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The Daily News (Newspaper) - January 10, 1882, Joliet, Illinois MCÍL3.R.TIMEIÜM 0H1046Oe AliTOK * B7*]UUinf B. B. ! On mA afltr Dec. 11* tsalai <ra the Above roee «OCTH. Tñtíe..í, WííMtíh. Leave 0«oeto,e:«2*** KSeaw B». .< 8?00 p.m. ^    1S:‘> 0 p.m tsSsss.'i^ Twin.... • 00 P^* Arr.MCIilee«o. LWitolne Ix.8;«*.m.    '*    115‘f! I bTc. a at. L. 6:W **m.    “    ^    7;4S *.ib yifrktfimg SxitfMti>ail7i Indadibf Sonoeje: r    UKÜW, jktttaHi ÜÉlOAtO. BBBIM A •U^a-WiBfBBK OB end after ftoadajr, .tone ii, 1881, teilaa oi th* above road wUlTtin at 0O1NU tlQQTH. »«.i. Mail....» 45 a Ar al J?eorta....y W ^ 2fo.T,06al.... J lOpm,    « Ba It Fndglit 6 15 a. m. *♦ Peoria. ..T 16 ** OOIHQ NORTH. »a 8. Bail ... I 8) p ta. Lv. Feo-U at... 8 »0 ^ 110.4, Stock.. 8 45 « BtieaVor.... 4 QOpa Bo. 8, Coal 13 15 am ....7 40^ OaiOAOO, ROCK ISLAND A PAOIFI^ - On and alter Nor. 6, paw Joliet aatoUowa: eonie naav. u’vo Joliet, Peru Acoommoda’n 1 ;45 am^^ Üñeíi Clir AX    ^'4-W NigntiaxiMoe»,    Bj^am Atlantic    pm 1881, paeaenge^tr^ wU' Art. íTiicaco 1:55 am -eü-w 7..I am A45 pa 6:80 pm Davenport Rxpreap*/"^ 4:1U pm * Frelgbt pormon laland at 12:10 om. ^ ^ aoiae vraeT, L’ve Chicago. ^ Arr. .(one ?avenpQ^ Btpree*, 10:00 am - i2 01 p n eru Awmi.    5:00    pm    7’1' >kt Taas City Ex    10:00 pm    .12:10 am fie    IZrifiprn    i;    8^i. iP5elirht ’rains carrying passengcré weat leave JoUetal7*u<M:l^i*m, inat am. llieairu tram leavo» Chicago baturday night av Jl:»; arrive In Joliet 1:65 am. Leave Joliet bun day 7:45 am, arrive Chicago l(h». H, N . ^ A K>*H A Treamw of ft Baby.    ■ Children in »mM ge^rully enjoy ex4 emption from ciiiítoms'a'utio.a, and even the octroi oflldak stationed the “bap* anditaihiirt^ieA^ fiseal martinets though they be, are wont to allow these ínfioeea^ereature» to pasA them |re€ of duty. There are, however, exceptions to every rule. Only the other jday* among the passengers In an omn-nibus undei^^oing the usual Inspection at the Porta Garibaldi of Milan was a ruddpcheeked wet-nurse bearing on her lap an infaijtNre treasure carefully swaddled, its youthful ilneamenU were hidden from view by a thick white lape Will boy at the No Na5ip. ¿rom étio: 4 Hook Hal Hack, one Towel Roller, one owtfl Rick, Three D ’zeu ^jgl^thes ^08, three Cakes u&t meal 5*^^ two bars Wcl, ers Laundry Boap, imriy Wax Tapers, one GIsss Butter jKsh, Glass Sugar Bowl, Glass Ptckle^r, Gliiss Uream Piteher QlftBl.SpoofrHoider, Heavy Pair Cotton Sox, Lftdies Colton Hose, Bunch Flowers, ; Tefttiier for Hat, Pair Rings, Hat Oi-iiament, Coffee Pot, % qt, covered Paif, B f. fisirlng Pail, § qt Prwsed Tin Milk aen irom view oya    Carpenter    Ham- veil It seemed a baby of excell^wn- ^ Comb Case, Vasés, Spool Linen duct, by no means addicted to i^unate    iAra*» i.inM» Tnw«L Pocket Knite. screaming, or even to the ^omplacent mCRltíÁN CENTHAL. travioxi. WMTWABD.    BASTwaao. Joliet Joliet I Joliet Jolie Acc’m. Acc’m. I Acc’m. AccV a.m. I a.m p.m Matteson,    7    16    10    00    1 7    88    4    00 Ptankfort,    7    35    10    20    7    14    8    40 Spencer,    45    10    30    7    04    3    30 Joliet,'    8    06    10    50    1 6    45    3    10 AH train* daflv. except entidav* Mixed, ~ The following* comes from Georgia, and its accuracy Í8 vouched for by the stenographer who took it down; ‘ ‘Judge was noted for the way ha got mixed in his charges to the jury. On one occasion a case was trietl before him, the points of which may be briefly stated thus: Smith brought suit against upon A promissory note givim for a horse. Jones’s defense waAiailure of consideration, he averring that at the time of the purchase the norse had the flanders, of which he died, and that mith knew it. Smith replied that the horse did not have the glanders, but had the distemper, and that Jones knew it when he bought it The judge chained the jury: “Gen-tlemeu of the juW, pay atlcntiop to the charge of the Court. * You have already made one mistrial of this case because yosi did not pay attention to the charge of the Court, and 1 don’t want you to * do it again. I intend to make it so clear to you this time that you cannot possibly make any mistake. This suit is upou a note given for a pnimissorv horse. I hope YOU understand that. Vow, if you iipd tliat at the time of the salo Smith bad the glanders, and Jones knew it, Jones caanot recover. That is clear, genUemen. I will state it again. If ÍOU find that at the time of the sale ones had the distemper, and .Smith Iknew it, then Smith cannot possibly recover. But, gentlemen, I will state it a third time, so that you cannot possibly make a mistake. If at the time of the sale Smith had the glanders, and Jones had the distemper,^ and the horse knew it, then^ncither Smith, Jones, nor the horse can recover. Let the record be given to the jury.” Getting a Polioeman on a String. Yesterday evening a man met Oflicer Solomon on the street and told him that he wanted him to make an arrest, and come with him immediately. The ofticer hurried with the man to the theatre, and when inside the latter pointed to Mile. Addie, the lady who performs the «erial suspension act, hanging in mid a*r. : “That’s the woman I want taken in,” said the man. * “Playing without a license?”    / , “Oh, no, she’s got a license.” “Then I supppee an immoral «how. Woman in tights. I’ll snatch her right off tlie stage if you have the warrant.” “HavenT got the warrant yet, but I ' want to m^ a charge oí vagrancy ag^^inst her.” “Vagrancy? Why look at her diamonds. Vacancy, what on?” “No-visible means of support,” said the wag, with a twinkle in lis left optic^^ ITie officer lcflThe4heatre and sworb audibly all the way to the police station-l^ks Tribune. The newspaper Sense- ' ^ i One *Stei^4wldfih Harriet Martineau used to tell after she ceased to write, which was only a tow years before hM * London News to make an announcement of the^rst importance, viz., the sailing of the fleet for the Baltic during ^ the Crimean war. It appt*ars that she was on visiting termH with a tedy who was anxious to get an appointment "on one of the ships for her Itoa, arid having daims upon her Jdajcsty, sli«‘ bad asked the royal inteiposition. Tlie Queen called.upon her one mornin|f to tclt her "to set her mind at rest, for the fleet was _i.goiiig to tha Baltic, and her boy should ; go with it In the afternoon Miss Mar-vnneau called to see her friend and was told of the circumstances. With true imalistia Aptnosfl, she dcpve back to ahd marW toown-ifl lacc^ imd the Páilj/ Ne0s had nil the Aredlt of hiving recdred exclusively an .^.1 M>i» 11,11 *44. gurglings affected by son^nfanU. “That is a remarkaWy^uiet child of yours,” observed thft^^arching official to the nurse. ' “Yes, indee^ T% dear mtle sngbh’* rejoined th^tter; hardly ever cries, the sweeT poppet; and when it does whirapéi^^ a little I can quiet it in a mo-menÍ5vith a lump of sugar,” ^-^Tt must be quite a treasure,” replied he pf 4he octroi. “Just step down, there^'s a good woman, and bring it Into mv office, will you? I should like to have a look at it, being a family man myself.” The nurse grew pale; she had, however, no valid excuíé for nnn=compli ance with the request; sd she descended from the omnibus and followed the fatherly official into his bureau, 5vbere, strange and sad to tell, the extraordi nary placidity of her infantine charge was speedily accounted for by the discovery that it consisted of fouricen pounds of fine Bologna sausage, neatly packed up in the snow white robes of yuileless babybo<ffi. ^ ^ An' Incident at a Revival Meeting, In the little to'vn of Peninsula there lives a disciple of Blackstí>ne, vvIm» has acquired more than a mere local repu tation as a collector of hard bills. His ability in this direction was so well recognized that a threat of a weary crcdi tor to hand the bill to McNcil for col lection would usually extract shekels from the toughest canaler. A few months since Peninsula was visit«l 5vith an awakening of grace. ProtracUH meetings wer« hold, and many wander-ars were gathered into the fold. ^ On one occasion, at an expt riem e raeetlug, one of the elect, Brother Coleman, arose to testify, la one corner of the building slumbered a rough, rugged canal boatman. who awakened witlitlie discourse. “Mv dear brethren and sisters,” sakl Professor Coleman, “I sarved the/devil mere n thirty year, and he never gin a cent of pay ” At this juncture the canaliT, who had TEMGINTS. Tbféiid,Large LinenTowel, Pocket Knife, Nall Knife, Bottle French Mustard, Silk Tie, Collaw Sn6 Cuff-, Brushes and Combs Box tooth Picks, Pi ather Duster, Whisk Broom, Large Wax Doll, Two Heavy Glass Goblet*. 4 glass S»nce Dishes, 24 Dozen AgatelBultdns, 1 Dozeii Nice Dress Buitons.    .... And 1000 other articles, call and look through the Mmeum. First door Booth Stone Glty Bank, Chicago St. - TOTS ! ^ SeaDQUARTERS F0R Holiday^T^I The largest sod mott cooiiplete itoek of TQirs. IN JOLIIT.    ^ / —— EÉI?irtiattcl« Is marked tn PLAIN FIGURES. HARDWARE The Great Consumption Bemedy not taken in the principal idea sought fo be advanced, roared out m stentorian tones: “Send in the account to Bill McNeil, and he’ll collect every blasted cent of it.” - BB^WN^S EXPÉCtORAHt fío» éóem tested in hundred» of ca»e^0ñSA y never failed to arrest and cure CQN-A. SUMPTIOy, if taken in Hmse* It Cures Coughs* It Cures Á8tÍ0n^, y It Cures JigronchUis* It Cures Mmrsmess,^^ ~ It Cures Tightness oftM ChesU It Cures nQficuUy of Breathing^ Brown’s Expecjorrnt J$ Bpeedatlg Beeommended for WMserisre €&vsm. It ufUl »herten tbéduraUon of the d4e^ and tUleviate the parosoysm of coughing, so am to enable the child to pose through it withoubieaving^anp^serioue conmguestcm JPMICE, 60c. and $1.00. A. NlEFEBf Indianapolis, Ind. Virginia’s Prodigy in Arithmetic. “A man by the_narae of Price, near Alraa, who is almost blind, and 5vho is wholly uneducated and not at all sprightly in other respects, is said to be able to solve almost any problem in mathematics that can be given him. He uses no fin-iires, but mahcs his etiknilaiiona on hFs fingers. Mr. Ilampion, wlio is teachÍMg"in that m ighboriioud, gaye him last week the following piobjcni, which he solved quicker a good, scholar jresent could do l)y algebra: A niuri )ought a ' horse, buggy ond harness. The horss cost $48 more than the buggy, the buggy two and three-fourth times as much as the harness, and tlie harness one-seventh of the whole sum paid. What wus the whole sum paid— what did each cost? He has no difficulty in working fractions, hoKt'cvcrciimpfi-cated and intricate. Mr, James P. Graves informed us that he once asked him what was the thinl and the half of one-third of three and one-thini, and li* was ready witli the answer almost ai Boon as he had finished the quejsllon. lie Í8 about 2.‘1 yprs old.—Aii/’oy (la.) Courier.^ ^ Journalists are careful in Algiers about piiblishing^goss|j) of the D<‘y. Wise Dom Pedro, Dom Pedro, the Emperor (»f Brazil, ii ooBtractiag for an iron-clad for the Brazilian navy with a noted English firm, evidently has in nííñd Hie fAst and increasing number of failures ji#- British-built Vessels of all classes, and to prevent any fraud upqn the Imperfhl treasury, has inserted in the sjiecitications a seriaa of money peualties, wliuih would reduce the cost ?)f the ship in sums varying from £*i,000 to £32,orone-% sixth of the contract price, in case she fails to come up to the terms of the contract This fact is one of the strongest arguments that could be made to slmw how unreliable the average ship-build-ers of Great Britain are in the production of modern vessels, and yet we are constantly being told that’ wa sboiihl buy British-built shijiS because they are so cheap, liom Pedro has bought Britlflh-bmll shin** licíVire, and ha» been badly “burned,” and hetioes not propose to be imposed upon again, either m material, speed, economy of fuel or moilel.—The Nmitiea Gazette. T8 BUYERS ! T.J. KELU Is ready with a fine and complete Fall and Winter AT A TERT m ¿Profit, Boy yoijr T0T8 1b time. Do ^ wait until the last mlnuw Ifjoa wanta Pnll Beiectlon, and be waited on at once. BD.BAtria, “ 59 Jííffl50» STEBETr“ POST ^PICE COBNER; CHEAPEJt COAL. Slreutor Coal. $4 per ton, SCREENED AND DELIVERED, A. J. KNIQH’r AVeit Orders may be left at F. B. Shaw’s, 8,1 JefTtTson St.; at James Bruce’s Stone quarjpr bfflce on North Coilins street, or at Knight s. Boarding House, near Francis Cassi duy’s    218-tf CÜT 61ÍS8 fiOBliffS, given To Introduce OUR TEAS. aiirAV Parties remlttlni $8.00 H W H * bewzpress Or P. 0. order for six pounds of our oboloe Pim* Tci, at 5Qo per pound, will receive ilw foblett carefuily packed with we tea. Bend For price list CHICAQO TEA (XX, ftS B. Hiristed 8t.. ehicagO. Bttabtished 1871. 6 DR. PEIRO. Devote*, as for years ixist, exoluslre attentloa to the Homnepathlo treatmént of CATARRH, THROAT AND LUNG DISEASES. OfSoes, 83 MadiSoMt, (opp. lío?i^eor^atÉM^ tMjChteato* Hours,fto4. PICTÜREJFRAMES Miss Mary Stapleton, FOR T I- There is not very much in this iue that is, strictly speaking, Holiday Goods, but what there is we will call your attention to below, and can say that what we do keep you will find us headquarters for, and our.prices below competition. HENRY&SEWAin j»ffr j^xTioKJM Join.ti Loan and CoUecticm Pocket Cutlery We have a large Show Case full, more thau any other three dealers put together—Our own brand and warranted, bough|^t' manufacturers for cash, thus saving the jobbers’ brofit, which we are giving to our customers, not entirely to save them money (for we are selfish), but we think it is money in our pocket to sell close, for by so doing we sell the larger quantities, and in the end we make more money for ourselves as well as for you. -Dry Goods, Ladies Notions Etc., 'Fbose -Jiho contemplate makme pur. chasesiu goods in the e»^ove line will not foreet lo call and get taels and figures, made so plain that all cau appreciate and understand them. The DRESS eOODS DEPARTMENT Is fully stocked with elegant paUerns— reliable and durable. - V FLANNELS tvery grade, and wurrauit.Hi m. be ♦xtctly as represented Wm)ien yarns and every other article made tH retain warmth are ofibred on sale. SUCCESS. Goiids bougbt for cash, rents low, and no oxpensive tu»lp, adds greatly to msn’a buccees iu the Dry G*»od8 business, as in other lines ot trade. So ladies—everybody, be sure you call and see T. J. KELLY, NO. 14 JEFFERSON STREET AT r ■ NO. 55 JEFFERSON STREET, FurnlehcB her palron« with PICTURE FRAMES, WINDOW CORNICE, PAINTINGS, STEELENGRAVINGS, And Kverythiug pertaiuiHg to a FI st Class Picture Fraining K tabl.shuient. Orders by mail promptly kttóndedtu S0.50. Boy* « of lii* b<M Unlaundrled Sturts in till* eouutry. Fit and Work-m»nsliiD tiu«r»ute»id. heot anywher* OU i-KCt'iiU of pric«>^.5.5t). froij) il 10 iD-iuck ueck ' __ CiihAPiCSr Fl.vK l)nFH.<.SHUtT liüübE HN llii; WUiiLD. “I.DNK .STAiT^ 8B1KT CO., 205 *ua 2«»7 Dearboru et.. Chicago. Mention this paper la ordering. AGENCYi No.97 Jeff«rson street. JOLIET, QXS Extra i’ann. 160 acre farm in section 8 and t; township ol Cbanaahon, two dwelUng booses, aOd one omC f‘2,000, erchards, weils. and everything for a flrrt-claa* farm, 7!i4 mtle* from Joliet, prico, acre. Term* of payment favorable, with six per It, pr payment favorable, cent intereet on balauce of parment TO H8NT. - 289 acre first-class f<rm; cash rent, ^.50 per acre; this year iTO tons of hay were cot on eeia farm and 900 bo oats raised; 40 tons straw, large mcrop, good land and buildings; well watered; a good grain and stock farm; me very chetfpest rent offered In Will county. We are sure to have some winter, and what suits the young folks more, our stock is large and well assorted, and prices very low. Brick Honse and 5 acres of land on West Sidt extra property, for sale; price reasonable. Honse and ten acres of land in the city of Joll•^ price |S,500, very cheap 169 acre Carnihrtiie towMhlp 61 LeekpoÜ*8if miles from Joliet, price $50 per acre, extra grail and stock farm 160 acres ot land in HamlUon county, State of Iowa, pr.ce $1.600, very cheap 14 acre farm in the township of Channahon, In sec Sand 17, extra nice place, mill place, and on» horse and one cow and hot house, and ah thingt on place,for$2,00i, cheap 160 acre ffirm in Du Page township extra good finn price $50 per acre, 25 Acres honse and ontbullding and garden one mite west of Joliet la sec 8. is fir-t-class property, joins M. W, Shnrte’ farm no oetter (can be lound for • market larm soil flrst-class, valuable pro’rertj. Will trade flrst-class property In Jeckaoo Tille, 111., for dweUing house properW tx Joliet. AOCTION ASD COMMISSION HOUSE, OF J. H.    I No. 10 N. Bluff St., Next to P. Fant’s. All parlies having goods lo sell will find il to their interests to give mo a call at once, or send in Iheir gooila. I will buy for cash, or sell them on commission. Will give referencia t5 all parties wieMng to know 0Í my respoosibiUty. OuUdoor gales attended toj on favorable terms Horses and carriages s specialtv PHÉNIX FURNITURE'HGUSE, ^OUOBT, llrL. HOLIDAY TEAPOTS, TIN, BRITTANICA, GRANITE AND GRANITEiNlCKEL . ITRIMMED./ HOLÍEAY MONEYI BANKS, The Owl, The Kicking Mule, and many|other Cheaper Banks. 4-62 4-63 461 B4 Yaocination. ' , I arn sfir >riW(Ubat the wisiJon of vac^ eiualibn .s lOiild d:Te (Ilscu.ssihI. If the chtdeevvas between v.accination and a ))loasant jiienle or a ghm of iee-ereaip. I hhould nnhesitaringly vote t^aeeination. But ?4nee the cholee ii’* btii, vaccÍTnilÍAm :tiid one of th.e most horrible, loathsome (li,seaseá knotvfi to man, 1 nnhOKiuiinglv vofi* lor ricdna-tion. But weare told that scrofula and other taint.s are trausmUted by vaeciria-tion. It is to wen re jeM’foA't Itn-munity from such a miaforiune, by taking tie virus directly from the cow, as is now generally done. But as there is potafighteat nixxtesilvicM^ «xposiag ^ one’t íeM-t^efoy su^ -Inleotiqn la- vtn-^ cination, one is vexed at the stupid op-,nailtkB to    IMo    Losm.^ 'V Hlstskte We will sell you as go<SÍ or better Wringer for |4.50than the neddlers are asking you $7.00 tor. You can lake it and use with itieirs, and If not as good return il. And The ELI PIKE, THE BEST MADE, for.t5,50. t)ura is not tho only.Real Estate Ofiloc in Juliet. WE WONT LIE ABOUT it;; But if you    =    *    . vriint to Boy or Sell Real Estate] '    ... ■ . ^ ■    ■ ' ■ ■ W« irill make it to your intowt-te-Wl al oaf oflhj®- ------- V— :    E.    T.    GHASE & eo, - Don’t be Deceived by Peddlers. They hav^ot to. have a Larger Profit to pay expenses. ..IJ.     -.....' RARREn&m Honse and lot, lot block 7 on the corner of Irvin eireet and Park avenne price $1260J)ft. Honse and lot, lot 4 block 6 Dnrham and English add 2 etory bouse price $1550.(0. Two house* on the corner of Olay etreot and Young* avenue one honse 30X28 kltchei 12x12. One house 16x34 addition 12x 6 good property. WÜ1 be sold on very teforabJe payments. B^ee and 2% lot* on Chicago street, goe4 |]^ertjr, favroable terms of paymfot, price add B4 240 149 UOB. $200 cash. 169 168 166 223 Two house* and lot* to eell in Aktn’s first class places, and will be sold on term* of payment. Lot* In Akin’s add, and Ford s Raynors and Cusseday’s and all other parts oí the city, at idw prices and pUfments. , House and lot on Chicago street. Home 1 etory, 20 by 26; kitchen, i siory 12 by 14. Good place and will be smd H*r $1,40 litct-able payments. pot 6. block a4*;m Ca88way*i»d(liü<»; prtu 1^. Chei«. Lot ten la Ford's sab dlTlMoa of. lote 15A and 17. Lot* 5 to block 8, Kclunond A Raynor’a »• divlflloii. Lote 1, a, 4,5,6. to block », Ci«ld«j*i addl. t. Price: 80 acre term 2Hmllei eontb ea« of Jtmed, bnUdinge all good. Extra cheap and good. Small tom extra land. Honse and lot on tbe comer of Ottawa and -Dnnean atreer. Ipt42, block llS^Httc^kottM t rooms, boaae baUt to 1875 and will M aoli IcNr the low pnoo of toOO cash. — Lot* 1, *, 8,4, 5,6,7,8, 9,10.11* It It M. te block80,school section Joliet «ito West Bide of the nver. Tbeee lots will ¿1 be told together on separate and yen fttegt* able terms of paymonte, and at a far pele*, ExeeQent loctllew. - House and Lot on the sodtb-esit eoRMg ^ Third avenue and Sherman street. Tblite fifst-dass property. Tke hooae kis o^ toó»*, good cellar, *nd good bam. and wl hi ■qSdit a Id price. Look at this plaoi If yon wisk a pl«» ant bdme. Oellar. dstera tod weQ; aU to good con^ tiOfu^ Prtee 11,060. ^awwto^ teena Loto to all parts ottba dty and on oauado additions. Bnatoess propertys tor aa^ aid root. Call and see os farms to Wm County and otbav staua to m or tmde lor Joliet City Propwly. ^ Coate and look over oar list d konses n for sale, also tbe aerea for buildtog and gtrd and tbe cheap firms in Win coanty end places. We can offer fou tor ^e alto Mues of land and good dw^ 'ling boas* la of Joliet. Wo esa dve grtoibiiiatoa. the time to bay prefirty. BASBUBKT POSX-OFFICB BUXIK iOLlBT UL. 67 JEFFERSON STREET Wd wUi now esi; toton peopw tto ted eatate wo ace ydriBii ......Wodiaj wait Mato. *fOb on* twa- Vv

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