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The Cincinnati Weekly Star (Newspaper) - December 10, 1879, Cincinnati, OhioTie not Krati weekly Star wednesday per embed 10, 1879. Roox8 a a heri18. What a Keu Lucky a by arb gatherer told a reporter. Phe Trade in roots and herbs and the uses to w hich they Are put. Ii constant exercise of Olis ovation on details and where exceptional conditions in a Man s life Force to Lis exercise upon him As the Normal conditions of women a lives do u Ken them it will be found to produce the same results. 8t�?~lf-Devotion pm Ril of the a Kerr. A whoa up Here i am again with another Load of yer Pedercine stuff a a bawled out a Long lean Lank kentuckian the other Day As he pulled up Bis team in front of one of our Large drug manufactories. Quot i Irant All the Money yer got in yer store this time fur this yer Load of roots a said be to the proprietor As the latter stepped aut on the sidewalk. A what have Yon of a a asked the drug Man. A ooh a lot of Lang Wahoo and Inay Apple Root a replied the kentuckian As he commenced throwing off sack after sack of the valuable Load. A Star reporter happened to be passing at the time and overheard the conversation. He stopped and inquired of the Man from a Over the River what he expected to get for his Load. A a somewhere in the neighbourhood to it of about a Hundred and fifty a replied he. A it takes you about half your lifetime to get a Load like that Don t it a asked our Young Man. A now look a Here Young Man Are be kidding or have be never bin out in the country any do be in pose id Gether roots half my natural life Lur a Hundred and fifty a the reporter did no to suppose he would but still be was under the impression it must take a Long while to gather together As Laree a Quantity of Routs As he had in his Wagon. A what do you get for different kinds of roots a asked the reporter. A say Young Man i want Ter git this yer Wagon unloaded some to Day and yes a Bleege me by not bothering me no More at present. If yell go Over in that or tavern across the Road and wait thar about Twenty minutes fur me ill be thar and will answer any question be want to a me. The reporter we til and in the appointed time was met by the Man Frons Kentuck to who As he entered the Saloon tucked a Large Roll of Bank notes Down his pants pocket. He sat Down at a table opposite the reporter and in answer to the latter a ones Lions As to what kind of roots he brought to Market and the Price he get get for them he gave the information desired about As follows a roots ainu to nigh so plentiful As they used to be. I know the time when i could other a Wagon Load like i just fetched in in a Day but now it takes considerable longer than that and then prices Are not nigh so Good As they have bin. There s Tang Ginseng that i used Ter git $1 30 a Pound fur Only brings me $1 a Pound now and to bet a fur the very Best. What is it use Ltd fur Why the biggest part of it Kes to China to purify Queens Are Vith. No wont Bear cultivation at All. It has teed every year. A curious thing about Tang is that cows wont tech it. eat weeds off All round it but they let the Tang alone. Sang is mighty scarce. I bring in considerable Indian Arrow or Wahoo Root. There a a big demand fur it but still i can t git Over 10 cents a Pound fur it. That a the stuff they make Ager Medicine of. It s the Ager cure known. A then there a May Apple Root. It Only brings 3 cents a Pound. Ali at a what yer Mandrake pills is made of. The roots is ground up into a flour and rolled inter pills. I be fetched in enough May apples this fall Ter keep Thea United states supplied with pills fur the next ten years. A prickly Ash i also bring in. It ainu to very plentiful. The Root brings 12 cents while fur the tree hark i Only git 0 cents a Pound. It used in making Medicine fur the rheumatism. A Sarsaparilla Root is used in making blood purifier. It is tolerable plentiful and is Worth 5 cents a Pound. Burdock Root is used for the same purpose that Sarsaparilla Root is. It Only brings a cents a Pound a then there a Elecampane Root. It is used in syrups fur the consumption. Its mighty scarce though and fetches 10 cents r Pound. A Yaller Root which is also known Golden Seal a is a scarce article nowadays. Its Worth 7 cents a Pound. It is used fur making Wasi ies fur sore eyes and Mouth. A Bur waive Root is also used in making Ager Medicine. Its hard to git and brings 8 cents r Pound. A Butternut bark i fetch in considerable of. But the Price on i ainu to very High. Sometimes it brings As High As 3 and 4 cents. That s what yer physic in pills is made of. List bile it Down till it gets thick like a paste and then Roll it into yer pills. It is also used fur dyeing purposes. A who around an Herb and is used in making cough syrup. It Brines 8 cents u Pound although it is plentiful. Some places it grows so thick yer can mow it with a scythe. Done to take no time to git a Hundred pounds of it. A an outlier Herb is Lobelia and i git 10 cents a Pound fur it but the Price is falling. Lobelia is what ipecac is made of. If yer Ever want to git rid of what a inside of her list make a Tea of Lobelia leaves and ill bet Tuy team of Bosses out there it la accommodate yer. To forgot to Tell yer a funny thing about ring Butternut bark. If yer Peel the bark Down it la physic yer when made inter pills but if you Peel it up it la vomit yer. Sure As in a a sitting at Titis table a i brought in a Good Many Indian turnips this full and got 8 cents a Pound fur Mem. They Are used in cough medicines. A a milkweed Root is used in Ager Medicino but it is scarce in Iny part of the country. It is Worth ten cents a Pound. Pennyroyal and Peppermint brings ten cents a Pound but Wii ii dry it takes a Heap to make a Pound. The Oil of pennyroyal is extracted in a still. The Sii Akers up Here in Warren county Ohio have regular stills for making extracts. There Are a Good Many kinds of bark used. There s White Oak bark Best thing in the world to Check the bowels where it is. Made into a syrup. Yellow Poplar bark used with wild Cherry bark a prickly Ash Dogwood bark and Wahoo is Good for the consumption. I know a Man that had the consumption for six years that it cured. Slippery Elm bark is ground no and used for poultices. Good to take out fever. Its Worth ten cents a Pound. A then elder bark. Take it beeswax Mutton taller and a Beetle Rosin and h makes the Best kind of a Salve for fresh cuts. Bone set is an Herb that grows abut three foot High with leaves of a Milky color. It generally grows in old past is. It is used f it a colds and is wort ii 6 cents a found. Old Field Balsam looks a Good Deal like Bone set Only it done to grow so High. It is used for the same purpose. In be sold lots of Catnip to these druggists but what it is fur More than Ter Young babies w Atli i done to know. I sell these Fellers Here All roots and herbs even to Ini Illin and plantain leaves which they make Salve out of. Why even these old gym it Sam weeds bring 3 cents a Pound and even Sunflower seeds. Who a couple of years ago i sold two bushels of Sunflower seeds fur $21. They buy pumpkin and Watermelon seeds also Ter make kidney Medicine out of. But i Ltd it a a Here Young Man in be set Here and talked Long enough Ter be. Suppose yer treat and ill the reporter treated and in answer to the question of How much time be p t in a thiering roots and herbs the kentuckian i replied that he put in very Little that he a had a Houseful of Small children who dug the roots out of the Woods and All that lie did was to clean sort and dry and Ziaul them to inn Ket. Is but a form of generosity the of those who give themselves having nothing More and noticing better to give and thank heaven if Longs equally to the nobler natured of both sexes. With regard to religion it can scarcely be claim net for women that they have As a sex More Genius Lor religion than men seeing that All the founders of religions have bei�?~11 men and that wherever religion has been held in Honor men have rather monopolized than abandoned it to w Omen. That the latter should cling longer to a form of religion which is falling into decay and contempt is the natural result of their comparative seclusion from the great intellectual movements of the world which Force the human mind to throw off in its process of growth the old vesture of Faith become too narrow for it and to weave for itself a new one fitted to its new needs. Christianity with its Assurance of divine love its Hope of an eternal life a Herc sin and pain and sorrow shall , naturally has the strongest hold on the hearts and imaginations of the weak and , the w eary and heavy Laden of whom the larger number Are women and the religious feeling which prevailed among the slave population of the people of the Southern states in America men and women alike is an instance in in int. It May he added tuft in the Dull narrow prosaic lives of the women the lower Middle and working , religion is the Only outlet into a larger and brighter sphere tie Only window As it were through which their souls can look or Hrc Atlie some breath of the life that is not fed by bread alone. Alas that the very conditions which make this window so vitally necessary make it also but too often so narrow so dust stained that neither pure Light nor pure air can reach them through it the result of the moral and intellectual Powers of men and women seems to be that human nature is substantially the same in both and that the common . How like a Man How like a Itoman should he translated into How like w hat men and women generally have been made by conditions of life education and inherited aptitudes from generation to generation causing qualities to More or Leas developed 111 each sex taken As a whole. A new double baby times of India there is at present in Bombay a living object that May rightly be classed among the most curious Phenomena of nature. At a House at Maragon May he seen a pair of female twins separate in every respect but from the breast Bonc to the lower part of the Abdomen which is clo by joined. The upper breast hone of each infant is linked into the other the outer skin covering both . The twins Are joined front to front shoulders , lower limbs and feet perfectly formed and development healthy Ighile the Heads arc Well shaped and the faces really pretty with Beautiful eyes Large and Bright. The twins Are six months and Twenty Days old Are in perfect health and measure Twenty inches in height one appearing but in a very trifling degree larger than the other. Both have vigorous appetites and take kindly to the feeding bottle Are extremely Lively and appear Good tempered. The pulses beat in unison they generally fall asleep or keep awake together Anil their actions Are unusually simultaneous though sometimes one would cry while the a Thor w As quietly drawing the mouthpiece of its bottle. The strangely United pair were born at a Pooli in the Rutnag lorry collect rate the father being a Mohammedan and a seafaring Man while the Mother has besides a pretty Little daughter about ten. According to the former a account he called in a native doctor at Rutn Gherry whose opinion was that there Ivas a connection internally Between the Abdomens so Itiat of w Lia Tever sustenance the one took a portion passed to the other. However that May be the infants feed separately each having a bottle to i self and draw vigorously at their . This same doctor also declared it would be impossible to separate them without extinguishing life. The twins have up to this time never been ill and to every a Tearance Are Likely to grow up. Nice Chambers journal an old Highlander reproached by his pastor for assenting himself from Church one Sabbath morning denied the charge repeating the denial so emphatically that the puzzled minister asked him if he would offer his oath that he was there that morning. A to be sure a was the unabashed ones answer and the minister said no More. A Friend of the false speaking Highlander told him it was awful to hear him off a his oath to such a in. A shoot toot Man a quoth Donald. A is no to there a great difference Litween offering a thing and giving it a when a party of Paisley weavers anxious to Cross the Clyde from Greenock to Dunoon one sunday morning desired the Captain of a Rothesay Steamer to take their boat in Tow As they did not care to profane the Day by using their oars the Captain wanted to know where was tie difference Between employing their oars and employing the paddles. A the difference a exclaimed the spokesman of the conscientious Crew. A a there a a great difference Between Row ing by the Power of Man who must answer for what he does and a wheel turning engine a steam engines not a moral being and is therefore not an Oun Lible a Swiec Loiis argument certainly but one much More to answer than that advanced by a farm servant willing enough to milk her masters cows Oil the Sabbath but firm in to feed them on that Day. Drawing a Nice metaphysical distinction be twi on what Are and Are not works of necessity the shrewd lass said a the cows Canna milk themselves so to milk them is a Clear work of but let them out to the Fields and feed new York Tribune rep says the president to Congress a want to try it a rain a Akron be aeon rep will the fools Lead the democrats of Congress again this Winter Philadelphia times ind if the brains of the democratic party were any Liere near the size of its Mouth it would get into less troubles. Pittsburg Telegraph ind Congress would have a committee to find out Olio stole Sherman a report and the presidents message. That would lie a task worthy of congressional detective Glover who is at present out of a Job. Detroit free Presa dem the principles of tie democratic party can in no Way be so commended to the people its Prossi acts can in no Ivay be so brightened As by showing on the part of the majority in Congress that the party can be trusted to exercise the Powers of government for the Best and highest interests 6f the people. Chicago times ind it May appear Odd but it is the fact that the influence of John a. Logan with the Man in the White House is positive while notwithstanding his claims the influence of w. H. Smith collector of customs i not i at All. There is reason for this. His wickedness. My Jogan is Stalwart in Smith Isnit. Baltimore Gazette dem senator Gordon we arc pleased to observe is not in favor of any big sectional debates at this of . A Hon a blatant Radical and pours a bucketful of vituperation on the Softli he to treat him with silent contempt. There is no a Ietter method of beating the bloody shifters in debate. Philadelphia evening bulletin rep the Chicago Tribune is that a emr. Randall counsels prudence and moderation this Winter on the part of the democratic majority in the House. The Tribune is probably not aware that or. Randall heard from the folks at Home in an intensely disagreeable manner in the Early part of november. Dayton Democrat dem not a single in Socrat or Greenback vote was cast in either of six Nebraska counties at the late election. Is this an evidence of terrorism the use of the shot gun and lash to intimidate democrats and Grcen backers this would certainly be the conclusion of the Republican press if the parties were reverse Southern state instead of Nebraska. Indianapolis Sentinel dem if Commodore Dick Thompson is to be the Republican know nothing candidate for governor of Indiana his friends ought to go to work As soon As possible to squeeze the anti Catholic nonsense out of him. Commodore Dick is not greatly Distin arties were reversed and the location a sit Ion to the to must be credited to lose and Odio hold the reputation of High officials in their Kwh Ping it is not w wonderful that Secretary Sherman san Nival Rej Hirt on the National finances was stolen and surreptitiously sold to several a curative journals such As or. Gould a Tribune or that the presidents message Lead been made a matter of barter by some of the reckless and defiant criminals who evidently presume upon Protection in administration circles. Providence Star rep Richard Smith editor of the Cincinnati Gazette and a Veteran agrees with us in the opinion that the nomination of general Grant for a third term would not be equivalent to an election. He doubts if general Grant could be elec Teil. We do not doubt at All of our opinion is that his nomination would Send the Republican party into defeat for at least three presidential terms. His last administration Cost the party its majority in Congress and a renewal of Giat jail key would finish the popular Republican majority throughout the country. General Grant is not so Blind As to be ignorant of the fact and will in our judgment accept the presidency of the canal company. In that office we wish him All Success. St. Jacobs Oil. Tampa fla., letter says or. Tii emas Jackson shipped by yesterdays Steamer some half dozen crates of snap Beans. The same Steamer tool off Aiso some Twenty or More Bales sea Island Cotton. To Ink of it vegetable. And Cotton being shipped together. What Tate in Moil a a Nickii and bal Iafioli. Broad Union can offer a parallel to this Formis ily it View who can dare the desire ability of and its outcome pity Are i a country where from As inseparable from True As True woman iness. and delicacy of a Cej Tion Are develop died by the Gard is Cotton recently picked out of the Fields and oranges fresh from tire Trees All go to Market together for his piety and hence his o be political rather Tuan to godly considerations. New Haven Union Greenback what the president has to say about civil service Reform is Mere cant. He has flagrantly abused the appointing a Liwer in giving important and valuable positions to men engaged in the open of counting him in. And while he condemns on office holders it is notorious that John Sherman Matle the department clerks Pony up for the Maine and Ohio campaigns. New York Tribune rep there Are a Good Many political prophets who Are shaking their head i of lushly and declaring that the prize in the next Republican presidential convention will be carried off by a a dark in Ordinary this is a Safe prediction but unless there Are most unexpected changes within the next few months 1880 will prove to be the most unlucky year for dark horses which the country has seen in a Long time. Boston Post dem As a Rule we do not believe in anticipating Public officers themselves in giving to the country their official utterances but this is a Peculiar administration and in Widich or. Hayes obtained the presidency was very similar to the manner in which i somebody else obtained Possession of the me.s3 Ige. Probably the members of Congress will read the document in their Biff re it comes officially to their notice which will enable then to go outside and smoke during its delivery. Baltimore american rep it is a costly and dangerous business for the government to keep afloat such a Large volume of its notes and As the Money is not needed it is an absolutely senseless policy from the Point of View of the jux tical economist however expedient it May seem to politicians. While we approve Secretary Sherman a recommendations on this Point and recognize the fact that he is leading Public opinion in the right direction we regret Liat he was not More bold and decisive in his treatment of the subject. New York commercial advertiser rep if the whole worm did not know that s. Tilden was a fraud of monumental prox irions it might be interesting to describe at length How the state been obliged to pay $100,000 for the trials of Belden and Denison of Syracuse for alleged frauds on the canals. The last of these cases has just been disposed of by a decision of the general term that has set aside a judgment of the lower court. A canal Reform Cost this state hundreds of thousands of dollars m hich went to advertise Sam. Tilden As a presidential candidate. New Yorka orld Dom it was fully expected that the president would Send in the name of Secretary Mccrary As that of the such Asor of judge Dillon in the eighth circuit. The Scute happens to contain an unusually i Irge number of Able lawyers. If Tho pc lawyers Are convinced that Secretary Mccrary is As Likely to become an honoured judge As his predecessor As honoured a judge in fact us if he had never been a politician the Senate following the advice of these lawyers of both parties will naturally confirm the appointment of Secreta y in Horary. We own to Sime Lay on that Point. Phil Delphi a times ind when it i is considered that the have been made for Mauv of the electoral thieves of 1870�? men a d women without characters to the Story of a necklace. Tie True Story of the Diamond necklace Daniel Webster gave to mrs. Joseph gales is said to be this when or. Webster made his celebrated reply to Ator Hayne of South Carolina Imp. Gales the senior editor of the National intelligencer undertook to report it at the request of the orator who assured or. G. That the Spocey Touhl not he More than half an hour Long. The editor was Busy but he thought he could spare time to take Down an Ltd write out 3f> Short a a ech. But As or. Webster was the Stevis of the Capitol on the morning that he was to speak he met Tudge Story who Tom him it was a Good to give his View s upon the Constitution. Webster acted upon the , and instead of so leaking for Only half an hour he Sioke for three hours. Or. Gales under the spell of the orator wrote on a perfectly unconscious of the lapse of time. But when he came to look Over his notes he found that they were so voluminous that he would never have time to them. The speech not appearing in the intelligencer in due time sir. Webster called Jukin the editor at his House who told him that the speech was so Long and his time so much occupied that he feared he could not find time to write it out for publication. While the orator was a postulating w Ith the editor and endeavouring to urge him to the w Ork mrs. Gales appeared and said she thought she could write out the speech As she had been in the habit of assisting her husband in transcribing his notes. She undertook the task and in two Davs sent or. Web Ster his speech in full. A magnificent Diamond necklace was the Rich Seivard of the Massachusetts senator. And thus was preserved to american literature the masterpiece of our greatest orator. Re sutured Trade Mark the a rat German remedy. The great German remedy. The great German remedy. The great German remedy. A cures rheumatism. Cures rheumatism. Cures rheumatism. Cures rheumatism. Curis neuralgia. Cures neuralgia. Cures neuralgia. Cures neuralgia. Are Solo ical finds in Asia minor Are reported. An austrian Man of War recently left Smyrna with artistic spoils of inestimable value. In the ruins of per Gamos an Engineer has disinterred at the instance of the German government about 200 statues and sculptured pedestals belonging for the most part to the Liest period of greek Art. A Beautiful figure of Eros a Laocoon richly ornamented friezes and Many other Fine pieces of hellenic Art have been dug up and sent to the Berlin museum. Relieves bodily Paina relieves bodily pains. Relieves bodily pains. Relieves bodily pains. Stjacobs Oil heals cuts and sores. Heals cuts and Sorea heals cuts and sores. Heals cuts and sores. Curbs soreness and silk Kobsa cures soreness and stiffness. Cures soreness and stiffness. Cures soreness and stiffness. new York City. 139 Broadway Otto had co Wilon to we the St Jacobs Oil. And Ith Moit a a ratifying a no co i deem it my strict duty the amm fam Enid it to suf Terera everywhere. I had the a misfortune to make a of step from a car end War throw ii with great Force a ain8t the rear platform. Auxin to such severe a n that i feared i had Bro three tramps called at he House of j. R. Sargent near Gilroy col., on the 12, and asked for food. They were told to wait awl Hile when they drove thirty valuable heifers into the Pajaro River drowning ail but three or four and causing a j a est. Jat Sibr on and 1 a of a was soon cured by fait Fiill applying it. Scared by Hart i gotten about a Iain when i was entirely al Ablert by a a a stitch a a in my Back. Last sunday Ai Arning 1 could neither sit up or he Down. 1 procured a bottle of it Jacobs Oil a High again it Nievod me in a remarkably Short . cured. An old physician retired from practice having Liau placed in Liis lands by an Kast India missionary the formula of simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of Consul tiption bronchitis Ca Turah asthma and All to croat and lung affections also a positive Ami Radical cure for nervous debility and nervous complaints after having tested its wonderful curative Powers in thousands of cases has Felt it his duty in make it known to Bis suffering Fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering 1 will Send free of charge to All who May desire it this recipe in German French or English with full for preparing and using. Sent by mail by addressing with stamp Namine this diaper w. W. Shearer 149 al Owers Block Rochester new York. Otl-i3t,Eow,w Whir Are you bilious because you have allowed your bowels to become Ostive and liver torpid. Use kid Ney wort to produce a free state of the bowels a d it will stimulate the liver to it Roper action cleanses the a Kin of its Yel owners cures bilious headache and causes new life in the blood. Druggists live it. How Many persons owe their Good lie Alth to the judicious use of Maguiree a Cui Idu Rango bitters which opens and regulates the bowels corrects liver and kidney derangement and purifies the blood. 5.30 Broadway Willara in or Inge n. J., i had the bad Luck to fall and apran a y ankle to that i was not Able to undertake my Tome trip. I used external remedies but without Cuccias. Having been advised to use the St. Jacobs Oil i procured a bottle and found Relief al once. The second bottle Chi red me and 1 am now tie to attend to my daily duties. 61 bowery. Corner canal Street Albert c. 36 year. The records it of the Central Medicine warehouse show that i inv handled More of the German remedy St Jacobs of. Than any Ether druggist in new York Ity and i Era pleased to say after this Large with the preparation that it gives in our cd satisfaction Aud that who Lave tested its virtue speak of it in Che most sex Altert terms of Praise. The it. Jacobs Oil cured gone of our Well known auctioneers of rheumatic Sra is Well As Many other prominent citizens to whom i have sold it 13 Avenue a Fred. years i had uttered from headache which forced me at times 0 Fitow work. I consulted the Best physicians but Lily found temporary Relief. Everybody talked of 8t. Jacobs Oil which induced me to make t rial. The first bottle brought Relief and a fur her course cured me Alto Guier. Hostetter a bitters. Corner William and Ann streets. Celler a Ruht. Proprietors of the largest a loth House in America. Having repeatedly of or Edthe remarkable Efficacy of the German Rem sly St. Jacobs Oil in of various painful ail cents such As rheumatism neuralgia Chil to lawns etc., it affords us pleasure to say that the qualities of the article justify fully Uit a lats advanced in its favor. Tribune building Koster 4 drive it i one of o r wagons was promptly cured of Fri Cirii a by the use of St. Jacobs 0 1, and we have also rtt served the happiest results from the use of this i Medy in oases of be Lualgia. ,1.0013� of r. N Soltel by Ai if it Alers in med Cin Jire Tiona in eleven with every Dottle. Keep it in the House. It does not do so ippol it a. V o o k k is go chill cure. Fever amp ague chills amp fever neuralgia a it is Felt Sia bilious Ness As we Asau forms of malarial permanently Agull 8 chill cure tonic and appetizer. I Quot ? Ursenie Cef Omel a Ferrry Putnin or in or less a ref Don t forget this it you value health. Many medicines now on the Market Ray on ene or what Little Gaioi to hts 8 a eminently h _ 11 a a --w.-.x, a front these end every or ingredient and May be riven to your children or persons in feeble health Witk Poe ability of z Shadow of injury in produced. The or Ochrietor has it mses resp ceal al ten Atje and pledge himself to the Public to Ruard and protect the absolute puny i a Mem tit ref of Vic i a _ we a get mint w mis Medicine by Ner Sonol attention to its manufacture. He receives Olaaf neck hit thu feed by worthless median is. That Nairn is if it destroy Confidence even in articles of real Merit. Hoa space al med letters from person. So Yin makes them sceptical am Dredson Lents similar others a lining and other medicines freely a a failed to cure me was Ceniti lately Ann Tod for work Magill s chill cure tonic sad Appetiser cured me last August and 1 sve a Joyed in acct health Ever since. I gained rapidly in Flash and strength. I believe thie led Ciwa twist Renta Kahle Merit and in my Case it was apparent from the very find 3se i used. Drice per bottle. For Sale by druggists and get Wal dealers. Bently a. Maoill., proper if it via Vule. Pkg. A ilm Lill a wholesale by alien amp a. Fifth and main. Betou by m. F. Kee Ehon a Bra third Catarrh. A a if nac Laptad nay rape or Lulo amok Rusnok nary Raati Aiila its Effee Leefen. _ Leas of smell Nieou. Bearing. Quot a by we m m i Volee weak area Dis Steele Lesh nigh Mesmer of Viwat iat Ethe Throat disc Outing Rodota Enid Knafl of a mtg it consumption Hays Sii Carrh bronchitis coma to Narvoo and catarrhal headaclisa.1 sors Throat and All disease of to Blair pase Asae and lungs thera is manlio place my Trio Wigh and Aartsen in Enis and give to tans of Evoner a my Trade a be Monad of the Moet Imo Irato Medlee Eri see which by ail into a Olei tie Sung tsp or and Teken Dirato to to Dis Weand entities a ii to sir do sees and the lungs it note As a Power m frit Ai div Oak s in Baler a Beeai Soaad or Tny most nesting musses known a carbonated Pine tree tar Bratth Haling from Devonee inhaler Joseo averted 1 c or giving a a. The Only method by which Theta disa aaes Eunhe Home treatment by t Anada to be rat Umed if not satisfactory. A aim her Wmma by of St Ito All to Ana the Longs i Ipp cation to the i soaked surface and its health baling Oratius Sod hash into me 8and Ata. A. For circular giving full information tank Plata a tempi Phy Iocim How in Charas. Acance frag on All of Tronio dial Kaaa. 8tate symptoms plainly a Asa jul and Vire by a Accra pay for. Add Ani 1i0jij�o corp 8. W. Oor. Tenth and Kumh bfo., Phua Delphiap l6h splendid offer a free test trial of one of a it a. Of Imp Ksn sate Are Veea tie Eric ill Amda Tonra a Faaa. It Muhe la one a f a fax a . Lata a 1% Phi mime au27-13tw,Eow it Palm rubber hand ii i to 1 o stamp 8. Circulars free. O. Harper a bro., Cleveland o. Ja23-1yw. A. Health Behim Inq Tada. Hutches we will Send one of our health restoring pads to any invalid Affell Rod with complaint chills and Kyver. Indigestion oostivkne88, nervous ilk Adacie dyspepsia nervous debility and impure blood if they will men l tis their symptoms and an address by letter and agree to Send 118 the Price $2, if it effects a cure to their entire satisfy Actton. there will be no charge. We will do this to Oon vice the Public of the Superior value of a curative of our pads and that they will do All we say. this offer will Neces warily be limited in number we to e an Early application will be made to give a time. Very Teepee fully yours do. A. A Forbes. speak in terms of Praise in Farwar of the Hall had. . June 28th, 1876. Having had some considerable with the operation of the pad conscientiously recommend it is an excellent remelt by in All the diseases for which or. Forbes counsels its use. Or. Iia Llowell. 276 George Street Cinci matl what Rev. Jose Ali Emery the Well known cloy Eliesi opiary. Guys Cincinnati june 30th, 1876. Having had a Long acquaintance with or. Forbes i pm satisfied that whate Vejr he recommends be docs so and will prove All they Promise. Rev. Joseph Emery. Extract from a few of the it any Lattera frequently received at the office. One says a a i feel that your pods have saved my another says a your pad has just reached my Onsch. It has entirely removed my Cost lioness and consequent sick another writes a a attended strictly to business and in forty Eglit hours i Felt As Well As another a a Youit pad has cured me of bilious Ness and a Arpid liver. I am better than i have been in Twenty Belll another says a a i have end Rcd Lall the horrors growing out of a torpid liver and dyspepsia. After using your i Sall to Ese ills left me. One More a i have used your parts with perfectly satisfactory results Aud cheerfully recommend them to Tel ltddife6-wt� red Ned Price it liar Ogami Silfer it Lohn it am Wathem from Horn. H. oc129-4 too w 0. Carnahan amp co. Book a lid Job 230 Walnut Street building Scio Tab we would respectfully Call the at merchants manufacturers and All of Herb a need of Job printing to our Superior feet Citlai for the prompt and tasteful execution of a to tiling needed in that line. 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Oei5-6mw a a g7 it of a in a it is us tvs Timeir add x of Jim 1 or 1 will receive something free by mall that Tuy prove the stepping Stone to a life of Success. It in especially adapted t it those Olio have reached the foot of the Hill. A m. Young it Roe Nwllie Street now Vork. Oc2917tcow-w Ayers hair Vigoa for Nestorino Okat haib Leo its Matane Yii Alij find Crifie. Adva dog Yemec sickness can. Die ointment Ai led Italy pie Tion a Tara they and either pm incline it to prematurely. Ayk my Sharav Mon by Long and extent ii use Bas proven Ito it stops the falling i the hair immedi Awin often Renews the growth and atom surely restores its ool of when faded or Gray. It stimulates the a Kwh Ive erg ails to healthy actor he hair and its Beauty. A sickly hair becomes Glossy. A a a a Ned lost hair regrow with Lively exp al ing hair is checked and established thin thickens and faded or Gray hairs resume shelf original color. Its operation is sure Aud har Wlazik it cures Dandruff heals All Humours Aud keeps few it Alp Cool clean and soft under which of nip ions diseases of the Scalp Are impossible. A a dressing for ladies hair the i Job praised for its grateful and agreeable perfume leg Allied for the soft Luser and tub parts. Prepared by do. C. Ayer amp co., Lowell Mai practical and analytical chemist cold by All druggists and dealers in medic Iraq

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