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The Independent Press (Newspaper) - August 5, 1854, Abbeville, South Carolina9jp a i to liter store the arts Sci Hub agric Iturbi Kows politics a. Is. A la. A a y.-".,.j v vol ill Foj of Fly 1 of zpjpsteex8qke Dollar pee annul it it be ii pulled into the hearts of your children that the Liberty of the Pross a the palladium of All your i. Payable in volume 2 gq.13. Abbeville a h., South Carolina saturday morning August 5, 1854. Whole umber &. Watt Kajj a Prusas the candidate s Soliloquy. My yet a candidate i a the country i will Mike 1 Wnm Umei think my Chance is bad. And Kom Timea think i la " i the Lone thought o or the matter will a candidate to Brand now since i Amon the Wing Wholl give it vote to Djel my Days Are passing swiftly by my head is growing hoary a deathless name Hong to win to w o for future tory.-. My time spend in canvassing a it prove mys ii a Man i la tackle round from House to House and beg 11 Tho vote i can. My Good wife thinks if i should win a How Well Slie d Iota me then for Long she s tried to shove me out to flock with favorit Eamen but somehow i must Tell the truth " though it Forsooth Tony Gall i cannot Wreath my face Wjt smiles and Bow and scrape to neighbor us who brought me out says that this is right so i will pitch Evn Conamore into the Lection fight 111 Uke my Way to Muster grounds and treat the crowd to cider i la make the cakes my Hobby horse and i will be the rider. My common plot hcs i la put aside. And dress a Little Fine infill my purse with Yaller and cleverly i la Shine. I la Praise the children where i go and no lung a shall scare me fill i 1a. ? a i a ii Tew Luy winning but Usu i Milf that mob Nall May hear me. I m not As smart some May think yet i will a Tony Best s and if i crit fein Power and place the coasts Tali a bleat i to " pee Elfy and djs Ify and do my bestat$1icing, a and if i fail for want of word i la turn it off by hawking. Thence that wanta Friend to go. An Hufi to Friend that True. Or suffrage now for me and i m the Inan for 300. A t 1% if f u no no Uwi i m i toilsome Ike i la make no speech nor splatter and Thol dares to press it wrong juy Chance to kit the Gutter. Rel it. L air mrs a Xuy Lolk is5-i. . R Pooch of Hon. James i. Orr demo att ckl11brbat10m in Jolt 4m, 1864. Raawe lived Watt sweat applause said r a a Iveli Derf am Vuoto Citi ent of Philadel Josf fat the Day we celebrate is eon a rat Din Fleetion Sorf tha Anao rican people and was inhere in by the booming Cannova. Who can Tell but Tho jew tilt a Flyg Ocie Day a Flat to pineal of the 1. Fer refit i we lab glows in. The am crime on Hart. To the remotest1 Borders of bar am pours out from the tame juwfth6itnhert to the supreme ruler of the x universe who heard Tho prayers of Pur Atli z a Faa tbsp or carved to thar a Verity la by left to pm View Viva pm Vlaum Lur me pics but and Hopes for the future exhort you to perpetuate that Vestal flame which was kindled in 1776. Let it not go out Here if you would escape the execration of posterity for infidelity in guarding your sacred great end of the revolution was to secure civil and religious Liberty. Nor did our ancestors misjudge its Valuo in developing the resources physical moral and intellectual of Man. Look of in civil results. Under Republican government we have grown and prospered an expanded far beyond the most a Auguie imagination of the most hopeful devotee of Iti Nroa am Mowa Usif n to Miqu ult inc Iwu Grebl oceans Oast and West. Nearly one half of the North american continent bears upon its Generou bosom teeming trillions of american citizens who make their own Laws and worship a their chosen shrines. From 3,000,000 to have swelled tojj5.000,000. From poverty and ignorance an l weakness we have grown Rich intelligent sad Strong. Our sails Whiten every sea and our Enterprise and Energy penetrate into every land. No longer docs the British lion strike terror into the hearts of our women and children. We at a now Here equal in All the elements of National greatness and Here Superior in every characteristic of personal Liberty and political Idepence. Groat Britain undertook to manage our local affairs by assuming tic right to legislate for us while we were parliament assumed that they wore better judges of our wants and necessities than our own colonial Legislatures. They undertook to regulate the Domestic policy of their Distant imposed duties upon Tea without consulting us and in every manner asserted their right to govern us. Our fathers who had encountered the perils of the Ocean and the greater perils of a Savago wilderness who had fled from Europe to escape political and religious intolerance could not Long Broo such an unjust Assumption. They petitioned import Ned remonstrated the British government without Avail they took their rights in their own keeping and after a Long and do Tiff Ful struggle established a new fundamental articled the science of great american doctrine of the right of the people to govern themselves. Great Chcering no Tenet in political science has More thoroughly indicated its Wisdom than this and when brought into Issue its orthodoxy has not been questioned for seventy eight years until a few months past it is said by some who have forgot Tenor Renott tired the teachings and principles of to Weir father now that the people of Kansas and Nebraska Are incapable of governing to Ern Delvca and that the Congress must assume the tame Guardia. Chip Over these Distant territories is the parliament claimed Over Trio colonies. Where is the american fueling in the bosom of any Man who from fanatical Zeal forthe african slave whose condition cannot improve is willing to renounce this great doctrine of our father cheers abolitionism and aquatic ism mistake the heart of this , in supposing that when they cry out a against slavery it win cause the people to repudiate the principles upon which the governments based. Cheer the country owes my distinguished Fried who will follow me the Little giant of the great West senator Douglas immense applause a debt of gratitude for his powerful and successful advocacy of Thia principle thava been discussing and forts Triu Ruhaut vindicate a in Tho Kansas so Tho misrepresentation which Baabe Cal pm Rod out upon that measure Tho people Are now beginning to understand truly its provision and Ite greatest one so fiercely assailed by whigs and very principle for which oar fathers fought a Vivi Myu Mil we wow k no Uio Ciuc your fathers did. Or will you take the Side of the British parliament f the people of Kansas and Nebraska bar had conferred upon thin by Congress the right to regulate their own Domestic concerns according to their own to Ishea and inclinations. Is it rights who will Gay it is wrong who knows beat what Are of our fellow citizen sin the Valley of Tho Kansas or the upper they elect to their own territorial legislature or the o Congress of the United states when single member rms Carv a Mado a. in is Filkil or no. By tuft and which would most Likely legit Lato territorial legislature or Congress f the stat cent of the Antt Tori carb with it if a Pennsylvania now has the right to make Hij own Laws Here what i thare in Tho atmosphere of Kansas when be Rem via there rendering him Lew come Afan in Fin Fita aani6 Ali in al Amul Iliia m/�1i f re Miv -.i,am Liguz conferred by Congress on the Terrt tories is Subj etto but one lira Taton which All eon Cedo isj0& i and that is that to boil legislation shall not contravene Tho Constitution of the. United limitation that exists As to the states and should in Tho territories. As this is a democratic Celebration it will not i apr Dpi a should aay that i Felt that highest Pride in seeing nearly All of you democrats representatives in Congress sustaining Tho Ballf and Fain Tainnie that to treat Orlney pet first acted on this i to Load rot a Watt a Eony in the re Pronto 08 Many professors of religion for our population. Our churches Are More numerous and air Del furnished As in any country Aud Piet and religion nowhere has More reverence aug respect than in the United. . Jefferaon whose Namo is inseparable United and must to continue through time with free government. Iwho penned thai creat declaration.wntt-0 or �. Win Yuvi a Iuo a Urt a father of the democratic party and the great apostle of spent a Long and eventful life in the ser vice of his country when the weight of Yea pressed sorely upon his tottering Frame in tin quiet Solitude of his own Monticello calmly re viewing his own selected Threet Reat achievements to carry his mama to posterity and directed this inscription that should Mark the spot where Helies Thoma Jefferson the author of the declaration nut Independence the author of the statute of Virginia religious Freedom and the father of the University of cheers considered the establishment of religious Freedom an achievement worthy to a classed by Tho Side of the declaration of knew the enormities growing out of n Union of Church and state lie knew that such a Junction wad at War with be so Liberty As Well As with True religion and time Lias shown that Tho Stato prospers Best Independent of religion and religion Spei 3 bes Independent of the state. Womb keep them separate conic a each to its sphere if our futures to continue Bright and prosperous As our past there has recently been some commotion on the political boards growing out of it is s id a new accrete Politico religious association. 1 if Toio nothing of its Faith 01 i Shonon. Ruhr a. If mid aug Lur among the democrats it is tiv posed that its purpose is to supp Tunt the Catholic religion and to ostracism every person who was not born upon american soil and everyone whose father was not in Here. Now this is a different policy from the one our father pursued they invited Here every foreigner to our shores und Patrick Henry was indignant heu it was proposed to exclude such a turned tories even and fled Tho countr during the revolution. It i assumed by this association that the p i its of the Catholic Church sex or via Iii Iichi inure acc Over Mieir members. This May or my not be to. I to not profess to know. I have no affinities with lilo Catholic Church. I was reared under the teachings of the Shorter catechism a id the of Faith. There Are not fifty Catholic a or one Hundred naturalized or in my congressional District an hence my perfect exemption from any personal considerations in forming a judgment with reference to this new association. Suppose it True Puiul nit pri cuu in Uuie , we Nyji unite in condemning it fur to think Church on state should kept separate but this new Urgani Zhion proceeds to n Politico religious association secret holding its meetings clandestinely to counteract the priests. Tie end the is to justify the Means but two wrongs will not make one right the know nothings Dothe very thing which they complain of the priests for doing. I do not per Toivo any difference Between Catholic Jesuit ism and protestant arc intolerant. But in thin country i protest against a secret political organization which fears to avow Ita principles which shrinks from their discussion and which makes its members by secret pledge spies in every household. Oliero is no a Juuso 111 this country for secret political societies. Every measure in the Federal and state Legislatures undergoes Public scrutiny and debate. No Clu Izen in or ought to be afraid to avow his Nolti Oal sentiments Tif proceeding of this order shows that Thoy door say something which they Are afraid Ornaha Midforth wort to know it is time that the eyes of the country should to turned towards then and their be hems discount a sauced until they ast off the veil. It is violative of the Genius and spirit of our government Aud will be Arbitter fruits for our country if it is not supplanted., v if la said Iliof flt Nti in . Ical go together Apgar i Leaa of principle and a guerrilla War fighting on Tho Eido promising Thebes pay. If this to True what is their Standardo morality f i Call Tho attention of my democratic friends however to the fact that in All the municipal elections that i have observe where Tho know nothings have triumphed it has always been a whig elected where the office was one of any importance or real tame. Let not democrats then to delayed into the organization or Thoy will find themselves embraced in the arms of whig Gery Lia Tivo american Isoland All Tho other Itna that nest the land. Cheers.1there can be but two great parties in the country. Those temporary organizations mayor a Brief try file attain the position of balance of pow parties but they soon Loso it an parties to to permanent must be divided on principle. Lne division Here is Between Tut strict and the Luttin Dingus constructionist betwee Economy and extra Valance Between state rights and federalism Ana it is Nowiki Plata in her history for me to Appeal to Ponn Sylvania to know which tide Alio takes. Shehas been True to strict construction Economy and sift right and never will Trail the of democratic Banner in the dust. Choral the who a Havo beaten but never a Borgais de you and it be Hoove you nowt Nekl e of your by Monr once More nod strike for your principles me Eye 01 your sister Are upon to and to shall look anxiously to see you roil us your accustomed majority for Bigler. to Congi aae add Youree Guintire ant a pry out uie principal of which Havo wet i i promoted Tiro Hota Orund felony of Tho who coutry Long continued cd be ring. Vails on account of the irruption of a band of s indians from Mexico who were marching tor the Interior there being no sufficient Foroe Toi oppose their purpose. The people were loudly demanding the removal of Gen. Smith and r the appointment of Oca. Harney to the chief command. Mso Suain. I report of the draft tent and Dindri ofth0 Traon Vito Railroad company. Colombia july 10, 1864.t Job the stockholder of the Greenville avd Columbi Railroad company it u with sincere pleasure that we announce to you officially that our Road it finished. On the 9th of december last the 6ars were ran Over the Road to Greenville the upper Termi Usu. Once mat time with the exception of afew Days interruption about the first of Marchlak Elyj trains have Boon run with great safety and regularity Over the whole line of the Road. A the to a parts of tha general superintendent Anil auditor and treasurer herewith submitted will furnish Yum Tih full and minute details of the oper Tiona through the past year and financial condition and prospects of the company. We will however Call your attention specially to some of the most important of these matters and invite the action of the stockholders upon some subjects that seem to involve Etc permanent interest of the come nov. The expenditures of the year now just closed have been larger than was expected at you last meeting. Soon aft r we entered upon the year it w. S discovered that we did. Not have Iron enough to finish the Road. A our necessities would not admit of in aug kor my Rock Munty. Nearly me whole to Jjck from Columbia to Newberry Lio Abeen reconstructed. New timbers put in Iron Ripi need on very built chasms filled did other repairs made. Four new engines Iborti new passenger cars three mail ears ten plat orm twelve dirt and thirty pushing cars have been added to our Stock the whole at a Cost of about one Hundred thousand dollars. We fitter ourselves thai this expenditure of labor Andi i. U Jun Iivo Urall ii Luucy. Of Ioler Jiuu clarity in run aug the trains have been attain that Honvo surpassed oar Cost Bangui no the regularity of arrivals an departure mid such Sci in running the trains we believe Road Willad Lipare favourably with Tuy that can be named and Asto safety Oune can surpass it about Pato Riigers have been carried Over the Rio a in the Ian year and not one has been injured. Only three of our freight cars in in Uma Tom i to Efful Jesuu. Which compared with to length Viot Foad of Baal Hetty is unsurpassed a the history of railroads the financial condition of to company it not As Good is could be desired but from the Prospect of business promising 4 handsome income the ability and willingness of the stockholders to sustain it As heretofore manifested we see nothing to cause despondency of doubt is to Tjie Fishi result the capital Stock has a Woys Mccu Luau que a to tia value and extent of the work. We now Road on Hundred and sixty four Miles Long in Sood condition veil equipped and in successful operate dry Ortli Nob Leia than three i Pilkons of dollars this has been obtained with Meroa a follows amount of capital Stook paid in $1,163,582 25arnonnt of assessment paid in 130,932 00 whole amount of capita Stockand assessment paid in -$1,298,464 251 being a Little Moreth Jio the third of the Prosen value of the property. Tho Lopomo him to a Nas a a m capital and applied to oath pc roads the in Rewt too in the value at Materia pod iid Rauco in the Price of Lasor have aided in enhancing add raising the value of the Road. Of to capital Stock yet . We will. Perhaps receive $12,000, which will raise the capital Stock Aud assessment to $1,805,76,9$, on account of constr Niiori and outfit Havo already been made to the a count of$1,999,080.41. There will yet wadded to this amount Benidt that which a been and will be paid out. Of Tai to Homo of. The Roa a Largo sum it Teh will raise the Doricien Crof edit no Atoot. In the us outfit of la Road to Tho Uia i of i a whoa to 0. To meet i a 4 Retios ordered in to Coa by a wont f Iside a Tond Road in fax Turon my Rollf Fig of a 6are Ysmel by the India idol member of the Board Stan bound for the payment of $186,000. This liability ought not to be continued if face took 1holders can devise the ways and Ceapa of re Stiering it ithe ascertained floating a pfc of the company amounted on ithe 21st May to 808,906 27 besides this the company owe debts not yet fully Ascer stained supposed to amount to ,000,00 making this indebtedness $486,806 27 to meet this liability the company have the 1following assets balance of available Stock unpaid " $12,000notes due the company 9,261 70due by Laurens rail. I Road company shop and Iron account 4,961 07due for Lota Soldin Green. Villa $4,290 00value of lots yet to be sold at least t10 00 uu1,600 acres of land in Edgefield District Worth 10,000 00due for freight on the Road 80,000assessment on the state Stock which we think the state is bound to pay 69,600 whole amount of available assets 140,777 77 which leaves a debt of 297,628 60bonds of the company unsold 209,500 00 balance against the company 28,028 60it will thus be seen that if the Bonds on hand were sold at Par we would then ha7e a debt amounting to Only a Little More than one month s earnings of the Road. This might be managed without the earnings of the Road amount to $214, 865 13. 1 when it is borne in mind that we have had the use of the whole length of Tho Road Only a Little More than half Tho a ear and a Short crop to c Rry off we think that to Are not Hazard aug anything in predicting that the income of ii i we i whole amount of capital Stock in cladding assess meet of tue May be regarded As Stock As stated above. $1,860,464 26 interest on this sum at 1 per cent 91,882 49 1 balance of interest $2,617 61 so that after paying the interest on oar funded debt and Dmn ends of 7 per cent on the entire capital of the company to will still have. A Balanco of $2,617 .61, in this estimate the assessment on the state took i not Cost ignited. If that should be paid 1in, and considered a Stock the dividend will Ibe a Little leu than 7 pts be anti uni under Tho View above presented. The Board pro owing Tho uncertainty As to what even a Day May bring Forth have been to cautious in a to uni o kr in their anticipation fun to the profits of the Road und they de Taire now by no Mearia to a considered m put t Ting Forth the above As n certain result but still they think the statement reasonable an that if the debts were funded the %bav6 prediction would be realized. There is still a Large amount of the subscription to the capital Stock of the company outstanding and unpaid Soma of this Stock vill yet be realized Andorne will not be some of the subscribers have moved out of tile country leaving nothing behind them that can Oreaen t cd some Hava accounts against the comp any i nearly about balancing the demand against them and stand Back believing that it a of no t consequence that.4 settlement should be mod i others Are sued and will not pay until compelled by Law. If is High time Liat this at of account should be closed. Boma of Tho tack hould to forfeited and Tbone count us Tho a 6tockholder# clo edit Shtaway. Santion should a Obaer Vod however Leet whist de Lanng Wjk forfeit it a As to such at can t Dav tre Lom Kadi st a we info. Tha owners Are Able top a and can to made to pay. We desire to bring Thi t sub Joet before you and we t we action abound be bad thereon. A nothing to As Yot been. Dono As to the Ash adige in the location of the Road a the ral y�8" i a Iii i ow1m a Fino yet be Gate in the , still m View of All the diff cultic thar Ynve surrounded us and. Especially the or at Triu Enoy in the Tao Nejat tatar act Ler Prises of the Day anwhiohthat2ifo ast year one of extreme Dlf Fiou to in fact the " Noil diff Volt to pass through that the last fifteen years m Fec confidant Hathe Best that could been done Bee Lone. Arnid sisal these difficulties oar enter % Lori Lohss lost a Ortance or usefulness find fax Tooh cause or thankfulness us gratitude to hoc who guides and rale the affairs of men for the a sess which has attended As. All which is submitted " v. � Muu a l9iu08� a 4 i 4 Iii Soto Dwe Hare heard but of bile Annot say How reliable the Tofor mattion thl in elderly gentleman living a fear Miles wow3reenvilfe, Well known to our cit Betous by us Iamo of Cain Wells attempted Browtt i by it hooting himself on sunday last. What Ite did not quite succeed but it is supposed hat it will be impossible for him to live Zanuch of his brain was shot away. 1fcp�w f this unfortunate suicide we Nave to positively st Tebu Thi Antoh we would repeat of we Hare hads3n wednesday or thursday of i soft week a pro mixed himself that in Nult should Fain up this drops by saturday would kill himself ind it not having rained it appear that nde Avord to put his awful Thittap Bijj sincerely Trust that this report lain True but if it be it should pro ire Edna Dahl earning never to tempt the almighty in of his . A deaf mate marriage interesting from Itsjo Veny occurred at a Yorksie . The Bride waa amiss mat me of the deaf and i him institution id hat City and Tho bridegroom a or. L1ti�eetv on of tie president of that institution Unk nost successful instructor of deaf Ruttar fhk9lereroonies were performed in Chur puritans in presence of an Iowa not by cry m Pec Lator. The venerable , band a her of the bridegroom read the Aerice Lander. Pet stood at his Side and Trainq pod i Fords to the Bride. R the Washington Star says that in a recent Apo Simon or a cose submitted to him by the Secretary of War the attorney general Hale ended that an the army a Abbjee tubal for ust by the civil Lott rat a for a violation 6f the Ordinary Law of tha and and also by a oort martial for a violation of the military jaw. The Whf California to a Deputy poet tooth Ama Francisco state of California in place of Thorn is. Houley resigned to take Edge try ill arid it a said Hal it lne Lopes entertained of Hie rwf4rys & i new expedition had k or peeled Fatu Oayma. Be a Vou to pc Iffe sri d to be ver prevalent Meekue Abzug re fully a Many death to proportion to the � pro p w9t91a Fow Waw from ther Ahina Imil a f " i-.?. He islands Ofiara Aloit end the As Atter Island two Hundred and forty for per mob ions died in Ono der often dij a. Or a two Jesu to
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