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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - December 1, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina, devoted to Usra Tirb the arts Job Cienci Aricom re wow politics &c., Lotta to pub. At Tolt i let it be instilled into the hearts of Var or children that the it tart of Jota Prem the of Hyla Prav a tiv in volume 2---n0.30. Abbeville c. H., South Carolina Friday morning dece Mirr i 1854. I. v i poetry. � v 1.1 i .1 Lovo on. Lore on Lovo on he soul must have a shrine. breast must have some hallowed spot the god who formed us Lef Tjio spark Divino in Lite Trlla if lilo in aii flt fln/1 Fec Votion s links compose a sacred Chain of holy brightness and unmeasured length the world with selfish rust and stain May mar it Beauty but not touch its Trengali. Love on love , even though the heart we fondly build on Provett like tie Sand though one by one Faith s Corner stones de part. And even Hope s last pillar fails to stand though we May dread the lips we , and know Ali or falsehood shadows All our Days Olio would not sooner Trust and be deceived lion it turn Cha Monn nnl/1 Oniris of emf to 5 on love on though to May live to see the dour face whither in its circling shroud though dark and dense the Cloud of death my " he affection s glory Jet shall Pierce the Cloud. The truest spell that heaven can give to lure Ali c sweetest Prospect mercy can bestow is the blessed thought that bids the soul to sure k. Twill meet above the things it loved below. Love on love breathes the words their Mystic music even dwells around the Strain is echoed by unnumbered chords and gentlest bosoms yield the fullest sound. As Flowers keep springing Tho their dazzling Bloom i � is Oft put Forth for Worms to feed upon so hearts though wrung by traitors and Jyce. Tomb i Shell still to pc Ioas and shall still live on. S miscellany. Doe Sticks runs with the a i a 701 narrow Street n. York oct. F 30, 1854i am not known by the Cogno i men of Mote nor do i answer to the name ofskyesy".neither, As a general tiring do i promenade Tho Middle of Brond i in. ,1 3. To Ftp Vii my Yiuyu Usua ii Iio my boots still by the Way of a new excite i ment i lately joined with my Boott on ready for a alarm. At last it the rope with the rest of the boys i started on a run tugged and toiled till we Gatior in to the 11th-District, four Miles and a half i v tro Mitome \ to undue alarm had i Een cans i de by barrel of shavings and the co Fla oration had extinguished itself bad to dragger Clear Back tired most to death it was not Undy at All j turned in half an hour new alarm started 80 Laid in. The same Alley got our apparatus jammed on the Corner fight 07 victorious got our machine out Imd carried off theore Wheelon 80 s Carriage on our Tongue reached the fire big Nigger standing Agthe. Hydrant a the t 1. T or company came in co tact machines of jammed polyglot swearing by the strength of the companies got All mix Edip fight one 88 s men hit Foreman of look and ladder 100 Over the head with i spanner 07 i Engineer clipped one of 73 s Nen with his trumpet 78 retaliated with a moving Stone men of All the companies went a resolved to go in myself went in vent out again As fast As i could with i Black Eye three Teeth indigestible i Lave every reason to believe in my of the death of Randal no. Randolph in fast declining health reached Philadelphia whither he went to take Nasi age from that Foit he waa too late or the . He exposed himself to to a of the weather,".took sold which aggravated his disease and hastened its fatal termination. \ he was Pat i Lodgin at the Uny note. A Jine Laio Ync Macrea a Man bad rhe sudden bursts of petulance which of to interval of acute Mii Erinc voice growing gradually fainter As he pcs Edon into the thicker shadows of Par Valley the fluttering pulse stood still add John Randolph of Roanoke was numbed with the dead 1 june 24,1833, aged sixty Quint i ii in a sub. In his Omar Homo and buried death As in life unsocial and Iho Forest of the soil of the Virgi Nalio loved so Well they Laid the Corso of her fax Huland devoted son. They left him to rest after the Long fever of his troubled Dreamon life was Over in an Humble and sequestered grave beneath two stately let him sleep on 1 the gloom of their Shade and the melancholy sighing of Theta l in i �1 Nijiu Luicir to guns no it emblems of the life which was breathed out in stiffness Aud in sorrow. Jackson. It May Well to doubted if the records of ancient or of modern times exhibit to us a name More distinguished for Sublime and unfaltering courage than that of Andre Jackson. He Nevot seemed to Rise to but Ever to stand level Frith the loftiest was nothing in the shape 6fdanger or responsibility which he feared to meet merely but to go inn last ref Matt 1ijuvwv a Iivo a Vatu Uius jul la uc1jt Hill master. Iio was chary of his Fame. Beloved applause but when did to Pauso inthe execution of a put a be to count its cast to his reputation ? did to Ever falter when the chivalry and Flower of his Early and late supporters deserted his Banner by balloons if anything can Appal a politic fun heart or stay his hand it is civil War. Butin Case South Carolina he contemplated that result and prepared , with the coolness and determination of a common place business matter. He stood Forth a Peculiar and original Man in the great attribute of conceiving and executing purposes and plans from the very contemplation of which common shrink in dismay. Yet one thing this great Man lacked. He lacked the crowning virtue of towards a personal or political enemy and Charity for opposing opinion were not numbered among the Virtues in his Calendar. To Are pained to be forced by truth to say that the hero s character of such robust and Stalwart proportions and vital with such massive and masculine strength was incomplete. Like some gothic Tower dimly seen by Star Light i Jeave the impression of poly Yaj Akin to the terrific and Hubli Iolj but wants Tiro wild Anft of ening Light of this absent Grace Tornado Jet Lovely to the contemplation Taipi heart. A Clay in at this juncture Jhenry cla Mejt kiss eat in the Senate. His very or coals Sher event in the. Political history Pima Nihi we there was patriotism enough in the country to 6avo it but it was a dormant waked it up l Clay was the medium that poured the electric currant of the. People upon the politicians and the Public before had he fully shown himself the Man go l had made him for fifty years he had never founder Ivator a whole session As an orator and Leader in a deliberative Assembly but Torii had compared him to himself and had noted How far Towas in this speech or that High Watermark of excellent now no was a Jere the flood of his sweeping and surge-li4bquence had . As a Mere orator to left Tho great deeds of his youth and Middle age his oratory was that least remarkable of his claims to Nirta tia was eloquent in Ever tiling instinct with eloquence As if possessed by its All perhaps a so Jacial intfer66m%a, no a pase it into others now in to cd Craft no Raff the Mesa table Dow in the committee a Tom Shihe Drife n the Street it wherein every Way. The fever of soul that cjrtw&3him with but one object before 1 Fyk arid of the that never for ,1, ii ill a. for . Beauty has ohartn8. A it has almost equal to Mua it Mayr Otho a Savage. To j Quai. Ituau Ounn a Werman music teacher Oife a last we of by waa changed with to Eif Beauty of a Litfy Drig fit As a Star Lovely a9 those who dwell beyond or in the shining orbs. He saw and she conquered. To Paw her in the Street a followed. Other pot Lea ave done the same. She entered a store sordid he. No because he wanted to buy goods but hot Hought an Opportunity might occur for him to speak music to her or hear the music other speech. Of what a voice More Sweet than his Ottn fid a nud its tones vibrated to the vory Bottom of his lager Beer barrel. Anther him to the heart Force thought Ite smiled on him. Perhaps , to my Usu. To v Pui eur a a jul in Limo circus tic other night. Wuu to Wii la rvs if Ujek wait iorhf59p& Roh yes certainly in your Pompan in length of lie 6hould Lnda led the Way to the part both were seated upon the sofa and time Yent wings , he i ought to thought that Fly fit somali thatsmiled4ipon him Waw i rde to Lov perhaps he offered his to Iyer acceptance. Fish fid not accept but that Only served to . So flew time till i iou Bell a a r Hafty ran to open the d6fth no Sil Behest into general Dis repute. J3ut to Jye Rof Orra on Ranal code . Us Zopfi stint Ion of i there Fly a cafes of Crim Wmk Frepan 1 e atoned for in no Way Ehorn Jar but with regard to same offences to Orch this Penally is affixed in the criminal Law of this st few there \ ought Long a jog to have been Aton in conf mit with the humanity to f tie a Skwe tru Tubat Thea e Twigg Tofoi fed deserving the attrition of our next legislature. Let us not Coiffe Active As to refuse admi&atir.1 � cations and Coq Peva men criminal Law and Ite corresponded i Lotteef As Mark general amelioration in the Fly huh of i a. ? Saveth spead w2�swm�fe. Ould be Eltar of so a waste i Flor Hurc. Bit Thuv Are almost a jew of a effete no Jfe Whit less excusable we Meav the of dead leaves that fal at Lii Susete n of the year fam Trees and hols of a almonds. Of every Horticulturist would main at on the nature of Thea. P contain n � Only Thye Tahle a fowl of earthy salts limn a in the Good Fields of Australia big 7. Itt a i our Aastra Tori liota overtaking a lesson Nom transatlantic Stutte a men we would set before them the of Vional Kothe Hon Edward. Everett 5?, at the great Temperance meeting held last week in the Taberna Cluj mob Rofelda in referring to the philanthropic Bors of that gentleman stated that or. Everett was beyond most living men a prudent patient inquirer pre eminently a Man of facts aut who was therefore More than most merr trustworthy in All his vow and Jwj a " Everett had for Many years paid partion lar " v attention to the subject of inthe United states and that Tho general con delusions a which he had arrived vri9 substantially the following 1. It has Cost the nation a direct zip Enthof six Hundred millions of dollars r m .2. It has Cost the nation a indirect Eye. To use of six Hundred millions of dollars3. It has destroyed three him dared Tho sir 4. It has 6ent Ono Hundred not us Feu Muren to the poor Bousk v 5. K has consigned at least one Hundred % is 1and fifty Tho Pisand pr8on& Totaj and / state s prisons. A ,." g. It has made at least on Mav a. 37. It Lias instigated to Tho Comaj Sion of Ono thousand five tend red Murd cab to vi8. It Lias caused two thousand persons to Ooi mryt suicide. Aj9. It has Burnt or otherwise destroyed. Property to the amount of ten million Tif 10. It has made two Lind up thousand widows and one Hundred thoua&ni3 the editor of the Banner. A arks that on one or two of these Miu a a a. Preaching to but the re Tolona g5nqtf� for Shiri the Lions of Orrett such facts the i before Mankind it. Jew sri rely becomes them to beware by a a Easert to Multi Fly Theca a of Omo a Folty. A on one Condit a v. S Jpe years ago Jtj be a Gisob Tife of a Ono of tue Middle 8tat�&ere few Tom Constitution fhe Diacou Assort of fat flu Pua was warm and of stint la my Cay had been my Gnu in fiery Fet Ujj Cpd the vote Yraac at length Avoir Tif life � j Anion Ilive a avots to make a coaters off Yoy All Means said he. H Tell think of in was the t abut Yon most makeup your wac once Man for chg vote is about w to a country member a Ltd a Jedi crrr.,1 l. Jul up al � Dpi ? .3hawye3
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