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The Cincinnati Weekly Star (Newspaper) - December 31, 1879, Cincinnati, OhioThe Cus Cun Nati wifi Salt 8�?T1 a december 31, 187�. 3 t Law versus love. Or. Popkins was a Bachelor. I mention this fact with All due reverence for the name lion. A a # it in and sympathy for the Condi he was Well to do in the world if owning a Fine farm and being plaint a lawsuit is any criterion. Aside from or. Popkins misfortune in being a Bachelor he had one fault a general aversion to female society and a particular aversion to miss Sallie Hopkins the Delend ant in the above named lawsuit. Now be it known that though miss sallies name was put Down on the list of o. old maid she was the roundest cos Iest dimple cheeked spinster that Ever lived in Lincoln. She had the softest Brown eyes with a trick of looking Down and peeping under the lashes perfectly bewildering and her hair waved and Schone in such a manner that a susceptible lady like you and me would have Felt an irresistible desire to have sole ownership of the a nut Brown put however fascinating miss Sallie was to the sex in general As i have said Between her and or. Popkins there was a deadly feud and the cause of All the trouble was a Meadow spreading far and wide and unconscious Between miss Bailie a and or. Popkins farms. Now the truth of the matter was this the Meadow justly belonged to or. Popkins but instead of going to miss Sallie find frankly stating the Case he must serve a process of Law. Miss Sallie flew All to pieces and declared that she would maintain her rights at any Cost. From the manner in which it ended one could see that had or. Popkins gone to her himself she would have relinquished it gracefully but a woman has a mortal terror of being forced to do anything. Tie a string around her neck feed her with sugar plums and you can Lead her to the jumping off place but go to drive her and for obstinacy site will beat Mark Twain a mule All to pieces. When miss Bailie met or. Popkins on the Street her nose was decidedly a Retro use a and or. Popkins looked like an automaton Cardiff giant. The neighbors were forced to take part in this Case for when invitations were issued for the regular Tea parties those who invited 3vlr. Popkins were obliged to omit miss Sallie and vice versa. In the meantime the lawsuit dragged its slow length along from session to session from term to term until it was As familiar As a b c. But Fate had taken in hand the destiny of these two obstinate individuals and soon brought matters to a most satisfactory conclusion though the unconscious mediator was rather a burlesque of the higher tragedy daily enacted. There lived close to these belligerents a Good natured old Man nearly As deaf As u Post who had the greatest faculty for blundering on unfortunate facts of any individual known either in ancient or modern histor he never heard any tiling correctly and it was an utter in to try a it it you to explain and if you attempt would find yourself floundering in a perfect Slough of despair. Miss Bailie and or. Popkins had received notice that their Case would come up for the final hearing in Harrow on tuesday of the next week. Miss Sallie concluded to take the stage Uncle Ben Dropper our deaf Friend had business a Little distance on the Road and he would take the stage too and or. Popkins Saddle horse fell sick just As he was needed and there being no time for other arrangements he must take the same conveyance. Miss Bailie came floating Down to the Gate with White ribbons and bows and a into dress sufficient to bewilder a Man v 9 with As Stony a heart As the Sphinx and saw approaching from the opposite her foe in immaculate Broadcloth and shirt front. For a moment the color rushed to her Cheeks and she half resolved to go Back but to be outdone by a Man and lie a Popkins was not to be thought of so she stepped into the coach with an air of sixteen Queen Victorias elevating her head until it made an acute Angle with her nose and became sublimely unconscious of and ones presence. Or. Pop Kii is seated himself As though he had swallowed a whole foundry and had his pockets full of eggs for dessert. Just then came Uncle Ben puffing and blowing utterly unconscious of the oaths of the impatient Jehu. A Good morning miss Sallie a said he carefully seating himself beside her. A Good morning or. Popkins. Where might you be going and what for a a to Harrow a said or. Popkins in his most polite manner answering the first question and ignoring the last. A Udu telus and the round face fairly beamed with Placid Surprise. A going to marry Well i told Hester last night that was the suit after All. There ainu to no More capable girl anywhere than Sallie and i am glad you found it out. And or. Popkins is wonderful Clever a turning to Bailie a and instead of there Bertig two farms and a lawsuit there need be Only one. Law bless me a rubbing his hands with increased satisfaction a if it ainu to a tip top arrangement a or. Popkins clutched at his Throat As though he was choking to death and made spasmodic efforts to utter a word of explanation but his Tongue was utterly pals miss Bailie with a face of the deepest a -----7 a a a sied and failed him in this emergency. Ing his two victims much happiness he left them to their thoughts. The human heart is a strange affair to say the least of it. Had any one advised or. Popkins to marry Bailie he would have rejected the idea immediately and she herself would have taken it As an insult. But the totally unexpected manner in which the matter had been brought up made altogether a different affair of it. He stole a glance. At miss Sallie. Her face was turned away and she was apparently studying nature. She was pretty or. Popkins deny that what if if and his heart gave a tremendous bound. What a fool he had been All this time we must try at any rate and risk repulse. So without any More hesitation for our Viero was Brave he took Uncle seat and said quietly a miss the face turned the eighteenth part of an Inch toward him. Not much encouragement certainly but a Little. A miss Sallie a he repeated a a in be been a fool and a of Wise or. Popkins he had started on the direct Road to a woman a heart. Either from Contra riness or a sense of Justice take the opposite Side. Miss Sallie made up her mind from this moment that he was a gentleman and a Solomon Aud she turned her face completely round for him to Admire. A do you think a he continued a that we can Settle this lawsuit in the sensible manner suggested by Uncle Ben i do love you miss Sallie and by George i believe i loved you All the time and never knew it till miss Sallie was completely vanquished but the answer although whispered was heard above the wheels and the rocking of the Drivers whip. The suit of Popkins is. Hopkins was dismissed that Day. The Baptist minister got a fee and the people were firmly convinced that or. And mrs. Popkins Are the very Best lauds in the world to keep a secret. Scintillation of science. Scott Rose color placed her hand to her Mouth and shouted so As to startle the horses a i am going to see or. Stiles 011 of Day of blunders or. Stiles was her lawyer but the unfortunate girl was unaware that a presbyterian minister had the same dignified Cognomen. A emr. Stiles a said our Friend a Well in be heard him Well spoken of but i never expected you Sallie a Baptist to be married by any one but a minister of your own Church but i suppose you give Way to or. Popkins and it shows a downright Good miss Sallio gave up in despair looked fixedly out of the window while or. Popkins lips moved occasionally As though he were asking for water but the unconscious cause of this turmoil sat Serene and Happy indulging in an occasional chuckle and knowing glance atm. Tonkins but at this moment he saw he Hau arrived at his destination and Wisk once s wee kit is an old saying. A whom first we love we never wed a and this though not strictly True May be applied to Scott Byron George Washington and Many other men of note. It is interesting to observe How poets generally present their love matters to the Public. The personal experience of such men will crop out. Scott for instance fell deeply in love in Early life with a girl of aristocratic family and As he was then merely a poor barrister there was no Prospect of Success. His father knowing this and being desirous to bring the Platter to a close suggested to the parents the propriety of terminating the acquaintance and this was done in the least painful manner. The lady was the Only daughter of sir John Stewart of Forfarshire and she afterwards married sir William Forbes the noted Edinburgh banker. As Scott was a Well educated Young Man of Fine personal appearance and agreeable manners there could be but Little reason for giving the banker preference except his wealth and social rank. Scott Felt this keenly through life in a broke by he revives the episode at some length. Matilda the heroine of the poem represents the object of his love who there rejects a poet in favor of one of higher rank and this scene becomes doubly interesting As a picture of Scott a Early experience. In 1811 lady Forbes died but she lived Long enough to see the once penniless barrister the Host poet in Scotland. Her death was deeply Felt by Scott for although he had been married for twelve years the old flame was not extinguished. A broke by appeared get year and Lockhart says a that there is nothing wrought out in All Scott a prose More exquisite than the contrast Between the rivals for the hand of the six years afterwards Scott wrote thus to miss Edgeworth a Ama Tilda was attempted for the person of a lady who is now no More so that i am flattered with your distinguishing As this took place nearly Twenty years after the disappointment it illustrates the tenacity with which the author held to his first love. When lady Forbes died Scott was so affected that he called on her Mother and both fell to weeping Over the sad affair. It is a curious incident in Domestic history to see a Man carrying his first love so tenderly through life while married to another woman to whom he always showed great attachment. Scott evidently made Matilda the Ideal or dream wife who accompanied him to the last. Having recovered from the worst effects of his disappointment he met a French girl whose father had saved both life and Fortune by fleeing from the dangers of the revolution. At the time referred to miss Carpentier or Carpenter was an orphan and to her Scott transferred his affections so far As this was possible. He appeared As Haa been said much attached to his wife through life and sincerely mourned her death. She is however intellectually and physically inferior to the scottish ladies of that City and the rapid degeneracy of the family May in some degree be ascribed to so unfavourable a Guiou. And a profitable Vineyard Santa Rosa times j Joseph a. Williams of Glen Ellen who is a Pioneer grape grower and one of the most successful wine makers in the county made this year 25,000 Gallons of wine from his old Vineyard of forty eight acres of hearing vines. He has also eighteen acres of Young vines a coming in next year. Or. Williams sold his last years wine crop for 24 cents a gallon and has engaged this years product to some parties at tie highest Market value when delivered. Or. Williams practical experience has taught him that where vineyards Are thoroughly cultivated and properly cared for they Are not liable to the Scourge of phylloxera. He has known the roots of the Mission Vine to penetrate the Earth to a depth of Twenty eight feet. Electricity has been France by m. Dal Mas to the destruction of phylloxera. Through a Copper wire wound around the stems of the vines a powerful t current is stat with the effect of destroying the insect in its various stage of development. Prof. Bottger notes the fact that when two parts by measure of Silver oxide in a dry state is rubbed in a Morlar with one part of Antimony Sulphide or if amorphous phosphorus is substituted for the Sulphide the mixture takes fire easily. When a drop of phenol is let fall upon the Silver oxide the oxide is partially reduced while Sparks Are Given off. Schluesing and Muntz claim to have isolated the nitric ferment. The corpuscles Are very abundant Small Aud elongated. If the ferment is exposed to a temperature of 100� centigrade it is killed and its action is arrested at a temperature 10 lower. Oxygen or dry air is unfavourable to it. It is not found normally in air. Mold is its chief medium. A it it has been thought that Forks were used by Mankind in eating food at a very recent period in history. But the Art of eating with a Fork is proved to be a revival of a very ancient one. The Fork is by no Means an invention of modern times. Lately in the debris of the Lake dwellings Forks evidently designed for table use have been discovered. Thev a were made of Bone. The spoon is a still More ancient instrument. There is no reason to be surprised regarding the decline of the foreign demand for British Cotton goods if a writer in the Wollen Werbe gives honestly and without malice this striking analysis of a Sample. It is stated that a piece of Calico contained Only 53 per cent of Cotton Fibre but not less than 26 of Alumina 12 of starch 2.5 of fatty matter 2 of magnesium Chloride 1.5 of Zinc Chloride .5 of Calcium Chloride and 2.5 of water. Last year it will be remembered the celebrated hot Springs at Teplitz disappeared on account of the subterranean source of Supply having been accidentally tapped in the working of some Coal mines in the neighbourhood. During the past Spring efforts were begun to recover the Supply by sinking the old Well deeper. As the Boring has to be made through porphyry the Progress is very slow. Still More strenuous attempts Are to be made to recover the old Springs or establish new ones before the next summer season. If these Are unsuccessful the result will be serious As the people of Teplitz derived their support altogether from the visitors who came every year to try the curative effects of the Waters. The nature reports that the recent hungarian earthquakes were attended with Phenomena of a most remarkable character. One of the shocks divided the Large danubian Island near old Moldavia in two and from the chasm thus formed a huge column of water was ejected sufficient to partly flood the Island. Suddenly on october 18th, there was a cessation of this flow but Black Sand and Clay were thrown up from Many funnel shaped craters in the fissure. Mouths of caves near Weisskirchen had fallen in and the ruins of the Castle of go Lubacz were demolished. But As the caves were the Breeding places of the Kolum bacs mosquitoes the visitation will not be considered an unmixed calamity if it has also caused the utter destruction of these insect pests. The extraordinary statement that or. Robert Packer while travelling in Nebraska had conversed with his wife and friends at his Home at Sayre penn., by Means of a Telephone though a distance of 2,000 Miles intervened is thus modified by the scientific american a we now learn on Good authority that though or. Packers friends received his communication by Telephone it was not so sent by or. Packer. The message was sent from Nebraska to Mauch Chuck penn., by Telegraph thence it was telegraphed to the Sayre office of the Pennsylvania canal and Railroad company of which or. Packer is superintendent and from there it was transmitted to or. Packers House by Telephone falling Short of the first report of the telephones performance by some 1,999 mile and a at a recent meeting of the physical society London held on november 22d, or. Shettle gave an account of some experiments which suggested to him that the blood exercises an inductive Power on the various structures of the body of animals. Copper and Zinc wires Well insulated from each other with Parchment paper Aud Para fined silk were wound closely together in spiral form. Connecting then one extremity of the Copper and one of the Zinc wire to the terminus of a Galvanometer while the other ends of the wires were free the Needle was deflected. There was no indication of a current when the adjoining free ends were placed in an intimate connection the Needle remained stationary. When hot water was poured inside the coils so As to increase the temperature of the wires the deflection of the Needle of the Galvanometer was considerably augmented. Or. Shettle then began to Trace an analogy Between this physical arrangement with its results and certain physiological combinations and their probable action. Like the Copper and Zinc Coil the heart is made up of nerves and muscular fibres would spirally and some of these about each other so As to form a a spiral Cord. The blood capillaries Are also in intimate relation with this spiral. An inference was therefore drawn that the nerve and muscle fibres May present induced electric currents the same As the wires and that the flow of the warm blood May increase this current As the current in the wires was increased by the hot water. Cure for it Outi or cold. As soon As there is the slightest uneasiness of the Chest with difficulty of breathing or indications of cough. Take during tue Day a few a brow n bronchial f of the people in urea. Central Africa this would be a drawback. Urea was one of the largest native states of Africa. It was bounded on the East by Tanganyika on the North by Independent tribes in Mong Uema on the West by Urmia and on the South by the mountains South of the Lake Banguela. The great chief was Lasonga and the race was perhaps the most civilized in Central Africa. The chief claimed divine honors. On his death All his wives hut one were slaughtered at the grave and the one whose life was not taken was handed Over to the chiefs successor. The Center of the religion of the people was an idol which was held in great reverence. Cd the idol was placed in the midst of a dense Jungle and it had for a wife one of the Sisters of the reigning Sovereign. Under the principal chief were smaller chiefs who had collected and paid Over to the Sovereign tribute. He had seen this tribute come in and some of it must have come from Distant parts of the country. There was a numerous class of wizards in the country who a Large Trade in idols and charms. Many of the wizards were ventriloquists and in this Way the idols were made to give answers to the questions put to them. Caste was very clearly defined in the race. No one dare to sit Down in the presence of the chief without permission which was very Seldom granted. In one Case where in the traveler a presence a native had neglected etiquette severe punishment was about to be inflicted but the traveler saved the attender. Authority was maintained by mutilation. Hands feet ears noses were mutilated and the natives not seem to mind it much. One woman had Cut off her own ears. This woman was one of a Songay a wives he had about one thousand of them. She asked permission to mutilate herself and it at once. The body guard of the chief was composed to a great extent of mutilated people whose affection for the chief seemed in no Way decreased indeed it would appear that mutilation strengthened their regards for their chief. A laugh the name of the idol was lunge a Banza and profound reverence was shown to it. Fire was obtained by friction from a fire Block and in one Case the chief used the Shin Bone of one of the other chiefs whom he had conquered. The dress of the people was very simple consisting of an apron. Members of the Royal family wore three Large skins and Junior members of the family wore aprons of Green Monkey skins. The hair dressing of this people was curious varying More with districts than with rank. In some cases it was worked up into four ring plaits crossing at the top of the head like a Crown and surrounded at the Bottom by a band of cowries or other shells. Skewers were inserted in the hair one end of which could be used in tattooing. The people were not a hairy race but they managed to grow their beards Long and plaited them like a chinaman a pig Tail usually putting at the end of each a Lump of mud to weight it. Some of the beards reached to the waists. The women not having beards to amuse themselves with were tattooed extensively. Tattooing generally commenced at the age of seven and might be completed at the age of twelve or fourteen which was the age of marriage. Beautiful patterns were used and the tattooing was done in raised cuts. Sometimes a husband when he was displeased with his wife Cut off All these raised places and the woman could not appear again in Public she was not received again in society until she was re tattooed. Laughter he saw one of their weddings which was very curious. The festivities lasted several Days. A ring was formed of the natives two men with big Drums Bein in the Center. The Drums were playe and the people round danced. The Bride was brought out dressed in feathers and other finery on the shoulders of the women. The Bride threw the beads about for which there was a scramble As the Possession of them was sup it used to Confer Good Luck. Ultimately the husband came into the ring and putting the Bride under his Arm carried her off. Laughter the Means of communication was by drum signals. They had a Call on the drum for every body a name and they could ask questions and convey intelligence Over hundreds of Miles and receive answers almost immediately. In War messages were constantly sent enormous distances to bring up reinforcements or to Stop their coming. The mass of people lived in huts on dry land but there were one or two exceptions to this. He saw two lakes on which the people were living in huts. In one Case the Jib Ople had covered the Long grass growing in the water with Earth and on that had built their huts in the other the huts were built on piles. The language of the country belonged to the same Broad family which stretched across the Large Belt of Africa traversed by him and the grammar was on the same principle As the grammar of the Sieli. Golden medical discovery. No chills and fever Dengue intermittent or malarial fevers will attack the body if kept under the influence of Maguiree Satin Durango. This is the experience of numerous Steamboat men whose testimony can be shown. Continual drooping out of the hair with a disagreeable itching of the Scalp prevented and the Scalp made Cool and healthy by the use of Halls vegetable hair re newer. A exit Laoko ally people. Cameron account of the most civilized Unco in cent ral Africa. At the meeting of the British association at Sheffield on August 23d, the Well known african explorer commander Cameron who was received with applause apologized for not having his paper prepared but he not believe in not detailing the manners and customs helps for International Sabbath school lessons for 1880, for Sale by Western tract society 170 Kim Street cinc Mauti. Select notes on the International lesson. By f. N. And m. A. Peloubet. Price is 25. Lessons commentary on the International lessons. By Hev. J. Ii. Vincent d.d., and Rev. J. L. Hurl but. Price is 25. Commentary on the International lessons. By kit a. John e. Todd. I .l>., and Rev. M. It. Riddle. I. D. Price is 25. Sermons on the International lessons by the monday club. Price is 50. A air the usual discount to teachers. Westminster question books for 18s0. 15c. The Peloubet question books in three parts. I. For older scholars part ii for youth Iii for infant class scholars. Each 15<\ also a Large variety of teachers journals Les-80 i leaves and other helps to the study of the Lei Ous. Hut l on Scott depositories. Part part s or. Pierces Gulden medical discovery genres All Humora from the worst a cart fit a to a a Ommon Blotch pimple or , Erysipelas a it Rheum. Fever Lloret Tealy or rough Hula in Short All diseases caused by Oad blood Are conquered by this powerful. Purifying and invigorating Medicine. Especially has it Minnif it. I. _ elem. To re , Ficro Furlou More and Weilin Quot White dwellings goitre or thick especially has it manifested its Potency in curing Tetter re a rash Rolle Orbnn neck and enlarged glands. ,. If you Feci Dull drowsy debilitated have Sallow color of ski or yellow a Brown spot on face or body frequent headache or , bad taste in Mouth internal heat or chill alternated with hot flushes irregular appetite and Tongue coated Yon Are suffering from torpid liver or a a bilious Ness. As a remedy for All such cases or. Pierces Golden medical discovery has no equal As it effects perfect and Radical cures. In the euro of bronchitis Revere coughs weak lungs and Early stage of a a a sumption it has astonished the medical faculty and eminent physicians pronounce it the greatest medical discovery of the age. Sold by druggists. Cos to no use of taking the Large repulsive nauseous pills. Those pellets Little pill9 Are scarcely larger than Mustard being entirely vegetable no particular care is required while using them. They o it Erate without disturbance to Tho so Stem diet or occupation. For jaundice headache constipation impure blood pain in the a boulders tightness of Chest 1>i Sai Ness hour erect actions Frena it Torbach. Bad taste in Mouth bilious attacks. Fain in Region of kidneys. Internal fever. Bloated reeling a bout fat Mach. Bush of blood to head take or. Pierces pleasant purgative pellets. Sold by druggists. Worlds Dispensa by medical association prop a Buffalo h. I. Cathartic vitalized phosphates. Brain and nerve food. Vitalized of. Tiki differs from All other tonics because it is composed of the vital or nerve giving principles of the of brain and wheat germ. Physicians have found it so necessary that they alone have prescribed 193,000 packages. It restores lost Energy in All weaknesses of mind or body relieves debility and nervousness gives vitality to the insufficient growth <>4 children strengthens the digestion cures neuralgia i and prevents consumption. It restores to the brain Ami nerves the elements that have been carried of by disease or overwork. For Sale by druggists or by mail. By e. It los it a 666 Sil oc6-Lyd&oel5 Law office of or. M. W. Case 933 Arch Street Philada a a. To a terrible Duea. It car fut cwt a corruption running Down Tho Throat weak def a Phi Quot to Ltd Komi of voice Loas of smell disgusting doors nasal % Vii in ii i deformities and anally consumption. From first to Wjt it is Ever aggressive. Ordinary trea Mauu Are worse than use Leat. If neglected while a cure is possible it May rapidly develop Tuto Quick a oleum Tiou. The most thorough Success stud and pleasant treatment is Bilak l f tur Mouw for Catarrh. Asthma consumption inv a it does not require ten minister to demonstrate the value of Largo Date of tar the mint Healing remedial agent known to science. Balsam and cordials of Tho most Healing and soothing properties Are so combined with. M r Pine tres tar that tace Mere breathing converts them into a dense smoke Broh Cults amp . Or vapor. This is inhaled taken right to the diseased a a arts. No fit sch t no hot water simply inhaling or tire Uthive it and you feel its Healing Power at once. This treatment is endorsed by physicians everywhere avid highly commended by thousands w to have used it with Fie feet satisfaction. I pm tout. Satisfaction always Iuar sulked. Address. Or. M. W. Case 933 Arch st., in Hilado Liichi pm 0024 Ink re Quot a a ifs i is a circulars Etc., sent free liver Regula Tor Simmons liver regulator or Medicine is eminently a family Medicine a a by being kept ready for immediate resort will save Many an hour of suffering and Many a Dollar in time and doctors Bills. After Over forty years trial it is still receiving the most unqualified testimonials to its Virtues from Ike sons of the highest character and responsibility. Eminent physicians com mod it for All diseases of the liver. As an effectual specific opinion of the clergy. Simmons liver regulator is certainly a specific for that class of complaints which it claims to cure. If any of our fellow beings Are suffering from hepatic disorders and have doubts in relation to Tho Efficacy of this popular preparation we can Only offer Thorn the simple and candid argument of Philip to Nathaniel a come and try the proposed remedy and then you can judge for Rev Davi Ltd wills pastor Macon a. Take of presbyterian Simmons liver till 8ymptoms of liver complaint Are uneasiness and pain in the Side. Sometimes the pain is in the shoulder and is mistaken for rheumatism. The stomach is affected with loss of appetite and sickness bowels in general Ostive sometimes altering with lax. The head is troubled with pain and Dull heavy sensation considerable loss or memory accompanied with painful sensation of having left undone something which ought to have been done. Often complaining of weakness debility and Low spirits a Ken times Many of the above symptoms attend the disease and at other times very few of them but the liver is generally the Organ most involved. The cheapest purest Aud Best family it Medicine in the world for dyspepsia constipation jaundice bilious attacks. Sick headache. Colic depression of spirits sour stomach heart Burn Etc Etc original and Only genuine. Manufactured by j. 11. Zkik1n co. Philadelphia a a. Price is. Sold by All druggists. Oc27-Lyd,m,w,f&no5-Lyw, hair vigor. Ayers hair vigor. For restoring Gray hair in of its natural vitality and color. Advancing years so can it a care disappointment and hereditary predisposition sol turn the Hail Gray and either of them incline it to shed prematurely. Ayer s h air Loob by Long and extensive use lint proven that it Stop the failing of the hair immediately often Renews the growth and always surely restores its cold or when faded or Gray. It stimulates Tho nutritive Ergus to healthy activity and preserves both the hair and its Beauty. Thus Brash weak or ile Kly hair become Glossy Ali fable and strengthened lost hair regrow with Lively expression falling hair is checked and Stabl shed thin hair thickens and fatted or Gray hairs reunite their original color. Its operation is sure and harmless it cures Dandruff heals All Humours and keeps the Cal Pool clean and soft under which conditions diseases of the Scalp ars impossible. As s dressing for ladle hair the vigor in praised for its grateful and agreeable perfume an Ltd valued for this soft Luster and Richness of tons it m parts. Prepared by or. J. C. Ayer kco., Lowell mass., practical and analytical chemists. Bold by All druggists and dealers in a Calcin Radical cure. Radical cure leu Morehea or Whites i a of. Harris after Man via sol study shard by chemical research and Experiment together with experienc gained in tie treat mint of a Large Manber of Cates under iut care rat at last succeeded in compounding an int al 1i23jl�13 it la Medy for the Scourge to common amour medical. women and Maidens Leuco Rhea Fluor Albus i he can tie cured by the continued use of want Una a cod i i ver Oil and i actor Pho a Lute of 1.1 me. A cure for consumption. Coughs colds asthma bronchitis Aud All so Romulous diseases. Ask your druggist for Osmund a and take no other. If he has not got it i will Send six bottles any where on receipt of $5. Chas. A. Osmy in 13 seventh Avenue new York. ,m,,ocl5-Lyw, Samaritans gift. Samaritans gift the Only positive cure. No Balsam co Pahia no Mercury no exposure used in in the u. 8. Hospitals a Post Hospital fort Marshall a Baltimore mde a feb. 20th, 1864. A a 1 have great satisfaction in stating that i have used a the Samaritan remedies for venereal diseases in its most customary forms that i have used them with judgment discretion and properly and have found them respond to my anticipations promptly and effectually. Knowing their composition i have the fullest Confidence in their Efficacy and As far As my use of them extends i recommend them strongly. A Alfred c. Hovver a asst. Surgeon 5th n. Y. Many who Are drugged by the quack for months could be cured in from two to four Days by one package of Samaritans gift. Male package $2, female$4. Sold by Ernst w1lkert, fourth and Walnut and by druggists. Al 6-1 or a set m&sp23-1 y r w a interns and sign m painting training varnishing polishing al summing papering lettering staining gilding ac., 50c. Book of alphabets 50. Scrolls and ornaments $1. Furniture and Cabinet fint Suer 50. Watchmaker and jeweler 50. Carpenter 50. Llor Sesher. 2fk soap maker 25. Baker 50. Can Damaker 50. Taxidermist 50. Of booksellers or by mail. A Jesse Haney Ltd co., 119 Nassau so new York. Or Whites state so drtt�1eut Ainone Feit uits is understood by physicians. Its Drain upon the Iriemi is so excessive and debilitating that on american women ars rapidly beco Imog a a race of int lids a incapable of producing Healths offspring or enjoy Itic life a pleasure. Of. Harris vaginal Pastille a new departure in Medicine. A thoroughly common sense treatment. Applied directly to the seat of the disease and its Perich influence exerted at once producing an immediate soothing and restorative effect. The application of the read of is attended with no pain or unpleasantness and Doea not interfere with the or Amary pursuits and p measures of life. Circular Are sent in perfectly Plain envelope securely sealed from observation Aud remedy put up in neat Plain boxes of three sizes with full directions inside no. 1, enough to last a month no. 2, enough to lest two months # 8 no. 8, lasting three month and ample for curs excepting in chronic rates Flo. With each Box is Send a Hemal fit ring and some tonic pills As auxiliaries to the remedy. Send stamp fur a pamphlet giving Lull description of remedy and illustrated or p ates showing it application. This pamphlet Ekoue is Worth a Hundred time its Cost to any lady in delicate health being a thoroughly practical treatise on this disease prof. Harris vae Nal pastilles can be obtained cml fro Harris remedy g. Chemists. Marks sad 8th its. St. Louis fe8-s&wly-fel3-Lyw homeopathic specifics _ nervous debility vital weakness and prostration from of Sworb or . To radically and promptly Ruml by a mis my Mic u a been in Asa 20 yearn and is the most successful remedy known. Price $1 per vial or 5 vials and Large via of powder for #5, sent Post free on receipt of Price j Liisu Tucy a homeopathic Medicine co., i �?-�.100 Fulton Street. New is Raj my3-lyswm&my7-Tvw-Eow i. My i a. I ii i min Type. Presses. Amp a in Fine Street Cin Ohio. Allison Smith amp Johnson the

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