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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - December 15, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaGay-sr."-1 poetry. betrothed. When were Fri when to other calmed the duty would yield to ti�41-Wroed i won thee. Bleat fund teen Ray Fate i Bat Ivy be qty hath and Ono rne. Y to or �j�3wsiwt?.yxo ,1fot to okie try town flighted " m with a faltering lip and pal glands our cruel sires United hearts were deemed of alight Avail to thus my month s Bright Mora o Erslia ded thus betrothed to wealth and state All Loyc s own Sweet Prospect faded,89 i have found too late i r Uke the Fawn Liat finds the Fountain with the Arrow in his breast v or like Light upon the Mountain where t i Snow must Ever rest v i Hare found forget me f run await of flu madness to have met Theo. To of co found too late i r. Miscellany. Fob toe Independent Fres Fame. At tiling throughout Trio extended Range of existence 0 earliest Dawn has been one ceaseless varied #. Scene of revolutions. And a glance at the ruins of former greatness is sufficient to v demonstrate the Itter transient Ness of All efforts arising from a terrestrial origin. The mightiest achievements of Genius in Days of Yore though numbered among the wonders of he world Are fast crumbling to their Basehor have entirely perished away. Many of Kerful cities with their High and impenetrable Walls surrounding towering Battlene to tenth a vast area and a numerous Popula Xion Dave no longer a place save in names 3nsreloped in Sublimity and hallowed by classical associations. The most magnificent structures of Art in Egypt and Greece " and Palestine those lands of Sweet familiar sound Are All rapidly falling by the corrosive i Jower of Ages. And in whatever directions. A. .11.4 a. 1. 1 in. 1.ii Ura of Piinuu in la Niue Jiuu Ruai Iru i a Ortalia fact per bunt the vegetation which annually mantles adorns and beautifies the Earth perfumes , with fragrant wafting doors and de i lights and nourishes the living rises by the Potency of genial rays and Falls before the r wintry blasts. The rippling roaring streams and Lovely volleys and Majestic burning mountains with All the scenery in nature will be erased at some epoch in the unexplored future. And even old Earth and Ocean Yea All the myriads of worlds Small or great that rest or Roll in unlimited apace. I \ roust pass through a fiery ordeal the Crucible of deity. Man bearing the image of his exalted creator almost endowed with elf&56tib, woul never have died such be tons fur a Mere momentary Triumph. The one diligent studies under to com Klubok to Yew Juth tyo fearful consequence a and contrary to Pruder admonition. The other in some seclude Grotto prepared Hin of for the Dok void the grand the ormt"4ud proved to com Fig indolent to a the Omnia the Moet facetious of the latin satirists an the to conclusion of a Roumo of odes in Earl ii thua Eio flip Remegi Monument us re i wonderfully astonishing bus Boen the inh it lec Tuai advancement and it can not \ f known by any computation what part of of is attributable to the spirit of Craul Atio n the tro Piee. Of others than melt Yadid Bare Brou Elit on see bless Nair Sta Abd Kam. Int y reformat Iopa. And the Brilliant lights Stait of the first magnitude which act have arise i. Upon the horizon of Art and science at j literature serve at All times to guide and it o spire those who Are seeking to obtain a Protil position in the Bright Constellation. A e he whose mind is tip imbued with self Shne it that he does not love to dwell Ina Mirin r As far As is just the True greatness of other May rest Well assured that he a Pothiti n of the kind in hit Selc annihilate to it it heaven Dorn principle and improvement we n cease patriotism die and Trio performani1 of duty will indeed be an in tolerate Taa 9 but if kept under proper restrictions it i e always exert a healthful influence upon to 8� destinies of inexperienced youth and eve i of All Mankind. It is not possible in col 8 Sider tiou of different circumstances for e1 Ory one to take the tide at the flood an reach the a highest Meed of Fame Yot in even Grade of beings there will be a few Wolik will Excel All others and Challenge a pr0 found respect. History is Fertile in Illust 1uus examples Tuat Are Strong in Conur Roi g Tion of these declarations. But we a y one in the great expounded of our cons timid Tion and another in the defender of 01 rights. � Webb Tek Rose As with giant like fan eur proudly burst asunder the Bonds Thi or Faiu would have held him Down and Stam cd his name upon the ago in which he liver and associated it with the renown of Loisb 13 loved country. And when his exit fish soul was called to perform nobler action 10 and contemplate the grander scenes of holier sphere the intelligence darted of land and sen upon the lightning s Wing or and who can estimate what Good will i0 realized by the present and future generation from the Many Virtues of the greatest Orl tor Aud statesman of the nineteenth Century near six thousand year and this Bror r Wuu Vui Wii us great Sumii cities we e required in the production of a Washin ton. He stands the first among mortal colossus of Timo and enjoys the Riche and purest of earthly glory. Several Freedom s Bohs live in history but he Baklin the affections of Iii countrymen. The deeds May be eventually forgotten but i a will increase in splendor and in virtue u i j til both hemispheres Are thoroughly Revol j ionized and Liberty holds undivided Awn j then let his children r nation of Freeme rear his Monument. To a Cioa. F Tho Lovely daughters of the South do lion to his Mentory and themselves by Savit from desecration Tho holy ground which of gains the renting place of him Whoso Nan belongs to uberty1.to tl5 wow. I to f. But Fame also hag 4ta abuses. Tho l0 who cannot succeed by lawful Means Oft resort to Iliof i r. Answer their purposes. Thousands who Hai it no higher aim than to amass perishing be id will enter the torte Sholds of Tho Munfor Yuttal of Rob tie pitiless orphan and Strong hop tel de Mong poverty. Othe off contracted desires and with Tore Favorale d opportunities Hay generated Clouds of d in vat aloft and left wide spread donation to Weir to Iii to in Len Patchis Init the raise Worth precedents of Nui and a id Grade a Frost the resource of their govern whote la accomplish their Ign Motte end. Aix Wjt ,. Y m. A wrenching from impotent Spain Tho fairest be be tel in Lier casket the b Emiti Ful Island of ii Cru but. Europe is in a violent turmoil the p. Bon of the North is marching Down making ready for the Complete a annihilation of Turkey and the finest oars vies in the world arc majestically Riding the sneers and buffeting Billows to preserve the id balance of Power x the Possession and enjoyment of mgt Are capable Only of a temporary duration id and when subjected to he proper analysis n % gift Fonod 8ftvort�ongly of Yanity. It he scaled All Joe Heights and sounded even that lower deep beneath its lowest in Depths cannot personally Reali Fco from it in More than a Brief consciousness of part evil licence. Its pleasures never can find their a Way to decaying mortality in the dark . Be of deat i4,? not even ill the most went convulsions of the universe in Wilt Eye heard eave in Tho Loua Ert fining sound of the � the immortal spirit Wil v. Hanabu. d mus Over that which Wae y instrumental in riveting it to the. Found 0tiona of the profit modest hell to to tortured d forever by floods and whirlwinds of Temi pest oui and Whilt Are All the a Crown Fly and conquests and victories of Earth re when contrasted with. The ext Atic and Peri Petal Bliesa of heaven ? the great Lubo a Story of nature is too poor to a Fortl a comrwmoan.1wiia full of a. I-1 uni , t Lluu Quli q 3. Give a thought to aught that transpired in at this probationary state when once admitted i into Home to dwell in the , the holy the redeemed the e. Honors and blessings of Fame will be for Gotro in As if submerged under oblivion s heavy 8 Waves when the enraptured soul shall be a Paviliones by the Rah Bow covering a of the or great Royal Palace and Impara ised fast Byth Hope. Of Jehovah. R there it shall con 0 tide to increase in Hap Pine be teat the full Robed splendor of the Sun. Of righteous Ness until eternity rocks on its base. 0 Lovely boicerga., june 1854. In. T. K l. 0 political. As n the president s message. A the great length of this document Ipri deluded to possibility of its appearance in re the press under preset it circumstances. We a therefore copy n very accurate synopsis of 1b, it prepared by the editors of the Charleston st courier in of of beige relations. Leg on Liia interesting subject the duty an policy of the country arc stilted in a Brid. Exposition and enforcement of the general1,8 rules that bae Long l Een recognized. The n spirit and Tenor of the Monroe doctrine Are 11 clearly inculcated Only Noc Sjirk pm. The Best interests of Trio country but Banalo Sylto the. European system of balance of Power. It our ays Temy however is essentially one dior dec acc and conservative 01 a offence . The increasing exp tent of Intercourse and of May of tie f doctrine More difficult but Only enhance site propriety this difficulty is owing in great part to d proper dwim6eination Between commercial fetid political grounds for attributing offensive to or insert Nada purines United if reference to its Mih tary and naval establish the inputs forbids Uch a supposition. La " Tho f 3tvftohlxjp�ituioit Oft Fiu country a i i Toft list in w 1-ww5w4. 3r pressed his wilhrigue8st& accede. Tho King of pm sep also assents but the proposal of a new Piid Itin Viz renunciation of Privateering. Such an lticle4would manifestly operate Bene of All Power having age naval establish Nientsu in proportion to their born Lead i Marine and the extent of their Commerce exposure hut it would As clearly be Dat Metal to any Powers having & Large Tai widely extended Commerce with a email n by in which condition a arc found. T1 i expediency of ail accession to this prpos6d condition United states is Ujj guru a oui of equivalent an obligation and solemn compact to fore resort to volunteers on land in War. T1 particular state of our relations with oth Powers is next adverted to great Britain. T in legislation necessary to the full a faithful execution of the late treaty of Retro cite in fisheries is strongly Recor Tihinen de. The treaty is now in operation As f As can be without the Aid of Congress Ait a to refund the duties the have accrued since its commencement Fth want of Power to suspend the is pending a difference in Regato our Boundary line on the North fac i which has already caused difficulties Bette citizens and local authorities of the to governments near that site. The Despu relates to the Boundary line of and a commission is recommended. The indications Are encouraging for i amicable arrangement which could also i elude the right of navigation on the Columbia As now vested in the Hudson Bay coi Pany. Piva Vai with tills county Pur fit Diplomat ally and generally our steadies Friend to we have had occasional but slight Interra tons Amity and Courtesy. The Cas Etlie French Consul at san Francisco h been settled it is believed to of All. The later and apparently mores Ous Case of the supposed indignity offer to or. Soule is briefly mentioned in refi ring to the fid correspondence to be sub Ted with Tho message. Spain. In the condition of this counter agita by a revolution that lab just been appeaah6s offered he Opportunity to Buff new i Uter for securing any definite re cult. O relations therefore stand apparently ii changed since the last message but i hoped that the present government will found in some respects More a Cessil than its predecessor. Denmark. Negotiations Are still continued to Reli american shipping from the exaction the sound dues. This claim Only rests u on special conventional provisions and r on general maxims. As the existing cd mention with Denmark is supposed to Embarrass and prejudice in 8ome Points the f settlement of the question on Broad Printies it is proposed to give notice of abrogation after one Vear. As required. Of. X Japan. The management and control of the i expedition Are highly commended in Gen al terms the treaty resulting from this with the Argentine and the republics of or Hogay Paraguay have secured Toj a i Gatioan of the boo it tributaries it is hoped the Sar Jesu Folio Tho Nef Cotta i Progress x�ttcerni6g the Anzon. f r at present theft stand Partek Ste i Miat Mirim Prfu Flati stir i n the. Treasury report is marred to Fow the Ful information on Tho Imp Portano subjecty#\3jf Vur of the Federal finances. The total reygptyffi�0gasfit for Thelma fiscal Yea was $73,54&vf0a$dh Ali corresponding expend ures sch Lve i i or tar s in Yea under existing Law Tyre All demands will reach $12,000,06�. The pub50lie debt outstanding on the 20ji Jov. Was a $44,975,456, in different issues of Stock. Or redeemable through a Range of fourteen years. The Public debt overdue but no presented for payment Eiju ate $133jl7fl.id it is recommended to continue the. System is of applying the surplus As far As Pra Ca War Public debt by Anticis Ettive redemption Ovid stocks. It is also strongly recommended be 1 m. 10 Cauco the annual surplus by Ower Ajaj a. A or the duties to a Standard corresponding with the demands of a just administration. Reverd nue and not Protection being now the Elatab # in fished principle in regulation of the duty in jaws it will not be found difficult to agree to tin details. The it a stated that within the foukyeats5n next preceding the 4th March ,1858-=-Tliatd is throughout Tho period of the dec Edinar 4 m on term of Treasury defrauded to Tho amount $198,000 a four ports of Oswego Toledo Sandusky and it was found difficult to detect these frauds in consequence of Tho abstraction of books and papers by retiring officers. New provisions of Law Are recommended requiring Tho Hooks and Tacorda of officers to be left in their proper depositories under adequate penalties. The treasurer r113report, it is said furnishes ample illustration. Of Tho financial Security and. Prosperity of the country and of the Sali itary operations l of the Independent Treasury system. A Indian affair a. The experience of Tho year Furni the Many painful reasons in favor of at increase in the military Force allotted the Frontier defences. The Frontier settlers Hare suffered much and Largo bodies of emigrants Mavoin been massacred. Tho army jew done Hul duty nobly and displayed its. Characteristic -57" gallantry into increase a imperatively ,18 demanded. R i. The army. V " v " the increased nar a howl full � last session for the rank and file Lias resulted favourably not Only in facilitating enlist intent but in providing a better class of provisions of a similar i character Are recommend cd Forio oers. .10 and increase also of two Revfi Incila of inc int i dry and two of non need men � urged Ashe least increase adequate coexisting Emer n. Genies. A v " changes in organization and arrangement Are also proposed Sodi As a devolution a staff duties on officers detached Frodo the regiments concerned. An,exteusiotof.tfi&it� Range of be Keetion or a modification of Boer present practice of promotion or seniority Aud it retired list in As to artillery Thoro go Refon Sill Bro ionization is proposed inv on a Elmange t. Forti regiments to corps according Tolbart Torick and to actual artillery outfit. Muci g of the Force now nominally Ratel As Virti Tajii Lery hns Long be a practically old by a 8 in try. A Jjck lat the Matt. In the Ang mentation of us a not re. Kept Pace with the Denstad a few of tending Tirpan Sitf of area Aud maritime. To interests. J no ppr Enuco by Aiem is , Public vessels of or. Cars tie numerous nod tragical Tate Titcas �f2�&8 to Ramie dia8, crowded together �3, Bio seamen is sensibly i�j8 a some connection with the to. After All the Tina bet Doit or
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