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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - August 12, 1854, Abbeville, South CarolinaA nov we i m to it of few. � a War ,3m k \. A a. R,.4ml ,. U i., # " v " " v a " Jill al As a 1 Gutalj to �ot0t1d to mtg Braimi the arts scii8ci, a Rogu Turl news p0mtxcs, &g., a. -. Dollar per an hunk it it be instilled into the hearts of your children that Tho Liberty of Tho press a Tho palladium of All your so nut. Payable in Advance. .v0hjme.2.50.14. Abbeville c. H., so Tii Carolina saturday morning August 12, 1854. " whole number.66. Rutx Kex. Are 4be Sead ? a there Aro the Miffy to ones of Ages past. A who u or the world their inspiration ,whose memories stir our spirits like a blast x where Are the dead f where arc the lofty minds of Greece f where to the Tieh of Sparta and Thor Opyl in. " Vuu he ring where is be where in the dead Ashett Ano Rome s founders t where Lief clip fest son 4before whose name the whole known world bowed Down Whoso conquering Ana chased the retreating Ore the dead f tin � n Curc a me Ord Wornor King of Albion s state a pattern for Earth s sons to emulate the truly nobly wisely goodly Grent to where arc the dead. Where is Gaul s hero who aspired to Boa second Cesar in his Mastery to whom Earth s crowned ones trembling Bentshe knee where arc the dead 1 where is Columbia s son her Darling Liopo birth virtue and Freedom smiled a. . � a Bweni or Ongna pure and undo tiled where arc Tho dead ? a r. There Oro the sons of song the soul inspired to. E Bard of Greece whose Inuse of heaven acquired with admiration Agen past has fired the classic dead f greater that earthly Sun is the King of a Nordai where shall we find the Swan of of the a in i with their frail bodies did they wholly die like tic brute dead passing forever by f was their intellect so High is Tho mighty Denof Why waa it not confined to earthly sphere to earthly wants if it must perish Here Why did they languish for a Bliss More dear the blessed Send f if Here Uliey perished in their being s germ Here thought and aspiration had their term Why should it giant s strength propel a worm Niue dead. The Cumo dead Tho did die. That a the Etheriel being or on High Tib bar outward covering i thrown is the dead the spirits of the lost of whom we sing Inre perished have but Takt a Wing changing an earthly for a heavenly Spring there arc the dead pou Ticali. To Tonnya u too great. The Foh Viring very sensible and just vie son this bub Jet arc take from the editorial col of the it Ashington Sentinel 5 touch of the delay confusion and dissensions in Cong res Aro clearly traceable to the system of rotation which strips it of members and fills their places with raw would seem that the plan for the conductor business is Well calculated to systematize to Ripen measures and to have Triem fully fairly and ably presented for what better Mode could be devised than Tho distribution of work among Tho several committees t these committees have confided me jmeir special charge certain measures upon which Congress has to act. Upon them rests he responsibility of authentic information on the a viral matters and of making Anch a report upon them accompanied by the evidence upon which the report is based As will enable each member of Congress to Dytert mine intelligently for himself what course lie shall pursue. If the committee faithfully perform Hoir duty Congress has before it the in-s.kt-1.a. Ukiu Wuicik my it Ciao Ana me Uihero Reading of Tho report Grill bring them Toa conclusion How to vote find Little time would be lest in discussion. Each committed Wou a Baa antecedents on which in gave new members have no knowledge or in Armston whilst such antecedent of known t Kight greatly modify or Evetie reverse the conf. Onion to a Doh �row1wthey Wool ave new Fli it them i Ufa pc aka l i a member of ability and Industry who diligently prepared himself during several cores pcs to earn a name naturally enough injustice of being left out just at to fruition of Liis labors and after having Abni Donod his private interests and devoted Hiras to the Public the country under Star 1 its interest should stereotype the Naros of its Faith if and Able supporters in the congressional system of rotation Mokes demagogue the opposite system Mako business Nuu an statesmen. Spain and the United states. Bks Saqr of the mes Dext of the United a Tutei the following message was sent to tax Sci ate on tuesday afternoon in reply to it Resolution of inquiry adopted by that body to the Senate of the United states i haste to respond briefly to Tho Resolution of the set ate of this Date requiring the president to inform the Senate if in his opinion it be not in compatible with the Public interest where anything has Arisen since the Date of his inc Sage to the House of representatives of th26th of March inst concerning our relation with the government of which in i opinion indy dispense with ingestion herein contained touching i priory provisional measures by cop meet an exigency that May arise in is of con Gross nth acting those the message to the House of referred to i availed myself of the Sion to present the following am suggestions in View of the position of thelland of Cuba its proximity to our const the relation which it must Ever Bear to our nne Case of Tho Clack Warrior in stcfll4if j it in Fri a ii Mobutu " us chef �i$egf9snh9op, a retd to Cal Forth a justification Iii no Millmr Tim n Cuba and thus to Fin their acts to tie , Only reliable nature but of an ter was i Ceist a to the effect that preparation was making within the limits of the United state by private individual under military organization far a descent upon the Island of Cuba with a View to wrest that Colony from the do minion of Spain. International comity the obligation of treaties and the express provisions of Law alike required in my judgment that All the constitutional Power of the axe Cutic should to exerted to prevent the consume nation of such a violation of positive Law Aiu of that Good Faith on which mainly than Micalin. Vav. Vim tuvo i uni kill i Iii Lett Liolio a Juniol us Pond. In conformity with the convictions of Public duty a proclamation was issued to warn All per sons not to participate in the contemplated Enterprise Ana to invoke the interposition in Lii behalf of the proper officers of the govern ment. No provocation whatever can Justin private expeditions of hostility against a a our try at peace with the United states. The pow or to declare War is rested by the constr tutoring Congress and Trio experience of our Post bis tory leaves no room to doubt that the Wisdon of this Arr augment of constitutional pow i will continue to to verified whenever the a too no interest and Honor shall demand a Rotor to ultimate measures of redress. Caning negotiations by in a Xoe Uve nut before the action of Congress individuals Couch not to permitted to Embarrass the operation of the one and usurp the Powers of the othe iof these depositories of the functions of gov Erwn ent. Only to add that nothing has Nisei Ain of the Date of my former message to dispense with Tho suggestions therein contained touching the Pron riot of provisional measures i Congress. Franklin Tierce. A i ton aug Vii it 1864. #1.1.1 a. 1. No a. V94vko Vii i l to Tuluii the Washington Star. Of the lit pays Colel Nelor of Jbf a 4bat�w fun he. Quickness of a prehension is a prominent trait of ills Jbf Traetz a Publio Man. If it la not Bia moist a Oninski i. .1_# to Togiai Auu a Bijj Yumie Imus a coif Iliou work confounded from two to Twenty members ripping Over Ali hoi its impossible to describe his tact in steering Ali n Over manned barque with its Crew As voc if is Ous us greek sailors in a storm amid the be no miscellany. Washington National Monument. Sas elecu4vfor members of Congress � in r liar null " try As could under the circumstance have Boon expected. It is therefore desirable this system should be continued in the different states at All future elections of a local or general nature and Tho Board of managers indulge the Hope trial on this occasion at the elections to he held in the respective states of Maine , mas site Hus oils new York new Jersey , Delaware Maryland South Troli a Georgin Mississippi Ohio Michigan Wisconsin i Illinois Louisiana and Florida contributions will be made in Aid of the Monument Worth of Trio country Man of their illustrious Beo Factor John Chul loll , j oct Cuin i Luc n. I. 31. O. I Appeal to the country in behalf of ti1u Washington National Monument. Fellow citizens the Monument to nobly un1dertnkcn by a Fow of our patriotic to comic Moranto the Worth and services of the father of the country having Reno hed 158feet, of the 617$ recording to its plan at k co of about $230,, needs your prompt and zealous support to raise funds now nearly exhausted to carry it on after the present Mouth of june. Unless contribution Are made this Grout National work must to discontinued if the 3 Board of managers who Render their services. Gratuitously do not incur n debt upon their. Own responsibility. Is their patriotism to to i so taxed or shrill Titis work begun in , to a Monument of National disgrace ?. J surely there Are a sufficient number of patriots in the land to prevent this nothing but n Small contribution front nil in i proportion to their Means if Only from a dime. To a Dollar Ench is wanted for the completion i of the i Monument. The question a nuked will r not such a contribution be made by every one. Will the people of this great country leave to t a few the Honor after Long years of trial and toil of erecting n Monument worthy of the 1 great and Good Washington or shall it be a 1 National Monument from the whole people. U that the Monu moist should s of Short of ont third of the pint proposed no patriotic can Hel Uvo 1 Cut Tho time for making contributions can be no longer delayed. Let every citizen ask him coif have i discharged my obligation towards. Tho father of my country have i contributed i my share to Tho Monument to to raised in his Lionora if not let him at onco Inake his contribution however Small. Let it be made singly or by associations. But be made. Delay is hazardous to the great undertaking. The Maymont can be made to your postmaster or whoever inny be most convenient to you so Tom Iti Tii if an a a / n n /. I f i n v 1sanlinun.1j i Hiu guv a a nil Ikui i i Vii Viii in i we Udo Huj i u. 0 Eveir patriotic citizen surely will Aid in forwarding the Money received for the Advance front of tie great work. Will he not Rendor 1 that Aid now i j the Board of mangers confidently Trust that this not be made in Vail. A officers. Franklin Pierce president of t nth if u. 6., and sex Oft Cio president. Arch. Hext er30n,.lt vice president John t. Towers Munfor of , sex offi Cio 2d vice pres de t a Thos. Carberry 3d vice president n j b. Smith. Treasurer. John , Krent Taxa Obs. Wlsh Wyto Soott jobs w. Haubt in n. Tow8on, Walter Jone i it a Force tub. By Codex i w. W. Seaton Watrol a hex " m w. A a badly m. F. M4kt,i, w. W. Co Toorak t. Olvi Oao k p. B. Findall e. Of pc bin Javan of 0 i to i _ � stick to Torao one Pursuit a j the fac cannot be n greater error Tymn to in the to hint dreadfully slow wheel of time and his harassing worry walk Wason Dod. Lis was immediately covered with Blanket and conveyed to a tepid hath and afterwards put to Bod. At the last accounts to was reposing stake with hols etc., will yield him sovino $2000. Money earned hard enough to to preserved. Legal knowledge. Not ions since an eminent commercial lawyer tinted Tho ensuing anecdote Nau illustration of the composition which some mes on ter d into the selection of a jury m i lin/1 n i not inn iwo inf Hal Flat " toi/1 hot in i solving some eighty or a Hundred thousand was a protracted Case owing to the complicated interests involved in it and altogether very tedious trial. When it was i j in lev Given to the jury the Jodts remarked totem a they wore about leaving Tho court room for priv to consultation that if during Tho Progress of the Ense any term of Law Una icon iia cd or any Rutes stated Whitt they did not fully understand the court was prepared beforehand to make All needful explanation. Upon this one of the jurors � mail with High Bald head and a Calm Blu Eye upon whose sense of Justice i had greatly relied for he had paid the strictest attention to the entire proceeding Aroneo and said. " i believe i understand All Tho rules that have been Laid Down Bat there Are two terms of Law that Havo been a Good Deal aged during to Tria that 1 should like1to know the mean ing a. 444well," said oar Model 1ufoi� us words i my Art the word plaintiff and def Kant f u to we by by own a Ift Priit wlm Reeoh a juror. 6/r t i we if Laru from the Frd Nob it 7 ja3in or. Tupper s address. I the address of this honorable gentleman Bei fore the a Delabian and societies of Tho Furina University was a production worthy of any scholar orator or christain Ini the Stute. It has Seldom been our Good Fortunet listen to in address More Beautiful in inn Gunge or More sound in doctrine. The subject of Tho orator was education and the connection Between education and religion. He spoke of Tho importance of education and of religious Durntion to nil Mankind High or Low Rich or poor. With great Justice and propriety a refuted Tho idea Flint a Little learning inn dangerous thing. Lie Porf Raj de the advantages of a Little learning a knowledge of Reading and writing to the Labouring Man in expand aug his ideas and improving his regard to be etarian schools and College or. Tupper was very Lapp in refuting All argument against them. In these schools nothing was taught in religion but the great truths of the Bible. No student or scholar was offended any etarian tenets. For the corrects Ness of the assertion lie referred to Krs Kino cold ledge. And to the tenth Intro in the fair Man Lingo Only one objection to or. Tupper addres and but was n serious our at the time he delivered it. Lie left out portions of it under the impression that lie was fatiguing Lii audience. This was n great mistake and is to be hoped however that the whole of it will be published and we shall look Forward to ils publication with great pleasure. Or. Tupper a some years ago a member of the legislature from Charleston and is the author of the Law on the subject of tavern the legislature lie evinced great Talent As a speaker and business Man and we sincerely nope a win go Back to the .legislaturengniu.patriot. The Baptist state convention. The decision of this body has been Mode i favor of establishing a female College in the Village of Greenville. In spite of nil opposition from Anderson and Grenville there were Only seven votes against it. The matter is now ended. The trustees arc to make Trio Transfer of the Academy lands to the trustees f the Furnan University. The citizens have subscribed ten thousand dollars to the College and messes. , Thompson Duncan Elford Ware Sherman and others have Quainn Ted ten thousand More the Coll ire will Cro into operation the. First of january. Is new buildings will be eroded As soon a8 practicable. The old ones will answer for professors houses and school rooms. To had Tho pleasure of attending the proceedings of Trio convention and were much gratified with Tho Christian and gentlemanly deportment of the members generally in Ull their debates and discussions. It was a legislature of christians legislating for the Baptist Churchin South Carolinn and for Tho cause of education without regard to Church or beet we Hope their legislation in Ivor of female education will be As successfully it has been in f Vor of Tho education of Tho other sex by the endowment of Tho Furman a Noble contribution. Or. Corgo Peabody has contributed $1,000 to the Washington Monument found. The circumstances under which this generous contribution was made Aro detailed in or. Peabody sett i Trivko Fml. The of re we iia to wow or to have and to to a new yesterday examined,6rj8 Tho Augusta constitutionalism tie plan of new invention by or. W. Salisbury of this Rit for the purpose of supplying railway Cara with a current of fresh air free from Emo and dust Ond which is destined to 1 i to the comforto railway design of or. Salisbury is to furnish this Supply of nor by Means of a series of tubes or pipes which May be made either of Tii Iron or Zinc and which Are to be placed of the top of the cars extending the entire length of Tho train and terminating in front with a funnel shaped orifice which is placed in front of the smoke stack of the locomotive and thus collects the air in front of the smoke and dust. The connection of this metallic tube Between each car is made by Means of an elastic tube canvass or India rubber having within and connected by couplings. From ysm0ejithe metallic tube there descends a Branch into the front of each car from which it is again i transmitted by Means of a similar Branch placed in the rear of the car into the main Tinbo Anain and thence to the next car and of on through the whole train. Jan impudent Mobile and Vertti or of Friday Days on columns yesterday and the Day previous contained an advertise Isi ent offering $50 Reward for Tho return of a couple of sate keys which were Solen from . W. Cochran s apartment a few Days the messes Cochran received o Well written letter informing them whore the keys could be found and directing whore Tho Motney should be deposited besides giving a variety of information upon the Art of lock picking , and or. Cochran s lock in Gobi it to the spot designated Tho or worn found and immediately after or. Cochra handed Over the Money offered a3 a Reward tothe person designated by the burglar to Roc Rivait. The burglar assured or. Cochran that Holud one before made an attempt on his Safe breaking a key in the lock and he had key that would open his office whenever he chose to enter and in Short Thero was Little in Tho Way of lock picking that to was not an adept in. We Hopo Tho fellow Rany be caught an caged. During the la9t session of the Nashville legislature judge Pepper of Tho seventh judicial District presented to governor Johnson a fire shovel the workmanship of Hie own judge was a Blacksmith by Trade. We presume he was a Good one. As he makes an excellent judge to which office he wa3 re elect dby u heavy majority at the late election by the people. The shovel was accept Cudby governor Johnson and is kept for Usein the executive office at the capital. Governs Johnson who was a go Pilor Lenora he a distinguished statesman and politician Retura de the compliment by cutting and making with his own bunds a coat which he presented to judge Pipper. Horrible Carlo Flavillo advocate has a letter Tom Morgan county ky., stating that on the 30th ., a dreadful affair of curved at Bloomington in that county. Two lawyers named a Peet ively eastly and Glaze Rig were rival candidates for the office of county Hornoy. During the canvass on the Day Gwido stated eastly in a speech to a crowd of the electors declared that Hazelrig was n line and had committed perjury. Immediately Hazelrig stepped up to tha stand and i Hoitt word pointed a revolver at his Assn Itoi discharge the Eod tent head Blo a Fig Cut his brains and causing instant death. Glaze Rig surrendered himself wn3anti cd and acquitted on the ground of justifiable homicide. I Katl Road passenger Trina upon the Greenville and Columbia Railroad met with a severe Accident on tuesday evening when within about seven Miles of this engine tender mail car and one platform were thrown off Tho track and precipitate Down an embankment some seven fee thigh causing a total wreck of the engine ten der and Tho platform car containing two passengers. The mail agent and a a Cerro fireman were somewhat Hurt. The Engineer . B. Edwards miraculously escape uninjured. None of tie Pam Gera were banned although some Twenty five wore outboard. The Causo of this Accident was the running Over and killing of two to is by eur Prate. Stir age understand that a Mau did in West Troy last thursday evening with � disease strongly resembling Chlorn and his body deposited in coffin and fully ice Jasica Jur unum. No rems q9 worn kept until saturday evening and Tjien while the friends of the deceased were engaged in holding a Wake Over Bim Tho supposed dead Man slowly recovered from Tho state in which head so Long lain and actually arose from Tho coffin walked across Tho floor and requested drink of water saying that he was very thirsty this comes tons from one of the parties present and we Seo no reason to doubt her statement we farther understand that the Man in -.ti. To , h in n in awl of. 4 � by in five. Bombard kit or 8a Illinois bring intelligence that the Kop of War Cyan demanded atufitetlo8of Myrtho itie3 of sati just for Thi to or. Bolatin the Atno rican Minuter. The people resolutely re fused when the town was bombarded on the 14th Ond Burnt Tho people were a Pink 0 their and ref wed to apologise though every Hoa
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