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The Cincinnati Weekly Star (Newspaper) - April 23, 1879, Cincinnati, OhioOthe Rix Rignati weekly Star wednesday april 2.�, 18t�. A the Dyke. Ltd i i i a a r i f Energy of it the surf Jho of a Larro Aii trip i Nirom Ltd of the a Thorland or As Riolfo known 1 Lolland out a Exi get nce As Lumli to thu skill and pol it Lias to olso. Of the coun try is Sci ral Felt Lix lows Llu civil of thick a. And but for tic Muity an Ltd in Pas inti Vii Rilik o of the and i it to it to the Ocean would soon to Swo Epin a j Over that thriving Coli airy and it to blotted from tin of the Earth. Juit by the Aid of science and constant Lalow it i Kos. Or Lii Iii a embankments have 1 0011 erected along the Low Flat East. By Means of which the wave Areke Jet at Bay and the country saved from ruin. These Dykes Are often Het in height especially along tie a Jores of the Ier Inan Ocean on tin West and those of the Zuyder Zee on the . Llie dutch taught by expert Noe Are Ever on the watch to take advantage of every circumstance to tile encroachments of the sea. Holland was orig final la a series of Banks of Sand or mini exposed to inundate from the Shine and other Riv is As Well As from the sea and thus Chi bite Ltd a succession of Slimy and Barren Sands. But patient Industry by raising Dykes against the sea and Riv is converted the waste into a smiling Garden. dams or Dak cafe form the Sharae to critic and most Reinar Kab feature of the dutch . A a hey Are some limits planted wit i rows of Trees Between which run canals and Roa it is of the country. At frequent intervals theirly Zesare surmounted with windmills the object of which is to pump the water from the Inland or polder into the canal. In the year 1759 there lived on the Shore of the Jerman Ocean in the a Rov Ince of North Holland a poor Fisherman by tie name of Dirk daunt scr. He had a family of Young children the usual accompaniment of a poor Many Slot but be Lucky in having a wife who made the in so of their Humble condition and spared no Eilbert to a brighten and cheer Lier goo Ltd Man in his labors. The l Ai Inek a re were honest clod fearing to be and we re res a meted by All the Community. Yet they Weri very poor and it was with Dilli Zulty that they Touhl procure their daily store of bread and cheese. The sea supplied them with but of meat Thev had none. Dirk Dau Neki r s ancestors had fishermen before him and some did so. I must Flo Niv Little work for % a i Oliie and a Totland taif Mother mild not Ndu in Liim so Slie Laid her hair i on his head and said tenderly a a Mav heaven blk it Ai. By Marck roads american papers. Murphy lecturing in St. Thee Ami keep thee a i then Little went out into Llie 1 Mil. He soon renew a l what la called i Post and foul everything Safe and secure. Some Liing he know not what urged him to co Gevond his a Ual walk and he kept on t a Ward the North dashing his lantern along the Side of thu Dyke and the Earth Wall with anxious a Ems. He was very cold hut he could not turn Hack. So Nietling kept urging him Onward Onward l. He had h in walking for More than an hour Ali ii he suddenly paused and Bent a i 1 Down to the ground with a cry of alarm. Tie water was Ilo wimp in Thoumi a is singing in a Carmen in examining 1 Lieen had i no 1 Ranci Louis. Brigi Ioli England. Major whittle is conducting a revival in a a a reuse. Roeii. Iraq yield likes to compose and read latin poems. Belknap is in Washington As agent for a letter stamp. Henry. Work still receives $300 a Mui Itji from a strand father a Anton Kuh Instein a brother of the great pianist will come to America in the fall. In try in. Stanley is now on his Way to Zan Char. He will reorganize the belgian expedition. James a ordon Bennett is to return in tie View la Iii mid Steamer Gallia which sails on the 15th inst. Tic wife of senator Banyard just re Seiv a l $100,000 from her Fatlich Olio is a Baltimore banker. Vanderbilt is going to build a family reside Iii on fifth Avenue and fifty first Street at a Cost of $150,000. 1�?Tresident Hayes declines the invitation to join the Ira it to san 1"ranciseo next summer. Or. Newman the new of Irlish Cardin 7 j al on the violin and violoncello w ill exquisite taste and skill. Bal h Waldo excellent cure of his health and save that he will live to be one Hundred years old. Hobart in Aslia is to be married next month to a Young lady who is reported being let oth pretty and accomplished. Gen. Grants travels around the world Are to in Nihl Islic with illustrations. John Rissell Young is to be the editor. Robert Bonner is said to pay a voter f a and a last nesting place in the Waters who h had supplied their daily wants ill life. I father Lead perished in an inundation went Vears before and a. 7 he himself halt a narrowly escaped being drowned. It had left a vivid impression upon Liis mind and he shuddered to think of it though a score of years had i Lap Sci j since then. He Lead six evil Dixie four Hoys and two girls All a Quot Pale faced and Nikon eved As the Mot air Dot it Hollander could it. Have desired. They were Rei Tarkah la Good Sensi Lile children tiie Oldi St being just in and tie youngest about 7�?Ami their parents were As proud As they were fond of them. The fourth Cli ild by name was the mothers pet. He was just a years old and Lia l a Sweet Wistful face such As any Painter would have Bemi eager to Transfer to Canvas. He was a quiet thoughtful child and though warmhearted was . At the first glance Yon w Only have thought him effeminate but upon a closer examination of the features you could but think that the grave firm lips Wlinich were strongly marked in one so Voung were cd a 7a True indices of determination and courage of the highest order. Little loved to listen to the stories which Liis father would Tell of the dangers of a Fisherman a life but Best of All to those which related to the terrible inroads of the sea upon his native land. He pondered Over them gravely and often spoke to his parents of them. In betimes his father smiling at his Wise remarks would say a my Little when you Are a big manlike me you will be a Fisherman and sail my but huns would re it by gravely a no when i am a Man i shall ask the King to lot me Wadi the , and 1 will keep Hack the sea and save my country from suffering and Oung As he was watched the Dykes incr Day and every night before he said his prayers and went to bed he would go out to the Dyke in front of his fathers hut and examine it careful in and a Small opening scarce half an Inch in Diamela hut As the child wat Clied he could see that it was gradually growing larger. Liis first i Piil c was to return Home and give lilo alarm hut to n fico cd that the opening in Ilie Dyke would grow larger every moment and that it might he too late to Cheek the water we in his father arrived. Something must be done at oms a and he must do it. He put Down his lantern and with Liis Little tried to scrape together Earth enough to Stop the leak. The cold was so and the ground so hard that lie made Little or no a Progress and the t Ruihle opening in the Dyke grew larger eve re moment. A Little Hon dered and then gtd in perplexity and distress. Then with nit hesitating longer he Tore Oft his warm coat and rolling it like a wad pressed it against tie Crevice. Tie water foie l it away however and the Hoy found that in order to Stoj the current lie inight hold it there with All Bis strength. He had a Brave heart but it Sank. R to saw this for he know that por year to care for Wohl Tomik l him to Romani. At Post valued at s300,000. All Iii lit a idols came to him and he i arc that he would freeze to death in the storm. He hoped however that his Mother would miss him and search for him. Yet he knew that if Aid did not come soon is strength would not be equal to the task of sustaining his life through the night. Still to was determined to make the fell in to for he knew that if the sea broke through his and his Brothers and would be drowned and All the a Outry round about destroyed. So the child so ated himself on the ground and with All his might against the opening with his thick coat. Soon he Felt that the water ceased to to flow thro Iichi. Yet it took All his Stih Iirth of will Ami body All his courage to him for he was growing mime with the cold and Suil ering greatly. His pain increased every moment and alien it ceased and lie Felt a dreamy pleasant languor steal Ovi r him. He seemed to hear Strain of Sweet music and voices crying a blessed child Little a it was very Sweet and to wondered what had Bce Oine of the cold and storm but lie never relaxed his on the opening. Alien the morning dawned it found Dirk Zauneker and his wife searching wearily for their child along the Dyke for the storm was dying away and the Sun was coming out again. A alas a sobbed the Mother a the perished in tie storm and when he me j asked heaven to bless him a i god has thee has left cry not the father paused and a great his lips. A look wife a he cried heaven bless d our Hoy see it made him tote Savior of our yes there Lay Little has form stiff and rigid and his face Jii Clu d and pah but wit i hands pressed tightly against his coat which was now Frozen told Dyke. Fiven in death the child had not relaxed his grasp upon the coat and he had fallen upon it in dying his weight had pressed against the opening until it froze their. Heaven had indeed blessed him for it had made the child the Means of saving the Giro video from destruction. Soon As he was ii in the morning he would repeat i Fie search. His Mother watched him wistfully but Sai l nothing. Yet she never ceased to fear Llinat the sea would take him from her. The Winter that brought Little tenth birthday a wild and Stormy season. Such a constant and unbroken of gales had not been known in the Germani Ocean for a Century. The King sent orders to the Low countries to watch the dams with sea Sci less care and an increased Force Vas stationed Aloma the Eoa Quot to with orders to be in readiness to repair any Sluice at a moments warning. Night and Day a watch was be it All along the coast. But the Best watchman there was Little Dai Zieker. He we ent his rounds regularly and Liis Eye never passed Over a we Are Inch of the embankment w Ith omit ascertaining thoroughly condition. One night about mid Winter a wild storm was passing along the coast. It was a fearful storm and had been raging with unabated violence for three Days. A a it Sabad Lime a said Dirk Zauneker gloomily. A of Hka Dykes Cau stand this we need fear nothing . The Mother looked at Little but he said nothing and sat with his eyes fixed dreamily on the fire. Presently he arose and went into the outer room. Then he wrapped himself in his warm coat and lit his fathers lantern. He was in Avenir the House w Lien his Mother Olio had followed him Filc fitly Laid tier hand on High a Lioi Imer. A when Are a i cd. A i o l a of at Rev Dyke Moil Erlie re A a a i a limit ?�?� mini not sleep Mother i Trio cast torn Lioi a a. Ii our 3 Pyle in Harper separated in a manner from the of the world yet in Stieh juxtaposition As to Render it Witlin easy reach that Peninsula i minded on the North and East by Delaware Bay on the South and cast by the Atlantic and on the West by Chesapeake Bay containing the greater part of the state of Delaware nine counties about one third of Maryland and two counties of Bamily luxuriating in peace and plenty. The myst or oils flood of the Gulf Stream flows lose enough to this Beautiful Shore to soften you going child a sin a i Ter. F is and pomegranates flourish in the open air with pea Elk a nowhere else in the world apples pears melons berries and in Short All of fruit growing in temperate and Semi tropical regions. My boat Oats Corn and other cereals grow abundantly vege a tables yield a Rich Cion it and Forest Trees of valuable Timber Pine Cedar and Black and White Oak abound. Not Only does the lightest labor secure a speedy and abundant return from this generous soil but nature As though it were her chosen spot has stocked it with a lavish Supply of her special . The we aters teem with oysters fish Ter / 7 Rapin and crabs the Long Strete lies of marshy Liore Willi wild fowl and the Inland Fields molasses and with partridges Gray snipe and Woodcock. We Ith such a land so near the Busy hum of the world s Leeming life Hovatin against it Siores like own Atlantic while it lies it Juitt and tra Juil it italian Elii Nale and the Fiuiiful-nes.-, of Normandy sup flying As it does a Large part of the berries one third of tin of Ler. And in Arlo All the peaches to tin a a _ a i new York Market it 1s remarkable that Iii tie is really known of it. Minister Velsh is said to Bear bravely under the blow he received in not being invited to the recent Royal wedding in Loudon. Bir Joshua Reynolds chair in which so Many of his celebrated Sitters were painted is to be presented to the Royal Academy Liy president. The Bey of Tunis has opened an arabic printing office and the editor of the Reid al Tunis the Only newspaper printed in Tunis has been made director of it. Cren. Chi colds it is reported will probably be appointed by the Wisconsin legislature to the claims of that state against the general government. Or. Jervis me Niter a Boston artist is painting a series of twelve striking dior Truit Sof Liis Friend Edwin Booth in the characters in which the actor is . The a Hief of police of by. Petersburg Lias resigned but the Czar wont acce Jit his resignation and the it oor Man expects to be shot in his trucks every moment. Or. Mccosh the president of Princeton cd Liege Lias just become a citizen of the United states his naturalization papers having been issued by judge Nixon on last tuesday. Or. Tennyson will contribute to the april number of the nineteenth Century a dedicatory poem to the Princess Alice followed by a Ballad on the Banner of Longland entitled a the defense of Rev. Henry Avard Beecher As chaplain of the thirteenth regiment has invited William m. Evarts to accompany the regiment to Canada May 22d, to cel Ebratt the tiie eur a birthday Aud eve arts has accepted. Edwin Booth and family have a fixed their permanent Home in Madison Avenue. Or. Booths daughter Edwina is a Young lady of seventeen who still pursues her course of studies under the direction of a governess. Geu. Lee asked a Straggler one Day whom he found eating Green persimmons if he did not know they were unfit for food. A pm not eating them for food general a replied tie Man. A pm eating them to draw my stomach to fit my Mahomet Tewfik Pacha the eldest son of the Khedive and the future ruler of a Egypt is Stout Man of face and courteous unaffected manner. He has originated and mainly supports Many schools and he takes a real interest in the of education. His eldest son now five years old is being brought according to Fhi Glish not oils and under the care of an English nurse. Of the or others of Tew Fik Pasha one was educated in France and one in England and one is now in the military Academy at Woolwich while a fourth is at school in Switzerland. Prince Waldemar the third son of the German Crown Prince who died a fortnight ago was ill Only three Days. His disease was diphtheria complicated by a sudden oppression of the heart. It was at 3 in the morning that the doctors told his father that he might retire to rest As there was no imminent danger. As he left the sick room the Young Waldemar opened his eyes and said in English a Good night a which were the words he uttered. Half an hour afterwards he lifted his head from his Pillow immediately Sank Down again and was no More. It is related that the Whito lady whose visits always precede the death of some member of the Royal family of Germany was seen on the eve of the Voung Princess death by a Soldier on guard at the Castle. Ltd to Celek Lial f we Are told that the following decree Wev Quot recently by the emperor of Clirina i a fall in sons of the female sex Are for i Bigilen upon any pretext Ali Tever to i enter a Temple or quit their houses of i cent in cast s of absolute in Cassity. Atli lers. Liu Shands sons or relatives Are Coni Nia Lisl to keep them at Liotine on pain of being Ihm salvos a verely it Unis lied a thu in is a Sli Glit Dif Terence Between i Llie Iii animus and customs of China anti Stluise of Kali Fornix. No oui Llinat such a decree was enforced though a she a by the emperor was Annelo to think it was hut in this country a Man Olio should think of such a thing w mild he laughed out to it of town a Iii desc civilization is not like our civilization. In China a woman lives for the exclusive Benefit of Lier . Her great object in life is to Wilease him. If sin succeeds she gets Nice dresses and if she does no to succeed she Likely to get a Nice in ban Franeisco tier Contra a woman does More to a it lease herself than she does to Wilease her husband and if he do snot like it Why All he has to do to a flu in it a Here is further testimony respecting the charge that George i. Prentice received bribes from the Bouth to Forward in ills editorial Caj Lacity the i Bellion colonel j. Blok Laird Rolinson Becore Lara of state of Kentucky has writ a a 7 ten a Long 1 Cher in Lii he he states that in l3t l air. Prentice Vas offered l y g. W. Johnson a Jiron Zinent kentuckian $25,000 if he would go Over to the Side. Or. In Reniee discussed the Marier with him in All hearings hut ended with no abatement of his Union sentiments. Lie afterwards wrote a letter in which he said a if at any future time i conclude that there is no ear Lily Cham of of the bout lib a coining Hack in War i shall adv Ocate the of Bouthern shall feel Lettle else t than despair for what i have Ever regarded As the most blessed country on or. Johnson who was a Confederate says that he soon realized that or. In Rentice would be firm in Sirij Jurt of the Union. A rebel As i was a he adds a i write this letter in his but in doing this 1 our new neighbors. When i saw the Little House building an eighth of a mile Gevond my own on tile old Bay Road. I wide red who were to be the . The modest Structure was set Well Hack from tie Road among the Trees if the inmates were to care nothing whatever for a View of the stylish which Sweeti by during the summer . For my Jimart i like to see them passing in town or country it each has his own taste. The a Propri Etor who seemed to he also the architect of the new House superintended the various details of Ilie work wit i an that gave me a High opinion of his intelligence and executive ability and i congratulated myself on the of having some very agreeable neighbors. It was quite Early in the Spring if i remember Volien they moved into the cottage a newly married couple evidently tie wife very Young i ratty and with the air of a lady the husband somewhat older but still in tie flush of manhood. On nothing a car. No gov misled to of Tho i it persons we sometimes Ecim across in Rivat cities though Seldom or never in sul Rhau places where the Field May be Suji Josed too restrict in a for their Jer sons who Hiiva no a it Creej it Lille Means of subsistence and manage to live royally Thev hold eminent Bonds they no real estate Wiir neighbors did own their own House they toil not neither do they spin yet they read fall the n nne oils soft advantages that visual la result from 1 1 a a a a honest toil and skillful spinning. How do Uliey do it but this is a digression Aivil 1 am quite of the Oji Inion of the old lady in a David a who says a let hav to no meandering a though my wife Liard dined to risk a ceremonious Call on our neigh la ors As a. Family i saw no reason who not so Peak to the husband As an individual when i i append to encounter Iii by the Wayside. I made several Aii preaches to do so when it occurred to my Joiene traction that my neighbor had the air of with tie Bow. Harper s Magazine it was on a Long India voyage in a i renew ship that on a Jedi slant evening some sailors were spinning yarns As a Jias time. One of them had been wrecked. The ship went Down under the Crew and sent them suddenly afloat. He said a after swimming ten hours i Felt myself about going Down w Hen i saw a cask rolling about in the heavy sea. I Mou it a d it astride and waited to see what would turn . At the end of three Days i saw a sail it was a French ship. I Sang out a ahoy ship a of a a a a Avaio Are you a the helmsman Sang out a a a where Are you bound a i cried. A a a to a a a that a a Joity. I am bound to Batavia and i will wait a a another Sailor Prit la parole and said a i have a Cousin who is partner in a great commercial House in the North of France. To met at a tavern one Day a merchant from Provence who asked him a Are Yon doing Inheh ?�?T a a a an Enon nou i ,�?T Here jilted. A a a but what do you Call enormous a a a a Well to give you an idea of it i will Tell you that in our Corres Indence our House uses 2,000 francs Worth of Ink in a a a a to what a that a said the other. A our House at al Arseilles saves every year 4,000 i Ratics in Ink just by omitting the dots to the is tic it Iii ire itt amp Teot Loncy. Boston transcript the rates of Money in the future will be less than in the past. This is a fact that Lias dawned upon the apprehension of most j Eoj be having surplus funds at their command. Hence the Large subscriptions for United states securities at a Imi Cli less rate of interest than has prevailed for Money in inflated times. Agents of Cajili taoists Are engaged Here in looking w Ell priced mortgages Union real estate which have expired or nearly so and offering to renew the same at five and a half per cent annually and in some cases a trifle lower than that. It will be difficult to obtain six tier cent interest on Safe mortgages hereafter. All Arizona Venus. Trinidad news. Miss Carrie Burne in company with her father through al Moro yesterday on a wild my Tang in route for Kansas from Tucson Arizona some seven Hundred Miles away and have yet six Hundred More to make before their journey is ended. Carrie has rather a jetty face and Impi restive form not such a one As the Young Man of to Day with the blonde moustache and hair parted in tie Middle would select to who skier Sweet sentiments Over the Garden Gate to but the girl for an Indian fight or a a a bar Hunt you could always rely Oil she sported diary Diamond or Coral necklace but was muscled like an Amazon and had a fist like . She was a girl of nerve too we reckon for on her Saddle Hung a Ballard Rifle and a Brace of Colts revolvers. She informed the writer that Slie had seen much of life in the past six months and but Little of news diapers Aud was anxious to know what avas going on in the world. We gave her a copy of the weekly and the Denver Tribune which woman like she Jil aced with a Blush in her bosom thanking at the same time Aud went on her Way rejoicing. How to Itzake Coli tiie water. The Rhomb to with no trouble at All any one can make in her own storeroom a better article of Cologne than Liat Avrich is usually bought by thoroughly dissolving a fluid drachma of Oil of Bergamot Orange and Rosemary each with a half a drachma of Nero i and a joint of rectified spirits. As Good As can be made out of Cologne itself however is also Jire pared Simily by mixing with one Jiin of rectified spirits Tivo fluid drachmas each of the oils of it who understood in to get it Illare that a the suspicion to the test and one lore Sioon alien he was sauntering along on the of j Osite Side of the Road in the Vicinity of Fishers saw Mill i deliberately crossed Over to address him. The brits Jue manner in which i he hurried away was not to be misunderstood. Of course i was not going to Force myself upon him. It was at this time that i began to form uncharitable sup positions touching our neighbors and would have been As Avell Alcased if some of my choicest fruit Trees lad not overhung to Weir Avail. I determined to keep my Tjien later in the season Ashen the fruit should be Rixie to Pluck. In some folks a sense of the delicate Shade of differ knee Betavee Mem it Lum does not seem to he very strongly developed in the Moon of cherries to use the old Indian phrase. I avas sufi evently magnanimous not to Imp Art any of sinister to the families with whom Avo Avert on visiting terms fori Desense a gossip. I would say nothing against the tier oils it the Road until i had something definite to say. My interest in them avast Avell not exactly extinguished but burning Low. I met the gentleman at , and passed him without recognition at rarer intervals i Saav the lady. After a awhile i not Only missed my occasional glib urises of her pretty Liui figure always draw red in some soft Black Sturt with a bit of Scarlet at the Throat hut i inferred that she did not go about the House singing in lick Light hearted manner As formerly. Arhat had Haj Jie Ned had the honeymoon suffered dec Liaise already was she ill i fancied she was ill and that i detected a certain anxiety in her husband Avaio spent tie mornings digging Solita Rily in the Garden o co c a c 7 and seemed to iria c relinquished Long jaunts to the brow of Bine Hill a litre there is a Sirij it Erb Vii a Avith sundry venerable rattlesnakes Avila a twelve rattles. the Days Avent by it became car a a a Tain that the lady Aars confined to the House j or seriously ill Post Sibly a confirmed invalid. Whether a he was attended by a Urti Asician from Canton or Alilou i unable to Sav but neither the gig Avioli the Large Avite Allozia Tilic , nor the gig with the Horneij Pathic sorrel narc. Was Ever seen hitched at the / Gate during the Day. If a Urti Asician had charge of the he visited his j Ati it Only at night. All this moved my sympathy and i reproached myself with Laving hard thoughts of it or neighbors. Trouble had Loiue to them Early. I aah Ould have liked to Olfer them such Small Fried Idle services As Lav in my to aah or but the memory of the repulse i had sustained rankled in me. To 1 hesitated. She replied Cine from Baltimore but no one a Nav them personally and they brought no letters of introduction. For obvious reasons i refrain from mentioning names it avas Clear that for the present at least their Avn conic any avas entirely sufficient for them. They made no Advance toward the acquaintance of any of the families in the neighbourhood Aud consequently Avero left to themselves. That avas Arhat they desired Ami Alliy they came to in on Kajing. For after Black Bass and avid Duck and Teal Solitude is the chief Stu Jile of Pon Kapok. Perhaps perfect Rural loveliness should to included. Lying High under the having of the Blue Hild and in the odorous breath of Jimines and Cedars it chances to be the most enchanting bit of genuine country Avi Thiu fifty Miles of Boston Avrich moreover can be reached in half an hours ride by Raih Vay. But the nearest Ray Nav a station heaven be praised is Tavo Miles Distant and the seclusion is Avit Hout a Fla ave. Pon Kapok has one mail a Day taa of mails a Day a Ould Render the place uninhabitable. The Village it looks like a compact Village at a distance but unravels and the moment you drive into it has quite a Large floating a population. I do not allude to the Kierch and Pickerel. Along the old Bay Road a Hig Havay even in the colonial Days there Are a number of attractive cottages straggling Ott to Avard Milton al Rich acre dec Ujiie for the summer by Ujj Coile from the City. Birds of j .Sage Are a distinct class from the permanent inhabitants and the two Seldom assimilate unless there has been some previous connection. It seemed to me that our new Neier Bors were to come under the head of Wierma Nunt inhabitants they Lead built their Avn House and had the air of intending to live in it All the year round. A Are you not going to Call on them i asked my Azife one Mornini. A when they Call on u.=>, lightly. A but it is our place to Call first they being strangers.�?�. avas said is seriously As the circumstances demanded but my wife turned it off Avith a laugh and i a Aid no More Alaan trusting to her intuitions in matters. Bhe was right. She would not have been received and a Cool a not at Home would have been a bitter social Pill to if a e had gone out of Poitr Way to be courteous. I Saav a great Deal of our Neil Bors nevertheless. Their cottage Lay be Taal Een and tie Post office aah hero he it Vas never to let a met by any chances and i caught frequent glimpses of the two Avo King in the Garden. Floriculture did not appear so much an object exc close. it avas neither maybe they were engaged in Diggs Jig for Seieci mens of those Arroa Heads and Flint hatchets Avrich Are continually coming to the surface hereabouts. There is scarcely an acre in Vabich the Loaa share has not turned some primitive Stone weapon or Domestic utensil disdainfully left to by the red men Avo once held the Domain an ancient tribe called the Punk Poags a forlorn descendant of which one Polly Croad Figun in the annual Blue Book Doaa ii to the close of the Bouthern avar As a state pensioner. I quote from the local . Whether they were developing a Kitchen Garden or emulating a a professor Schliemann at Macei in the new Comers aah Ere evidently persons of refined mudcat taste. The lady had a voice of remarkable Savec Ness although of no great come and i used often to linger of a morning by the Gate and listen to her executing an operatic air connect rally at some window stairs for tie House w As not Visil be from the Public Road. The husband Soniea Here about the , would occasionally Avith i Avo or three bars. It was All quite an Ideal Arcadian . They seemed very Happy together two Piersons Avo asked no Odds Avha Tever of the Community in which they had settled themselves. One morning Iny �av0 boys into the Library with to Weir eyes so Aryl aug. A you Noav the old Elm do Avn the Road a cried one. A Eye. A the Elm Avith the hang Birds nest a shrieked the other. A yes yes a a Well ave both just Dini Bod and there a three Young ones in it a then i smiled to think our new had got such family. A promising Litho there was a , a sort of mystery about this couple Avrich i admit piqued my curiosity though As a Rule i Nave no morbid interest in the affairs of my neighbors. They had behaved like a pair of lovers Avaio had run oif and got married . I a willingly acquitted them the one and the other of having no Legal right to do so for to change a w Ord in the lines of the poet it is a Joy to think the Best we May of a Naan kind. Admitting the hypothesis of elopement there avas no mystery in their neither sending nor receiving letters. But adhere Bergamot and Lemon one of the Oil off by get their groceries i do not Orange and half As much of that of Rose Namu the Money to pay for them that diary together with three quarters of add Enigma part but the drachma of Nero i and four Uronis each of themselves. No Llie essence of Anibor gris and Niu Ltd. If is subsequently distilled it makes aah hat May be called a Eicr oct Cologne but it becomes exceedingly Fine by being Kewit tightly Stoj tiered for two or to Lith months to Fiji ii and Mellow before use. Auburn advertiser r pm if Coli Gar tit old and Hawh v were ruin for the in residential nomination their Spee Ehi s Lutcy Delivan d would be of Imit Cut value to them in the Ning groceries Avayou no butchers cart no vehicle of any Quot description avas Ever Ohser red to Stop at their domicile. A it they did not order family stoves at the sole in the Village an Little bottle of a shop Iii he 1 it Gratis can turn out any thing in the was of Gro Dies from a Handsaw to a a pocket haul Kari Hief. I confess that a allo aved unimportant detail of their housekeeping to occur y More of my speculation Tolian aa�?T Cir Diablo to me. loom Iii if fat ii Yalli Futor. Quitman Cha free press almost everybody in Lowndes of knew Downing. He Fishe Rinan and for years Lias supplied the a Aldo Sta Market Avith fish from the Ocean Jionda. He fished for sea eral Lav a. Or until he had a Load and then he Avent to Market. His protracted during the first skirt of last Aat Elk attracted the attention of his friends Avo at length As ent to his abode. Arriving at the Landing a Here he kept his boat they found his Box and , but the avas Nii is ing. Boon afterwards they reached the Bank of the Pond and saw two alligators emerge from the grass near by and come Tavard the Shore Kajiji ardently seeking a fight. A gun was Jiro cured and Buth alligators Avert killed and dragged ashore. Their stomachs contained Liniman flesh Bones particles of clothing and other things that shaved plainly the Fate of Ioor Downing. The Lincoln neb journal of the 3d instant the encouraging statement a never in the history of Nebraska has such an immigration poured into our state at this season of the year As there is to Lay. Trains arriving from the East South and North Are loaded daily and our streets arc thronged with w Hite coat cred Aragons. The Spring of 1879 will be remembered As immigration in several our neighbor re the court flatterers live found out that tie Duches of Connaught the image of a Little swans Dovan a in or. Storeys pretty pict i a. declare that she reminds them of Ary chert Eros a a mignon a a others that she is the court or Kirt of Kaul Bitch a critics is it Jiro Fondl think her a a pretty Young lady looking is Intile natural and kind. A Cleveland i Ajmer that the of the Orojio de Grant excursion to the leu Iii coast a Ould be greatly in Bane i by making it an inter Biate pc de Trian contest

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