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The Cincinnati News Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1883, Page 1

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The Cincinnati News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1883, Cincinnati, OhioNumber 123.cin j1nnati, tuesday 3, 1883. Price two cents. Municipal election. Cincinnati Democrat a elect the mayor by , a a Perlor court judge a try Ike Are a Post us a jail re solicitor a kind my Loo to toll to to Bot Lott a clot Load Bodo Omed and the Onorat Roult Doat Borume. At clock tbs Fiat then tire do Moorati tar feet Ettli the Zee Piloti . Mil Vhill were elected. Fifty two precincts give fit Ephene. 21,211, end Sedler 19.9 3 Lermon Lam end Werner 19,003� peek 20,01. End Worthingto b. 30,6.�?~12 if ulv shul. 19,3, d Etc by. 30,9�9. The Helene the ticket Here Melori tics renting from my to,a00. End the Proe Pecia Ere thet the words to beet from will i Creese the democratic n it Orinee. The Werd Elc Tiona be Fer it reported re fused Iowa rot bal. Firat Werdt a. A. Wet Kina. Second Werdt Ufim b. 8m,. Fifth Ward Robert Cei Lahan. Filth Werd a to j. Dalton. Sec Ventili ,8hehy�?z twelfth Ward Devyld Schorr. Thirteenth word Emil Ula. Been Teeth Ward a. Lowenstein. Nineteenth Ward Jelt i. E. Bro Periek. Twenty i it Ward Frank Friend. Twenty third Ward Jacob Ungeheur. Twenty Lorth we Ards Leo Chou. Twenty fifth Ward John Bruckman act Nina the Stele. Clevn Uard and Aba cent towns. Cleveland o., 2.laat Spring the demo Treta elected their ticket for the first time in Genera. Lest fell the rep ii Len Perty Egeln auf Lared Defeet the Mizii Cipal election to play Here resulted in Enother democratic Victory. John ii. Ferley a no elected mayor by a a majority 3.coo to 4.000 Thomits a1 worthy. City Trca Orer he 2,0iw Yohji a. Nut Tiina for Poi ii Murt judge agans whom a very bluer fight waa Mede was exec by 1.000 Melo Rity. The Batenic the Dei Rrell City ticket As elected by Majori Tkv rang tag town to 4jim. The demo Crata Are Jabi Huit Over i ctr Sun Cerii. And Are parading the Isree a tonight with Banda end Bannura. Adv Coa from Ash Abole. Kimii Latown. Ver a Lillton. A Liard. And other towns aay the entire it cratic ticket to exec . Conneaut went by a Liuell Uia Dorily. Dwing to the Imin Nae amount a fab Hing Complete n Tania will lae very Kite Point big in. I be Fifolt w Ard give Farley for mayor. a a Jority. This is a dam Neralic gain 500 Over the vote for mayor two ago. The eighth we try Nivea Farley Ftp Oma these a nut majority and the tenth a orly. The Dei Sociats will Elwot ten eighteen Mem Bera the Board Edw motion and t to thirds the City Onu Nril will be Democrat the. Tiie Germana voted to Lidia for the democratic ticket., be demm Tuta Are wild Over the result tonight and the Day armory to crowded t Oti Tesa Titan elect fran. Mayor elect John h. , Job t Hutchins and Hora Neaile abort speeches. One Hundred guns Are being fired in Colebr Aloizi the Victory. John . Who was bolted by Many workingmen la elected Lodge the Polico court by aleut 1.imw majority. At Thia Nour sew wards Are a Lull to be heard from. Leading demo rata claim that Farley a a Mimi Ity Walt be Maer Boob the Esti match by majority Aie inc naked hourly a the reign t Home in. Oong Regunan Foran said lot Buhl that a democratic. A let Ory ,an t that Republic an ring my was at an end in Cleve land. And that the democratic i arts would hold the reins citing overment for i to wac. Ihei a lit at Toledo has i very Clicc. And up to this boor reunite has been re celled Here. Both panels 11 do to have die ted the Niter by a ,am94�i Matt r to. La is dub Wiful if a Levault win be re Che a Benoie 1 2 clock. A be dial f shy it the democrats Kave ele i la the entire do iii Oey tic to Csc it by roam Rillee. It Puu Sioana conceded their , and live up an Hope Early in the even lug. Finca Mcmanns a Winter living main Street aaa arc wet thl after for illegally Tolang at the third Avard to 1� not a Resl Dent the Ward. Thia was the Only arrest it the polls today. ,a,., Wara Kohora o., 2.the Spring elections excited More than anal interest. All the Ward in the town Are democratic but the republicans by nominating a ticket in Dora iii Tomc f the do Apoc tall a Noil net at Teri pied Tomn in a few Republican Odices. In Ike Futon a Ward they Marly succeeded. Tic candidate for Eon Cilman twirl Fisher a popular German Republic an be i Defeated by Only Sivai votes. Allic dem Retic town and township Ofil cers were elected by it pitl major tics. The most inters however entered about the Detomi Retif primary election which win also held to it Luy test for auditor Tina the bum tight. 1 Ite candidate were Arthur Bitler the a a. A and Of. Tom nce. Of new i rom in t e tatter is Pool ably Noah Ina a by so majority the ticket As Noinin std. Is for Prev Cal in i Irahet 0, Ilo Brook for suitor F. Torreti let for Surveyor John Walsh for Oom a Lokmer Jolin Wert for infirm an direct in Henry Ria cell. On some the Cai did hic it heavy betting was done and icons Drubic Money changed hands. You Nam o., 2.the election today passed Ink try. Its absolute jul perhaps its Moat it Euliar feature. The fight seemed to be Ixia entreated upon the head the tit act by Hoof Llie elements the Republican party. Otherwise u waa centralized upon tic a Alairie he City Fekri. Returns from seven Inen pro Ciu cts indicate the election the head the re publican ticket. General A it i for the mayoralty. The Rwy a the com democratic City ticket hasten . General a a inuit Large gains in the Ger Iutin wards and the Bui Aiice the dem ticket made Large in the Sanii wards. This the question became legs jul Utica mad More a it a pm nil. To far the head the ticket a Tutsi a a Omi Cem Zimny Prue Lesliy gained the advantage. General to Euit Little to do with cite a Taira and his party the , ticket was a cited non that Bojc alone. Aeon. Aiau a Aprl a 2.the Spring election passed quietly a very Large vote being tolled. The rep Brieana were much torn up Over the Nomi nation an object liable candidate for marshal Tois de upon them by the ring Bosses. Their Convcntl. we parked in the in Terraso the com Lee and the great majority the part it have said that the would rebuke the Bosses for this by the ring ,. As a result Thia Resolution there has been to scratching than been known iii the a a Cuy. The result is not yet known Tafth any Degi get by lunacy but to far a returns have re celled it show the election l. D. Walter Democrat. For mayor by at least 160 majority. John met ourt Republican for marshal. By Luo B. Gobbe. Republic la for solicitor by 25 James wtldea., it tilt Birnn. For Street Nimis Kuner by 2uo. Toe democracy gain four no in hers the Etty Council by Maju Ditlea ranging Iron 3 to Jyh. This give a 1 democrats to 5 republicans in the City Council. It has been a Perfec t Waier. for the Reub Cleank. In the big Ard a do ution the democrats Gaiu two meinl>e.rs., Bra King that body stand 8 and i demo Crata. Wijit Kuton. 0., March from the elections Are too meager to estimate tie results accurately. From Premont Ludka ions the re a ult the Republican primaries Are As follows for Watato , Jas in. Gren for Conuto auditor. A. H. Jenkins treasurer 1. W. Mot 4hews recorder e. La. Howland comm Leeioner. Jonas wat iii. To press i Tielve. D. 8. King. A bitter fight was made for a Iid tor and the Resul the primaries is an., till big but satisfactory Many republicans threaten Long to Bolt the join. Nation. In Wilmington the member the old Chancl were re elected at follow G. Terrell. I Sayres and f. Moon. In the town hip ii. It. Lewis Wil Iam. Wah and John Clevenger an elected trustee u. C. Ruffi imn a Elerk Tho Intis. , treasurer a Viii Davis a assessor and f. H. Street Constable much interest was manifested in the election and a. Full Volo polled. . Queen Vilmut o., 2.tjuitc a Large vote was milled today in this county at the dem it a Nitro Arlin to election and judicial election. Resit Tang in me following idiom in Tiwi Berc a in tatic David Anker scr Lei tips. A. I it a Kuder Coin missioner. John g. A tinier Coroner try d Rector Samuel Leidy. Demo Cut nominee for judge Bis Patty strength in this a Termini a Opp ii in i. Of the and la undoubtedly elected vote Ever pol 1 w1 in this atty. Following is the Vole first Ward love. 2jj m i 220 second Nair a j Conville 3&Quot Laivo. Ahi 1 Bird a met onville2�0 Lov Fourth Ward a me. Orville a a a if love 201 fifth my Onvile i t a sixth me Nvldr 155, Lojec 103. Which gives met Luo la. In.,.. The car Jui i six Counci Lineti. Thu Republican candidate it a marshal was Clette it i. The cite in Wil i with sex item evil. A d the Derai Oral i arc Mulla it. It 9 cedi k the is m it met a Nile elec Letl by a i. And the he a i Parlers were d scr led. The e a iii tes i w a a a to by c Esteil All Day. But the rep Lilian it were Down carte Ciuco noon. About Foo changed hands. Athens. A has . April 2.the election hero today postal quietly. An ii Fly Large vote was pm lka1. The election w As icon it Artie to and entirely w without political Sugni Fulchure. Inter fans Terwall was eth. Nia Rahal f. Let Kering Burcet <oinmis.i�uicr, and j. 1>. In it in. Jaia it Corueil and h. In a Miciu Brit the . A lieu Wecera elected Are re Pablian a. Post Simha Tell. ,. 1 hurts Mottini . April 2.today has been cold and do sign Cable. Snowing hard during this afternoon. iii the vote polled through Tuit the City has Lee it n a Large one for a Mill ii it election Only falling at it Luo whorl the vote n m Creary re i state fall. The excitement during the Day was Gix at and leading influential and Subat autrial Eit Lens voted Vest pocket tickets As Well As it eur ones to rebuke Tho Ilig Glitis ring Widich none tel Ilie re blown t Ciket in nil Mina Tion. The Lample have a me to the a Liis that High tax it have mined the u ure Weltin re id Lite i Ity. Iii Iid to re dec the Rale taxation our cite from de u the Fitio voting the straight Denio Era tie ticket. The Demou Rath have elected the by about a a 0 rna Jority i he Rpu Elieana elem t the a i Giinder the ticket he Small Aud varying majorities. Fini in it note. Cluj Cotile . Thiril i a com plate returns from Allt he ,s a hmm to not the Tiempo Crit til Ket hat been Chi it i Elt i. Although a bitter Light was made Lay the ital Ilion. Following a re the Quot Majo t. , 11 r. I v i 11 Sra a it 2. .1 Eity a Heiti it a. Rilay f. Harrot a pal marshal James Sidnley in strict harks , to. 1 by Derx rats coct four councilmen Ottto six. We also he it our township ticket by a Large ,. To Liere Wai an unusual am l crate Hinig done. Lancaster. , in the my ulleans elected their marshal City a Lilter one Mem her the let Oard ei1.ticati.oiii, one tri Istee one water works commissioner one cemetery to to Lee and two member the you Rich timing a Maple the re Versal the results attained by the democracy hereto hire. Pomeroy. Pomes 0.z�?the election in this Cluj to sued in the selecting t hares Wendt. Democrat form mayor j. B. Scott , for marshal L Brad buoy Reou Altvan. For solicitor. And Abraham Reiser Republican for Street commiaci..er. Dayton. Dayton o., 2.there was a quiet election and moderate vote hero. Returns from All but two precinct Sajiuro the election the entire Dyni Cratie. City lick it by majorities a no iii from 200 to <100. The Council change from a Reub Llepun majority seven to a tic win the pro Babil ii a Muj Orl to Law 0 from precinct not heard from. Touroo. Of Kiwi 0., apr a 2.�? the ind Tentio is at 11 clock Are that the entire democratic ticket is elected. Tho contest has been stubbornly fought with very few straight tickets voted probably none. The w has been terrific., re pub cleans com ode the election the democratic ticket with the exp Pylon police i a Lerk. Precinct a. First w,Ari., gives Romeis. N Publ emn candidate for mayor majority Mihuc Lect a Hio majority. The fifth Ward gives Young the Deino Kratli can for . 4i>> m Pajori 1 Liese Reau 1 to i my i h Eavy rep ii let lican losses Ami at the same ratio them about the City will a weep Field for the democracy. My do frown. Mim Uptown 0., 2.the entire democratic corporation ticket was. Elected with one exception that water works trn Stoe by the following figures for to Uncil Yarb. Ii. A. Dough 682, j. G. In Mains >13. John , 622 for conned one year t liar les Long 674 Lor w a Lerwo ,8 trustee Llawmmi., , 445, Mclain Democrat 420. The Lemon township trustees Fred in client. J. L. Meloy and Petor j to to t to , Jfe a Ilane for clerk 8. U. for consta election returns monday 2, 1883. D. A. Oliver Tiffin John Batch the Fet Elved More thi a minty Over the 6nreesville Dewoody a Large majority �tkub.env1lijs. 0�?z 2.-Jas. Mconville. The Domoe Ratic and Lidice for mayor was tri a mph fitly i Ecford in the hottest Eon Teet a ver known in Fineu Benville. And by the largest Bles a. A. Goach and j. Rout ure a Lecter a. Of a a Anil a i.,. Anu Tonj a 0., 2.tlie City election was held Hete today ail d the round at i am. In Birtill in Progress. The indications arc that the democrats elect the whole ticket by very Hull maj Liley Rati Ging from ten to 100. Arc it to Terete is manifesto in Leie re uht As Tho election is a very Holly one. Nil ban a. Urbana 0., a a the democrats gain one by the i Ecio ii wean from the third want. The vote for marshal Between Anderson and Ding �leiu., will lie very a one but will Prol it a Bly re s Ull in a democratic v Tetory. New Ark. , 2.the re Pool Lana elected seven . Viz. Tenity. Thomss John son , Kibler Usey and Trio Iuka. The marshal and let Alance the ticket Are democratic. This makes the Cim Neil a tie. , ceibij>., Srai noriyuo., 2.the count is coming in too to give any Tiger to but the Genera result a beyond doubt that the whole a Lemo cratic ticket is elec Teil and elected by rep Bli unit. Who pro cited to vote r demo Crata unquestionable character Rucier than for republicans Tai Ioil with eve doing. It. V Creon. Or. Vernon o., 2.the result the election today is As follows marshr.1, la Terry goo per Street Comra Lsalone Joshua Clyde members the school Bani. P. Holbrook and L. Waddell Teut Tiee the water works William Banning cemetery trustee W. Lite Blu. The balance the ticket a Republican capt 00,e cou.ii.id.,l twi Democrat it. To a iii Rowley. Xenia. Xenia 0., 2.James Winans dem Herat was elected City solicitor. The Republican , in the election f. E. Mcgervey in treasurer. W. R. A terns auditor if. 11. To inkling As Ooi Umi slower John Manor director and Geatras rep r Kim ices n i Ait ii i Rati 0 a. c 1 City 1 infirm to at. Lono Tern Short Tern. F i i s f ? w the 1 i f at i it 1 to a a 1 �1 re a 1 267 to 2 .316 a �2s8 a �2m. 52l 44m 4171 312 499 415 49 m 49u 449 4i,j pm a .4 "273 to "2? �296 "200 a i Quot Itai �& 70 Kew �?�144 wifi Offik 5h1 m 5k5 974t 149 2w 277 4 8 4 1 a 150 4 a i Ita 4�?T25 175 22 �?T. 4.52 4t.2 440 1�5 454 in a 4�id �40 Kusi k2 la 11. Ltd �27 ii a ��?�27 111 1 873 31� 2al 25� 211 3m x5h a a j it 575 �0 2i�?T2 ��1 "�01 Quot a a "5 d "574 i m 49 i i 492 193 4, w ,35 �?�21 0 3 7 211 2ti 2h2 221 x5 2si 202 a a a via 26. .34 2f2 t y 625 3td� 625 1 Najr it so a a a a a ��?~�9 55�?~i3v2 40 i 67 0 i Fol 6.1 412 61 7 Ati 1 421 4ii Xii 340 3 a few 4.4�s 344 4.5 tit u 1 3� a a a a �2311 ��29 223 2, Kura i .545 1n2 doll 5.i a �?�2.j. 4 4m Roj Gylfi t2si 507 67 it 5.5 62� tuft so 6 ill a �2i 1 at i 28x 2j�o a few 1 3 i 401 671 707 7 2 743i 1 49f 4�?T2s 4t2 713 1 rj6 Tio 3iw 419 4.�71 4 i4 144 4�?T. �?Tis7 a t 4 in my a a i w7 thai 4>. 6 kill 614 �13 t to 2 0 4,4 4x 4uh 471 �?�214 407 �?T212 461 i i i 4h g 7 477 51b 50 i it Taij a.7 tj7 2ri i m 162 �?�202 a a a a i.2i Ivi m 4>� 7� 4 96 ijh�8 Astl 326 a a 2 a .5.v7 271 a 292 294 5 >2 1 Soi 5ti j 47u 40 �2 los amp .575 571 4m. I 4h1 5taj a pm a "351 1 Xii 324 to Quot Xii to a Quot a ii Quot Tiki a i a Quot it Quot a in a Quot a a 2 a ii Quot i i is. "474 5�?�i Fttie Oll Quot in ,501 j ,35, 414 454 45 .1 4m 3,0 4m. A 454 2 4� 4 a i i a a a a 4�� 42� iii a to. "42� Quot a it i a a a to a �3 i "�67 a i i �m5 Quot Lili 3�w Quot a a 4 9 4h 46� 5�?Tjs 5v2 409 46�?Ti 5c6 4i 6. 4 455 pm a a 241 �?�j.2 247 461 256 407 xt4 2 329 2i is 1 la a Jet 1.5 1 41j 414 97 161 95 it re 411 a a 406 to 6 a i 214 i 111 i a i4i i 7i 1.5 .1 .33 i to 1 �?�22a �?�21 j 201 344 1 22521 a a a 6 i a pc 1if 191 ii ital in Ujj 1 Ita f2j j97 7 4r a 477 m 44 4. .1 1 a a. 4c� 41i, 4 a a. 9 a a re i Quot Sii Quot i Quot a &Quot.54 t Quot Quot to if to i Quot a 0 4?.i 4x1 37.�?T 4bi 42tj t 42 4.k t 41&Quot i4� 1 45 a a 465 511 �0 a a a ,8 7 4� a �5 46 a. 3 214 2.7 2.3 29 a i9i 2d 3tv �?�2lj a Ai 6j a 4 Ai 421 it m 4 1.1 i 4.�?Ta 3� a 46. 4 i. 9 Lom 330 371 4.i 4 i 4.>4 31i a. 4 �?T4 311 a 4 3was Teir. 277 41. A .2 5.m 409 2h9 27� 0 . Xt9 417 a i a 425 451 1.1 �7 i ?14 41 2 2h1 ii i 04.1 84 2.7 in .72 .34 743 m 441 my 477 m2 160 a, 324 495 47. I a few 44� 370 460 4.66 �2� 414 la a 11� 446 Quot a a 4ia 4.>4 210 a i a in 6 i 4�o�o 611 4�il 418 Afi t 2 19 154 state tu.4de. A in Quot us w it a fire it at clip bag Cir Stoe a and at Newyl Ork. Orico i a a Chi Inge for wheat there was no demand from outside parties except to fill Shorlo. The Market slow and durin i must tiie morning session a tame and ii Lif pc rut feeling pro a i among opera dvrs and , a 0 i,.llned t A narrow ra.n., a and he at 1 p At nearly the same As the last a i is 8a turd a. Corn wan quiet and Price Folio will wheat Decini Wihl a a the a pc a tel gallic a with . T11 Cre by Cly imy �1�mun 1 except to Rover slits and trading was moderate Einung i girl at 1 p it. At about the same saturday and tie Teit Ling Tane. Oats Opi neti weak and a i Sinler a rum that the clique Olio arc in m Pulat Eug the Market would make Large con Tim to b la chef r late ii re to no Canad a a Tro i inc r h Elins. And prices in lie i,�?~4 it a. And during the Law hour Chan Etra the a Active closing at i a inner the highest Price. Kje was weak and a lower. Wirk was very quiet and fluctuations dec info red to an Exi Romely Init nov Range prices closing a Trille higher to iii i a Tunby. Jird Ope unit a slide higher but the Market was not supported by any rim idec Able a in mud and the in prove Jent w.,.,.� knt at the close. Irh rib sides were moderately Active and a a hade higher. The f flour no reel quiet an in in re Monk . 7 he Nair sets the Arlen soon Call Board follows no. 2 Voneal 81 Ai it Ril 11 Miry. Hj j iii ., 81 july 0 r4 Ali year t . Mlac . I blk May. .�7v Jinich. Effii july. Gats tic , 4i,nay 44e Jue. 4 2c j ugly Hye ,, .5.a% May. To c., mis pork 4 i May $ is u 1% ii in 5i� so j uly. 116 8� p fill d 0.1 account a ,uc8t from the pro iii Iris in the 1-. A new Loans i to pcs pro further Tim e. J it in by orca ii it the Cincinnati new Aud in Xis p civic railway present nil tend Oil to the a i Pope i car if they to u old s be capt hit Luvi Tilou to visit Conci Uriati. Which was n the ? m Lyon an 1 i t i a i Quot i a t h .111 Rity. .11 is Ali it i Liat 1 it is i n i Thimi will by i opted. The Eora Mutee and Dunno to meet a twin at he Call the Presl enl la 1 to has a . Yrs Fig the Tallis i Aasa Saina. Rome 2.�? five men Eha red with a to tempt lug to like the Hie Bignor eap Elier the noted �.- Iuli it member the a Hanic Rol deputies h Ive been Pla trial hero. The Chick in Sains in Antinie 1 tog Lic i. He in to. In Tother tire Man who was the ruled nud r whup ii. Government for causing an in tie Ferris Tori us stocks. They w e e Wotli killed. A . Of. A Rit 2. Alliance last night two in John Murphy a Printer and Lamch la Onnal residents Halem t Olum Mani Xvi into . Were run Over and in Sli Iutin by a freight train the Fitta in Rigi fort Way it a. Fth Aro rail Road Between Allie uce an . Llois were single men. A it la r to h�4 . Graf vim Rte , 2.mrs. Robert Jones living two and a h Miles Northeast Hope a valuable horse Toleu from her tki Torday night int. A for toe Horaj acid k jul Lor the thief a otrere.1. Luj a Juv to the year. Third. �>2 a May june 11.62>2c july ail August. 8h a i ribs. Ice Tifany. I 1.2 june. 10.22 a july 10. Uniat. Whisky steady 1 �6. Aillor receipts ,6.6i4t Market quiet Choice to y h Eavy St cars. A &7 a a . Tra. Do,., it it 4% 6 Ai Good Shipp tug site is. I wv& 50 fair to a Indium ulcers a 76 6 2-. Hogs Ite Ceiphus a a ippe�., 1, t22 Tenn. .11 my Active at 6 Axuk Advance. Fair la Chi silo old Light. 87 alcd7 75 for a timon i sub s. I Quot 15/47 1� for fair to Lei s Hert by Light and f7 70& 15 for rho toe to fancy tip avy. New Voitik Stock May let new York., 2.there a a male v ume business the a lock Exchange this for no ii. The total sales Irp to 2 �?~.0 t, .iy Almut 80,0 a a shares. The Range in prices wins Verv narrow but the lend nay prox s was Slig Tiv i.w ii vim a orators acc in Dis Rabe let to Holl tor a few , to see what it Leet the ii rus iii ease in the Money Market will Hii . H,.�� us i slots t h3 Niort ing were per t ent. At 2 k the not Swerc 6, 7, 8, Anu 7ni ter cent., and in the lust hour the w tre Bia up to �?T20 per ceiii., an a Cloud. It 12 per cent. T ilk iui.s.11 Tatoul Elk. Fill Oci Akron 0-, Ajo la 2�?.mrs. Margaretta a Oehler fell death from heart Dibiase t these remit. Bul night s\ip�, a id iii . By e a Quot the Merit eau Hal by nil lir u fire being twin in from the Vicinity 01 her . Mir derail by montenegrin. Vienna 2.th a civic f Rice ites the sa.y�. The Urabi r Mem Berg the Spratl tribe Mudler at like to u Ari in the montenegrin w.11s a a City tive.,. Timi l f 0 a Italy . A a i a Ali to in w Cost i i Gintom. Wii Belinti. W. Va., 2.a Copper mine Lute jus i Bec h Delsi Overell to a Armol wll Hain 1 Owlet in fun miners county this state. The Ciu is nearly tive loc4 thick. Politics else Oliero. He Orrum k for the it Iiona to Electo in a to Bay. , 2.the headquarter both parties w Cre kept p ii d Orang tire night and As the Puli Cal Campaign has bet to very Biller the Beni Giilck in to.m.a Row a Mamie pal election will be the hot tot in the history the City. The republicans have former a Ifni lotion re i and e d Emo cents a Iid in dec Ude ire a training every nerve to wrest tie cont nil Heel to go v from the them ocrat�.�?T, under who mythos been Proe Peronia for four year. Tic coalition la Heade a by Lodge. Arey a ten n Vassee carpet Bagger form Fly u a. And every new pupi a every it i it it and All the 8un-Duy schools have been in Tell in the i operate 11 use. To i a y 1� Bei big lavishlyua.i Idt red 1111, us Hungli the at this Mume it seems doubtful yet it is believed toat mayor li.arrl8oii will Lead the d to the usual decisive Victory and Roll iip.6,0im to majority. Republican Earll Aliste have raised a Campaign und Fnu nuo which 1� being Tou Light but tiie a go it i and to Ali party Jemeil Doome a to de it. To further the read a he ii analog situation one did a Trout strike the Laburl big Aitse . Ina gun i ted Pilny Uin tvs Rothera Are soon and it is feared that in Lamorm we a St niggle for the Supra racy Many Sec Nea Bloo Sheti will Tribue. A Peno Cabatic Victory at Evans Vixie ind. , ind., 2.the City election occurred today resulting in a demo ratio Victory that party electing four coun Ellmen six. A 1.1 j tie City Luckel w probably one Etlou. On mayor the majority will be 3cu. England Aguin Quakli from fear a x. Saindon 2.great excitement is caused at Liverpool by w, in i d to be a no ther fenian outrage. The police Fomil a in Roger Stroa warehouse to Odd with spirits the bongs re Mio he from the a -.usks, Ami the int ii Loii Sec me it it i be to tire the liquor. On iii the steady g. Ream letters that 0011-Taiit 4hrea.ta und die a Lestr Tretio ii Bull ill Tigs which con till be to be received by prominent persons and govenis Nicot Fune Fonaries Llue a re Auti Oiin against the sex Eutuk i n.- these Are not Remitta a Lull new one Are being devise and married . This is in articular by the ease in Loi Loii. The a b works Are Feuilly Ger rat a Agai twist sur pries. Aud none but known and trusted hands Ali owe the premises. The War Ufi has Tabun the a a Plo is v . In hand with vigor and leu int nation. A startling report is current that Irish a sea Sina Tion con spiral a is Are i imaged in Sci Ling in reels ,, infected a Linen to the i Annilies persons go Emmeitt oth Cial Wildi Cra. Judges i Ouris and other noxious to inc s Calk in National party. Intense i i Dign Atlon to tit Mill retribution in Ita worst form will due visibly overtake theol and in. The Rcd ceo to Stabl f to m Balia Ireland have gone to in quest Hynes Ami ahoy who Are h Spei to i Havivi murdered Ferik iii june in a i to i ii Erva Letl ,n, the a Elisa Tion at the time a it was sup >��?~9el to the a political murder. The arrest Twenty six pc Stuis last week at Bah inn be. Of Quot i a Tii -., e Bei i in .iie-complk.x in the i murder revived the recollections the crime. Fan i Ell has rce Sivc d a letter from his. Orlep d and cola Borer we. He pm Ovid. Olio has gone to Australia to organize the Ami learn cars Liat eur 11iitry. In Dimmit report that he has la eau Surce us by oui Alt Exa lid that the prospects Are bight for i retail aces jul Lis visit. I i a i is a pril 2. A Joh 11 b Rem an has been again Arres it larges Busot upon further evidence w hich it is a i aim com acis him Dirc i try Tiili the skin Atiqi i c is piracy. In from i Limerick say that owing to the improve condition attain in that City the extra forc to lire whle ii been kept up for some time past Habi in finale finlly Ile in Jisc. This was done the advice Clifford , magistrate . Rise debt Todi Petlon in Moreh. War Hinton. April 2.the statement issued Tod,8y to w8 the de crease the Public debt during the Mouth March to be 6. 44.82ti 27 Cash in the e Treasury sa5. Ttm.,�s2 46 Giitl Oertig Cates 74y.7jq a liver Eert i i Cater 77.625,331 certificates Deposit outstanding 9,715,�60 re fund iii Cert sch tel tender. 0 Ute tand Quot ing f346. Tel i6 fractional currency outstanding 71,657,><8t. A swindler sentenced. New York a a re Rhonl Ballard who under various a tubes. Listing no Hod Hina Kolf As a by gambit and Bwl Ndler and who to arrested a turd Oil an indictment charging him a Quot obtaining Money a Worth a Heck from f. K. Early a w a a Arm Gnad Torlay in general ,,. Where he pleaded guilty to a charge Granful in Reeny in the second degree and Lyas Seu leased 10 state p iii . Of r five . Cli Leago 4fe Alton dire Etora. Chicano a a Tho Stock holders the Chicago amp Alton Railroad elected the following directory Lorth re year t. A. Blacks Tolooi Fohn b. Drake and Morris a Jee up. The director holding Over Are John p. A later Porgo Atran to j. C. Mcmullen John Credo to in Lrenzo Blackstone Aud John j. My Theu. The election officers will be held tomorrow. A Prea Euert in gone throng b t. Taip is 2.j. D. Oiler mid Tobe the son the Rev. Or. To licit Collier the eminent a Jug Reg Lal. Div inc new York City is wanted Here Lor a forgery committed by him a a Means drawing his pay the Sei Ond time for Are i non dered a rally and Ompa ii. 1, �11 i has Board etl the most the time Riik a he turned up in this City in the grand Pacific hotel. French Blivet change. Piri a 2.it is reported that Lirar will within 8 Day two resign the ministry i , and Liat my a Leon Hay w ill exec Ceil him. It Salso stated that Oving to the in foe hug created in Germany by the appointment general the to the War portfolio Oti iter will Aiso Lender his res Ignatiou and Ilat general camper Uii will Sucese him. The imprisoned female communists. Paw 2.madame Itou Lse Michel is a fled in the prison St. Lazare. She has not by Man permitted to receive any visitors although Many Quot per no have a pal Neil for Admi to a Nee. It is reported that her counsel waa an it Poilu my to see her. The Foll clubs the Priou a Tate that she is Well twa ted. M i t.ii Grain Trail a. Stondon 2.the Mark Lane express in Ita review the British Grain Trade during the pay a week Saya the a favourable Harvest arc now very much greater Sihau they have been at any period Sinee the beg in Ding toe Eal year. A note a As.s�cia.tt . Vnti Sbabo miis., a a the executive Ommittee the Kation til Cotton planters Quot association met Here to Lay. Action location tos Cotton Centenni exposition was Post Gammon Iti Coa. Prom punch. I mrs. Henry potty a name Ohleh we must Eon to to not having in a a omit met with in the Wor Lett �?,1,1.its Piib..Zie. L irn 0 in ii 8 Quot ?Tr.un i a and elegy i a Lai sigm ins a Coin Oiler to prove iii i i ism hid not shake a Are was the real. Utho f the plays itt pans current under the lattcr�?T.i-uiuue.�alurdiiy review.1 tslnf.laird ii Oife Library. Bacon Rheum befit and iii a Lii Tibig a usual a a sic sed Ebat Quot in his Anu chair. To iii to a proof Uio pudding Lith in the and sex a.>.,, a i i to in the s upmost Tion thu Matlon thereof. A gentle up at tiie dour come in Linter Shaw Lesja Xaiv what a Ali i thou Art right w Cleome. Sit Down. Will shiites be ire Alto and now How Duih by since at the Globe How Goeb our Jhu Uett St i tip Ipp Irja iii Lucre it Well Ray Lorl. Hawnn Why 80. Plu Yent thou toe a a ghost still s Iak,ceimre�?,a,y., Niy Good l0 we even yet at time 80 please you. A icon it pet us a me Wolf. Talk to your a ghost a Dot ii the ghost at toe g. to walk a be .aht? 8haact.pe.ire�?funetnally, my lord Lii goo Liuto the. Every slur tiny night. It Ieong ii ooh i. 1 will therefore think to Hami me Over the but Bice our Little . Shnke.-ji�aa�?~1 Liall my Ktal. Incontinent by. i . It Leiwe y our i f Lahip .1 iii at Lee ten be yet further your lordship 8 debtor for theve.uh. 1 the workmanship your wit. My lord her iii Jesty tiie i Lien did last nig lit t ome to be i jury the a urine play a lie Cable d met it her preset be. And did do rare tier Plom ure 1 Inte 1 Ali Ouid prod Nee her a Unwe w ill a Purt for Kal Staft am therein pro do. 0 fat Statt in one. Lauri his How a list thou answer her my i peare�?111 your lord ships words a i Sigall m All my beat obey Yon. Madam a a ,�? Ami we it i Hen a a Aid s hcs a a re�?s..ghi.Way supp de your line my lord a a tag Quot Why a tis a Loving and u fair i Aio i i n a live the Joec a b it. It install in love a suggestion and Unini Vinable fancy her Jost gracious Mii esty i in re ii Tim Thol love a and fal Btu . but How then Ray lord May we i la tiny Wise e to Petio . Her Royal mail my Braine methinks i Serin to spy some Glimmer a Way. A Grout Faim a n fallen into the Roii edit that some fair Dame is in amoded him. Lured to make love to her after his Faa Lori. in Loveen a pros m w e Day at we to Iuno tet. 81iake�peafe�?that would serve my lord a Falkauff Luck to be fooled moreover by the Eon tri Vanee Home merry to then. Merry f Hal 80i Why certainly it poems Eif that All this has passed Hirough my mind before we do so i Etimet fuel. 1 m ust have dreamt writing such a play. Methinks 1 even Ohio t the name but. Merry Yea. Marry quote Ian a merry vol via Windso a title passing Good a Ray lord and n taking. Truly a Happy thought let me Pray your lordship about it presently. , and aha it with All the expedition 1 May. A soon As possible ill a cud it to thy . 8hakes a Cerf a a. In Kuhoh d thanks my to rd., b.u011�?in the meanwhile i Prithee forget not that Sigall Tat Lanee. 8lmk , my lord. Braeun needs must 1 until thou Render me the needful. A bake pm in a re a your lordship shall be Semi Gap Way sallied. I he Wibly take my . Exit Shakespeare. Bacone there goeth honest will the reputed author the grm Leut work in the Clr kind the world hath Over seen. But to acknowledge Rny Polf a writer stage play would not now sort with my d font to nor serve my turn. Their Exco Lences also Are for the time it eing Page far above popular valuation to make it Worth Willa aul a lat doth it Sugni info t a a Verity will sooner later be sure to discover that Ray plays could not possibly have been by any my uuutemi>ura.rlee., anybody else whomsoever4n any age country Abl Lulea inferior to Ray . Buffie it for the in sent Tutti 1 do m Ake a Little f them by my Factor. Will 6hake� a Ecjpe. Tour Uia. _ _ in it Nevadot mining town now deserted who a once Tiad Sev Craf thousand inhabitants. Ino iii Are living in Aba a doped to w a goo Brick Housea w Neh they have Adap ted to tolf testes As far As possible by knocking the Zoura Aud windows. Iund punch aug Hole in tha roofs. An indignant Pettek Elvanian suggests that the jury men in the Duke Inal s b Ould Tom a triv sing bomb Inatio with Mace Blade and the Ford Brothun. C 0 a so li1at Long the City Tiari ties Louls Ville f iras Inion. To Pic a ,. Apri Lxi the association this City met in regular Rao thy session Traplay and a Umed the Disei iss Ion piano for the the Virions charities in the City. A committee reporte that a Honfi halt Bec n held with the mayor and a Board Trale Coin mute and. Though no definite plans had been ado Teil All parties seem to favor a Orne plan consolidation. The committee favored the formation a clarity a miso Etalon who a duly it by will be not to dispense Eka Rity but to investigate the wants the need a and Dis Erving. Tiu to to Cupi it Ira petors �0 Ilia May Lac w Isely Aud by 4towid. The he ciely la Eli Wii iii t pay a feat in to Lut Touhl rerun need the Upp Cleant to Aid trom the a sureties the in Ible . Or the City. j. L a Era. For May years known in the Toby ceo tra de to iii City As. A Pru Milieu a auctioneer used Balun Luy age i Ray eight Yean. Like police Force having been la re tired the a misery f platoons has also been increased w Hile the Leue h watches has been reduce Fry iii Gigli to i Honra. The it fair oblation has joined the Ohio Aud Kentucky trotting circuit. The circuit at to ii is t. A has he ii Exi cud a to the Rcv. James Rutherford a Oiler Jackson. O., to become pastor the memorial i Urti Zofih Oscity. It Jizaya the largest salary it Aid by any Louis Vilic Clui Reh. The it Long my Tiku . To will Cleare to a Secli i orally. Or. Louis mo., a a news reached Here today from Washington to the effect that the hailed court. Hid decision 01 the supreme court Kring ,g Dora Broom . He has had six trials and thrice sentenced to be banged. His neck is again a avid this time by a Bare majority one in the supreme Yourl j ustice Nii 6r delivered a cieci8io.n i the Julg Maui the supreme to eur 8t. Louis and remanding the ouse for further Proi eed us in the court iii Thiris Tertul w to Jiidgneiit. Thi Deil i Ion was Sig Neil by five Itic nine judg s. Justice mad Bews read a iii Keiit aug Opi Rifon h .Tliiig that the Poi Ita 0 11. A Liili u wins flit line i hta convict ton was illegal were not Stihi a died by the fact. Llie a Lias enting 0 u w a signed by Terree the other is Etc a. 1 Hub tic to w Cre five in f �v. a new Ilia for Kring and a four against. Licat iii Nice was very Large. An Rauh int Erot was Lui Wil Esteil in the Rase. Kring can now Only be put trial for Murvle Rin the second degree und a the evidence will show murder in the Liri t degree As Ilie Rase is a rest cited by the a Tate. He w ill be Diki a urged. actor Reyz to lied it the jail and iii Formell him the a in Isif ii. The p w m u i e Xci t Quot n t. Tbtiu.,h be he from Sec kites. He i Hainks and i Raim for Bis Moousel and aft id o1 sex peeled such would be the a in Wexy episode the Relief report the Ellis i zip i to enl n Lite. , 2.a scene not Quot Down the h Illa a the Sty iii has it. Occurred Patur Day afternoon in which senator Ben Illarr soit and F. Fit bbl if. Master in chancery in the in Nirid by secs court Here were the actors. They Are old Law a partners. Too. It a when the present governor ind iii a w As also with them up the firm for tor in Fririson a Fishback that Ilar Rimmy be in i to achieve Bis i Gil prom ingenite. It us Eil to to called the firm Quot quirk. Gammon a Simp Quot and however faithful fnl.the a description May Lih be acc u , in Cre in no doubt that fit High ack had plenty Quot snap and in ii ted for it even to the la . a a goofy Republican but when Tho Hon. Stauton j. Peelle. The Republican congressman this District Zient him Tho p re6ent Law Fishback s a Nap it it so to the biting it and he a�idre�8cil . I Helle an open Lemer the it we f ibis City. In m Holch be Tim k him to Lask for his vote for Tii amp to bundle incongruities and iniquities. He Lou Owett this us Toni Friday with a ski Enid open letter which raised a w it with Ever it stroke the pen. He told feeble that he in i the Indiana Dpi get ton bad voted for that Melaure they in ought it would i Ilia Ute Bukent Aud a Lii the title the rep bit an party and win irom to Iceni a heavy ram Pangti utri Quilon with which to coins pm voters a was done in the last Campaign. When Dorsey Dos Bursa 100 0 0 from the Par Loix the Denison Aloiwe in this Rity and that he Peelle. Knew there were Quot men nigh in Bei Ai Ioc coun veil it such crimes and it is no a Evret that Oiler q ammo re i by the party a re Sti pm bored Inai uly because they aided the escape arrested felons who Vic re hired to come fro a her Stales to via late the pc Cimon a ind Ai orig with this Miyha Ulfig fio Litreal family secrets fit Hack did a a the Tariff Bill and charged Ivylle with furthering a inc Siire w Bich piled Alt the Burdis the la fairer and let the Rich capital Tate t Cak it. Peelle replies never a word and so Benagot a his a a tar Litto the . Me. No fth Lack the sleet t the Doughty Gei Urai went in to Quot Knock him ill Quot in hot. Rouimi He charged him with hitting h m Over Pecille s shoulders Ami wanted him to tied stand Itiat he aug Side by Side with in voting for the the ride Hilt . To e Best Neumire he Ould gel. Lie appealed to their Penu Ial Sac Iatrou As Law Gertners Declr. Fishback knew him Well enough to Kustiw 15� that he w by not the tool servant any Rich 31 212 men net men. Fish iat k disclaimed attacking 11, r lid. Alluded t Ilie he had Rande to hav e Ilar Rinon Mude senator As a Methling which had not a might him any popularity. Quot about the .8.8 say., Friend a. be in Ami Stoppy d the Folio Luy. One the re pub i an Organ. Here this morning has three four Peppery paragraphs the Tariff Oil i in a to minced was. And the has a Long editorial full Quot Iasi a to fish Back Intini Altug had he inc to in Ivele s place ire would have voted for the Bill and that he May go to Cong himself some Day. It to be St in we tier so Bitch will write any More pc n. Letters he Promise he would in his second letter Wii Euter party Bonds will tie Bis Hainds. Tie Little episode ill tra.�e�i to w the Tso Ming to , is Auer Rcpt irate brother an a tank rifts n Panie. The a up crier Smirt in general term by affirmed the decl stoic in the injunction who ii the 11. I. Railroad procured Syu Fost the i Nion in Spott which sought tip the. 11. A in. From the use a i the depot until it Ciao its outside ticket Ohidee. The de a you did no traverse the me its the Case but is m-�. ruin tini Iol the by who it i the Union is to a lilt the c., h. A d., outside fice no outside . The Deckham will be at nce up pealed to the supreme court by the Union depot attorney and an Effort be made to Adan e it the do Jck it for Imra Date d acis Fon the will probably not b. Granite i. And Ibe Preib abilities mini to an imm Pilate re Hiing the tit Taide ticket offices by All the in Leo. Ives id it Ingalls the big to our. Has been re Traine i with did fruity Frerra reopening As Ibex in Einnatz Timi Loii a Indiana Mem is making a Strong fight for Sines. v. the new York Herald Yommi a Ioner in charge the Herald Ghloe River Relief i Piid is in tie Erler this after 00n cons ult ing with he Temra Trade Oora Mittee As to the priv per distribution re if. The local com m i tree 1 is. A Bou t it 2,009 Han a a d m r. W111-Lams has f9.uou. The remainder the 36.600 we Ith which he a tarted Fherm new York. Or. Williams b Tys be from Tipley 0 to p a Ducal ky., a 4 Lindl ugh. And Reff oved about Hugo families not including those relieved by committees in larger cities. He gave u t the Money to ind Lvi dual in sums about a a. Though larger amount were Given committees. He does not to link the e Llu Meta f the hoods will be pc mane it liar in. Lie say the re it ple Are rapidly recuperating und he was pleased to Fin a them dub Posl to help the Uno Tiger ..tef themselves in order that neighbors might be aided. He however had something for All. Or. Williams wll go Tolini Pionati this evening acid Dot rib did gee now Drof ably hidden in Alandre Byyo Iid the s me.xle.4.11 in a i 471 44�?~j 8i7 w 4 4 7 hotel was by an old . P. Joyce who invited Bra to take drink. Full Law Seti to drink but a Cee ted a Cigar and w Hole a to it ing a i the e Wii inter Bovce Dellbert iely a hot him through the Heairl flu int provocation. After a hooting a a a Ycu then place the pistol in la i no a pot Kel Fttie Fled. Lie w a a arrested later and lodged in jail. Norco is a clerk at the Nat Onul a orbiter a h.. Philllp Leive a wife and ., i in Clilly fun Sorra fear Sre entertain d this morning that Joyce will be Lyn Elmul an extra guard is at the jail. Heap bad in Jeff. A the it a a Rel m u a Iirth # Annelies Fen new Mateo. n. M., a a win by fuck and fire companies troops Sre in hot Pursuit the hostile redskins who crossed the mexican a Border tier Kilt inf fifty people. Kcf Tersy three miners were killed by Milla us. Leu Animas a tic i Tii. The greater number the Indiana pm see up the Animas and airman Yal foys the Bligh the stat whet and Animas mountains the Sierra. Where they will he Able to repel any an a ail attack without doubt they a Cir Juh s hand Ren Fadis and ame up u nine numbered without women to Cecunj pro visit no an a Iain to night two cattle men wounded by into Deming. Advices Iron fan Carlos re Erva Loo state that the Rati ids la aide a this week were less by 7,000 pounds than the usual so taunt there it being found that almost entire bends had left the i. the chief had asked for the usual amount. Tie to 4mclu�te proof that the read Rovai iii is where the Indi aut Ara from. Or. J. If. Carro 1. A Prtune Keiit ran roman and pm a Neer to the Gila Valley. Was Siu founded by Ilia is near the i a Lilile mine Ycu Htit by abandon Nghia horse he made Bis escape an a reached Richmond foot All attack was made the Camp the grand View mine Twenty Miles Smith to fit ton a. To. By indians supposed to be White Morin Tail apaches hot Poe slav the remnant Luhv 8 band returning from old Mexico Ari d two men were Kallial. The same Bond site coed by Iuga a much near a a Springs. A. To. And killed five men. The Bod v Mulc Charile a mtg Omas was found by the to Root a Fuji two mile from Sirirere ily yesterday. Fifty t to it mini Hebe renegades a lacked a ranch near a in m head i aule. Killing the Herd a a Asan name Johnson and five others 4fcre Felt to near . St. Iio it i Aprl. X a a dog meth fro Bis a Carlos n. My a reports that two my Chiricahua ind lamp entered the reservation Sau relay d at b to n 7 wac two Ali the am nay building my ing in the dire Ellon Globe curlers were a ent from Globe in .8ii dive Tion s to warn the Settle re. Lieutenant Davis will search for train the Rumor 11 Tat a fight has taken place a tween Hau Carl a settlers and the is not i Troops Are Concemi Ratel at Itenson we Leo and Separ. It is estimated that the Hostiles in Ari Wina do not number . San Fra wik to it a a a ivors Burg is Patch so a a Quot no news from Captain Black and his Cut Topany. La in Genc Raly Lam died that they hav been amb ush in and Anguili iia 1 re a the left Milder inf a Stutey by Cieck. Of Misao Tiricio the adjutant part by. Diar bongs two Dusky Pamaela a proposed Railroad. Paris a a Laura Cater and Folly Hughe. Duty Damsel bad a fight with a ois Tol and Poi is. The Ioir wielding the pistol tred three times with the Nimitz be against the other but Nita Fin received a a Evere Woutis from a brickbats the Side the be id. The Light purred Over a negro a Amati Lysias Louard who bad Blu keeping both worn in. Joth w a re arrested. Tie i ortrud in.tgisirate�, by a vote k to 7, de filed Ion submit to a popular vote 011 May pm w i ther 0 a not to v i a re0 w to Ali p Ropo sed in Aris. Frankfort a Georgetown Kall Road. Aeneid edit ii the Iron Rood. 8t Louis a a train no. 606 the Iron to Oniate railway. D be Here at 6 17 clock la ii a morning struck a Rock several tons in weight that food rolled. D.in the track at by Ashburg. A Small station Twenty five Miles from tie City. The engine. No. 31�, left the tra Quot a and Down in c ban Kment into the River where a he now lies Bottom Shle up. I ii Bi go .8gecar w thrown trnck.8 aside her s3 the track. end the smoker won Abo Uit Frueke it i and thrown to the a Ide the track. But none 01 in Rotti he sleepers left the rail hug Lineer Murii Ovorn Anil his firer Atn were whith a Eri bully injure in jumping from Llie eone i in t just hour Day Eon id not be teamed. None the passenger were Stirt Ati All a it Ide from a Complete shaking up caused by the �ud1eu i top a iii t the t fixin. The track w its a fare a at 10 clock and All the Iron Munnt Atn trains overdue got into tic Union det it stat t clock. Mcgovern and his lire i an Werc brought to a Doudelet. Where Uliey both live. P e Eliza if ii ii icon Matt killed at Osgood Imi. Osgood ind., i a As the Osgood a com Modalion wu8 coming in this evening at 7 30. Or. Fedor Bachman no. 791 Vine Street Hiii-ciuna�?Tj., temp ted to Tatore the train a topic us. And missing Bis footing fell Between the platform and the moving train the wheels a sing Over the Rig it leg near the hip Jont and the left below the knee Cius Bing them in a horrible manner. He was removed to the Ripley House where every attention waa shown him but be died f Rory Bis injuries. A lawyer As a defaulter. Virgiria iii., Xhon. L it handler a lawyer High a Lal and business . Formerly member the Illinois legislature has defaulted in the sum pj.060, the losers being mostly a relatives. Forgery is alleged in con Neiti ii with the Deal cation. Chaudler has gone ,. Ostein slyly to a brain in Urey to Settle Hiot a Ouwita but it la generally by Levi d to will never return. Gambling is said to be the cause the trouble. A Fie Otid att Euitt at bul Clde. Mid dlr to 0 a excl a a a Young Man named Curren was lodged in the station Boose today. Abent 4 the turn Bey tracked to his cell when he found that Yonng Curren had Rasile a rope by tearing Bis Coal in strips and att Mcd a Ricl de by . He waa Cut Down 011 y slightly choked and put in Irons. This 1� his a eco id attempt to got the w orld the. O be i us a few weeks since when he sought it in the Wottom the canal. General the nato. Up Nln 5inmhan, to whom the supreme Laid the k nigh the iyi1ii�i� a a Ingwl he Usk preparing mint by tactic Lor the use the uni orm , Hus completed Hia labors an i the Man 11-bc Ripe i who w be in printed. The noveme n to Tkavc by n m that a person drilled in them will be qualified for service in the regular a iii. The move n..11�. a Jawed. Thel Pton principle instead i a is the Case in the uniform ranks other orders. The re a re a Many As cig ii fair Nio vein mits arranged .0 Liat the Drill can be made exec a Lii Gly Alir Active. The uniform rank the .Ier into division grand divisions an i brigade. The division repro win Ting Quot n single Lodge the grand division the lodges a tote and the brigade the uniform ii rank the a Marc order. I he Milfor iii will in a Blue big , und the Insigtnia the officer will be similar to that the regular army excepts Toi Heem Slenis. You a Dickey a Well known democratic worker attempted to commit a nitride Haiir Day by a tabbing he myself with a knife and Honing a Blo vessel in his Arm. The wounds Are severe but prot Bably not fatal. He Hal been Viup Loyceil at the Northern prison but in iii ii ibis Titi i Loii de3>.nd ency Aud drink a took him. Since Rev. J. L. Nicolson Ladelphia has Declou the episcopal Bishop Indiana no other Choice Cuil be made until june. It is probable that then another a wrong Cal will be made to elect . Francis ilm to a . Of Troy n. A. Who was the Choice the clerical House tie Laie convention. Rev. Wilward a. Bradley Rector f hurts a Church this cite will also be Strong in urged. Or. Arr Loa k very Quot High Riiho h a in his views. The superintendent Public in traction is Niaki no ready a och Oid exhibit for ,. Or a it in Congress to be Erie a at Rio de Aneiro. By soil june 1. If there is anything us Lna is specially p, d f it in her system. This afternoon Michael Ginz realised that he had Iwen swi oiled. On an 6 chec a p Urpo ring to Piave been signed by sex he Viator Joseph i Donald and which wan passed him saturday eve Ewing by a guest stopping at the Lillie House. The proprietor the hotel Aiso that he had cashed an equally fraudulent Evces for the same amount to Wultich s name a forged. In Lio Ali Case the signature was written in a Quot circus Toster hand that extended nearly tie whole iii Goth the Liei k. Mcdonald does n it write that Way. His is a Quot Tjie italian in cube Booth the venerable father sex scan tor boots civil Raia. And who m.ake9� jigs Home in this City Lias but recently to celebrated he Ninetieth birthday. Or. Booth a the oldest new paper Publ Leher in the a Tate and h Coli my Tion w Ith the press began in we i. In this a late when he Pubis died the weekly Tocsin at 8alem. Morris Dalton a n Ori it no. Local character afternoon accompanied by an unknown Oil Pun Ion made Bis Way to the a oud Lionor 6.,4 Virginia a ave to a d a into Only i ,.l the i Emma Wilson. Hetlich attempted to enter Tho apartments occupied by mrs. W 8. Johnson and Ihl Bro right ner husband to read ii. La the fight which follow Dalton Cut Johnson horribly with a knife in the f., making two gashes that will mar k for Lile ii they do nottling worse. S under y it Rikes. Smallpox in 8t. Olti q to. St. Louts a a smallpox has made its . In .d0.it7 by. Fet Era a and 8t Paul s school in this it Day and fifteen Cosra have been reported to the Board health during the Post w Days. Wale q car Antosie to a reported As Fiu lug up rapidly and a regulus Scourge to looked for in consequence. Four thousand members the Chicago u Loik de in.�. I idling an Advance. C Picago 2. A As intimated in the to the new last night four thousand Brick Layeni belonging to the Union went a strike this morning being refused an Advance wages from 3 50 to 4. This i Cream a was demanded last january at which time the master Rasmis refused to Grant in week the to a a again met and reaffirmed their former Dedsion not to Pav More than 3 56. This a it the a talk a whirl began today. The Rtr. paraded the streets today and made Many Totoy demonstration and Are determined to hold . It to believed they will be sneezes soul. Brlek Lav ing the new chamber t Zimeri and nearly All other buildings was a topped but several a Bater builders orc paying 4, and Cven 14 50 and 15. To the nest bricklayers tor a Short time to Complete contracts. The master builders held a Inlet ing this evening and a c6tnpromi�e will be effected with the strikers. Five Tom Saiid labourers carpenters and others Are also thrown by the ,8u�m no i 0 n work by the bricklayers and the delay in completing buildings will involve Large losses. An Experiment will by Ai temp red i Omorrow w to set at work gangs f new men from the country and apprentices iii Der police Protection and trouble is feared because the bricklayers Urio n is v cry St foil g. New Cigar makers. New Haven conn., a a the Cigar makers Union this City held a meeting yesterday and formed a committee who Are to re to it. At to b a Jour Ned meeting essay n ight As to the advisability demanding an increase pay. They assert that a the tax has been re Duc a it Willibe Neil Only the inh n u feature is and that their pay fought to be increased a average 1 a 1,000. It is thought Liat a a Trike will occur if their Demas is Are not acceded to. A do Law ski Ely to i Hon order. Fob Tresa Montos va., Xua brutal m.urd9 Corrod tot. Night in the Barrio in 0f Barnes hotel at Hampton to. Chomoa poll upon Amulet and Ruoff Tulva citizen Pasi if tbs balk link Bill Altos. Morris walk away from Wallace and Viii it ii by too. Chicago a a the twelfth game in the balk line Touni Arant was played this aft a noon Btu Wen Lon Morris and Thomas Walla e. Of Chicago and was won by the former with ease. Morris exhibited some Brilliant and effective execution Wallace waa caught Onset eral awkward miss and waa four ii once in the balk line. In the main like Cut in us to was devoid features imerese the More a us gtd Morri. A Wallace a a it. Decidedly the most uneven 1 lest the tournament in witnessed this eve eng so immense audience Between Mark Vigo Aux and William so Lon. The Frenchman won tie Garieon the Lac no a he it Tibia in i. Rorn Diug the very highest average the tournament Over 2h. Of Exton seemed completely demoralize and Only scored 67 in the entire game making the lowest average record. The con it was not Acra arable for features interest for the foreigner nursed the balls and played for the Bagget a tri iii ignoring almost every attempt at the Beautiful Graceful. Because the Lawence my decided oppose too. To exhibited More than Bis usual practical strength. He executed How Ever one a hot which won Ctm tin applause because it Plchot d the Audi Cut e with Ite Prett lne a. The Ball was sent ricocheting along the rail touching it at intervals and drear Long perfect Are circles until it Earo roed the further object Bull. It to called a Snake shot. The score by iii Ings stood sexton�?0, a 0,1�, 0. It 7. X x 0.1, 13, 1, 7,1, 0. 6. 1.6.3, 2�?total,87. Vlcu�ux-43. 33. L m a. A. 0,0,27,0,0,6, 33, 74, a 41, i 1, 4., 1. If total #0a Quot t a i ii a a heavy Kab Balty. Amose Meirers. Befit Rotea Ammu from a new Yorlli Book Job lither. Norw York. April Xua series sneak thief robberies were Succena Afuli Roundel saturday by the abstraction by Critie aggregating %.000. Miss f. U. Doty the Cahier for r. B. Treat Book Publ Laber at 857 Broadway went to the Safe to get an account Book when a lie discovered that the inner door to the Safo was 0m ii and that a Large number Bonds and Stock were Gotie. Or. Treat being absent in Chicago she telegraphed to h to and ask Chi. I m if he bad taken the Bonds with him. An answer was returned saying that the Bonds were in like inner afo. Wore was at once sent to the police a Tafton and in a few hours the Date tic a a Learned that the Bond. Undoubtedly h d been , a the Cash Ler the metropolitan Bank had rash about .966 wort h a a coupons. Or. Treat arrived from hic ago yesterday and gave the list a the see urls is a Tolan. The sneak thief also eur to Rcpt Tiseo la i. j. I. A g. Green net euro Iri Gica instrument manufacturer in tiie Sanie floor the building Exa try opposite . Refl to a. Unc Hini Dresti dollars in Otah was taken from a drawer in a desk in the front lice. As the p re who Aigist nicked the Money t the door an pm Doyo the firm my him take the Money his overcoat a Ide pm Ket. He anime it Liat Elv gave Chase but w ii catching inc . The larger portion the securities can not be a Oti Atod. Sundry f1he8. Flo tel Eire Aff Tutu Ron A. We . Apis Lxi a special from Littleton. W. A. On the b. A Railroad says the Central hotel two stable and a lot Keg loops and lumber were destroyed by fire this morning Between 6 and 7 clock. Ita origin to not know lt., but it i supp to have a get from a defective True in the hotel. Loka Alono no Niimi Aiice that the hotel having expired a piety Day. Ago no lives w Cre list the guck to being Early risers and at breakfast. When the alarm waa Given. Youn onto w a o .47,00. Cleveland 0�?z Xua Youngstown special says the residence Christopher waa to tally d a troyet Liy tire this mock Ling. Lore 7,009 insured for 8.006. Boa sister a a a �. 09.000. , Mara 2,the Large leather Boa Rel Mill and outbuildings Orneil and Man a . By colonel j. A. Harwood., burned >e�t�,.r-Cliiy. Lom 160.009 insurance 71.000. Seventy five hands Are the Man employ deut. Obituary. 08. Last la b. A Paris Xum. Do Lacour the French Dru Mattat died today. I w . I a Cam econ. Miamiville . April Xumin Anna Cameron i Riveland died yesterday at 8.30 a m., after several m its a ill new. The funeral take Ploc to Morrow. Kus Sunn proclaim Atlois. Ian soon 2.the Dally ent at Berlin telegraphs that he Lett to. Fro to. By. Petersburg that the revolutionary Marty in Russia has issued a. , .an.nou.n. n g that their pre paragons meet the Coronation the Czar Are Complete. The proclamation contains a warning to All persons the they shall keep at. A distance from the Czar during the ceremony the Coronation. The a i flu Des Quot a will strike once for the f Reedo the proclamation is printed in red letters with a red Border. Scheme to eur Large Samblis College. New York a a the trustees col Niobia College at a meeting today dam biased at great in Atli the Flea Neil Condit foil and present used a the College a lid decided to Issue an. Appeal to the Public Slattum the fila Iclal Coa Din ii uie Enouege and asking for Tribu to a not slab Liming in. This. a a polluted uni Veis to devoted to Duea Tiomi the highest order such As can now Only be obtained at the great uni entities Berlin Faria and Vienna. Of ii. 6.#l�..nicer i i Robt Nscott a opera Honre was nearly filled ill night the attraction being Marie Gei stingers opera company a Laig As he audience r was not is Large As the merits the per Ofinn Nilo Dew Rev Dethe Opi Ira pts seated was a Trompette one Leeooa s Best works the libretto which is by Meili toc do amp Levy. In playing Light opera gel stinger is hampered 1 just him fact that she Stikl play in German. When the work a French Pocris trans lated into it is. Bod euoagh.,. And it loses Oil Ewi a a Ford to lose its original flavor but it gains tire Merit being Intel glow when it is translated lure German for the eng Lidi speaking Popup Tom St leas.1. Eiren title Jornd duration in kit tire manner in which Quot trompe la Quot was tec Eivid lost evening indicate that the audience Felt thi fact in that the apply a a Llma ted. A the exp Emion approval it tree Eert Fon Patent Pointe Sueh musical m did have drawn apply Una. From the coldest audience. It it Tamly Lair to Rev this Provol the Motif we. Iroil Fotioo the Iotia parts was meet Tut fun Olathe play a entirely lost tire greater Marti the audience. Quot Tromp the Quot 1 a Story the Fronde. Tire countess Camproni one the leaders the to Bellton is forced by Cardinal Mosart to marry Hia to Sib the count in the death the Tartag the Randi nil irl a to Ento acc a marriage be the Rountree and her brother in Law. A be Rebechi tries to Moke her Way to Parte through the royalists in dlr the go foe a woman whom tire Folkers Aye Only Loo eager to Delcoure among Uuno. Bhe la discovered and arrested by an officer who fall in love with her. Bhe escapes to Paris and Dii raises herself As a barmaid. Her Over follows her. And disguises himself a a a Butcher s up Prentice. The Royal Tut troop reach Paris Sud the finer Eon tiers the people. The countess is imprisoned in her brother in Laws House but to the disguise a physic Laii her love end eonque.- gains Sec to to her. The Cardinal permits their marriage and thus rewards the Tover for his Fidel to the King. There the usually murky flavor about this work but it is Dot too Oab sire for cars polite. It 1 simpl7 opera Boutte in German there is no Hing to w in h an american Zouki is tire slightest objection. Quot Trompetter is full theele Veress and Mool Plum Ling eid acts Gay undo lies. Ai comp Tiili Neitli the tap polite and interest Jig lorm and Short Brilliant end Embie Suhich can not be a Jar passed for i fact. The voice Dos various parts last tee lung Quot were All., so but that . Reisanger Herson was by Excel Esiee the Best a Soprano More file Iiri big gifts need not be a red for in such parts sep Lla ii rat ree has a wonderful resonance. Yeta never harsh in Cailie. There is in Ita timbre that rarest All Micel exe Ellenora. A my Petty and whenever she chooses to join a the Welta Pringos tears it 1 at once unsettled. Her singing the simple Yert pathetic Romano. W Corring Between the str itis Tho Gavotte in the act act was a ething Doug to be Rente tiered. How Beau Tinl were the fint Ellke tone yet How unil new like in their depth Earnest be Ling. Bow sign a rate the Iti Gervats and Bow Imp ii a with Noble sentiment every phrase the violin Solo which Mccomi Milired the Romance was a fitting audit to my love in a song. Miss Indolfi is a charming player Aix the encore she my ived Una Well de served. Or Schultx bos a Tenor voice the finest Quality ringing Strong and me Iodious. Although be has great Power and a pier Long upon the upper notes there to in ail \ Bis scale a musical Sweet desk which Tokea any that rough edged ii edgy too con menu with tenors. Und makes All Bia songs a Delight to Hig acid hence. Might a Seebold sequel inc was a Clever a deep acting Oak the lady has a voice Good Quality whip h a ire does not sick to use with All the Ali visit i Force which she in capable a a Mure. Gistinger is remarkably praiseworthy to this not Speet a he never spares herself nil her note Are Given with full Ettelt and in the Sextel in the first act her voice ruse Clear and Sheet Abov that old All the five mole votes that Weru Hesni with her. 1111 und the Danei which a Horthy fifi towed it were encoded. The Fritt act wound up with a ringing martial chorus and the ii Stuible was exp Eta lentil Giren. But the Brilliant bit the opera was the finale the second act. Thu Cou Tebu gives a recitative by which she a acne rages the Popup use to run is the attack tiie royalists. A is built and the counter mount tills and while waving her a word to captured a by Maine Imp. Her Tover. And his troops. The the stage in Titis w cite last night spoiled much the Fleet hut had not the curtain capped too soon the scum would Baku been a Climax. The bid Villette . Junker nod to a a fade Lou . In Abreh were both Scace Toble. My Schuitz ii tamourian was a Clever Pine Low comedy. A rare scene for this port the Mintry we tucs Elt a at Tim final lamp Tho Curtri iii. The audience Rose i Maree and Clied for Mic. Leistinger. The Lud Jerru Quot Hoch Quot was loud in its through the Hall and when the Star Appe Rod her grim was in atom. That evening Quot Marl grass will be presented with . A stinger up Tao Nichol Hoth at the grand opera House lost Over Ifni go in Quot inc the finest thu play to an attempt Ata dramatic Proi Luction. In which an excellent Oppidi Ronni y i few 1m the a a error Rance a German Ruedy part hat John Mishler the pot Foeman. Or. Willa in is thoroughly known in uie port and it to Vifot necessary to May Mijat his songs and hta dial Dot Are in Diuble. Kirsti s a Black Crooks is the att Rocton this week at heu k s. It is Given with the us a amount is enic eff tot but the Ballet is Noc Good. It is Bui Vever led by the excellent premiere Nile. Ast Eggland. A Mold i Rapij. Tho Garu Tia brother do Iliean the vein Louret and the Martens family Are the Attari Loiis Utip Side Fhy regular Quot Bidet Crooks perform Ranee. A a one my und red ulv a was presen Tell last Evelna at the col went. The play was received two three years ago As a Suec Essul hit in the e mormon u question and its intent to Bince been Iier a. The play is preceded by a �p4e Alty . In which John a Leach m Hud lug and Drew and the Fieldings look pore . And mrs. J. R. Hawley have returned frogs new Orleania. Emma Thursby will api rear Here next Thun Day Era rival due Cubi in. New you a a . Henry k. Hoyt tire Scenic artist the grand opem House is m present engaged at Niblow a Garden to Pala Luga drop curtain for the Forth combing dramatic festival at the Uncini Natl Mude holi the Euroia will be one the largest if not the la Ripesi a the to h utry. Its Din Ensinas Are fifty by sixty feet. If he picture proper to about forty by Twenty five ret. The Sut sect 1 a eeg Ulua leaving. Horae for Carthage a a copy m tire picture by Benjamin West pointed 17 Or. Hoyt has never Sec ii toe original has Cottoy 1� take from an engr Evans. The picture Lulu trails toe doubtful Story told Egelus Tiret after b is capture by. The is rib aged Ana he a was seat to Rome to negotiate pc Aee which he himself dare faded hta country inti f Niin accept Itig. A us then with to in Itile. Fidelity returned to Home to by put Odenath. In the picture regains Tajuan about tour Bork for Carthage. He Standa within a Large Murt Templo and through the open portico 1 Jur Ole the sails the vessel in who Cut he is to embark. He 1� tiie Central Flag fire the picture. It Ith ii look f a sad. Detent Luat Lon his free. Bota turning away from the entreaties hta friends whose a Uppike Ateima he 1s Appart title 811 Szerlog by a Ges Tii a the Hantl a Orne them Are Ktie Clitis at Bis feet. His wife has fallen fainting into tire arms my 1 site Ridant in the e a Iddle a Gro up sorrow 8tri Kii women. One Little id too Young to understand the cause his Moth fee grief to tugging at her dream. Ai Kotlier. A a Orne what Alder to shedding tears. A third la Adt fug his entreaties to those the group that Ore imploring hta father to remain. In tire Iclet Ceu ter some rom an soldiers look Row fully . In the rear Ora a throng citizens with grief and anxiety i pie Thor flies. Iti the right a note r Are Ronie Luem bers the embassy. The picture to nil dramatic interest . Lloyt began the Pai to Ittig some five w Oaks ago. And to Wilt require about three weeks More to Loti Pieti ilbo far As con be judged from present appear bras . Hoyt has been very snows Fol in hta work a. The drawing to told and Vigoroso and the Patrao a Pharic effect la Good. Or. Hoyt bos accepted ail Eilif mement As the chief Scenic artist for tire Kiralfy Brothers next Seu Itou. Agnes Langtry a a elopement. To Raj pro ., a a a with reference to a statement that miss Agues Langtry had eloped at Niagara fails with a Man from Toronto Mia Long try writes follows "1 should feel Grantly obliged if Yon would contradict the a Tatem enl Madeiln this mount big s Paer. I am a t present a Tait to . Aud mrs. Mackenzie to rough Pra Tau to my return to a Kwh tiaras. Barium arrested for cruelty to child Reid. New York 2.p. T. Baum was arrested today for allowing the Elliot children to perform u their bicycle not i Thaxton cling the opposition the society for the prevention cruelly to children he and Bis partners went to the court and live Ball to stand their trial. In the afternoon he gathered nearly All the prominent lawyer physician and toe Judger at mid i Sion ski Marc get re ii. Imd Gav e a Privito exhibition the children s performance. Fail is be w y Orli d Ealer. New York a a Joaeph Frazier a dealer in i rearm s a d Ammu ii Ilion a made an assignment for the Benefit his creditors Todi to Theodore shot Well with preference amount aug tos77 .098 9 1 at h r. Frazier a store it was said the Robar casament was Only temporary. The liabilities amount to about 100,0 10, while the assets which Ore Sueh a nature that they con not be immediately realized amount to about 1209, 6t. Louis doctors Are Prener Erflg for a cholera Harvest. The measles have almost Fantinel the Oriu an epidemic in Brown county Texus. De Moines. Re exp to soon have Teto Punk with Chicago and new York. A old boy in Chicago won Kli Lod by a Cable car Buu ibid. The conductor was arrested. Gen. W. P. Richardson. A Well known attorney Marietta . To lying Crit Cody ill from a third stroke Parsi it Ata. Eila Moni iii Teube Tivie . Was a Trelc by a flying horse fruit watch she fell and so la Jared that she died in two hours. George Jones City clerk Litchfield. Ih., to behind i 270 27 in hta onto and has resigned Bis resignation being Cep Toj. David kidney who asat lied and robbed messenger Ulmon la new York �,590, a sentenced to eighteen year a 1 i prison men t. . New Mexico. In flooded with counterfeit Silver dollars it u supposed by Joe Hogan a noted forger and Bounden be Man. At new York Wllliam Moreell alias italia and numb rofl other atlases the not orious big amu swindler and thief was sentenced to five years imprisonment a Barge obo Luing monay a worthless Check it
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