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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Dec 8 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - December 8, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaDevoted to mob Rath the arts sconce agr1cpltpr3, Hows politics a. " the bus Ptter. A "3 t it be instilled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty � of Jet pres i is the palla4i of All Jimr , of ayah cd. Bin that fold weep the coloured lands Caj want Kings in purple and i the enchanted ground Oda that Crown Lois ogled splendours Glorio Mariy of Trees look Down my Fate a Are not alone in theft Bright walks the wet South we w a Pic tt., ,topmiid8r/.it. l.,t � a a a i a v along the winding Way. Ai ". V and far heaven the while Vathi Iron Miat a that Gale to wander Here Poura Outon the flair Earth i quiet 6f where now the solemn Shade verdure and Bloom where i hateful when the noon 01 summer made the Valley sick Tith beat let it throng Ell the triers come the Strango rays the Forest dept Lis Albright their sunny coloured foliage in the Breeze twinkles like booms of Light. The Rivulet late unseen where bickering through the shrubs its water run Shine with the image of its Golden screen and glimmering of the Sun. But neatly Yon Crimson free Loter to listening maid might breath his Fla Mistor Mark within its Roseate canopy her Blush of Maiden shame. Of autumn Why so soon depart the hues that made thy Forest glad thy gentle wind and thy fair sunny noon and Leavo thee wild and sad t 1 a there a lot too blessed. Forever in thy coloured shades to stray amid the kisses of the soft South West to Rove and dream for Aye. And leave the vain Low strife Mil via t . Power a the passions and the cares that Wither life and wastes its Little hour. . Governor s message. Gentlemen of the Senate and House of representatives under the uniform action of our system v. Government without strife or Conni Sior now members to the general assemble inv been chosen to represent the latest views the people of thre Commonwealth and Ott twi it to vide for their happiness am welfare. Although this event is of Regula recurrence it is nevertheless one full of in Terest both to you and your constituents. In a country like this so rapidly grow ing and developing Tench Day new event end fresh resources the legislative mind a Well be anxious lest. By Trio omission c some neglect of some progressive strides of the slate toward v wealth and Power May for a space be re Tadei astr Png inclination to Progress i it a characteristic of the race which you ii part represent and a perhaps the secret c jog Flo american Success and Ascenc Faney. Its spirit prevails Over the continent and Conan Jelly bumping us into new position of theory and of government. It pervade to cited ferr less extent,.every state in the Arne Titan it term. And a inv Rev anti caped the common misfortunes. The Metropolis and some of the lesser towns and portions of the country have been visited by a fatal fever and other diseases almost As destructive to life which for a time have arrested All business destroyed n number of valuable lives and invested their communities i with a profound gloom. But Fow families Are without some sorrowful event to Call to their 11 ii i cum Usu ii Tuu Rich Miner As a Genoa of Eevers trial and mourning till we have abundant cause for gratitude to god for arresting the ravages of disease and for restoring both the City and country to their usual health. The aggregate income of the state from agricultural sources for the present year i Likely to be materially diminished. The yield of Short Cotton to the planters not withstanding a most favourable season for gathering and preparing it for Market will scarcely be equal to the crop of last year whilst the Jong Cotton and Rice on the sea a Uzoaru Nave been very much injured generally and in some instances entirely destroyed by the equinoctial storms. , taken in connection with the Stringency in the Money Market in the consequent Check Given to Commerce and Trade induce a Strong necessity for Economy both in disbursement of Money from the Treasury and in private , owing to the previous comparative Freedom from debt in the state Tho losses both in business and agriculture will Only work a temporary injury which Ordinary prudence cannot fail soon to remedy. For an abstract of the condition of the finances of the state i beg to refer coif to Tny last annual Nett profits of to Bank of the stat for the present fiscal year amount to the sum p of two Hundred and ninety five thousand dollars $295,000, against three Hundred and thirty thousand dollars 330,000, " the Nett profits of 1853, thus showing a diminution in the income of the state from that source to Llie extent of thirty five thousand e dollars $35,000. It was to have been anticipated that Thel profits of the Bank for the present year3 inn Lyl foil a liftoff of Iliof of Trio r the great Stringency in the Money Market a which has extended Over the whole country necessarily curtailed its Ope nations. Therewith have the Lionor to Lay before you Trio annual statement of the Bank to october a 1854, showing total funds t9 the amount of seven millions three Hundred and eight thousand six Hundred and five dollars and fifty cents $7,308,005 60. During the year Twenty five thousand dollars $25,000 have been applied to Thon reduction of the state debt. X y comparing tue Oriance in the Treasury on the 1st of october 1853, with that of a corresponding period during the year 1854, it will be perceived that there is a ailing off of eighty one thousand four liun6dred and sixty Siree dollars and fire cents,0 $81,408 05. The income derived for Sev eral years fro Stock in the South Carolinas Railroad company will be withdrawn from the Treasury in consequence of its Exchange a for Stock in other Railroad companies. On t the other Hancl there is Fasoni to suppose eve that the Cash it copts from taxes will considerably exceed those of the last year. In0 the upper division Alono the receipt from m thu source exceed those of the year previous Imra of eighteen thousand Are Hundred and thirty eight dollars and seventy two cents $18 88 12, a .1 in Jane last i received fro Ramr. Art Thott cd of waih1ngton/a Treasury draft for problem Withow Sand and meet is Niay allow report upon the Caso and other Peppera con Nerich Thomaw Ortr. At tie last annual meeting of the legis1 at ure in Conne Cuffe Yte comptroller general i was directed by act to Issei Bond of the state to Thow count of two Hundred and fifty thousand d6ljnrs, �250,000, futile purpose of forwarding the con Trust ii of state Capitol a the Bonds went accordingly prepared underlie in Medili auspice of tie president of Jug Bank Wett duly executed and offered in4 the Market Foi Sale. List owing join monetary difficulties there was Little or Toja demand for such so Cliritie and but a of find of them were Puspos of of. Under Tieso after cogitation with the president of the Bankit waa deemed advisable for him to proceed to new York and offer diem a to Hajj Markek there he found Jmar difficulties somewhat increased for the fact that thib oids were ma4e payable at the st Tolate Ury and not in new York As was referral he nevertheless effected a Sale to the a mount of $i8q,000 Coupon which a Premium was received Nom cof 8,393 04 remains unsold bowls to thew fount of 120,000 cof these there Are lodged inthe j3ank of the Jtb 0,000 0cand in the Bank of the Republic new York connection with this statement financial affairs i desire with great defer enee to submit a few suggestions with regard to the present condition of banking operations their it oct Ypon the Inone Market and upon the Popio and business of the state. The legislature two Yenn since acting under what appeared then to be a Genera demand tor increased Balji no facilities tables hotel a number of new Banks the banking capital to the sex tape of two millions six Hundred and eighty to thousand four Hundred and seventy five do Lars 2,085,475. The impression seeing generally to prevail that this i Tep vat Utt make Mommy More abundant and the increased want of it both for Commerce an internal transactions would to amply me those who dealt in stocks and in i Treigi and Domestic Exchange joined the agricultural interests in Tho demand suit As has Beeri clearly demo Strin of by experience has disappointed Tho expectations of both. Instead of increased discount by notes in a period of unusual diff a Wii it Iii Ritj in extensive Field or Tae employment olb amt capital and the reputation of of Wanks of bout ii Carolina and the Rydij Sivu w of Ouji w Lucia Loouis injpuq6states, together with the Latip per of paper curb Enoy to their own citizen go the Banks of this state were paying oily five to seven Percsi per annul in dividers tuba lowing conclusively that a very Largo portion of our r banking coital was ant is diverted from y the Russof our own Popple to Supply the1 Nice Batops of Tho people of other p so all3otlisre refer to the hazards to banking and Otlie incidental objections lib bur.1t h rvs Tom a for non few. A Tim Viv 1.110 a in i Lili univ bulk operations is 0 Remote and Uncertain. My5 object is to state Uch fact As will form the r Lasi Arof legislation to remedy former error satisfy Trio Public wants and Correct the present evil As far As it May be done with safety. But upon this head a great difficulty r presents itself a Mode which will no Embarrass the commodity affect the value of property or interfere Ith. Public credit undoubtedly the Power rests with the legit Layup to alter or Amend Bank Charters. V they Are no longer Independent As formerly a Are in All Rel pets subject to your , to use Leftt Power however unless. For the Strong reasons is always question1 Able and sometimes dangerous As evinced by the financial history of other states to particularly in Tho Stela Massachusetts i was i Tenile to of. An effectual Check upon the abuses Practised Iff them. That Law i restricts them to open rations at their own counters denying them the privileges a Broad. V such a Rule is never evaded r attributed lather to the honesty or. Officer Fth to any want of financial skill. An evasion of the Law a tender a easy by r making Loans r to circulate the issues a \ fixed sum for their use Blig tin Hemsel Vesto make returns fit who time agreed r upon and stipulating . Assent t be received by the Banka in top. Turn. It is More than doubtful policy to r ass which can do to easily re swered t nugatory besides if implied Viu Funi fest injury would result u a portion of such p institutions. Banks in this state usually transact a Large amount of their business through Agar Fri Aid Are upon them for a Supply of Northern Exchange which fun Only foe obtained in Tho seaports. To prohibit Tho Uso of a nta tothe country i Banks would seriously Embarrass them. Without Exchange,-4liy" could not surf Tho wants of the Interior and their issues 4ir. J. 1 Nuriu Vici Siuw us Suepre Ciarea in Lue. thus giving a Banks there lop we. A great advantage in questions of so Jef Ucli As. Those relating to Lonu aft it is extremely difficult to Point out-5reniedyvfor error which exist in the system. Of the rfcs by Ever which i Hae of let sent to Vas the evils will part it feet their ?o1�jmiu$f oses to have them properly arranged Index we and copied where itis necessary appear to be moderate adjust. Upon referring to the revolutionary an colonial records find several chasms which should be filled up in order to make the perfect. I think it advisable therefore to authorize the governor to procure such cop i or Pic missing papers As can doubtless be obtained from the English archives i beg to Lair before you the reports and accompanying papers Upo the subject of the new. State Capitol. \ will be found Tobe full and explicit. In my i annual message i had the Honor to state to the legislature that the new state Capitol was in proper Progress of construction that thew spices under which uie work wac to Fried on were satisfactory Fca work Roelf was executed in a raan1tfo&frtnco elegant and substantial Andoh building would be erected flown the foundations then Laid which would reflect Lii tum Puii Iuo Outziu in every Way worthy of her dignity. Since that time however i have cause to authorize a Radical Opi Tilison upon this the adjournment of the legislature the basement of the North Wing Asfar completed Frant an order from me for the req Jval of. All the papers belonging to the office of the fever jul departments of the stata33ovei? into Jie new apartments erect a Fer then in to lift portion of che building . Atop necessary for the projection of Thyl roof a Molnr danger of to sir Active. My to jts present site. Re fare and during the past8pnn, by the llogi8lacui#iat Oft lie newhall8 Mcqune concerned but certain Iii a tons of i ult Vyortkin tie. inquiries were Beti tuned. Tiie service a f an architect ability and Large profession jul fact ice were c led Tito requisition. At first the Milt actions of Tho pm k a re not thought Tow of a serious character and that by taking do in and reconstructing an inconsiderable portion of it All defects would 3 remedied Althou toss to the state. In them Ntim e to original architect was super acid in by pea Qung or. Walker ir&mie3iatecharge of construction and to Fri join a nifty name of Baltimore As tit if is Bunting Nidhi sect to be Able to onto Fantl Ait of a Dicomi Nenad. And for i. R some time continued work in cube contract system to w11icb.pf course. Consider the rates paid Ibry Olavere Bot larger that Are usually admitted for buildings of to character but recently and a a completer Eorgan nation of the cot of seen without obstruction from the four Points of the comm Paar ainu Iii present an appearance pore dig Hill a and imposing. Should tit frag Gest Ion be adopted it woul a be necessary Toi crease still More the area of Proon about it if the change of Locati ote be made inane end perhaps it majr not be Ai subject with this of Czbuk. -. Or. exists As to Gifft Ciao ii of the com Nils Sibera in to pc Iaea. Of will judge v is Vliem with a pm Ness and equity. Hiey lift a Jinny difficulties encounter. To for Jug and working in trite id in v4ithis Statcy and cpjmpetenfcjjoffif3ulort,?a sentiment of Devotion to Tho state Abd 4 sincere desire to to useful to it. 4fcei�, a v the a proved of a 4
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