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The Cincinnati News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1883, Page 1

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The Cincinnati News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1883, Cincinnati, OhioNumber 124.Cincinnati. Wednesday april 4, 1883. Price two cents. Democratic Victory. A he monday s by action in this City / the m clean sweep orgy three dem a Erata Defeated election War ulcers. The a Carns from mondays election Are All in and from the appended table major Itice it appear a it at the democrats achieved a decided trl Timph. The entire tic let with the sex Muon Mulvihill Bay Aud Huwey Are Wahaly elected and the dal count May change the result wharf Mastic the majorities vary a Imai durably and show that the Independent a Nat Herras in Geruus and Active. Judge Ilar to it i Reni died the highest vote and Joseph Pees the Leconti highest leaving the third place to his Honor mayor Stephens. The appended Josities Tell the tale. Jap . Stephena 25,192 Sadler. 22,33.1 Stephens Tua Jority 2.s51. So prior Youtt. Bait non in a 26.008 Warner.21,209 Harmon s Mahiriti 4,7�9. Cd. Zuj Ltd Worthington 23,000 Peck s majority. 719. A Compi roller. Mull he. 22.084 Eshelby. 23,502 Lahl by a majority Bla 7v�a#mfi t. Bera Acourt. 28,950 boettver22,138 a Herancourt s majority 1,812, solicitor. A Cwm 2s.892 heneale22,220 Dawson s majority 1,672. Boardo Public Wilbrt. a 23v7 Korb. 23,042 Spring Eicre a majority 545. Poi tee court Jimige. Yon Martels 23,615 Anthony.21,3 w von Martels majority 2,271. Paddack ind. 1.123 broken ditto Atto Nuy. My. 23.022 Caldwell. 23.g6s Caldwell s majority 646. Sicko boart in my Tarwi. Mccarthy. Moses. Lee. Job Kina. Trachtman. .23,424 Troy 21,11225,x6 Kielt her 22.25m22,980 Monran 22,67124.868 Knoot. 22,017 Short term. 23,700 Ehrman. 22,427 Twachtman s majority. 1,333. Director atty Init Mary. Bro Mann. 23,801 Obmann. 22,564 Brock Maun a majority 737. . In Grey. 23,10t a Moore. 23,212 Moore a majority 107. Ward sections. First Ward returns not Complete. Council w. A. Watkins a is elected. Assessor Robert Askew r., and Constable Jas. Baldwin d., Are elected. Second Ward Council James Rowe d., &s5 ruins b. A mlle r., 1.4s5 Frith s majority 7,. School visitor ii. A. Bowman d., 7� h skirt Williams d., 1,403 Williams majority 373. As t Frank Foote. A. Al e. Curry k., 1,462 Curry a majority 811. Con ble John Otie Ain d., 1,035 Jota Irvine r., s majority 20i third Ward Connell we. B. It Icsman 1,318 a Dwarf Braw. R., 876 hues amp ii a May Fly Ltd. Assessor Geo. Heyob. P., 1, 179 we. Kolt Naif a 8 3 Heyob a majority .546. It it stable j. Taugie d., i,�3 Edward maus. K., 1,090 Tufly majority 47. Fourth Ward returns Are not Complete but the democrats elect their entire ticket As follows Council Chas. Jeffries school visitor Daniel finn assessor David Butler and Constable Gilligan. Fifth Wartle Council Robert Callahand. 053 Charles a. Kussick a. >18 Callahan a majority 406. Patrick j. Mullen a. 1.006 James Elliott. 476 Mullen s majority. 629. Constable Matthew Byron d., 647 Thomas Donnelly r., fell Donnelly a majority 161. Bixl Ward Council Dan. J. Dalton a 1,107 John j. In i. D.,300 Joseph Reis. R., 833 a too a majority 284. School Visier Henry Becksmith. D., 979 Mckeown i. D., 417 John n. Clark a 575 Beck Smitn a plurality 13. Assessor j. . D., i.st4 u. L. Bensan r., 887 eur Gish s majority 747 Constable f. Johnson d., 1,348 William car rett r., &�7 Johnaon a majority. 811. Seventh Ward Council John Reeder. D., 872 g. Sch lung r., 923 Schilling s majority. 351. Assessor Ilo Frogge a. 685 George Schott a. 1,067 Schotts majority 382. Constable c. Men a. 65i a. Freitag. R., 1.068 Freitag a majority. 409. By Hub wanly Council w. J. Alexander d., �38. Edward j. Cronin r., 701 Cronin a majority 7b. School visitor t. Knight a cases Sor. Marlin Muller Constable Anthony Kinney a no opposition to the last three. Ninth w�-<0uncu j. B. Menic jr., a Ala. . Let intr ?z98e Legner i majority j64 Asse fior Beniamin f. Fox d., 8kl a. I Andreasr 996 Andress majority 193. Constable Albert f. Levi d., 773 w. A Sanderson a. 1,0 3 a Anderaon a majority 270. Try to ward�?4 Uncle j. Schrenker d., 724 e. W. Kutner r., 1127 Kistner a majority 403 school visitor Charlesl Uon it d., 732 g. W. Wahle r., 1,147 Wahley a majority 415. Aah Cir a Clemens Weigel d., Gustav Kohl Brand r., 1,103 Kohl Rand s majority. .306. Constable Geirge Cornelius. D., 703 v. A a Ibert a. M54 Seibert 8 majority 4.51. Eleventh Ward in Council a f. I Man d., �58 Leonard Schilly r., 1,284 Schilly s majority. 626. A amp Missor John Sauer. D., 737 Michael Miller r., 1,259 Millers majority .522, con stable Jos. Gebhardt d., 604 Chr Lailaa Ziegler 1,306 Zigi cry a majority 012, twelfth Ward Council Dave Lilligh Olirier d., 611 David Schorr r., 1.277 Schorry a majority 6c6, school visitor Emil Heun p., 8n5 Ien. Emig a 1,115 Emig s majority. 200. As Resaor Charles Fuchs d., to to Weber r., 1,275 Weber s inst oily 832. Cone Tabie Henry Knoder d812 a j. Werner l341 Werner a majority 529. Thirteenth Ward Council Emil Ulm d., 1,006 William Miller. �.,87 1 in s met Monty 2� Asama i a f. H. Win Unmuth d., 1,022 l. Lower 856 a majority 166. Constable George Tom Ore d., 970 j. Wald Man 905 Tomore a majority �,5. Fourteen la Ward Council a t. Marshall d., cd Charles blog cart. 831 Marshall s majority 60. School visitor Mccracken jr.,1 a i it Phil. Kiehborth. R.,9 in Kich Liori s aaa Jority 88. Aasc Susor Adam Mueller. 1 992 j. Ireland a 8io Mueller a majority ls2. Constable Lien ii Arris jr., d., 814 George w icon 962 Long a majority 148. Seventeenth wanly Council g. Lowenstein _ No opposition. Asset for Frank Myers i it. Of a a . Mills a 1,007 Mills majority 114 Constable a c. Early i 33i a. F. Leonard a 965 Leonard a majority 31, eighteenth Wirdy Council Hudson a too j. Love. R., 1,043 loves majority 274 6cbl visitor a Wells d., \124 Walter h thru. ?z8f Wells no Mortty 270. A scissor to nine Sullivan d., 959 John Walters r., amp no Waltens a majority 21. Constable we. , a. 99t . R.,954 see�l8�?T majority. So. Nineteenth Ward Council Jas. A. Or Milerick d., 962 we. Stacey d., a a a Broil Rick s a for Fly 258. Assessor Anthony a Gerry d., Bio u. W. Mount d., 398 Hagerty a majority 441. Constable James Hogan p., no opposition. Twentieth Ward Council Chas. Steinau d., j. H. Mccormick. I a. 223 giver l. Hagen a 755 Hagen a plurality 61. School visitor Jacob a. Hamas. D., 8j7 Chas. Ree. R., 8 15 Hsuyu ajar qty 2, ase Casor Harry Martin d., is9<4aia�. Weber a 813 Martins majority. 46, Constable Walter Law by d., 882 John h. Mlih. 807 Lacey s majority 75. Twenty first Ward Touncle Frank Friend d., 1,�?~241 L. Currin k., 899 friends majority 242. A lessor James . I 1.4 5 Patrick Mulla la k., 715 fit Gerald a Jority. 740. Constable h. Gerkin i. 254 w. J. Malloy,808 path Cal r., 667 Malloye a plurality 141. Twenty second Ward Council Rohner ,090 c. M. Fender a 950 Kohnert a a Monty 140. School visitor m. Boughen. >., Leo. Joe Africa. A 946 Iki Guben s majority 110. Assessor Ciemins Loq d., 1,432 a. Wegelin a 908 Homer s majority 229. Coup table Geo. Fries o., 879 t. Mcgrannahan k., 579. Not Complete. Twenty third Ward Council Jacob Cage Heuver d., 1,280 Henry Eggers a 962 Ungco Bereria majority 2 j8. Assessor Frank Werner. A. �59 Thomas Weir a weirs majority. 833. Constable Charles Frey. D., 9r3 c. Green 1,302 greens majority 369. Twenty fourth Ward Council a. B. Engel Brink i it. 727 Leo Bbott r., 1.251 Shott s Mafs Ralty 424. School visitor Jos. Kluber jr., a. I j. E. Cormany a 1,225 Cormany s majority 464. Assessor b. Schneider 1 946 Mcmil Ballhaus a 1,160 eau Faausu majority 114. Constable W. Cole d., 984 b. . Ali Liniger a. 1,122 it Uinger a majority 139. Twenty fifth Ward returns not Complete but the election j. Onickman d., to Council e a roller d., for Constable and Val. Nichols t for assessor is assured. A Tare Here during his residence and was also generally know u As old indeed monday Ite vat ted each the five wants and left a huge bag i Peaduta at each pot Ling Jaco for free .strlbution. Although Oug aged in this Bumble calling he has Aci outre i a competency and is known As a genial shrew in intelligent citizen in every Way reliable in Buai nees matters. Not a Man woman child in the City but knew him and Many the voters monday had left their pennies Twenty thirty years at his a Tore for be has always been a favorite with the children. It was Kimar ked that while Many looked upon his nomination As a joke the leaders the democratic party Here him As the strongest Man in the Republican ranks and tie hardest Man to defeat. These facts Coti pled with the i for ii innate charge that were brought against . Puthoff by men within the demo Riillo ranks scr Efi to defeat the Bond the ticket and place he administration Ilie City govern deut in the Hau Sof the Reyuh Lycans. A Lxvi Inta , .4pril 3.�?Complete returns the Cleveland City election give the majority for John h. Faricy the democratic candidate for mayor 3,871. Majority for Thomas airworthy a for City treasurer 3, i75. John c. Hutchins >., for police Jingle 1, 64. The minor ticks a est go boded by the democrats by majorities Warigi g from my a to l. The next cite Council will stamp ��2lbmocr.ibi, 10 Reyuh Hans 8, Ihus it will to seen the entire municipal gov Ernie evil is in the hands Ytse democratic l arty. The democrats Here Are More than and Lant As the Victory was greater the t a Zigu iii expected. . Toi xxv april 3.�?democrats elect their City solicitor police judge police prosecutor Street commission . And All other officers except mayor and police Dork by handsome majorities. Ranging for it a 3x1 to a jul. The demo rats a will have a majority in the next City Council and Bohol Odin Pitlon. General Young in feat etl tor mayor after the most desperate fight Ever fun Wii in Toledo. Hocij was accied Nia by 83 majority. His election was caused by a coalition Republic Titis in Ltd Grid backers. Ronitis Iwig a himself Aud not a Republican. Iris. a 0 april 3.�?the election yesterday in Columbus was Nota Complete Success either Side but resulto a More to tiie advantage tote democrats than the rept Blicaus. The republicans elected their Cand late for mayor but the general City democratic ticket was elected. 1 he Council will stand seventeen republicans and eleven democrats a Republican gain one. Or. Heffner a Tii Writy Over Lisle ten is so Smalt that the official count May elect his Republican Nippon Cut though that is not very probable at this writing. The Boord Educ Etiopi remains Republican but the democrats make a gain one in the think and seventh wards pts timely. the Board stand republicans 9, demo a fats 5. Lountos. Iron ton. 0-, april 3.�?j. M. Corns was elected mayor yesterday Over a so lure Sutton by a majority 1,211 Nathan mum Shower was elected marshal Over colonel Jacob Weddon by a majority 271 Tom Johnson let Eais a. S. Mcclune for City solicitor by 5 votes and culkins for City a o . Loomed up 2 6 Over his hug lick to opponent. The Only changes in Council Are Joiseph Fisher beaten in the fourth Walii by h. B Wilson and Jiff Fiona in the first by i. Russell Lohn Charlton and Ii. A to Tchad were elected Ltd by Large Maior tics. To the boar it i Esau cation. No political lines were drawn but u was a free tight for All. Fostoria. The Borough election has passed off quietly the entire Public an ticket Beisig Elo Kui Orine Democrat was elected a member be school Board. The Ecton in in township Fostoria in precinct was cd it so and exciting like democrats scoring a Victory. The Demount elected two trustees John Andes and George .5cker. Uie rep Uip elected their try auror. J. I. Mickey clerk w. T. Bulger and one Constable w. H. Ii. Latch. The democrats secured the other John Keefe. Busorsky. At Sandusky the democrats made a clean sweep the Ertler ticket with the Shigle exception waiter a Lin Wii fur City sonic tor. , Dewitt is elected mayor by t 4 0 a to a Andrew Bowen nor Hiil by 17d, and the my incr the ticket by from ii u to 250 majority. The democrats also i cited Council men in ail the wards except one. Fis Dixy. The election passed quietly and to Fickeis were scratched Gene nifty. Btu and for Justice was Defeated by sex judge Barad Democrat. The Demot rata elect three in Uncil men a can one in the first Ward. The township ticket is generally Republican but scotches a. Elyria. The Republican ticket was elected in All depart cents by the following is Jor tics town fillip ticket. 2.t Justice 315 corporation 24k school Board 244. Una Vrinia. On the township ticket the republicans elected two trustees the democrats one. The treasurer is a Democrat by 11 majority the clerk c it publican. By 99 majority. For , the democrats elect two and tie Rcpt Buchaus one. Tiffi a. The whole democratic ticket is ele cd by about 400 Nia Jorier extent the Demoi Ratic candidate Mutchie for Inar Sbol who we state i by Kissinger Republican by 5 0 majority. Muthler Hui been a bolter heretofore. The republicans elect in Reo out the tive Vuu oilmen also the minor Otti cars. . The following officials wore ele Deil Council Meu A Williamson. . Fun Ovett g. 1. It. Stanlcy and a Silver The figures were be we. A Hool tags Ard j. In. S. His a and Gilas Williams The full Republican township ticket elected. The is tickets were in the Fields Republican Greenback and citizens. . Crowley Democrat for marshal was elected. The republicans ele it t As Louii Ullmen John a. Mcgowan James Squires John s. Orr. And Aaron Warlier. The Detufo Tirats elect Dickov in the fifth Ward and Kennedy in the third Ward. The next Council will to six republicans and eight demo Crata. Hak mar. The following ticket was elected Council George sire scr H. I ugh and w. Konev Board education a . Geo. A alien a a get so . B. Liar. Everything passed off news the nation. Judge Wilshire denounce a leu Dell As a scoundrel. Doraey a Story Gnu fled a Promise Bounce Jamea and Mcvea ghz Kellogg threat web. To Washington april 3.�?judge Wilshire late counsel for Dell in an inter View today denounced Dell in unman surd terms. Among other things unpleasant his late client he a Aid a a heis Neof the Rao to treacherous men 1 Ever met he fooled me. 1 had heard that he was fooling to. Dorsey was not fooled in him for he told me that Rordell was fooling me. But i could not believe it. I Taki him iii ally what 1 had heard Aud i thought i had a right As his attorney to know if it was so. He swore by All that Sava Pood and bad that it was not True tint he had never met one the government counsel any Lindy com necked with the govern Cunt in Consu Calion. At one time it a. Ill in the 8iar that he was going to turn the . I called his att Niton to the publication and he denied it most . 1 icon uggc.stcd to him the propriety a denial in Rolagh tic same Channel. Ill agreed to it and i Quot in order to have it right wrote the card denying the Story. No one was More surprised than t was when Dell did As he did. He is Llie most infamous scoundrel i Ever had anything to a _ some unwritten history. Quietly. Outside Ohio. Doracy in Cinica Inifi Eide a pro Mia to bouncy James and Black Ingli. Washington april 3.�?Star route surprises will never end. The prosecution concluded the examination Dorsey today whereas everybody was giving them All the week. The general opinion is that Merrick got tired being used As a floor Hooper by Doracy Aud brought matters to an end abruptly to put a Stop to his own misery. Bliss halt a got enough this sort thing , and Ker is physically and mentally a a capacity Elt a from conducting Ati examination by being deaf As a Post and a near relative cf.. Theribult the examination the two chief defendants Dorsey and Hnidy been to Revo i unionize Public feeling Here in circles where it has All along been unfavourable to the defense Llie Sci Kurti opine i now is unmistakably and that the government has no Case which to Ros it Ute these men. And this feeling is deepened and strengthened by the finding the last Batch indictment. Whether the prose uting Llacera so in us Deli it not the Public believe that they were found to inline acc the a it a sent trial for one thing and to i it Royong the ent Mons is Bliss. Moriek and Ker for another thing. At one two Placca Ahe testimony grew interesting , to Urigh for the most part it was a Roii Tine character Minuto details the Force which is oui per cop Lible to the attorneys and often enough i Lud to them save with t urge Micro Seopa. Fur distance. Inc Hini once was All attention Tieu Dorsey to a How must i it Ringman it sap i iii thai to a car ship in one Ilie depart Ine it i in Isit it a his and How he went to his ranch m mexi it before the apr inti Vunt was malt be out. An i Deil got it and took it to her and afterwards Tiow this in Niue w Rote vile letters to her. Which letters a were in the the witness. The government did no to Call for them. The interview with Rordell at the Aibe Quarle lob a now York then up. And led to Dorsey s i it Here Anil the ail id it Herd Oil Roside. Denying what he had told Jarnes ibid mitc Vagh. The affidavit was very hard James and Mac eth. Der it by Ciu i say that if he Hud written it a there would have been some in Giixh in it a Merrick asked him what to meant. A Forscy replied in the Vigo roil a speech and manner he nip toys when Thorou Gli by in Earnest that nud Macveagh were two dirty Sron Norcis who i Sorn nil the offices they held and the administration that put them in office. He added that if Garfield had let Cen shot a week later both these persons Moulti have la in kicked out their offices in conto not and disgrace and this he Garfield had i Roni Isid Dorsey to in the presence iii Gerdi. During the delivery the reminiscences the past that is so far and yet so Neft the silence in the was almost painful. None the counsel big Voughr Linin to object and the court was Elt iii Al y wrapped up in this meter View Between the is tin Garfield and the Man to Altose skill and nerve he owed is election to the presidency. Colonel Bliss forgot his usual sneering smile and sat with n Fuco paler than usual and Mouth looking intently into the face the Man whom he so abjectly fawned in his Day Power Aud. Oblivious to time place change circumstances the Vaulght Mimphis Tophile the Newyl Ork bar and politics dropped his mask and Nickl did As the cold Trinh fell in Frozen facts from Dorsey s lips in Earnest tone and Mees tired voice. Colonel b1 is Jurrol rated Tho sex senator by thus pain actuating his Story by Uod-5. Let Orsey quit talking. Bliss looked quickly around if startled Ancl resumed his sneering mask. Merrick took up the dropped thread his examination and things went As usual again. It is sup a it cd that John w. Docisey w ill go tomorrow. _ at31. Pitt Kellogg. Developments Are concerned and intimates that the report to be rendered will exonerate evil Boily upon whom the slightest suspicion Reata. Knott for governor a a private letter received by a representative from Kentucky now in this City dated a few lays ago at Louisville a Atys the Istar Quot is to the Cal act that sex ii Prcz entail be Knott will certainly be nominal no by the Kentucky democrats for governor that state. Avil rights Case. It is said the uni Teil states supreme court jul hold a consultation the pending civil rights Case this week and an Opi Lou the court is probable monday next. a t noftion. Inc retard Folger s eyes arc growing stronger anti his Phy Alcias say he May be Able to Bear the Light Day by Friday. John Howardi Payne the a Insle at the obsequies upon the interment John Howard Payne june 9, will be Umler the direction the in philharmonic society this City and will lie very extensive and Fine. Brewster absent attorney general Brewster was absent from the Cabinet meeting again quiday. He is in Phil Adelphia arguing a Railroad Case for a fee. , a h Tuttle Columbus. O., is at the eth fat. u. Matson Grcen Castle ind., is at Tell lard a. Poi him ter Gener to since the president has again postponed his Doii Arluro for Florida until Friday there is Lille doubt that he intends naming the postmaster general before leaving Here. It is believe a a by Many that the new postmaster general will i c a half Bruihl and that he will let a from the West. The Ruli Eaon Boom has flickered. Killed for a woman. Fatal affray at a. St. Louis a Baguio Oyer a in Matulk Albert Wing Sanots it foam in a Glenn his rival in the Good graces Rasie Davia. The Tevis Iglesi taut scandal. Divorce Ohio municipal actions. Tea olb Cal Fig area it Cleveland Yonng beaten at Toledo. Familton. Ham Dijon o., april vigorous contest at tbs Poilu yester any resulted in tbs Elf ton Tia entire democratic City ticket with the cd a Pylon f. B. Puthoff the candidate mayor who we Defeated by B. Sanders the Publ can nominee. The follow iii l the be Malor Tiei for mayor 1\ b. Sanders. a d., 29 cram. Schnell i., 891. In in Arshal we. Bruch Over to Iqba. Butler r., Lutio for City solicited j. Us Mckemy Over i. Wilt Gnu. R., 171 for chief for department. Lingler k., 685, Over John a Oost. I. 445 for Gustee water work a b. Hng Heb Over g. T. Pim b. 181. The balance the ticket was elected by the Bual majorities. Or. L. A. Boli d., was heated to the third Ward for school Board by three vote by William Piau and in the fifth Vard . Martin Wick for Council was fated by John a Woods The letters a Prity was Only seven. Or. Banders who is nil Early known a a Brooks and who has just been Elc Ctet a mayor overcome a a democratic majority in this Eirv 800, has in a resident this City for years past and has never been known to have Nad Poh Cal aspirations. He kept a Small Cigar tobacco and Peanut Monica elections in it. Louis and Chicago St. Lori 3io-april 3.�?.at the Lackl it lotions today the City went democratic. Six democrats were elected the Council out the six that ran. Of the Twenty eight Demon is who run for places ill tie House dec Gate fifteen pot there. The madder the Pincus the a club ii and Index Jend Euta divided i. Complete democratic Victory at Chicago. Chicago april 3.�?the auspicious weather for which the republicans have Lien praying for years at last was seen today and the municipal election resulted in a Complete Victory for the democrats after one the most in relic struggles record. The pub Lichius got out All the cripples sunday school teachers bondholders Chou lists and Ramono Ousta and had As rids to the Campaign the entire pres and pulpit and expended Ilii,-000, Only to meet defeat. The iii i Dicenso Public aids were Defeated by the the germans who generally desire Low License. At Midnight returns received from 103 precincts scattered evenly throughout the City give Harriso i Democrat for mayor 5694 majority Over Gary Republican. Harrison selection sconce it at Republican Headquarters by 5.0u�o. And claimed at democratic by 10,000. The Tribune a bulletin puts the majority at , and the heralds at 7,00j. The remain Ier the democratic ticket is successful by majorities ranging from 2,000 to 12,000. There is Grant rejoicing among tie democracy who had to fight a Union the entire press Pul pita and Wenhuy class and a Jubilee is being held at the in Almer House where the Mii Yor and others made speeches. The Campaign w Short Sharp and intensely bitter. 1 clock this morning Complete returns give Harrison d., 11,256, and the balance the ticket about the same majority. Georcia democratic primaries for governor. Atlanta ., april 3.�?primaries held throughout the fixate today indicate a great diversity. Many counties failed to instruct delegates. The announced Caridid teis were i Boynton Bacon Cook and Mcdaniel. Had it not been for the publication the letters to Buhek the result would have been a Walkover tor Boynton. While the publication Hai not advanced Isacon it has scattered Boynton s so Rengh. Of 138 comi ties sixty five have been Lienard from giving Boynton. Bacon. 75j-i my Danid 24 Cook 12 doubtful. 30. Timing Hlaj in opposition to Boynton. These results Fenush the key to the counties yet to tie heard from. Many delegates Are pledged to Mcdaniel for second Choice fhe undercurrent feeling in the state looms to be for him. It is certain that at Best Boynton can have no More than a Bare majority. The uncertainty this is seen in the question rules which will Spring up in convention. The two thirds Rule has byways obtained in Georgia. Colquitt defied it and ran without Noin nation. Stephens lacked two Befu the a vote was reached Bacon withdrew thus preventing q set Dement. I in the coming Convy ton it May be raised a stain Fay whichever party finds it to interest to so. Kiark horses May be a Cliel upon to furnish excitement for the convention. Many North Georgia counties have Vole Ltd for by Coli. In this some Eop a see the hand Joe lir own. Boynton voted against Brown for the Senate hence the ship Pond Akita Gugish return it Elved by the Constitution up to 10 clock tonight id Tate 101 votes in the convention for Boynton 86 for Bacon the balance scattering 176 votes necessary for a Choice. He Calls upon the president about the Star Intonte me threatens the g. Party. Washington april 3.�?among the callers upon the pie Sidcot today was sex Sei Sator and we. I itt Kellogg uni Wisiana. He called to see about those Star route idiot Menta. It is said that he sat very Uear the president while he talking and spoke Sotto Vot e. His was Earl St and his language vigorous. Kellogg angry very angry Aud demands there be no indictment Rennu a against him. Brewster the attorney Gener Albos stated to Kellogg and one two his friends that lie was sorry that the action that has been Tacti had been taken at All and that he will Toji it. It is Suid Litu blew Star attempted to pacify Kellogg i it rom Ising to dim Siiss the Case As soon As the i it Rcv ont Star route cases were out the Way but be Long is quoted As saying a Villiam put 1-Logg saved the Republican party in 1876, Anil he in be damned if he will permit his reputation to be defame in by the Linding an indictment a and he left turned to the president Ile argues to Arthur that he is nun tin in Maui Isiaha if an indictment is found against him. And threatens the party if the inner is not slain in embryo. He wants uie whole proceeding Check Oil in Inci Pincy. Lie demands that Tii Cre be no Indi Elisent returned and it was for Tho Parps be again delivering his a riot i ctr that he saw the president today. A Friend Kellogg said today that he was Ain Azol that a Rittir and t ii Andler knowing what they about Kellogg a Cornei Tiou a Viii the political affairs in in Luisiana in 1676. And the daring work hominid for Hayes would Sfier him to be indicted for any Lens so. Itis the generl be he Here that Kellogg will never be b Oug it to trial Aud More than Likely will escape indict Tii Eul tie injured husband granted at St. Louis vaster any. St. In to april 3.�?the scandal in which Kate Tyvis. The Niece general a. T. Sherman figured As the principal was brought to the surface again today by tie granting a divorce to the injured husband. There were few people lawyers others in the room at the time and the Wilna uses placed the stand spoke so Low that it was difficult for anybody but the clerk to hear the testimony. It was understood that the wife would offer no resist Nui c to the divorce but she was by judge Madill to see that nothing done beyond what was Abodi Ziely required to obtain the Deil acc. Rush Tyvis and Abe iii Nib. Sex policemen testified to the that led to the shooting Frank t. Iglehart the afternoon i november 27 last when Iglehart Aud mrs. Kizito Tyvis were surprised As they came out mine dur.Ai.?Ts disreputable Singleton Street near Fout Jeeuth. They had sign Vii mr.-. Tevis leave iwo Fath s residence Olive Street Almut 1 clock that Al onion take an Olive Street car. Get off at fou Neemah take a Blue car fourteenth going we huh gel off at i Nguot and thence Mike her was to Friio. Durandis Idace. Which she entered at 2 clock. Tyvis and Grimes had a buggy which they left at a stable Kiir Techih Street. After lingering around outside a a vile they got into the l.?�er room tic Louse the North id tangle ton through a window which they had a full View mine. Duru mls Immy Daiely Apia site. They saw . and Frank Quot Iglehart come out the House at 5 clock. They stopped awhile in the doorway la Rhing Aud chatting with the lamp lady then Fieroe nut and were proceeding East Singleton Street when Tevis ran out the in Houe and shot Iglehart. When Iglehart fell mrs. Tyvis a tooth Down and raised him to ills Elbow. She supported him to his feel and he walked a idly Awny in a Western dire ton along Stigle ton t. Mrs. Tevis Uisok a northwesterly tonne across a lot. Ami . Tevis and Tori Ines came Ltd , Antl afterwards went to the Fourt Ovirta. All regarding that Cir Ouist Bilee. Detective Henry w. test tiled to going to Tho Tyvis .Sidence business some time last May. He was Adint cd by a servant girl who said her mistress was up stairs Louth sing went ii to th6 door the room w Inch was mrs. bedroom and found Iglehart there iia tally undressed Aud mrs the is in a a Rainier. Upon that test irony the decree a raised. The parties in in Bdl Del phia january d78, mrs Tevis Maiden name was Beale went Tigist after the shooting and is still in that Section the co Unity. Fatal prize fight. St. Loris mo., april 3.�?this morning at pretty Many a House ill Fame Pine a treet Joseph Glenn clerk in a a brie a dry goods Bouse. Was shot and by Albert Wing. Essie Davis arrived from Gree Vitle ., about a week ago with Wing and with a knowledge gleaned from past experience Straightway discovered the hous4 Mattie Roberta which she made her Abolt in. Essie being Young find pretty a Petite blonde about Twenty years soon had Many lovers at her feet among whom was Joseph Glenn. He Matle such an impression upon her that she soon forgot her old love and made no secret her prefer Nee. Wing was not however. To visited Essie nearly every evening and became acquainted with gluon. Last evening both met in Tiss jct so a and the Youxu men and the girl went out the House t0 a her. When next seen they were in mrs. I witty Man s Lack parlor. Wing alleges that in a lit jealously and envy he Bukad Glenn Forte Alki from him the affecting the girl Ping so far As to apply insulting epithets to him. Glenn became angry a i pulled a Volver which Wing Wren died from i hand and with which in a moment frenzy he shot his rival through the halt i killing him instantly. Immediately after Tho shooting Wing fled. The patrol Wagon was brought into Fetiu Lusion and Wing was captured _ and taken Bock to the scene the shooting. The killing he did not pretend to deny. The girl also tied but she we a arrested. When asked to explain her relations with the two men she denied that she had either come from Kentucky with Wing had any previous acquaintance with him. Wing is Youn Sou Hon. E. Rumsey Wing a very Able and excellent Young Man. Who was Defeated a the Republican nominee for governor Kentucky in Nti and who sch sequently died while Burving As United Ryan a minister to Ecuador. The Brothers Are descendants James Rumsey. Born in 1743 at Bohemia Manor Cecil county md., who it claimed preceded Robert Fulton in solving the problem steam navigation. And from whom Fulton is said to have obtained the ideas which he made Hie suede Anil experiments. The whole party live Ltd in Owensboro by. The real name the woman is said to be Mary Eav taa Indianapolis. Station with different secret organizations was Well known and popular the Rug h the whole state nothing derogatory to to his character was Ever heard Unolt a few Days since when some rumours gained circuit ton and were printed in several newspapers. The testimony taken before the coroners jury indicates that he had been out hip Layment and in debt for several months. This indebtedness however was with friends from whom he had gotten advances while seeking employment and there is nothing in it that looks like a Rimnal intention. On coming to the City be avoided his relatives Here who Are prominent people and was seen drinking which was unusual for him. He went to his room at 11 clock sunday night and. No Var left it again. On his washstand found a bottle sulphate Morphia marked eight ounces and the same deadly drug was scattered Over the Marble slab the Bureau. About half the contests a mint along from the bottle in his Sachel which was found a Side table was a letter addressed to . W. B. Haideman courier journal. This letter which was written in a Plain and hold hand indie aging that it had been penned before the drug began to work was As follows a a will when you receive this come and take charge my boy by until you can Send for Warner and Kate and Bury me by my wife at Eminence. S. E. this was the Only communication found in the room hut friends who were before the Coroner s jury exhibited letters from the deceased solicit Itig their assistance to gain employment. As to the charges and the denial nothing is known beyond what is stated alive but the fact that the Man came Here Aud committed suicide that there is something behind the curtain that the audience has not seen. Arhat that something is will probably never be known. The a Warner and Kate Ludell to in the note Are his son and daughter in Law who live in Cincinnati Warner Kinkead being employed As travelling Man for the Cincinnati coffin company. Cabled under the sea. Queen Victor Ian Shealtiel exciting solicitude. Still a Mizii Stellal Cutaia imm Noat it Paris arrant a a a German social late morn immigrant a. Ohio legislators. Date Bills in final both two boys Settle a Diaunte in Jefferson comity ., one Tiitu being accidentally killed. Pirn by Rigi ., april has reached this City a fatal prize fight at Dubois a 6ran 11 town in the heart the lumber regions in Jefferson county about ninety Miles from Pitta Birgh. It teems Mike Mclaughlin and Martin links both Wtzy not More than eighteen year it old. Quarrelled and agreed to Settle the it acute according to prize ring rules. The fight came Oil aider working hours last evening and was witnes5>cl by a Large laity pugilist la admirers. The first round two were hut Little interest the Niu agonists Bein pretty evenly matched. The third round is said to Timve la in a spirited one and Lief in Odds were in favor , but Mclaug Ilin St emed to he better silenced. The to Iirth Roumel brought the Claret from both but with no advantage to either. In the fifth round both came to the a Crit with no i tic vim. And the punish edit we is about evenly divided. round both fell somewhat worse the Wear and blow Ltd like porpoises. Cont durable sparring was indulged in when Accident july fell Cizin striking a Rof t. ii cd , and he expired almost i Stanlly. Mclaughin stir ended himself to uie authorities. Capital notes. Wive key exportation to canola. Ottawa april Canadian ministry cide it i today adversely to any alteration the existing regulations which prohibit the import Teuton whisky from the Mlod states in Paris is Ihn ii Loo imperil in Loiis. The million Ilis tillers have entered a prote to not a l any t hair be the Law but the ilp.stat be the 1 nixed states , after Otis citation with t a opinion dibtiller.�, h s hopi cited a Al Chunpen. Which gives an additional Bini Diimig period these years. An Ltd will to the full to extent relieve the american whisky in the present Depre Sei con-.iou. Tho l Nite Ltd St it tes a Overn mint has sic ii find to tie hero thut it has no Olinc Stiim to any modification that May b a my in i the Tii Mdian Laws Ait coing the Ali skies Fri the i Niton stat find Mattie Ltd a i Idi iii distillers have joined with Sci Roj itry in Ritt. Of Tho Auriean a tillers Loi i in yes thing Dies limited Modiri Button it to night there will be in irume it ii utely seer Jig such a Chui Ige at the Haud Jaf the Ca Nadu ministry. The old spirit Conquest. Madrid. April 3.�?the official announcement la made that two companies Spanish troops have started to occupy Santa crus la Requeta personals gossip the Street and departments amp a Washington april 3.�?the i it cd state encaustic tile t company Tetli Anapolis. Hasten awarded the contract for file the St. Louis Public . The contract for Laiing the in Aphis Imp ii building has been awarded to Kinsley it Miller Chicago. M i Reeker m i Nob Quot a osterday and today were consumed in attempting la select a jury in the sign cell criminal court to try Frank minor coloured who beheaded his wife with a razor Here at Oci uber. I he defense have let up a Piea . After exhausting two panels salesmen i bout fifty me Cleie i the twelve jurors have been secured. Minor will hang. Pefu identical Bureal s. The critic says it is asserted by a Wideawake Pohtio Lau that presidential bureaus Are in operation in in behalf off gators Sherman in in Dictou Hawley Bayard Logan sex senator win Dora and governor Foster. .ee delivery. Wilmington n. C., and jack�onvlllc., Fla. Will have tree mail delivery after Muy 1. The i Fla a i. The work the Potomac Fla i will be pushed ahead with vigor As soon As tie weather is such that there eau to uninterrupted Progress. The contractor has met with Many obstacles. The Deposit taken from above the Long Bridge is found to to the consistency Putty and when dumped the Tiara will not spread Ltd Elf Over the surface the ground. To overcome this the contractor May have to erect a boiler Aud use Hose the water to to forced by steam upon the Deposit so As to Wash it Over the surface. For the reason that the Deposit la so consistent the contractor recently met an obstacle in the failure the cars he had built to dump the loads. Thia has now been overcome. Promoted. Wilmdt l. Ohio has been promoted from second to first assistant examiner Patent office striking painters. The unions Vav Ashington Aro supporting the striking painters in their demand Lor �3 a Day. The Jeannette inquiry. James ii. Bartlett a fireman the ill fated and renowned Arctic Cruiser Jeannette and the last the four late arrivals from Siberia was exam med by tie Jeannette Board today but nothing new was disclosed. This practically closes the inquiry. Or. B. F. Collins Minneapolis who lost a brother the Jeannette has wired the judge advocate that he has mailed a series questions he wishes propounded Bartlett before the inquiry is Given the coup Grace relative to the treatment the deceased Collins by Captain Long also perished but judge advocate Wainwright Saiga the la at an a a tax m any a let in a str us mistake. Madje wta., april 3.�?-a disastrous mistake by Madison attorneys was that by which Charles he . A leading merch int Wauna Kee. Dane county was closed up. J. V. Far Well a co., Chicago Orde Riki attachments is no he Ritat Charles Haida Wuu Nckee Dijion county and the attorn is thought the did Pur i was a trite in error iii the name and levied the a Rug Hudson. Other creditors heard it and Tutu now Down poor Hud. Son and really Eloc Ltd him out. He Busi Ticas was ruined and he will sue for fio to damages. Counterfeiting it Wheeling w. A. Wii Leuno w. Va., april 3.�?this state is keeping up reputation for liked Money. The tobacconists Aud Salon keepers have discovered with a few Days that they have received Many co u liter be it Nickels it was found that the i Ace where the Tagus coins were Mude was Market Street not far from the pos office. In Gersims Oil Rcd to make iii Ormarion but no inducement was Oto Ermerl by the authorities Ami so no Arresta live it Bot i made. This is thought to be the same gang which operated Here about three Mouths ago but tied Lur Foar arrest. One thousand dollars for a two year old. Lexington ., april 3.�?general w. T. Avi thens today sold Tochi Ioto parties the Bay filly a Gie medium two years old by Happy medium dam Maggie Keene by Mambrino Rath ii Pedigree running Back to imported Dio Raed Aud imported messenger the Price paid was $1, a a. _ _ killed in a Sand rank. Cleveland 0., april 3, Niles 0., tot Lay Chas. Noon Erper Lordstown Mahoning county was killed at a locality known As Salt Hill by the caving in a Hank from which he was getting Sand. He leaves a family. A failure at Canton Canton o., april 3.�?m. A Perkins amp co., Book Sellers and stationery. In business twelve years have flied. They closed their doors Thia morning. Liabilities from fl0,0 a to a Ioji to Waseta Uomiial, travel Erst Accident policies Posto Allce statistics a serious fight Indiana Romr ind., april 3.�?in the course a decision in the Case a a Voynn age inst the travel Erst insurance company judge Howe the Superior court made some remarks which have excited comment. He said a the policy a Ned is exceedingly i Liberal. It pretends to insure Aga not acc Menta but excepts nearly ail the accidents which the mind Man could conceive As Likely to result in death. In was a Mere Accident that the dece we died such a Accident As entitled his widow to the insurance considering the great number and variety risks that this kind an iii Surnce company take it causes a question a Toju that a Man is insured against and May Well make a careful Sarai nation Worth the while any one . Judge Taylor the Superior court Democrat in politics held recently in a ruling that uie clause the Konsti Eutimi which provides that no Bill it Hail be posted within two Dayl previous to adjournment is not merely Dirix Story but Mauda Tury and not for the Mcnee in the matter giving him time to assure and approve Vete it Bult to prevent has to legislation. The general appropriation Bill it will be failed at the last Legi Anturo under this Al and some local Derooi a Zatic authority a Lioen holding that the democrats a saved their distance a by getting the Bill in at Arry time before life adjournment and thus put the odium no appropriation upon the governor. Liis decision judge Taylor Fyk Nouk the props from Umler their theory. The Bill was held Back pure Sosely to coerce the Republican Mii Iorii which having tie lieutenant governor in the chair trampled upon in Flegal rights the majority in order to defeat the a metropolitan police Bill. The Demce Ritis a cased to get bulldozed that is nil. The said Meiroff Volitan scheme is Well Here. The admirable Choice commissioner for which was Worth Thoo teds votes for the democratic party in the state has 50 .Sarmc�l opposition that the Republican City govern men to after threatening everything. From and Battery to , have Given up add have ered the City attorney to act the Legal adviser the Board. The system will probably get under Way this week. The Liidi Anapolle Board Trade is looking about for new quarters. The Ore seut Hall is ample but the locution is not Cental. An it since the new organization which numbers members there Are Many Uptown merchant who have n Brief Yinwu hour but owing to the location the can not .ire time enough to attend Ana consequently the daily a Tio is Are Little Nim than a Gra iii and provision Exchange a i it Osiab for it new Hall Are to be received Witton the next Throe weeks tote Liu Wii a to the traders Point murder develops trothing. The Large Reward has incited a diligent search Aud every Day two zealous detectives bring n somebody heavily ironed As in the it Mac Dauich Gaddis a Farmer living i eur new Augusta exam timon shop Fol iii Ltd Cico. And it is possible he May retort by pro i cd Ion for uie to cat it accorded him. There tui a serious Tigirt in Stewart s Saloon North Illinois Street an Uptown resort this morning Early in which Frank Brien known As a gentleman Frank a a who Nins a bucket shop and los Heller the occident it Saloon were the Sanitina Paity and Captain Stewart his barkeeper and Nis nog the victims there been bad blood but Stewart thou Glit it past and when by leu came into his Saloon to drink he patted him familiarly the Back with a a a Helio a but Brien was no Telephone. And retorted by complying his Glass in sick Varty a face and bruising him badly in the fight which foil Well Heller doing the same by Fame to the Cue and Between them stabbing a Fine run a Ian greyhound to death which halt i manifested a desire to Intel Fern. After the tight Heller was attacked with Haemorrhage the lung and for a time his life despaired but he was Mug Etta this afternoon and nothing fatal yet resulted from the afle Ray. The supremo court today ased an order that he Rule which declares under penalty contempt that fill papers taken from the archives by attorneys shall be rent Rcd within Days must be enforced. Attorneys have been lax in this parti Eniar and this new order is considerable interest. The following Cash i were decided by the supreme court today Board commissioners Orange county is Benton j. Hon. Orange c. Reversed. Woods g. J. Rhoda fal Kington is. Theodore c. Farrish it Al. Clinton c. Affirm Cal. Kii Iott j. Western l Nion Telegraph company is. Carroll Roberta. Benton c. Affirmed. Ilok j. Ciara b. Roast a a a. Alfred t. Sinker. Marion s. Appeal dismissed it Appellee 0 St Wilson m. Talyor it Ai. Is. Old in Ost building and loan Asj Calion Knox c. Bet Tiou for reheat ring oter Guiod. Patrick j. Mull Tuey it Al is. First National Bank Indianapolis. Marion 8. Motion for Trainer Over Inird. Thu Louisville Xposlt management Haa sent a circular to the governor urging him to Spur up in tuna to a proper Appicci Tiou the bigness the expo Irion. Emulous Cincin Inui the work forming an Asistio edtion to secure a permanent Art gallery an Art school and a a Gular course Art lectures Isgo Ingon Here with prospects a Telephone Hue is being built to Columbus ind., from this City by the Central Copi Pany Chicago. Or. James pharos who has been connected with the Gilliland a Lepone company this a Tiv. Has been Aop Oinie it i 8uixriutendent the Etna company Cincinnati Aud will remove thither but before doing so will be married to miss Ella Kennedy. George e. Stone has been sent to the Asylum. Insane from melancholia. His particular mania was the queer desire to secure a Law firm who would procure the autograph the Jersey Lily. It is suggested that if mrs. Itan try knew site had an Indian Polis admirer who from Mere love her autograph had gone in inv. That Freddie so Devotion in comparison would look Pale and thin. The Assignee Avo Ollon Webb life co. Bankers has paid 50 cents the Dollar to the creditors. The indebtedness amp a k58 000. The City Post it Floe report for March is not a bad Index the size and character Indianapolis. It shows carriers employed to delivery trips daily 92 collection trips daily,97 registered letters delivered 4,638 Thall letters delivered 357,062f mail postal cards Dell Verwil 84,066 local letters delivered 40,131 local Posta cards delivered 40,158 newspapers die., delivered 221,611 letters returned to the office 378 letters collected 200,144 postal cards collected 81,223 newspapers ic., collected 25,862. The House debating the adjournment a sundry House. Columbus o., april 3.�?the Senate held two sessions today and disposed some local Bills relating to Ashtabula county and resolved upon authorizing fled township Ross county to acquire additional grounds for cemetery purposes. It passel . Dickinson a Senate Bill allowing the organization fire insurance companies to include within their provisions insurance against Loa is by lightning and local Bills relating to Morrow Jeff Erson and Sandusky Lumies. Senator Lorr introduced a Bill to provide that when a probate judge May be pens Nally interested wit i a corporation seeking to condemn property suit May be brought before the common Plenh court the entire afternoon the House Waso Ccu Eidi Over a motion by . 1a>vc, that when the oust adjourn sine die it be the 16th april. Or. Brunner offered a amendment to fix the Date it the 9th, and . Thorpe moved to Amend by fixing it at the 12th. It brought out a Long discussion in relation to the injury the legislature docs the Republican party by remaining so Long in session. The whole matter was Disi Yisco by a final vote which failed for want a quorum. Or. Thorpe moved to the vote by which the House passed the Peet convict labor Bill in the Penitentiary but 1 went to the table a motion Nedjo frument. Or. Walker Ninx iced a Bill in the House today to permit Railroad co mimics to charge additional rates when in fares in Cash rather than by the Purchase tickets with the extra rate Teu cents for All Distant pcs under Twenty Miles Twenty live cents for All under fifty Miles and one half cent for All. Distances Over fifty Miles the conductor to give a receipt in each Case Aud the passenger to recover the excess it any ticket office the Road. Losses by flue. Eitt.inq-�n, wis.�?$100,00 6 in , april l. 2 clock this morning rci>or�8 a terrible fire at the Village a Hington Junction near Warsaw. Wi�., were received. No further details the Telegraph wires being Doorn. The loss will exceed $100,000. B06ton, mass.�?$7,oco. April 3.�?d. F. Pipers Large livery stable was destroyed by Tiro this morning to Ether with the contents including fifteen horses. Loss $7,000 insured for $6,000. Green Sci Ungs �?$10,000. Green up ring 0. April 3.�?the three Story our Diiuro factory a. Y Oung it co. Burned tonight. Loss $10,000 insurance $4,500 in the Royal Niagara Horae North America and tit Dix. Twenty Livo men Are thrown out work. Wilma sport .�?$85,000. Wanxia sport. A. April 3.�?six Brick and two Frame buildings were burned Early this morning Injo whey snore. Tie loss is estimated at $7.�?Tv,0uito . The Odd follow a Aad a Seesaw Ilott Tiffi it moved. The Bill aril i . Chicago april 3.�?the fourteenth contest in Tho great balk line billiard tournament occurred this afternoon Between Lon Morris hic ago and Joseph Dion new York before very Small audience and was won by the former with Case the score being Morris 600 470. The innings was As Foh morris�?7. T it. 2. 3, 0, �?~21, 4, 8, 4, 2, 38, 0, 1�. �?~26. 0, 6.5, 5, 22, 64, 4. 49. 22, 11. 9. 1, 16, 9, 10, 101. 7, 2, 0, 0, 20, 3, 2, 5. 1�?total, goo. Dion -2, 4. 1, 21. 3, �?~2, 25,1,4,1.1,1,10, 1 a 2.14.19, -22, 0, i. 3, 1, 3, 8, 0, 1,1, 32, 65, 0,4, 10, 0, u. 45. Elk tal 370, the Etc Dinar contest Botwe n Rice .iv in Jacob Schaefer was i neg cd by the i u 1 Tail a Ami enthusiasm a aug Iok a and the in the Witiver Schmeer was a trs it Brilliant , the we Izard exhibiting his com Plucie Contoi the basis. Score by i numbs Schaefer-3u a 10, 0, 20, 34, 17. 1, 0, 2, 12, 1,151, 3, 51, 0, 0, 3, 159, 0, 6, a a total 60&Quot. Daly-0, 6, 5, 1. 12.11, 0, 0, -25, is 61, 47,8, 5, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0,10, 7�?to.a ,�?~241. National Rifle aah Oei Atlon. New York april 3.�?the National Rifle association held it ular in monthly meeting today. Upon Gen. Wingates statement that Gen. Grant would accept the presidency the association a vote was taken and to was chosen. He was also elected a life member and an honorary director. The coming International match then came up fur discussion. It was Ria olved that the Competition fur the Slih thou a team american National Guam Tesmen to compete with tie Brit iffy at Wimbledon in july next shall be held at Creedmoor May 14, and the Folio Wing tuesday thursday and Friday. The team selected to shoot against the British will report at Creedmoor j Une 15, for practice. Good Sleigh ing la Canada. Mount Forest ont., april 3.�?a train the Toronto. Grey amp Bruce railway reached Here last night the first since March 5. The now is still deep Aud Sleigh ing is unimpaired. Killed by a freight. A Wheeling w. Va., april 8.�?georgs Donald son aged Twenty two a single Man was Kiilau this morning by a freight train the c. A A. Near Martins ferry He was horribly mangled. Drowned at Ironton. Leon ton o., april 8.�?a coloured roustabout fell from the Steamer Louise at our wharf Thia duo Ming and was drowned. Louisville. Suicide Samuel e. Klu Kead a prominent secret society Many the Rumora regarding his affairs. Louis Vixie april 8.�?dave Ferguso will he taken tomorrow morning with the other prisoners under sentence to the Frankfort Penitentiary. This morning John Docker a ragged fair headed seventeen year old boy from Grayson Carter county was brought up before United states commissioner Crail at the custom House. Of the charge robbing the malls to which he 6leaded guilty. A he was held Over to answer in be United states Tircuit court. W Samuel Kinkead a citizen Shelby county Well known and popular committed suicide at the hotel Elliott this morning. He was an Odd fellow a Mason a member the knights Honor and through his connection and agr United in a bloody death. City Mexico april 3.�?last night Signor Ravelia quarrelled Wilh his Sweth firt. A Beautiful girl eighteen named Rosalie go Kizale. In a fit rage he locked her in her boudoir and clasping her to his bosom stabbed her to tie heart and then killed himself. When the door was broken open the scene was Virv Affelt a Ting. The lovers clasped in eat h other s Arns and the floor was saturated with their blood. A pious Speculator. I Eveland o., april 3.�?a Chardon special Gays w. H. Ballentine member the methodist Church and a school teacher was arrested t his morning a charge stealing lie had in his Possession when arrested five suits clothes Gold rings Silver spoon. Watches revolvers Aud other Ihira belonging to store keepers in the place lie is prominently connected and always bore the name an upright honest youth. Smallpox at Vincennes ind. Vincennes ind., april smallpox scare was revived Here today by the announcer Keiit that Fred it be a Young Man in the employ the Ohio Mississippi express at North Ven and who came Home ski sunday a Down with the disease. His Case is a Verv Dafid one and it is feared that a wedding dres amp which was carried from tiie Case residence an hour two before the physician called this morning will spread the disease. The great excitement prevail. St. Pete Sueo april 8.�?�?Tthe russian revolutionary party has issued a circular which has been widely distributed warning the people against being near the Czar at the time the Coronation Vienna april 3.�?private dispatches from St Petersburg give details showing Tho general alarm in Russia Over the activity the nihilists with regard to the coming Coronation the Czar. The governor Moscow is receiving Anonymous letters daily which there is no doubt emanates from the leaders the nihilist party. Tho writers a Lare that since according to the announcements official organs the government in the press the Czar has solved neither to Grant has sub a acts a Constin Tjohn nor to Issue a general amnesty to political prisoners and exile the Cha amp ton the approaching Coronation it has been resolved by the Central Council that everything possible shall be done to prevent the Coronation being performed and that if necessary even the Kremlin itself with Alt the guests attending the ceremony shall be blown up. A dispatch from Moscow today states that count Worontzoff Dasch Koft who is making the final arrangements for the Coronation the car has received a number Anonymous letters threatening that All those taking part therein will be annihilated. _ the Kilma Inham treaty. London april 3.�?considerable a sensation was created in the House commons last evening when . Parnell said that the report an interview with . O Kelly and himself printed in the French papers recently was Given with subset entail accuracy. The interesting Point this statement is that the interview quotes these gentlemen As saying that the British government took the Multi Atic in regard to the matter the Kilma Inham treaty and that Thev first May Ovenu Festor. Parnell while he was in jail. They were also rept it red As saying that the statement made by lord Carling Ford to the effect that . Parnell himself made the first overtures was inaccurate and untrue. Or. Gladstone arose at the conclusion . Parn Cut a avowal and endorsed the correctness fjord Carling Ford a boat Emcil he How yer reiterated his refusal to appoint a Cor Amitt inquiry into the matter which a consid Refl very significant and caused much comment among the conservative and Home Rule members. _ dealing with the socialists. Berlin april 3.�?telegrams were received by various member the reach Stag Oday from kid announcing that Herr Vollmar socialist a member that body was arrested there this morning Herr Vollmar waa his return from the socialist Congress at Copenhagen at which resolutions strongly Denun Chatory Prince Bismarck had been .wed. Parts april 3.�?five the socialists who a Igne it i the placards calling a Public meeting for the eth Loat month and urging resistance in the event interference by the Amlice were today convicted instigating the riots which occurred that Date and were sentenced to three years imprisonment each. Tho Friendship England and America London april 3. the easter banquet the lord mayor Given last night . Lowell the United states minister in a speech referred to the amicable relations existing he tween England and America. He returned thanks for the hospitality shown him both by Public officials and private parties and which made London such an agreeable place to reside in. A speech makers lot Nouver was not a Happy one. Being obliged to avoid wonks which meant anything but he believed that no Cloud would overs slow the cordial relations now existing Between England and America so important for the peace and Well being Mankind generally. The Rice Market excited. London april 3.�?there is unwonted excitement in the Rice Market. A firm prominent in the Trade which has extensive offices in Bur Mah sometime since made considerable Salci Rice to arrive in expectation getting supplies from native sources and zen King Large tonnage for England. The natives held off their supplies probably account being advised the state the oversold Engliski Markel Ai Lii a to a wr-4rlemi6� tit Fol Opin Market there for the purpose fulfilling com tract. Tango Rice has risen 10 per eel within the past week. As a Conse Onesee failures Are expected in the Trade. French ministerial crisis. Paris april 3, that Cabinet changes Are imminent Contin be to be circulated. La France says prime minister Ferrry has telegraphed to m. Girard. Minister finance who is at present in Algeria to ourt amp in his visit and return to France. A Cabinet Conn ii was held today. The meeting is reprise Neil to have been Stormy. General Thih Audin declare it i that rather than change Bis decision in Ytgard to general Gaili Iet. Whom he wishes to retire from command the Cava Irv he would resign his portfolio. _ the Reich Stags thanks to America. Berlin april 3 a the Elchstag rea.s8crablcd today the president in his opening address said that during the recess the chamber a Large Nam bar donations for the Relief the flood sufferers along the Bihe had been received. Most them he said had come from Merica. The House adopted a Resolution expressing in the name the nation Moet Heartfelt thanks to those who had so generously responded to the Appeal for assistance. The triple Alliance denied. Rome april 3.�?a denial come from official Gove ziment sources the statement that a defensive triple a dance has been entered into with Italy germ and Austria the one Side a taint France the other. It is nevertheless certain that an agreement is in existence the terms which Are about the outline Al. But u has not a yet been put in any formal documentary shape. For the flood sufferers. New y Ork april 3.�?a further contribution $472 collected at the Exchange rooms messes. Brunsch a Ito the us tel a in Berlin for the Benefit the sufferers by the floods in the Ohio Valley has been transmitted to president Authur by the Bankers Knauth Nachon a Kuhne this City. This swells the total amount transmit ii through these gentlemen to 10,800 Marks. _ emigrants forwarded by the government London april 3.�?the american line Steamer Indiana today took the first Batch seventy five emigrants forwarded free by the British government to America the party was principally composed a crowns who Imd been eve Etc a i from their Homes in county Connemara Ireland. _ Rossas instructions Rool april 3, is stated that letters from Donovan Rosaa have been found in the Possession Dennis Deasy who was arrested Here thursday giving most Rucious respecting the use i Plosives. The Queens condition. London april 3.�?-there is no improvement in the condition the Queens health. Her physicians have ordered Complete rest for the recovery her injured knee. Society for the a Jov Wallfi Dehnz cents. This Adduono Emont was Eree with cries a Bhame. Or. Morse want to say that the Money paid for ticket and which by the injun Cyloa and been taken out the Koutlis poor Orphana. Would be refunded at the Box office to narrow morning . Morse also announced that Hia chorus would sing the music the play at to Cert in the cosmopolitan theater sunday night. Shortly after this the eighty Mew and routed the chorus created much Oom Lou by crowding into . Morse s private room and excitedly demanding the Money dug them % part it. They got no stay Trade. No Chicago Thrata from Slon a Kelli a live Stoekl Railroad Seo firlus and Money a Chi cab april Banka. Court the iffy and Conoy offices the Board Trade Jiffie Ca amp Board the open heft the Stock Exchange the commercial Exchange and produce exe stage were closed All Day to allow everybody to take a tin the municipal elect Leo. Cattle rec leu were fair and under a moderately Active demand by local buyers a fair amount business was transacted by buyers canned Meau and City operations by Lupeni were rating sparingly at about yesterday closing figures. Bales ranged at is 75 for banners. Be 85#t 85 for fair to Good cows 4 8o9 it 10 for butchers steers $6 it to tor fair skt�-40 50 for Good shipping Beeve. Hogs Here More Active Bat with More Liberal receipts prices ruled weak and a Shade East backers and shippers were purchasing to a Liberal extent. Sales ranged from 7 37 70 for ought packing and shipping $7 my to for fair to a mice heavy packing $7 50 98 Lor Good to new tra smooth heavy ship no Lota. Receipts head. A far tort Stock Market. New York Prii 3.�?the Stock Market was very due at to opening today and Many Stoenka the list were % to % per cent below the Loang prices yesterday. By 12 clock however there was a change and there was in add Vanee the general list North westerns Wera the remarkable Lea Tore Adan plug 3 per cent for the prefer Raff and per cent for the common. The remainder the list advanced till it was about % Tai pet cent higher than yesterday. The a six up to it 80 clock were about 96,000 Sharaa. After 1230 clock the Market was More act Tva and Boron id the highest prices the Day were made Foa All stocks. The features we North rest at 1s6@13s, the preferred at 153 154, St. Paul at 99v100, Rochester a �0d Lackawanna at 125# 126. The Market Ria cd Jinn leaving the next Advance for the Day % to 1% . The general rat the rates for Call Loans Sukes were from Ste 12 per cent la the lost hour the rates were nut up to 15 per cent and closed at u per Cen it. Nashville. Smallpox statistics a quarantine Tabt shed a general Ira Dones to try 111�?the Porter rifles will disband. Nash Ilde tkntn., april the number smallpox cases is increasing and creating Grea alarm among the inhabitants the City sad country. Since the 13th March forty a Jer cases hat been reported by the City health Roeer eight Elbe being in the Eastern part olt. Toad. Since the 1st february eighty two Esau have been reported ont aide the City limits. Of these there were in the ninth District four Cash tenth duty it Twenty one cases thirteenth dts Trio. Fony Nice cases twentieth Eldrict Flora cases Twenty fourth District three oases. Them were White thirty Solo real fifty two. Of thi no irber Twenty seven went to the Host Tatad Al fit five remaining at Home eleven died and forty four a covered. There were received at the county Lio Kottal since january first la a cases �4 which Timber thirty seven d1ed, weve discharged and in arty none arcs iii i he Hospital. The spread the disc ase to due to the remove the quarantine several weeks ago since Wahidi time persons living a houses containing peo fitted with the malady have freely mingled with the general Pablic. From the 7th january 1 182, to Paiit 1. Tekl Chat Minoga had ssh cases .335 which proved fatal. The disease has also bad Manor victims in other towns in Tennessee. The Nash tile Board health met this evening and decided to Antine. Gen. Ira Jones Bolsness manager the bags ner a it a a director the Western associated pews sad a Veteran journal tet. Is crib Cali us tui typhoid pneumonia rhe Fah Ioas poner rifles who have barely kid together since their def Agat Lindlau Adofis last j uly arts about to Draband. 4%faould they so celebrated Cheka saw guards Wilt have Only rival in the boat the Crescent rifles new que leans. _ _ Netys motes. Floods in Fitch. Salt Lake april 3.�?th floods in Bear Lake Valley have washed out six Bridges the Oregon Short line temporarily impeding the run-Nlng. trains but will soon be repaired. The first through train the Rio Grande brings 200 mormon converts. Adirondack Murray. Killed by Quot a technicality. Madtson ws., april governor has vetoed the bilis taxing express companies 4 per cent their Gross earnings in the state and Telephone Ltd it meanies 1 per cent because the fal ure the Assembly to Call the yeas and nays them. An old Man to hang. Helena mont., april 3, Fuhrmann was yesterday Teuten cd to be hanged at Helena May �?~2, for the murder Liis son in Law Jacob Kench. Furhman n is seventy year old. Child killed. Incr Noton ., april 3. Winchester a ten year old son a labourer the Kentucky Central Extension was run Over and horribly mangled by a cons Truclio trial 14, killed in a runaway. Chattanooga april 3.�?Samuel Johnson a prominent citizen Wildwood ga., was killed this morning by being thrown from Hla Wagon by a runaway team. Prohibition in Massachusetts. Boston april the House today the proposed sons to Tuti Onai amendment prohibiting the manufacture and Sale liquor was Defeated by a vote 115 to 83. He leaves san Antonio Texas 913,000 in debt and with a female Friend. Boston april 3.�?the Rev. W. H. H. Murray Adirondack Fame is again in a position to Jln notoriety. A dispatch from san Antonio tex., san ounces that he has fled that town leaving behind debts amounting to Over 112,000. Connected with Bis disappearance there is revived the old scandal about an into mate female Friend who is said to have preceded him in his flight. For some time he has been deeply in debt and has been it Ting off his creditors with promises. On thursday morning his female Friend took a northbound train. On saturday Murray was seen to drive out through a Back Street and take the sequin Road. He had a pair horses attached to an army Wagon. To forded the Cibola River and went to sequin station. He was in new Orleans a cuing. Here All Trace him was lot. Last fail he became to much impoverished that he had to resort to hauling Wood for a living. He was then a very different looking Man. Dressed la brow overalls Toekelt i into coarse cowhide to 0ta, and a Blue and White checked shirt idiom the handsomely Clad and popular pastor the Laigast congregation in Boston. There is no smallpox at Cairo Hlas Sportell gets Lenir in Texas venite Atlary. Senator David Davis and party left St. Loll yester ii for the West. Joe Shepherd a Texas mail Carrier was Killeri by a Medican for having Khod the latter a dog. At the Dubuque la municipal election the liquor Init Ernst contributed largely to the Dei Eaf the Rpu Blicaus the Hows state Encampment the Grafi army the Republic goes into three Days Camp at Des Moines today. John Banka a son . George b inks us ing amp a farm w. S. Banks in Hnuter a by it Tom ., accidentally shot himself. Edric c. Blake the defaulting Railroad cashier Bloomington. Iii., has been relieved from custody and will not be prosecuted. A aarhus clergymen Are very in Dignall Over governor Butler s advice to them to tawk the gospel Aud not politics Ltd fast Day. Hon. , Mercer county who a Nomi sited for representative waa a member the a Lxi third and Gilaty fourth general Asack Blies. The newly elected direct the Chicago a Alton railway met at Chicago and Eler Teo the old officers t. B. Blackstone. President in c. Mcmullin general manager Charles u. Foster Secretary and Trca Gurer. To Jopes Vule kllch., William Powell baggage Man at the fort Wayne depot was killed a a ter Day morning while coupling cars loaded with bomber the end which project air caught his head and crushed his Skurr. Irvin go a 100th anniversary. New Yoek april a a the Looth anniversary the birth Washington i Vlag was celebrated today Jyh Christ Maurch at Tarrytown to. Hudson near Irving sold mansion and which to was formerly a vestry Man. The Rev. J. Selden Spencer who was Rector the Church m Irving s Day gave personal reminiscences tbs celebrated aut Bof. Or. Donald Mitchell and . Charte Duldt is Warner also spoke Irving and other addresses Ere delivered. Cai ver Bogardus. Pitt Shubh april Bogardus and . Carver inaugurated a shooting tournament in connection with the Bench Ahour Thia Eite Buooa by a match for a purse $800, Best out 100 Clay Pic oui. Captain Bogardus won by a score ninety five to ninety four. A contest Oyen 1 the world barring Bogardus and Carver will by a Gin tomorrow and continue through the week. The sanitary Connell. Jackson mis?., 3.�?the fifth annual be Sion the sanitary Council Tho Valley convened this morning in the House rep reign Tati ves. Forty five Del a Gate representing Fott teen state attended. Governor Tobert Lowry made an addres a Welcome which waa followed by the Rozular annual address delivered by 1�?~resident Gustave devour new Orleans. The bricklayers strike. Chi ago april 3.�?the bricklayers strike 1 practically Over. Fully three fourths to men ate working at the wages demanded by the Union $4 per Day. And Many have no difficulty in obtaining $4is0, and some Tho Best bricklayers Are receiving $5 tier Day. Contractor will any Price for labor to prevent a stoppage building operations. We. M. married. New Yolk april i Misa Wardrain Evarts the youngest daughter . We. M. Evart a a a a Reury state was married to net to . Charles So udder Sou . Henry j. Scudder Bishop Wiiliams Connecticut a formed the ceremony assisted by Tho Rev. Or. Satterlie. Peter Cooper 111. New York april 3.�?mr. Peter Cooper a tue Fering from a severe attack pneumonia is which his physicians fear May result fatally. The fever was much worse tonight and he is almost certain to die. Asho is ninety two Yean old and not la the most healthy condition. A a eviscernt4d. St. Louis april 3.�?last evening Christla Schneider Carpenter and Jake Wail labourer fought Over a Young girl in Browne Saaloos the levee. Schneider Cut a seven Inch Gash in Weil x Abdomen with a Bowle knit. Letting out the viscera. He id in a few minutes. The passion play. New York april 3.�?about 1, 200 Persona assembled at passion Hall last night to witness the performance the a a passion play for the Benefit the French Asylum. A few minutes after 8 clock As the Hestra had not appeared the audience began to grow impatient when . Morse came before the car town and made a sex governor Jeukins Dpi a. Atlanta ga., april 3.�?exgoveror Jenkin who was ousted from office Fey the military a Thor ittes during reconstruction the lying As sup pop tak at the Point Dinish. Great interest a fell ill him account Hla a Cord. He is orphan personal character. Fatal fatty a a Chatlan Sofii. Chattanooga titsn., april la John help ill and Toney Wiley had a difficulty tonight ate l j count the latter a wife. He attempted to shoot a. Isnit less a
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