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The Cincinnati News Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1883, Page 1

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The Cincinnati News (Newspaper) - April 2, 1883, Cincinnati, Ohio. Number 122.cincinnati, monday april 2, 1883. Price two cents. Ida Simpsons Story. Aits Fuad Ltd and a Kenidy Womak a weakness. Ray my How slip att Iti it in s Turl Clef the trip to Cal re for her per a Sowaal attract lotto. Of the Arm Ealr while i read and nieceedc<1 in take if Hia pistol Mitol Liis pm Csc t be Tore lie knew to. Tien with the revolver i forced him to me enough Money to come Home. A me did not want to no so but i said i would to with or without Nitu. Only tor that pistol i would never have had the Money. I waa mind to to while i had it. When we got Hack to the Union depot i had two Nickels and he did not live agent. We went out to the same place i told you stay a there nearly to it Davs a wid then 1 returned Home. In the Aero unit of Niy applying Lor the warrant the other Day it was stated that 1 said 1 knew he we a married Man but expected him to leave his family. I never mid any Sneh thing never thought it. 1 went to get by. Lock. April Oiler to get Matibe fou uie warrant against Ziy will because Ray Broth .1i.a or forc cd me to do Nhi Itomi Ham ii for. The Joandel connecting the nume of Hon us a Argiri who a Nollsh enough to swindler and bigamist crooked Caj trek of an a com. Flushed , of Moke. A Robert c. Ballard Tujo la it new York mis Flat Sable Flet Lona and 11-Xnarkable a nicest. A Obi Ingasio ner of easels with Ida Rumpson that person was called upon by your Georrea Pousont to Day. Mist Simpson was out with her brother Aadla wife but at m the Trio returned and Bare waa not the least hesitancy on the part of any of the family in conversing on the a Forbing topic. It May be premised Here Umu Ulsa Simpson is a Yosof lady Twenty years of age with eyes As Black As the Doe. And hair As dark As the Ravens Wing. In Plain English she is a right do it wic pretty girl a lib bewitching face and Lovely form. Bho Nally gave a history of her first acquaintance with or. Pm Hicls the attention he had paid her Ker downfall remorse Andi thirst for revenge. Then came the Story of her late attempt at sni Elde. A a Yea Quot she said a it 1� True that i did try to kill myself. 1 Felt like the world had turned it Baek on me. Or Francis who had sworn to lore and take care of to All my life a imply deserted me and told his Friende he had made a a blasted fool of himself. The papers a poke of Mesa if i had been a Loose woman trying to blackmail a respectable citizen. 1 was a mine girl we without a Friend. I deter mined that 1 would put an end to myself. I wrote an my it Vunt of my life and wrongs for the a lobe Democrat and sent a copy to the Man who had been the cause of my downfall. 1 bad two Boulea of chloroform. After Locking the door 1 made a pallet on tie floor and placed a Pillow in it i put the letter to the Glo be Democrat under the Pillow where it would be found the Mist thing. Then i saturated my clothes with Rke chloroform took a a too Wiful of it internally my Laid Down As i thought to my last sleep hut they Pund me. Or. Thompson was sent for a by be brought me to. A a and you see Quot continued the lady with a Bright laugh Quot that 1 am still alive and As Lively m a Cricket end now i want the world to know the truth about me. I have no Hatmil for or Saneto. I can not subdue All my love for a loan to whom i gave All that a woman has Worth giving her Flat love but he has thrown me As u i had been a dog. If to bad Bucu any tug of a. Man he would have shielded to and said to the world 1 am responsible for this girl s ruin and i will Beer the Burden of it he knows How he per by faded me blinded me and infatuated me. 1 would have Given him my life s Uch we his in Floence Over me but at the first Hrc uth of Seanda he runs away and leaves All the Emvy Lead for me to being asked for some confirmation of her change of Hose desertion on the part of the health miss Simpson proceeded to relate that meter the Ini Macy had been established or. Francis provided her with our dated apartments at 2130 Clark Avenue where die bad two rooms and a Kitchen adapted to baht housekeeping and there she received the visits of her Lover and Here for Many weeks he lavished every kindness upon her and kept her in luxury until their Roceil visit to Chicago. Quot now to show said the Beautiful i Simpson with her Cleopatra eyes flashing fire Ever the re crts nay of her Lover Quot whether or. Traveis regarded me in the Light of a common woman As he would have the Public believe i will Ahoi Jihu Tome letters he wrote to me when he w is in my room one Day. 1 hav let he Ong to Dow the truth of the age. The older the Man the bigger the fool they Are in Tois Box Quot she said bringing Forth a a spacious Tiu Box. Quot he gave me the Box to keep his letters in. Ain t it a pretty Boxt Here Are enough letters to show what the balance Are. They were written to me from Day to Day when i was living at 2190 Clark each of the letters famished the reporter was enclosed in an envelop of the health department on which were printed the usual caution a a not called for in ten Days return to health office City Hall 8t the following Are Spee Mcaa Quot Uhtof mine pc. Quot fair Ida Quot Quot Joy of my amp a. Quot i would Call your attention that today is a Beautiful Day and just such a Day for a ride. If you will go i will come up at 11 o Elock and meet you ust where Yon got out of the Boggy last night and we eau drive until about 1 o clock. Yon can go Back then and in the afternoon Mae Down to Clark s venue did get its Wiy. Let me know by Mike if you will go. Quot Yob Feu end. A i thought of you All night Quot my Damp Ai brr Ina i Hope Yon Are Well this morning. I have b it ii thinking Over that Man. 1 eau pot think he. Came for any motive he a Ould have no Good reason in coming and 1 can express to Yon How much i have thought / ner it and what you said to me. Now Idalou cod s Sake for your own a gtd have nothing to do with any one. Do not of and throw your a Rii in a deep pit Yon Are not bad and can be Tost As Happy of any other if you will Only try. Remember what i have told you and remember what i said that i would he your Friend and help you and you know 1 never failed in whet i Tola you. Be of Good heart cheer up my Little Ida and do no t allow that Man to get any More hold on you than he has. You have him much in your Power As he has you and he knows it Laud some things to you. George has just left 1 Wal fix it for him. Now Good by. 1 suppose this is a ouch s sunday out so 1 had better not come up but May drop in about dark. Good by and do not forget 1 am your the if to Chelca to. In Zonver Salon with a inst dispatch reporter Mim Simpson was asked Quot Aba injustice do a Foa complain Ofra Quot in the first place or. simply that he Laht to Chicago and that he was a fool. A he leaves the Imp Edwion that he and i ran a Nai Pree. Why did he not Home out like a Man and Tell How he almost carried me Quot How was that Quot to have no 111 feeling against him in my heart but my Story Hannever been told. Two Davs before we left town he came to my boarding House to his buggy. Me was almost c based w Illi drink and he booed me to take care of him. He said that All was Over Between him and his wife. That she would not talk with him and would sue for a divorce and that he would now look after me. I asked him what he wanted done and be a cd that i should tale eare of him. a amp take a drink a said he. A and talk it All Over Quot "1>w you agree Quot Quot yet. I never wanted him to leave his wife sever asked him but i thought if it is All Over Between them it flu be right for me to take my. Fiance. Perhaps he might marry me and give so at least a name 11 Iliad lost Honor. If he bad left his wife for Good was it not natural for a poor girl in my condition to cling to my last Chance then he was so drunk that i was Sterald to let him go away went out driving and he drove at a furious gait. Several times a Werd nearly upset and once he ran into a Telegraph pole and bail a narrow escape. Then i to Ltd the lines and at his direction drove to a Ace in the Auburi miss Simeon named toe place where we remained All that night had most of the next Day. 1 did so because he bad begged me to Mke care of him. The next att Moon he had sobered up some. He said he would not or sober up Here and he intended. To so to Choc anti. J told him that was the c Best be could do. Then he said 1 Loit go and i immediately reined. But he begged and entreated and at last i Coos Entea. During the drive he look out 1250 and gave it to me to keep Lor Blu. No if 1 w an ted to trick blk could i not have left town that Money. Mould have provided for mein a strange place end i would Nave escaped disgrace but would not do such a thing me told me when he gave me the Money that or. Grindon and or. Fitz Wllliam tried to Stop him when he was leaving the City Hall that aft too it in. But that be had drawn his pistol made them both stand aside and threatened to kill the Man who to ild at tempt to detain him. Quot what happened in Chicago Quot Quot of i Dos Luce to talk about those things but 1 have Duff Vereil and i have Iteen abused. Or. Franda was drunk there All the time and he a pent his Money and All i had too. A a Ery time be ordered a Bot in of Champagne he gave the boy a half a Dollar and his payment to boys alone would ran up to to or 17 a Daj. We a House and i did �11 1 could to keep him from drinking but he would. One Day 1 was writing a letter to 8t Louis. He demanded to see it and i refused. He pulled his revolver and said. Quot ill give you three minutes to put that letter Down on the a a Iwai did you do Quot Quot i looked at him and said a then i give you notice that in three Man Ute you must kill me. Fot you win never see that Jetter. He saw j in Earnest and would not shoot then 1 Rema Ibfred that i too had a pistol in in Malebel. And i got it. I went Over and to Rutm toe door. He made a Rush at me and i Drew my revolver and said 8tand where you arc. If you Advance another step ill drop you like i Vonald a dog. You have ruined me and take Mem my Home. Now g of beat me. If Yoi attempt to Lay a linger on me it kill you a a Quot what followed a Liat owed him. And he did it Ahing. The Klous Day he had bes ten me ragged m e und the room. I had Marks on my peek Foag after 1 came Home As the Jesuu of lib. Treatment i had made up my mind not to a tand it any longer. Well the next Day he me me some Money after be bed telegraphed for it to by Louis and on the following morning 1 found that he had stolen it All hat and or pistol too and gone out. When be came Hack he sat in a chair and asked me to we toe Pepur to him. He could Ijo t read a waa in could Ilion. 1 sat on the Edge to the it pea Teil Mill Inatio a a and a intr Ratics of a mail who was my Superio r in age and we Toimi and to whom 1 was almost indebted for my living. I fell bit he knows who was to flame. 1 have no Agni St him even no Wand w o uld Iio t move a Finger to i figure him. All that 1 ask is that he furnish me Rome Means to leave Here and go to a place where 1 can Corn an honest living again. At present 1 have not a Dollar Todo it is stated at the cd to Hall that for a n ii Mac a of months past or. Francis has been borrowing sums of Money in various amounts in it a a number of b a ploys of the health Deli hrs to ent. In m Mocase a the health co Milb six it a Quot or a those Means of information on the subject writ Complete borrowed All the Little savings of poor Ovcen at the insane Asylum City Hospital and poor Oise. He knew exactly Wlms each Man of saved up a Ltd then a re truest i in the bin of it. A la Ostl dispatch reporter pc ter Day shown a letter Ati dressed to a gentleman in the City by one of the health Commisa Ioner to victims. Them Rita r b lated that last. September Francis came to him and borrowed All he had Laid up. "1 knew Quot said tha writer Quot that if i refused to lend it to him 1 would be discharged and As it was a had season just at the p proach of Winter to be thrown out . I let him have it and he has never paid me Back a Imarn Ding strike. Six thousand Chicago bricklayers and Stonemason a will go out today. Ii Imago i la april 1.�? Tomo Trow it is expected that six thousand bricklayers and stonemasons will go out on a strike. A few Days iii Eythe bricklayers Union o be of the in 0� t powerful labor organizations in the West made a formal demand upon the master builders for an Advance from 13 50 to 4 per Day intimating that the demand was imperative and a refusal to Grant the increase would result in a general strike. Yesterday the Maiter masons and build up association m it and adopt cd Long res Olu tons rejecting the demand of the Union and pledging Gie relves to resist it to the it most but offering .35 to 37 1 cd its per Bour. The situation is considered alarming and every arrangement is made to strike tomorrow morning. Building operations Here Are now heavy and great losses w ill result fro m the a a pc Piston of work. In All previous strikes the Union has been victorious. _. Prices lab or the scale of the Bay View rolling Mill strike o of the e Cigar Yakers. Mil a six Kek april 1.�?agitation. Is p Rcv fling Over the scale of prices Likely to let a fixed for the coming season at the Bay View rolling Mills by the Ainaly tin at d association. Super Etc mint Parks said today that the Mili pays Pittsburgh prices gov Erikol by a sliding a and would continue to do so if the old scale is insisted on a one Concession 4lfot be made for an Extension of the scale to provide for two cent Iron. This w Ould in Cut ctr to reduce w Ages if bits Inesa. Does not increase. Owing however to the reduction of the Tariff this is hardly a Gissible. The proprietors and the men Are somewhat nervous Over the situation but tooth sides sagg Cost har Mony of action. At a meeting of the trades Assembly the forthcoming strike of the Cigar makers to be inaugurated a May 1, was warmly discus cd and All of the other trades unions resolved to a to ill by the Cigar makers in their trouble and in kist that their demand of an Advance of Al per thousand for making cigars be Allowe Ltd. Arran Geni e data Are perfect de for the most comprehensive and revengeful system of boycotting yet inaugurated. If the schemes arc carried out for any length of time great annoyance As Well As business disaster will follow As the q will not yield to the de a and a. The boycotting on the flour Mills last year resulted very successfully and the Coopers gained their Point. New Haven Cigar makers. New Hakk conk., april 1.�?a meeting of the Cigar makers Union was held today to Confer Aslo the advisability of demanding increased . The Cigar makers say that As the internal Revenue tax has been re Ducco they ought to be benefited As Well As the manufacturers. A majority think that wages should be increased on an average of Al per . It la Belle veil that the men will dec de to ask for s Vich a i. In eras a and that a strike Wilt follow if the demand is not complied Slih. 0 Rev. Frederick t01.hcrs?t. Ciatei-.vk�, o., april 1.�?Rev. Frederick Tol Hurst pastor of the eighteenth a to Ard Baptist Church died yesterday afternoon at his residence on third Avenue. To took a chill on wednesday but Bis to t considered of sufficient severity to require the attention of physicians until Friday morning and when they were called in they pronounced the sick Nei. Congas of the lungs. Deceased waa born in England in is.?, and at ail Carlo age came to this a oui Fry and settled near Cleveland. After uniting with the ministry he went a to Cuba and new mexi co after doing affect to service there he returned and server pastor of churches in by it Lford Cleveland and Newburg where he has been for some seven years. A. Romak card Inal Rome april 1.�?cardinal pier Francesco Meg Lia is dead in the seventy third year of a Isaac. New Yolk. April 1.�?robert c. Balia re who has been know ii under the names of Henry c. Ballar.1, Russell and Henry c. Maltby was a Perlso tier at police bpm d is Loda y. He was Ari std by detectives Olio were looking for him since last december on a charge of having by in do cd. F. In. Earle of Earle s hotel out of 11 >0, by Means of a worthless Choi k. The prisoner is about fifty years old. And looks like a Eie Gyman. And is a physician by up offs so ii. About Terree years. Ago h o was in want of Money and signed the name of a Friend Loa Check fat a few Hundred dollars. The Check w its Cali Cal no ones Tion s being a Ike a. Once on the downward path. He determined to follow it. Although his operations have been on a Large scale the amount of Money realize d by i in Bee n comparatively Small. In the Early part of Ballarte engage Ltd Board at Progn Keesle. How Aid that he was a wealthy merchant and exhibited a num Ber of Bank Hooka. He Marriett a a died Amelia Brock and d c posited Rcv Cral Large checks in a ice Al Bank. He also made a spelt dal Deposit of in favor of his wife. A few Days afterwards to said that he was going to Roslien n. ¥., to look up the title to property which he was about to buy and or canted a Cheek for a few Hundred dollars which was casual. Then he disappeared and not heard of Trace of him could Belo in and and the search was ,. In Sej tember 1ah2, to appeared at Providence and deposited a Cheek for in the Rhode Island National Bank for which he received a cart Lei Date. The next he went to Boston Hresc n ted the certificate letter to the cashier of be Blackstone Bank and obtained an Advance of Italio. With that amount he left Boston and did not apply Lor further favors there. Decca her 2 i c depo alted. W la h the e Western. National Bank of Baltimore two checks. He was introduce Dao the officers of the Bank by a responsible depositor. He boarded at the Eutaw House and there made the Aeq Quaintance of Annie Hou Teri who m. Be married. He told her that he was Worth several Hundred Trio Saud dollars. Ballard came to this City and after spending a few Days Here returned to Baltimore where he Drew Floo my in this Deposit in the Ijanke. When the officials of that Bank discovered that the checks were Worth is the swindler had disappeared. In the Riddle of november or. F. P. A Jirtle of this City ret lived a letter signed or. the writer stated that he was about to get married and Aske Ltd or. Earle to Reserve two of the Best rooms in the hotel for him As he prot we d to p the Winter Here. Or. Earle w role Nack that rooms would be kept for him. Ballard and Hia Bride arrived november 29. The following Day in conc Asalion with or. Earle. Ballard spoke of his wealth. He re filial no. In the hotel until december 29, when he called for his Bill. It was after banking hours and Ballard gave a Check for 1150, which was cashed. The so am Day to gave t o his wife who Chi Dently trusted he in a Cheek Lor t 2.0 0, As a Quot Fri St Mas present. It to t e the Sigwin tire after giving her the cd he a he left the hotel. The next Day of. Earle discovered that the Check which he had hed was w worthless. And Sam i afternoon mrs. Ballard called at the fifth Avenue and presented the Check which her Hustind Lead Given her. She was detained Aii i Quot i inspector Byrnes not Al cd. Mrs. Ballard was take u to police ters but after an examination it was soon found that she another victim and she was released. January �21 the swindler and bigamist then passing under the name M.u.s8ell, Callea on h. B. Fowler a hotel keeper of Atlantic City n. A. And entered into Icieg Oblations for the Purchase of the hotel for . Or. Fowler was not disposed to sell his pro p cry in. Atlantic a i it. Hallard bought twelve s arcs of the i Quot. Haven uni Pauy s Stock and gave to or. Fowler in payment therefor a Check for food. Or. Fowler paid him the difference in Cash ail d or. in Raed lately shoo k the dust of Atlantic City from has feet. February 26 Ballard was in Newark . He then went under the name of h. Maltby. He called on Arthur Devine a real estate broker and did he a a a l for a h o us. Or. Divine had a House for Sale. The Price was a oct Maltby gave a Check for 1600, and agreed to the balance when the deed was ready. Tummy to or. Devine he said that he was Short of Money and Drew a Check for Floo which or. Devine cashed. Maltby disappeared with the Money. He attended the auction Sale of the Brighton hotel at forty second Street and Bra Dway a few Days , an d bought the furniture from the proprietor. He gave a Check for 5500 and pro rain Elt a to Call the next Day with the Romai Viaer of the Purchase Money. The proprietor never saw him again but he Learned that the Check worthies. Ballard w of in Philadelphia March 20. He called at Wana make re a dining Salmin at no. 42 South second Street and Oscr ii the proprietor 52.500 for the Piasec. offer waa .ac-cepte., a tid a reek for Loo Monthe City Bank was Given in part payment. Lie borrowed 520 Ali disappeared. He borrowed Floo March 27, from Samuel Harrison motion living o Ligi Rard Avenue Fhi Ludel phia. Yes Cray he a Refl ted in this City inthe Furnis Lica room which he occupied Uptown. The detectives found a Valise full of Cheeks and drafts. They were for rums ranging rom Toto to itt and �11 Borc recent Date. It is said that a Short time a o he swindled a Wall Bank out of , and Tomt he attempted to swindle the Tarrytown Bank out of the same ,. The american is. And brokers association offered a Reward 11,000 for his arrest. The half of his deeds arc not known to the police As Many people were swindled and never complained. Ness Quot there is Only one Man in Ohio who will make a rep Lullean Gubern Tortal candidate w Ith a an even Clrance of Success it and that Man is sex governor Thomas i. A Oung. His great general popularity and first Tass and record w i i d. Go a to the enormous advantage c that the democrats now Post was. It is extremely doubtful however whether to could be in Duce a to accept the idiom nation. Nothing Tut his Fidelity to the party and the party a strewn would constrain him to do so for his private business interests re Wiilie personal governor Young is in the Elto. Possibly he Hasi 0 be nod a k cd of nails at the go Iasic office. Going fishing. The f i s master g one r.a1 slip p and Fres de nth a visit to Elfi rld.�. St. Lop. April 1.�?a special from Washington says the announcer cot that the president will leave on his Southern trip t he Early part of the coming week creates the impression that the decision of the attorney general with reference to an postmaster Gene ra.1, i s Likely to be favourable to the continued performance of the duties by Ibe first a Astani the president it is stated will not make any appointment before be goes and it it considered probable that tie attorney general a decision being favourable the tit Cabinet chair will not to get filled for some to tiie. M Trio friends of a g Ood in Triy anxious place Hunt Ora arc endeavouring to Boom their particular favorite into prominence. The name of governor acre Rusk is brought Forward today. Rusk pro in sed an important position by Garfield Hia bold bad burglars. A capitalist of Bushville n. Loses . A. Mostly Notas and securities colonel a p les ii to a by. So chm in c Asli and Clie chs at new York. Rei for treating customer. As several of the Small breweries were not in the association the prices hav b since been Cut As inv As 7, the disbandment of the association was Lai eminent. Finally however at a meeting held yesterday an ironclad agreement to Hola the Price at 58 was signed and All breweries were Adlai ted to in e m Beni hip sex cup t the e Pil Sener company and Henry Gehring. A the combined capital represented in the a.s80clation is now 57.000,060, and the annual prod nation of Beer 600,000 barrels. The next move to be lieu unrated by the Beer Syndicate will be an cd Varico of fifty cents a barrel which it 1 re lored will soon be made. Latter reversed a decision but next the Day. Minor position was afterwards refused by Rusk. It a said now that he will take them St m it a ter gun c ral s blk if it is a Etc ted to him and there appears to be no reason u to doubt Hie statement. The president was engage Ltd this afternoon in Ettling Carly for his trip South and cons amp Yuent be w vl8llo.r8 were a a a knitted to the Wiite ouse. The programme of agreed upon that accompanied by private Secretary Phillips the president will take a a pedal ear from i his City to Jacksonville Fla. Not Over a Day will be spent at this place As the 8t. Johns River is the objective Point where the president will remain at two weeks. The journey will be made Alto Fetter by Rai i and the of ii cer i n charge of the dispatch which has been kept on waiting orders was Notile a to this effect Utlay. Or. Sanford who owns an extensive Plantation in , was. To have enter Tai the p resident during his visit but he is now a seut Iro to his country seat with the intention of going to Europe so that other arrangements will have to be made. Recreation and rest arc what tic it itced.�, and a a he has frequently tav Brablc reports concerning the on the St. John River he has determined upon a per ional invest Gatlon and will go fully equipped with the most approved fishing tackle. It is pm Bablo that he May Tong his for a month but in oils Rosteet he will be governed by the condition of Bux Ines. W Ork of the . Burning of a Montreal Block a loss �?�100,000. Most Raki april 1.�?iast night flames shot Forth from the Union machine shop owned by j. Riasette within three doors of the theater Toyal. An alarm being Given the Large audience in that old Temple made a speedy exit uninjured although a Teml panic exist. In the Block the foliow.,.ig firms married on in Sines Sharpe 4 Mckinnon Ikmet and shoe tees a co., undertakers and 8oii, p . The flame i Alumina ted the Wiio l c City a us alarmed the it c. The c whole City brigade fought the fire with i it Erse Verenice. The three establishments were Eom ple Telf d a troyed with their Oon Lents by 11 o clock and the he e by Eta ble 0l John Flanagan red need to a Hen. The Blaze spread to the took printing establishment of Christian Brothers where it was cxtiuguixhe<1. On the South the Floc extended up to tie theater Royal w h in h was saved. T he los in the Agri a a the is 5100,000, fully insured in the royals Cotta so Union Loudon Liverpool and Globe Pmj Erial Laudon and Lancashire of England. British a Merit a i Torii Nso. And s in of Canada. R. Jelly plan of aned the Block the other sufferers being Tonaus. It , n. A april 1.�?one of inc Moat daring and such Erful burglaries a perpetrated yesterday morning Over 5t0,0 x in negotiable Lee cities and 53,000 in Cash being secured. Kush Vuie is Tou Miles from Canandaigua. Near the Center of the town is the drug store of Quot a a so ii amp Topping. One. Part of the store is occupied by j. J. Jones a capitalist. At 6 o clock in the morning when the clerk w Cut to open Ilie to Teh c found that the front plate Glass windows had been blown to pieces and the Safe with the door blown out and its entire Content gone. The Nolc of the explosion heard at a hotel opposite but a no considered As meaning anything wrong foil face reason that Cannon bad been discharged tie Pravio Rev in Celebration of some Lagal event. Or. Jones state that it was evidently the work of professional. Quot i judge they reached tie store at out half past 2, and after effect Fri an in Tranee they went to the Safe and drilled a Hole through the Outar door. Through this a steel punch wet s p it and the inside lock knocked . The doors were then easily open it i. The burglar proof compartment inside had a door five or six inc lie in thl Knea with rom.b1nati<o> n. Lock. This was smashed with a sledgehammer and a Large Quantity of powder so fool in behind the door. The explosion which then followed blew the door out upon the floor. The by Curtle were in tin boxes and these were Al Dently thrown loto a bag. They did the Job who it Roug Fly. Absolu Tely Nothel a in. T he Safe. My loss Wal 120,000 in Bonds and mortgage. 53,000 in negotiable notes and 51,000 in Cash and other seer lies. My Wile lost also in Bonds and 510,000 Jame r. Wilson loaf food in negotiable note and the Sara amount in mortgages u High were d c i kilted in. The Rafe. W. A. Cur on lost 51.000 in Cash and 8eeu am Omi Ting to 510,000. Carson a tapping lost firm Money amounting to$5. 5k. Ritner moneys and be nerf ties Dep i cited. Brout Side parties in Unk no in. A la o Nii u w Erc Alfo taken. The burglary left no traces by which we could Hope to Capi Urc Cooke a. Mapleson Toses 19,975. New York a Rij. La be tween Midnight a and. 6 o clock this morning thieves entered the Box office of the Academy of music at fourteenth Street and p lace. Obtained Possession u of the keys of the re which they opened and foreign affairs. Bus Marckx Birt Liday. Breitk april la tie Celebration today of the anniversary of the birth of Prince bismark la was the occasion of no Little brilliancy. Military band performed and. 0 be Sel to Tion before the residence of the Prince while the Happy event was recognized by visits in person by the emperor w Imam Many ladies of distinguished household officer holding High rank at court foreign minister Ami other notables who showered congratulation upon the emf it Erial Chancellor. Many tel crams were be Heivad from places within the e to Pirc. As w Cli As fro m. To Lii to a b Road Eucita i ing Prince Bismarck upon the occurrence of his sixty a Lgth birthday and there were numerous Flora i offering which were displayed in the Parloff of the Prince Quot 8 Readence. Ghl g c1fal . On. Prasdan political matter. , april 1. statement is made in w cell info rec d q make i i n Berlin that Prince Bismarck a under consideration the propriety of dissolving the rely Stag after the reassembling of body on the m inst a Houm it con tonne refractory on the question of the Bill providing for the increase of military pensions. An election for a member of the Reich Stag for took Placo t a a and the event excites great a tto ution on acco unt of it unexpected result. The latest returns of the voting indicate the election of the he it Cral candidate of a majority of 500 out of a unusually Strong total to to of 16,000, the res ult is All the a m orc significant As the entire official organization worked in support of the conservative candidate. T h a Mitre real Hiing Ataii coh h i. Perth april 1. funeral service Over the remain of count von Majlath von Szekhelyi w to w a fou h d m urge red at o Fen on thursday was held yesterday. The Oberhaus will go into mourning for one month. The town was drape ii in in morning. The police have tive in . That the ase Assin of the count is an italian named Shouga who was formerly assistant but who has lately been out of Era Layment. Sponga escaped. A w arrant a been Law u de. For his at rest. In gosh railway espionage. Lok Dok. April 1.�?prominent officials connected with rail ways the Rougo it the Kliing Dom have been in consultation lately with respect to the recent of rages that have happened Here socialistic reforms. The hot tbs to tote that should Contti. Wjk Days labor. The men who work All Day that they May sle up at. A la hts a fir by Milford Spohn. Blagra Stock notes ky., March 31, fair a Socia lion at Paia have decided to offer three stakes tor two three and four year Olds in each stake 556 Entrance 52d forfeit and 110 declaration if made by july 1, and the society to add 5100 tor two year Olds. To o heats in three in. The other three in five. The track and Amphitheater will be built by August 1. A. G. Stoner , ky., has purchased for i Stock farm the following Annie Steele b. M., 12 years old Quot by car Manght dam Jennie by Volunteer sire of St. Julien. 2ll3�, her dam by Seeley a Star Price Ikka. Alacrity he. A. I years old., by Harold sire of Maud a 2 103. Dam Juliet by hlotjr., sire of miss Russell dam of Maud 8, tor 51,500 Mary a Whitney record 2 28, Bay Mare 10 years old by , Peggy slender the H. Allen 2 23j Prole 5520 Odd stocking b. To. 13 years old. By Happy medium out of dam of Nettie 2 18ji, by Seeley a american Star for 5700 Princess Ethel b. 15 years old. By to Lunt cer a m Black besi by s Bridge Dubief out of Mambrino paymaster Lor 1610, at combination Sale this Spring will be offered the get of George Wilkes Young Jim k Rene Strathmore Prin cups red Wilkes Almont dictator Blackwood and others. Monroe chief rec Ord and two mile record 4 46, will be sold at Sale this Spring. La therace again it Rosa Wilkes last fall Monroe Uhtof t r Ott cd six to in 2. 22. A to d better. Or. Herr of this City sold to Beil bros., of Ohio pretty boy by. C., Ihyo years old by mar Abrisio i Machen dam Dixie by Arab , and Jim. Crow or. C., i to y old by Mambrino Abdallah dam by Harrodsburg Biry. To Skarles Tandy Hopkinsville ky., robber boy cd. C., by Mambrino King dam by Harris a Lucoe and Lake boy cd. E., tour years old by Mambruno p .a.tch.cij, it a i a. By a bal Tah. B. J. Treav Ashland Park Lexington sold to or. Roemich Easton pa., homeward b. G. year old by Homer dam by regular son of v Olun tier Aii d Ascot b. Yearly by Al Monla out of mix Carter by regular a old to James m. Wilcox . A. A b. Feland Lexington sold to Scald w cell. A Hville ten. It. Am ph., h. G. Lour year a old by Bay Dick Victoria a. A mysterious Hole. So Meeser ky., april 1.�?th Cre 1 a strange sinking of a Small portion of the Woodland of or. W. H. W a Sale near this place. On tuesday a to Iti on of . .i�ta,l, Trees thirty or forty feet High fell in to an unknown depth making a Hole about thirty feet in diameter. Or. Waddle went to the place and Loo cd into t he Hole b it co uld not see the Bottom the Earth and Trees having sunken out of tight. He threw a Large Rock into the Bole and it a two or three minutes Beto Tewe co uld. H car it strike the Bottom. A of cording to Tai. The Hole must be Sere ral thousand feet deep. He noticed that the Earth was also cracked tor eral feet around the Hole and All that Portio o i App a red on wednes Day widening the aperture about Fife feet. The a lace where the sink occurred is on the top of a Lill or Small Mountain. Reception to Parnell. New York april 1.�?.\nother meeting of Del Ega tes from the several Irish societies appointed to make Arran a Omenta for a re it seption to Parnell on Bis arrival in this country was held this afternoon. Or. W m. B. Wallace presided. J costello., chairman of the committee to invite the co operation of the ancient Orde of Hebe Nivans reported that they did replied that Uliey did not desire to thru St any Mem Ber of their order to the front that Uliey had no objection to or. Wallace As chairman of the reception committee and that they desired to act in Harmony with the other societies. This re Point a Rece Ivy a with a,, hip a a. O. H. Once More joined the other bodies presen t a committee was appointed to make the necessary arrangement for engaging a Hall to ascertain the when or. Parnell May be expected to a it Ive a d la and to other u necessary de Tail. _ a Battle on the a Kirklyn Bridge. Be w York april 1.�? the by bldg e was not open to the Public today although thousands of people crossed during the after a Oon. Meiji. Exit pm ent w a occasion de in the evening in the italian Quarter on Mercer Street in Brooklyn by a gang of roughs throwing a Tope from the Roadway of the Bridge at the h 0 use and of that . N the City. The attack was returned by the italians and Stone were hurled through the air in a very Velv manner. Several person both in the Street and on the Bridge were severely wounded. Rival boards. A Ceck on t he Chicago a West .mi.elilga. N. Holland. Mictl april 1. mall train on the Chicago a West Michigan railway yesler Day was thrown the t rack about three Miles South of Here. Only the rear coach remained on the track. Express messenger Pierson was fatally hurt., express m a Singer Cunningham and mail agent Hail slightly. The passenger walked to town Froin the wreck and report that to other were injured. An extra train was a Cut out from Here to bring in. The Passen Gers. Hud r in o track. To o break ii. We Deli in bet t he Chicago Board of Trade and the cull Board. Chicano april 1. h Ceaph is becoming widened Between the Board of Trade commonly known As the Quot Board a and the provision Grain and Stock Board More familiarly known the Call Board and the inst Toto n Bas refused to allow the Small one to lease or occupy a room in the new and magnificent chamber of c 0 mme acc ii o w b a timing. The d has about decided to establish an afternoon Call Board itself and Thlu action will partly paralyse the present Call Board which was established in. 1876, with a membership fee of 515, which has since advanced to 52,500, and become very successful. Although Mony brokers Are members. Of both Boa r d 9, and quotations from each Board regulate the markets yet tic older organization with great w Cal in and a membership of 2,000, looks up on the us a body As a formidable rival which must \ 4>c squelched. It makes or. Brew Ster mad. Special to the courier journal. Wash Nook March 31.�?attorney general brews t e r is on his car about the c i,,,t of we. Pitt Kellogg. The indictment was found while the Odd and Frisky but Brilliant child of Genius absent in put Ladelphia on. A Lark. When he returned he was mad As a wet Hen and swore like a Steamboat mate at a sick deckhand. He said that Herrick and Ker w Ere a co Pula of blankets Blank dolts that there waa no evidence to indict Kellogg much less convict him. This a yesterday and Brewster i in no better the matter t ,,., some that he will revenge himself upon Merrick and Ker by dismissing them from the Star route cases. The attorney general May fret and Stew Over the action of his subordinate to Inlet iii eeilogg., but he can hardly a Ford to dismiss them. That would be a very questionable proceeding upon the part of the chief Law officer of the government. A Bourn for governor Tom Young. Wash Kutok april 1. The Gazette the leading sunday paper of ibis City in an edit of Al today on Ohio politics accuses senator Sherman and or. Llaves of instigating this Sherman Hayes Boom tor governor and nominates Tom Young. Of him it say a a if 1th, a pare it Serlo us a heavy vote to to polled at Cleveland a a hot born Gale at Toledo. A ice a Kland april 1.,.�?no d Ozen years has m aroused the people As the present one. An immense vote will be polled tomorrow and much scratching will be done. The Leader makes a terrible on Laughl on George a Gardner the regular Republican nominee for mayor and the democrats claim they will elect John ii. Farley mayor Eliho it trouble owing to the Lead res Bolt. The democrats will certainly elect City several councilmen. Four members of the Board of Edu cation and Bavera Guod a Hance of electing the entire City ticket at Toledo both parties Are growing desperate and the indications Are of the most hotly Coti test by struggle w n in the history of polities in Toledo. Both sides Are confident of Victory and no store will be left unturned to achieve that result. The Republican papers the Blade and telegram., who Lor tour y Csira have Foug it Hon. Jacob rom a. Gie present incumbent anti the Man who Heads the Republican to act Are to Cleroux in Laudat ions of the Man and they have like it be Given tary Ces of the highest e Hai Mcter re peering Genii c ral c. L. Young the event Lyman whose tip spa has the Are socratic ticket the Bee is fierce in its fight against the Republican ticket Ond is unreal song cry of or no Quot its fight is entered upon Patrick h. Dowling postmaster of the City and John f. Kumler the present collector of internal reve Niue charging them with Tibai Ripul Ting the enl re re up co us edition. At Youngstown the Battle waxes warm. The bits Law will Beal Ritly enforced As Well As the other Laws passed to maintain the purity of the ballot Box. Both part Iea Ida Ira the Victory but Ibe dem,ocral8 Are certain of carrying a portion of the City ticket at least with a Gootel Chance of Eluting All their candidates. The fight for May or Bec u very and per. So Ual. _ _ by Ashington notes and gossip. Was Dinoto april 1.�?major Ben butter Worth lingers Here somewhat after the style of Winter in the Lap of Spring. It is said be believes the president will name a postmaster general to Nortow. W. 8, Longie of the Lafayette ind courier is at the Ebbitt with Hia wife. Isaac a. J 0 Dan a d Bradford b Hinkle Aii d wife of cinc Lunari Are in the City. J. Edwin beef of the editorial staff of the new York world formerly of incl Natl is very ill with pne , a l Willard a. Be Auto r and mrs. an will leave tomorrow w for Chicago and from there will go to Santa be new Mexico to visit their daughter jars. William Tucker. Mrs. Logau has nearly recovered pm. Her Reoe illness. Beve teen discharges were made in the census office to take effect yesterday. The salaries of sixty Ouier employee a rare reduced a average of 25 per cell tbsp retrench c it was my made ii it e8 sary by the you do Tina of the approx Rialto a. For the present fiscal year. A Oal 8hl pm its. Pitts Semi pa., april Coal shipments were male by River today which swell the grand total to the fou owing so mmifj0bmg�,g. Feb. Riwft�h., Louisville 15 64 14 3.068.wm cd Iuchi Nduati 9 6 88 0 1,368, to and As a result the railway co panics have re a a a a persons travelling on the roads and to guard against the of a Pecos 5uppo.�ed to be for use in the prosecution of unlawful and disloyal designs. L ii f a r e fat Story. Cork april 1.�?it is reported that the police have reason to believe that an infernal machine factory has been established in this locality. Their activity i lice Al a in matters is indicate vie of a movement which they Hope will Lead to its Dos in at Vienna. Vivnia april 1.�?edwin Booth appeared at Vienna in Quot Hamlet this evening before a crowded House. The press however expresses did Appolo to ent and says that his a acting Hamlet was much below what was expect a of Booth. Wals h sails of r a in erics. Harry april 1.�?John Walsh who was recently arrested at the request of the British government on suspicion of being Coyoc Uneit in the Phil Nix Park murders but who was afterwards released has wiled for new York. 16,075, and $2,900 in Money. The Sato stood in. The Back part of the office. It was closed but the key waa in it and around it there was a Trail of powder. In front of it to acre Lay a Small Jimmy two cold chisels a scr w Driver and an old Valise colonel Mapleson and Pollow Captain Clinchy were notified. The burglars had overlooked a package con Tain ing 1502 in fold a and a loth or cout airing if Noo in Bills. The Money a Tolan was part of the proceeds of a Coupe Al Given saturday evening under the manag men t of b r. Damrosch. Colonel by Alcson said i Fiat Only tour persons knew where the key the Safe was concealed. It is the general opinion that the burglary a commit ted by a ome persons connected with the Academy. _ t he piss Identa a . Serious Apprel Ealons entertained an alarm ii Case of insomnia. Washin Oto a 1�? president Arthur s condition really. Really gives Good grounds upon which to base in Muirness there Are hundreds Aye to Sands Cool honest and sensible peo Ile Here who believe that there will be another president than general Arthur before the expiration of the present term. This subject has Bec u the source of rec Deal of quiet private talk during the past month and As 4ime Advance the idea that general Arthur is himself Gro w bag alarmed Over his co seems to gain strength. As i stated in dispatches to Tivix news some time ago the president can not sleep soundly. It has to Woronia and it my sorely. Tie log a of sleep will in time crash the strongest Tosti tuition and Hia App Rance indicates now that it is wearing u Pon. Hlili. Standing hard by the president at the White House on St. Patrick a Day while the procession passed him. Be looked unnaturally Pale and Haggard. There its in unusual amount of about his e yes the bails seeming White almost to the sigh t Center. Heavy Black Tinai under his eyes formed a strange and ill coi Trast As Igaina to the Pale bloodless flesh about the Brea it fth of his Cheeks. Directly Over Check boy to a there Are Large spots of coagulated blood. To Seemol Limp than usual and his walk was less brisk than common. He cast his eyes about him in a nervous uneasy manner As though and suspecting. A gentleman who has been in the presidents presence a great Deal since then says tonight hat these symptoms of distress Lyid ill health have increased and. That my it have rest. He says the St Lea printed about the president being haunted in his sleep the cruel report revive from new York that his wife died from a broken heart and the caricatures made of him., based As a a o of Terai thing us in Rel ties and Raisl tie and being brutally mean do not tend to relax the tension of his nerves nor sweeten i rest. He says Tiwi Aith Ough general Arthur a to an of Iron nerve and seemingly insensible to the threat of an in sympathizing work. He is very susceptible to this harshness and is sad of heart. There is Little Lonb that the mental Strain to has Given to his office has done to b reak him , while the taunts of an nit charitable cons Titu entry has hurried him toward his almost wrecked physical condition. It in now Arra aged that he will leave he re on tuesday Coom by Secretary of the Navy Chandler Ard the president is private Secretary Phillipe and that be will spend ten Days or two weeks in Florida. He Hopes to get rest and to be As iii it possible for a few Daj a. He will go fishing in Florida Waters. A change of climate and recreation May help him to sleep bet ter. If he is not benefited he will return speedily. Did he no feel the. Necessity of such a trip he would Quot not leave w Ash to ten. Just do w., for there Are Many matters of 1mpoitanc� before him. The attorney generals decision in reference to the appointment of a postmaster general May delay the trip a few Days or May cause the president to name the Man tomorrow. On this everybody is at sea tonight. The raid Wood foolishness. Temporarily in no More Tolu it t Wen six p Crosb b killed. Part. April 1.�?by a boiler explosion at St. A tzar today Twenty fix persons wore killed Aad thirty eight injured. To tals �?T24 99 152 14 4.456,000 other shipment not tabulated 1,600,000. Grand total o.oae.o�. The loss by yesterdays Dis sister to the Coal Fleet has been figured Down to 170,000. A Good thing in Quot old Louisville april la John Collins a dealer in second band clo thing and s or tips made a fortunate Purchase yesterday. In a bundle of old clothing purchased from an Irish woman on eleventh Street near Monroe he found a �50 Ell Ash Bond on a a ii Chester Railroad dated 1s66, and bearing three per cent it Frost. It was Uncan eled Ana presumably Worth face value acid Litterest added. Emlius does not remember the name of to u woman from w Hom he bought the clothing and she w Asci Bably unaware of its Possession. G o ver for Biro Wnm a main licence. Atlanta Gay a april 1.�?last Winter Benator Brown made a donation of 150.000 to the state University endowment Iund for the education of p of r you us Man conditioned its Sci invested in state securities for which the slate should 7 per cent. The legislature declined the gift. Today Benator Brown bought Worth of Maiu red Bonds of the state and made a Clear gift to the University. The River at Louisville. Log of filix ky., april 1. River continues to Rise Here with 12 feet 5 Inch a in the canal this evening and 10 feet 1 Inch in the Chute on the Falls. B us Neasi Lively on the Lan it Dong. Weather Cloudy cold and Pludy with Light Snow in the morning. Arrived Ben Franklin Ariadne vent Hinkle Cha. Morgan from Cin Cinatl trip. Sherlock new Orleans Ohio my mph a. Departed Ariadne Lor Evans Lyle vent Hinkle Humph a week of the a a Polar hic Mah ky., april 1.�?in the wreck Al the Quot Polar Start Belmont mo., last night six of the Crew were killed outright t and tour wounded the Captain and Poloi Are reported to be among the number we Lindon. No lives were saved As far As heal. The wreck of the Steamer lies on the Sandbar five or six Miles above Hickman and we v kilted by a n Amber of citizens today the Way a bad boy was punished. Hawley pa., april 1.�?sear plane no. 12. Between this place and Scranton is a locality known As Poison hollow. Among its inhabit ants a a family Naine a bowies. Its members Are All respectable people one son Jolin. He is sixteen years old. A few Days ago he made a Hei Tunis tilt on the six year old Dagmer of a neighbouring family lie War take n into custody by some of the neighbors. The Young Roan a d a trial before them and his guilt was proved. The sen tence was that he should be publicly w Iha cd the father of the culprit volunteered to a mint the c chastisement on his so u. He took him Liitt it a barn tied him to a pot am with a Hec ii Witch lashed his Bare ask. In the pre it Etc a of the committee until the latter dec tired the Puu ishm cat suffit Lieut. Kilted by a Colt Cleves and april 1.�?at Kinsman lost night. Geo. J annl pigs while at tempting to beat a Colt was thrown to the ground. Both legs were broken and he vet Ovid internal injuries that will prove latal. He leaves a family. Brinl of a baseball 31an. St. Local a March 12.�?charles a. Fowler the presi Dent of the original Brown Stock lag club was buried today. The funeral cortege was one of the largest seen in this City in a year attesting the popularity of the Mait baseball it by. Louis. St. Lons to. April 1. baseball Dresiou opened he re today the so Louis club playing the grand Avenue and defeating them by a score of fix to nothing Felt thousand persons Wilnes ted the game. The English speaking Branch of to Calista held their weekly agitation meeting yesterday afternoon at workmen a Hill with fair attendance. John Benisch was made Chal Rinan. The subject of discussion tor the Day was Quot the reduction of the Honra of Milford Pobu opened the disc nation by Reading a Well prepared paper. In oiling be said Quot regarding this que Dion from a higher standpoint than that of dollars and cents we Are forced to accept the fact abundantly proven in Alt yes that physical sex laution seriously weakens the mental forces. In other words a scary Muscio makes a weary brain. Physical exhaustion is the to suit of Many hours of labor and requires repose of Iraln As much As that of muscle Bone and a onto Nuong he said that the Labouring Man might be Strong physically but owing to these conditions. He is Given no Opportunity tor m e Hal c ult Urco Welch All men arc capable to certain degrees at least. Quot nature Haa generously Given Man the capability but he has denied Lii self the Opportunity by submitting to a system w hic h was co Isicc ived in human greed which assists him a task As a Galley slave and forces him to labor a Day that he May live to sleep the remainder of Ibe Twenty four hours a Hie divided betwee the m ear tug realities of the workshop and dreamy slumber. Tho Cratem has erected around the labourer a Barrier Oleere him out from the world of pleasure intelligence and recreation and confined him to the Treadmill limiting his Hopes within the Bounds of a Day s work and a Days wage whose highest idea of duty seems to be to watch the tipping of the beam of the Trade Scales As they cast in their sweat drops against the Dollar of the employer. This is the legitimate result of our Industrial system. A human Progress and higher Civati Patlon the stability of society demand for the working classes a Leisure a longer Freedom from the workshop at least a few hours in the Twenty four to devote to self culture and attention to tho9e questions which intimately affect them As workingmen and citizens. The capitalistic faction imbued with that moral sense and philanthropic spirit so characteristic of it when this matter is generally agitated Point us to the contort Hall Beer garden., and other places which Are filled on saturday night and sunday with workingmen and women and exc Alm a behold the manner in which they spend their Leisure a they know that after eighty four hours in preparation and labor and the fifty four Hoard in sleep which a Ziec Essaiy to recruit the exha Vatca physical forces during six Days that nature demands these few hours of recreation. It is All they can enjoy and those who object to these few hours spent in social plea Uroz when Tabor and its Drudgery is for the time forgotten were Bora three centuries too Lato. It is the constant toil of a week with no Leisure which tends to till these place t. More Leisure Leisure to attend every night in the week and these put would som Jose attractiveness become stale As it were and the gentleman w Hen at Leisure in proper deportment would largely discount Many who labor not at All and sometimes resort to very questionable Means a just to kill for years the question of the reduction of the hour of a Dav s Lal it or in connection with other economic questions has been Arguti and agitated. The introduction and constant increase of labor saving machinery have increased production Aud by hugely supplanting maximal labor have lessened the Timaus by which the labourer lived. This in la Sci ing his ability air a consumer the general demand is , resulting a Over Slock resulting in turn in a Cut Throat Competition which eventually results in a Cut of the wages of Tho employees a reduction of Force or a a shut Down a until the sales of largely accumulated Stock. This a the inevitable result of a so item which makes the Mac Bluc your master and forces on a to it Ortizo tone ii Urs of labor Vii ill standing without Idle dissatisfied Fotz tfx by necessity there i an army of mechanics willing to substitute you at even less wages than the Small Luuis for which you Are hired. Quot but from a supremely self amp a standpoint it is maintained that a reduction of hours will cause a reduction of wages. When men understand t a Imin ii table Law that the wants or men with the ability to Supply those wants do manding increased co asumption will under the present econ Iuie system give them higher wages for five hours labor than under an and verse condition they would receive for ten or even fifteen hours. They will peace to rely mainly on artificial methods alone to maintain a staud Ani of wage. Quot two Toni the of the workingmen and women of Fiji Cinatl Are out of employment and in Uris condition Sun Poso at this time eight hours As a Day wins la Anlize it la a loss of two tenths of the labor capacity would necessitate the employ rent of the two tenths of the population or the 12,096. From that moment their ability As consumer increases they in a condition to help exhaust the air cumulated Stock. The Dot Lara up Clit to Supply the life a ii Ocasi tie goes out a Herald of better times. Thus increased consumption necessitates on increase of production which will cause a demand for labor finally resulting in Uii increase of wages what has been illustrated in a local sense can be applied National in. It May be objected that the illustration 1� defective and could not be applicable if the number of in the reduction of the two tenths of a labor Day of ten hours. This is Given in a general sense and has full Force Aud is Ananew Rable when practically the number of hours of labor should be Deducca to that degree which will Mai Nuin the Nero a a sary general labor capacity and yet result in to cedi mint of nil. In other word let the per be reduction of hours at least equal the per cent of Idle labor. This even would be far a Hurt of the Imp Roveil condition under a dry it per Kvadus trial system us when the hours of lax it a would to reduced in the same proportion As human Lalmer 1� supplanted by machinery. Now. The Macline the creature of Man s Genius is your master then it would be your scr Vaut. Now. The mighty limbs of steel Active As it were from the life Curr Wilkof steam obedient to the will of a master Aud Manga Labo f at every stroke of ill Ijo a serous. Arms. Then it would a list and preserve. Now it supplants Aad Paup crimes. Then it would serve enrich Aud elevate. Taking the value of the production s of Lam to0o6 it ind with t he value of the Prodis Eifiona of humanity per a Nuth. It been clearly demonstrated As a statistical fam that ii these values were equally Aud property distributed per capita two hours of la Bor p or Day w Oum be Stoffl client Toa Bob a searching party prisoner in the min Teers. Brat Wood iii., april 1.�?at the Diamond mine today the excitement was very intense owing to the fact that the bodies discovered were to be brought out. About 3 o clock news was brought up that the y which had gone Down after the bodies was in Prineo Icid in the Roadway while putting the bodies in the Coffina the wive and Rei Alvea of the men in the mine were wild with grief Over the prospective death their friends. A party was at o nce Keiit in search of them. When the second Parrier had nearly reached the Point where the bodies were d�8�x>vered. They found a Large pile of Stone blocking up a narrow �.sageway. The first party was lib tried. One of these men was so prostrated that he had to be carried Home. The rescued party said they would never go in Arain. Other searchers who have been working there say they will not go do w u s gain. It is thought no further search will be made As no Man can be found willing to go Down. The bodies were taken out about 4 o Elock and placed in the morgue where crowd passed through and viewed the nil carious suit for damage. Cleveland april 1.�?frederick Hammerer was sent to the workhouse about a year ago. Yesterday he brought suit against the City for damages claiming that he was put to work on a dangerous main iii without knowledge of the Workings of the of me. Causing the loss of two fingers and crippling an Arm for life. Too m Ucli Prosperity Tva maw n. Y., april la Charles Cox a Young Farmer of Genesee county was by Hibib wife to dry w to of 66 from the c Hank at Perry. He absconded with tie Money and has been traced a far a Burklo. He is thought to have in made insane by having so much to Bej Irb i of Tiesa it Lon. Snow storm in Virginia. Lynch bite va., april 1.�?a Hail storm prevailed Here today followed by a heavy storm which a till font line extending All through the southwestern part of the state to the ten Ngaseo line. It has been a Tom Long inca a ally Ai amp be yesterday Imo Rusuf. Comben Atlois of Chicago brewery. Cai Coo a poll 1, a so me Ali iii since the Brewer a Aseo Catlon reduced the Price of Beer from 58 40 to 18 per barrel and discontinue the dra Tiee of allow my Drivers forty cents per bar were the Anc Leut hebrews left handed from the London Echo. The re is a new problem for the Anglo Israel ites. Were the Anc Leut hebrews a Leftha Dej people or. Erien Mever has just Given in in Terra Ling and Learned lecture to prove that they were. Most of the aryan Xieo Plch As we know write Iro m t he left to Tom lit of a Sheet of paper and their books Are so printed As to to get read in that direction. Mon get of the semitic people on the contrary write from the right tar tie left of in a paper. Hitherto this very Eio Phatic difference has been simply represented to be a Mere characteristic of up by the reverence for tradition which is so deeply rooted in the semitic mud. H has never occurred to any o be r0 far As we know. The to the direct i on taken by the hand of a Bemirtie scribe in writing was due to a phys or ical cause namely to the fact that ills left hand was his better Harl. And was much More ready and Quot Dextro us than the Lia us which we a Yaus Call the Dexter. Or. Erlyn Meyer insists that the writers of the old testament Aud probably the Early talmud its after them naturally wrote with their left hands ail d w o uld live found it ill ficut. If to t impossible la write with the other he d. Silence it was Only natural that Matiu script should travel Ai Oug a line which Slit cd from the right and ended on the left. Or. Erlenmeyer says that this hypothesis is not a Mere Happy thought of his own but that he has found striking confirmation of the theory in the Tifi Raud. For the set me he cite a p age which insists that certain special prayers and inscriptions Are always to be written with toe right hand Aud not with the icel the exp Ilion of this Exir optional prescription was a work of time patience and Dlf i acuity and it is implied that the process of writing with the right band was a dam Turc from the Ordinary easy and natural Way of wilting. The Learned doctor also cites pts same from the h Crew of the ild te8tam. Eilif ii which a particular stress seems to him to be Laid a Poi the "left-handedae�6s�?� of the old hebrews. Jacob and Job to says preferred to give the pre eminent Benediction with the left nand instead of the lit. A a a it by a kilo wiggly and d of liberate by Quot Laid his left hand upon the head of his eldest grandchild. We commend the question to the a glow Ikra elites. If they can prove Attiat toe a a of Rity of e englishmen Are naturally left handed they w ill be in Postelson of one More la Liat Case we May expect them to write their letters and print their Maga blues in future after the proper semitic manner. Dantly Supply All the wants of uie Popple. Quot we will never arrive at this condition How Ever until the present system we iii Force an unequal Dis Trio ii 0 of the usufruct. Of Labo f and the oppor uni ties to labor is Laid away in the unhallowed grave of feudalism. Then the machine would to labor saving in the proper sense. Giving its labor to Man it would Rel Eaifie him from. Long Bours of toil to d equalize the hours necessary to supp every want opening up for the industrious a Wight it Prospect making him secure in Tho Ransby which he must % a rewarding his by to that extent that he will be enabled to gratify enlarged want and refined tastes resulting in a higher development of Man giving grandeur of a Ower and stable ii to the state and beautify do an d purifying our social ape Titre exp Rel Hoffman agr Iod with or. Spohn he held that the Prii a of labor is governed by the same Laws As Tomt of articles of Commerce Supply and do maid. To red Nee to n umber of w Drain men would increase toe wages of those who remained. But this would also reduce consumer and thus be of no Blu Felt. Instead of lessening the number of labourers reduce Tho hound of Lawand not Only will More find erd ploy Cut but be paid More. Every Workingman has a interest to having High wage Aud this is the proper Way to accuse them the gov or urgent has the right and do re to reduce the hours of labor and this should be made an Issue in politics As the Way to attain the desired end is of the ballot l. H. Lawyer con fluid his remarks principally to the moral and sanitary aspects of the question. Lie stated that since the ten hour move Cut there has been less dissipation and drunk a incr Tolian a generation ago when from twelve to fourteen hours of labor was the the average Lito of the Workingman u now. In his opinion longer than the old system and Beatt Ribatt this to increased Leisure. He thought that if citizenship is Coja cited to to Malinit irined it is necessary that the hours of labor be reduced. After a few remarks by the president and the annoy mement that the business session of the society will to held on thursday evening the meeting adjourned. John Ehmann the a god Genii cry of to society will speak at the agitation meeting next Bouay afternoon upon some Plank of toe platform not yet announced. Quot the gre4t rheumatism in a nuts Liell from toe Boston journal. People Eeleni to forget that ii disease goes out through the pores Michlel As surely goes in through the stomach. U they will persist in eating fruit Tough meat and the unhallowed baked bean in the even Lynx or later part of the Day when the Dige live organs Are not at Thelt Best dyspepsia will certainly follow and rheumatism us inevitable result. Rheumatism is of course aggravated by a inn eat and one might say by Tea and Coffee. Those delightful stimulants for warm weather seem to be injurious in the Winter they Are a device of the enemy. The Revi de Book might wellhead Quot and w Kllc Iri Cit rept enem y owed Quot Tea. Erlain it is. If Cocoa were drank in place of Tea and Coffee during the com season rheumatism would have Ewe Euter Tanera. When Uniontown a in Barb of Washington was Laid out Wenty five years ago. It is said the owner issued orders that no lot pc hold Ever be allo wed. To become the property of a negro. That Man s own Home in the Center of the to in from which the coloured rate was to be sex elided in now owned Aad occupied by Frederick Douglass. Rora Home on a diet of fresh hotter and milk and eggs fill Retno my to Hoci Normal Fondd . The judge a a pleasant and Al Kyle talker and it Man with Opin lans. The principal Fitich Titow talked about today was the civil a Enrice bin. As to Well known judge Holman and every Ocoee democratic congressman from Indiana voted for toe Bill. In response to toe question who there was so Maeh in Omlan Quarter with Tho Bill he said that the Opp map Tod was of that nature that it did not amount to much and that they had Mcrevy taken toe distorted version which emanated from certain malicious and undemocratic sources. He Aan the whole Indiana Del ration voted for toe bail Wuh oat Cou Puuing about it each toking it As granted that to vote otherwise would to undemocratic and that it would he in direct opposition to both of the two last demo untie National platforms All the state platforms and to the pro Peiples Nipon which Tilden and Hendricks Weiffe elected in 1875. He thought that an the Bill Bee me better in Deroteo the Oppolt ton would Cense. He wondered Why the new papera which favored the bul had not Ducr More partly Tilary upon the close which Rao Kra huh a him a crime. Thuela Ose Kame if toe Bill had to other merits abound recommend to to every True Democrat. When asked whether or not the Pendleton blah a wired toe present employees in once As its opponents claim he said Cao Phat Calfy that it did not. The Bill simply provides that no person shall be appointed to an office who is not Quarto eds mentally and it physical to. The opponent of the Bill a Dot Quot a that an academic education will be Neceta Ary to stand an examination but they know it is Fiot True. The shall simply be practical a their character and will Rae Ely teat toe capacity of toe persons sex led to discharge the duties of the office they seek. One seeking an appoint Root As a copyist will not be put through the a Ami examination As Oneel ing an appointment As an Engineer. The Pirinei opposition coach from renegade Republican who Nave come Over to the party for the Sake of gutting into tee and Fraul chronic Derao cratic Muco seeker. The judge spoke of receiving Many prominent democratic papers published in Tiu state a Nekos John b. 8tohls�?T Ligonier Banner and Otesa of that class which contained flattering editorial notices of toe Bill. Concerning the speaker Alp of the next books he would not express himself As to whom he favored because it was not yet decided Tutt line of policy the democrats would pursue. He did not know the tour they would let the Tariff question enter into the too test or whether they would elect on the merits of toe Man Himsel regarding some of the act of on recent Ityl lature. The judge was Aon Eom Mutal he said however that toe repeal of toe obnoxious Deg and Road Laws and that which applies to the Settli tint of decedents Estes was creditable to the legislator be. A a a Dur Hithe entire a Easiod of toe lest in Gresk which began in december Itol judge Houtua to precut to Vota upon every important meow lire and to waa there to answer to every Roll Call w91 h but a single exception when he come july to attend the Eop Ventiro which re Nomi Teil him. He take a firm stand Ogai to jobs Tofau kinds and scheming politicians have resorted to All kinds of measure to catch Hick napping and pass some by i calculated to Replete the to eatery butt he is always wide awake. During toe last i Estloa boils of huh Hans and prank Hatton the owner of the representative Democrat us and re pub lilt in paper in Wasington bad a Little Soh me on hand by which they Oouida Poe Kei about 560, by having a Bill passed authorizing every i Over Praseut Sale to be printed in Toler Papen they had everything ready and. One Monist to when they noticed that Sci Man was a Little late some Cong Reea Man bad the Reading of the journal do Penis a with and called for toe Reading of this Bill Aias ust m it was about to pass Upen its first Reading Zolmian came in and demanded its final Reading. Made his Little objection and Defeated thet Teal the it however is but Oue of a great numb of cases or. Holman has represented this distr Fitt in Congress fur Twenty year and last flu was reelected tor another two years. One conc Loaiza eve science that he has served Hie Bola of nary As Well As Hie own District to that he is now a comparatively it oor Man while Many a Congress Naa ios Keeomie Rich in a few rears. He has an sex ten Sive Law Prattke at Hoine and upon Toto Witk his salary As congressman he lives Coto tor Tofsly. Judge Holman As is indicated by to voice and cordial manners is of Kentucky Stock his father Hon. Jesse l Holman pavitra let Een born in that state and studied Law with Lle tiry Clay. He moved to thl county in 1�ok, and the Sobject of this letter was Bora on the farm on which he not or lives in 1822. He Boa a most delightful borne comfortable yell Ike the Man modest and no Kunming. The ree i device is on a ton Bill 560 meet above toe Ohio River and so close that one Easi almost throw a Stone into in the View rom to House is one of the finest in the country. The River is visible tor Miles up and Down net Wax of Aurora Lawrenceburg Tetenburg. Euro bet town and Cleves Are in fall View Aad a Vea Harrison nearly Twenty Miles away can of been on a Clear Day and one can look Over a portion of three state 1� Diana Ohio and Kentucky. O. W. Ltd Anc teat Bogue in Tonora. From the Tucson Arizona citizen. Ancient Kulus have recently been discover i in Bod Ora which if reports be True Surpas anything of this kind yet found Sonthi scour kept. The Rains Ere mid to be about fax a in Guys Southeast of Magdalena. There is on Pyrn raid which has a base of 1a50 feet and Rise to the height of 750 feet there is a winding Roadway from the Bottom leading no on an easy Grade to the top wide enough liw Carria Greto pass Over which is said to be Twenty three Miles in length. The outer Walls of toe Roadway Are Laid in solid masonry from huge blocks of Granito in rubble work and the circles areas Nat form and the Grade As regular a they could be made at Toia Date by our Best Engineer. The Wall,.however, is exposed Belof covered Over with Aud Earth and a Many Plaris the a Huaro Aud other indigenous plants and Trees have grown up give lug toe Pyramid the appearance of a mount am. To toe. Cast of the Pyramid a Short distance is s Small Mio Antoin about toe same six which rises in about the same height and if reports be tsim will prove More inter Sung to toe Archaeol Loftos than the Pyramid. There seems to he a heavy layer of a species of Gypsum about Kali Way no toe Mountain Witek is As White As Snow and May be Cut into any Concei Valc shape yet Sutuch Eltiy hard to re to in its shape after being Cut in this layer of Stone a people of an unknown age have Cut hum Trees upon hundreds of rooms rum six to Tea to sixteen to eighteen feet Annare. These Roa if a age Cut out of the solid Stone and so even and time Are the Walls floors and Celli w to Pliml and level As to defy variation. There Are my windows in Abe Rooma and but one in Nuree which is Al wave from the top. The Rooma Are a Trout it feet High to to floor to Reiling Tea atone is so White that it seems almost transport gift and the rooms Are not All dark. On tha Walls of theae rooms Are numerous hieroglyphic and of human Nanda and feet of Inman beings Cut in toe atone la Dilt Orent places. But strange to say All toe hands have flow Finger Al one thumb and the feet have Rise toes. I i Tevenal la found on the floor of Many of a toe rooms which w ool d indicate 1 Ham hey How fires in their Honses. Stone implements at Ever description in great numbers Are Tobe found in Ana about toe rooms. The hones of Rex m s Are one above the Otic r to three or Atoria High hut by tween each Stora there in a jog or recess toe fax Width of toe room below to toot they present the appearance of Large Stepi Leoa ing up the Mountain. Who the a peo p we in a Ami what age they lived in must be answered a answered at All. By the Quot Wise men of the Leaai some Bay they were a the Aue Estoni of to mayor a race of indians who still inhabit South Era. Bonora who have Blueey fair skin and to hair and Are said to be a moral input Trinia and frugal race of pc Pic it who have a written language and know sortie thing of Mathe Marek Finger Neil culture. From toe so Louis . The desire on the part of indies to make Toker personal i Ranty As striking and Effe Inive As Poe sible Tull grown to strongly into their Naintre and become so much a part i their being. An hour Leith Holman at his Eleva teff to Osier Home about civil service and other matters. 5iof of the Avira. Aurora ind., March 31.�?said a prominent politician to a represent Atlee of the news on the train this morning Quot i see that the enquirer is Down on judge Holman and judge doth by. And in fact nearly every demo extol respectability and prominence in your part of the state. Is your paper opposed to them Loo Quot Quot just the reverse Quot i real Teri Quot the new is always on the Side of All Good democratic men and the above Zonver Salon reminded me that judge Holmu bad j Oal returned of two Waali in ton having been detained there since the adjourn Meiu of Congress by the illness of Hia wife and thinking that too people of Indiana would Mke to hear from their of Aitolu Quot water dog of the National Treasury Quot 1 called on he at his beaut Lizul suburban Home and bad a Folk with my Cone ening the More Inifi Grunt i Jaaes of the Day. He to a Little thinner and paler Epta in order to add to the Quantity of Pleu it ure they Flud in making and keening themselves pretty they have recently extent Ltd the area of Cultivar on from the face and neck to the Luinda Raff manicure is now As great a Hobby in Alt Ella in a As painting powder Reg enacting Aud Penc Iling the counter acc has been Ever since Tiff value of cosmetics Aud lotion was first tee of Rcd. So to Paul Here to manicure that a Well known term has opened a special deportment for Tho Sale of the tiny la implements it Calls for. This fake i advertised in the Post dispute h a few Day Ogk and to a reporter who railed at the firms store of Henf one of the gentlemen said there had Bee a grand of ladies to purr Himi the curio ii outfit. These comprise in addition to the Ordinary brushes for scrubbing the Banda Muff cleansing the sub Ingual parts of the Samet four or five Little a Tielis that each have their it it St Cei Ive shares of work in the Brantl Nylof of the Hamu. The first of Theta to the file for Tia nails a Flat arrangement tour inches 1ohl seamed on both sides and Haring at Onemma a stubby pointed knife Blade such As to seen i Illk erasers Ami at the other a curved a ground hollow re of to fit it to the aau at toe Piare where it to bodied by the flesh the. Object being to a True away inc super Faana cutaneous edges and give uie Uail a perfectly Oval shape. A curved Sci Saint it Small design to used to trim the outer Edge of the Nail. When the Tutti it is Complete the work of polishing the Noli sure the re Nalba thai a done first by sprinkling a Peculiar Wariy powder which is rubbed Over toe Uail with a me nature tooth Brush. Afterwards the. Polisher to called into use. It is an article some Tuu resembling an Ordinary Bobbin in appear Aida. One Side to covered with Chamois skin the other is of hard Wood and used tor a handle. Tire Nail that Haa been powdered and brushed a now quickly rubbed with the Cham the Aad Aoa assumes beat Teal Pearly go and when tha Finger arc property powdered tha hand Given Ito be Cessar snowy who techs. And Toevs in delicately traced upon Tho skin surface a 8t Laius or Chicago Belle if her feet Are Small and her face fair would staud a a wed Chance of oai Taring first prize in a dime music inn context of Beauty with the Pink nailed Rose palmed and Henna eyed bound of the Orient. Owen Lovei Oyt a the topic Prore Ohleh tire 5m of Aioli con threw into toe Meta m Altos he is now in too office of the Belmont a Esvan Herald. The editor of that Peiter Shauge it with the Illinois historical Soe tet of a new Power press. Dime save Wjk w ill Lailaa c k j rec a treasurer id tire of me Oay. Pc a Urie Yuk of Chicago. Calm the Kwh. His Side what scr rom what grayer than when j a Homi ii a bar and a the a Anoff. Tkv a. I. A # . Iii i ff.-. Salt ill Euhe left for Washington but a Low Neeka Athit Sou Lugt a sued Siut rfr.,. Ai pics
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