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The Cincinnati News Newspaper Archives Apr 1 1883, Page 1

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The Cincinnati News (Newspaper) - April 1, 1883, Cincinnati, OhioWe number 121.Cincinnati, sunday april 1, 1883-double Sheet. Price three cents. Lurvie Ucab in whistling a not to keep oocyte up but to Fet it up. Kati Okai. Demo Ormey in looking to Ohio. Dtizo camry in looking to Cincinnati. re the corrupt Republican Boeeves a Ueck a Yoby casting a straight democratic mar Osmian vote for Esh Cuby is a vote the abolish bit Mother Tongue from the Leb Oole. Vot the straight Danio erotic ticket anti fat an end to Republican misrule and Cor Puon. Xiv kit Labouring Roan votes for himself when he votes for the self made Stephen far mayor. _ Viacava the parisian billiard expert la carrying everything before him in the new balk Lina Fame Toum Ament at Chi it a a a Jaksic the Washiington resurrection St pleaded innocence but got nine months Lor escorting a nude Corpse through the a Ireen in a Hack. Mrs. Langtry shocked. Web Klopus with a Toronto Man. The awful occur rave to its Placa at Niagara Falls mud age a sinus for Ber trunk. To honest voter who Netotea today to a Eligi Oiland unprejudiced comparison ticket a will Reao veto take his democracy Bir Aichi tomorrow. Esnault is uie reel author the Dexter pid Russell Billa he would abolish ice a a an fran the Public schools and Force to Tacna from the poor teamster. Tea presi int is anxious to p it St Pone the appointive iii a Poats Alicr go Purul but Tike Law says it shall be done Ait bin ten Days the Desich Reid Val the occupant the office. To Manv sep chants. Taa a unscrupulous a inserted that the a a Abler might strike the Reader a in a in prejudiced tribute. In this ambition Crl eaps itself. The a will a Quot Abler to accomplish its i it purposes. cease to fungi. Service to Ujj Jujj amp Tity when he found it unlawful. 1 others have kept it up to this Day. Ave have not hear Ltd that the saintly financier Shelby has objected to any Bills Liat a count. _ we Art inclined to believe that the comptrollers decision As to Ochiltree a salary is Correct but it is suspicious that be should Only have revised Hij opinion when it i found that Tom and uie president were in \ the same boat. 11 a March six the time he a dlr Patch from Roche after saving that Sun Day March is. The Langtry company wore Kheit into Wnada and stopped at Niagara for the Day Quot with Ute party a Young Man from Toronto who had been in Rij it Lute a to Lilliaa Agnes Langley a few de a before and n Bone Alie Tiou to her were almost a marked a were those . Lebhardt to the metre be. The company met at the do pot at the up pointed to my to take their departure but mias Agnes and Ber Friend were missing. No explanation could be Given Ber Abee ice and when last a Cen Ahe the can Adan aide in company Wuh the Toronto admirer Riding from the suspension Bilge toward the Clifton Uluse. The company went Wii out them. Several Day later a message came requesting that miss Agnes Punk be a int to her to Toronto. This too much for mrs. Langtry. She pol Uvelyn refused to a and the truck and Atill re tails it. Mrs. Iju Gitry is very angry at her Arbter Lii Law a conduct and is to docked that her own decorum did not inspire in her a deeper a a no a propriety. A team Loat explosion. Tew oai a Polar Start off Ito Moat Sla Lleen Luat. Carbo i1.l., March 31. Telegram received Hare announced that the towboat Polar Star the to is. Louly exploded her boilers while opposite Belmont wo., at 2 clock this after noon. C Apt Aln Atkins blown about so Yards and picked up by a Skiff. Two Coal passers. Two deckhand and another Man were either crowned burned to death. To get some Means making a ure a blood from . Francis but falling in this she prompt uses to prosecute him Calm tally. Immediate in after her return a it t hic ago miss a Siipson who had begun to realize her misfortune do termite Bil Loco Nihil suicide and with that intent she took Polson. . Thompson caused in just in time to save her life lie Siu coded in doing so after strenuous sex Erthen s. Negotiations for a settlement some kind have been i it ending Between t Tommis a tuner Frau Niji and Trio girl s friends but though afforded time to Complete his annual account to has not yet come to time. To Giro misery. She to visit her wednesday , and he did not and he has not since Lieen seen in the City Hall. Miss rim Peon save that contrary to the publish cil report she never tried to separate Frain a from his wife family mgt a hoped to Ber Niue his wife until his own wife had deserted him and he had intimated that if a divorce Conoll get obtained he could then marry again and that Ida should Lieo ome his Choice. The police Are to be employed by the physicians to fix the complicity crime that i alleged. _ _ Coal afloat. By Washington wire. No present Prospect a master Okner Al. Fost extensive Gold iii the new Nokels Jan Seii Tho oct Niue month. Political matters. The Republican Mai rattles the dry Bones slavery at the Terroan vote. That corp is buried to me years ago to is an insult to intelligence to dig up its dry Bones for present uses there is no slavery How except such As Republican monopolies a is responsible for. To German Airie rican citizens Cin Sonnati have been a source great anti Ely to our Republican friends. It is la Eljo Cassius i rink metered in pitiful tones. The German republicans do not appear to that would be a calamity and they Simili Iling k4rtlsh<l1lf#f�?� Elf try pro pee to let re user sink. Esb lbt makes a diet Lottion Wilhour a i Terence and the commercial Gazette Eackles Over it As though it had discovered a mares nest. Since the Money is gone it batters not whether it is charged to a a incidental to a a miscellaneous expenses. Yet Pori this hair splitting the c. a Shelby s claims to re election. A von for Stephens and the democratic ticket from a be Elul to Send is a vote against Dexter a Bill to abolish German in the schools. It will be notice to in Public can native americans that True americanism is Broad and Liberal and not nor Low provincial Republican. A vote for Eadler is a vote for the Dexter Bill by its a be party which favors it. Cd socratic no hint Oss at s Quot s Foro it. , ky., m�nh-31. primary ele it a Tion 10 nominate a democratic candid to for the legislature held in Liis county today. Results in the be lectern judge t. 1�?T. Hill jr., Over Rqn ire j. S. Mur Jbv by fully a k majority. The nominee to a son Ilie lawyer colonel t. P. Hgt to ult a will Ortity to eligible As to age the Day the August e Decilon. 11c is a graduate 1 entry 1 Cui Siviy. And read Law under his Tatlier thinly a h. Ense in a Ethem Ber and the Iolli Vitur August a elected judge the Stanford City court. He is a Brainy Youngman and i suction gives general a satisfaction. Tux Ciupik Kix Mmry Coytr Batavia March contest Between Hon. James e. Campbell contestant and ii. L. Morey contest in the be Cuth Ohio congressional District Here today by the taking depositions at Kline s Hull. The North precinct Sto Cikk to True hip and the Neville precinct Washington township were rec Umes with no change in the result Kim Tain precinct next with a Clear gain for a amps. K. Can Etcil four . I he taking depositions will let Ltd tuesday next when Ohio and Jackson counties w ill l a recounted. Moreyn a majority the face the return in the District is forty it iii w hich . T Imp Ell is con ident he will overcome in Ute cutest. Nov Takobe rosters views. , 0�?z March 31.�?governor Foster in the City tonight and told the that he certain the Touhl carry the City ticket it the coining election. He also a Ald that Cornelius Aultman s chances were Good for the Nomiya Tion fur governor. Tyrenty seven Barge Start Down to Weir own account six kill Loii it Stiel to be shipped. , March 31.�?shortly after 1 clock this Aile noon we iii tic Van barges loaded with Coal broke logic idiom their moorings the Monongahela River below the Smith fold treat Bridge. They belonged to Joseph Walton co. The River has been rising very rapidly All Day and the current very Swift. The boats floated very rapidly Down the Stream. T Pon arriving at the Point the Bridge they collided with a Fleet Barg its. A number which belonged to plea than a Wilson. The who in act taken any. Just below the Bridge several heavy barges struck the Steamer Abo Hays causing it to sink. The persons Board narrowly escaped with their live. The Cha badly crushed and rescued with Retif Timulty. The loaded barges each contain 10,000 bushels Coal. Seven ton boat were sent after. The Coal Fleet As soon As possible. Tho pick Fulton lying at Greys when the Walton Fleet came Down Niue Cau Glit the Abe Flats which tried to Between the Fleet and the Fulton. The Hays turned Couit lie in but aider Voaid Rigi Tieti la Racli and then a sunk. The Cri w saved them Reheis by jumping upon the Neil Fleet. There arc s Quot Quot 23.000 to 20,00 it is Imam set. But la \ ill i d the follow ii when the dec went in Luis is Veteran. Henri Rome big a is and Ciu Ciuta Washington March 3.�?it is said the attorney general has i ecu conning the authorities today for the Pur Jisc finding some tiling upon which the president can base an excuse for postponing Llie selection a postmaster general. The president want to postpone it until after be has made his trip to Florida but he ran not get Over Cic statutory provision Reizul Rizig tie vacancy to be fill thi Wuhan ten Days la is probable that Iben Torney general will decide that the president can Post Pone the matter by so stink a Davs. Mail to act As postmaster general every ten there has been Lew speculation today than usual who will be postmaster general la is believed by some that the trip assistant Secretary the try Sisuly new is about making to Indiana is for the purple a helping his Candi Dacy for ibo place. Crown Ini Luina is also variously spoken for it. He has a Strong following in Indiana i Lionel k. T. Van Horn the Lity Jour iii is Here. Ii lib does not secure the Jhk Ilion he will do his but to Jle Cal Tia nmn by i. Filley St. , w to is an a Primm and who is colonel Van horns most Lucr enemy. First slut in postmaster Gen Cronl Hatton in leaving no Stone uni Urne Ltd to no Ruble Tnipri-88 tic Piei Ideal toward his selection but it is now Tiit the has lately Boco Xuc indifferent toward Hatton Aivil to limit he Doe not Ditko in very Well. The people will not. Under Trio and tie come due Artimia be much surprised at Auy selection the Prea Dent Itira make. By and they Hare no Power whatever to accomplish anything in the legislation. Thus when the Dexter Bill came up they had no other Ikier than to vote against it and the matter be Cate a party question in which Tho republicans All to through voted in favor the Bill the democrats in the same voted again is it. It a been stated in this that tie Tempe Ranee question in connection with All other important Lesuea involved in the Campaign would have no con so Deratto until after next mondays election. The Publio May look at it As they Are , but yet the two Point recur Attiat the Only really important questions Ara not disposed until the close Uio session. This matter May be better understood in c in Elinati Tolian it is Here and ii tie Points concerning the situation that Here App cur insignificant have an importance not otherwise known it simply Means that the Dexter and tie Temperance measures will not come up again until after next monday s election. Indianapolis. Balk line billiards. Fiona sex and Schaefer neck and neck for Millst place. Hia former italics away from Fallace a a Brilhart one Between Schaefer and Sexton. The new Nickel. account Coti Uter .1 knt to �?��rpi.a-? nil Titi its to site n serious mistake the advantages offered to Felters. Washin Viton March 31. great Deal a been Taid about the Nickel pieces but a sum a till item Lilii is ovary this after noon which is convincing evidence that Iho new i i Eccl arc the role a Al cavy Vil a Faith care dented the evening times a Speaden general local news Indiana four March 31.�?kcv, h. A. Al soo Ogden Henry county denies the authenticity the Faith cure reported by mrs. Chas. E. Reynold this City As having been effected upon lick while in that town some weeks ago. . Allison says two men one named Byrkett who owns a farm in that locality who is in Good Clr Oum stances. And another named Ramsey who a amps lived in that Section the state for a Long time and has been known to . Allison for twee in give years have been going about the i country Amio Intong people and loudly professing their ability to a heal the sick cleanse the 1e��cr5, and cast out a they h ave a anointed some their said . Allison a three four time without Effe Ltd Twig a euro. Other patients have discharge Al la pm. They i wave never done anything miraculous wonderful in this Community Ciceil to impose them actives i it the credulity Tho unfortunate All publications to the contrary to sorts that mrs. Rev nolds cure if Abc is Ben flied. Is duet Amik diet and not to any More unsubstantial source. Ail order has been issued by the Iti cd tales it dirt Dicot iii the Clort the court to pay to .1. Ii. Devereux. Receiver the i. A St. L Toad. out the funds realized from the Sale the Road with which to pay off debts under the . George a i. Darker vice president Khz ill Louis Aitolu Al Terre haute pm Coo March 31.�?this afternoon by special request the fair admirers Tho a Gentl Eraena a game a a the tenth contest in the International balk line Bullard tournament arranged Between Maurice Vignaux France and Thoms Wallace Chicago but the Ladie did not attend in Large numbers. The game one the shortest the week and the batting 200 Point in favor the Frenchman. After the Chicago had opened fairly with a Brit want spurt he became recklessly indifferent results and squandered not a Lew pronounced opportunities for distinguishing himself. The in arabian in Good form and advanced rapidly to the front maintaining the Lead to the finish with eave. each two occasions he added Over one Hundred to his string and placed record two remarkable combination Bank Ilia shots and a note Ortity series safety plays. Vignaux has three games to has credit in the tour a Ament Cli edible and betting is it to a that he will i get the first Prio Winner Wallace having in to four game u til be Imp Vashite for film to rapture any the four prizes. Follow ing is the score by inn rigs wallace�?7, 2, 38, 0,1, 1, 12, 1, i a 8, 1, 1, 1, 7. 3 2fi. 4, 0, 21, 1, in. 0. 12. 0. S. 1.1, 30. Ii total. 220. Vignaux�?1.\ 3, 6.5, 0. 3. 35. It. 5. 17. 1,10,1. 0. 4, 123. 0, 27, 2s, 22, 10.�, 16, 0, 16, 0, i 0, 1, 57, 4. 15-total, 6ii�. T he most exciting Conte to Curry to this evening Between Jacob Schaefer and we. Sexton new York. Three people Crown iii Central Ila i to it utmost capacity and la e interest in Csc Over the struggle to the end. Sexton commenced i w Ork in Good form and Lali ored hard with Fine execution holding the Lead for the final hour but later he showed evident signs weakening phys Cay but made by vent a parts. In the eighth inning Chefer the wizard picked up 132, Foll Vihl quickly with four runs two to Laurca each Ami the Lead to the close a Ichton Surji Asaud his Sci Oral in the seven Teeth inning by adding 170 to his string which caused live stove works a i the com pan v s cosh. . Baldwin superintendent who arrived from Cleveland state that Temple in the habit making sales and Coll Cicin without placing them record. He caught by ending a d the calve to make several Choih , and it found that Temple fail Ltd to report these Sulca. Suft a quest liar estimation us Artheil All Bis crooked transactions. He squandered the stolen Poncy in dissipation. The family the Emte Uler will make the Good and Temple has not yet been arrested. This above company has a Branch in Cincinnati. News notes. The malagasy envoys sailed fur Europe yesterday. President Arthur will leave for Florida next tuesday. Vine Cnney ind., is enjoying an unusual Boom Prosperity. Five men have been sentenced to be Hung at Columbia s. C. Tho death penalty Bill killed in the Wisconsin i.egi1alure. Lieutenant Danenhower has been granted a years leave absence. President Dia a clotted with general Grain in new York nearly an hour pc Stanlay. Sex Mavor Perry h. Smith the Chicago Mfl-11 Aire has been placed in the Asylum at Madison via a heavy Snow storm Prev Nile l the Atlantic coast yesterday. At Innig Branch the Snow Eglit Luches deep. Julius Cohen Vincennes ind. Received 15 from a brother hebrew ii aimed Louis for an last August. Frank h. Corbin a married Man Hartford gonn., eloped with a. Robbins an unmarried heiress that City. The Straits it a in Are Fri zen solid from the Manitou to Thunder Bav and Navi Salkai is not expected to open before i. Alexander Morton a wealthy Farmer Bloomington lij., idea out Bia Brakis with a Shotgun because a ail iii Jho filth. Ghl Eago is placing the Tol graph wire in Rabiea. Antici Patina the ii Nice requiring All overhead wires to to try m by 1. In a Row with two rough at St 1�?~nnl, ind., Timothy Reardon Sirnack uie he ii with a Stone by James Favers and bios Sibly fatally Hurt. At fort Worth ,.b. Gibbs formerly with coup a circus More recently a Tara Der. Corn melted suicide Ihm Iuse Jshii boil a not dons woman refused to Uurry him after preparations had All been arranged. An attempt made but sort Inaree Sistov yesterday in Europe. Excitement in far18 a arre8t Louise Michel. Signifies int re a ult Iltz Mjor aia Bury a Toof Begland Pasis. March 31. greatest exec temp a ten it vails among the members the revolutionary fat Cottons in Conser Tience the arrest lout Michel. No Lee than eleven revolute Goa meetings were held Laet night mainly in to a quarters the City chiefly inhabited by work men and All were very largely attended. Tha language used by some the speakers via Lent in the extreme. At a Liel Levirl meet lib one the Gratun declared that 5.0w men provided with arms were ready to Rise in Basoa rect Ionata Mota ent t warning. An cer the secret police who present at the Jaaes lug disguised As a Workman attempted to Arreol the tart speaker but in the scuffle that ensu4 the loiter hugged away by i Friend aa4 Majle his escape while uie Mouchard rather roughly handled. Another Ray Caulto outage has been perpetrated at Moi can i be mines a Small town in Favus it Itolle where there Are a number a i. Soul mines and car Rita. M. Clip polite Olivier Lias Ann mired a Aroah be to demanding the overthrow the rep Bue tool Tito a Regency under Dinka Ltd a Ingle until be death the count do thai Tibt it re the head the Bourbon line hit demise to be follow a by the accession de i Aru King prance. A Millrid a be civil a nys two the Caban refugees. In it Derek in fee and co Etilio have been let it Esterl. It is believed that a re micral Macon will also ice released his giving a Guirantes not to return to Caba. England. Lonix>3r, March 31.�?it 1� Aunon ced that Parnell will make another visit to Dublin before is a tart for the iii Titi mate. He Wishe to hold a Oti Ference with the organizers the Irlan to Oil Laud in. To to the Guterm a that a a Ireland and respecting Bia movements while in America. The Vult incr pc re is looked upon As no Lettl import Ance. A a Jindith if sch 81.�?during the recent terrific Gale six fishing Bias it it a went Down and forty Mai ions were lost. Report irom the scottish co ail say that a terrific and destruct la Gale a fitted that Secnora. Three a Cist have Gene a Liore is the Vicinity Ole ii Hii Dii 111 a u in it tui not Riu Lii if. T so a i a to blow up the Ufkin a i tied powder Nash v ills. Laws prescribing what free a ten Liall est and drink Are by the Republic wins Olio and Only by the the ii Jive Maxich. Abridge its individual rights been set a Sld. Ikjin Cracy advocates the in test personal litre try consistent with Iha rights others. This is the Issue to be made tomorrow. The c. G. Was apprised a private Job it making a vast profit out Complete control the City water. It Conid never be int teed to say who what it . But so Nietling it had heard to Aid under Tekev this Charity since the opening the bionic pal canvass that Job half been Pru gently let along until a More convenient season. If the Niblic go to so Ells it will be to find that this Fine scheme is not asleep. It a Only waiting to see if Republican Rule win let it come in with an Assurance a to Oesby. To monopoly full Bolling a sorry Luok for the a Imbler. Nashville takn., March Bill passed by the la go it la a Are giving Mclung and fair association a monopoly Pool Selling is to be As other parties claim to have the right to sell Poole and get be act wently passed known As the a jockey flub advice has been sought and the incorporator the Nashville jockey flub propose to sell Pool beginning with then a Orleans race. The Aiti gambling Bill has been lgne<1 by the governor but owing to a do act in the title h will not it in beltcvc�?~1, go into Efly act for forty Jay. The Bill provides that Quot Auy pen in shall keep a room Faasii House for the purpose encouraging promoting. Aiding As i it Ting the pm Tjing any game Faro Keno Lirey card a Toisie , real and Black Gigli Ball Roll cute to enl one Hazard who Shah keep exhibit such gaming to rabies operate the sane either As an owner an employee it convict a ii Siliati be deemed go iii a Lemony and a Hall to fined not less in Gart nor Mote i a and the Tate Pei ten diary nut less than one nor More than three years. �?o1 hat the change name any the game einiinert�tot.1 lie rein a Hill not part vent tie Vicli ii Hizy a Coop guilty Viola Long any the in i it ious this Llie ipod tag frat Crumly All agree that when the in does go Riuo eau it it will Hrank up All . And the Parton i talc do ter ruined to leave the slate but Tho e intending to leave Are nov in lined to Roma in hero until alter Liuji Spring race. Time markets. Fred. Wilson hre<1. Fulton a Moke ,., j. Kisher. Foal t it. Nellie Saliot tout. Paol fic. Total. Dry Sinahon. Louisville. . Total. Additional the Lii own a. Yione a a f next Twenty the boats h and it their be most die ported to Horner. lug. And a the Lue Abo h Lawrence a boat. 1 ported but t will a. Dyk i his estate ii county in principal an during her in a Laige Mea now that a Bill Makit general Cru Vun Gnarini this City a it ing tour Lookout for four from this air to Quot to ing them die chive i and one fro tie return 1 i iii Nikon f police will j a material to Nicro Lla damaged incomplete Materi amp a replaced material damaged incomplete a. At Mountain View be i now , no Day. It is in revenge for new. Using the place old employee. Ill Lam Gore and Jim Camii cry two Bis gain Lnu i. Eng the Ltd in a prize fight at ii. Near . Fri ibid night. The is were Livi a . I and in Law ten in the fourth round Aud taken away Lis Friend. Colonel .1 \ h is v go r. Jan 8 13 22 29 9 16 23 30 3 10 17 24 31 11 18 25 3 12 19 26 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 fs3 8 13 22 2 3 9 10 16 17 23 24 to. 30y 4 5 6 7 in 12 13 14 18 19 20 21 23 26 27 28 8/ 16i m w 4k step Hans is a Aiau the people. He pm worked his own up by Fidelity Ribor and honesty. He Haa a Good character Back a Good reputation. He Lias Wen Success Fol in private business and faithful in Public life. He Lias filled office and ably Diac barged the duties office. A Ian fit democracy the a Marty the people which knows no Allan Strati nor nationaiitie9among Ameri oar fit Laena. In him the Public will be As Jaq id a faithful and prudent econom real. And honest administration. A by pc Tang for Stephens and the demo Prtt tic ticket the citizen does not vote for for an the Villa abuse what is for use he votes form Tibell doing unto others As we would Ironee Oliero do unto us. Me votes tor individual Liberty where the individual docs not interfere with the Public order trans egress the private right. He Otea against a narrow bigoted illiberal spirit Vukich bunds around Sharp faced and says it a my pleasure to do so end so must you do. A Vok dip spirit which would Huz Bluen at the stake if it could. L Foa ways that Ara dark and tricks that pm Tain libel by i bookkeeping is per liar. It tall cages comparison be Zwaan his contingent expenses and those Bibia predecessors and the difference in Ida favor famished his Organ with a tri a Imphal refrain that has been rung upon a Ytry Pip almost to the a a busting a its flows. A a Hoffman a contingent expenses 179,�?T exclaims the c. O., a amounted to ,819 s5, while in 1881 under Ethel by ltee<rotingeiitczpenseawerebut$2,221 01.�?T True but Eshelby Hsui disco new name for the bulk his con in infant expenses and under tha head a Kleca Llaneros account a doled out daring 1881, 44,s86 �,01 these figures Are from lir. A Kiel by a books and speak for a Mclver a Strong fur 1v in it at Chicago mocks Anil Atu icy. Chicano 111. March 31.�? change Portny the gloomy Well her a Strong demand for wheat from the shorts who were artist Iohd to close up their trades for the month but there Ware very few fresh order to and after the Early Dean no filled i a weak feeling prevailed Price fell in Aud during most the session the Market quiet Aud closed at Early the Lowe amp to prices. Corn Oigt ened firm Anda Shade higher hut there no demand i i Petto cover Short and Wien they ha-1 bet n 1ilie<l prices Fedl Hack in per Bushel and tiie feeling we weak to ing at about the lowest Price the Day cats were quiet and , at about the sales yesterday the Dina us being Small Aud offerings most Lerate. Kye weak and lower. Mess pork a a he Active the demand being Small there to no pressure to std closing at nearly the lowest prices and Tho feeling lain. Jird Tai Rii Odi Raindy Active opening firm and advanced Loe under a Strung Demund to Emir there no demand Toni Nence Iroku the outside and when the feign Leuned shorts had covered prices Fedl off a Shade and the Market during the last Lour change closed quiet. Fort rib aide w Ere firm. Tha flour Market unchanged. The ja51es.f1 he Story. Cliar Loy Ford Saya Diek Liddel to la a . Hite a Farni Iiri air. Kansas cite to. March 31.�?charles Ford the remover Jess James has returned from his Eastern a a Starling a a engage intent. He tel a straight Story the killing Wood Hite by Dick Liddle and the circumstances w hich led to the suit for taboo damage a by . Hite la oods Stepmother against the Louisville courier Roumal. To courier journal said that Jess James had been criminally intimate with re Ite. Liis the alleged ii till. Governor Crittenden Mio soul a witness in the Case which by the Puner. Charley Ford sales that Jesse James never Nad anything to do with . Hite he never run after women. The Man he says who did visit mrs. Hite a Dick Liddel. After Arffia Dick discovered that mrs. Hite sending love messages to one Hubbitt Hite killed the coloured Man who had carried the messages. Hite arrested to get ful iceman j. A. Eter this City then Manilia and Alville. He escaped and came to mrs. Bolton a the Bister the Ford boys a mile and a half from Richmond. To. Here he met Dick Liddel. Liddel killed Hite and hid his scaly in a Spring. Thi la the first explanation the Tirouhi and the tru in Anil a the suit. To cd Rev / Matij talus. Go <11 tie 1 a i iii Poult i iii Dainge body c Fotion Cupo me to. 1 us n nine Dav s. It an it a n twinn d for a Sci re i i olt to ext t to Rose the Ira it in a a Nie re r Are arms. A it hum a pie have by an in oven i Elled Rigi a St. Loi ii took the ice. Tic Iam Reill Reilly Pusl and in Quler for you Quot a pulled a i make Tim by hum Orcsi be twice in the kill a the Deposit timely Rico. Knolie. Fat , named we Safe mover injured this afternoon Frankfort Street while unloading a heavy Safe. His breast badly crushed und he a injured internally. J. W. I Harp item Lector the Lake Shore Kail Road wa.? just Mitty killed at Collingwood a Smyl by Ilion ju.?t outside the City limit at a late hour last Nigist. Two trains were api it Roach ing Iti diff rent a direct Ion and Sharp in trying to avoid one Tram did idiot see the engine the Oti . He forty years old Aud leaves a wife Aud two Chii Dreu. Ida 81mf�0n�?T4 wrongs. a she will fur health cumin a tier Story to thi make it Yarba sooner Francia. St. Loci March 31.�?Ida Simpson i still �-an.? ing health commissioner a rapid a great Dea lot trouble. . Thompson has Taku up her Case. She held a levee at her Home this afternoon several physicians being there to bring to Justice the medical practitioner who la accused acting criminal in in her cose. A admitted to the Osae bled physicians that the doctor who is under indictment Irtha criminal court operated in her Case. She however unwilling to prefer Auy charge Annit him. As it greater importance to her to confine her Al Tention fur the present to health commis Toner Francis who she says Haa to at a her atom fully and left bar to Haar Ber Liu Defi Zioba ret object Adeenu to w 297 / 1 i 1 29. 30/ a we a a �1� a 1 2 3 4 3 6 7 1 i aug 1 2 3 4 3 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 j 1 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 13 16 1? 18 19 20 21 1 i i 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2u 25 26 27 28 i 1 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3c 31 i 1 29 30 31 a a a i. Sep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a 1 oct 1 2 3 4 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 i it 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 13 16 1? 16 19 20 21 i 1 i 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 23 26 27 28 1 i 22 23 24 23 26 27 28 29 30 1 t 29 30 31 scr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 dec 1 2 3 4 3 a Quot a a 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 i 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 13 16 1? 18 19 20 21 i 1 1 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 23 2 it 27 28 t 22 23 24 23 26 27 28 29 30 29 30 31 i \ processed by pm pub shed material dam i. L dates / i.q-18 a by pages i c3cod tto Sheet 0versi21ed Over 18 t��c.3 25 High the braid Wood search. iix., March 31, fragment seven Bodle found in the Diamond mine last evening were this morning placed in sacks and removed to the toot the Shaft. A Effort is l Olwig made to induce the women that surround the lop to return to Ihler Homes in order to prevent toe scenes will Al would ensue if they insisted endear ing to identify the fragments. A third parly off archers went Down at y am., making three parties now underground. Indiana Good taste. A Vince san Ivd March 31�?tux Cix Cismati news 1 becoming More and More popular Here. It Almon pure democracy commends it to partisan Bari Paliy and its Freh news and attractive style make it generally desirable. Its growth Here has been remarkable. Last fatal collision the Vandalia. Rrazii., i.nd., March 81.�?in a collision night the Vandalia Une we Stewart fireman instantly killed and William Brannon Engineer perhaps Fai Aily Hurt. The mss to Iba Rali Road is Large. A 11 envy haul. , n. Y., March 31.�?burglar blew open the Bate in Farad a a tanning s drug store Bushville Yates county this morning and Itolo Over in note Bonds and mortgage and i3, Cash. Legion Fiat uni. Sex represent Attye hit Torworth has been appointed he like presi Lent to inspect the More re Hemiy completed work the it Nheru in Acilla Hail Road. The Board health is Ink inf anti anal precaution against the spread Sitt Allcox several chaos having developed in the City. Assistant Secretary the Trcay Ury new tarted to his Home at tonight to be absent a week. Just before departing he stated that there no truth in the statement that secretory Folger in tender a designating him As acting Secretary while thee Tenry is absent in Bermuda whence he Gix s next week. Zenab r Vutz race under Date the 28th inst., write. Lycurgus Dalton this City from the hot Spring. Ark., that the water there Are proving Verv beneficial to him and that he will remain there three week. Longer before return ing to Indiana. He states that there Aro Between 0,000and 7,000 visitor at the Spring now the largest nmn it known Tobe there atone time and that he has been twice serenaded. Captain j. Ballou , hid. A clerk 111 the pension office and one the most denial gentlemen in the world too 1� recover big from a very serious attack Cryolite Las in the face. For Ieve Raj Days i Hie to despair etl . John 8. Ford and h Hugh you go town o., and a 1. Kleih it Erick and wife in Orts Mutli Are at the Ebbutt. General i Ope flu John Porter Fame 1 at the Riggs. Miss Alice Harris daughter sex Reprez in Totive Harris mass Churetta is to to married next Mouth to Kereb putative White Kentucky. Ohio legislation. Onivea a Teie Giam aying ius sue us a gone their Wedd Iua tour Aud would he Back in two we it is. The Anil is the talk social circles Here As both Bride Aud Groom wore leaders in Cleveland society. Beat his wife with a chair. St. Locis March 81, broken chair produced in evidence today As the weapon used by Henry Schick a Coal Miner fifth and Richland streets Belleville in chastising his wife yesterday. He beat her brutally about the head and body and then attacked i seventeen year old son Henry. The however defended himself with a Butcher knife drove the infuriated Mao off Ana then had him arrested. Schick arraigned this morning. Ills wife present hardly Able to walk and she cried bitterly while the pc Fidenco being Given. The Justice i ibid him in and Cost saying that he had made the Fine purposely Low that the woman and her three children should not be deprived what to their due the husbands can Piug. thl via a relied at Chat Cairo. Chicano March receipt a Telegram from Cincinnati today Sylvester Mccormick and Ernest Schwa Ruedi were arrested for stealing a lot clothing and rub Coats from the office Henry la bus. Secretary the ctn Einnatz co Operon re company. The property pros Lourid in their pojsc.?Lon, and is valued at fac. The men Hail from riot Burgh and Are Law key a up awaiting the action the t inc Innabi Abib crities. Eting the bar Newport anti Cov i ton to pay rpm Cut Ltd his Mentory. T a pectin in Ilie bar Campbell and Iton commie held at the in up tit to Kerdiy morning to Mke appropriate Tho to Cionci Jmc Taylor Loli Oiin named go Mcinen were it Gegeo. R. Mckee. General John w. Vinnell Ige a. A. Trimble it Denck Wise colonel .1. Wallace Jam w. Bryan cd. Judge it i. In Erk ii. And w. W. Cleary i tor j. J. Nile and colonel can. Gimon Covin judges j. K. Holism j. H. Schori f. A. I . I. Makibbon and Saimel Uealer cok Guy , Geo. U. Fearons. A w. Nel. And g. W. Hoot j. Duckor. Saumel big j. C. Wright. T. In. Carothers l. J. Craw a cd Lii Hawkin. Jr., a. T. Root Chat j. In. Kuretic 1. M. T Vutz. John a a ii Roll Chai. In. Win. Ginn. June i it a w. Reilly Neva it and s. D. Cary Etc Cincinnati. He meeting a Cal cd to order.y judge f. Boyd alien judge go it. K. Mckee to selected Tirman and John c. Schroh ser re tary. It a motion judge f. A. . A commuter listing f. A. Boyd j. K. Hal in g. In Sron Tien l John w. I Inch. And judge Geo. In Erk iii appoint Ltd to prep tire suitable Elution expressive the regret the bar at death the Dwean de. Committee Rem it Rte Ltd the following he de in our Friend co one amen Taylor tote a void in our Eoin Unity which there is. One to tin. He belonged to a Clua few v remain a Man fur Mure than Ordinary r Ioler it i Aud culture the c a a Brig tue s d fervency in his Wutcik l that made his so a a it a upon sip inexpressibly Charm lug fms a Kac Uve re we a genes Ojeeg y Ahful Friend and a True Man. A lit Stu Fate in our prof Sion in that Days when e did omani Rhu it Iva la a. The Budge offs clonal proficiency and distinction in the at Wert his .ce. Flow Ever Leil him into ice Fields labor yet he maintained until e lasts in that Branch i Proie in to which his Burgine a Nece Noorily called s attention merited Lenco. A Yob Dii a that to mourn the Loos colonel me Taylor a Tho a Giul Neagli to a duo ii Uiti Zeu await Liui i tied mud a True in. Quot solid that we will attend itis funeral in a Kly and that we will Wear the usual badge turning for thirty Days and by tender Otner a Arnfelt sym Tathy to i family in their a l y Reav Emeul. That the judge our courts tie Quested to spread Liis action the records fir the pc tic courts. A Yoi Miod that Conge , John ii. Elburn. E. W. Hawkins c. G. , and Las. Pkg Iriton be a committee to Coin tunicate toc rom minus to the Handy a the Ilie Rosol Nisun were unanimous in adopted ter Winch remarks wire made by i feral Jin a find it it. W. Ilot judge f. A. Bojt a chop. Eginton k. W. Nelson and d. A. sch and that Tritipo by 11. Iral Lani who we a for Mai y Jedi it like ii if Gal Counselor the cased read by 80. M Ashington Esq a emr. T h turn iii it is fitting that ibis Tuluii i should Lui ugly h tear Wii Thule my it Elliern the Lair in memory yur departed Der Brollier colonel Jarry Taylor More Esh Bialiy As the decent de for jeers my int Hill dear person in in feud. Quot Hei Stone Leavi Sigme his debtor for Many a kindness my Fatir w Lii. H 1 am not and Over could have been Able to repay. Hut for in act to me and la it Benevolence to others Tio it get his elem Van y father who is Hun Daisiy Ole is Rewa Ling him. i Aylor a pm believer As i know and Wii i 1 say a Slid i the ii iii and Trust a , unworthy Neas 1 acknowledge in self to he. By a a a ustious loth is Connel and , began with him actin after in cr<�?~s.?lug to Nezim it. Some thirty one years go and up to tie Day his death n l y 7 lie employed Ziy As counsel in he preparation and Prosee Ullon the proceed no in Eifu Ity for tiie he Ottlein Oit his father if try , Whiteii he executor which Here begun december i. 18.77, and Only a ruled 0 far a he it it no erne a in a Clear and Kuhn a each Abl record thu Wing i in ils great Trust june 27, l>i>2, after a lapse Learly Twenty five year. Quot i had ample Opimo Unity to know the Man Lis nature and capacity and now Render my Timble Iriente to his Wilh. As a Roan though to Itabac he Eroi Nelliy and generous a cart he May have , but duty led him to to and to Ray Knour Lodge lie never dealt unfairly. In Otto accurate a a run Ingy it it in the de ail i Large by Suipis and estate and his memory i always Fuji he perfect even in the Uia Liest transaction. He made it his constant Are to Bee that the iii Cre is others in treated Hirisi. Uherc protected in nil ect.?. A a 8u0ie>kiul air team in i own affairs Hla Noble age the Law and practice the court eau red Liim As a client ills own a.?e and quiet a a con tout so critics to the in Geresti , for Teing a Rii h Man ice Tii Tilenis information and literary culture Vith rare Cut Inversa Vional Kier and oratory be in Lulu have lived a uie personal Eminence in Aoi Iai for Elisio and Pou Zicai walk had his sense div not made him a kudu Gorious and faithful worker for Lycra a devote in to his family he never lost an Opportunity a it a their Jiaxi and advanced int. A Tako him All in ail we Neer Halll mtg Noii i like again a and i memory de Ervein it to be treasured by the bar Camp Liell county which he at the Date hib death the Seuier and most exemplary but the damage to property is consider Mil. New Yuan March 31.-the world a special Cal it la dispatch forum mud pm Aalst tha Marquis it Alsbury s tour through tha Nind Laid dig trials has revealed the fact that Tipiere is a much wider and prof Oonder feeling Ili count with the ministry than had by a a thought to exist is in by the Moat hopeful co Scriva Sivc. The Lory Leader addressed really to Mense audiences to fid everywhere re Ivel with great . And it a difficult w say whether the Surrue the to Riser native i these Fried idly Niue rat at . T Chamberlain a alarm Haa been the More notice Cabin. _ Spain. Mad bin. March party forty sat Eia Listi were Urrie Ltd by the to Rwy while Fco Diug i if acting within the Simu inh line at Gibraltar. T hey were All calf Rcd and a ent to Werhle. It la believed that they Are member the a fila a Ireland. Cork Niameh .81.�??Tktefe sentenced to death today for to we murder i Uncle. I , March 31.�?one Hundert d and Al Fig pc tons left Island Achill. A Busty Mayo thi we i Cimmet Ireland and sailed for America the Etc Anion it St tinn. They were driven Frona their Home by famine. Lon Ixos Mart h is announce Ltd that Par Nell will Matiko another visit to Dublin Deiure a starts to the i noted a Tats. He wishes to bold a cot Ferenc e with Che organizers the Irish a a Tiona league As to the interests that organization in Viand and reaped ing his Mova menu wldle1n Aai Erica. The kit therefore to aed upon Asol no Little importance. L-ivkbioiri., March 3l�?at the exam Patton Torlay the men w to were arrested for carrying ily Nainie it put in evidence that a letter found upon Dennia Doosey co Meihl ing him to thei other conspirator Patrick Fla Nagron Asa pcs son who might a entrust with any Post duty. At Flanagan a in Iglunga a variety explosives were Draco Veitii beside raise Beitl and other Seq at Lue its for drip Arnite and disguise. Tha Raint it cresting p Tidence Given during the a Amiga troit that expert Aci Utise wit a new Ltd who testbed that the exp Loaive Marta ill que Ertlet. Kuon a Ligin dynamite Quot la an article that d did not by any Poasi Brlity a Connic de with a Huiess Tran a Tiona Aud which is not made for any legs Miraoui Purifie. Flanagan the prot a ec<1inga with the Apo Intel a Luc stun Quot its material is similar to what hods the House commons not Quot week. _ ?i8ia. 8t. March 81. Minuta new a paper has been suspended for six month a consequence its publication to had to let a seditious. The prefect Phoc unearthed a band at nihilists at Thrig rendezvous an Oba curo Reri device la Liis City. Tie police Force in attempt iii to capture them met with a stubborn resist Fence. During the fight three officers wet wounded. One Nihil i finding capture iii via aide Gucci did 4>n Tom spot. Eight remain Iiri were arrested. It is supposed Only Section the party have Lieen secured. Among Tho destruction were four Pood dynamite about 144 pounds. Ferrous flood arc reported from Barkoff Ona Vicinity. Is viral persons were drowned. And the Tonise Aiice for a subsequent Quot can Diores Ai appointment. New York. March 81. Catholic review is informed from Rome that the holy see had up Pontod Rev. Jooeph Hudema Chot Tho diocese fort. Wayne ind., to the see Nash Ellie menu. 0. Roscoe a a Slater dying. Roo Hester n. Y., March sly miss Mary Ann Conkling Siiter Hon. a in the City Hospital Here and la said to be dying. Bhe Haa been sick two weeks. The Dexter Bill a ii Estfon saved a Ide ratio. Col Jim ?,10., March sly the state journal Columbus has tried to make a Point that the Republican legislature has not been com melted in any upon the Dexter Bill to abolish the study German in the school. The vote Given distinctly la the news the Day when the question occurred. It showed that the re were nine votes the Republican aide in the Senate against indefinite postponement and that practically aet ted the question at that time. It recurred upon simply the final disposal the Bill and came up in that form. There no other question disc Soe Aud no other Conal Dorcil than that postponement. There i Are Birty fix member in in Senate. 01 these there Are Eli am at any time More a Nan Twenty out Proessl. Diro Crata Tadly in the Mien incendiaries. Leks Burti o., March 31.�?at new Lexington Highland county last night a Dollt it crate attempt to Burn the leading dry goods House owned by Joeeph Cohn made. The lire a fortunately discovered in time to Prene it a heavy loss. Car cob and paper saturated with Eoal Oil were found in the Garret the building where the fire originated. The damage Amiin cd to 1160. Insured la the Cooper Dayton. Bar Glare at Leesburg Lees to Raj o., March 31, night burglars entered the stores Wesley Dav to King a Evans Warren Johi Isoif we. Harwood and Spencer Brothers by forcing the doors and window with a Jimmy. At Davis store a Large amount Silver Ware and jewelry taken and at the others it Cellaneous merchandise to the value about to amp . There to yet to Niue to the perpetrators. A in Hoprie declined. Richmond ind., ,31.�?bishop-elect Nicholson St. Mark a Church Philadelphia writes to Rev. . Wakefield president Ilie Sta Diug committee declining the episcopate Indiana. The present salary Tiv. Nicholson at i Philadelphia Churi to to while that the episcopate Indiana is but $3.000. Suicide a Cincinnati 5iaip� Fiancee. Minooi a ii a March 81.�?jane Stoel a Well known and prominent Young lady this City ended her uie this morning by hanging hot it Eli by icing a Woolen Nubia around Lier neck and a a six a King the end to a beam in the Baru. She a to Tiave been married to a Young Man in Ciuci Upali next week. Loss speech in a tratto. Cleveland 0., March 81. Newcastle a Honing county special says 8adi� Dato. A girl who bos been lying in a Trace for the past sixty five hours has regained cons Torsnes but her vocal organs Are paralysed otherwise she is apparently All right and the physicians in Lenann Hope it her spin def Raco Iery weather report. Made especially for the Cincinnati news by l. M. Prince optician West fourth Street Cincinnati March 81, ls83 i Rome. A e a tre Cuhrt. 3tw�. 3. It % r t . 87 l Loury. I . 44 8 . Í7 Mii t a dirty. . �1 j�.�8 . Cloudy. 3 . 44 to . A a Cloudy. 4 . A ii a. Ill it Loudy. 6 . U a. �4 ii Cloudy. A . I . Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clan Lily. Supposed suicide it Dayton Dayton o., March 31. body dict Iok Cornman a Gardener found drowned in the canal this morning. Cornman has Lien despondent late. Hid it to bumppo de that while ill that mood he committed suicide. . George convicted. , March . George Bitch asian Sou tie famous Igns dip Loti do it tur John Btu iii Virtu this Moru nig Convis Cicdon Havinga Ushii Hie death Elizabeth loll Stela by a Crimi dial surgical operation. Gone Down in the ice. St. John n. F., March 31. Lighthouse keeper at i up Pine reports seeing the darkest Tizie Aurora go Down wednesday aft Moon. The Harbor is freed from ice. An Ems Exoler caught by a i Coy Chicago March 31.�?it disco Majd today that w. U. Temple for three years the manager the a oboe Tho Cleyo Laad co Opeta ire Offut with Light rain a nou it Kingto Northi ii Windit station Ary in ukr ump nature in the a vhf i orly Hillur pressure. A a fool a Day. From Tho new York Sun. The 1st april Falls this year sunday and one Conse Tueme May be a diminution la the usual uni Iier practical joke a Imless indeed the clergy i hound spec daily take the matter up a.? coming this Lime within i Liler a Bailiwick. But the usual Supply tricks can easily be a parcel this year for amid the a Ciuray Buck Ward the Spring the Cason All fool a Day has been to Recti and anticipate. Niggle a fooled a Large part a unkind Early in Marvin. Tie alleged discoveries a a number one Quot have been a promo Gihl series fool tugs. The arrival Loo Chin Goon a a Velly Gleasing song Man Quot us actors Are somewhat Btl kingly called in Pigeon English with intent to Stan a great l Hub so theater in new York worthy China itself the ground that a malice time t his be co Umily sing song bully a seems to have been Only an april 1 sensation sprung prematurely. I Judy to Rance Dixie a adventure at Annisor May belong to the same cat Ory for Yeste Nlay Kir William Harcourt to obliged to Yacknow Knuge to Captain Lyhea that Vliem quiries the Hgt hcs into the matter had been futile. In Short to special bus lne to the first Day april Haa already been supplied in abut dance this Joor. The Toozer were remanded to it for a City jottings. The United building association me to at Turner Hall Friday evening fur the election a i officers. David Jone the Carpenter tools burglar by Over in the police court yesterday to tha grand jury in the sum $1, John j. ,.lndepeudent candidate is making a Lively film for Council in the sixth Ward and his nmn ire kids arc sure. his elect Oak the Board tit rectors the mount Dacut a a Eden Park Street railway company left verday declare a quarterly divided 1 per cent pay Able april a a. Prof. Asa t. Green the author is the Nam the strangely Heiing gentleman Een the Street recently. He is suffering from the a eff partial dior Lysis. . P. Mccown is making a Lively Campaign in the sixth word for the school Board. Ski Friend doing Earnest work. A . My Keown is Well known and competent he will. I it an unusually Large vote. The conductors Drivers and other a mph Oyez the eighth Street line last night present . John Lang late receiver for in Road wills a Gold headed Eane and a Gold pen and Pencil. The usual speeches were indulged in. Captain c. C. Markle led for his Hom in pm tar Burgh yesterday morning accompanied by it Tecilie 0�?T.mara. He has Folly recovered in pfc the effects to costly spree and perfect willing t go Bock and s Craig thou out his Buai Ness Al airs. C. Hall taken to the Central Atlon dote Dve grand anal 10 clock yesterday morning and locked no the charge Petit larceny in stealing books from Robert Clarke a Ost he gave his residence 402 Richmond Street sad his occupation a books Reyier. Harry Newman Alia Dickens fail tory known As a a Hunch a a Aud charged with pm a it timing a trick game Samuel Hoover and blog ing him out s7�?~20, released from jail yesterday until Hil trial tved Leaday. He gave Bond in Llie sum 2, xxx with Grongo comfy Bell a surety. Judge a Legley decided yesterday that seat Ilof Munn brother the murdered ho4 been guilty disorderly conduct by going Hasa drunk and Thea Tenuis his Mother and sister lie Given a sentence 15 Tine Aud thirty Days in the workhouse which it to tight would have a salutary effect. Yesterday afternoon the following pupils tri miss Emma Stan safer participated in eater Tai Ding piano recital at 218 Longworth Atreco misses Flora Crotte Clara Itou Ite Day mat ill Logan Gertie Kelley Elt Ith Leighton Mary Cheshire Ella Myers Addie i Cumback a tote san tar Nettie Mullen Jessie Schofield and mrs. J. A. Miller. The following officers were elected last night by the knights St. Thomas commande Ryt Captain u. 4. Spaeth first lieutenant j. B. Schaeffer second lieutenant f. Krogman third lieutenant j. B. Pohl first sergeant w. J. Emcil second Ierg Oani u. Koewler color seige aut. G. H. Kluseman president f. H. Wiite Kanip vice Prea deut a. A Oltmer soo Tatary Frank prune oor respond ing a Eero Ury j. B. A he treasurer h. Utch Mon. The mortuary report for the week ending March 31,188 Faas follow death from cause 145 rate per 1,000 per Annam 7.00 a Lanu under one scr �?~2� Pereona Arxty Yean and upward 21 deaths from Scarlet Feror i typhoid fever 1 Mas la 4 whooping cough 4 diary Hae diseases. �?~2 cancer heart Date it ease 5 violence 3 consumption 20 pneuma Dia 34 Bronchi iii ther Luis a Leewer he from other eau in. It

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