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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - August 26, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaA seven it _ i dij lip .".-. Of. Wap-.w$9 Fahl to i a a " �. A. I a / k try to literature the arts science agriculture hews politics /l854.whole i i. Pm i i i. A i woman slights. By us. 8. F. La8ki.lf it Uher right to watch beside the bed of sickness and of pain a and when the heart almost despairs to whisper Hopes of health again. Hor right to make the Hearthstone glad with gotta words and cheerful smile kid when Hui Hla wearic4 spirit to beguile. It is her Rig lit to train her sons 80 they May Senate Chambers Grace this is she with More honors crowned than if herself had filled the place. V it is her right to be admired by every generous Manly heart when with Truo dignity aft Grace she act eth Well a woman s part. She Lith a dearer right Tolian this. To to in Ono Rue heart enshrined who though the world May All forsake will cherish still and still be kind. And there is 3-ot a higher ,which also is to woman her s to teach the infant mind those truths divine which Camo from heaven. What would she More than to perform on Earth life s holiest sweetest tanks when Yott a perfect woman find no other rights than the she asks. Political Noble sentiments unjustly rebuked. Writer in the Laurens Ville Herald takes Fie Hon. P. S. Brooks Ono of the -1 Ochiai ivc Irum of Usu a Aroma 10 task tor expressing Trio following sentiments in his recent speech on the Pacific Railroad. Col. Brooks said to. Know that i shall he suspected of giving preference to this route because of i age Rioual feeling. If so i am unconscious7of it and tace taets which i have presented will acquit me. The time has been when i was Section dial and it has passed. I Cachere sectional but the Noble Trio of new England messes. Macdonald Hibbard and Ingersoll have taught me to tear Trio word from my political vocabulary and insert units place another which is More elevated and word constitutional. Fobe people of my state were told on a memorable occasion by very High authority there that if one of them should iks asked if he was an american the answer should be 4no, sir i am a South carolinian this sentiment Lias Hud its Day and its votaries of whom no one was More earnestly zealous " Lunn Iii Sci jut sir a a chem Sci 01 tins Congress which vindicates the great principles of non intervention popular sovereignty and the rights of Tho states has verified the dictum of or. Jefferson that error of Pinion May be Iole rated when reason is left free to combat it and will henceforth cause my heart to swell with loyalty and Pride to to called an Brooks assailant says that in Luilus. 1 i. 4tvoiou7 w uiv09 j Avi Iuliu "1115hfts made one of the most grave and unjust charges against South Carolina that i have Ever Neard or read either in or out of he also argues to show that says substantially if not in terms that the Constitution finds nol favor in South Carolina. He goes on to charge that in achoo Wieging himself an amorian repudiates the state of South Carolina. Atthe very moment when col. Brooks and ably advocating the rout that would most Benefit bis state be is cd Iisdor to that state. Now. Who t col. Brooks said Wattick a it rare in Piaf by Kaiim on i d. A j every kind of Grain and vegetable. He productions ran a from the cold ice an hard Granite of the North the Jolden Cornog the West to the Cotton and Ugur of the South and nearly All in sufficient quantities to Supply our Domestic consumptions an furnish Large supplies for exportation thus furnishing nearly All the value As Well As he bulk of our foreign Commerce suggesting thereby the irresistible Conlu Ion that acre culture is the fire enc tran inf in if interest of our country nud upon which nil other interests depend. " the amount of registered and enrolled tonnage is 4,407,010 tons. The amount of capital invested in manufactures is $000,000,000.the amount of its foreign imports iu1853 was $207,078,647, Ana of exports$230,976,157. Tho annual amount of it internal Trade is $6,000,000,000. The annual value of he products of labor other than agricultural is $1,500,000,000. The annual value of the incomes of its . Lii offt no Onn Tim Mono of farms and live Stock is $5,000,000,000. Its mines of Gold Copper Lead and Iron Ore Are among the richest in Tho world. Trio value of the Gold produce in California is$100,000,000 per annul. The surface fits Coal Fields is 139,132 Square Miles. Its receipts from customs lauds Are., in 1853,were �01/337,274, and its expenditures $43,513,208.its National Domain consists of 2,174,188 Square Miles of land. Its nation al debt la but 950,000,000. The number tits Banks at to present time is about 1,100,with a. Capital of $800,000,000. With nuer Borders Are 81,000 schools 0,000 academies 234 College and a 800 churches Only Ono in Twenty two of its. White inhabitants unable to read and write and Nineteen of its Twenty Ono millions of White inhabitants ure native change not desirable. generally Baa at nog other matters been eminently eon Tveith regard mar coi Timie to Dut Niru but c c legislation but with most of the leading measures before the country. It also work swell in keeping our representation unitedly on All questions of importance and thereby10 giving strength and influence to their Conns sols and action. Wherever else rotation in 2 office Nav be desirable and proper in our r Federal representation it should be adopted is Only when to interests of the constituents r require it or when they conceive the Ingrum bunt misrepresents them which Fortu Nameiy is not Ottun the Case in South car Duna. Carolinian. J Eastern intelligence. Ii the russians Smulo an attack on the French and turkish Camp but were Defeated with the loss of 2,000 in killed and 600 prisoners. The russians then retreated by forced marches and evacuating the whole of Wallachia were concentrated on the River Sereth. Omar Pasha was in arching upon Bucha to rest where Abrilian reception awaited him. S an austrian Force at Posth and been ordered to Galicia. The total austrian Force concentrated on the frontiers amounted to. 325.000 men. To lev lid � of Juch and As we have witnessed e the outpourings of love and happiness Bette Anthese devoted and glowing hearts � we Bave Felt that surely much of heaven might be enjoyed Here if All families were equally attached. And would that every " .1 1 i aug ii i Kuciw Quai pure Joy Sno might " create in the paternal bosom by a constant cherishing of the spirit of filial Devotion and seizing frequent opportunities to make 1it Manifest in Little acts of gentleness and Alove notwithstanding the child May have become a Parent. The child never grows 1 old to a fond Parent. It is always the dear child and never so dear a when it keeps up the childish Confidence and love of i Searh f or a Brimstone Corner. G this is the very appropriate title of to Corner of a Boston Street on which the ? Church of Theodore Parker is situated. A Friend informs us of an incident connected with this same abolition Cathedral 1 which strictly illustrates abolition individual who had attended the Church but found the it truism bearing Alto 1gether two Strong for bis own capacity of endure to. Oriya red Liis new for Sale but was 1for a Long time unable to find a purchaser. 1 he at length hit upon the curious expedient 1 of a slim Sale of Tho Pew to it negro in 1ioioioupon b Ini to occupy the Pew with his we and children every sunday till fur ther orders. Tho Pew was in a most Tonapi Toua Tod eligible situation and when on the succeeding sunday the son of Africa mid Lis we took Possession they Wero the 7 " observed of nil observers. It True not Many minutes before the oc0cuphtits of. Neighbouring pews vacated their e places and the looks of indication audit disgust Hryca Spoti the intruders exhibited f the True character of their abolition Philan from being practically illustrated. This i but an example out of a Trio Utsond of the insincerity and inconsistency of abolitionism. Phil. Ledger. Thamnu no were informed on saturday of n very narrow escape made by an individual what binding Liat the assemblage at the week in Thia District afforded a favourable Opportunity for disposing of his water melons at Good profit had taken his position there Between two Large Pine so happened that a very Black thundercloud made its appearance and approached with rumbling thundering threats of de-1 on but Iii in Ever Ming. Some one suggested mammon is he would be termed in Pulpi phraseology Liat it would be prudent to abandon for the time his dangerous position Between these two prominent Points of attraction for a Thunderbolt. Lie replied no that to Felt perfectly satisfied that what is Tobe it to be. In a Short time however whether from Accident or from a sense of Tho Wisdom of the advice received our informant did not say to did abandon it an had got but a Short distance when a deafening Lap struck both Trees and burst open very Watermelon thus by one stroke of omnipotence his Bright speculation Wash arted. We have not heard whether the of i snerer returned sonic for Anchor Supply or followed the meeting to Raleig Libring District but if to did we Ven Ureto assert that any Point near a Pine tree Only not have been the place to look for lieu particularly if there was u Cloud Visi . The fool s reproof. There was a certain Nobleman says Bish plea la who Keut a fool to whom Lin no Lay gave a staff with Chargo to keep it Unithe should meet with one who was a Gront fool than himself. Not Many years after he Nobleman fell sick even unto fool Camp to see. Him his sick lord Aid to him. U i must shortly and whither Art thou going said Tho Istl. " into another world replied his lord lip. Aud when will you comeback ?.kithin a month ? " " within a year " when then " never said the fool " and Hast Oliou made for thy whither thou Gorst none at no said the fool none it , take my staff for with All Iny foil in not guilty of such Folly As consorts Akoteu Bat there having eon Sonc speculation lately on the swedenborgian ceremony of marriage to give lie following synopsis of Swedenborg Shapter of u the state of Cor sorts after eath i t1._ i e i �. Tuum a i in sex remain Wuu every Nan after a Maui such As it was in his Inte Orwill and thought in the world.2. The same is True of conjugal . Two consorts most commonly meet pfc death know each other again associate and for Soto time live together. This Tak Silace in the Firat state while they Are in exc nil Asiu Trio world. 4. As they successively put off their external Sand enter into their internals they a receive in what love and inclination Eliav ltn/1 nun my consequently we ichor Tucy Carf five Drc Thror not. 5. If they can live together the remain consorts hut if they cannot they sometimes the Man from the life and sometimes the wife from the Man ind sometimes Ench from Tho other. 6. Then there is Given to the Man a Suita wife and to Tho wife a Man in like Manar. 7, that consorts enjoy similar Intercourse Vitu Cancu outer As in the Oriu out More pleasant and blessed ret without prolific Tion in the places of which their have which a of to and Wisdom 8. Such is the Case with those who go into heaven but otherwise with Elioso who go into hell. Tim heat Tho Chicago Tribune gives cd understandable il\8tmtion of the beat on a hot Day a dutchman via being driven. Town Lark Street in an open Wagon and App gently sweltering under the broiling aun he jumped from the Wagon tothe hot uric is made him m3eittav 4fci be quickly Kyj. It. Tom fir or. Pollard s Monkey Jack As lie was called seeing bis master and some companions drinking with those imitative Powers for which his species is remarkable finding half a Glass of whiskey left took it up and drank it off. It flew of course Toins head amid Tho roars of laughter Hebo Crati to skin. Hon Ana /ion/./. .1 o it a Mimi a a univ i drunk. Next when they with the intention of repenting the fun went to take the poor Monkey from his Box he was not to be inside there he Lay crouching inthe Corners come out said his to disobey he came walking on fore Paw was Laid on his forehead saying As Plain As words could do that Hoad a headache. Having left Hirst someday to get Well and resume his gaiety the carried him off to the old scene of entering he eyed the glasses with Manifest error skulking behind the chairs and on Leta in Tow Nuli u5. A al Vul Vitug lieu i Jurusik unbolted and was on the House top in Twink Ling. They called him Down. He would not come. Ills master Shook a whip at him. Jack astride the Ridge pole grinned Defiance. A gun which to was afraid of was pointed at the disciple of Temperance lie ducked his head and slipped Over to tieback of the House. Two guns were now levelled at him one from each Side of the House upon which seeing his predicament al nil Nero 1/1 a1 1 or Ai Vituj us Vic Pic Iii Iii water the Monkey leaps at one bound on the Chimney top and getting Down into the flue held on with his fore paws. He would rather be singed than drink.?7he triumphed and although his master kept him twelve years after that he could never persuade the Monkey to take another drop of whisky our wives and daughter the editor of the Newburyport is a of the alleged extra a ? Gancic of wives an ment of making their wives and daughters 1the confidential clerks so far As knowledge is concerned of their establishments and j we should hear no More lamentations about i$500 shawls and $3,000 i hints for boy seven classes of com r Pany avoided t1. Those who ridicule their parents or so i a. Mousey Luicir commands. C2. Those who scoff at religion. R3. Those who use profane language. 4. Those who Are unfaithful play truant and waste their time in idleness. 5. Those who Are of a quarrelsome temper and Apt to get into difficulty with oth is. J0. Those no Are addicted to lying and stealing. 17. Those who Are of a cruel disposition 1 who take pleasure in torturing and maiming Anima la an/1 Inoa Fth Huu 1movvv0 Ivy Piug Uuro us by Lull Young a. Ian these classes Are Tobe avoided for if you associate with them they will soon 1 make you As bad As themselves. F underground railway the above term is frequently used in speaking of the t escape of Staves As descriptive of the secret underhanded Mode of conveying them to the free states by the abolition trite. In Ohio me manner 01 rescuing Staves we learn from an intelligent gentleman is this the slaves j Are first towed across the Ohio River in the night when a systematic process oort no ces by the Aid of a regularly organized Compa j by living All along the route from the Ohio j River to Canad. One party Takesi he fugitive j a distance of Tome thirty or forty mites \ and returns after leaving him in charge of. Another party who continue the travel on the ensuing night and so Therau Ocee each our Vudhi Mey arrive in Vannais no u distinguishing herself in this negro stealing. It is carried on by pretty much the same in Diri Duala who Are nearly Teidy to in i Dencoff their Faith Mij worn Alexandria a a Poos . Yvo Braeg gig. I n gaga the Yankee preacher commandments All blotted out now Parson of Parson the commandments blotted out of horrible no who parishioner Well then Only of partial application Barton Parson As Universal As the family of Man not one Jot or one Tittle its Only the fifth commandment is it Parson not one of then parishioner thou Shalp of steal a not in Force now is it ? Pardon certainly. Parishioner but it Only applies -46watchcs, books and the like Don t it t , every thing. Parishioners in them Virginia negroes belong to the owner f Parson they say they do it then there is some doubt about that parishioner and if i had some doubt that your watch belonged to you would that give me a right to steal it 1parsonahem i see Yogi again Jonathan very Busy now. Got to fireside atthe abolition meeting to Day. A fast a if . To us to Wisconsin Democrat has a editorial bout the Speed of cars on a certain West a Trail Road of which the following is the losing paragraph travellers of Leisure however say they like this Road much Etc than any other in the country it if Konuch like the Erie canal they Din jump off0 pick strawberries shoot pigeons Liquoriu oic., and occasionally retain to sit on the to rest. Last week we convened with 1 firm or an Flifle 1�a of 1 v., a. Vim a i aug in Whf 1tuv eau Enesto Liao three8heeb Kilter anything else. A horse thief who Wasi created in Fondu Lac a Short time since upon being informed that he was sentenced i . a us Oittis prison Reduca that lift Hatnot Are if they sent him by rail Road As Hia Iuie would expire before he readied there st Ange malformation 1.extraordinaryhirtka Simpson county Correa Onden informs us that a negro child was Orn in that county on the Isth Ultimo Vilich was thus singularly malformed it lad two Heads four hands and four feet Vith the usual number of Finger and toes pon the latter. The strange aspect which presented was that of one child sitting in Mother s Lap with in head inclined to Oneida. The monster lived Only a Short time after birth but sufficiently Long for the ascending physician and others present to of Erve with astonishment its almost unaccountable malformation. It was bom at the evidence of a Well known Flanter atdry3reek, Covington county Paulding it a Clarion. A Duklas Friendly Duel says the san Joaquin Republican. Took place on . At Moque Elnine Hill , county clerk of Calaveras and Akler. Dudley. They chose the unique Manle Rof squirting water at each other to Ono their wounded Honor one combatant sup lie himself with the. Hose of the Union water company. Th6 other with that of the Fassa Husetis company. Marking thedis ance which was about Twenty fee they mended playing upon each other. The web Attanas withstood the Cool application awfully for about ten minute when or. Thinking discretion the better part of Val cared in. Punch represent Nicholas a a ass we Laa allowed himself to be shut up in a Pond ind All the european nation conspicuously a 1. To � a Luolla wuici1 in Usu Dull suit bldg Rooco Gover the Fence at him but no one dares to get inside to put tie bridle 3as let Down one or and teaching hand through Hatago Tholof Hia tail and implore France add Jbf Guatto go Raffl take Iii by the head by if they Bahai fact a Moat decided i Tafero hold of the biting end. A of " the War which. Wage pub aka the whole continent of Europa is Cav never seen
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