Richland guards Richland Rifle compan Jand governor s guards praying to be formed into an Independent battalion also by Bill granting the prayer of the Memoria lists which Bills were read a first time am ordered for a second Reading . Moses from the committee on to judiciary submitted a report on the memorial of the. President of the convention t suppress the Sale of intoxicating liquors a itinerant traders by a Bill for that purpose which was read a first time. U0u8k of rep . Middleton fro the committee of ways and Means Bifid an unfavourable report on a Bill to establish a Branch of the Bank of the state at Sura Berville. Or. Thompsen from the committee 01claims, reported 00 sundry claims and a . Mitchell from the committee 01 the judiciary made a report on k Bill to s mend the Constitution of the state so an give the Section of governor and lieu tet ant governor to the people and recommended that the Bill do no . Heart Porso ant to notice introduce a Bill to allow . C. Devlin to Hawk am peddle in Abbeville District without to payment of the usual tax read the Fin tin a the special order for Muir at 2, a being Biu to provide for Banks of do count and Deposit was Fien taken u Whol if Thon Wou after a few remark Mote an Tode fidime phoneme it of Tho bit. P.issssasr4 i taken and Ato yeas 33, nays 8,-so that t e having passed through Allta Din 1 0 forms is now Uio Law of Trio Senate we tip from the general or elders of the Day a Bill to Puni assaults � committed with concealed weapons. Am a made to strike but Tho word " cop time and red to the Cooee. Of. Repro \ a the Senate considered aft agreed to. A i Resolution providing a appropriation or two al Hundred dollars Lor the traps Petit poor of Beaufort. Choose of rep /noble prompted 1 a petition of the Villice of ninety six. \1 or. Sullivan from the committee on Edu by cation made an unfavourable i t petition asking an appropriation for Ertekin College. 3 or. A g. Desaussure from Tho cof quit i � tee on Tho judiciary imported one bul \1 to arrange the state int judicial districts tand to provide for inc election of a new4aw 5 judge. The Bill was recommended to pass. Or. Cunningham offered a Resolution ii j voting the acquisition of Cuba. saturday,.dec. 0. I being the Day set apart t for religions services Virry Little was done in y either House. In the Senate the hour of i12 o Oclock pm off arrived at which hour both branches of Tho general Assembly had j agreed to suspend business. In order to a .1 c tend the religious exercises in to Hall off the House of representatives the Senate a proceeded tothe Hall where a. Most in e Pressie Sermon was delivered by the Rev. Tar. Thon Well. 6 the Senate having returned to its chant 1ber, or. Townsend moved that the thanks 1 a of the Senate Rev. Or. A. Thornwell for his very eloquent and appropriate discourse and that a committee be to appointed to solicit a copy thereof for pub 1f . J a Mav Lviv tinn 11 / , from the committee 0 on the Milf arvo reported i Yaj Bill on the to memorial of the commission Enron Tho Orhun a Gobo of snark ton praying inn cer. L. Tain beneficiaries be admitted into the cit 5 in Atel Academy which was read a first time. Jar. Allen from tie committee to wait f on Tho governor elect and inform him of j his election reported that having performed that duty the governor would be ready Fortis inauguration on wednesday next at one 1 o clock. 1t House of rep . Megowen from j e the military committee reported a Favora Bly on a Bill to exempt ministers of the gos1pel and other persons from patrol . Mcgowen from the same committee j Vivi us Vii a will Tuc Ciupy ctr Tain persons from Ordinary militia duty and h recommended its passage also on certain j Bills and memorials to exempt ministers of the gospel from patrol the report deprecated the idea that All ministers of the gospel should to exempt e from patrol duty and recommended Allric Okular licensed ministers not owning mor thag o fifteen slaves be exempted. Y the special order was called f6r, the Bill introduced by or. Tucker for the improvement. A or. Mcknight replied Aud with an Tutu i r sual degree of earnestness advocated the 0 Bill and in conclusion begged the commit 1j tee to pass this or some other the Roa Seea of on Stato might be educated. T or. Wilson Fml York v followed or. I j Mck mgt and in some eloquent remark advocated the a age of the Bill the show e de the extreme necessity of the passage of 1 the Bill and submitted estimates of the now inthe state Troia Mitiu to info Bills wore introduced by or Gist Abill to Amend the Constitution ofwi8 stated50 ils to disqualify for Boata in the general Ftp in Bly her. Persons holding the office of president and life Eton of any banking institutionbymr.i6wnd, a Bill Provo to the Fiat Section of in not Reat Inato tha Autney of the of , under the authority of the United in certain which re Civ a omit Reading and referred or. Mazy Elf submitted m Resolution , toe disc the criminal Law of Tom Fet mid to report at the ilex session of i Latore Tuu it Sesoi ution proposing to of secrecy rom the. Private of the indebtedness of the president f which were Ederen of the Lunatic Ashu Talbo a Bill. Tout Borie a to nit suites to pubic Bitso certain Tetupu of the state creation f Light hot fees and Beacon the report of the committee m the Bill to reorganize of Clio 0 Mon school system Bou Adverse or. Tucker moved that Tho re Otbo Laid on the table and Calico for the Lyes and veto was taken.%yes33 noes 44. The motion to lie on the table iras sustained. On motion of or. Tucker the Bill was tace Nup for a second discussion arose on the motion of tar. Middleton to strike out the first Section if trip kill or. J. Y. Simons jr., of Charleston said Bat he bad a few and but a few remarks x make upon the Bill and would do so now be was in favor of the present system of free schools a be saw no provision in Jig. Bill introduced by the gentleman fro Spartanburg calculated to improve the present system he objected to tue first Section Rhian provides for the election of a Board f directors by the general Assembly and would record his vote against in or. J. I. Campbell differed from the views a pertained by his colleague and in bis usual Nappy style contended Tomt there was much Good in the Bill but there were some elections f the Bill he would vote against. As forthe first Section neither he nor his constituents had any thing to do with replied briefly there we rebut one or two sections in the Bill he cared for and would vote for the striking out Allther sections. Or. J3imonfl replied and in a few Well timed remarks ably sustained bis position towards the Bill. The first Section was stricken out an further debate Cut off Bya motion made by afr. Hammond to Lay the Bill on the Tabic he vote was taken by Aye and noes on motion of or. Tucker. Tho motion to lie n the table was lost and the Reading of the Bill continued by sections. The debate of the Bill a Long and some what Stormy on each motion and As the bilk and Ali amendments Are Long it is impossible in the Ordinary space allowed i daily journals for Euch proceedings to Prew Stevea a Eiraj for. Tie Bill or. The Ossyp a or Spain moved that the order be Dia Churg 1 "?, or reported that my and discharged to duty Gaaei Agmed arid found that the a cum there Alvi glad. Vouched Jbf. Or mid Eton from the cd Fly Itice Cwayna and Means reported on sundry Bill memorials or. Mcgowan. Froin committee 01the military Nimit a by interest report on that portion of message no. 1, ch19 excellency As referred to Tho i Ita system of the state. � majority and minority reports were ratify the committee on Tho judiciary on let Bill. To establish an additional cry roof minority m the pore on of Stmitchell and the majority in or. Thor Well dec. 13. Bill to improve be Eyet Enof Ere schools in this states it from Tinhou so of representatives was read a firs time and ordered for a second Reading to or. Buc apart from to committee 01finance and Banks submitted a report. 01 a Bill to authorize Aid to who Sar Annati an fwd ecu Uwi a Iii Ugurlu address took the oath of office is administer speaker and proceeded la to Senate chamber accompanied by the president and members of the Senate to speaker find members of the House of rep resin Trouv and Bic Manning when the Senate. Deliver tothe governor elect bis com Mismen of oif Ico. Proceeding to Tho Balcony of the Capitol Nocom paused by both bodies of the general Assembly be was there proclaims governor in and Over Tho state of soul Carolina for two years by Charles neuffeiesq., sheriff of Richland District next on the Calendar of business was Bill to prohibit traffic in intoxicating liquor11.j. It i ii i i ukr . Unis Olli Ufa cd Tiro Cei reported from the committee on the Judi Ciary which recommended its passage. I was debated for a considerable time by messes. Dudley Moses Marshall Mali Vallen Boozer Witherspoon Brockman Johnson and Chest our who were All in favor of. The prohibition but it was difficult under the various amendments a bib Wen offered to adj fat it to As to suit the views o members generally. This being the casette further discussion was on motion of i Rolinson postponed and the Bill will to Agai taken no to Morrow. House of rep Bill to ancient the charter of the town of Edgefield ant other purposes was taken up for a secon Reading. In the Reading of the first Section of the Bill or. Moragne moved to Amend a much of the Section As 1 referred to the Sun of #50,000 being subscribed by the Tow Council of that Village to a Railroad and in sorting thirty thousand dollars instead fifty thousand dollars. Or till Oan Moye to. Amend the amendment by inserting Twenty thousand dollars instead of thirty thou Sand dollars. A Sharp and spicy debate arose on tar amendments proposed in which mess Moragne Middleton Campbell till aah and others participated. The Reading Oil jul r l duo Yui Odd Reau Sivu jux. Lull Huq tbu16 uninteresting Debento arose on several Section of Tho which was not concluded Aba Tuo hour at which the House lion previously ordered recess to Darrly a or. Spain offered a Resolution require Tajthy Vays and Means to a Nniro into the expediently of increasing taper Dii rtt 6f the member of to Genera Assembly Wam Detato consideration a called for and Tho Resolution agreed Toom pursuant to notice Ift Trudt fid it Bill to Dwinia lift ref Imti i $ of inc Pray a alteration of the Coatse s Tio so As to pirovi4o for by for a general electio3 throughout Ufir state. . Chestnut from the committee Federal relation submitted a Reloj iffy. ? r Hill al .1 / .1 i. Or. ii we lug Giec / m Tonj Fri president and Vico president of the United states which on his motion a v i postponed to Tho first wednesday after the. R fourth monday in november next Aud that it be made the special order for that Day fat 1 o clock p. In. Or. Wither Poon presented the petition � b of the of Public buildings for Williamsburg District pm Irig an add Tiona appropriation for building a a cart �. House. Or. Btl presented an answer to absolution of reference to a full Esti mate of Cost now Capitol which. Rad. A Inea Enate now took upon tie Zenei orders of the Day and proceeded to give a second Reading to a Bill to Amend an act More Effort idly to prevent free negroes arid. / other persons of color from entering into1 this state and Foi other purposes. This1 Bill by and Avoca. A led by or. Mcnea Tjit chairman of the Pom j&9 motto on pc Deal Welfl Tiona to whom it bad been report do after some Timo spent in9 debate on the question of agreeing to the t3 Bill the Yoas and nays wore called for and Trio Bill nil Mak Vav uyfvs5s a a j of representatives by yens 24, Mayo. 14. Y House of Rev Senate framed5 tote House Ift wll to exempt a bitters of a we gospel Stoin Ordinary patrol duty read the first time a. A r piir8uant to Fao Tice or. Orowson introdu8ced a Bill to Artienda Tho charter of the new Berry and Chester Railroad or. Rice from the Cora Mitten on roads it Bridges arid fees made re Jioras on Billston alter and Amend the License i a of. 4hise stated of Fer Tfelt ice Kain Miton for tort i Pudlo id Abule bi8t,riot, a non few of Charleston a 4ukl" Ungui Shtawi and venerable Veteran of lilo Whf. Of 1812, whose presence a natio itt House was by a Resolution admitted to al5\the privileges of the floor. Up the report of the committee of the Jii. Judiciary on the Bill to increase in certain particulars the magistrates be. Ing against the passage of the Bill if was .3 on motion ofor. Ticker Laid ii the table,1 and Tho Bill was taken up for a Seo Oad or Reading. A a spicy debate ensued which Cut off. Suddenly by tace Call of the Zepeda order of Tho Day by or. B. F. Perry which was to tier Bill to authorize the suite to Aid in. Becon _4 e a i Wrev. By you uni Inu Jdie nudge Mcva Itroia a
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