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The Cincinnati News Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1883, Page 1

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The Cincinnati News (Newspaper) - April 5, 1883, Cincinnati, OhioUmber 125.Cincinnati, thursday. April 5, 1883. Price two cents. 6en. Gresham gets it. 4ui end Iama Jui it a a Apro Lotrn Post. Ma8vk� Oene Bau Stilt no %ai/�f7 sore Bluit the a Flo . Warm Soto april 4.�?Al Ibdih Talant her Ltd Mit Fht Are p �9lnejtlltfrol# nout cat Philo Sophera. The Britt not one lint that can a sin oot a Polatin Sohd ample before Hina Ca a paragraph in relation to the appoint a met Walter q. Creahan a Poat matter Feii eral they All know Jade Greaham. Crery Mother a Aon claims him a a i need. They can All in be How these be waa Broom by about but not one has been Hwd to use the Patent exclamation to told you �61�?T think heaven that la one the poll Leo a Berk a expire Anions that we Are not subjected to. To indeed no one Areias to Hare anticipated in Ham a appointment. Why a clap Thun do from a Clear ski would be a matter Conrow to a Cleinm Tare Surprise like 1hi, when the was made that a a a it ral ire�timm.,>orii<it�nut-Oma, has been eppolnp<t1 Post Insp e eel a the people aked to one breath Quot Gresham ? Sid Begaii Haik iii up hit it to Eird. Ass a Tiura thief. It la believed the Appo Lutent will pro a . The Lod anians pretended to by k tit. St least. It u probable Bowler. To it Ai iome Are u Gilt put am re Quot a Necia in the warm Arlen in w me the tears Eri the party in the Ata fas. Upon one promo Avion the in a Tamal a Are unanimous and their Phloe Ophy Ron Cen trates there it a a Grant for it pm it it tent. To it it bight 1 found a Well a cd Indiana Lifan who said a when be re a Reshum s Ash in ment f Tii ought it was Wise hot after a i conc used it is Virv a a Wise in was the Repici Bhan try in the state ii Tofi Ned. 1 a bowled re Nat i am an admirer John c. Kew and t upped he would get the place if any Man in the Eute got it. Auno ngh be told me lost before leaving Here Lor Indi Napolis a few nays ago that he had no idea to it he would he named for it new Euld have i it. In the Firat place he would not have re foam the St. Petersburg Mission nor Rea aim. A fat place he held in new York mor have taken any subordinate position had he not been prom Sitki it in the Cabinet that second . He waa the Choice Ltd India a Cabinet Poel Tion. Be the Choice for an elective it admit he is the standing Chot Vorsov prominent Federal it itto hard worker. He has not even bean consult amp i about orc Aharas so up ointment and 1 say frankly a but with All due reenact to Gas a Hame aniline it ability that the hard work republicans Are going to kick this appointment then there arc tier Amati Iione republicans who arc Ting for the Lead the party and i who be the in Sceasor to \ borne a a and to be . Or anything else who will take exe Tiomi to this for the reason that this Wilt place Bombam ter to the Lead them All. I re to it it right Calk Tus. Dudley. Porter prone ski Kelford Rumback. A Obertson. Of fort Wayne and a veil others. Instead promoting bad it this will augment dissension among Icse leaders. Tricy see that . Nanny to resign a life position United to Tate District judge ship to accept the to Shiv St r Genera ship he does so with a View making Poai Ita a Tife occupant . Which has been his ambit Hosfor years and with the Prem i e in i s Tavner gris fast will give him and the prominence he immediately a ii by the Post the first pet be Tessible. People held not however the party he is them ter generalship is can never be outstripped by Bis rivals. There is no one who Beneice get White Boli girl n enough to use the office m Advance Bis i it Olti Cratl interests and it is therefore believed he will make an Aoee table postmaster Field an Indiana rep Blean state rept lation spec Lugof the stilted Gre it Ham to Ward the text Ems i it urls a the Campaign Liws the relations bet can him and United marshal Dudley now commissioner some contracts Oft his hands. He said he had bad que Sarcis with senator Dorsey in 1879, after Domey had become Assoc Atod with him in the Imd Tiess. And he Bat had Little nothing to do with Beni since having div solved by slide a with him soon after they bad pooled Iskula. He said he and Dor key and company Tost the Tongue River route which the government claim sin the my it mint was one the routes where a cons frack existed and upon which fabulous sums were paid for Kravice not rendered. The prosecution Obj it Ned to this it revelation but the court ruled it in As competent evidence. The witness d -uie.1 Ever conto ring with Hrady Dor a key Lyck. Or Miner Al Ngov collectively. To de for i us the government. He never Naid ready. Or ii by it mtr any Money other valuable As charge Chi in the indictment Vaile is a tall Bony Man with a big head and Short Black whoa Ker it and looks like an old time methodist minister alien High he is a lawyer and says be thinks lawyers As a class Are pretty careless Fellows. Lie will probably occupy the St and to mop Row when it is believed Miner will be examined. The attendance at the trial has decreased since Dorsey has testified. notes. Personal mention and gossip appoint Menta Ike. / Washington april 4. statue pro mor Heury will be unveiled in the Buide Soilan grounds the i eth in to. The Fhil Armonio to Seiy will furl the the music. \ the Prii legit this afternoon appointed Tdeus i port t Olomei d. Nelson retired to i get Deputy governor the soldiers Home vice major to Well. Deceased. It. H. Alexander the Well known stenographer who reporte the Flat Star route and the Guiteau trials visited the Nam Anna l. Nehi. A Stenot Espher and. Tyoe writer in his Etu ploy. A diff Unity aro.4e. During which a pistol shot was fired. The Ball he led in the Deiaon Abraham b. Tacque. The cab ill tvs w to accompanied Alezon Der. Inflicting a a Iti serous wound. Alex Aguior tied and can not in found. Ttye woman she did not lire the Bullet. But the Cabman sars she dil and site has been lodged in Jaii. The mystery the shooting and the Ceca Pade the party cause s tick Al Reio Tiou. The president has appointed Uriah Coison postmaster at Buu Ivan. Ind. Hon. W. Curvy will be elected president the Indiana Republican club at the annual election person Saiu olay night. General Dudley is the president now. John Gar in Ohio is at the Ebbitt. Mrs. Cheatham and miss Acklen Nashville Are at ind1an.4pol.13. A Milf lots became very much Etra med Aud ba1 general in Sdiey remained in his Poel Tion much longer they would have had an open quarrel. The breach was what induced Gen Crai Dvid icy to Nesigu a polio saying 16,000 a year to soo ept one Worth but t4,jq0.�?� Shimu Mitouer forts tons was inter to towed upon the appointment Gresham to Day however and hid a Tfaye president has a Enete Aman marked ability and a Jurist not. He is qualified in every Way for the to a Ron a pc Adyt eau aeon Hia exe native ally Aad great tote Getty. He was eol Otiel the Ltd Indiana promoted brigadier general for a Ati Anut. And later Breve ted major pm inti Kila advancing with his command in the As must upon Atlanta he was severely wounded and to this d he walks Zaveral other Ladi anians have been interview d . W. T Urr. Chop Asinof general a tel by a avg Ament during the War spoke in it h ghost terms the Amiot Tamut. And said it woo d give general in Indiana judge Ray. Law clerk the Post office department who a himself an Indian an sap Nona Friend and has a Verv his regard for general Gro Iain. He thinks tbsp the appointment jul give ass Faucon to Indiana . And Fiat general iradian will make a very Effiew t postmaster event ral the critic Publ Bea the following it u be Bevel St rec Requel acting Fostira Stergen a ral Hatton for the purpose letting him Down a toll Quot while the thru Ashcut the Coyn try ass Lime and again Meuti Orv Der Frank Bratton a an applicant for the postmaster . It the find be Stried Luu it tick to . Luton. That he has at no time Apphy and for the Ace being Coli Rev satisfied with his present kit Ion Tia information . Hat is Given ont at the White an it late Friend me Toni High Kat Hatton Felt very badly because he had no Bce a Govan the mister generalship and that to text be confidently sex raasted it. The a a me gentleman is a fiend to assistant scan. Lary new. Aud be gave it a he opinion that be lore the end the approaching summer . New will resign hip Ixion and re Are. Tii posted. Be believes that new has been treate1 very badly i a a that this a Phant is off the Bre it Stdeni s bands he Tus put a cd his grip ready Lor his trip both but the pm deut is nicer Tain. He says Hoevet he will Start for Florid at 11 tomorrow morning end everything in Ria Linw a for departure. A number the Lea plug newspapers have correspondent her who win take the same train and following my his trip Lay before the country the presi Dent s feats Piscat orial Bibu Loua and otherwise. Wmk Marxt up Saker. Oaf. Jaba Harmon thinks it will be Joe Blackburn. Wagon a Toh april 4.>coi. John Harmon one die duct widely known and most Success Ini lobby Isu Here was today interviewed the Taake Raship the next Bouse. He said Quot while i think Carlyle would be the Best Man for us to elect and while i think he is the cd. Loe the people i Ian Chat be will be de makes you think for . 1 a it it no Kandall is just Strong enough to kill , and Carlisle a Strong enough to Kui Ott Quot the d you Are the opinion that neither Bandali us i Carl tale will be speaker Are you a �?�1 am Aud Lor the very Tejon 1 have men tto Bod. Quot who will be speaker from your St endpoint a Well from the present Outlook. 1 think Joe Blae Burrt will a Why do you think Sot a a Fienau a no i Cue a second Choice two thirds tin 1-Andaii Meo. And i the second Choice ail car Ilsie a friends. 8o is he the Sci Ond i tiie it supporters every Caird Date in the Field and. Mark what i say he is the fir get Aimiee a great Nore in Tat Ives a son than Moet people think. Carlisle you see. The not exerting Hull Eif it All. He bits made and it making no efforts to secure the place. What aver strength he has came to Hon unsought and was sgt it Nai coup right in it a the people be a arose Bis acknowledged ability and integrity not 1 fear be Atli he a Blackburn would make a very Good presiding a Facer would be Notts a ooh yes a he replied. Govern Oft Ohio. Re Spca Ker Keifer thinks senator Sher san and judge Hoad will be the Hoitin Aea. Wami Niton april 4.�?exspeaker Keifer today submitted to an interview Ohio poli Tica when asked who will be the Republican a a Minee for governor he Aslo a i done to know find if senator Sherman would accept the re pub Hrala Tomii Inthou be would be exec red. 1 feel a arte fied that the sul warts that is. The Altra Guio who four Man ago were bitterly opposed to him As a re eld Neal candidate would now support Quot i by should Sherman be a Strong Candidater was asked. A because a said the a speaker a the germans trill support Sherman. He would be. Strong in very pares where the Ohio Are r taa. Rutab in Cleveland and in can can 1. If ele Tod governor he would Tjw in a Good a Osit Lou for tue Preddie initial Noui a would she Tojiu coir int lobe a candidate for Oto mor a a Vibat i do not know. Ido know however a it if he would not decline to a Avau e a i Ion Inai iii be Cun be nominated Ami i i Bank if nominated be can be elected. He is the Strong a a oilman who can be put up to Lead the r. Odfer said he had an idea that if uie re nominated Sherman the democrats we id non uate judge a loudly Cincinnati. The new postmaster neral a police superintendent Indiana c. T. note. 1wmnami,, april 4, appointment pc Terai Walter q Gresham to be postmaster Gen eral was a great Surprise Here and has Given Universal Sauff Burtlon. Like Bis appointment to blk office As judge the District court it was unsolicited and. To is probable Oomes in part from the same cause his Strong Friendship for Grant. But it is recognized As a Good Appolon Cuenl Graham b a Man Fine Abil Lues. He was a Breve Soldier and has made a Good judge with a tendency it Tom it it Stoke re aside the a a quite and Quad ties the Law Arm Lav Down Justice with a heavy hand. He is a very is it tive character. is easily bespoke by is Penaman Tippe Aranove. In height ullo fth id tonal a Whix feet in Bis he is pro Pordon Stely in it and and Square shouldered and has u natus ill stride March movement Bat Hows marred somewhat by the Etle Cis Woods he received during the War lit give a sort alight halt swing to Bis gait. Long piercing \ pick Quot Taok eyes High Cheek hones u a a tire Meier mined jaw mix rifled by full Iron gear whiskers which cover his face the whole crowned with a a a Hock a Iron Gray hair. He is Independent in i methods thought and action and a old put it Iiara sit we a strike than coax. But he manner is kindly and he inspires warmth o . He a Long been credited with a de ire to get into a otitis for he is emphatically a Man id action and the Judirita Ermine him at Timea. He is a native Horn near a it Rydon Harrison county ind., St. Patrick a a Day in 1633. Local a a Rhouds and the state univ Etsity from which however he was not Nulu ated gov a him Hla Early education. Begin lawyer . And Dirac Ticong in ois native place he began Early to take an int a Waln . And just defer a the War via Senito he state legislature to represent Harrison coun by which ha1 previously been represented by a demo riot Tho High a Young Man he came promo gently to the front in the War legit at Ion the time and unread with hta a bar a Rie Ristic Energy my Sun n Concini Lauon. When War came he As i it erg get Najiy went in a fight. At the outset be was Lieuten int colonel the a St regiment. Volch w re it a in to Quot Southern part the state. He was Iliff h the regiment Only a Short time when Ewa made cd it Ion i the my. And served with Grant at Vicka Barg a a brigadier Gen ral. He was w the Bherman before Atlanta commanding a division Bux corps. And it a in Attu it at this time 1�64, that he was so badly wounded in the leg a to compel him to leave the Field and return Home. Hla injury was so serious that in route Home be was compelled to Stop at new Albany where he remained a year before Bis Rovery. He was in ims to reverted major general. He afterwards settled in new Albany torm lug a Law partners blk with Sobti 11. And Noble c. Butler. He was after Wiard the state agcy to to to being Livston the state debt in new York. He ran for Congress twice against the lat Quot speaker m Chael c. Kerr and was Defeated both times. In live he a appointed Lodge Ute a a. 8, District court this suite by Prosl enl Grant. There was a h at applicants ind among them Gresham w nut. Senator m ton a pushing Kibbey rec bound and All the intents Quot were at work. It is Reinat so that Grant then president to Siderine the applications the place it inf a Token a Rawlins with the quest in Quot it eerie twa. Gresham live in he in i i a it id r Cut Quot Hawl its re Jolt d that he did. That tile it bin Quot said i to everybody a Surprise and to Many Bodi its dismay Gresham a Nifte judge. A rant held him in great during in War Brosnam was a splendid Soldier Mak no a Rny it Brilliant record and winning the a free Fods Bis Siili it to donates and the Esu pm h i super i . H was a St r it Donci nil Nari an he t i1i�creet and withal Hreve and a a a fighter. Grant s Fri Nash p for Hun has been strap ii i it a med not halting at the Quot third terms which Gresham favored in 18s0, though Cut Misc Nottag Gresov Ivey As bin Kiuon tie a n a forbid. Three eur ago Sham made the speech at the re non the army the Tennessee in Chicago Witch at rain ted general Attell 0. The Meir old inn Poce Ltd amly a toners have made their a Boice for up it a Tea Dent in the person major Irvin Rul it bin i. It is an Axce Slont Chc Tice. He in the head a making establishment he a forty four old and came by his title Maior honestly no ring the army As a Frt ate at the the War and working a Way to the office major the 2 <1 Indiana which regiment he come handed during the last year ervice. He Isa graduate Butler uni verily this City a member the g. A. R., a Man character and a go cd Democrat. The Secretary the Board a chosen also in the person a Sydney m. Dyer pre want manager the City water works company. He is a Good Man and a . Jas it T Lory and a a bobs Camp ii Eli were chosen captains both excellent men. With the help the new officers the sergeants will be chosen and with their help the Patr men and All win probably be done this week. The state Christian Tern pern Nee Union met today in annual Seastom thou at Kavanough. President to the . There was a Large Atte ounce. Tie reports the a Secretary and from members local uni Una present a bowed that the Tempe Nice people the state were far from discouraged but were in a fighting no . expressing a Ron fluence i mrs. Lolen m. Cougar and in de Waltl Wallace Lafayette were offered and referred. A conference anti Konopi dusts this morning decided to Issue a Call fur a a state convention id this City june a Iff. O. Tucker Hamilton Swinty a guided with Florey Harris last True Secretary. About fifty were present the object is to Start the at monopoly move Merit in this stole. The Board Trade it Ellef committee is making a final distribution to the Ohio River Frioud sure res. About fifty cases goods were sent to various Points the River and the apportionment the it Asta balance was distributed with a View to enabling the flooded Farmers to Purchase seed and implements for the production a crop this season. A Tori Reform club made up chiefly republicans a organised this evening. The nolo too Nancy is. Clem now Iron fined in the female reformatory Whette she will be Rel he aed in june will contest the application for divorce made about a Nouth ago by har husband Frank Clem. It is said she threaten to Tell a a Bat he if she tells the half -4t there will be a sen Hatton. An intelligent broker tits City has made a wide tour Central Indiana and finds that the ground is dry and cracked from the drought and the grains wheat have been s it ewed up out the ground. The wheat Baa nut yet begun m f Row and the fic ads Are As Brown As a Fluor. Many Armera have slowed up their wheat Field and will Plant them in Corn the absence i now Bas contributed largely to the injury sustained. Fields in Low place look Best and the a sprout a in these Fields begin to show some life and even Fields that were submerged by the floods in some cases Are looking Well. A bloody struck is with a Drunken thief took face last Earls being the chief suf Erer. He lives just West the City and has lost so Many chickens late that last night he stood Suard with a gun. And about 1 clock saw to tin Tiu Nat negro at the Coop. He fired and wounded him in the hip overtook him and compelled his Jer. Returning together the negro Sto to run Bat fell and Earls fell to a him. The the Ohio legislature. Hoth houses to Kkt to submit taxation to. Frohri Biniom the Senate then adopts a cease prop Ost Tlona the rehab Lucana a kempt a Coop a boat. Cold was . April 4.�?this has been a Day Teri Stative sir prices. This morning the Confer Onceco Camittee the two houses reported the proposed amendment to the Constitution agreed upon about two weeks since submitting the alternative proc motions prohibition and taxation without Luen a. The in it by Denim it a the Senate ruled that the report s conference committee could not be amended and it went to an immediate vote re Fivi Galloi to i a Republican vote the demo crts vote aka fast it. La the House the required three fifth were found Hinog the Reub hcs is the democrats voting flan list it. Except Hau. Of Franklin who a oct it a tor it. But the greatest Surprise was yet to come in the Middle the Tutor noon sesion a motion to a Recis was Raudic and car Rich la the allowing the Republican is Viator to Lipold a caucus. They were out an our when they returned and utterly the democrats by the Intro a Cloit by ii Canior Chapman another Resolution for amending to constr Union by sub Mikuluk the proposition a License a pure and simple. The Dutno cnut soon recovered from thir Comsh Cus Foo and gave the republicans to i it a mud that they had dropped upon their i tie game. Hen the vote was taken every Din Ratic senator voted for it. And he rep till ans ditto. It was then sent p the House and had something the Effir to a Home among the prohibitionists. It will probably be taken no Mill . A it to will receive the democratic vote. It la Inderst Cid to the in Urther Ance the Wolcutt Boom he insisting that without it he will not consider the question at a l. If he is the , he will personally favor the adoption the License clause. The Jolt be solution. Following is the text the Rean Lution agreed upon by the conference committees both houses submitting the two questions taxation and prohibit in Quot joint re Numion proposing amendments to Hec Psi Tulion. Quot be it resolved by the general Assembly the it Ste Ohio. That at the general election to lie held the so conic tuesday october .sj%3. There shall be submitted to the ejector for their approval re Section two propositions to Aniene the Cosci Tuioti the state As follows Quot first prot Silion a the additional Section a in and with Sei Tion 18 the sch Lule him be Repi Voled and there shall to get us it cited for it the following. A the general Assembly shall regulate the Tref Fly in intoxicating liquors so As to no vide age most evils resulting therefrom and its Power to Levy taxes a8.<easnienis thereon is not Emited by Auy provision this Ems Tutu Tion Quot second proposition the addict Oil Section in and with Seiz Tion is the Sci mule shall be repeal etl. And there a Hall be substituted the Fod Owine a the Roani facture and the Ira flip in he Dora to be used As a Tevera a Are Porev r prohibit a and the general my Muty a fall provide by Law for the in Loreem enl this Quot the electors voting in favor the said first proposition shall have their ballot the Vord. A regulation and taxation the liquor tract ice jes a and Tho be voting in favor the second proposition so til have pm their ballots he words Purohi Billiau intoxicating lilt ours begin tog to it. With we Hidon Calls a few tiles wets completed fact with strap Iron Aud Nide it was Aupp be Lono dated open cars were drawn by horses gifted that steam car should but everybody thought it would by Rapu is Hie to go prot id carve a without going off the track. Peter Cooper built a locomotive and demonstrated its Succes. It we a built the slate a Handcart with its tubular boiler made gun Hirrel. August 28, Itu this engine led filled with the direct Ora us toe Road. Or. Cik per acting a Engineer made the Firat trip by steam the first Rah Road in America. Thirteen Miles were made in fifty six Uil Iutok. At the Toth Anol Ventury Batty More the municipal authorities sent a special car to new York Lur . Hooper and gave him a place Honor in their procession. After Dispo Altug Bis Canton property . Cooper returned to new York and erect Iron works which were afterwards Rem Vikt to Trenton A he also balls three Lane blast furnaces at Phit Lisburg pa., and a number rolling Mills. I vol usable Agency in Railroad Enterprise was Fol Lowed by that in the Telegraph. Appreciating its vast he gave to it hit band and purse. While not detracting in the least from the Fame Cyra w. Field and others in the Success the Ocean Cable the great Cost Praise is due Peter Cooper. Of . Clio Pevy works there is not room to recount them. I greatest 1 to Roper Institute which building costing 2,o00,on�, contains sch cad Art Stenie and Leitera Libarle rih it a. And cabinets and there Are Able pro be it and teachers employed at an expense Over 6u, m0 a year. Here Indus too men and women May perfect their know Tilge in any department practical science Art. As a work Benevolence it 1 in Orpa Elt a and non it the under Fame will Ever endure. On hta Ninetieth birthday . Cooper was interviewed. Quot first Tell Roe How Yon managed to live so Long what advice would you give to Young people to the great Metropolis. Barnum gets a Good had the Elliott child run. On Goa Erskil Grant entertains sex president Dias Ato dinner a newspaper manager s . By up the m to live to be ninety a a 1 Kronid put it in two word a live soberly and right ouly a sail . Cooper. A a one More question . Cooper How did you get. Rich a a in the first place i Learned three Trade. I Learned to be a Brewer a coach maker Anda machinist nil before i was Twenty Oue years old. I worked three yens at 1 50 a Day and i saved enough out twist to gets Start in life. I was making machines to sheer cloth. Then i bought the Wisent right the machine and made them for Sal. Thu was before the War 1812.�?� Quot what general Ruie have you adopted in Bual new Quot Ofta asked. A my Rule wuss m Yon i cant remember the u me a bin any Man could not have bad for the asking what i owed. Another thing i wish to say. Alt the Mouay i Ever made was in mechanical in linens and not in . Cooper was originally a Democrat but abandoned that party at the beginning the War. He Wasp Poueu to the financial policy the Republican party after the Era reconstruction and was nominated for prisident by the Greenback party Lam for thirty five persons. On the right general Grant sat . Supported by new Yoke april 4.�?mr. Barium summoned his do Eton and lawyers to the court special sessions today when he was tried for permitting the Elliott children to perform their bicycles and unicycles and course he was liberated. And the children will hence Forth perform without Molligi station. Some funny things occurred. Or. Gerry an old gentle Iuan Bebsly the society for the prevention cruelty to children unrolled one barium a to posters representing the children rid lug through run a fire. Ac., and said solemnly a by amp Honor that is the a nah a said . Conium. A nah Happy Moo How fondly he clings to his youth Happy old Man Stilt roaming in the Green Fielis when the trial was Over Barnutiu turned to jct kilns the agent the society who Fust gated teas prosecution and said a Are you engaged sir a a no replied . Jenkins. A then sir 1 will buy you a Caige and give you i Joo a week to come with inf show. 1 wish to exhibit you. Will you come sir a a a go go . a the offt a is open sir the out Idron appeared at the afternoon entertainment in the Garden Aud were welcomed with loud applause. Then course rum Mode a speech. Gas nth a dinner to dims. New York april a general Grant gave a Moat elaborate dinner this evening to Geu Erol Diaz at the Union league club. Covers were in ia7s.ntlt8conveatjnnlqthls City making the Salt re with general 8. F. Cary Ohio. In Rigin he was a Juniur twing a member the All souls Church Rev. Henry w. Bellows pastor. The markets. Oil either the said two proposition be thus Sopro cd by a the e1-�tors a oiling at the said Al Cortlon then the amendment therein p Oplt fed shill club Titue a separate Sochi article 15 the License As soon As this Orono Letlon a adopted in the Senate senator t i Tii introduced a lout Ruso ution cd hit Init i to proposition to License in the Foo Ilni words a it he i Nerel As pm blvd May provide by Law for licensing the to tic in intoxicating this Reso Lulon was adopted receiving thirty votes in Cantor in Ohurd. Rophii Blicaus voted no. All the Niem bers voted Aye. In the House the joint re it solution to submit taxation and Purohi Kiriou a. Passed without much opposition. It was expected that the Ciu Minnuti and Cleveland in embers would have voted to opposition yet when the requisite majority want called for. . A Cuzco and Warren voted Aye. The Steveland dec Tiou was sex jutted to but it failed. . Card and Luok rep voted against it. Or. Hall Frank ii , was the Only Democrat voting in it favor. As the Call was it invade upon the Point getting in the members not voting. Speaker Longe Cleveland who haul Reco sred from a sickbed but a Day ago. Also voted Ycu. And it wok carried. It has been stated in ii that the requisite Publ Deacon six months can to by had ii orc the Date the fall e Recti . Which occurs october 9. Thu if the proportion goes before the ii Copic then the que Simon May come up that in some Cou Ules it has not been published for the requisite time. Aider the House d Troj de the Teraji Crance prop Meitlon. It took up that the appropriation for the repairs the canal. The Only real argut Neil in its favor to that Hia Berry Morgan who contended that the Miami a Eric Hill always paid expenses anal turned in a Revenue to the Treasury . Poor Hamilton Sou Abt i aide jul Lay Airai plug the appropriation to the required for the m at la Krie casual. Film while toe Dis Cue i was pet Diug the Houie took a recess. The bit Gar Bill providing fur the partition the track the 11. A And handle roads waa iii cussed in the Senate chamber tonight. House . Or. Ilath Nway Shou a joint Resolution to submit an amendment to the the state so As to permit each county in the a rate to Seii Arate representation in the House Ait opted by sixty nine totes. Six More in m the requisite Raj Only. This applies especially to Beauga Aad Paulding coup lies the former which is Republican and the l�4tter democratic. Paulding heretofore has been with a Zefi Nice. Confy in the Northwestern part the state and i entitled to reuse a tuition sep Antiely Only once in ten a jars. And is now repro a Ente it i by . Go a Don. Of def Ito be. Siree the Federin ctn us isso Beauga county Halo to separate rear cd in tettion and i now a�80<�?~l ted with i Ake which is re it re a a muted by . Hathaway. Speaker pro the a. A mantra a solidly re Pulli an and Lake scarcely less so. Paulding tried to Iti Caily two three time but is democratic rather than rep Blean. The Ropo Litton do get it no Dimke any material change in the re Prem stat the Pouti at Purtie in the hons at the Prev ent time but May possibly make some hereafter in the co untie the Wourn Reserve where the population appears to be decreasing. In that sense it May be i it politic ii Aud May result ultimately to thu atm Toge the Republican party. Brief Mes non incorporated a Recreant consolidation Betts n the Colour Obi Wjk fort Wayne railway company and the Colin mans. North we Ein amp fort Wayne Short line co Topany the 8ftdiers and Sal Torso monumental association Morrow county. Senator Pend Sctott a senator Sherman arrived at the Keil Houe tonight . A Miller sperm pendent Longview a Plum and member the directory Are in search the additional appropriation. Tiu Nat negro at the Coop. He fired and wounded lip overtook him and surrender Tetu Riding together the negro started to run but fell and Earls fell him. The two rolled Over for Niue distance w their struggles even tally the negro wrestle the gun from Ikimis and dabbed him Over the Bead until he could offer no further resistance and then made Bis escape. Earl was badly cot about the Bead and be mourns the Loos the Rifle Welch tas had borrowed. Death Peter Cooper. Age i Star route . Ray m tulle a Deien Lant in peaches re Jet in every statement. April 4.�?harvey m. Toile id Oarl. One the Den us was the Tad in the Star Ruote tit today. There was so thing in usual importance in the testify. Welch was nearly toward la i Talent Barde whom the wet Llady contradicted a every state meet. Ended in the Star route business through Miner who his id and whom he sought to assist taking the la the cose Frank Fletcher charged with the murder John w. Jones retorted a verdict thi Murning finding defendant guilty Roans a Gater Aud recommending two years penal servitude. The i allowing costs were decided by the supreme court today Moses go Ruliera is. Marths b. Luarl. Jefferson c. Reversed. Black c. Isa Muei h. Junes it Al. A. Missouri bitten House. Ripley c. Affirm uni. Bicknell c. Allen Donaldson is John w. Dunn. Miami c. Affirmed. Franklin a George w. Colton it Al. Is. Cornelius Vandervos general. Carroll c. A affirmed. Eli Loti j. David Gerber is. Catherine Friday. Us Muon c. Reversed. Black. Joseph a. Nef bit is. Mary f. Hanway Etal. Marlon 8. Reversed. Franklin. A William a. Fultes wider it Al. John r. Ingles guardian a. Howard c. Reversed. Bit Knell c. John w. Minor is. Emetine Vang at it Al. Perric. It affirmed. Wood. A theol. N. A. A a. Railway it Many a . Carroll c. Affirmed. Zoi la re a a Jerome t. Bruce it Al is. The state Indiana Init ask c. Reversed. Hiram Gardener is. Eden h. Fisher. Noble c. A affirmed. Block j. The a. N. A. A c. Railway company is. Chas. Ablert Carroll c. Petion overruled. . To. N. A. A c. Railway company is. Henry Torroll c. Petition overruled. Soda Gibson it Al. Is. Matilda Ogden. Hendricks Sutlon granted. Woods c. J. Go ral Morgan injured. It. Abb non o., april 4.�?general George a Morgan this evening Tell Down the stairs leading to the Law off be Hon. Abs Hart receiving it is feared severe internal injuries and breaking an Arm. A life Well spent closed at the ninety two. New York april 4 a Peter Cooper the philanthropist was taken ill a few Days ago and boo 11 nearly recovered. Venturing out however he caught a fresh cold which settled into pneumonia and at 3 this morning be died. About i clock this morning he called Hla son Cooper and mrs. Abram a. A Lewkut Bis daughter and her family to his bedside saying 10 them that be knew be had not Long to live and they must in come reconciled to the fact. Death occurred at exactly 3 clock. He re mailed conscious to the time his demise and made several remarks to regard to family Afta trs. Or. Coopt was born in Liis City f Briary 12, 17�?~j1. And lived a life full hours fro i Early boyhood. Among the Many who called to express their sorrow for . Coopers death were Sam net j. Tilden Algern in 3. Bui Uvan general Alexander s. Webb Aii i a Inlew 11. Green. During his Laai hours . Coopet manifested his great in the Cooper , Aud spoke la i Hewitt Aud to his Sou a a mayor Cooper about the manner in which the work should be carried after his death. Juror Malibu Cooper s do else was quickly spread Lirou ghost the City exciting feelings regret. Flog at half Niamat Cooper Institute City Ball Postoll ice building newspaper Oft Icea and other Public and private buildings. _ 1�?~etcr Cooper was born in new York february 12, 17v1. The Rev Lulun Hart terms naked eight years previously and the City was just beginning to recover us vitality i he was not tar hmm 15,000, a no a Bank had just Bren started. When he was three years old his father re Boveri to , where he set up a store. He subset turn by removed Toca Kalll. Brooklyn Newburg and engaged in Selling goods hats Bre Fiig user and Luck Long bricks. In thew Vari Oil employ me ins the son was obliged to work pulling ban. Oat Rabbit to kilns for his fat Faor s hats when. Bis Bead a an Ely reached above like table Ilell vering Keps Beer ill the brewing by slings and carrying Brick into the Yard when Bis father waa engaged to Brick making. When flier Cooper waa seventeen he was a coach maker for four years Ryoei Fiig tit a year it during that Lime he invented a machine for mortising nubs. He then went to Hempe tend l. I., where he was emn toyed by a cloth a bearing machines at to 50 a Day. At the end three year he had Shiv enough to buy the Patent right new York state and began manufacturing Bis own account. In 1526 . Cooper w ent to Baltimore and became Iden Lilied with the origin two great enterprises which More than All others have contributed to the growth that City Canton and the Baltimore a Ohio Railroad. He was induced by two persons to buy a third interest to 3,070 acres land near the City but he was deceived by them and was obliged to for the whole. Instead lamenting Bis Muf Ortune he went out prospecting found a to a Iron Ore and built furnaces and a rolling Mill. From these works sprang the great industries Canton the Monitor was Iron plated at these works . Cooper also did a with the Baltimore a Grain and provision Price lower and excited Railroad stocks and Bouey. Chicago april 4. Markels change were Active but Price lower and at times greatly exc Tell. The soft weather contributed to weaken the Confidence Sellers arid under a Strong realizing pressure by holders who were disgusted at the be Nentl situation wheat declined 2j4<�3c, and Trade was very Active but values , closing at Emder the a ugliest prices session. Corn sympathy ted with wheat and under a pics Urc to sell the inns prices declined let Mill Lff a no. 2. And the Market a inactive but a mics very unsettled the Only Barer being Sharib. Who were filling sales in which they had a profit. The Market at 1 . Closed at Over the lowest prices the ites i it. Oak were moderately Active and although a Strong Effort was Mude to Stycn Guin the Market prices closed 546 lower. Rye was weak and 11 lower. pork was we in and under Large offers to sell Lex a receded 2fvc per barrel and closed about 6c Over the lowest sales the ses a iii. Laird Wos offered reply and declined 1g0 Lori in Perky llis., closing a a hade Over the lowest once. Short rib sides were rather quiet and de Tineri a Shade Bat the loss was recovered. Flour v steady under a nio1erate demand and Only fair offerings. Choice to fancy Southern in Lii Moland Missouri w inter extras s5 �6 Good do., $4 ims St Wisconsin and Michigan do f �?T>25 Choice Western Spring extra a 76 Mineso i 50 �4 25 Patent., 16 607 50. Be flour. To do the markets closed follows the afternoon Call Bird wheat regular Otka pril 11 08hmfty, 09w june ii Joiy f�alt��.4 year Bates 710.0�0 Bushel a a Orn. Fatic april &6>ic. May 5b>ic june 57 . Sales 1,Boc, in sols. Oats 4 to april 44>4c May june ill it 3.3�?Tto year. Rye amp it it in May 60c june. Mew pork. 118 27� May �18 4 in june $1,8 57 flip 75 Vear. Lard ll.�?~25t april ll.40c May 11,45c Uno. . La pc a gust. Il.45e by plumber l i.55c year. Short rib. May. 10.ucjuiie, 10.20c , 10.12�4o August. Cattle rec elpis .6.t�i0 shipped Market opens quiet and Pinchi Ineil. Choice to fancy bet by steers $7 9 $7 i. Extra do., $6 fio ipg 90 Good slipping steers a a it 50. Cig so receipts 1 shipped. 323. Be Market was quiet and a Shade lower do str to Choice smooth Liht $7 10<s7 60 for Bacon grades $7 107 \5 for fair to Thovie mixed weights heavy and Light and $7 go for Choice to Faucy heavy. Kir Ocks Andje Oney. New York. April 4.�?stocks were More Active this Forenoon and the general Range prices was higher than lost right though Northwestern and Reifle were exceptions the former declining 1j-� for the common and 1% for tie preferred from lat night s prices. Central Pacific a i aha we ukr Douning 1 percent from the i Best prices this morning Ami 4 from the closing Price last night. The general list was stronger though the gain in prices a Only a fraction. J he Salea no to 124u clock were 170, shares amounting to nearly tire whole yesterday s business. After that hour the activity a it id strength continued the 8iecial feature that part the Day being , a per cent rates about a hurts. Nord Western we Suiava to mature. Advancing from 186>� i 138, and 152 to Lvi. The remainder the general list advanced % to a. In Tuc last hour the Market was stronger and Luicus advanced to Quot a the latter in acidic mall to 4�?~i a. All the Active stocks Mude uie highest Prinias the Day in the lost hour. A. Compar d with last evening s Price the list Wii i to l a i her. Currency u now Cora iii to the cite and As a Conse Wuence Monck r. During the Forenoon ugh rates for Call Loma Bua is were 8 to 9 per cent., and in the int hour they were 7, and it 4 per cent. There was no attempt such a trial it osterday to manipulate the Stock Market the Allen county Deraz a cry by Lima april 4 a the Allen county democratic it it to Ven Tion yesterday met and decl Arfai g. A Hull Momiu Ataii for repress Inta tive j. B. Sunderland for treasurer William h. Harter sheriff c. Mare Hail county commissioner s. Ii. Windle infirmary director and . T. H. Foltz Coroner. The convention Nurani Mouy by adopted a Resolution Indor ing the act Congress introduced by sen Pendleton for civil service ref Omi a in iii Satory measure for the correction the abuses who. H Atte ted no Point ingenia to office under the general government the Demik racy Allen have no sympathy with the As.�.<uli8 made upon senator Pendleton for his Eilfort to improve our civil service. We do not that the democracy uie state and nation be represent us a u a party without principle intent Only spoil and we have made a modest pm it test against this Mode representing us As not in accordance with truth Justice. Two murderer lynched Hao rinos. Nbb., april 4.�?ingham and Green the murderers Oil Ash Mullet were taken from jail by a mob last night and Hauge a. The mob numbered Telny five masked men. It is not known what ,�?~ii8 done Babcock the other murderer. Hic excitement runs High in the neighbourhood the hanging. The i re unite Lutis the murder were As Fol lows tuesday night Sari to 27, c. And Cut a grocer was waylaid his Way Home by three men who shot him in the Back and robbed him a i. Mull to Dick a i sturday evening. Three suspicious characters were Arre a ted and lodged in jail. The Eloth a Ina a which was found in the a treat corresponded to the cloth a stand cover la the room one the prisoners and i hts a in the exact Placo from which the piece had been Cut out. Two them made a confession and signed it. But the third one. Kub cock refused to sign and denied All knowledge. Ex-8eeretary Evarte an d Senor Romero mexican Minuter at Washington and he left mayor Edson supported by Senor Romero Rubio Mexico Aad sex Begalor conk Ling. The other guests were general can Edo comte Uslaner from Mexico to negotiate the commercial meaty with the United state . Eduardo lace ago. Senor Salvador Mato. Senor Jose m. Ravacon the Hon. J. A Foster sex minister the United states in Mexico and now in Iuster the United states at Madrid Jay Gould . P. Huntington . Clarence a. Seward . Henry b. Hyde . Henry m. Alexander general Horohoe Hon. J. A. Creswell. Gonet a Lloyd a pin Wall. General g. Let Odge. General a f. Lie ale Hon. Iaac h. Bailey . T. Mhz a. Or. Of i rus Ell Sage. Or. I. Ii. Work . Algernon 8. Snell Van. Or Julien t. Davies general Frisbie . Slitor Newcombe . , . Hugh j. Una linux . W. Hurlbet. Suit to recover stolen jewel. New York april 4.�?coudert Brothers counsel for Francois Bourgeois Tournai Belgium have instituted in the Superior court a suit fur the recovery about t�5y,<�0 won a jewel and Money which was stolen from the Bishopric Tournor by anon Leon Bernard. Tic priest Felt i to Cuba by Way new York where he was arrested Laorae time ago and taken to beef ilium. While in this City father be Nard depo ezied in the safes Lite in new York Trust com Niiya Large portion the Monck stolen. The Money was attached by the sheriff who is now named As a Defemia in the suit. Going is a min Long by new York april 4.�?.among the passengers by the Steamer grecian Monarch today was lieutenant Charles h. Mclellan the assistant inspector the United state. Life saving service sent out by the government to Reprez Cut this a Mutry at the International fishery exhibition in Lemdon. Lieutenant Mcl it Eitan takes with him a full set life saving a Pararra such is in use at All the stations coast life boats life ear. Bret care buoy mortars and rocket. He will Al carry a full set appliance. Such were used in 18,50, in Oiler that the improvement May be shown by contrast. A a a Nal Clde. New t Oak. April 4.�?nathan s. Morse Insl nes a Annaf a the Dally news shot himself through the head this morning in his office and Decd iii stantly. I is. Been impaired by . For some Tinte he Yipu been Verv sick. Recently sleeplessness added to his term tables. Nod it is supposed i reason gave Way Aad be a ii sane when he took his life. A Faith . The rope she will find herself confronted with the unpleasant a Nec Tacle several Powen in led for Mutual defense. The journal de Rome a Isrieal paper goes still further and says that from the Baltic to the Island Sicily the French Republic bos none but enemies who Are ready to attack her n she but moves a Finger. She is at the mercy her enemies if there is the slightest Casus Belli and Italy will not tall when the chief the Alliance gives the smallest sign to find such cause a few minutes notice. A dispatch from Perth says that the Raj arted Alliance formed the subject discus Sid in the lower House the diet today. An interpellation was introduced to whether such an Alliance really existed. It to stated in reply that the question would have to be referred to Herr von Tisza president the noun cell before answer could be Given. Iron manufacturers a goal cell it Flats Burgh decide to cat Down wages. Pittsburgh april 4. Iron the West have quietly prepared a great prose for their employee and the Public in general. An agent has been working in a Erfet for three weeks Post. Lut night and Early today the names Iron Eveland to 8t the these men Iron Assoria to Eider. They a a a Boulti Ais next f . Oyster Ionly the present and after Isom the Bosta Chi the my Mantac Turcus doing business incl Natl. Wheeling i Oving Louis end other Western Citi hotel registers. At about 10 entered the Roorda the Wester Tion and the do it is were closed were not opened until ii i considered a the waxes to the men who had been meet Priam need a Revlon the year Sod this was la cujo minor changes adopted which the a manufacturers will stand. The Flag area could not be ascertained but to was Learned without doubt that u a reduction in wages from 10 to 20 per cent. The reduction tsum in the whole list Mill workmen puddles Well a finishers coming in for their share. It is . The manufacturer say by thexor noltion Trade and the reduction the Tariff and will not be yesterday was a Day that has be a watched with some anxiety by the pro Elton and Manors the dramatic festival which la to be held in music Hall april 30, May 1, 2. 3, 4, and 5. It was the Day announced for the beginning the auction Sale seats and the Maralt the first few sales the financial sue Cesa fall Are the undertaking could be calculated a but amount hard work has been done by the association and they have persevered 11 along in the face Quot wrong opposition and severe criticisms that were almost Dia enraging and if at times a doubt As to the Succes the Enterprise has found its Way into their own ranks no one outside has been permit ted to know it. The Bengemen who. We thong experience in theatrical management would discuss the management a dramatic festival with Edwin Booth and convince him the entire Easl Lluy the scheme and hear him say a gentlemen you will Are not easily scours cd Lor have they been but there was yesterday Usta Shadof anxiety about the Price the Frai Box and it is not to be wondered at v tie Sale commenced at 10 Click at College messes. Esekiel Berheim being the Ane the Hall was crowded Long before the Sale be i and the interest manifested bordered be tumultuous sometimes. There were present the stage Arvatie director r. E j. Miles president sex governor e f. Noyes . O. Hall vice president John Simp Kinson and Mierta officers spectators invited and otherwise. Diverted from. After the rules already published the a a first Choice was offered. The Price for a season the Rhode Island election. Paovn incr r. I., april 4. state election today brought out an unusual number votes Early in the Day. The saudi Tea for governor were Augustus Bourn. Of Jagol. Regular Republican William spragne Independent and Hurles r. Cutler de Mot rat. The returns Frodo the state Are nearly Complete and give Boom taken. The amounts ran Idle ran in to $500 at mttrt�eli., the next Choice was won by Chas. P. Over Sprague. Tito Assembly will l tin plurality comprise at least 84 re Piialii tin the 108 Mem hers. Sprague developed less strength than was expected. The total vote is Bourn 13,101 Sprague 10,236i Cutler. 707 scattering is. Hinst uni 4. specs so the can aces Agni St new Castle pa., april 4, Spect Fil says John Eckerman a resident Beaver town slip this Brounty was arrested this morning charged with incest. It is a barged that during May 1881, be committed a rape his Nineteen year old daughter Lix Zic and she avers that since that time he has been criminally intimate with her that about a yes a ago be drove her from Home accusing her being too intimate with a Romig Man the neighbourhood. Eckerman claims that his arrest is but a scheme his enemies to obtain Money from him. Ill was arrested a similar charge ouch before but proved his innocence and was discharged. He is out bail the in Yenta Bart and health. , april 4. dispatch from Windsor Castle dated at 2 clock this afternoon. A a the Queens general health continues excellent . Jenner the phys Ilijin in Ordinary to the Queen has Dtra cited that Fife take almost comp Ete rest As the Best a romans preventing the swelling the intoned part and reducing the pain. This coarse will it is believed soo i reduce the slight inflammation and give her majesty full use her limb. While the injury to her Kuee is by no Means serious it is feared that it May affect her accustomed Good health by causing her to lose the daily outdoor exercise with which she has been in the habit refreshing herself. The a Onchea driven into Arl Stosl Santa be. N. M., april 4.�?All the apaches have been driven across the line from Louora into Arizona. In Sonora they operated in Smol d detachment a and commuted horrible atrocities. They killed am the mexicans they met the number being estimated at fifty two they also look an immense number horses and cattle. General Forsythe reports that be has lost the Trail in the Chihuahua mount iii amp nothing has been heard a a Ptan Blacks seome Maud for four Days and the report that they have been ambushed is gaining credit. A great ten rim in connection Ohio Bali Rood which Bod la burning a by Tia theater. Benr in april 4. National theater caught fire Inis afternoon Aud was completely destroyed. The contents including the Ward Root is theater properties and seen Len were also burned. No Ihirg was saved. The a no lot a Tife anti no injury. No entertain men t wet. Being Given in the theater. The damage to the buildings is comparatively Small. Cli Ildren burned to Dew Tii. Nashville tenk., april 4.�?at noon today a fire broke out in the res dance Hardy Hughes coloured 5n 8hcbs�?Tvlile, and spread so rapidly that me a Floris several persons to save Hughes two children from being Burseil to death were unavailing the Cumberland Church was greatly damaged and two cottages adjoining were destroyed. Ron Over by a train. , Tenn. April 11 clock this morning mrs. William Smith Normandy while crts stud the Railroad track at that place was duo by a Seel Bevilie train. Her leg was crashed so severely that amputation was necessary. Her face was greatly disfigured the will probably recover. Nom Labatad for Congress. Whetung w. Va., april 4. Greenback a convention in the third Condrea Bionoi District met at Charleston today and nominated 3am Uel p. Haw ver Greenbrier county Hawter represented Oreen Brier county in the Leguia Tuie in 1879. Patient die despite the doctor most strenuous a torts. , mass., april 4.�?James l. Howarth is Dafid a victim the Faith cure. He was a resident Concord Ii. And for eight years had suffered from aet malic Rii plaints. Some time ago he l�2anicd that miss Anna Morse this City a professional Quot restorer health by Faith a was visiting in Concord and be sought the assist me her my tic it. In helping Hiro to dissipate Bis disease the lady visited him Sovera times and according to miss morsels Story he was much benefited by her treatment. Thursday Birch 22, Howarth came Here to put himself under her treatment taking up his residence with . Genre ii. Harris a relative. He miss Morse at her residence daily and said that he believe he was iveing much relieved. On Friday it he made his snal Call return ing a Hont 6 clock in the evening. Shortly after i arrival 1e complained renewed Man and incr a de diff cuu in in Athing. End insisted a Pron mias Moric being sent for. I wishes were complied with and the Meta Phy Aici flu Arr let d Al out 8 Clolk the lady r it it in utter the �11 the members the faint la Arnould retire from the 1< a Chamler in Ltd she we left with her tick Atene. All that could he it covered her Fiode treatment a that she took a seat be iric the sufferer and a sized tit cantly into his face. O a Casio Nalty she would stand up Aud inset upon his ceasing to labor so much in try int obtain by Cali exclaiming Quot come . Llo Warth. We Hreve hid Ertz Uigh shortly after 1c clog a a she stated to the Tenn pcs that they need have no fear her Altit Nameiy afford Long him Relief and restoration to he Ralrh. And they might retire to rest. She continued her Okroi Istrati n the Mystic remely until about 1 Cio a a in the Morring when it was sex ident to the n.= himself that be was growing worse and More end Ecby cd. Or. Howarth now seemingly began to lose Confidence a the a a tilth i the presence a regular physician and . Tah it Ott Wii in marooned. Upon miss Morse abandoned the Case and left the premise without meeting holding any consultation with the doctor. The Physt Eian and a ministered some pills hut. Is he stated Quot with but i title Hope their effecting any favourable re the patient Grade rally continued to sink and in half an hour after the Faith cure had departed . How Arth fell Over the Ealr and died. Or. Talbott Speaks in most a Evere terms the Absurdity and danger the to called Quot Faith and thinks something should he done to Quot suppress Fuch charlatan ism. He it stay Howarth a lied frown exhaustion caused by the protracted agony in which the woman had left him for five hours Aud that his life could Bare been Savahl by proper treatment. amps Anna Morse is a lady about thirty years age. Of attractive appearance and her conversation and Choice language evince a mind much culture. She ays she used no drugs material Rem it Deli in her practice. Her system treatment was based the principle that mind controlled matter. When a p Iti ont named the disease with which he believed himself to be afflicted she devoted her thought to that particular affliction and her reflection finding a sympathetic re a phase in the mind be Patie it. The disease melted under Atli Kenota under Sunshine. Quot How do you account for your failure in How Orth Scase asked your Corres Dent. replied Morse Quot it is to account for that other than i had thought his Case for asthma when the thinking should have been for mis Morse further explained that she had a Tii Dic it i the new science Over a year at Salem a. And had been in practice since june last. She had a Large number patient to attend to averaging life ii per aay and had met with no failure except in the Case the deceased. South Carolina political prose Nattans. Columbia 8. C., april 4.�?tbe pres this state Are urging the importance the governor convening the general Assembly in extra session for the purpose making appropriations to meet the expenses the dete ise in the political prose Sullons to be beg about the met Idle this month he g error today expressed his positive Ltd pro Riuo to the movement and considers the pro Jiosi Tion unwise. The Hunt for cd see to be sen to the United state court continues Una and there seems a likelihood having a sess court in length term and number Fie feud ants equal to that lost Spring. The cose Cash indicted under the Arete Law for carrying concealed deadly weapons has been out the state court sitting at Columbia and will be carried before the United states court at Charlester. Of the ground that he was in the service up the inked states. Army . Chic vgo april 4.�?in View the tact that the Cincinnati Industrial exposition and the a text bag tit grand Coar Randoy Ilttre the stale Ohio will be held at Cincinnati at the Date fixed for the meeting the society the army the Cumberland september 19 and 20, and the local executive committee i hereby give notice that the Date the meeting will be chanced to october 21 and i it. P. H. Site Tysuan president the society the army the Cumberland. Anu Deadhead Bill. Narr Isble re april 4.-the Everhardt free Pasa Bill the Senate today. It prohibit the issuing free passes by Railroad Erm panics to any one except officers and Etc ploys and a violation subjects offend Era to Fine imprisonment. Nineteen democrats and to Bertoen republicans voted for the Bill and one Democrat and to Birten republicans against it. The House Hud >a.<4ed an Al most similar Bill through the second and it will a Rombly substitute for it the Cne passed by the Senate. A Speculator arrested. Pari. April 4.�?simon Philippart the famous Speculator was arrested Here yesterday upon representations made by the belgian Public prosecutor. The charge against him is that he falsified accounts at his Bank. The prosecutor instructed by the government demands that Philippart lie in left Lover to the belgian a Thor iii. To be dealt with according to the Laws that state. Attempted prison escape iii Arror prison iii. April 4.�?at 4 clock yesterday afternoon four convict attempted to escape. We Mcay Mick serving h five years sell Fence for violation the Laws was shot Ali rough the upper part the right pkg James Romp re in for same offence was shot in shoulder and another was shot and a a ghz a wounded. A were Spe tidily captured and placed in solitary confine meet. The tumult lasted ten minutes. �?�150,000 Fira at Greeley col. Denver col., april 4.�?Early this morning a Dis Astron fire occurred at Greeley fifty Miles North Denver. N. W. Hall a co. Hardware and furniture dealers and i. B. , dry goods dealer suffered serious total losses. The Union Bank building and masonic and Odd Fellows Halls were destroyed. Loss 150, Goa expansion in a hotel. Chicago april la a san Francisco dispatch says that a terrible Gas explosion occurred yes Trelay afternoon la the basement the Palace hotel. In the fire which followed commissioner Edwards and assistant Engin Rohs were fatally and twelve Persona seriously burned. Chicago painters ask More . Chicago april 4. Journeyman Painter throughout the Winter Nave been ice iving Twenty live cents per hour but now that the Busy season Lias cd ramen ced they see no reason who Vyvy Fah Ouid not have $3 per Day and have made a demand for that amount. The dramatic festival a great auction 1alr �e8t Jordat. Of seats a lit Rand red and b1atty�tn rent at Pete Ali Afsa Pitie ,4m . Ticket �14, and the amount bid for a seat is und mood to mean a Premium. This explanation is scarcely necessary in can Cinotti where the auction Sale seats has become so common. The boxes were first offered and the auctioneer modestly inquired Ifong body wanted the first Choice at $1,000. Nobody did. And he dropped to $750 with no takers but at the so file time a bid $300 was heard and cont in no Hetema Innangi Aad the k seven teen separate Laplaga. Waltee a Snow placed his six Gaines Aad Yosfi a event death Estes i Between Alonzo Morris and Mauriee a Laick witness by a targe audience and an interesting Gara throne Wal men. Were in Good Tona im4 execution showed to Good advantage. The Chicago Man so fumed thetard. For half an hour but the Frenchman soon found i inspiration and after a magnificent it aptly wonder tel position a a the nineteenth inning Whitfi was greeted with i record in now the beat a was both their Ptah rant Gam out a with a a Rte a apart round App Takao. Morris Moore was if. Governor Butl Jeb probe. Prot the Aveett Gatlow i umm Towk Shary Litas Lioan. Boe voir april 4.�?-tli� Tewksbury Alm Sheree wee ree Raed today. The Etler Mon asked to have the Issue a to we other bodies had been delivered to med Liml in books eliminated that will not be djs piled. Governor Butler replied that he expected in prove that Bodiee Hod been a diverted a ome to be skinned and the a Kun a waned he proposed a it How that after tax had be i buried they bad been Token no end Eai away and Asid be would go into the grate Yard Atteck Bury and produce Sonte the Allied thi invest Gatlon was to go to prove the Teeter any which Hod been riven to he Obs mutely if to. A he books which Bod Taft at an expense $200. Jolo Nel Mil came in third but it Cost him $225. J. D. Samuelson bought fourth Choice for $110. The gift hand sixth Choice were sold to governor e. F. No Yew and . Adolph Haas at $50 and $37 re spliff Lely. During this part the Sale great Preval ted and the Anno u Nee Meni that the first Box had been Knor it ked Down at a waa greeted with applause that indicated the interest that waa being Felt for the Success the Enterprise. Or. Mitchell selected the South lower Box . Taft the North lower. Or Miles the South Center and . Samuelson the North Center. Tbs first Choice seats was sold to . Mabley for $110. He took but one seat. The Init two seats were sold to the . T. And to j. Carew the firm mabley a co. For $100 sch. Or. O. O. Hall the Secretary the Oslo lotion secured fourth Choice for Iio. A Folie prices after that ranged downward Regn Early but slowly until $21 50 was Reoch no and it stood at that figure the remainder the Forenoon Sahi until the last seat before adjournment Holch by to a w. Whelpley for $30. In the Jam equated that the morning. The first Sale a to i Bruner for 28. The sales were rapid and prices were maintained until near the close when a few gentlemen were fortunate enough to get Choice seats at $15 �?~25. The total sales weres67 sets aggregating $30,4 m 05 Premium $18,-2t 6 05. A doubt As to the financial Success the festival has vanished and the management last night were in uie Best humor. The Sale will a continued today. The Loyal legion. Sent to him As records the Anat Hoase Wen no Complete they were a a plea the original books. He wanted the tatter embracing Tom a ring the death and Rale dead be tee. The chairman said it was a tamed that a dead to Kate were sold hence there were a record to be produced. But the governor imm he would prove the contrary Thomas Hall who worked at the Tewksbury from 1874 to 1k77. Testified that hit had All the dead to Bury while be was the he took them from the Deo House under Orlarey Thomas j. Marsh . And Captain Mannii used to Eom and get the dead bodies carrying hem away la two line airtight trunks. Durst off the Winter he was there the averaged my five to seventy five Urey were to sent in hoc weather no pickling was Dea while be was there. The bodies received Irosa the state prison for burial at the Alro Sosum were with exception sent away for to Section. When Watne a left he to Psid $101 tor his Winters work Aud for handling bodies. Ii thought Tom Marsh Vised to collect Money Ima Harvard Colliere. Witness a now lodged that he knew he hed been doing Emmet Hanx Kroml the bearing a adjourned to monday. New s. Repinac native Tom Ochell tree Haa at Iaac Kwa Bis salary. The prs sent Cate drive from Texas is at about set Jaq. At Columbia 8. C., James Coloma was Yee Lari Day set ended to death for Mordvar. The King a the hawaiian islands vhf to adept Aati Obal a Roku at to he minted to the a uhf in an ele Ortlon Row at Kontu Uree ills Painter fatally stabbed George Yoang. To Ooi ored. Frederick Hopt a Utah convicted mnr., it Home Bat dug to preference to Abo Oung. A i death Penally. Robbin p. Dunn who tried to inf Atlate family at Bloomington. 111., to now hamming Anity in prison. Jadee Thurman Felt the Steps his rest Gaea tuesday evening Ihre Akong fats Arm bets the Elbow and she a two Idaho Heet log at the Burnet Bouse last Naglit . B. Hayes presiding. A very interesting it testing Theophi Kojm Mandery the Loyal legion the United states a military order which general w. 3, Hancock is the commander in Chiet was held last night at the Headquarters the command Ery the Burnet House. Among those present general and sex president Rutherford b. General m. P. Force general a p. Noyes. A. Ulmcke Looper colonel p. P. Lone h. Cist Captain a. Kemm. Blok Captain w. Lien tenant e. J. Lukena Captain a Sii Foraker. And Capurn a. A a Mattot. General in syn waded and Captain Mattox recorder it at his Post. Cocci durable business was tron Sai ted and a code Rulis and regu Lalous submitted by a com Mittee composed Captain w. R Crane general Hick ii Looper and general Force was adopted. New Biem Cra were elected As follows brigadier general Orland Smith United state Volu Teera major Frank j. Jonca United states volunteers colonel h. Corbin United states army Newport car Raoke colonel f. L. Quei Ither United states array Newport Barracks first Lieuten out a a l. Dudley us itch states army Newport Harrocks first leu tenant Lowe emr Aeron United states volunteers colonel c. B. Hunt United states volunteers and Captain Henry debts. United state volunteers. The a military paper by general m. F. Force entitled Quot the March across Carolina a was postponed uni the May meeting. At 10 clock a Deligar slut lunch Watts elegantly served by the Burnet House and greatly enjoyed. The menu was quite elaborate and cons sted salads sandwiches Green peas Aud Chicken croquettes Eold meats Sherry Clat White wine Beer Apollinari water a Toffee cheese and cigars. An hour was very pleasantly spent around the table. The Loyal legion is com posed a Fine class men. And admission to its ranks is not an East thing. If the applicant has not the Best kind a recoil not Only a a Soldier but a a citizen since and before the War. It would be better for him not to apply for a membership. The Ohio comin Andery though Young is growing and promises to be the largest in the country. Oulder. _ Ren found and drank a Eoa concentrated one died in a few Quot a Quot in two Aud the other is up Ely the follow. The body John i Eree. Drowned at Toto Vuta po., during the floods a Reo Vered by mean it a dream by Rev . Hoo Virr the Vity. A twelve year old boy i Paducah,., Alired from a a pfc Load to raw and was in Poleo the Uneas Wultich passed Bro Tirb Hia body Ellua him ids Tanjay id in John Cox killed his brot4n-taw? William to Ion by emptying fifty two Buckshot from a doubled barrelled Sheip Guy into Bis body. J a Duel is not improbable Betta eks John Cord Well and j. O. Be nowels Mem Ibe Tebuu , beco crae the tatter s Droboc Tattala the former daring a Sesmon. Consul Wilson Nantes writes that the Rew Toa tor the pro Lauon it if the importation so american pork into Fra Gre is a dealer to Reta uota Omat Nat the american sri fir so tor As it Aff Eesi fresh cd goods. Tvo aute la 6h� Freeh Ca blast. London april 4l�?at the French Jim aet Council yesterday m. Woldee Rousseau Talar ter the Interior Mode a Strong argue meat a favor the expediency retaining general a a Ollivet As the director cavalry Jonesb vers. General thl Baudin. Lain Ater Wax retorted that it i a Sillary matters at least m. Woldee Rousseau was Olgina Lilied Togiva ns�sntlbua2#jta Pypiak personal president Trevy interposed and in whole matter asks allowed to drop for the Uma being although nothing definite Bod been dote pm inti upon. A a interview with general de 311 Liet to up foliated in the Paris 8oieil today. He a a lured that All the Heads departments and the sub Irett Oire the War office Sre Sykeo pm amp Etta d the common Sta and that the decree in regard to Tara autumn cavalry Man Euvera tras prepared with the ass Katanec. Of Radom a Jour Naumets. Gear no Thibau Dir. Be sold Hod recently Given him hta word Honor that he should not by deprive any dog Unity. Lou13v1lle. Little smallpox at St. Louis. St Loc ift. April 4.�?there is no truth in the stories the great prevalence smallpox in this City. There Are a Tew costs the disease in one the Southern wards. In the Vicinity St. Peter Aud Paul a Catholic in it first appear taxi two weeks ago. _ \ killed at a crossing Ctet Velard o., april 4. Man named pc Brien employed by the Lake Shore Road killed tonight while coupling cars the Velj crossing. He a thirty three years old i eaves a wife and two children. Arrested for Embezi lament. Chicano april 4.�?j. Jones was arrested that evening upon Telegraph instructions from Boston upon a change Hrabcz element. It to supp Choki to be an important Case but no per to cigars have been received. A wealthy Hlanuda Turer Dies i Kwa april 4. A a Baron Wertheim the wealthiest manufacturer Austria and a celebrated lab tent Iron sales is dead. Discussion the triple Al Llanee. Londo april 4. Story the triple do Feu Sive Al Lauoe Germany Austria and Italy against France Welch ii now generally looked a a feeler he been Mode the occasion by the italian press for Many anti French Aith Leo. The liberte Rome for instance has an editorial saying that if the French Republic Odumes arrogant airs in her Dell tags with the other countries eur franc and Tia april 4.�?aldvice have been received staling that China Bas agreed to recognize the French protectorate Over Toa Nln upon the condition that France continues to tribute to thin. _ a the socialist Congress. \ London. April 4.�?during the social Tat Congress which Cio eed at Copenhagen do Ste Day. Telegraphic communications were changed a leading members the Irish party York. A _ the Northis is lob Sallire races. London april 4.-the race for the great Northampton stakes today was won by j. Ifan Bury a Glenluce p. H. Coopers Sun yuck second Lefevree Ste Sivat Artem an Uriah Parol april 4.�?Gen. Millen has arrived Parla. It la said that he is to direct from that Kint the Irish revolutionary movement in e name a committee Irish Amerl Caius. Wisconsin legislature. Madison wi�., april 4. legislature adjourned sin die at noon. The governor finally signed the Bill tor sleep bag car and Telephone la state medical convention David Ferguson starts for the Penitentiary. Louis Vinje Tkv april 4. Twenty eighth annual convention the Kentucky state medi civil society to now being held in this City. The society convened at noon today some forty fifty mentors Are present from All parts the state. It 18 expected that by tomorrow the attendance will be increased to about rite the cases c. G. Chambers p. J. Morvin and Dave Biglow the conductor Engineer and fireman thej., m. A l train which the 23d Day lost month ran Over and killed a Man named Charles Vaughan were tried this morning in the City court and dismissed. The will Chsrles c. Rufer leaves All his estate to his wife and children share and share alike but should his wife marry agon she is Only to get to much to below May allow her for a Dower. To Bis aged Mother be leaves the sum $4.000 for her support during the remainder her life. He appoints hta wife executrix without Bond. Deve Ferguson was taken to Frankfort this morning Aud delivered to the Penitentiary authorities. A Large crowd in Herod at the jail to see him brought out. A few minutes time was bad at the depot which Ferguson spent in quiet Oiiver Salon with Bis friends. The Board directors the Board Trade met today and decl Ltd a finally to have a Call Board Peter Bitzer today compromised the snits Emma Amelia 3pelger and her Grandfather. Jacob Orr against him involving some $3u,000. The girl brought suit for Bostardi and for seduction and breach Promise and her Grandfather sued for damages for loss her services in Cutie sequence her illness. The Bastardy Sui tame to Triin about a month ago resulting in a Hung . Bitzer. Though refusing to plead guilty to the charge cons muted to a verdict $50 a year for ten years. This was a Peasand the entire sum Waz paid in court. Jacob the Grandfather the plaintiff in the Case qui Ifield As guardian for the child and the Money waa paid Over to him. The child is a girl and Roa been christened Anna Maria Bitzer. Ireland and Friar Afla Ira. Duran april 4. trial the prisoners charged with the Phoenix Park murders and other crimes which was expected Tobe Gln tuesday next will be postponed for a Lew Days owing to the fact that sufficient funds have not been raised to conduct the defense tbsp Riff ouers. It is the intention the used men nen asked arraignment if they Are ready for trial to Ruest that they be furl ahead with Cutis Al. The trials to is said will be delayed until their counsel have been iut tru ted. Michaei Davit a written a vigorous letter to the a Oung Ireland society Glasgow to which he save the dynamite policy can Only have the erect exasperating the gush democracy. He declares that it would be far better to work and wait for another Twenty years than play into the thana Ireland a enemies by giving rein to d��p4�mmd revenge. Limerick april 4. Public meeting which waa held Here yesterday for the purpose giving to Tarn cell a substantial testimonial the estimation in which he is held proved to he a Tia amp co. Only forty person subscribed to the projected fund for raising the encumbrance his farm Aud the scheme was temporarily tie billiard torn amenity Chi Capo. April 4. sixteenth contest the International balk line billiard tournament at Central Stuie Hall a i witnessed by a Small audience this afternoon Between we. Sexton new York and Thos Walsoe Chicago and waa won by the former in two hours and fifty minutes the score closing Wallace 407. The game was killed at a horse race. Vincennes ind., april 4.�?two men Nome James Davis and James Smith while intoxicated became involved in a Quai Rel at a Boras race near Russellville. Iii., today which ended in the killing toe latter by the former. Smith who died instantly from toe wound a received in the bowels waa Twenty five year old. And Davis Only eighteen. Joel Ollson a bystander was also shot by Davis toe first shot fired at Smith pausing through toe lot toys Kwh and striking Ellison info Fetig a severe wound. Davis was arrested the spot and landed 1 jail at Lawre Nevill amp triad to kill his wife. Clov Litand o., april 4.-a special Frooma Youngstown says too. Kobe a Laltoo keeper near the A. P. A Depot last a Light tried to kill his wife who a lately divorce de from to Hunt he knocked h Down with a Beer Glam then lumped her face Aud breast till be thought like was extinct after which Hetero her Gold watch and Chain from her neck broke Tox n her trunk took $50 in Rooney. And a about to Decamp the whom he was arrested and locked up. The Woinza go left Arm woe broken and her face pounded the a Jelly Izev Erthelee it is thought amp he will recover. A Tirao teamed boast tar Klak trouble. april 4.�?private and Viola received from Ezze Roum Are fully Eloufir Matour the statements lately telegraphed in regard the the threatening attitude taken up by Rusela the armenian Frontier. A leading banker Ben has received letter from his correspondent that Placo stating that business is virtually Ota standstill in Oun sequence the fears brought about by toe great military movement thei russians in the Caucasia and opinions agree in foreseeing at to Early period a Ramaso to Orkish. Conflict. Killed by his own gun. Madison ind., april 4.�?monday Loti joke Banks aged fifteen Maceoin paled by a younger brother went out Bock hmm one Ccu Leld a farm in Hunter Bottom by to shoot Blackbird a. A attempting to shoot one Cap snapped a Beth frightened the Birds away and he then Blechor god the other barrel Bis Shotgun into the Trank the tree and walked no and examined the re Sutt the shot and then Odegaa to Load the empty efured Bis inn when the old charge in the Otoso barrel went off and pm used up through the his head kiting him id stauty. The gun had it deny held fire a length pipe almost and Dent condition this fruit. Datton o., april 4. Montgomery society held its april met Day. The repeat Fruita showed Oreh Aii com Lang with better Roepe Enrite than Inlo a to site Small int la Are exacted to i ill Rethna grape Art i Nln Krand in Roar Pond Ottoo. The varieties depended upon for j h purposes will yield abundant crop. The biggest Day slabs Lea. Washino Tom april 4. in umber and Vila Stamm called the Toffice Depitro Treut lows number stamp 28,009,000 Euve Lopea. 1.000,009 postal cans. 2.100, mgt aggregate value $700,000. These orders exceed in the aggregate any Ever before received in one Day. Ironton Agni 4.�?i Emu mock Ana Toioi Lee stamped envelopes and postal cards for by pct mistera requisitions Leq lived wat office Dexiu tent today were As Fol for Ite Tedio Aeneas toe Winner boiling to \ guilt. A i new Mexico muh Natre. Alb it mud M., april 4.�?josle�dra Pear a political autocrat new Mexico was buried at Bernalillo. He was the head the a wealthiest and Roost Mexlon family in the territory representing Alto his a is Over amp wo.. The family Lor fifteen York has controlled the Terri tonal elections and toe Leta lature. The funeral was a grand affix air. A Deane to con let. We str Plain a y., april 4. murder Coraetta was brought into court this Momiu and re sentenced to be hanged May 11. On the Way Bock to his cell he took off Bis hat bade toe sheriff Goodby and made a Spring to escape but was caught by toe sheriff and his assistants and carried the his cell fighting like a Tiger and biting his ousted Laos. A Texas Lynch lag. Howton april 4, special from Moneow states that this mom liw too Sun Rcpt upon the body r Sapro banging suspend a from a to Al who Hod sneered the penalty and vengeance Ith 8exton 600, a justly incensed Community for attempt to a remarkable outrage White woman. He had Oon jeered Chi
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