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The Cincinnati News Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1883, Page 1

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The Cincinnati News (Newspaper) - April 6, 1883, Cincinnati, OhioNumber 126. Cincinnati Friday april a 1883. Price two cents. Ohio s0l01�s in Council exc Hsk nabbed to death a ouse friends. In a Leht a Repner Adf canal a pm a dle Toa and Sher Roaas Demoor Atlo Cauca License. Wolc Abc a o., april 5. Hill for inc Eppro Fadon tll2,000 for the repair the canals Ami state came up tor consideration in the invade this morning. It was Rolft rated he . Berry Morgan county . Stanberry at Mcconne Hville the Muski Ngum Bihar and is necessarily interested As a flour a do owner in the dams supposed by the stale pin anger opposition was shown upon this approx Flat Lon than anything appearing heretofore. . Like Madison county located nearly a a Dir Between the Ilea the two most in want canals in the state opposed the approx fixation in a Brief but bitter speech claiming. Quiong other things that the Day the useful Yenof the canals had passed that instead increasing it had really decreased the general Hue duplicate by decreasing the develop Imit railroads that railroads had a equally increased the duplicate and a at the canals had not. In one respect alone he railroads had increased the duplicate Gesior a mosly and the canal counties As a Rule have a Saur lass a Lauon than those outside. They increase u by the nation their own prop arty and their in Uench upon the development a i the property generally through which they ran. 8o tar As the proposed appropriation for a a pairs the Murkin gum bluer improvement la concerned the original Cost the spro vement and the Cost repair re amounted to More than the possible Cost the construction a first class Railroad and Ihetu Fri Tsofi the repairs have Riby prevented the construct Lon railroads the same direction and done positive injury to the towns and coun Iier through which the non. He charged that the main object a he measure is in the interest pm Mill owners and that the whole people the mate Are taxed for the Protection Al Noee Mill owners and the making secure a Petty bams. He contended that the whole Ottem the canals originated before the eur a Eft Sof Trade had been discovered and that Toey now run contrary to those currents the a Hole tendency Trade now being Between Ito St and weat while the Canala run North and . Price Muski Ngum and . Jones aware favored the bul and . Jones Psi Ekson oppose Ltd the ground it doing in Oatlee to citizens counties not situated the a anal. Colonel Dan Mcfarland chairman the com Asit tee Public works made a hotter pc Eek than Locke in which he chaired that Tho to Sepo Sutlon came through personal interest and toe influence railroads and their employ pcs a Hatch brought . Koontz knew to his feet in an attempt against the change being a rail fond employee. He denounced colonel Mcfarland s charge As being infamously false. Colonel Mcfarland demanded the previous Call and the Bill was passed under that form. Thus it goes a ver to the Senate for adoption there. The License amendment to the Constitution a Holch went through the Senate yesterday met i death in the nouse this afternoon. The a a mock tic members True to the principles toe party voted solidly for the proposition but toe Miti orly the Republican members it Thor 4odged voted sea test it and As consequence m a solved but forty seven votes that being six in Short the number required for adoption. Immediately after the defeat the License a end ment the Scott liquor tax Bill was taken tap and a discussion commenced which will peo Hably last All Day tomorrow. What the re Salt will be is Uncertain. Were those members 9t the House who Are in favor a liquor tax United the Soott Bill it would undoubtedly be passed but while some them favor toe uniform tax proposed in the Scott Bill others the graded tax proposed in the in take Llu. It is not improbable that this unhappy division Mutl ment among the Republican Brethren will result in the defeat both Meas the Wetsel Bill to the compensation the trustees the Cincinnati Southern Rall a Oad name up As the special order in the Bouse Tois afternoon Anil was passed. It was exposed by messes poor and by Well the a minium county delegation but their pos Luon Dlab not Spoar to have much weight with the House As the Bill paed Iff a Dedd cd majority. This was one a the first Bills introduced last session but tit provisions did not appear to be generally understood and action it was delayed until the present session when liar lie Bowlind Suade it his Bovinett to lock after it. And explain fully what it was designed to to eos Ngueh. As the result his Labu tit has gone Torso bit the Bou pc and will probably go through toe Senate so nuts in the Senate the following Bills were passed Toive Bill by . Walker to straighten the Boundary line Logan and she by counties. House Bill by . Kuruz to provide for the better improvement roads and highways in Athens county. House Bill by Coryell to authorise the a Athens county to contract a a Eitan free trap like Road. . Dexter called up the special order this hours Otise Bill by . Con making appropriations tor the benevolent penal and Cor rectory institutions the state for the last three a Marten the fiscal year ending november . Pitois and the first Quarter the Lucal year end tag we Ury 15, 1. motion . Dexter the Senate went into a committee the whole for Yoonsi Derston. . Bingham offered some opposition to Tho tlo.000 appropriation for Longview Asylum but failed to make his Point and the item was a greed to. This a it Moon senator Wilson s Bill was passed to encourage fore amp to culture in this state and the planting Shade Trees along the sides the Public Highway. The we prance amendment which it was tji ought had beet Fla All disposed yesterday came up to disturb the serenity the Republican colons again today. It was discovered tills morning that in the Resolution a a rolled Tiferet was a mistake one word Aub Timte Quot tor a Usu Boltl Quot a which would materially Chat see the Setiaw the amendment if not corrected. Secretary state Kewman first discovered the Point and at Hla request the Senate seat to Hill a message asking Foi return to that body. When it was again in their doses slow it but referred Back to the committee enrolment and . The same proceeding was gone through in the House where it met with some a Post Tina from the democratic Side and led to a abort but v hot Debato. The arbitrary rulings the up Faker and the general Higl handed proceedings in the part the Republican majority enabled them to earn their Point and the mistake was corrected. The Resolution properly signed by As May be prescribed by Law. At bsh a a elect Lou the Felecion desiring to vote in favor the Odom Tod said amendment Ahall have placed up it in their ballots a License to Trusic in Wilox i eating quo re jes a and inti be Desir Hig to vote a inst the adv option bit id amendment Sigall live placed upon their ballots a License to traffic in into Icaline Hoti Orsu no and if a majority All the ballots cast at said Elev ton shall contain the Wor it is License to traffic in intoxicating liquors yes a then said amendment shall be adopted and shall constitute the separate Section to article 15 tic , described in Section in the schedule thereto and said original sep rate soc thou to mid article 15 shall be repealed Brit uen tips. Tho Senate committee agriculture and Tho comm Tiee railroads hold a meeting tonight the former for the consideration tiie Cochran tobacco bilk and Tho latter the Han fur Bill for the partition the Central Ohio Railroad. F. A. Prague and let a Ponce Inci Nentl spoke Sugai Tibt the cock hrs Bill and . K. M. Riih Noti Cine Nistl a inst the Railroad Bill. Neither committee took Del Lite action. Incorporated the old Reli Nyrhe Tiu Riding association. Cincinnati Caplia styx a a fi.?>� . Incorporator w. Lyon Charles Silverson Joseph Eckhardt 11. A Loo heart and Jos. Mehra Ert. Tonight the talk is Strong among Republica is reorganizing Tho police Force the Irge i cities the state. Those Cincinnati Eleve Quot land and Dayton seem to be booked for control by a com Mission to be appointed by the governor. And those Toledo and Columbus by the mayors those cities. The taxation a. Jin it Hub lion amendment As Correct is again in the hands the Secretary state and is being sent out tonight. News Washington. The Kesi ont starts his Southern trip at last Cabinet Jeorgan Luxation a a. To Sheldon appointed Assoc late Justice us the supreme court. Blues brass news. Inwood farm notes recent purchases Lillue Gonsa Trotters. Lexington kv., april 5.�?.at Inwood farm the handsome residence . A. S. Talbert near this City a. H. Lindsay 1�?~ortsmouth, o., met with a Rai Stortie. His Fine Mare by Vandal dam by Pilot jr., prematurely slipped a foal by Almont. It was a serious l05s, the Coll was valuable and would judging from Breeding have distinguished Huo Aeji the track. Talbert intends taking Quot a pcs one till Fine Young stallion fro the stud and placing him in training to make a record during coming trotting scan san and lower previous record 2 made Here a Throe rear old. Re 1 by George Wilkes out Alma mater by Membrino chief sire lady Thome 2l8j4,Aud is full brother to Alcantara record 2 23 i Alcyone is valued at $15, a Aone the Best mares the place Jessie Pep per by Mambrino chief is expected to foal the lest her produce this year being in foal to Alcyone. George eaten new York City now Here sold to Weston Dayton o., the Bay siding number two by a Iraq More sire Nta Claus 2.t7>%, dam my Downing by Joe Downing sire Abe Downing 2 2th4. Rec . Easten purchased for the american horse Exchange new 5�?Tork, a pair Bay geldings one by Joe Downing and the other by Edwin forr coct from Gus Shropshire la is Borg by forfl.��from j. W. Skinner Ruddell s Mills by a b. G. By second Judian chief by. M. By Indian chief dam by Joe Downing and , by Westwood dam by Abdallah Clay Marc from j. Quincy Ward to my Diana a cd. By Groat Western dam by Job Downing . E. J. Snyder Chicago Purchase i from Joseph Thoni a Dii Leckburg Tkv Abdallah Billy b. G. By pacing Abdallahi dam a it acadian Marc Prince by five year old by waxy . M. By Liu Oncu s Denmark by Diamond Denmark. From John t. Hughes a Fine pair gelding. Both by Dick Elmo son St. Elmo by alexanders Vidal Lah. From Gus Shropshire two conc Hoise hands High one by pacing Abdallah and the other by ecco Iki Bashaw. W. H. Wilson Park Cynthiana sold to Ben Ken dog Phinia Ciphia a Gray Marc by Indian chief air lady Dejarnatte for a Large amount. Akron Judge Tibbals to resign a legs a banquet to judge Upson. Axon 0., april 5.�?Hon. Newell d. Tibbals for the Post eight years judge common plea in this county will gender to governor c. Foster his resignation up thin a few Days. Judge Tibbals is Multi broken in health and de arc to resume the practice Law in the courts to which he a been admitted. I nervous system 1 in bad Oon detion and but Little Chance 1 Ofik red him to recuperate unless he leave the Bench. He a first elected in 187c, and be elected in 1881. The business in the courts Ever which he a presided has been heavy and constant e. P. Green esq., has been waited upon by a committee the Sumaitt county ear association with the request that he allow to in to endorse him to governor Foster for the face which will be made vacant by the resignation judge Tibbals and . Green has Lui Ormed your correspondent that lie will tomorrow return to that committee an affirmative answer. The Summit county bar association Are banqueting supreme judge Upson at the Empire House thi i a veiling. The toasts comprise the following a Zuur guest Quot a lawyers past and present Quot the Success lawyer a Quot the judiciary a responded to by judge Upson Quot ethics use and abuse Quot Quot the lawyer in politics a Quot the Bill exceptions lawyer to Vbk i Taitl tvr ii Washington april 5, critic says a an ohioan today gave sex Tom Young a foreign Mission and Poinc cd is grip sack ready for departure this Spring probably before the first May. He said Tom is aware the Plum that is to fall into his hip and that he will go to a Southern proc Anix attn. A member Congress said today that the president Lias in mind to to organization the Cabinet and that pc rotary Chandler is giving him some we Holesome at least vigorous advice the subject that the acc Reury favors the sch Csc and that like matter will be fully Clis Cusick by them before their return from the South the member believes a Southern Man will go into the Cabinet and that tire trip to Florida is not Wilhoyt to political meaning. W a so n to n v m ent. Another Force an hit acts visited the Washington Moum nent today and examined the ground about it and i it the bearings tic wit will have upon that Gigantic pile Stone. They that but very few Winters will be neck Smirk to give it a flagpole that it a a the nature the Earth at us base that is the trouble to be feared. The Monument is now .540 feet High and will be upwards 500 feet High when completed. National . A chattel mortgage for upwards $57,000 has Boon records against the National la eau Licati printing amp airy. U is said the company borrowed the Money to Liq Nidaee Index Tuntas Tho instil Tiou not being self sustaining. Makion Trust company the acting general has placed the fraud list Tae Marion Trust company Ludo an Apolis. Civil service commission. The civil service commission will occupy a suite four rooms out at the department agriculture. Henham. The new postmaster general it is understood will be introduced to the department employees one week from today but . Hatton expects to continue to actin get 0.�tin�ter general until the 15tb, he having been design a ted to act ten Days longer. Com my s i Oner Lorinal. Commissioner agriculture Loring left Here anniversary the first Seiti Ervent the North tonight for Mario Tia o., to attend the ninety Al fish West territory exercises which will be held at Marietto a a a urday. Commissioner 1 airing will add Chis tie Assembly the subject "1 he settlement the Northwest territory and the the ordinance St. Econ Esq . The Indian affairs says he will furnish Blue horns the Sioux Indian Dakota a Glass Eye per request first made. Blue Horn writes that he lost his Eye while chopping Wood the presi dents trip. It is stated Here Toni Iglitz Giat it is the Pur Okise the Patty who left hero at 11 j5 today for Florida to visit several pieces in the Sou 111 and to remain away a month a a the climate proves salubrious. The private car v ice president Thomson the i acidic a Railroad which for three Days had been awaiting his . Was attached to a train having list returned from St. L,oiii8, having been Seti by Elinor Dana a party in their Trana Continental trip. The president Reni Bod the Deimit ten before the train started accompanied by private Secretary in Hillips end c. A Miller new York. He was met by first assistant postmaster general Hatton and Secretary to handler. The latter is to the party. Members the press accompany the party. The truly will reach Kio Arnond at 3 clock ietersbun0 at 4, Weldon at 6, gtd Sboro at Nsoto at 11, Charleston at g 20 tomorrow Bavart a at Liitt and at 5 0 tomorrow evening. I he special car , course. Well Styk Ltd seven Miles from . Duncan s farm to that h a father . Jesse Good Ian. Near Kildare station the Texas a Paf Defio Railroad. Tub was a Clear Case rabies occurring four years and eight months after being but thu. The tre ii ment was iii Doneso and see it ring support and instead Force and Poison. May Isis pm te.x., april 5.�?some time ago Oliver goo Ltd a youth living near Iash thirty in Lloa North Here was bitten by a Ianul dog hydrophobia manifested itself last Wek and his life was despair Ltd born Nguc to say. By soothing Nurit Ihirg tri a Merit and avoiding Force Olid Medicine the dose Iso is yielding and recovery is probable. The markets. Clip Congo Gurnia and in Rovision Frlic it i York stocks anti Money. Chicago. April 5�?the a change were weak lower and prices most articles irregular. Wheat influenced by a cur crop reports and favourable weather Dech cd and fluctuated rapidly. The chief demand was to cover Short sales and there was Large Selling account parties margins had expired. Many iou which i holders Luul placed a Price wer also bold out and the feeling from the opening to the Cuba was be verb and destitute cont Deuce closing at 1 . At about Yah amp Pic Over the lowest prices. Corn was weak , and prices declined under a Strong for account parties vrho be margins were there was also a Large amount sold for part who were not to Lake club ices u further decline and the Market was heavy and unsettled curing at about Over the Low est prices lists wore Ritter weaker and a Hough Tho combines Tiomi made a Strong Vitori to sustain prices it Wae evidently a heavy Load the mar Ket closing it nearly the lowest prices. Mess pork was weak Ami declined 15 yil7h.ic per brl., closing at nearly the Lowet prices the session. was weak and declined 15c per 100 lbs closing at nearly the inside figures. Short rib sides were quiet and a Shade lower but the Ofle Eringa were moderate. Other meats were quiet. The flour Market was Dull and weak in sympathy with wheat. At the Ait int it Call Hoard a Lieut regular 1 Jii april in 0�, May 31 by it a june a Onti a. . A july. Corn. A .>>4c, april a hic May 56>t,c, june 57>ic, july. Oats 40ji a pril 44o, May 431h a june 4tkc, Jniya 33psc, year. Rye file May. Mess pork 418 17muy so june Soldier Quot Quot the authors Quot Quot the lawyer s lawyer and the clients Ideal ,�?T Quot Tho eleven stubborn ones a Quot Why a have sojourned and Why we a Nat Challenge. Toe pc aiding off Cera both , Secretary Kewman wih now make an Effort to get it to the Tho Quot Way a St. Louls lawyer invites a fallow professional St Louis mo., april 5, leading attorneys Frank j. Bowman and John m. Glover had a Row Over a curse the other Day and the next thing was an invitation from Bowman to Glover to go snipe Miyoung with him in other words to accompany him to the Indian territory Aud there Settle their Depute with pistols at ten paces. Glover made fun Bowman and now Tho latter comes to the front Width a card in which by says that . Glover a Quot habit attempting the double role lawyer and bully at the earn time Quot has put him at great disadvantage and that his exploits As a Quot Brato Quot have been confined to firing a few shots around the Street Corners and writing cards. . Bowman continues a i had a detestation assess dating and taking any unfair advantage even an enemy but As the recent conduct Glover indicated that he was seeking a personal difficulty with me. If in fact he was really spoiling for a fight and wished to show that he really has the courage to meet an adversary equal terms with fair notice i will and Elln much accommodate him believing that i _ by do the Community some Little service sol j papers in each county the state in time for it to do advertised the Noma aary six months. A Refo Luton offered Tig senator Kinney was adopted in the Senate providing tor a com Brittee two to co operate with the a Ecru by state la holding the publication unify pipers Tois week for the constitutional amendments. Akk Dairron aka Nebhan. A oth the gentlemen who have toe Honor to represent the great state Ohio in toe United states Senate were suitors at the Capitol today and both paid their respects to toe senator Sherman in the Fure Bood and Nator Pendleton in the afternoon to both the House and a Nate the legislative a machine was stopped Long enough to Welcome Toem gators. In the House Sherman was called a a tor a speech and responded a follows a a the a Sembly i a tonal a you for tbs Hearty reception. In this Kou aeon specs makers i will be pardoned for not making an address. You Are the Rej resent a Olvea the people and to Vou 1 owe my inn a St allegiance doing As Best the will the people Ohio Ami Pilate. Without Roop octto Creed condition. In the Chi Ling Bour your session you Are too much uncaged for me to indulge in any remarks a us bid you Good by again Genu men do a turn Merriu Crest and warmest v. Ben few Gator Pendleton appeared in the Huu a. And had gone through the for reality a baking hand he was also to the front and As follows Quot in am very much touched by the compliment and kindness you have shown me. I feet touched by this mama rotation tour Ray Ard. It is the proudest moment my life to know that i r present in the highest body the world the great Ftazie Ohio. I am conscious the propel cult a the occasion and a Hall therefore make no reference to politic. I pm glad that this glorious Sute is tie High Way Prosperity and glory. The general a a Emily is to be congratulated for the High Honor it holds Asa body Tii the opinion the people. I a Ball not Decuin you Geller anti longer. Allowing me to once More thank you for your distinguished onside ration 1 bid you a Ion Quot Boas demo Maui caucus. The democratic member the House held a caucus this afternoon in the judiciary commit to room with . Negley is Iba chair and . Brunner a Secretary a motion that those present vote As a unit in favor a prop Maitlon in favor a License. It was Diwi used at some length by me arc. Cory Barger. Mei Kirry Bell and others and was finally and it ted with but one dts ent lag Troto that . A Harj a Fairfield. In motion . Cory a committee three w is appointed to prepare a Resolution in the a Treut the Uli Apman Resolution not being Al Iund to come to a vote. Foo wide is the form in full f a. J. an amendment to the Cost Lution and a providing for it Subr Easlon to toe people to toe second tuesday 1. By roof id kit Omernik Amow Kov to stale do three laths All the member elected to Eai h House concurring tour Lii. That s propps Ion to Amend i t ii tuition the state Otholo be Anbritt cd to the a lectors the state the second tui Ayton october a. D., i>i83, a Lohowa to wit Tiai the Aan Arate dec ton to article 16 the Constitution a a ibid in Section 18 the schedule thereto he to Ai ended a to read a Fullow lie ease to traffic in Spurl Fuoua. Vinous malt it Aon mar to granted under such Reguia ious obituary. Xxx Bueg Eop general barns. Washington april .5.�?brigadier general Jas. K. Barnes retired late surgeon general the United states army died at Hla Rei Deuce in this City this morning Brights Cli Leahe. General Barnes was born in Philadelphia in 1817 he was appointed surgeon in the army in 1856, medical inspector in 186.�?T, and surgeon general in 1864. shortly after tiie death president Garfield whom he Nti Eudell professionally general Barnes was placed the Roi ired list John Erit Tun. With provisions Alki Isrieal swirl be served . Ali e in Psi t in y s f a it a asked Fob tick i. Iii join n. A april 6.�?.\ Gray bearded conductor went into the presidential Caj just As the train was passing Revais station. Secret a Chandler was pointing out to Tho president the earthworks and other interesting Points that Battle fluid. Quot tickets a said the conductor. As the president Balwi been invited to take the trip Over like Road As guest. The conductor s Demund was rather embarrassing. Quot have you Page ses i Quot ask cd the conductor Uliey jihad no have you ticket Quot a they had no tickets. Quot then you will have to pay fare from Petersburg to u tie preside it looked with an smile but when the conductor said Tunit he should have to charge them $47 for the full parity the private car which is built for Beitf Theon por it there some this if lion to argue the Point with the conductor but he stood firm. He must either have he Money ticket.�, fisses. But he left the car for u while for Phillips like Pritt Etc Secretary to decide. At the first by Opi it eng place the conductor received a Telegram instruct iii Liim to tie party. The order to him had been overlooked at Petersburg. Surgeon general Carnes the funeral surgeon general Joseph k. Baruela Olio died this a turning w Uke place saturday afternoon. The Dopart Meub will close the Day tiie ii Oral. Surgeon general Barnes connection with the last arli Petlon i to silent Garfield makes his name familiar in every household in the country the coloured wife murderer. The evidence is All in in the trial Frank minor Colorez who beheaded his wife with a razor and Olio so plea is temporary . It is believed the Desense is weak and that a verdict guilty end a by nonce death will b reached tomorrow evening i saturday Seire Taky Wolger Secretary folder took a drive today. He sex Pocs to leave Tho City sunday night monday. Subjugated general Cook has informed the Indian department that he has Bubb gated the hostile indians in Indian territory and no trouble 1� anticipated for the present. . Hon John c. Wharton Ioui Sivile is it Willard a w. F. Ludlow Saminsky. And Austin and wife Cleveland Aro Ai the la Bitt. Mersey s Bhot Iier testifies. The defendants in the Star Ronde trial Are glee ful tonight Over the impression John w. Jorsey brother sex senator Duraey made upon the i tues Island this afternoon. He is tall and slender and a very Cool deliberate Man very Dit Terent from the hot headed passionate brother. His answers Are Clear Well studied and positive. His style As a witness is Well defined in Bis answer relating to a statement Kerdell Quot Ihal is a lie without any his brother characterized the boat Mentas Quot a lie from whole a 17�?T, july 81n65, August �10 67j, year. In ird 11,30c May.,37>ic Juno. 11.42 july. 11.4uc August 10.5�c year Short ribs. 87> May 10c june a Lac july l�.2. Etc August. A tile Keck leu 6.400 shipped 3,23.5 Market rather Ucak a iii cd to a Ancy heavy Stech 56 00 7 10 extra do i it �0.<4t��i5 Good Shi Puig by cars. To 206 Valr medium Hicen 75 6 10. Hog a receipt 15,500 shipped 5.412 Quality poor Market weak Dull and 15c lower All grades. A a Ackers and shipper Are making a persistent a fort to break prices. Sales fair to Choice bit Naith Light at 1 7 50 for Bacon grades f7 i>7 no for fair to Choice mixed weigh heavy and Light Aud 17 00 a to for Choice to Faucy. New York Stock Mark it. New York april 5.�?.although i is generally understood that the Gatoc pc Market is entirely in the hands the speculators it seemed As if the Public were going in As buyers inasmuch As the sales up to 12 30 clock were about 20<j,-Cioo shares at advanced Price.�, but later in the Day it was d it covered that it was merely a movement the shorts to cover. Having succeeded in doing this pretty Eft to tally it is now tight that there will be a Sli Glit reaction for the few Days from the present prices Alt Linaugh it is Umlor Storai that the brokers Are receiving Many inquiries from a in Buldic As to the desirability buying. The Stock Market opened Strong today at 3 to it it i per cent higher than those yesterday and so continued during the Forenoon. In the afternoon Pri yes went to anger about ?<@1 per cent., reaching the Lii glow figures Eftiha Day during the last hover there a reaction and then a slight recovery which left Tho get a cult tie Day an Advance the general list 1% per cent., the latter Lake Bhore and be Nitrai Pacific while some Itok did even better than tbs. The manipulation the Money Market seems to have a cased Flag tin. A a he Rule Call Loans stocks varied during the Doy from 6 to 8 per cent., while they Cluj soil at j per cent. Loans stocks for six months to Ere to ugly at 5k percent 1 he Quoit Loiis for rate discount mercantile Pai it were reduced today her Cebu for All Clua acs Aud All put clods. England in a tremor a Eca Usk us new Ani it impending danger fresh fenian plots reported daily a Nitro Glycerine factory discovered in Birmingham in Inion april 5.�?in consequence information out noned the authorities a Large Iori police has been stationed at Windsor and vigilant police patrols established inside and out Bido Windsor Tustle. The Royal news Tice and Posto Ficu have also let eau specially protected by extra guards police and Trio soldiers Are under arms. There is great excitement and the mysterious movements police tend to increase it. Last night it was rum Orcil that the Queen was to be frightened to death by threats and in the event her holding out More a a ctr live measures were to retaken. rumours co Timic Victoria will be a close a in Soult at Windsor Basile att be Czar is in his Palace. The . Which is now the rest Dunco the Queen appears to be the Objet five Point tie next Dye Timite outrage but the policeman Ulicy Are prepared Torci Catano Buch a tempt. Arrests by the police and rumours fresh Plo a Are now every Day occurrence. Great been caused by the seizure the illicit Dpi Famiie factory at Birmingham. The police arrested the Only Occi iii the place. The seizure will prove important As a Iai a Onia Unity Docen nebs were four us hidden outline premises. The police Are the track Broiher gang makers at Edgbaston a suburb Birmingham. A Sci weekly newspaper called the City press in an edition published yesterday evening announced that it had received a letter without Bwint Are in which the writer lira tend to blow us the government offices. The affair was after having held a full conference with the King and secured his approval sent to Herr Liebknecht one the most outspoken delegates who was looked upon As a Leader in the Congo is and served him an order to close the Congo Csc forthwith. Those members who came from foreign countries were informed that it was desired by the danish authorities that they leave Denmark not later than tuesday kief., april 5, names the four Stclai arrested Here tuesday while the Way from the socialist Congress at Copenhagen Are Bobel Jota Auer and neut Munster. Although they were members the Reich Stag their i piers were seized and confiscated to the sufi. The shrewdest Effort the police did not succeed in extorting from the prisoners any Oral evidence by Gaius their party and they were ally released. Referred to the police and late last night eng a a a Sll bloody riots in Panama. Panama March 27, and rioting has taken place along the line the canal work originating in a race hatred Between jamaicans and Carthagena Jariis some Twenty the former have been massacred and government find itself unable to restore arms Are being indiscriminately Pur chased and As no work is going and As there Are about 8, x 0 men drinking freely serious Iro Zibie is anticipated. The isthmus is being Rani Day overrun by the Dregs a nations. Lesseps has left the isthmus for new York. He i Siats that the canal will be finished in in. The Irish and to Weir plans Ndon april 5.�?it a been definitely decided that neither uht Knetl nor any the other members the Irish Para Centary party iii attend the convention at Philadelphia Paris. April Milieu the Well known Irish Soldier and fenian Leader has arrived Here. It is reported that he will direct the Irish movement against England through an Irish socialist Congress which will denounce the use Force especially As regards political assassinations and the employment explosives in the struggle to seers the Freedom Ireland from British Rule. A women no a Mal Teluns title. Brooklyn april 8.�?wilham t. Gronevelt a prominent citizen this City began a suit for absolute divorce against his wife Mary c. Bronc Volt hut it was Dieco tinned today because it was a covered that the reports carried to . Grout velt were false. These stories had been circulated by two near relatives women Good position. They told the plaintiff that this wife was interchanging letters with her own undo and that the Uncle in one them had called his Niece the letter was Pix Lucid end read As follows Quot a v dear m a.\ Lam sorry that you and Avill Are come Ltd to leave my country House. You have been the Best mistress that household my Home has Ever had Quot . Gronevelt and wife have United in an action against the women for 5,000 for slander. A great fire at Keji stand lad. Indian abolish april 5.�?ken in and lud., was visited by a destructive fire last night Resi Iltong in the almost total loss the business portion the town. Twenty firms were burned out the following being among the principal losers g. Goff dry goo it Island building 114,000 Vander water dry goods f7,000, Polo it bro., Hanl Ware stoves and implements Mcc Ollough amp co., drugs ?4, >0 Keefe a lroe., groceries and hardware $4,000 j Jhuti b. Yak a Bank Bui Kellug $3,0 a Nicholas Hiresh Saloon $1,060 Oneida a Coffman restau errant. $2,0bj John Hubert Saloon and building >.r2,t4x. In addition to the above numb Euis other losses were , ranging from $�4xi to $1,500, among the latter being the discount and de r>8it Bank. The total loss will be. $100,-�ou�o, Ettli 01 which is covered by insurance. in a Tunnel. Mutilated body a coloured , ind., april 5.�?John Britton died this morning St i clock aged Sevonty five. Lie was the father seven children among whom Are the Hon. In. P. Britton judge the Montgomery circuit court . 1�. N. Britton and mrs. Robinson. J. A Morton. New York april 5,. W. Morton proprietor i the Morton Houby Broadway and Union i Square died this morning congestion the brain. B. A. Raymond. I Ixcaco april 5.�?li. A. Raymond third mayor Chicago died this morning aged eighty to He was mayor the City in 183c and in 1841, was the by Viaer the Galena division the North we Steni Railroad the founder the Elgin watch factory and engaged in Many other in by Thant enterprises. He what one time a a ire. For several years his store at Elgin 111., was tie extreme we Toni terminus any railway West hic ago the to United body a coloured Man was found shortly before no it to today in the Navy Yani Kau Road Tunnel by the police the East washing Lon precinct. The body was crushed almost to a pulp and one leg a u been torn off above the knee and was found at the the Tunnel. The nerves were Stin quivering and indicated that death had Only a few moments before the Rema iils Wera discovered the mangled Corpse was Carrit to the eighth precinct station for hut a ftps not recon Biz cd by any the crowds peo who flocked to see it r ears tie person the the ceased ii Lii at Nat e was a d. Rolinson Liis City. The Coroner w a a notified and Viilu investigate the . It is in probed that the Man was walking through the Tunnel when he was struck by Tae engine an outgoing train. Acquitted under the amnesty Law. Stanford Tkv Ajril 5.�?ivm. Shadow Ltd who was brought Here from Missouri for trial for the killing Bell Shelby Vale tenn., Ami a sick Soldier in 18 j2, was today by quilted under the Hnin esty Law passed by the legislature just alter tic w a. The proof was that to Ami shot the men in cold biota a the victims being unarmed and begging for mercy Ami then robbed their Waillie Money end Finger rings fhad-0win did not belong to the regular army but to the notorious Jim Bridgewater gang which under the name Home guards so terrorized this Section during the War. Celebration the Bett Lemert Olio. , april 5.�?tlio Luety Faith anniversary the Sci element Ohio will be Eli cd hero with great ceremony. Hon. Geo. A Loring United elate commissioner agriculture is the orator the div and has prepared a Hill giant and so Holaric address which will be a Vatu ulc contribution to the literature our curly his Lory. Short addresses will be made by a ova Nior and a number prominent y>ersoii8. The oldest living settlers will be present and con tribute sane run in a Een Rij curly Days. The Toh april promises to be More widely observed Aud grow More us the years go by. Ash detectives assisted by members the Iris secret Bervice succeeded in arresting a Man Wiio had in his Poss earion a Quantity stuff supposed to be dynamic. Extra sentinels were posted at Windsor a Subtle and the pop toil inc. Policemen and detective to Are keeping close watch in suspicious Lochtie. There is renewed excitement in govern sent circles this afternoon Jeo aus a report which comes from Newry Ireland where Are situated it Large government infantry Barracks that a Sentinel standing guard Over a powder Magazine last night challenged a Man who was fisc Erwel scaling the Wail. The sentry fired a shot and gave the alarm. Search for the intruder was Iru Inicis but the guard was doubled Aud orders issued to take every precaution to Preven t a Surprise. Fhe Irish police Here made two further arrests in the suburbs Lambeth in con Section with the ecu arrested last night. The latter Are now said to be Auie can. The Man first arrested last night near Fleet Street had engaged rooms Southampton it pot Corner the strand giving the name Onui ind and stating that he was a medical student. Sul sequel my he said that his Correct name was Norman the first inquiry for the rooms was made by an elderly Man. The expo site was taken to normans lodgings by a person Ruki fth appearance. It is believed that both this individual and the elderly Man have Ceu identified in the persons arrested it Lambeth. One these men had in his pocket and sewn up in his clothing a Large sum Money a portion which was american coins. One the Laid Chih Prist mers had secured lot fing in the name in Ileon his movement excited so much suspicion that be left yesterday saying it was his intention to go to m Oiver Hampton. A then he re tuned at noon today he was. Surprised to find five detectives awaiting him. Kornau undoubtedly came direct . The place where he was stopping was just Over the office where is Pali Iier line court uric near. The fourth arrest the Day was that Henry Dalton. He came from the United 8iat�s about two weeks ago. He was found at the room the american Exchange Aud made no resist attic when informed the errand officer. Dalton was confined in the loll at Scotland Yard. There was no less a sensation in the House commons when these arrests were announced than elsewhere. Sir William Harcourt Homo Secretary Eon firmed what had been merely a Rumor that Norman had then put under arrest he added that 1�q pounds a highly explosive he and had been found in normans Quarter Sim Tufti it was stored in rubber bags. Hilson the disc it very the dynamite manufactory at Birmingham. He said Meiher that a cons Lerable amount the some kind explosive had been discovered in the rooms the ism both Souers Aud that a part the Money one these men was in american Bank notes. That there was a connect Ion Between the arrest and the discovery at Birmingham and those in Ifni Don is shown to be a fact by an incident which has just come to Light. The Home secretory i is afternoon sent dispatch to Birmingham asking that the authorities Remai i Whitehead for a week. The same action will be taken Here in the Case Norman. He try Dalton is a Man Short stature acid is pockmarked. He was a occasional caller at Liova Icso american Reading room at 14 strand. 11 is believed that Dalton is an emissary the dynamite faction in America the Man arrested with Wilson at lain be this named Gallagher papers m Cre found upon him proving his connection with Whitehead the Woolwich author tics pronounce tiie compound found at Lambeth to be Nitro Glycerine. Dalton is suspected having been the perpetrator the our age the office the local Golemi fiend Board in Westminster. Evidence is forthcoming that the persons arrested Are connected with the invincible. The dynamite used in the we St ills ter exp Ion was undoubtedly made at one the factories this society. After the contents had been tested at Woolwich the Box was taken to the Magazine at Piu instead marshes there it was limiters de �11 water where it will be kept until tie officials can dispose the contents i . April 5. City police made a raid upon a suspect etl locality in la Sam Street lad Wood and discovered a fenian Nitro Erine factory in full operation. The apparatus for preparing and mixing the explosive compounds Are constructed scientific principles and with All the cunning Craft which clearly showed the inventor to be not Only a Toro urfi scholar in chemistry and machinery but also eur a left a for expedients for avoiding notoriety and discovery. Among the noteworthy features the place was a shrewdly devised method for carrying the fumes up the Chimney and you suming the doors. It is unde i stood the i the premises in u Lisani Street were taken two months ago by a Man named Whitehead an Lead a sign Hung out in front the i face indicating that his business was that paper hunger. Whitehead himself was taken into cd Styly when the police made the descent the sch and is now in close a considerable Ijuan Tity Nitro Glycerine a std Zed by the Offu Era at the same time. Whitehead w he is desk tired As a Ryan about Twenty five year old dark comply Japon and with a marked american accent Hai Nicon in the habit purchasing supplies nitroglycerine and arc necessary to run the business. In accordance with the request the Home office Whitehead after Btung brought before the Ina Istrate this Tiit croon was remanded for one week. Tho Charee was that having in is Possession explosive compounds and material. At the evidence waa Given showing Liat Trio Tolice detectives had followed Norman who was arrested in in Nikon from whiteheads How in Birmingham. He took away Fri it Rei 8 House a Box. Among the other material seized at the Quot paper Hauger to Quot were Eiji Lii Gallons a mysterious liquid contained in fins some sulphuric acid and a quasi tits no Glycerine. The prisoner when arraigned. Refused to Parley with the Oft cers the court even answer que tons the i Talo austrian treaty Rock april 5, for amp Cassa states that the governments Italy and Austria have Given assent and affixed their signatures to a treaty by the terms which each Empire guarantee to the other Complete integrity territory. Although Germany is not directly and by signature a party to this treaty the document contains a clause in which it la mentioned that her approval has been Given Dublin april 6.�?.mr. Dawson lord mayor Dublin has set about forming a National commit 3 to raise fund to present to . Parnell. The committee is Bishops priests members parliament who adhere to the St party mayors and Public officials this fund has already reached �800. At the trial Here the prisoners charged Wim the Park mfr Der a Sboto graph a Man i amed Tyman recently referred to by the name 01 Quot Tyner Quot will be ,.il. This then once with which Tanau Ivas in Trust fur Disirio Butita can be traced to the i Vinci. C. Ii is in Post est a find Salt to the effect t iat Quot in to an it i a number one Quot Are identical. The Crown a solicitor w�o1 strongly oppose the re West which will be made by me prisoners Lur a the trial. Peter Carey brother James has bin accepted by the government a a informer. Indianapolis. Telephones struck by lightning the vacant judges Iipp Genera notes. Indian a Puli april 5. stroke lightning this morning at 8 clock touched. The Tower the Telephone Exchange in which All the wires Center As they come from the Street polos and the Tower was a wreck before any one knew it and five minutes afterwards was ablaze. The fire department waa called out and by the use Quot chemicals and tarpaulins the fire a put out without a resort to water and thus the damage to the building waa not Over $50. A the Exchange is at the top a four Story Bihling the use water As is Geu crawly done would have caused hundreds Dollar Loe. The damage to the Telephone company will be about $2,5 and it will be a week before the Exchange 1 in running order. Jaen the storm first let leg amp a the Telephone employee were ordered away from their desk and but for this precaution loss i life must have resulted. It does Nota Piear that the lightning was attracted by the wires but simply made for Tho Tower a Good pm Sci to Patrise for a moment. The aeon Pune his new appointment by judge Gres Tarira Ytarte Arnch speculation As to his successor the Bench. He Caius from the Southern part the state and it i claimed therefore that in Quot locality a Indianapolis should have the new judge by the same Token the Northern part the state is demanding it. Those most prominent Here As mentioned Are sex judge c. U. Siuea a. C. Harris. Wii am Wallace. General John Coburn Aud colonel a. W. Hendricks. There is a specially Strong sent ment in favor sir. By Ailace and colonel Hendricks. Hines Wallace and Hendricks Are All Able lawyers and the latter is perhaps the peer any in any state. Outside the City judge Kibbey Richmond who was pushed by Morton for the place fourteen Vears ago when Gresham got it is mentioned and chief Justice won Els the in pro me court and judge r. A Taylor fort Wayne. The last named is a member the Mississippi River Coia Mission. A Good government position. Uon murders gory work. Father and two daughters brutally beaten to death. The tragedy takes place at weak ii Ion w. it revenge cupidity a a w it Elton a a va., april 5.-news has just reached Here a horrible triple tragedy at a West Union the Baltimore a Ohio Railroad fifty Miles East off i Kersburg lost night in which a father and two daughter were brutally murdered and robbed. Three men have been arrested suspicion but the Delaia yet shrouded in myst it. The murder i a opposed to have been committed Early in the evening. The murdered Man is Barney Doyle who kept a grocery and liquor store and resided with his daughters aged seven and eleven under the same roof. The main living room adjoined and communicated with the storeroom. The last time the father and children were seen alive was about 8 clock when George Cottrell and Arthur Ingle left the House leaving a Man named Kenney with Doyle and the girls to were in bed. Kenney was sitting the Side the bed. About 10 clock Kenney rushed into mrs weekly a where he Hod his washing done and requested the privilege changing shirts after which be left the woman having heard a noise in Doyle a Hope went there. Per ering through the window she observed the carpet fire and gave the alarm. . Bee rushed in extinguished the fire and a so horrified to find the bodies Doyle and the two innocent girls sweltering in blood. Doyle was still alive but remained unconscious till 2 a. A when be died. The youngest girl was dead when Ionno but the other was alive and barely Able to speak. They were All lying together near the fire to which they bad apparently been dragged and the fire was raked out the carpet with the purpose burning the House thus hiding All traces. The murder was evidently committed with a heavy Iron poker As one a found there with blood Aud hair it. From appearances the struggle commenced in the storeroom. The opinion prevails that the murder was committed for the purpose robbery As Isyle was sep posed to have a Large sum. A Strong Iron hound Chest in which he kept the Money was spilt open with an edged tool and stains blood were Levi the Chest. In Eddi Lori to the wounds inflicted Doyle a head his Arm was broken which goes to show that he made a Manly struggle tor the Protection his Gold and hts dear Little girls. The wound the Back Bis head was the fatal one. The children were beaten to death in the same cruel Manuit. The oldest child rallied sufficiently to say that Jim Boyd Harper was rhe Man who struck her and her Tatlier with a poker but no further information could be obtained from the child who Wylli Ere this reaches the Public be dead. Harper and his father were both arrested and Are now in Jal but claim that they can prove an Alibi. Kenney was also arrested suspicion. Great excitement prevailed during the Day. And it was difficult to pre vent the Lynching the prisoners. Aside from the theory robbery rumours different motives Are in circuit Lobi implicating a Man named 15 weekly who was once a resident the town and who attempted blackmail upon Doyle claiming that he had been criminally intimate with mrs. Weekly and prevailed her to write to Doyle a in a Naing him that he was the lather her unborn child but proposing to Compromise the matter Lor Al x. The letter threatened death in cose a refusal the part Doyle. Weekly openly charged Doyle with the crime referred to and threatened to kill Liim. The Public considered the scheme a buc Kaiung one. Doyle huk always stood Well in that Community. The prevailing opinion is that their a other a tie were enlisted by w Ecky in the tragedy in the Hopes securing the Large amount Money Doyle was supposed to have in store in the Strong Chest. No i it Iea a Sis been formed As to the sum obtained by the robbers. Weekly he not been found yet cers and me. Tie results a Faro Bank can to it a calculated Jtb As much accuracy As thar ult a Itile Field. It is the Meriest c Kaucz the vhf tory a in i a Mike la Cly nine to Tim who Are Moet Cool Anfel new fore the most Likely to perceive adasm Tagera Ferond i have overrated the dangers thi Tutol Here for five hours we have exchanged Cannon balls Bolletio Bayonet i trusts and Saber stroke and literally there it a nobody Hurt a the Lota a killed and wounded us our Side being about one in 300 those engaged. These Are my in Irestone. Are they not the counterpart All rat pipe Bencea the Battle Field a Friend Oaks me the feeling a non combatant under fire. Were you Ever caught in the open Fielda when a heavy Thunder storm was raging if you have been and Sid no special fear you have Neverth Eleto entertained Opi Lou that Posi Bly Lig Hinl might strike where you we standing. For the three quarters hour that i was under fire As a non comi Patant the was almost Eon tenuous Thunder Ortii Iery i could realize no rectal danger but Only an died thought that possibly some these Elf in missiles might come Over where i stood a the Way Ajja comparing views with the other situated like Mye Eif encountering the saute unities and with similar purposes i and by had the same sensations so that i Tarly ume that the Mesa men under Nave Little no thought for personal a oafs Quence. And that cowardice is not a Nonast the human race a news notes Queen Victoria took a drive yesterday. The proposed French cavalry a Nenver hav been abandoned because their Cost. A Chicago official says he list $600 la Council Cho Saber lost monday. Nearly 300 soiling Veso Eia from the Sou tit we if brought into new York yesterday by a Lavoria Breeze. James m. Simmons one the Ossa Slami general Tucker at Okolona miss has sentenced to be Hung. A half wilted boy St. Joaeph mo., has arrested charged with having caused Rita fires in the Post five weeks. Carl Zeller Milwaukee is trying to his Young wife who u willing to Orejola bul ii kept Iro Mso Dolan by e. S. Walton a Harvard graduate bookkeeper for Saver a Smith at 8n Antonio tex., waa a Kested and confessed to Embe Aeling Jam players a Money. Near Troy a two children throw lab Randall girls aged three and four years wet burned to death by the House catching la their polenta absence. / a �8,000 elephant Soledy new Yorac april 5.�?to avoid All i oort Bolty future trouble with the big a Alphont Pik Al the born am and London shows which Goat crony every Spring he is. Killed by Georg Alstin Stoll today in Madison Square Pantea. Ever since Hla arrival in shia country some three year ago he has been More let trouble in the Spring the year. This be meow to no exception and for fear any danger Theau Imar Wirt Chance i i ulna any the keeper it was resolved rather to Ami flex him did in voice a Loea 6,$, a. the Dias party. New to Seq april 5.�?ex-pi-esident Dias it Mexico and his puny were the guts Thil Bice Exchange today. Mayor eds n and sol the no abilities the City were Premea speeches were delivered by sex president the mayor and the m mexican minister h. Romero. After the reception was Over the Guessia Wero taken an excursion and visited tha pieces interest in and around the he boil United states we by in can ads Ottawa april 6.�?an order in Council will i a few Day be issued by the government How lag american distilled to take advantage Tami regulations in the customs act which pc Miia a seventy two hour bonding period in Como Diau warehouses. This is the result secret Bratis Mission. \ forty persons killed. Roses april 5. powder depot which Bod been Stab Lebed near pase Corr for the in a the Engineer Long works conditeti\ig_2petatiims near that place exploded today. Pora oos were Kididi and Many injured., soil them fatally. _ Kings Wall Street. / Good so Ternent pm Gres than a Alln s friends pushed Hijii vigorous a St. Louts hotel Han a not Ontek. St. Iai uis april 5. A Barnum s hotel is in a state anxiety . E. W. Cobb formerly the Cass hotel in Detroit came to this City a few weeks ago and succeeded Pratt in the management the hotel. It was opposed to be t exam Nanu. Quot a Fisit a has been 811 supplants Hoover. The preside to today appointed a w. She Mary Bud a.s3ikif.ue mystice the supreme court vice wus ii a Hoover Dia Decd Hoover it will be remembered is tto Foi orious Crook who with Brewier Cameron Henry Bowen Aud the Devarti Teut Justice entered info it n plan to blast Jefrie character Milliam Dickson Foreman the first Star route jury. Some months since i predicted that this Trio rascals would even timely get their deserts and it seems the prediction was founded go a d grounds. Efly Orts will he made to prosecute Hoover for corruption while in office and unless Tho Deijs Treut Justice Luter Freshe will beasent to the . Pit foam county democratic nomination. Orawa. O., april 5. democrats Putnam county met in convention today to count the vote Cost at the primary election last monday. It waa the largest convention Ever held in the county. The following persons were declared the nominees the convention rep resin tatic. I. Ii. Kahlif sheriff Frank Liotti Man auditor w. W. Place recorder M. Ludwig commissioner William Boe incr infirmary director Henry Recker Coroner ii. J. Rader. A Resolution was adopted in the convention general ecu i let Kev re for the nomination governor Ohio. A great Deal Euthul Sisom was manifested in the Cou Oculi . In for the postmaster gone Raship. Catkins Harris and congressman Bevelle belong to the younger generation republicans who Are reaching out fur higher honors and it is thought that rvs him s new promotion now bring a new Factor into Tite political yield which May worry the others. The annual 8e.�Ion the woman a Christian. Temperance Union a amp Rae Toa close this morning. The following offi Ecra were Elc Cid president m. E. Bheim Indianapolis first vice proud Dent Thomas Kaviuk laugh fort Wayne second vice president . Emma Mylloy. I it Porte general Secretary d. B. Rosa Indianapolis treasurer. Ell titter and also a Board manager. tons were adopted Gigli in to Allic Helen m. Gougar a air a fico a Ano highly abusive everybody who has not been As highly cd logistic her 0 these resolutions. Her suit against mauler for defamation character was recognized a a Case where a woman was fighting with desperation the aggregated malice Aud hate the friends the traffic which would Fain train pie under the feet All that is pure and holy in society and Demilto our in Hood Bhe was called a met Tyr and All opposed to her denounced a a persecutors. Tho convention also adopted a Resolution declaring that such their members who voted would hereafter vote Only for men known to he prohibitionist. A res Oguilon also was offered that Tern Eranee men attend the primary Mee tinge their rest tire parties i re to to Roc ii r e the nominal Ion tem Perance men. The Resolution was ii i the table by an Alt Jat Unaitis Majus vote. This action was signer tip mint As indicating that henceforth the Temperance people propose to Cut Loose from party obligation a in the speeches the mention Tvan Dom a name for president was greeted with loud applause. Resol ution us incorporating the Union with capital Stock in flu shares were passed and $500 the Stock subscribed the St. After the convention Suljo Umed the grand trap finince Council was held and . Verrish the noted Temperance Democrat and president the co delivered 411 dares the pan handle Texas. Csc ago april 5, year ago the state legislature Texas ceded that portion the state town As the pan. In Tulc Compro Silig 3,000,000 Eturea by Syndicate Compo cd c. B. Fan cell. J. V. Far Well Abner Taylor and a. C. Babcock consideration that the latter erect a capt building for the state in Austin to Cost $1,500,060, thus fixing tiie value the land at fifty cents an acre. A in nuking Syndicate has just been Given tiie re Niit the entire tract until april 15, and to declared virtually fond Mied. The Price sited is ,,000. The tract is 5,000 Miles Square. In which he advis continuing the struggle for prohibition Iracki Call y the Fmunro la Ricas doing a go Hgt a business and . Cobb s management Wai such As to Merit the approval . Trusi pour Hend clerk who bad an experience ten years in the building. Laist week Bow Ever. . Obb begun to look a Tionel currency used for comparison with counterfeits. With this exception and the sex worried. the morning the test however . A Obb was missing saturday passed and he did not put in a appearance Iid u was not until the monday follow Long that a letter was received from Detroit to the Elflei t that . Cobb bad quit the hotel. . True Arbour . Voor lines and . Teague the clerk held an informal meeting and elected Trumpbour to be temp Horary manager . Trumpbour suy that . Cobbs tic Milnw have been left w Atli eth r Brand 11 at be proposes Tong update them As Taro he is Able. The Cash vault. The examine Fotion the Cash in the loan do finl tired also the count the notes in the Cash division other than those in the Reserve fund. The examination the Bush Vaul wus also Condid cd an exc Caa three cents was found in a packet specimen Frac Cess one cent in the cute Rusl tellers Cash the Cali thus far exp ruined has been found Correct in every depart ment. The Nashville military tournament. Nash Fuji Tion april 5.--the manager tiie Drill to be held Here in a Subr nailed the drilling with Thiee Click two Dick gun to the adjutant general the United state army who de Ltd id cd that the companies using three Click guns should be a ridged by the rules Laid Down in Upton Sartre to fore the two Click Guy was adopted this will give All companies apr dual slioui1ur. A Kaper hoped. Eldorado .4rk. April 5.�?albert Tell cams a coloured boy seized he Little daughter judge skew As she was coming from school. He carried her into the Woods and viciously assaulted her. William was captured and taken Btu orc a magistrate where he confessed his crime. Ein route to the jail he was taken from the officers by a and hanged to a tree till dead. A new Comet found. Boston april 5, Cable mess Lige received last evening at Harvard College Observatory from the european a Socia Tiou astronomers Fttie ounces the discovery Darrow to a Comet by . E. Liar Twig the Strasburg Observatory. It is in position us follows Quot april 31, 61 Greenw iii mean time right ascension 13 hours 55.4 minutes Coli nation North 8 degrees 10 minutes. Its daily Nio Tiou in right 44 seconds and in declination i Duro St a Comet is a periodical Comet period being 62.3 years. This is us sixth appearance and it will be watched by astronomers with great interest. The nihilists Welcome for the .vnkiort, april ,5. Gazette publishes a Telegram Froni >fo.scow, suiting that a Large Taino a been discovered connecting with the Kremlin where the Cor Malion the Czar is to take place. The Telegram also see inca that a request Bias been wired to St. In ctr Borg for 100 sappers to be irent at once to Moscow for the Purpo Jse destroying the mine. St. . April 5.�?it is Somi office fully that there is not the slight Ipi warrant for the rep a it that a 1-Trge Liujie comic acting wit ii the Kremlin been aisci.ivered.8t. a to april 6.�?developments the Ntinos importance Are expected in coi Iuey Dion Wuh the forthcoming great trial nihilists in this City. It was originally believe that this trial would be the last the kind the list. Recent arrests however have made other nihilist trials probable and it is the present intention to a Rrahim the newly discovered plotters Cilber before the Coronation the Czar directly after. The accused have with three exceptions already pleaded guilty to belonging to the party which they Assort is in fact us Well a in name Quot the will the heretofore. A edit not the Radlif Tinct Pizii Ilion Parey but re that the Imp Dianee people hold ready to vote foray candidate we claim himself fax cons Titu bit Ion. / the report the Secretary showed t Dir ares to have Betin during the year and the receipt sightly rides. The jury in \h4 Heller writ Inetri ts9a growing Cai Coign Opp Heller who was the Republican can mat Ion mme died ii Eves m it lit Pronta Prohl sex pc l.52a -22, d suit a Dpi to Date for two vessels Llames to the Bay. New York april 5.-the ship Jacob h. St Traler this porn arrived from England last night and anchored in the lower Bay off Tomp Kin Svihel at 10 clock tonight a fire broke out in the hold. All the Crew escaped unharmed. At Midnight Wero Uteri nod that the burning ship would Dri t among the other vessels which there ure a urge number in the la Arbor. The Vowel will prove a total Loas. At Midnight the Mast and Canvas were a a feet i frae. The value the vessel la variously at a it iut , the norwegian ship Vierka loan Sci i with it Iron atm took lire and burned to the water c luge. The Crew escaped. A Texas towns a Nickele. Aixas. Tfjt., april 5.�?at the City election in Athens county seat Henderson county the corporation virtually Aboh Abed and the City goes Back under the county jurisdiction. The Wudte taxpayers in favor surrendering the City charter were in a Large minority and in order to succeed made a a Rah the negroes and elected a negro mayor a negro marshal and a negro City attorney. A full Bourdon a Hie men in favor surrendering the Chorier was chosen from among the White citizens. Nono the latter will qualify and the City iii thus be allowed to lapse Back under the county Jurist Iliou. Eleven Icen representing to Cpd Andrea / million dolts re. From the new York Lounial that Little Man with a Pale thin face Dart Eye and Large head w to looks about him As he walk with a ner Roua look Tito restless bar twists a piece paper m hism i woman ii a find and who a always silent ,1s . If Gould. 11� Fortune is Esu mated at $75,000,061 but to l Tok at him he might be taken for a Pat and Call broker. There 1� the Hon. Ruseell Sage tipping bad i his easy Chur Ata i Are table covered with letters and papera. He much resembles Joha g. Whittier and has a Domestic Homespun look. He by a mild Blue Eye a High forehead and a firm set out. I ruling jew vision a Money sad horse. I manner 1 most in go gang and i kindly face Lig Bui up from Busy care As he a is Cusp is Ali Roerig hip rear horses. His wealth a pm ted at greater portion in re Aogi Cash. That gentleman with blur lined overcoat Long hair Sharo features aquiline Noee an eve like a Hawk u Cyma Flek quickly and nervously and Boa manner. Be opens the door Lea Ait office with a Rush a though he want the Knob off. Be is credited wit talking Loo say Biel Wrt is in the right puce. Wealth 1 put at $16,000,. A that gentleman there an american Domb a . Sidney Dillon. He has Iraq face a Mouth desolation. And a Terry iia Ftp wer shown in the lines Oihi noun tenant. Ure la a Goliath physical strength. Hia hair is As White a Snow and he Wear Little Side whisker. His Large head is sedate and Active and talks with Reserve. Hie wealth 1 placed at ro.000,000, Jose Navarro inspect the Tieler and la Jig Yipu naive to the Ito take and a a to Ithai hts Adirondack Murray denies it new York april 5. Rev. A. H. H. Murray Adirondack Fame arrived in the City today and Denic strenuously that he left Texa to escape paying $1 2.oo0 his Deb to. When asked tbs it it the pub shed report he said does not owe $500, and that he has a by Siuy a Worth $ 20,000. He Alro said that the Story that he left that state with a lady Compaq Iota is a lie a from Fop to Bottom. The truth i Siuw cats has been confirmed from other source. M the i yester Dos Iriqui they Wourl not serve. Cop Kharen. April 5. danish government has received infirm Guion lha it Tiirik six dime have been from Schleswig Holstein for refusing to pen orm Ali diary service the demand the government auth Ruic. The English in Egypt. Cairo april 5, Duffer in has received Twenty petitions it favor the retention the British troop in Egypt. Alleged cure q Cdr option Bra. Atlanta tex., april 5. Case by 3ro-Phobla reported at Loti i this county. Ome Days ago Hui been discharged by the phys clans and the Young Man Oliver Goodman carried about Cincinnati fion Thero feeders. Chattanooga tknn., april 5.�?engineers Are not in the Field surveying for two important feeder the Cincinnati Southern railway one to Tup it near Rugby Extein using Over the Cumberland mountains from Sparta giving a through ii tie from Noah Lue Aud the other to extend from the Cincinnati Southern in Scott county to Knoxville. They will Urove valuable factors in the development the country. A woman almost cremated. lots 6. residence w. P. Duncan lir township was discovered fief Gerday by William Voss Ami Tenry Burns mfr Vawn Paw iii by. Mrs. Linean who Walt in fled to her bed from Rick Ness was carried out the House in time to save her life c bal Onria dislikes the rna Slans. St. Peteh Suho april 5, Czar has recalled Tho russian officer Olio have been acting a Cabinet ministers in Bulgaria in con a a Wuence the growing unpopularity the russians in that country _ Chi Maul judge in which alleged libellous utterance was Mauc by the Sentiny has ended in a Lis agreement by the jury Heller will sue Tigai a. Under a recent decision indebtedness Bank stoic is exempt from taxation and this morning a Larae number exemptions were Cal Knetl before Tho county commissioners by stockholder a it a Rioual Bank. Ftp the boned Trade Relief Coia Muttee in s1u,6 g their Cash surplus la ing still a a Iiah balance. This All Lamo from individual coniribution.�. The whole the Szuc s appropriation has been used but the second appropriation go boo not been tour Luff and was cos ered Back duo the sure Titre Ury , this City is one Tho in Erato the unit id Telephone comic by a Mansfi icily having a it Capitol Slock $7 j0,. The cry the m Ere h must Kielc phone company Mai Ouri and Kaii As has been Pur Chaj de by the uni Teil company. Col. Ucrry Wabash St. Louis i in Cilc. New York april 5,the Wabash St. Loul amp Pacific Kail Rovid directors have elected the following Lect is for the ensuing year Jay Gould Are ii Dent k. A Hayes Airai Vico pres Tient 1,. Llop win. Second vice part Skint i. >1, Loxie third vice president a b. Ii. Smith treasurer a. B. Corp Chiw Nasi Slavit treasurer Jas. F. Howe Secretary. Is Union Telegraph company is in the City. He is considering Tny i advise to Siuy to seeking new quarters for the Western it is to be Haifa id he will see it As the citizens do. Tic present Western Union tit co Here is about for the at Brighton the a Miner Stone the new City Hospital Here will Belaid next week. Tiie new Wing which is building nov will coat 2, 0, and the whole the new addition to be put up a tar will Cost As much More nicking when comp cited. One the Tinct City hospitals in the West. All the Mir Scanu and but ten the Tro Huen to Maiu up the a Republican quota f new metropolitan police have been Appu Luiczi. The Force is Equay divided in net tics. It will the Dacia min canal new i Ork .\pril5.�?mr. Charles de Lewes son the ii tech get Inge yall and v. Van s a is Arrivi from Baris today. de Lesseps a Aiti. In regard to the prop end Panama Cantil that their work be begun in the dry season Mitch Inch for excavating Are Dow Ripon the line and that inca Himl would in s. do lock a is he re in the interest the Western i tiie Fau Araa Railroad Cui Pauy with his Irieno is Over it while the current l the Day is going the rounds. He is gear and fat and Prenci to by real a and the Uptown move mint do French he i dirty and honk act mat Are set do gentleman with a Small month i Eye Chin whisker and no Mustache walks slowly and contentedly by is . Geo Quitmon. He is never in a hurry. His pleasant face show that he is at peace world and his stately figure sustains with Comfort the Multi piled duties the vast Railroad car inter so. He is a Good family Man devoted to Bis wife and children and is always considerate even the smallest office boy. He is Retkwa Toddei he Worth i5,<jo0,000. J. B. Houston sauntering along there is a Soung looking Man for the position he Bolds in be Finando world. His dress is perfection and i blonde Imp Rull and give him a Mhilary air is Good natured and 1 always the sunny Side the Init Eket with fact Fly mail first last audri All Tio Abs. His Pemo nol pile is get sown atl&0o0,Coo. The get Jumaa there with the refined appear Aiice a stately Indian chief is vice president a file Way sep the elevated Rusada. He is a hand Corae Man in every sense the word. His hair is a a Al Buek. I Eye dark and his figure towering. His Faicco beams with Good nature and Hla Universal popularity is Well do a it eco Elt a. Hia nest egg is estimated at $5,000,600, and his Good Luck pro verbal. Hat Folk Saffian form coming in there a lowly Izadore Wormser the genial Good natured and Feolis a he is always smoking and keen eyes look searchingly out from be Huid a i in Gold so be tactless. His wealth is Down at 1.5, pm j0a. The Are Home in res hint Han the third Avenue is Uriate Railroad. He is a Little thick Man with an Active to saner who hides Hii Seif away beneath a Cape overcoat and a White Ugar loaf Bat. 11 i Money stocks. Bondi and pro a Drav Roku up ,0 a Iuo. The Gebiil entail there with dark hair mus Lacue Ami Imperial with a self Man Iier h keen eve. And a slight Sloop Hia shout a ers. Jimr. Horace Porter the by a St after Diu it it Ker Wall Street witty Brit Livirt go popular. His Bank account and pro it erty entered at $�,0�Ai. In egg Ito cd by Toni ii. Canton o., april 5.�?h. S. Stough. Proprietor the Tromon House was a Iez Ibe Ratcil knocked Down St 10 i Rock Titis morning at the fat re Wayne depot and robbed $15, by two tramps who cow Ipei. Stongh hits u serious Scalp wound Frota clubs lieu iii by his to sail ills. The disappearance the to from the m. A Mir Tho report the new Hamps Viii Board health Coli gains a Maui Atco sum Dali the reports the j officers that a cities and towns showing the number births in Terri Agte Ana deaths each tip Winship in Saij from this it appears that 4.g�.5 babies w Mijc both in the state that Vear it �,41.3 being i Xis 2,123 girls and 73 Quot novt the a 2.741 were Cal it Aroni Hgt. 633 we a re cd Ihlen it Fry ton Iso were i Xci unc Stry. The fruit juftrriagjaj., a Between amen Curtiis mud to reigned As unknown it thou let be stored a this connect tip i i Itiat All persons born in this country Are rerun As amcrt<mii3,/t1iough their Parent May have a ome irom abroad in used Lalow before their tit rvs into this world. A whole Fri mily Cremi Tecl. Albany n. Y., april a. Jobus Villon his wife and two to Auchter i wore uni death be run cheaper than the present for it Rio. And is a in their House three it for Hart Veck expected to be ten times More efficient. A buc 60 Mountj Wariy i. . Louise Michet in Iier stun Loti. Part a april 5.�?madnme la Ulso Michel has written a letter to the indrans Lugeani with reference to her exam nation by the judge just inc Tiou. She denies having any know Crige the men who gave evidence against her and declares Taftt she is surprised at being charged i inc tuis the pillage the Baker shops. Earth qantos in Italy Rome april 5�?freciiknt violent earthquake Are reported irom pedal itchy. Tie socialist cough was broken up. Cojeen Hagen april 5.\�ialixt conf res was treated to an unwelcome Surprise fro apr the danish government. the Foi Ortii own while in the Uii St a it airy Rio eco re sect police pcs Lpaul in Lue will it get a great itrel in Tho the cml it Crau a they had to Light hard in the to establish the system. The presbytery which met at Franklin . Was very fully Atli Uick. Rev. A. A. Fat Torr India Minnii Chovau a Mode razor. Rev. John into ecu by Ion High ii a my Al Der Alfred Chirk i Indian Apolis arted a clerks i the Folk Wing cases were decided by the us Fremd court Imlay John s. 8pfttm, receiver is. Eagle machine work. Marion a c. Reversed. Howk j. J Saint a amid Rogers is. Kohrt Overton. C. C. Afiz tved. Joti Wiott. J. Washington John it guilty. San Titan Cir a it i Ai it Rii .5.�?in the Case if Verona build win truth it a shooting Baid win the jury Chi rite a verdict not guilty. Bearing this in mind i and in further fact that these Chii Gish a Quiri Das Quot unknown Quot Are the l., n. A. I u. Railway company is. John Ungeri. Rare our. 0. Raffl tidied. Zagt a Era . Nathan f. Dalton is. Allen Tindolph it Al. u. A a. Rcv Haritis a Daul A Klony l\.�,. . Euiovt.1. It Ridulph Knox. A a. Rcv Recti. M Cwm is. U. J. Charitis a Dantz Clai is. Tho state Indi Itna. Al Ned a Quot. A be Tuou for Sci caring overruled. Lip it ask iii Liu Vlug u a recent i tor so my a pc Ike his cd pm in lances and in a Battle Quot it is no Vays fas Lilou Able to give Llesi Impi Ossion. Shail 1 Givey Gnu mine i filial i no a ume aug firm hts be without time Rebuff. Firat was a the lifelong in vision that Boule a Erc the Ort orly moves a Garao chess Waitt Palons May be hic taxi us i have heard them to the Nihi Ulatt it is cd hut game but Matilt h a null up big cries t f Inore Leas Protis hot. Act Diug to the Inge Ivy Hie comma Der Aud the expert sea he off probably j it most Ihsuan Ccu the children foreigners and in seems fair to Ciunci Vuic the not More than half the Babic inc Didey in the list can properly be in Llcy Yankees. Murve sup pm it be h he Ian to con id Las known it a oui a Tejai Fitt not one info Jur i a Trace iii Clescent us i Linoff that ii two to three generations w4th-out r it a in go fhe tic to anti Cliftn line. Etoir tin a Inid a in Buind and a fifty Ber Sculy in Liui St in Aud / 3.-512 were Ami ions. 4� were a Ore Mner a Vii Rcd Una ii origin fun Titi a ii a Ipp Curie Tiik. There in Uci a nip ii us a Merican Populus iii the stale Froni iliac i i so id tic Ailis Over birth. If acc it Nikii it in a it to nut it a with shia to sick adv str Tuadi a to ii Rati Ltd no Vii Ltd carry ctn Knec South Ami a a a it. And Lili their places with aria Diane and ii la inn the cd it Guclu Loii is Foro ii upon us that me is not a away Whu ii to to race that tet lied Nch a Hampshire and liar the by iii and brawn Taftt Nittle Oliie Little animus will have Boc Ouie practical to extinct in Tom state. U is Hope Tiit it Riser evil Lelm will be Able to celebrate next Jhn Rafty. His eighty sixth birth Day by Ian aug Zuj found lion Stone the new Palace the top Crisp Piliu Ceil Tia Berqui. /
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