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The Independent Press Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1854, Page 1

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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - August 19, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina� a Tori Jpn " " a. � i a of ii of Pmj devoted to Mebrat be the arts science agriculture mews Pottos &c., a. " terms one Dollar per annul lot it to instilled into Tho hearts of your children that Tho Liberty of Tho Pioth is Tho palladium of All your . Payable in Advance volume 2.no.15. Abbeville g. Ii., South Carolina saturday morning August id 1851. Whole number 67. Rut ii by. What i have seen. I be Oft in passing through this world seen men of strange repulsive Mould and wondered Oft Why they should see mho dead and senseless drear and cold i be often lingered on their look and mourned alas their gloomy Fate and tried to know ,. What brings this wretched saddened stale. I be Ofinn even the cheerless look and marked the cold repulsive Oye and seen within the frigid soul a mystery Dep that brings a know not whore the wrong doth rest nor can we toll for All is sin but once the soul is dead to Good has naught on Earth to Joy cold phlegmatic Cre turc Man ican life nor Joy within you Start shall gloom o or 6hroud your Bright Soine Way and nothing Ope to Eliezer Jour heart i cannot feel that life is Sweet to you who Grope in sullen gloom flow can you make this Earth a Bell ? As dismal As the dark some Tomb ? has Stan fixed his hand on thee. And marked thee with his vile impress ? or lia3 the world to you grown cold i and All around is dreariness ? View links Unis 1110 is Bard at beat and none ans should dare Repine our Days Are few and nun Herd too and to our Fate we should resign. I be seen the Rich Man in his Hall arrayed in All his splendor there \ and yet Forsooth i be often traced a � � � the Marks of deep and dark despair. This mighty nature Man has got it is a problem strange to me Ion would that i some Power had Ito prove this dark deep mystery. Your mortal Ken so finite Here. We cannot Grabp the hidden cause the veil that shrouds our visual Range cis Spanu d with god s eternal Laws. Deep mystery then is Man to me. A biped of Tho strangest Mould. His ways Are wa3 s of heaviness and yet the tale is half untold. T c. V i. Carmel August 4th, 1881. C miscellany. L Gen. Jackson and the clerk. A Many of our readers will rec Oguiza the Point of the following joke which we heard related " Long time ago but which a never saw in print. A. At first Jolt could not conceive the Puree from whence the demand could come and supposing that it had been left for election was half resolved to take no notice of t. But As he passed Down tie Avenue thei paid Board Hill suddenly entered his head. " who has been foolish enough to help he old woman in this business i wonder ? Aid John to himself. " i la go and see. It s l Humbug i know hut i d like to know she s really fooled any been left there for collection against him. " it was discounted said the Teller. Discounted who in the world will Dis Oun my note said John amazed. Any body with such a Backer As you Ejot on " Backer " " Here s the note you can see said the Oiler handing him the document and oni High John recognized the bold signature if the president of the United states. " sold truly exclaimed John with a Lya Eric gasp Ana drawing Ortli the saw through the management t a glance. To quote was paid of course and Justice Kas awarded to the spendthrift at the next morning he found upon his leak a note which contained the following Terlain Inabit of personal intelligence change has been made in Youri flies. I am directed by the president to a fort you that your services will no Long be needed in this Otiis Sci Secretary. John Small retired to private life at once lid thenceforth found it convenient to live in a much smaller allowance than twelve Hundred a Yea Rockland county Jon al. Dogs versus negroes. A dog with a tin Kettle tied to his tail ame running and yelping Down the Street cared nearly to death for Protection a lodged into a Marble Yard but the owners the Yard kicked Liim out and away Hek Cut " by be Ley be out of sigh the Lext Day the owner of the Marble Yard bought dog which turned out to be the identical or that had the Kettle to his tail. The first time the neighbor s boys saw him in the tract they caught him and tied another Ettle to him. Away he sped for the Marble Yard where the owner instead of ticking him went up to him gently patted no on me near Ana relieved 111m irom Tuo. Be tale. It soon became known about the Village that this dog had a master and evs Rafter he was permitted to go and come when and where he pleased without molestation. Mora Lall dogs should have masters lot because dogs without masters deserve 0 have tin Kettle tied to their tails but because boys will Tio tin kettles to dog s tails hat Don t have masters. So people Williouse negroes that Don t have masters and Hereford All negroes should have masters. To might go on with this to i be and Tell Low there was a crazy Man in the Village to went about trying to persuade the people 1 .1 i .1 a 1 a � Jicile every aug Uius Nave i us uni us meant that dogs should not be tied up but Eft to go and come As they pleased. He was told that the boys would tie tin kettles to their tales and frighten them to Leath if they were not kept at Home. Taisho would not believe and pointed to the each that boys did not Tio tin kettles to pig stairs ask proof that they would not to dogs it mid the dog owners u there is a Merence Between a dog and a much difference As Between a negro and Ewhite still the crazy mag went about lecturing of the Freedom of dogs and wrote Long a say to show that they were As Good a hog and ought to hate fee same . He Huki bin set oxom qing unhappy about the Coli Tim other Woodom and Rai Wrt Nti imm the Tom and of Lachet Peist the Thuc cause nearly Rinea trim 4 Iii Mifty in a 9 j Lawless ragged and rude and his own Little s pig that would have made them a barrel in Mercial will further illustrate these remark -1 in a More practical manner on wednesday evening some scholar from the it. Auburn school were to an Alley by the dismal groans of a respect Able and rather dignified negro apparent j aged sixty five or seventy years. The Whit grave blossoms on the Black Man s Cha were stained and clotted with Bloot ,1 from two or three gashes on Tho forehead and Skull having the appearance of Cluj wounds. Water was brought to the suffer Rand when recovered he confess Ito being a runaway slave from Ive Tiwu a he had escaped across the River with thre daughters Tho youngest being fourteen whom he was anxious to educate in a Lye ing of a few lines giving a Short Descry Jiun of the convicts in the Georgia Peniteni-1 diary. As you Are fully aware of the Ger s1 Oral character of convicts i will Only uoti what sort of convicts Are at present in Cor s1 Fin ement. There arc three sentenced of i i r. I. I a in ii my incr outer Lor irom one to tei/-1 years for an assault with an intent to Onui y der another class from one to four years of e manslaughter in its various degrees. Their comes in those of the Murrel clan of robbers or More recently known As or. Roberts1 clique who Are stalking through the count try the finest gentlemen among sheep s clot Liing a general Supply of Liei Trio thieves in Tho of a soils i f Treitli a ,. Yankees ind germans. Then come others i not a few in number whose offences Sho knot be mentioned Here and hero i regret to say your favored county has one of this class besides the remainder made no o thieves swindlers and those guilty o i potty larceny of every Grade. So much of their crime they Are made up of a grades of persons from thirteen years of no to seventy five. I to Ace them All seated together during divine service on the Sabbath or or at table Durian a meal time and a fwd on j various characters and that Ulicy Are sen from almost every county in the state foil crimes of every diameter you can name if enough to attract the attention of parents As the Best Mode of educating and train ing their children. Ilene you May see theold in a hailed father and the Youthful Sonj inmates of the same prison and brother a brought chained together lobe imprisoned for years the diseased of almost every with consumption some with drop by others with old chronic diseases sonic having fits every Day cripples too maybe seen some 011 crutches with one leg and some with one hand w to have gone through almost everything that human thought a Vij. . Al tail Quay i to mood authority they received one from Lowndes county with but one hand who has been bit twice by rattlesnakes crushed through a sugar Mill struck with lightning Lorn up by a Panther covered up and left for dead and while the Panther pursued an other boy who was with him he made his escape about six weeks ago stabbed a Man so that he died and is now in the Penitentiary for three the one Hundred and sixty four convicts now confined in the Penitentiary a least one Hundred and fifty of them Are confined it v i nmn Ihrl in. Tier the influence of liquor numbers of them can neither rend nor write not one fourth of them had pious praying mothers and not one out of ten of Rhein Ever saw their fathers kneeling at Church or around the family altar. This will be a Good text fori Uncle Dabney and others of the Temperance cause to dwell upon. This is a Short sketch of what might he said were i More acquainted with their individual cases. I May at some future Tim give you a More extended View of the in mates of the Penitentiary As one of the officers of the institution is preparing a list of mom Wii Meir crimes character Ana Early training moral habits and their Means of education a copy of which lie has promised a As soon As completed. K. A. O. The Mechanic. Sparks be Are artisans of the Earth from the great Anvil that six thousand years ago rang with the giant strokes of tubal that will transmit their. Light through All time and Gleava heavenward from the shores of eternity. Or the ant and Little bees build their Homes and labor Are their portion i i Uia i cil. Usu Yyi tiits nine Urci Xiuru id Ulieru i inc in sect world that bears a better name Amon the ease Loving sons of Earth than they Mankind is prone to Praise in others what they do not themselves practice but practice Init themselves they Praise not others but their own Humble selves and so it is in regard to labor they like to Sec others work and toil for their daily bread but do not like to do it themselves nor Here the Praise of working for a living. To gig Fri drones the dust that floats upon tht3fl Sof labor and shifted by their own worthless Nacsa from one place to another until the Gaudy glitter borrowed from the reflection of their own wealth becomes the Means. Whereby they Are hurled from memory itself. And the Artisan does be Lek for the Preem or for the Lut uror _ or docs death when his grasps him pal him forever Freak the recollection of the living and leave hut a Blank a face in thet fro Side Circle for sorrow to occupy until filled by another re Thean wer it Plain the Mechanic leave this unfit upon the age in which he lives and time Marks his history Arife Guido foil the fut tire. A Palace is drawn upon a paper to Mere Pencil sketch. It is passed to i the Mechanic,.weeks, months perhaps � Yew role by Ami tote Pencil Structure o the brain becomes reality lifting its Mario trails and lofty Tower to the sky an 9 from Ita domes the Artisan looks Down at i then passes a vague and in die Tiiu a Sive i a inception an that when those for whom it is built those who live love and pass from life to death i within its Walls shall have been forgotten. He will be remembered for his name is carved upon its table. I i yes lie will be remembered and the time e will come when labor and labor alone will be the guarantee of honesty virtue and , whether with the pen plough a or it oin -11 j i3 111 in same. R reformation of William Wirt. U a True incident in his history. A the distinguished William Wirt within six or seven months after his marriage be came addicted to intemperance the effect s of which operated strongly on the mind and health of hi3 wife and in a few months i More she was numbered with the dead. I her death led him to leave the country in1 which he resided and he removed to i Climond where he soon Rose to distinction s but his habits Hung about him and occasionally he was found with Jolly and frolicsome spirits in bacchanalian revelry. His r practice began to fall Oft and Many looked1 on him As on the sure Road to ruin. He Wasj advised to get married with a View of correcting his habits. This he consented to do. I r ii me right person offered. Lie according in paid his addresses to miss Gamble. R after some months attention he asked her i hand in marriage. She replied a or. Wirt 1 have been Well aware of1i your attentions some time Back and should i have Given you to it understand that you visits and attentions were not acc Tible had i not reciprocated the affection you evinced for me. 13ut i cannot yield Assenti until you make me a pledge never to taste touch or handle any intoxicating �. Tins reply to w it was unexpected As it was novel. 11is reply was that he Regar-1ded the proposition As a bar to All future consideration on the subject and he left course towards him was the resentment and the course of a few weeks to went 1again and solicited her hand. Lie became indignant and regarded the terms she pro a posed As an insult to his Honor and vowed that it should to the last meeting they i should Ever have. He took to drinking i worse and worse and seemed to run heart re / Mimbu in of nonet to a e a w told her if she 6till bore affection to him he would agree to her own terms. Re reply was my conditions Are now what Thoy eve have " then said Wirt i accept Wero soon married and from that Day he be t his word and his affairs brightened while honors and glory gathered thick upon his brow. His name has been enrolled High in the Temple of Fame while patriotism and renown live after him in imperishable Lustre. How Many Noble minds might the Young ladies save if they would follow the exam pie of the heroine hearted the Friend of humanity of her country and the relation of Lafayette Smith drunk is. Smith sober. 7 i mite the razor strop Man occasionally Breaks off from the subject of the very Superior Quality of his Strops and gives his audience a Short lecture on Temperance in his on Peculiar droll Way. Here is a Hurt a a ova m Smith s cat when i drank grog i owned a cat poor lean lantern Jawed thing of Flat was always getting into a scrape. As i j. Had nothing for her t poor thing she had to steal or for she could find no pickings at Home Woven ice poor mice Mai were leu weres spi poor and craggy that 1t took fievemfjkj1 to a to make a Shadow and a deceit if oat i would starve to death in three weeks Oom allowance of eighteen per Day. But wbw1 1 reformed things took a Affif Erfet Tab life Kitchen being ,1heerutnl� were plenty Aud the old cat grew fat an honest together. Even the mice grew fat and oily and the old Tabby w3uld make a Hearty supper on two of them and of yen lie Down and snooze with the pleasing Conjio Latoi of knowing that when Bhe Awo othere would be a few More of the same sort and again when i was a Beer guzzler a Mother cried father cried Bill cried Mol cried Aud the cat cried. But when t signed the pledge father Sung Bill Sung Moll Sung and bet Sung and i bought anew frying pan and put a Nice piece of beef Steak in it and placed it on Tho Lite and that Sung and that a the kind of singing for the working a third the difference betwee Smith drunk and Smith sober is this Smith drunk was Rummy ragged and is joyou8,Jovial and drunk was stuttering stupid an Slilo or in -1 , us ii Euler 13 Cool Cleft headed and cautious. Smith drunk Wasj sick sore and sorry Smith Sobor is Hearty healthy and Happy. Smith drunk Wab ii read ill bred and ill led Smith Sobor is Well saved Well behaved and " arc a class of Thiu skinned Gentry odorous from the toilet and labelled wit White kids and Patent who turn up their noses at what they Call " the the Bonest Brown handed Mechanic and Artisan whose toil builds up cities and fleets an enriches be world and whose sons educated at our Noble free schools and academies will by and by As " self made men " Rule the Industry and the councils of the land Are held in contempt by this horde of Modem. 11. � most us Airow and Ever disgraced seem to have forgotten their fathers were gardeners butchers tailors and hardly know How to utter our scorn of such caricatures of Mankind. There is no language adequate to measure the littleness and meanness to which they sink inthe scale of honest judgement. " the workies1" we should like to know if the Workie were taken away what then would bereft. Only a foul scum compounded about. A Quay of knaves fools Earl Evans fungi of the the Enterprise the Industry and the moral Worth of have taken a glance through on City not to go farther to see what " the Workie Are doing. They Are bnilding4he ships or forging Tho engines which Are to compas land Aud sea linking the nations , by Tho bands of Are rearing the great store houses an palatial dwellings in which our merchant princes live move and have their a incr they Aro performing All the real labor of a interchanges of Trade the Rich profit Middle men reap. They fill All theart Izan shops their sturdy mus icon the Anvil and with the saw the trowel and the plane. They Are in of opt producing All that is produced. Upon their sweat our City lives expands and grows Rich and feed and clothe us All and Yot a band of effeminate idled whose lives Aro a round of debauched and shame Point at workers the Finger of contempt out upon such insolent effrontery. A Luai is Ivor. 1 Deen a worker and a hard worker All on life. With us it bus been a necessity a duty and a pleasure to work and we have not Felt our moral or social Worth nor our u nobility disgrace thereby. It is the divine injunction that " Man shall earn his bread and we have been Ever ready and proud to fulfil the injunction even by grinding with a hand Organ and we hold ourselves All inky a our fingers May to in putting the pick to prcs9, As Good in blood and spirit or whatever goes to form an Ashe Bestman on Earth. We will not say As Good As the thin skinned Gentry under notice for we would shrink from shaking their Len Rous bands though their liveries were � thousand times More imposing and their kids and Patent leather he a Tea fold fairer Lustre. Honest useful labor is the Patent for True nobility. We Are satisfied m striking for that to prefer not to rank with those who build no monuments and leave no Signa when they die that they once lived we had rather count with the great Host who have opened up the treasure of the Earth founded nil is finn and left every where in Rwy. I Bablo traces of he Power Anft the Genius of men. We Kofl pfc rather to the nones builder of a pyrjm�$3&r Palace than Ita Idle robbed tenant. I we had sons and daughters to should curse any fort Nethat would leave them to idleness Olf inspire them with a contempt for labor. The writing Man Lalord of the Earth however much he May a swindled robbed and oppressed such Aire. Or. Pica s sentiments. Jerrice Only 3centa, Ai
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